7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 4, Episode 10 - Who Nose? - full transcript

In order to get extra credit, model pupil Simon reluctantly joins a of voluntary mural painting project. He instantly feels unwelcome, and is threatened to keep silent after witnessing them using and sniffing spray paint. He sees Pete get a nose bleed and cues dad to guess and tell him how dangerous the addiction is after Pete is hospitalized. Lies add to Simon's endurance. During community service, Mary meets and instantly falls for Robbie Palmer, a gentleman who was convicted without blame and impresses the Camden parents. Matt feels twice betrayed because Shana didn't tell him she applied for an NYU scholarship and dad recommended her behind his back.

Um, good morning.

You in a hurry?

I'm on break.

You work at
the hospital cafeteria.

Why can't you eat
at the hospital cafeteria?

Because I work at
the hospital cafeteria,

and there's nothin'
like home-cookin'.

Nice save.


Feeding time.

Ahh! Got to get
back to work.

I sure miss him.

Do you really?

No, but I will
when he's not
living here anymore.

I think he and John
are doing really well
on their own.

On their own?

They have a hut
away from home

where they entertain
their women.


They're not
entertaining women.


they're not!

They're studying,
and they're...


Between school and work,

they don't have the time
to entertain women,

and even if Matt had
the time, shana doesn't.

I have a feeling
they make time for
the important things.

Do you think he and shana
are seeing too much
of each other?

Well, I...


Why don't you
have an opinion on this?

You always
have an opinion.

These muffins
are delicious.

You know something.

It's my art project.

It's not your art project.
It's what you're doing

while you decide what
you really want to do
for an art project.

What is it?

It's a sculpture
of my nose.

It's an impression
of your nose,

and what happened
to you getting Simon
to help you last night?

The artist
formerly known as Simon

was busy writing
some stupid paper.

Not a stupid paper,

but a work of art.


Ok, let's go!

Yes. I'm driving.

Where's Mary?

On the phone.


So what are you in for?

Yeah, I fell
into a bad crowd, too:

The girl's
basketball team.

No, I'm not kidding.

Um, listen, I gotta go.

I'll see you
this afternoon?


The kids
are in the car.

I have some errands
to run this afternoon.

And I'm gonna need
the car after school,
so just bring everyone home,

and then I'll drive you
to your community service.

Important call?


Who was
on the phone?

Just a friend.

Remember, you're
on restriction.

I know. I told him.

Can I go now?
I'm gonna make
everyone late.

You think she's
telling the truth?

The whole truth and
nothing but the truth?


Hey, Simon!



You have any problems,
you come and see me.


Hello, Mrs. Jasper,
and isn't it a
wonderful day?

My, you're
in a good mood today.

It makes me
feel so alive when
i accomplish something.

I am proud
to present to you...

My paper.


I know that even if
i get 100 on that paper,

my class average
is still gonna be an 89,

but I thought
you might give me
some extra credit points

for turning it in early?

Oh, I'm sorry, Simon.
I don't give extra credit
for that,

but I do give extra credit

for students who
do extracurricular work
after school.

Like what?

You could help
the visual arts guys

with their project
for the holidays.

Visual arts guys?

They're painting
a holiday mural.
It could be fun.



They're a great bunch
of boys.

They volunteer
their own time to do it,

and if you help them out,
you could earn enough
extra credit points

to bring up
your class average.

Ok, I'm in.



What is it?

It was a nose,
but I stepped on it.

Nose? That
sounds interesting.

I just put play-doh
over my nose,
and that was it.

To tell you the truth,
i was just trying
to get it over with.

Well, deadlines are one
way to motivate
yourself to create,

but why don't you try again
and see where the muse
takes you?

Well, if it's the same
muse that took over

when I was trying
to get into band,

it's not gonna
take me very far.

I have something going on,
and I have to tell you.

I don't wanna know.
I'm afraid to know.

I have to share this
with someone, and come on!

I always tell you everything.



All right, I'll listen,

but only if this
something is nothing

if this something
is really something,

then forget it.

Ok, fine.

Forget it.

Oh, you shouldn't have.

It's no big deal.

I got it
at the hospital.

No, really.
You shouldn't have.


This is horrible.
Is this meat?

It was at some time.

Well, it
was really sweet of you
to bring me lunch.

It's the least
i can do.

I owe you.

You changed
my whole life.

You've changed it
for the better.

What? Something wrong?

Hey, guys.

My name's
Simon Camden.

Mrs. Jasper told me
to help you guys
with the holiday mural.

-You're gonna help us?

Wait. He can help.

You can wash out
our paint buckets
and brushes.

-Ha ha ha!
-Ha ha ha!

Great. This
is gonna be fun.

Hey, the real fun
comes later.

What do you mean?

Never mind.

What do you wanna bet
Camden's a spy sent in

to bust our whole

Reverend Camden,
oh, I'm glad
i finally reached you.

This is Carl doker.

I'm head of
the review board at nyu.

I know you spoke
to one of my colleagues
last week

about shana Sullivan.

Yes, I did. Yeah.

We've gotten
outstanding reports

from her professors
at Crawford university,

and she's in
the top 10 percentile
in testing.

But before
we make the decision,

I just wanted
to hear from you.

What do you know
about shana

that would make us
invest in her future?

Everything I know about her
should make you want
to invest in her future.


Oh, yeah. She's
from a tough background.

She got where she is
all on her own.

She's ambitious and
hard-working, determined.

She worked 2 jobs
all through high school
so she could afford college.

She's still working now
and carrying a full course load.

With all that,
she still makes time
to help others


Pleasant and intelligent,

and, well, I don't know
what to tell you.

If you can help shana,
she's absolutely deserving.

That's quite
a recommendation.

Well, she's
quite a young woman.

I guess you should
know a good kid
when you see one.

Thanks, reverend.

Before you hang up,

is shana's scholarship
for next fall?

No. We're
going to offer her
immediate transfer.

She'll be starting
in January.


That's terrific.

I'm sure she'll do well.

Good-bye, now.


Well, what are you
planning to do
with that?

I plan to smash it
in your face.

Hey, art is pain.

It's supposed
to be painful
for the artist.

Oh, well,
I'm not that good yet.

Come on. It's simple.

I just smash it
in your nose,

and you give me back
the impression.

But I like my nose.

You told mom
you'd help me.

There's nothing else
we can think of
for your project?

There's a bazillion things
that I could do, but this
is what I'm doing.

Now pipe down,
and let me do it.

All right,
but don't smash hard.

Oh, don't worry.
I'll be gentle.

Ok, everyone,
you know what to do.

We're gonna clean the park
and the side of the roadway.

It's not a pretty job,
but you all chose
your destiny.

So let's get to work.

All right.

Come on let's get a move on it.


Hi yourself.

You met a guy at your
community service project,
didn't you?

The same guy you've been
talking to on the phone?

Yes. I knew
you wanted to know.

No. I don't wanna know.

I don't wanna know anything.

He's gorgeous,
and his name's Robbie.

Great. Now I know his name.

Robbie Palmer.

There is no Robbie Palmer
at our school.

He goes to school
across town.

No! No, no, no, no!

No more information.

Robbie Palmer,
Robbie Palmer,
Robbie Palmer.

Oh, isn't it wonderful?
I love that name.

And we have the same
community service

I can see him
all the time.

Won't mom and dad
be thrilled?

Mom and dad
never have to know.

Now my knowledge of nothing
has become something.

Why is it
that every time
i do something,

you stress out about it?

Said the girl
who was arrested.

Maybe, just maybe
if you would quit
doing these somethings,

then I'd have nothing
to stress out about!

You worry too much.
This is just a guy,

a really great guy.

It has nothing to do
with what I did.

It's completely

It's not like I'm on
some kind of crime wave
or something.

Yeah, but you're supposed
to be on a punishment wave.


No one ever said punishment
had to be a bad thing.

Yeah. Yeah, they did.


Parents, that's who.

And that's why
we're not gonna tell 'em.

You know, the stray dog
won't go away if you
keep feeding him.


Does mom ever kiss funny
when something's up?

Why? Did she
just kiss you?

No. No. Shana's
been kissing funny.


Well, bad funny?

No. No, no.
Not bad at all.

Good. Better than she's
ever kissed me before

except it's like
she's guilty or sad or...

Or she's saying good-bye.

Well, I, uh...

You're both young,
and there's a lot more
life ahead of you.

As much as you and
shana love each other,

well, things can happen.

Well, what things?
What do you mean by that?


It's the same thing
i say to a lot
of people your age.

I'm family.
Can't you come up
with something better?

What things can happen?

Hey, do you, uh...

Do you wanna
tell me anything?

Not really.

Sometimes when someone
leaves out information,

that absence of information
could be considered a lie
by omission.

Am I the someone?

I thought we agreed
you couldn't see anyone
while you were on restriction.

I'm not seeing anyone.

But in the interest
of not lying
by omission,

there's a guy
who's also doing
community service

that I talk to,
but he's just a guy.

And doing community
service together

can hardly be considered
seeing someone.


And, besides,
why does punishment

always have
to be a bad thing?


Because it's punishment?

Does this guy have a name?

Yes. He has
a wonderful name.

Robbie Palmer.

Now, I have to go,
or I'll be late.

It's called
Simon nose.

Now, you know...

and k-n-o-w-s

are 2
different things.

Well, that's why
i called it that.

Because when someone
knows something,

they're usually
sticking their nose

into someone else's

That's very funny.

This could
actually be the start
of a real piece of art.

There's still more
to be done.

Great. I love
being an artist.

Didn't you notice me
giving you the silent
treatment in the car?


Well, I was.


Don't you
wanna know why?


Why did you do it,

I thought you were
giving me the silent treatment.

Why did you betray me
and tell dad
about Robbie?

You know, despite the fact
that you just got out
of jail 2 weeks ago,

I'd never squeal on you.

Your life
is your responsibility.

Dad must have seen us.

Seen you? What
have you been doing?

I haven't
been doing anything.

I've just been
serving out my time.

While you fall in love
with a guy?

Maybe this is God's
way of restoring
my self-esteem.

He works in
mysterious ways,
you know.

While I believe he had
a hand in getting you
out of jail,

I'm not quite sure God cares
if you find Mr. right
while cleaning our community.

Couldn't you
just talk to mom
and dad for me?

Just say something like,

isn't it great
that Mary finally
met a wonderful guy?

Please don't ask me to cross
from one camp to the other.

I'm either your sister
or their daughter,

but I can't be your sister
and their daughter,

no matter how fabulous
this guy is.

Ok, then
be my sister, sis.

Bwah ha ha!

So what's
in the bag?

That's not hospital food.
I made it myself.

It really wasn't
that big of a deal.

It's not like
i shot the Turkey.

Is everything ok?

I don't want you
to have to worry
about me every day.

You have enough going on
without having to take
care of me, too.

We take care of each other.
That's what being in love's
all about.

I know, but...

You should be
concentrating on school
and your work

and making sure
that you're happy.

You want to talk to me
about anything?


I just want a hug.


Good night,
Mr. Michaels.

Where'd you get that?

From home.

We all bring in
our own supplies.

Spray paint
makes it faster.

And it's a lot more fun.
Heh heh--

how do you breathe
around that stuff?

Oh, you'll
get used to it.

Actually, you'll
probably start to
like it after a while.

Where are the other guys?

Oh, uh,
they decided to...

Catch a breather.

We could use
a breather, too.


You're too pure
to understand.

I'm gonna go check
on the other guys.

You know, you're
doing a great job.

Keep up the good work.

♪♪♪ ♪♪♪

Mary won, and we lost,
and I don't know
what to do about it.

If you punish a kid,
and the punishment
turns out to be fun,

then it's not really
punishment, is it?

No, but what can you do
about it?

It wouldn't drive me
nearly as crazy

if I'd just been aware
of this guy
from the beginning.

It's lying by omission
is what it is.

Yeah. I hate it, too.

What are you not
telling me about shana?

All right, but you--
but you can't
tell anyone,

especially Matt.

I'm one of shana's references
to get into medical school,

actually pre-med at nyu.

Shana's going to nyu?
Good for her.

-Bad for Matt.

You better tell him.

I can't. She--

she wants to tell him herself
when it's official.

What happens
when she also tells him
that she told you first?

Well, I figure he'll still
be more upset with her.

You wish.

Yes, I do.

You guys are going
to get a huge headache
if you do that.

It's called huffing,

it makes you feel
like you're walking
on clouds, right?

You want to try it?

Or are you too pure?

Didn't think so.

Hey, Camden, you
say a word to anyone,

and your life
will be hell.


Are you all right?
Look, I'll go get help.

It's ok. Calm down.
Happens all the time.

Remember, not a word.


It's official!
I--i got the call!
I'm in!

I can't believe
i actually got
into nyu!

Nyu! New York

The big one!
The big apple!

You should be very proud
of yourself.

You worked hard.

Well, I'd be
more proud of myself
if I could tell Matt.

Well, he's going
to find out sooner or later,

and for me,
sooner would be better.

I know. I was going
to tell him when
i applied last year,

but I didn't know
if we were going to
keep seeing each other,

so it didn't really seem
like I should bring it up.

And then it didn't
seem possible that
i could actually get in,

and now that
it's possible,

it's going to be
really hard to tell him.

But you're
going to tell him?

As much as I would
like to stay here
with Matt, I can't.

I have to do this.
It's nyu!

The big one.
The big apple.

This is so unreal.
I still can't believe it.

But I'm going to tell Matt.

Just not right now.

This is not a hamper.

I'm dropping out
of the visual arts project.

What happened?

Um, let's just say
they don't want me.

Oh, come on.

Why wouldn't they want you
in the group?

I don't know,
but they don't.

Well, that's because
they don't know you.

Give them one more chance.
Hang in there
a little while longer.

Mom, I don't want
to hang in there, ok?

You did this morning.
Did something happen?

No, nothing happened.

I changed my mind.
I don't like them.

Simon, you like everyone.

Give them one more chance,
for me.

All right, I'll try.

Good boy.

Don't move.

Why is he
talking to shana?

I don't know.

How long has he
been talking to her?

I don't know.

Don't go anywhere.
You're next.

I--i--i need
to talk to dad.


Ok. Just don't
ruin the mold.

I need that nose.


So why are you
talking to shana?

That falls under

What about father/son

I can't tell you what
shana and I discussed.

It's confidential.

Why do you know something
about shana that I don't?

What's she hiding,
and why is she
hiding it from me?

Talk to shana.


Hi. My name's
Robbie Palmer.

I'm a friend
of Mary's.

We met at work.

You know,
community service

Mary's on restriction.

She's not allowed
to have dates right now

or even
in the near future.

I know, but I wanted
to speak to both of you,

and I didn't want Mary
to know I was here.

I won't take too much
of your time.

I just wanted you
to meet me and see me
for who I really am

and not just
some troubled youth
doing time.

Not that Mary's
a troubled youth.

Of course not.

You were saying?

I'd just like to explain
why I'm doing
community service.

I messed up once,
but only once.

Messed up how?

I was catching a ride
to a party

with a bunch of guys
that I didn't really know,

and the driver
ran a red light,
almost hit someone.

A drunk driver?

Pretty much, yeah.

There was beer in the car,

which I didn't know
until the cops
pulled us over,

and then I was
charged with possession
of alcohol by a minor,

just being in the car
with them.

You messed up.

But I'm determined
to never get
into trouble again.

Have you been
in trouble
before this?

No, ma'am, but I deserved
the community service

for being so stupid.

I'm actually
happy to do it.

I'm sure you are.

All I'm asking for is
permission to call Mary.

I know she's
on restriction,

and I don't want
to get her in trouble
by calling.

And I don't want
to get off to a bad start
with both of you,

just in case at
some time in the future

Mary can go out


You allow her
to go out with me.

But for now, if I could
just call Mary...

I'd appreciate it.

I can't believe
he's talking
to mom and dad.

How cool is that?

Do I look different?

I should,

because for
the first time in my life,

i--i am really,
truly in love.


We met
your friend Robbie.

He didn't tell me
he was coming over.

Well, since you met Robbie
and you've seen how honest
and sincere he is,

doesn't it make you
feel better about us
working together?

I think we're going
to need some time
on this one.


So do you want
some coffee or--

I want to know
what my dad knows
that I don't.

What are you hiding?
What's going on?
Talk to me.

I take it that's a
no on the coffee.

I've been accepted
to nyu for premed,

and classes
start in January.

Nyu as in New York?

Why didn't you
tell me about this?

Don't you trust me?

Of course I trust you.

But not enough
to share the fact
you're going to nyu?

Look, I love you,

but if I don't go
to nyu, I'm always
going to regret it,

and that wouldn't be good
for either one of us.

You're talking to me
like we discussed this.

I'm sorry.

I know
this sounds selfish,

but I was afraid to tell you
because I thought you might
talk me out of it,

and nyu is a great school.

Jonas salk went there.

Oh, that makes it
all better.

You know, I'll bet
when Jonas salk
got accepted to nyu,

he told his
girlfriend about it.

I don't know
what hurts more,

that you're going away

or that
you told my dad
before you told me.

Come on.
Can't we talk about this?

I think
it's too late for that.


So the jury's still out

regarding my future
with Robbie.

Well, good luck.

Maybe you could
talk to them for me.

What? Mom and dad
don't discuss
your problems with me.

That's because they think
you don't care.

So get in there and
show them that you care.

You can do it.
I know you can.
Be my sister!

Forget it.

Come on.
I'd help you
if you asked me.

I can't be your sister
and their daughter.

I can't do it.
If I put one foot
in each camp,

I'll end up
in 2 pieces.

2 unhappy pieces.

You're a sister to 6
and a daughter to 2.

You're smart.
Do the math.

Hello, reverend,

Something wrong?

Pete Lawrence
collapsed on his way
into school.

His nose was bleeding,
and he was having
trouble breathing.

Is he all right now?

I don't know.

His mother took him
to the hospital.

Do you know anything
about this?


Uh, no,
i don't know anything.

Maybe the other boys
know something.

You want to be
a little late for school?

Let's take a drive.

Did you know dad
gave shana a recommendation

to go away to school,
far away, New York away?

Good morning
to you, too.


Yes, I knew about nyu.


You know,
everybody knew except me.

Shana wanted
to tell you herself.

How could he send
the woman I love
3,000 Miles away?

He's not sending
shana anywhere.

He just gave her
a reference
for school.

Shana's the one who
applied to the school.

Your dad's just trying
to help her out.

I should've been
the first person
she went to with this,

and now she's made
all these plans for a life
that doesn't even include me.

I mean, how much
could I matter to her

that she does all this
and doesn't tell me?

Are you sure you don't
know what happened
to Pete?

I don't know for sure,
but I can take a guess.

But if you
took a guess,

then I wouldn't
be ratting out
a whole bunch of guys.

Well, give me
some place to start.

The visual arts guys
work with a lot of paint.

Spray paint?

Spray paint fumes?

We're talking
about huffing, aren't we?

So Pete and the other guys
have been inhaling paint fumes?

Good guess.

Huffing is a really
serious problem.
Why didn't you say something?

I didn't know
it was serious,
at least not this serious.

I thought it can only
make your nose bleed.

A bloody nose
is the least of it.

Huffing causes liver damage
and kidney failure,

heart failure.

Can you die from it?

Kids do every year.

Hi. I'm Simon's father
Eric Camden.

Are you Pete's mom?

Yes. So you're Simon.

You did this, didn't you?

What? No, i--i
didn't do anything.

Pete's a good boy.
He's never been in trouble.

He's an "a" student,

and you start hanging
around with him

and he ends up
in the hospital.

Excuse me?

And you should've
known better.


The spray paint
Pete used came
from your garage.

Pete said Simon
brought it to school.

You just stay away
from my son.

You've done enough damage.

Look, dad,
i didn't do
anything, I swear.

Hey, how you doing?

Just go away.

I can't.


Because your mom thinks
i did this to you.

Yeah, I let her
think that.

I know.

And it's ok.

You must've been scared,
and you had to tell
your mom something.

When you're feeling better,
you can tell her the truth.

If I do, I'll get
all my friends in trouble.

And that's better than
getting one innocent guy
in trouble?

Look, under
normal circumstances,

I wouldn't mind
taking the rap for a friend.

But you and your buddies
have to stop huffing

or eventually they're
going to end up
just like you.

Or maybe even worse.

Congratulations, ruthie,
on one of the most
inspired pieces of art

I've ever seen.

So I'm an artist?

Cool! But I'm
having a hard time

explaining it
to my family.

You know, sometimes
those closest to us,

like our family,
can't see us for
who we really are.

Sometimes we need an outsider
to acknowledge
what our family can't.

I hope one day
my family understands
all my talents.

You do have a lot!


I just want to thank you
for excluding me
from my own life.

Hey, I didn't mean
to exclude you.

I--i--i encouraged shana
to talk to you.

I did, but I couldn't
make her do something
she didn't want to do.

You could've refused
to help her.


She's your son's

Isn't that
a conflict of interest?

If I remember correctly,

it's because
she was your girlfriend

that I got involved
with her in the first place.

But she doesn't
need you now.
She has me.

It doesn't work that way.

Plus, when it comes
to references,

most colleges usually
want someone other than
the applicant's boyfriend.

You could've told me.

No, I couldn't.

When people come to me,

they need to know
that what they say
is confidential.

But I love her.

Are you sure?

I just said I did.

Good, because
if you do love shana,

then you won't make
the decision to go to nyu

any more difficult for her
than it already is.

Someone who truly loves her
would understand

what a wonderful,
exciting time this is

and would be supportive
and happy for her

regardless of their own
personal feelings.

I don't know.

I don't know
if I could do that.

Then maybe you don't love her
as much as you think you do.

What's wrong?

Dad and mom had
Robbie transferred
to another location.

They are
way out of line here.

They're--they're just--


Do you want me
to be a real
sister to you?

Do you want me
to jump in there

and get all mad
at mom and dad?

Or do you want me
to tell you what
i really think?

I want you to jump
in there and get all
mad at mom and dad.

Don't tell me
you agree with them.

I don't know
if I agree
with them or not,

because I don't know
why they did
what they did,

but I do trust them
to do the right thing.

They've lived
longer than us,

and sometimes
they just know
more about life.

I guess I'll just
talk to ruthie next time
i need a sister.

Getting advice
from an 8-year-old.

How mature.

Well, as my last
official act
as your sister,

I'd like to say
did you ever think

that maybe this isn't
the best time for you
to meet a guy?

Or maybe mom and dad
know something about
Robbie that you don't?

You've been talking
to them, haven't you?

I'm just trying
to be your sister,

and I don't want
to see you get
in any more trouble.

No, you don't ever want
to see me happy again
and neither do they.

Yep, that's it.

It's all
a huge conspiracy.

How you doing?

I finally found some cool guys
to hang out with.

I'm sorry I encouraged you
to keep on trying to fit in.

I should've found out
a little more

about who you were
trying to fit in with

and why you didn't want
to be their new best friend.

It's not your fault.

I should've
spoken up sooner.

I just wasn't sure
what they were doing.

I've never heard
of huffing before.

Why would anyone
find that fun?

I don't know.

I talked
to Mrs. Jasper.

Pete told his mom
about the other guys
and the huffing.

Principal's meeting
with the boys and
their parents tomorrow.


Pete promised to call
each of the guys

and explain why
he ratted them out.

No one's going
to think it was you.

I don't care if they do.

Good for you.

How's Pete?

The doctor said

there wasn't
any permanent damage,

but when he's better,

he'll have
to go through
a detox program

to get the chemicals
out of his system.

And I recommended
that he and his parents

meet with
a family counselor.

Um, can I talk
to you guys?


Robbie got transferred.

We're not working
together anymore.

We know.

Why'd you do it?

We think
your community service

shouldn't be anything
but community service.

It's not something
you're doing
for yourself.

It's something
you're doing for
the community

as a payback.

Great, so just because
i met a fabulous guy

while I was doing
community service,

I have to give him up?

Not entirely.

We're going to let
Robbie call you.

When the first phase
of your service
is complete

and if you get
a satisfactory review,

then we'll see about
Robbie coming over

so that we can
get to know him better

and you can get
to know him better.

So you're not saying
i can never see him?


Then I guess
I'm really grateful.


I wouldn't have
been grateful

a few minutes ago.

A few minutes ago,
i would've been angry

and completely selfish,

but after talking
to my sister,

I kind of see things
in a whole new light.

You mean me?

Not yet, but someday,
little sister.


First prize?

First prize.

Well, we were wrong
about that piece of...Art.


I got your message.

You aren't going
to make me eat any more
of that hospital food,

are you?


Are we breaking up?

I don't want
to break up with you.

What is that for?

A celebration.

A celebration?

Well, if I couldn't
be the first person

you told about nyu,
i want to be

the first person
you celebrate with.

You're the only person
i want to celebrate with.

Don't get me wrong.

I'm not happy
about you leaving,

but, hey, nyu,
very cool.



I lied before when
i said I was upset

because I wasn't
the first person
you told about nyu.

I was upset because
you were going
to nyu.

And I was being

and I don't want
to be selfish.

I want to be happy
for you and
help you celebrate

this impressive

Ok, not the reaction
i was going for.

No. I am crying
because I'm happy.

And the thing that
makes me the happiest

is that someone
really does love me,

loves me enough
to let me go.

You really do love me.

I really love you.