7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 4, Episode 19 - Talk to Me - full transcript

After Eric is approached by a mystery girl he can't identify, who won't tell her problem, the Camden parental paranoia extends to preventive preying, so the kids assume one of them must be ...

Uh... yeah?

Are you...?

I'm Eric Camden.

Some people call
me Reverend Camden,

but you can call me Eric.

And you are...?

Do I know you?

No, not really.

Would you like to come in?

I'm not sure.

Would you like
to sit down,

take off one of your coats?

I'm not sure.

Is there something
I can help you with?

I'm not sure.

I mean, anything you'd
like to talk about or...?

I'm not sure.

Maybe I'll just, you know,

sit back down
and work on my sermon.

And if you would like to talk,
I'd be happy to talk.

'Cause talking is one
of my favorite things.

Some days all
I do is talk.

Talk, talk, talk.

And today I've had
no one to talk to,

and I would really
like to... talk.

You know... if you decide
you want to talk.

You know, maybe
it would help

you to get to know me
if you asked me a few questions.

Are you here every day?

Most days, yeah.

I mean, I'm here...
anytime anyone needs me.

So if I wanted you to be here,

say, tomorrow,
you would be here?


Maybe I'll feel more
like talking to you then.



The bear?

Look. Look.

Big bear.

Big ol' bear.

Okay, Popsicle.



"B" for bear.


"B", balloon.


The kids home
from school yet?

You would hear them.

Why, what's up?

Nothing really.

That won't work.

You can't just
come in and ask

for the kids
and say nothing's up.

Something's up.

Did one of them
do something?

Probably, but, you know,
nothing I know about.

No, I was just
thinking we need

to refocus our attention
on communications.

What brought this on?

A young woman
came into my office.

S-she just... appeared

quietly at my door and then...

she couldn't bring herself
to tell me why she was there.

And it's just
driving me crazy

because I know
she needs help.

Maybe she was abused.
Maybe someone hit her.

Maybe she's a runaway.
Or maybe she's pregnant.

Or may... maybe she has one

of a thousand
other problems,
but I don't know.

And if she doesn't come back,
I'll never know.

She just seemed so fragile.

I-- you know,
didn't want to push
her for a conversation

because if I had,
she would have just run off.

Well, as it was,
she disappeared,

like in a blink
of an eye.

I think I've seen her
someplace, you know,

but I can't... place her.

Does she go to school
with Mary and Lucy?

She could; she's
the right age.

I don't think I recognize her.
Well, you could

scan the yearbook.

Oh, but then you
already have.

I'm glad
it's the weekend.

Do you have a date?

No, I do not
have a date.

I'm just looking
forward to doing nothing.

Why are you looking
forward to that?

Because nothing

is safe.
I thought
maybe we could

go to the baseball
game tomorrow.

There'll be a lot
of guys there.

Guys are trouble.


So how was your day?

The same as any
other day at school.


I never knew a day
at school to be
completely boring.

Maybe that's because you're
so old, you don't remember.


And how about
your day?

Why do you want to know?

I'm just interested.

Your father and I
are interested in

you do.

I better get upstairs
and get to my homework.

I've got a test on Monday.

I'll help you.

Well, they're not
telling us something.

Well, maybe they just
didn't want to talk.

Yes, but why?

And when someone
doesn't want to talk,

there's always a reason.

I don't which one
of you did something,

but do us all a favor
and confess now

before the weekend
is ruined

with Mom and Dad asking a lot
of unnecessary questions--

because you know
they'll find out.

I didn't do anything.

Well, I didn't do anything.

Well, I didn't do anything.


I didn't do anything.

I'm never doing anything again.

Well, somebody did something
because parents don't ask

how your day at school was,
unless someone did something

they already know about.

At last, we run into each other.

I'm here every day.

I've been so busy,
I haven't had a real
lunch in months.

You're not going to get
a real lunch in here.

How are you enjoying

your work?
Oh, I don't work here anymore.

How come you're wearing scrubs
and hanging out in here?

Because now I'm an orderly.
I changed jobs.


But I thought you were
following Shana to New York.

How do you know about that?

It's a hospital.
Word gets around.

John told you, didn't he?

No, my nurse told me.
Yeah, but John
probably told her.

I don't think she
even knows John.

Then how does she know
about New York?
Why does it
make any difference?

Because I made these stupid
plans I could never follow

through with, and now everyone
knows what an idiot I am.

Are you okay?
Of course I'm okay.

You seem a little sensitive.

It's not easy
losing the women you love.

I meant "the woman I love."

Where is Heather

these days?

I wouldn't know.

Maybe you should find out.

Why? What do you know
that I don't know?

Plenty, but nothing
about Heather.

I've got to go.

You gonna be
around later?

'Cause I need
to talk to you.

Needs? Needs to talk to me?

Did you tell Hank
I was planning on
going to New York?


Not-not again--
did you tell him
about the last time?


Did you tell anyone?

I might've mentioned it.
I don't know.

Why would you have
mentioned it to anyone?

Why not?

Dr. Henry or Dr. James,
please report...

Hank said he wanted
to talk to me.

He just rushed back
into the delivery room,

but I'll tell him
that you stopped by.

No, it sounded
really important.

More important than
the miracle of birth?

And what would
that be?

What would be more important
than delivering a baby?


Are you still planning to
follow Shana to New York?

I know somebody who wants
your job in the cafeteria.

I no longer work
in the cafeteria.

I'm an orderly.
And why does everybody at work

know about my love life
but not my work life?

Switching from cafeteria
to orderly is hardly noteworthy,

whereas if you'd pulled off
the move to New York,

you'd be a legend.

I'm not going to New York.

I'll inform the people
in the office pool.


Aunt Julie!

Why are you here?

I just...
dropped by to see Hank.

So did I.

He's been acting funny.

As if something is
on his mind, but...

he can't bring himself
to tell me.

Do you know
what it is?

It's driving me insane.

No, but he did say
he wanted to talk to me.

Oh, I see.

He can talk to you,
but he can't talk to me.

That's great.

That's just great!

Maybe he should've married you.


Who are you looking for?

I had a young woman
stop by the church
this afternoon.

She might be a runaway.

What makes you think so?
She had on

a lot of clothes, you know,

like she was wearing
everything she owns.

Dad called the police.

Looks like they're having
a serious conversation.

A serious conversation
outside the house

where no one
can hear them.

We better let Lucy
and Mary know.

Where are you off to
in such a hurry?

We were going up to
Lucy and Mary's room.

Okay, but why the hurry?

Why not?
Yeah, why not?

I thought you were
just paranoid before,

but I think the kids
are up to something.

Simon and Ruthie just
went flying up the stairs

to tell Mary and Lucy something.

What could they have done?

It has to be something
that involves the four of them.

What could possibly
involve the four of them?

The car.

It must be the new car.

Something must've happened
on the way home

from school.

You know, I seriously doubt
that Dad's talking

to Sergeant Michaels
about any of us.

He talks to
Sergeant Michaels

practically every day.

Outside the house?

Okay! That is it.

Enough is enough.

Go find Mom and Dad
and confront them.

If you are
so desperate to know

what they're up to, go ask them.

Why can't you ask them?

Because I don't want to know.

Why don't you want to know?

Because I haven't done anything.

And like I told you already,

I don't want
to do anything

for the entire weekend.

I'm staying out of this.

I'm Switzerland.

I'm completely neutral.

You might want to brush up
on current events.

If you didn't do anything wrong,
then why can't you ask them?

I'll ask them!

Can't you guys do anything
for yourselves?

You know, just 'cause
we don't see it,

doesn't mean
it's not there.

Oh, stop it!

What are you
guys doing?

We were just looking
at the car.

Is there anything wrong
with the car?

You tell us.

Is anything wrong
with it?

Not that I know of.

I don't know anything.

I don't know
anything, either.

Take her.

She's already been
to jail.

Would you tell them
who's in trouble.

We don't know. Who's in trouble?

Someone is, because you asked us
how our day at school was today.

You never do that unless
you know something.

That's not true.

Yes, it is.

No, it's not.

Sometimes we're just fishing
for information.

Could we just get
this over with?

Who is it?

It's me.

This is, this is
all my fault, uh...

This young woman
came in today,

and she couldn't

talk to me about
whatever her problem is,

and so I told your mother
that we should make

a new effort to communicate
with all of you.

Soon as we did that, you all
started acting kind of funny,

so your mother
and I thought

you were hiding

So you put us through all this

because some stranger walked
through your door

and then couldn't talk to you?

If you just wanted to talk to us

why didn't you just say so.

Yeah, I'd be more than happy
to talk to you.

So would I.

Me too.

We've got nothing to hide.


It's not like you haven't been
communicating with me.

You've talked to me

all year long.

All year long.

And it's been a very long year.

She's right.

Maybe we've spent

so much time
with Mary this year

that we've fallen
behind with the rest

of all of your lives, uh...

Why don't we plan on
catching up at dinner.


Is there something
you want to say?

Could you do me a favor
and talk to them

after we've eaten,
so I can enjoy my dinner?

Because I talk to the three of
them every day and, believe me,

you don't know what you're
getting yourselves into.

The thing about it
is that MaryAnn

has a funny smell to her,
all the time.

Not just some of the time,
all the time.

And no one
knows what it is

because we're way too young
to be wearing stuff

under our armpits.

And she looks clean
but she stinks.

And no one wants to
tell her, so Eileen

went to the teacher and asked
her if she could tell her,

but the teacher said
that she smelled her

and she didn't smell anything.

But, she's old, you'd have
to not have a nose

not to smell MaryAnn.

Uh, could we talk about
something other than

the way MaryAnn smells?

Is there anything else
going on in school?

Ugh! Did I tell you how bad
her breath smells?

That's because she eats
those garlic pickles,

the big ones
from the meat store.

So you said.

But, other than the way
she smells, she's real nice.

And sometimes she has extra ham
or bologna or turkey

and she gives it away
to anyone who wants it.

But nobody takes the extra
pickles because of the...

Of the smell.

Well, you can get past
the actual pickle breath,

but no one knows what
makes the rest of her smell.

We thought it
might be her feet

but then I smelled
Simon's gym socks

and it's nothing
like that.

So, the subsitute teacher
was at the board,

and then, all of a sudden,
Luke yells, "Surf's up!"

and all the guys jump up
onto the desks like this.

Why? To surf.

Well, I'm not as good as Luke.

You should've seen Luke.

He was doing this
hang-ten thing-- it was great.

I'm not sure I get it.

Ten toes over the board.

No, I'm not sure I get
the funny part.

Oh, maybe you have to know Luke.

Oh, and then, then, then

the funniest thing
of all happened.

She walks out of the room and
she slams the door like this.

The substitute teacher?

Yeah, and, and we can hear her
counting to ten.

So, Luke tells everyone
to jump back into their seats.

And then the
wacky teacher

couldn't get back in because
she locked herself out.

So, did you let her back in?

No, that would have ruined
the whole thing.

Besides, we only had
like had five minutes left.

So, we all just there
with our books open

and pretended we didn't
hear a thing,

while she's like
pounding at the door.

And then, then,
this is unbelievable.

When the bell rang,

everyone just filed out of
the room like nothing happened.

Even you?

You just filed past this woman
without apologizing?

It wasn't just me.

It was all the guys.

And, and take my word for it,
it was funny.

It was probably the funniest
thing that's happened all year.

I think there's a fine line
here, between funny and cruel.

No, no this was clearly funny.

Well, maybe I told it wrong.

No, I'll start over.

Did I tell you this is a
brand-new substitute; brand-new?

Yes, you told me.

Okay, well, the whole thing
was Luke's idea.

He is the funniest guy.

What are you going to talk
to Mom and Dad about?

I made a list.

A list?

What's on the list?

Just things that are
going on in my life.

Oh, that?

What are you going to talk
to them about?

I don't have anything
to talk to them about.

Remember? I'm all talked out.

They know everything about me.

Wait a minute.

Everything about you?

Yeah, everything.

But that doesn't mean
that you don't know

something about
someone else.

Something, that they
would want to know.

Who is it?

Come on, you can tell me.

Can't you?

I can't tell anyone.

What happened?

You happened.


Can I come in?


You have Matt to
thank for this.

What'd I do?

Did you tell Julie
that I wanted to talk to you?

Yeah, I think so.

So what?

So, you never tell the wife the
husband wants to talk to you.

Why not?

♪ Ta-da! ♪

She kicked you out
because you talked to me?


You told her Hank
wanted to talk to you.

And she's been trying to get me
to talk to her for days.

So, why didn't you talk to her?

I wanted to get your
opinion first, that's why.

It's too late for that now.

You wanted my opinion on what?

It doesn't matter.

All that matters now...

is that my wife doesn't
want me in the house.

You're not thinking
of staying here, are you?

We only have the two bunk beds.

You're a doctor;
you can afford a hotel.

A nice hotel, right?

I don't want to stay
in a hotel room.

I don't like hotels,
I need to be around people.

I don't need to be locked
in a hotel alone.

But, locked in a
studio apartment

with two starving
college students,

that works for you?

You know, we don't have
anything to eat

other than some Spam
and a bag of chips.

I can make a lovely
casserole out of that.

The delivery menus, please.

Do you know
Simon's friend Luke?

The funny one?

Or not so funny, depending
upon how you look at it.

No one's ever actually seen him.

In fact, Mary and I
have discussed the possibility

that there is no Luke

and that Simon's just telling
stories about himself.

You know--

he tells a story, tests it out,

and if it's funny, then,

he says that, actually, he was
the one doing the funny thing.

And if no one thinks it
funny, then it was Luke.

I hope that's not true.

There's an easy way to find out.

You can tell Simon
to ask him over,

so we can all see
if he really does exist.

Well, that's a good idea.

A very good idea in light
of what you just told me.


Would you like
a cup of tea?

I'd love one.

How's the Habitat

for Humanity
project going?

It's great.

Signing up for that was
the best thing

I did for myself this year.

I made a lot of good friends.

How come you never ask

any of the good friends
over to the house?

They're good friends
at work.

I don't think I have
much in common with them

outside of
building houses.

Besides, Susan and Carol
are best friends.

What about the other one?
The one with the curly hair?

That's Lisa.

She lives near Susan and Carol,
but she's more of a loner.

Whenever a kid's a loner,
I like to know why.

Because after all,
who really likes being a loner?

Well, she wasn't always a loner,
she used to be more outgoing.

But, now she's kind of weird
and getting weirder.

Talking about me?

No, I'm talking
about Lisa Lunby.

I don't think she's any weirder
than the rest of that group.

I think I know her better
than you know her.

We worked together
at Habitat all year.

What do you know about her?
Has she ever even talked to you?

Fine, you know her better.

You know, I think
Mary's become

a little more sensitive
to other people

after going through what she
had to go through this year.

And I want to apologize to you

if your Dad and I haven't spent
as much time with you

because we had to spend
so much time with Mary.

So please, go back to what
you were saying.

You know what?

I hope that you and Dad don't
feel that I've been shortchanged

this year because Mary
had bigger problems.

The two of you have always
managed to give all of us

everything we've ever needed.

I thought we were going to talk!

That's all I wanted
to tell you.

Is it Lisa?

You know something
about Lisa Lunby?

Stop, okay?

This isn't some kind
of guessing game.

End of conversation.

End... of conversation!

Hey, I...

Get away!

Just get away from me, now!


I wasn't doing
anything-- honest!

Is everything okay?

Yes, everything is okay.

I just don't feel
like talking to anyone.

I have a right not to talk
to anyone, don't I?

Yes, you have that right.

On the other hand,

if you're having a problem,

you have a right
to talk about it.

That's what you think, isn't it?

Do you have a place to stay?

What? I'm not homeless.

I have a house and a family
to go home to.

Do want to see some I.D.?

The address is right on it.

Personally, I think the teacher
should tell her she smells.

If nobody tells her,
how's she gonna know?

I mean, you'd think
she'd smell herself, but...

Hello, and God bless you.


Uh, you need me to come

down there with you?

Wherever you are.

I don't think that
will do you much good.

But I have a name
and an address.

Do you know a Lisa Lunby?

Yeah, the name sounds familiar.

Hang up the phone.

It's just someone
for Dad.

Lucy doesn't
know anything.

What's going on?

I'm not sure.

Does this have anything
to do with Lisa Lunby?

I don't know why she told me.

Maybe because
I've been in some

serious trouble before;
I told her to go talk to you.

But you know what she wants
to talk to me about?

I promised I wouldn't say
anything to anybody.

Okay, well, I've said that too
many times not to understand.

I'm sure
she'll come back.

It was my first guess.



Where is he?

My guess would be in this room
or the bathroom.

You've got to get rid of him.

I know that.

You guys have any mousse?



On top of everything else,
I'm having a bad hair day.

I should be home around 3:00;
I'm teaching a class today.

I wonder what Hank could've done

that'd be so bad
that he can't tell Julie.

He doesn't look capable
of doing anything bad.

Whatever it is, he's got to go--

today-- and somebody's
got to tell him.

I called Luke.

But he's not sure
if he can come over or not.

And why not?

Because he's very popular.

Because he's so funny?


And, uh, what are your plans
for today, Ruthie?

Well, I was thinking of calling
MaryAnn to come over,

so I could tell her
she stinks.

No, you're not.

Somebody has to tell her.

Well, it's not going to be you.

Could it be you?


does this
little girl really

not smell so good or is it
just some cruel rumor

that somebody started about her?

And by somebody,
I hope I don't mean you.

No, she actually, stinks.

You know, I don't like the word

Could she just
come over and play?

Maybe the smell will
come up in conversation.

Hey, Lucy and Mary
getting the boys all cleaned up.

I'm going down to the church.

Well, good luck.

With what?

I've got a sermon to write.

I'll come with you.

Parents are so obvious
when they're hiding something.

I'll tell you this,
if they smelled, we'd know it.


Could I please speak
to my husband

and the father of my child?

He just left a couple of minutes
ago for the hospital.

But, he was there?


Uh, well, that's nice to know.

Would you care to tell me
what's going on?

I honestly don't know,
and I don't want to know.

Whatever it is,
it's between the two of you.

It's not between us,
it's not between us at all.

It's inside him.

And whatever it is,
I know it's not coming out,

because it's something bad,
and it's driving me crazy.

You don't know
that it's something bad.

If it weren't something bad,
he'd tell me.

Could you find out for me,

I think it would be better
if Hank told you.

So, you do know?

No, no, no, I don't know.
I don't want to know.

I just want Hank to tell you,
so, you'll know.

But, if he's not going
to tell me,

whatever this bad news is,

it might be best
coming from you.


Could you find out?


Thanks, Mattie.

Where are you going?

To the hospital
to talk to Hank.

Julie ask me
to talk to him.



Could I speak to Matt again,

Uh, he just ran out.

Oh, well, never mind.

I guess.

All right, lets talk about this
problem with your husband.


Did someone call?

Did someone call?

When I came in, the phone
was off its base.

Did someone call?



Is there a Luke?

You know, the funny guy
in my class.

Simon, Mary and Lucy
think that you are Luke.


They think that you tell
funny stories about Luke,

but that you are Luke.

Hi, I'm Ruthie's mother, Annie.

Hi, I'm MaryAnn.

My Grandma will
pick me up at eight,

and I can stay
for dinner.

This is for you.

It some meats.

Thank you.

How could you think
there's no Luke?

And even if you thought
there wasn't a Luke,

how could tell Mom
that I'm Luke?

Did you tell Mom
that we think he's Luke?

We don't think
you're Luke.

Lucy thinks you're Luke.

I am Switzerland,

Just leave me out
of all this stuff.

The Luke theory
was confidential.

Well, you should have
mentioned that.

I thought it
was understood!

I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking.

It just came out.

Which is exactly why
I want to hear no evil,

see no evil,
and speak no evil.

She's Switzerland.

What is that smell?

MaryAnn is here.

Why couldn't you tell me?

I thought it
might be a problem.

How would it
be a problem?

I don't know, because
your brother is a minister?

It doesn't make
any difference.

In fact, it makes you
more interesting.

And it explains a lot.

I've been looking for you
all over campus.


You said you'd be teaching.

I teach at the hospital.

I should have known.

So you talked?

Yes, and I told her.

Yeah, what did
you tell her?

Hank's Jewish.

I never told her.

I meant to tell her.
Wait a second.

Does this have anything
to do with the fact

that your parents
are flying in next week?

You did tell them that I'm not
Jewish, didn't you?

No, as a matter of fact,
I haven't gotten around to it.

I... I better be going.

They're gonna love you,
I know I do.

Well, I'm glad you finally

trust me enough
to tell me who you are.


I love you.

I love you, too.

What does L'chaeim mean?

To life.

I like that.

It's mothballs.


Mixed with some other
Grandma stuff.

I live with my Grandma,
my Mom and Dad are no good.

I see.

So, she's just happy her Grandma
let her stay with her.

She doesn't care
about the smell.

And they're right across
the street from the meat store.

May I present my friend,

and funnyman, Luke.

See, I told you.

Would either of you care
for a sandwich?

I've got turkey and roast beef

and bologna.

Ruthie's friend lives across
from a meat store.

See, I told you.

Told him what?


Meat store.


It's Lisa, isn't it?

Mary told you?


Mary told Lucy and
Lucy told you?

Lucy and I work for Habitat.

Yeah, I remembered
once I had your name.

And it wasn't Lucy.

My friend,
Sergeant Michaels,

knew that I was looking
for a girl of your description

when he bumped
into you last night.

I was having one of my
little explosions.

That keeps happening
to me, a lot.

Especially if I feel like
someone is invading my space.

Well, I take it,
that whatever it is,

it's hard to talk about.

But, it's harder to listen to.

Well, I'll do my best.


My mom refers
to it as the "incident."

She says it was
just an incident.

That it "happens to a lot
of girls", my mom says.

When did this incident happen?

Sometime around Christmas.

December 21st.

At 4:44 in the afternoon.

I was looking at the clock.

It ruined my Christmas.

But my mom didn't want me
to talk about it.

Probably because she didn't want
me to ruin everyone's Christmas.

Can you tell me?

Whatever it is,

I promise you that
I can hear it.

I just feel so dirty.

No matter how many
baths I take,

I still feel dirty.

I feel like people can see right
through me and they know.

My mom's boyfriend made me
have sex with him.

I'm sorry that happened to you.

But it wasn't
your fault.

You're not responsible

for this man's
criminal behavior.

You were molested.

I know it's not easy to talk
about it.

And I so appreciate
your being able

to come in here
and tell me this.

Thank you for trusting me.

All I really want...

is to be able to talk about it
with my family.

Have you and your mother
reported this man to the police?

Yeah, but as it turns out,
he was just using a fake name.

He just took off.

We don't know where he is.
But you

made a report describing
this man to the police.

Have you talked to

a school counselor
or a therapist?


And I keep talking to them
and talking.

But I want to
talk about it

with my mother.

And I want to tell my brothers.

They don't even know.

But... the counselor

and the therapist
cannot convince my mom

to come in.

And she says
those sessions are for me.

But I want my
brothers to know.

What if this man shows up again,

and they just let him
in the house?

Half the time that's
what I'm afraid of,

that I'll see
him again.

And half the time

I go out looking for him.

Because I want to find him.

And I want to tell him
that he ruined my life.

Yeah, I don't think you should
give him that kind of power.

The way to do that is
to talk about it.

Talking about him
takes away his power.

Looking for a lane, he's open,

he goes in, and he fakes.

He waits, one moment,
and he shoots.


he scores!

That's really
funny, man.

How do you come up
with this stuff?

I eat right, I exercise.

That was a joke.

Oh, funny.

Not really.

I, uh, I should stick
to the physical stuff.

It's what I do best.

I have a kid brother
whose got some problems,

so I got him to making him laugh

and the business grew
from there.

What kind of problems
does your brother have,

if you don't mind me asking?

My brother's deaf.

But it... but it's okay.

Uh, he got the looks,
I got the hearing.

My brother Matt's
girlfriend's deaf.

Actually, his ex-girlfriend.

Do you know sign language?

Can you sign?

but I'd like to learn.

I have a feeling Matt and
Heather aren't totally over.

Well, I'll teach you.


Let's go.

Where are we going?

Mom gave us pizza money.

Why did she do that?

Because I asked her to.

And Dad's going to be late
getting home

and Mom's cooking hamburgers

for Simon, Luke, Ruthie,
and MaryAnn.

And we can't have burgers

Because I want to talk to you.

What'd I do?

If I tell you now,

we won't have anything
to talk about over pizza.

If you don't tell me now,

I won't have an appetite
for pizza.

It's nothing bad.


I just wanted to tell you,
thank you.


For always being there for me

when I need to talk to someone
other than Mom and Dad.

I don't think
I could have gotten

through the year without you.

You know, it's just nice to have
a sister to talk to.

And I don't think
I've ever said thank you.

So, let's go.

I love you.

I love you, too.

But don't make a bigger deal
out of this than it is.

So, what are we going to talk
about over pizza?


Yeah. Boys.

Simon and Luke were just
showing me that "Surf's up" bit.

Very funny.
Well, don't
encourage them.

Sorry, but there's
something so funny

about that guy,

What is it?
I don't know.

Oh, but here's something
very funny.

You know Uncle Hank?

Do I know him?

We're outta here.


Hey, nice talking to you.

Well, here's something you
don't know about Hank.

He's Jewish.

I know that.
We all know it.

How would you all know that?

Well, Hank called your father
last December

and wanted to know what day
Christmas Eve fell on this year.

And we thought
that was a little odd,

and then I ran into Rabbi Cohen,
in the market

and he congratulated me on
getting a nice Jewish man

for a brother-in-law.

Why didn't you ever
say anything?

Well, why would we?

This is my other
brother Matt.

He was going to move
to New York, but he didn't.

You're very cute.

Thank you.

We're gonna watch
some television.

Oh, too bad
about New York.

They have great
meat there.

Uh, Mary-MaryAnn,

I've been, uh, meaning
to ask you something.

Why all the
interest in meat?

My grandma's
boyfriend's a butcher.

Oh, that's it.

Okay. Thanks.

It's mothballs
and grandma stuff.

Oh, yeah.

I honestly didn't know
she wanted to talk about it

with me this badly.

It's okay.

Now that you

how much she does
want to talk,

maybe you can continue.

Well, I thought that
since you were talking

about the incident
in therapy

and with the school counselor,
that that was enough.

I didn't want you
to have to repeat it

over and over and over
again, just for me.

Mom, it wasn't some
kind of stupid incident.

I hate it when
you call it that.

I'm sorry.

I thought calling it that
made it more neutral.

But it's not neutral.

It's a terrible thing
that happened.

I know it's terrible

and I am so sorry
it happened.

But it's over.

Do you really want to keep
thinking about it?

It's not over.

And there's no time limit
on thinking about it.

I need to be able to
talk to you about this.

I need to hear that I
didn't do anything wrong.

And I need to
hear it every day,

for as long as it takes
for me to believe it.

And then, maybe,
it can be over.

But doesn't your
therapist tell you

that this wasn't
your fault?

Doesn't the school
counselor tell you that?

Yes, and even Reverend
Camden told me that.

But I need to hear
it from you.

And from my brothers,

from the people
who love me.


it is not your fault.

You didn't do
anything wrong.

If anyone is at fault,

it's me, for letting you
alone with this man.

I feel so guilty
and so stupid.

I don't know what
I was thinking

when I left him alone
in the house with her.

Maybe that's why it's so hard
for you to talk about this.

But you felt you could
trust your boyfriend?


We'd been going out
for months.

And he was such a gentleman.

He included
all the kids...


As if...

I could've known who
he really is after just months.

What was I thinking?

What kind of mother
leaves her child alone

with a man she's only known
for months?

Well, as soon as you knew
he'd molested your daughter,

you went straight
to the police, right?


So this is not your fault.

And it's not your fault.

Maybe it was.

What if I didn't resist him?

I didn't resist him.

I just did what he told me.

You had to have been
too frightened

of him to do anything
other than what he told you.

And you are the victim
of a crime here,

you're not the criminal.

This is not
your fault.

How old are your sons?

Seventeen and nineteen.

Why can't they know?

It happened to me.

And they're
older than me.

We've always told each other

And they know
that something is wrong.

I can't hide

that something
is wrong.

And I can't
talk about it.

I want them to know, Mom.

I think it's so healthy
that Lisa wants to tell them.

You know, he thought
I wouldn't talk.

You know, he thought
I wouldn't tell anyone.

He threatened me.

She needs you to
do this for her.

And you know what?

I think you need
to do this for you.

You need to be there
for your daughter.

This is something
she really wants.

So what about it?

Can you help Lisa
tell her brothers?

I just don't know if I can.

Help her talk
about this.

Take away his power
over your daughter, over you,

over your family.

Take your lives back.

Okay, how about one
step at a time?

Do you think that you could go
to therapy with Lisa?

And maybe the
two of you

talk about this
with her therapist?



I could do that.

Thank you.

I know you don't want to, Mom,
but thank you.

Really, Lisa,
it is not your fault.

It is not your fault.

It's not your fault.

Thank you.