7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 3, Episode 7 - Johnny Get Your Gun - full transcript

Simon is verbally threatened with gun-violence by Johnny Morton, the just-dumped ex of his new girlfriend Deena Stewart. School regulations don't allow precipitous action, but Eric's police friends cues him the knave has a record, his family a registered gun. Matt is embarrassed with a black eye careless Mary's basketball got him, but his date Shauna's suave brother George Sullivan, who dates Mary, may be really dangerous, as product of a dysfunctional family. Jordan is patient with Lucy's weird idea about 'romantic' slapping.

Are you okay? What happened?

- I'm just playing.
- And what exactly were you playing?

That I got shot,

just like in the video game
called "Baboom."

Ricky had it at school,
and it's really cool.

You hold it in your hand,
and a soldier walks around

in the jungle
and tries not to step on any land mines

or get shot by the bad guys.

Honey, do you know
that there are real children

who step on real land mines
and lose arms and legs,

and some even die?

No. But this isn't for real.

It's just a game, a video game.
Can I have one?

No, you cannot have one.

I don't like those games.

We'll find something else
for you to play with, okay?

Please, please, please?

Will you stop begging him?

I'll take you
to see Gone With the Wind.

I'd love to see it again.

My mom says I have to get off
the phone and do my homework.

I'll call you back. Bye.

Going to a romantic movie
with your mother

is just not the same
as going with your boyfriend.

Oh, how terribly stupid of me.
What was I thinking?

- I don't know.
- I can't believe you did that.

Why don't you look
before you hurl a ball at someone?

I said I was sorry.
Let me get you some ice.

What happened?

She hit me in the face
with a basketball.

He ran into the ball.

And he wasn't paying any attention

He was thinking about Shana.

Shana? Shana...

- I don't wanna know.
- Oh, come on.

No, nothing. Not a word.

- Annie--
- No, no, no.

Hey, how was
the Golden Gloves tournament?

Well, thank you for asking.

I'm glad someone
wants to hear about it.

There was this kid who was so--

- Yeah, go ahead.
- Hello? It's for me.

It's Deena.

- It's private.
- So go.

Are you crying?

Johnny, my old boyfriend,
broke up with his girlfriend.

the girlfriend broke up with him.

So you're breaking up with me?

No, I'm not breaking up with you.
That's the problem.

Good, I don't think
I can go through another breakup

so early in the school year.

Wait, then what is the problem?

Johnny. He's gonna come after you.

I just know he will. He's like that.

When you say "come after me,"
exactly what do you mean by that?


Excuse me.

Oh, hey, little buddy,
am I in your way?

It's not Buddy, it's Simon Camden.
Are you Johnny?

So you've heard of me. That's good.

Have you heard
that this is my girlfriend, Deena?

I believe that's "was" your girlfriend.

Deena was your girlfriend.
She's my girlfriend now.

We'll see about that, buddy.

I'll see you later.

See what a jerk he is?

Don't worry, I can take care of him.
Piece of cake.

It's not that I'm jealous
that you took Ashley

to see Gone With the Wind.

It's just that I wanna see it,
and I wanna see it with you.

It's a chick movie,
a very long chick movie,

and I could hardly sit through it
the first time.

Yet you did.

Please, please, please,
don't make me do this.

- How about a compromise?
- I'm listening.

- I'll rent the movie and bring it over.
- But the colour won't be the same.

Okay, fine. Rent it.

I don't think you intended
to break Ricky's video game, Ruthie,

but he's quite upset about it,
and so is Mrs. Tatum.

I'm quite upset about it too.

I'm quite upset that Ruthie broke it,

and I'm quite upset
that Ricky has it at school.

It was at recess. It wasn't at school.

And everyone else was playing with it.
I was just trying to get a turn.

- Everyone loves "Baboom," you know.
- I know. I got a thousand points just--

Well, that-- That's another matter.

Ruthie, I'm afraid
I'm gonna have to send you home,

because your teacher would like you
to take the rest of the day

to think about why you did
what you did.

I thought about it while I was waiting
for my mom to get to school.

And honest,
I don't know why I did what I did.

Something just came over me,
and I just grabbed it.


Well, maybe you should
think about it some more, huh?

- See you tomorrow.
- Okay, okay.

Hey, I know.

Maybe I did it because
I really need a "Baboom" of my own.

Well, keep thinking.

It doesn't look that bad.
Besides, a black eye is kind of macho.

Yeah, until you find out
my little sister gave it to me.

Maybe you should come up
with a better story.

I think no story's the best approach.

No information, no details,
nothing incriminating.

Then let people wonder who I am,

where I live,
and what my family's really like.

I told you I'd tell you about my life
when I think you can handle it.

What makes you think
I can't handle it?

Your little sister can beat you up.

Now, I have to go to class.

- Okay, then I'll see you tonight?
- I can't, I'm working.

Then I'll try not to see you tonight,
but it won't be easy.

Where's Simon? He's usually here
with his beloved by his side.

Maybe Deena's dad
gave him a ride home.

Or maybe they took the bus.

Or maybe they ran off
and got married.

I'll be right back.

Do you think Dad would mind

if I drove around the parking lot
a couple of times?

Don't do anything stupid.

Come on. The coast is clear.

Wow, it's so clean in there.
You should see what we got.

We'd better hurry.

Hey, Deena. I was looking for you.

So now you've found her,
and now we're going home.

- Bye.
- Well, I'll walk you home.

That's okay.
Simon's gonna give me a ride.

Then I'll call you when you get home.
I just wanna talk.

Deena doesn't wanna talk to you.

Look, Mighty Mouse, stay out of this
or I'll take you out of this.

Take me out of this?

Get it?

You're gonna shoot me?

Yeah, just when you least suspect it,
you're gonna turn around

and find a.38 Special
pointed right at you.

Yeah, I just might do that.

You're gonna have to look
over your shoulder everywhere you go.

Is he serious?

I'll call you, okay?

Johnny's always
running off at the mouth like that.

If you tell anyone,
it's just gonna make him madder.

Yeah, and you don't wanna
make him madder.

- I don't wanna get him madder.
- Believe me, neither do I.

There you are.
I've been looking everywhere for you.

What's going on?

- Nothing.
- Nothing.

Deena's ride didn't show.
Can we take her home?


You sure nothing's going on?


Hello? Hello?

just the man I was hoping to see.

Come on in.

Do you know who's been calling
and hanging up?

That's, like, the fourth
or fifth time tonight.


- Well, I can't be sure.
- Are you in some kind of trouble?

I'm not sure about that, either.

See, the thing is,
he's probably just trying to scare me.

But Deena's old boyfriend--
He said he was gonna shoot me.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Hey, this is my sister Mary.
- Oh, nice to meet you.

Must be family night.

This is my brother, George.
He was just leaving.

So you must be
my sister's new obsession.

Yeah, I'm Matt,
and this is my sister Mary.

Well, it's nice to finally meet the guy
my sister's been talking about nonstop

since she spotted you
across the quad.

- George.
- And I'm glad to find

that you are the sister
and not the date,

because, for one,
if Matt has another date,

my sister will just die.

And two, I like a girl
who can give her brother a shiner.

- Well, it was an accident.
- Oh, of course it was.

So would you be interested
in double-dating sometime?

I was actually just here
for some notebook paper.

Well, in that case, may I?

So you have a brother.
He seems like a nice guy.

Yeah, he seems that way.

I'll call you later.

And I'll talk to you later.

- Bye.
- Bye.


Give me her phone number
and I'll let you go.

Let go.

- Stay away from her, please.
- Why?

You know why. You have a problem.

I don't have a problem.
You're just a big sissy.



I don't think we should say anything
about this to the other kids

until and unless we have to.

I don't wanna worry them
or scare them unnecessarily.

Well, I spoke to Deena's parents.
They're pretty upset.

They'd like to keep her out of school

Well, that's a good idea.

But both Deena's parents work,
so why don't I call them

and tell them that she can come over
and stay with Simon and me?

Won't the others know
something's going on?

No, they won't. Simon's school
has a teacher work day tomorrow.

- They're off.
- Why didn't you tell me that before?

Because it's not true.
It's just what I'm gonna tell them.

Well, maybe none of this
will even be necessary.

Deena's dad
gave me Johnny's address.

I'm gonna make a little house call.

Shouldn't you wait to hear
from Simon's assistant principal?

I couldn't get his home number.
It's unlisted.

And I left messages
for every other school employee,

including the cafeteria lady.

Not that I blame the guy. It's...

It's probably not safe
for him to list his number.

It's like kids are so inundated
with violence,

they don't know the difference
between life and death.

You know--

Remember she doesn't know
what's going on.

I thought we had a new rule
around here.

I thought "no 'Baboom""
meant no video game.

I can still pretend to blow stuff up,
can't I?

No, you can't.
And you can't say...again.

I don't like "Baboom" either.

I don't like
that you broke Ricky's game,

and I don't like your playing
with games like that.

I don't even like your playing games

where you pretend
that someone is shot or blown up or--

- Conked on the head?
- Or conked on the head.

But why? I don't understand.
You watch The Three Stooges.

I don't see any difference.
It's just pretend.

I'll try to explain why your mom and I
are so bothered

by this whole...thing.

Then will you talk
about The Three Stooges?


When you first see someone shot
in a movie or on TV

or in a video game,
it's at least a little bit scary.

But then when you see it again
and again and again,

day after day after day,
year after year,

it gets to be not so scary.

It gets to be matter-of-fact
or no big deal

or even just nothing.

But it is something.

It's the biggest something.

It's someone
taking someone else's life.

And somehow,
kids have become so numb to it all

that the line between pretend
and real life starts disappearing.

- Okay.
- Okay what?

Okay, I said I won't say...anymore.

I mean, after this I won't say:

I can't help it.

I'd appreciate it
if you'd try a little harder.

A lot harder.

If I don't say it all night,
then can I get the video game?

Seven. She's 7.
We'll keep working on it.

Only 7.
We shouldn't have to work on it.

So, what does she look like?

She looks
like she has a very cute brother

who's my age and interested.

Looks like
we're both having a good night.

Why's that?

Because Mom's letting Jordan
come over

to watch Gone With the Wind.

On a school night?

Mom seems a little distracted
by something.

And Dad too.

You know, they probably figured

you're not gonna get over
him taking Ashley to see it

until he watches it with you,
so they just gave up.

That's not true.

They just want us
to experience a great movie together.

It's not that great.
Too many dead people.

But it's a love story.

Yeah, a love story that takes place
during the Civil War.

Still, it's romantic. Right?

A romantic view of slavery.

Hey, lover boy, what's up?

- We could noogie it out of him.
- I can't. I just did my nails.

Sorry, Dad.

- Simon's assistant principal.
- Not Ruthie's?

Nope, it's Mr. Blackstone.

Yeah, but you have to do something.
He threatened to shoot my son.

I have to follow procedure.

I have to call in the parents,
have a meeting with them,

send the kid to a counsellor.

They have to recommend
that he see a therapist,

or I have to risk losing my tenure
and retirement.

And that may not sound like much,
but I have a family too.

But what about tomorrow?

What if he comes to school
with a gun tomorrow?

I agree that Simon and Deena
should stay home from school

until I get some answers.

Well, thanks for your help.

We're on our own. I'll be back.

Do you think maybe
you should ask Sergeant Michaels

to ride along with you?

Well, I've got him
doing a little research.

I'll be fine. I've handled
these kinds of things before.

Just not with our son involved.

See you later.

Glen Oak Police Department.

Hello, this is Annie Camden.
Is Sergeant Michaels around?

- He's not here. Any message?
- No. No, no message.

- What's going on?
- Nothing, really.

- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Hello?
- Hey, Mary. It's George.

- Hey.
- Is your brother around?

You wanna talk to Matt?

No, I just wanted to make sure
he's not there

to spoil our conversation, that's all.

- Who are you talking to?
- Nobody. Go away.

So you available tomorrow night?

I'm not allowed to go out
on school nights.

Well, how about school afternoons?

You know, I don't know.

Maybe you could call me later.
We could talk some more.

I don't know anything about you.

So you'll find out all about me
tomorrow afternoon.

In front of the school, all right?
And don't tell your brother.

- Okay, what are you up to?
- Nothing.

I have a feeling
Shana's brother might ask you out.

What if he does?

Well, I also have a feeling he's a little,
you know, dangerous.

Well, maybe I like a little dangerous.

- Yes? Can I help you?
- Hi, I'm Eric Camden.

I'm a minister
down at Glen Oak Community Church.

I'm Simon Camden's father.
Our sons go to school together.

I think we need to talk.

- Is there a problem?
- Yes, there is a problem.

- Hey, what's going on?
- Well, you tell me.

- This is Simon Camden's father.
- Who?

Simon Camden, Deena's boyfriend?

You boys have been fighting
over Deena.

She's a pretty little thing, isn't she?

Well, they aren't exactly fighting
over her.

Could I come in?

Well, minister or not,
as a safety measure,

we don't invite strangers
into our home.

Well, I'm--

I'm glad you're safety-minded,

because it seems that Johnny here
has threatened to shoot my son.

- I don't even know who this kid is.
- He told me everything, Johnny.

He told me
how you pointed your finger at him:

So? I do that all the time.
That's probably why I don't remember.

I mean, maybe it wasn't even me.
Everybody does that.

I just-- I just have to ask you.

Has Johnny
ever been in trouble before?

I think this conversation's
gone far enough.

Do you own a gun?

Oh, I thought so.

- I wanna slap you.
- Sorry.

Luce, it's the second time I've seen it.
I can't help it.


I mean I wanna slap you
like Scarlett slapped Rhett Butler.

It was so romantic.

Maybe in the olden days
it was romantic,

but it's not romantic now.

I think it is.

It has nothing to do with romance.

It's not like I can hurt you.
You're three times as big as I am.

That's not the point.

I gotta go.
I'll see you at school tomorrow.

Aren't you gonna
kiss me good night?

No, I'm not.
I don't wanna risk getting slapped.

- Could you help me with something?
- Sure.

I just have to get this video game,

- It's a matter of life and death.
- Forget it.

You're supposed to be thinking

about why you grabbed that game
away from the kid,

not how to get one.

I did think about it.

And I did it because,
obviously, I want it real bad.

And I'd do anything to get it,
so I came to you for help.

But thanks for nothing, bro.

Hey, I got a few things on my mind,

so pardon me if I don't care
about your little problems.

One, two, three, four, five, six,

seven, eight, nine, ten.

- How'd it go?
- Not good.

- Did Sergeant Michaels call?
- No, what happened?

Well, the dad's in complete denial,
and the kid's lying.

I got nowhere.

- Who is it?
- Sergeant Michaels.

Don't do that to me.

- Hi.
- Hey.

I talked to the folks in Juvenile.
Johnny has a record.

And just as you thought,
the family has a gun.

A registered.38 Special.

Thanks again for letting me stay here.
I'm so sorry about this whole mess.

None of this is your fault, Deena.

Besides, we like having you over.

Dad will fix everything.
He always does.

If we just look at this objectively,

the number of times
your son has been in trouble

has been increasing rapidly
over the past couple of years.

The crimes
have been getting more serious.

Look, he and some other kids
broke a couple mirrors

in these new houses
at a construction site.

The doors were unlocked.
It was tempting.

- You know how kids are.
- I know how kids in trouble are.

He ignored the warning
and broke into the elementary school

and damaged the heating system.

Oh, please.
It was nothing more than a stink bomb.

And you don't know if it was Johnny
or one of his friends.

You're right, but when the officer
came to your house to talk to him,

I understand he threw a brick
at his car?

He just happened to toss the brick
out of the yard when the guy drove by.

- It was bad timing, an accident.
- And what about your dog?

The neighbours report that Johnny
was abusing the family dog?

He tied it to the bike
so it would run alongside.

That's abuse?

The county took the dog,
did they not?

This is ridiculous.

Are we gonna sit here and recall
every little thing my son's ever done?

Mr. Martin, I had your son's locker
opened this morning.

- What?
- I had reason to believe

he might have a weapon.

And did he? No.

But his locker looks like an altar
to violence.

There are pictures
of people torturing animals.

A stack of gun ads.

CDs of an extremely sexual
and violent nature.

Comic books
along the same themes.

My guess is,
his room looks the same way.

So what if it does?
He's a teenage boy.

He's a teenage boy
who pointed his finger

at my son's head

and mentioned the exact gun
he would use on him.

I'm sorry.
You asked me to let you handle this.

And I can't help but notice

that he threatened my son
with the exact same gun that you own.

I have a licence for that gun.

I don't care if you have a licence
for that gun.

Licensed or unlicensed,
your son has access to it, and I--

You seem to be in complete denial

of any possibility that something
could go terribly wrong here.

I know my son, okay?
My son would never shoot anyone.

At the very least,
until this situation is resolved,

you might wanna
take the gun out of the house.

The gun is for our protection.

Did you know
that people who keep a gun at home

for self-protection

are 43 times more likely
to kill themselves,

a family member,
or an acquaintance

than to be killed
by an armed intruder?

Do you know
that guns don't kill people?

People kill people.

- People with guns kill people.
- Gentlemen--

No, is it too much to ask this man
to admit that his son has a problem

and take some action?

Oh, I'm gonna take action, all right.

I'm not gonna be forced
to give up my right to bear arms.

I'm not gonna have
my back pushed against the wall

by some lame assistant principal

and a minister who's got friends
in the police department.

What I am gonna do
is call the school board

and the chief of police,
because this is harassment.

Furthermore, I'm gonna
take my son out of this school.

I'm gonna put him in a private school

where he won't be treated
like some common criminal.

The public school system
has failed my son and failed my family.

And if this is what I get
for my tax dollars, then forget it.

Come on, son, we're done here.

Is it possible?
I mean, could it be this easy?

- Maybe.
- Let's hope so.

Other than having to answer
a few school-board questions,

I personally think
this is the perfect solution.

- It could be.
- I can't wait to tell Annie.

You also tell her
to continue being cautious.

You should alert all school personnel

that Johnny should not be back
on school property

under any circumstances.

Now, I can't keep 24-hour surveillance
on this kid,

but all police officers
assigned to the school area

will be on the lookout.

You be careful.

I gotta be a witness in court
this afternoon,

so you watch yourself, okay?


I need you to do me a favour.

When Mom comes to pick us up,

tell her I went to Cheryl's house
to study.

- What are you really doing?
- Going to the pool hall with George.

Why can't you just tell Mom you don't
have homework and ask if you can go?

Because I do have homework.

And Mom won't let me go
without meeting the guy.

Then Matt's gonna know
I'm out with him,

and he already told me
not to go out with him, okay?

Lying to Mom or Dad is one thing,
but Matt's another.

I just can't.

Someday you're gonna need me
to lie for you.

Someday, but not today. Sorry.

Hey, Luce.
Sorry I got so mad at you last night.

If you wanna slap me,
you can slap me.

It's not that big a deal.

Well, that certainly takes the heat
out of the moment.


We have to be, like, arguing,
and you have to wanna kiss me

when I don't wanna be kissed,
so that motivates me to slap you.

I can't just slap you out of nowhere.

- It's not the same.
- But we are having an argument.

No, we're not.

They're rehearsing a scene
from Gone With the Wind.

You owe me.

Hey, buddy, wait up.

Sorry I'm late.

I had to get some notes
from someone.

I'd love to stick around,

but I told my mom
I'd pick the kids up from school.

- What's this?
- It's nothing.

Well, it looks terrible.
What happened?

My brother and I
were just clowning around.

Sometimes he gets a little rough,
that's all.

Your eye
doesn't look so great either.

Yeah, that was an accident.
Was this?

Okay. My brother has a problem.

Yeah, why doesn't he
get some help?

Because he doesn't think
he has a problem.

And until he does,
there's no help for him.

I'm sorry if I upset you.

Forget it. I get upset a lot.

I'd really like to stick around
and talk about this, but I have to go.

Could we talk about it tonight?

Why don't I just give you
our sad little story now

before you make the effort?

I studied my brains out in high school
so I could get a scholarship.

I work at that lousy job

just so one day I can get a better life
for my brother and for myself,

because for most of it,
my mom's been smacking him around

because my father left
when he was born

and she blames him for it.

That's why I don't invite you
to the hellhole we live in.


No, that doesn't make me happy.

I'll call you.

- Where's Mom?
- She's home with Simon and Deena.

Come on.

A friend loaned me his video game.

I don't think
you're supposed to have that.

Come on, hand it over.

You know, I think we're all so jumpy
that we're making Happy jumpy.

I'm sure it's nothing.

Johnny's probably off somewhere

getting fitted for a blue blazer
and a tie.

Can you picture that?

Where's Mary?

She went over to someone's house
to study.

Wait, I'm gonna ask you
one more time.

- Where's Mary?
- Boy, is he good.

Is she with Shana's brother?

I think maybe he was gonna help her
with her homework

and then give her a ride home.

That wasn't a good idea.
Where the hell are they?

- Where?
- I'm not absolutely sure.

I think Mary mentioned the pool hall.

Well, I guess I missed Eric
at the church.

I wanted him
to pick up some ice cream.

Would you like some ice cream?
I'll page him.

Mom, are you okay?

I'm fine.
You know how these cravings are.

Easy, now, son.

Lucy and Ruthie are upstairs.
I still have to pick up Mary.

- She went to her friend's to study.
- Pick up Mary later.

I want you
to keep an eye on the kids.

I keep paging your father,
but he doesn't call back.

Then I had someone
at the police department

page Sergeant Michaels,
but he never called me back either.

I'm gonna go to the church,
make sure everything's okay.

No, if there's something wrong,
I'm not gonna let my pregnant mother

go looking for trouble. I'll go.

Well, I'm not gonna let you go either.

Matt, phone!



Yeah. Yeah, I'll take care of it.

They arrested Johnny
for possession of a weapon.

Where did they find him?

They didn't say.
Dad's with Sergeant Michaels.

- He'll be home in a couple hours.
- He's okay, your dad?

- Yeah.
- Well, who was that?

I don't really know.

It was one of those police people,
I guess.

So why did they ask for you
and not for me?

They were just passing along
a message from Dad

to make sure you're okay.

No, I'm not buying it.
You're up to something.

Okay, I am up to something,
but it has nothing to do with Dad.

It's about Mary.
Mary isn't studying with a friend.

She's with Shana's brother.

I told her not to go out with him,
because Shana said it was a bad idea.

Mary had Lucy lie.
I wanna go find them.

Why doesn't Shana think
it's a good idea

for Mary to go out with her brother?

Well, the guy's just immature.

So immature that you're going
to pick her up from a date with him?

Why can't I just punish her
when she gets home for lying

and going out without permission
on a school night or day or whatever?


Why should she be having a good time
when I can just go get her?

Fine. It's okay.

But only because I think
you're still not telling me something.


Yes, I beat you by 20,000,
and I still have a free game left.

You're enjoying this
just a little too much.

Yes, I am.

No, no, no.
These hands need a little rest.

Okay, fine.

I'll settle for the 20,000-point win
if you can't take it anymore.

I can take it. Go ahead.

- Play.
- Okay.

Okay, yeah, let go.
That's enough. Game over.

No, no, no, go ahead.

- I'll help you win.
- Let go.

What's the matter?
Only happy when you're in charge?

I'm not kidding.
You're hurting me. Let go.

Only if you say please.

I don't have to say please.

I don't know
who you're used to going out with.

I don't consider physical pain
appropriate for a date.

And yet you're hurting my hand.

You've got a problem. Do something.

- I'll take you home.
- I don't think so.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

George was just leaving.

You need to get some help,
don't you think?

My sister tells me that all the time.

But I...

I never heard it before now.

I don't know why.

Look, in a couple of weeks,
I'll bring you over to the house.

You can meet our dad.
He'll help you.

- Please don't say "I told you so."
- I'm not.

And I'd love to hear what happened,
but we have to get home.

Wait, why a couple of weeks?

Why can't Dad help him
for a couple of weeks?

It hurt.

It really hurt.

It was absolutely terrifying.

Could you put that on a billboard?
People don't seem to realise.

- You gotta make it look good.
- It's a gunshot wound.

It's not deep,
but it's not pretty either.

- I've done the best I can.
- Thanks.

I'll be back.


I talked to Sergeant Michaels.

Did you actually think
you could hide this from me?

I was hoping.

But it's so painful,
you wouldn't believe it.

Oh, yes, I would.

I didn't want you to see me
in the hospital

in one of these paper shirts.

I didn't even want you to see me
in the hospital.

That's why I had the doctor call Matt.

With his own father's gun.
His own father's gun.

I just wish someone would've told me
what was going on.

Mom and Dad were hoping

they wouldn't have to scare
the entire family.

Besides, what would you do?

Well, for one thing,

I wouldn't have been
walking around the house yelling:

When Daddy drinks water,
will it leak out of him?


You know,
Deena feels like this is her fault,

but I feel like it's all my fault.

Maybe I never should've
said anything.

It's not your fault.
It's not your fault at all.

If you hadn't said something,

something even worse
could've happened.

He could've shown up at school
with that gun.

Johnny's a kid with a lot of problems,
a bad temper, and a gun.

That's a really bad combination.

I just don't understand
how anyone makes the jump

from, "I'm really mad at some guy,"
to, "I think I'll shoot him."

Johnny had to have thought about it.

He didn't know
you shouldn't really shoot someone?

I don't think you should even pretend
to shoot someone

or pretend to blow them up
or conk them over the head,

unless maybe it's a cartoon
or The Stooges.

I am so confused.

Join the club.

slapping isn't as romantic in real life

as it is in the movies either.

Hey, how's Dad doing?

- I'm doing just fine.
- Daddy!

Easy. Easy on his shoulder.


Can't believe this happened. I am
so sorry, but I'm so happy you're okay.


- You're even tougher than I thought.
- We love you, Dad.

- I'm sorry, I was just following orders.
- It's okay.

- Everything's gonna be okay.
- What's gonna happen to Johnny?

We'll find that out in court next week.
Right now I just wanna go home.

Yeah. Come on.
Go, go, go. Let's go.

Will the minor please rise?

Johnny, I've gone over your record
very carefully,

as well as the psychological evaluation
that was provided to me.

And I had to consider
that this was not your first offence,

that you did admit
to stalking the Reverend

with an intent to kill him.

And to date,
you have shown no remorse.

Now, this is not to say

that I have no hope
of your ever changing,

because I do.

We have successfully rehabilitated
young men and women

just like yourself,

and I intend to follow your case
very closely.

But today, Johnny,
based upon the information gathered,

as well as my own conversations
with you and your parents,

I feel I have no choice

but to relinquish
you to the State Youth Authority,

where you will remain under their care
until you're 25 years old,

which is the maximum penalty
I am allowed to assign a 12-year-old.

This concludes this hearing.
Court is recessed.

Don't let them take me, please.

Don't let them take me.
I wanna go home.

I wanna go home.

I was-- I was wrong.

And I just wanna apologise
for what happened

and for not listening to you

when you told me
my son was in trouble.

If I had,
this wouldn't have happened.

I just thank God he didn't kill anyone.


Do you wanna
go get a cup of coffee?

No, thanks.

Matt's bringing a friend's brother over
to meet me.

And from what I understand,

the young man's justifiably angry
at the world,

but he wants to find some way
of dealing with it

before he hurts someone.

Good for you.

No. Good for him.