7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 3, Episode 3 - Cutters - full transcript

Matt enters an atypical confidence crisis when a girl campus refuses flat-out to date him or even accept his tutoring, so he acts for 'constructive criticism' at home. Simon feels needlessly guilty when Ruthie reacts to his warning the twin babies will make parental attention scarce by deliberately failing a test to make ma coach her, so he bribes the brat, who even scams him for double. Lucy's biology grades are disastrous, according to Mary due to new 'best friend' Nicole Jacob, whom she catches cutting herself.

Ok. You crash
on a deserted island,

and you'll be stranded there
for the rest of your life.

Who would you want
to be stranded with?

Leonardo DiCaprio...

Matt Damon...

Or Danny Johnson
from English class?

I guess I'd have to say...

Danny Johnson.

Aren't you two
supposed to be
studying biology?

We are.

We're studying
the biology of
Danny Johnson.

I don't know why
i torture myself.

I mean, Danny's totally taken,

and I'm totally ugly.

You are not.

And remember...

Positive thinking
brings positive results.

You think?

I know.

Aren't older sisters the pits?

I hate being
the middle kid
in this house.

Everyone's always
trying to tell me
what to do.

I hate being stuck
in the middle, too.

But I know someone you
want to be stuck with.

Danny Johnson.

They're delicious.

I'm not doubting the quality,

just the quantity.
What is that,
your... your fifth?

I snuck one while you
were in the other room.

Mary: You have
to make them stop
or make her go home.

Who has to stop what?

Lucy and her new
little friend Nicole.

They are driving me crazy.

I have to finish
Hamlet by tomorrow,

and because frick
and frack can't stop
talking about boys,

I haven't gotten
past the first page.

I'll give you
a hint...

The Dane did it.

Uh, why don't you
go study in my office
till Nicole leaves?

And maybe next time you
won't leave your entire
reading assignment

until the last minute.


I'm trying to study,
and I get in trouble.

You're not
in trouble.
Have a corn dog.


Why, what's wrong now?

I'm telling you
Nicole is bad news.

Ever since Lucy started
hanging out with her,

she's been more loopy
than usual.

Thanks for the input.

So, should I go upstairs
and break up the boy chat?

Yeah, you can break
it up in an hour

when you take Nicole home.

It's really nice
to see Lucy with
a new best friend.

She's been lonely
since Suzanne left.

Well, Lucy and Nicole
were destined
to find one another.

Nicole is Lucy
with blond hair.

Both are middle kids,
both extremely emotional,

and both...


- Yeah.
- Ha ha ha.

Give it back.

You're no fun.

I have a test tomorrow.

I don't have time to be fun.

You should be studying, too.

I don't have to study.

Must be nice.

It is. I'm naturally
smart like Mary.

I'll probably be
a basketball star, too.

Well, lady Shaq,
I'm sure mom and dad

will be happy to know that.


Well, it looks like
you can take care
of yourself.

No help needed.

And with the twins coming,

every little bit helps.

What are you talking about?

Well, Mary may be the smart one,

but Lucy gets all the attention.

Let's face it,
here at Camden house,

the squeaky wheel gets the oil,

and no one squeaks
more than Lucy.

And once the twins
come, mom and dad
will only have time

to deal with
the squeakers
in this family.

Uh, excuse me, but
is anyone sitting here?

No, be my guest.


Hey, aren't you
in my psych class?

Yes. Hi, I'm Becky.

Hi, I'm Matt.

How did you do
on last week's test?

Not so great...


How'd you do?

I got lucky with an "a."

Oh, I could use
your "a."

Beginning psychology
is a core class
for my major.

I have to get at least a "b"

or it
puts me a whole
semester behind.

Well, maybe we could
help each other out.


Well, we could
get together and study.

I hear next week's test
is going to be a killer.

You mean
get together,
like a date?

Yeah, yeah, like a study date.

I don't think so,
but thanks anyway.

I'm losing it.

♪ & 7th heaven ♪&

♪ & When I see
their happy faces ♪&

♪ & Smilin' back at me ♪&

♪ & 7th heaven ♪&

♪ & I know there's
no greater feelin' ♪&

♪ & Than the love
of a family ♪&

♪ & Where can you go ♪&

♪ & When the world
don't treat you right? ♪&

♪ & The answer is home ♪&

♪ & That's the one place
that you'll find ♪&

♪ & 7th heaven ♪&

♪ & Mmm... ♪&

♪ & 7th heaven ♪&

♪ & 7th heaven ♪&

I'm so sorry I'm late.
I couldn't pick
a lipstick.

I thought I was in
a very Berry mood, but i...

Hey, what's wrong?

Well, I didn't know
if you were coming,

and biology's
the only class
we have together,

and it's the only
class I have anyone
to talk to.

Well, never fear,
your best friend is here.

You will not have
to face the demons
of biology alone.

I'm really glad
you're my friend.

My best friend.

Me, too.

I don't think
your sister
likes me very much.

Just ignore her.

She's just unhappy
because her boyfriend

went away to school this year.

Now, to more important matters.

-Guess what Jordan
told me.

Danny Johnson just broke up

with his girlfriend.

Oh, forget it.
He's out of my league.

Oh, my gosh.
Don't look now, but...

Ok, look! Don't look!

Ok, look! Don't look!

I'm getting dizzy.
Which is it...
look or don't look?

It's Danny Johnson.

Ok, this is your moment.

I'm not ready for my moment.

Just say hello to him.


Sure, today Danny laughs,
but 15 years from now

when he's bald and
gets fired from Starbucks

because the glare off his head

is blinding the foam girl

and his wife leaves him
for a dentist
with hair plugs,

who will be laughing then?

That's right, we will.

Just remember,
a few short months ago,

I never thought
I'd have another boyfriend,

then, wham, Jordan asked me out.

So anything is possible.

Come on, we gotta get to class.

Um, save me a seat.

I just gotta use the bathroom.

You can't.
We'll be late. Let's go.

Ok, my little amoebas,

books and backpacks
on the floor.

Clear your desks.

Who's in the mood
for a little pop quiz?

Oh, I don't know
what all this
moaning's about.

If you did your homework
from last night,

you're going to do
just fine on this quiz.

Miss Camden, miss Jacob,

is there a problem
i should be aware of?

I'd like to have
a word with you both
after school today.

All right, class, you may begin.

Good, uh, afternoon.

Yeah, whatever.

You planning on going out later?

I don't know. Maybe.

Look, not
every night is
a date night, ok?

Besides, I can do other things

besides go out on dates, right?

Yeah, I was just
asking if you were
going out to school,

not on a date.

Oh, oh, to school, date.

Oh, i... i can't believe it.

I never thought it
would ever happen to you.

What are you talking about?

- Who's the woman?
- What woman?

The woman who rejected you.

How'd you know?

Unfortunately, experience.

I asked her out and
she turned me down flat
for no reason.

You know, what's wrong with me?

Just because someone
doesn't approve of you

doesn't mean there's
something wrong with you.

You know,
you go out there,
you do your best.

It's all you can do.

Thanks, coach,
I'll try to win one
for the home team.

What's wrong?

You look terrible.

It finally happened.

Our son got rejected by a girl.

I can't believe it.
Not my Matt.

Why, you are the most
handsomest guy on earth.

And if a girl doesn't like you,

then something
must be wrong with her.

Maybe your mom could call her.

You know, you two
are really turning

into June and ward cleaver.

That's funny,
because up until
this tragic turndown,

you kind of
reminded me of Wally.

Wally never got turned down.

I don't think Matt's
situation is funny.

It's just my pathetic way

of not making it so important.


Hmm, more Mayo.

Girls, this is very serious.

As of right now,
you are both
failing biology.

I don't think
either of you

are giving the
material your
full attention.


You did better than me.

You need
to have your parents
sign those quizzes

and bring them back tomorrow.

Our parents?

If you don't pull
your grades up,

you'll have to take
biology again next year,

and I'd hate to see that happen.

We'll try harder.

- Honest!
- Yeah.

You're not going to tell
mom and dad, are you?

Nope. You are.

My mom never makes corn dogs.

She says
they're made
from horses' hooves.

It was a real treat.

Thanks again,
Mrs. Camden, for letting
me stay for dinner.

Oh, you have
an open invitation
to dinner here anytime.

So how was school
today, you two?

School was great.

So what's for dessert?

Oh, there's ice cream
in the freezer.


I like the food
we get to eat when
you're pregnant, mom.

Me, too. You know,

maybe you could be
pregnant all the time.


I don't think so.

Well, I had to ask.


What's this?

It's from school.
You need to sign it.

You failed your math test?

Eric: How'd
you fail math?

It's your best subject.

She put 51 down
for the answer
to every question.

Why did you do that?

Because I like 51.


I guess i need some help.

Mommy, will you
help me with my math?

Yes. Tonight
we'll sit down

and go over your
math homework together.

Hey, what was that?

You told me if I did bad
in school, I'd squeak

and mom and dad
would have to oil me

even after the twins get here.

So, thanks, i owe you one.

No. No, thanks,
i never said any of that.

You have to listen
in between the lines.

Ha ha.

Simon, quick,
name something about me

other people
might find offensive.

hoowie thinks you
don't smell so good.

Your invisible friend
hoowie thinks I smell?

Could be your Cologne.

I don't even wear Cologne.

Food for thought, my friend.


Lucy, we need
to talk... Alone.

Oh, that's ok.
I'll just go up
to your room

and wait for you.

I can't believe you
just lied to dad.

I didn't exactly lie.

Dad asked about school,
not my biology quiz,

so I didn't lie.

I just didn't tell him
the whole truth.

A lie is a lie.

Thanks for that
clarification. Bye-bye.

You know, none
of this is like you

and I think i know why.

I think your new attitude

is compliments
of your new
best friend Nicole.

Stop picking on my friend, ok?

Because Nicole is here to stay.

And in the future,
stay out of my business,

especially my school business.

I'm telling you
there's something weird
about your friend.

That's your opinion.

You can't keep failing test.

Why not?

Because they'll put you in a
special school.

A school that has its own bus.


No, not cool. You have to stop

Tomorrow you have to go back
into school and start passing

No, I like failing.

It works for me, mom's never
helped me study before.

Yes she has.

Stop trying to confuse me with

This whole failing thing is all
my fault.

Yup. It sure is.

Lucy lied to you.


Lucy failed
her biology quiz today,

and her teacher said
that if she didn't
pull her grade up,

she'd have to retake
the class next year.

I told you Nicole
was a bad influence on her.

Why is Lucy's failing
Nicole's fault?

Biology is the only class

that Lucy and Nicole
have together,

and biology
is the only class
Lucy's failing.

Do you want me
to go get Lucy
so you can yell at her?


You are going to yell
at her, aren't you?

First, we're going
to give Lucy a chance
to come to us

and tell us about this herself.

You know, it's very
out of character
for you

to squeal
on your sister
like this.

Wait, let me get this straight.

After what i just told you,

I'm in trouble again?

Excuse me, but
what universe is this,

and where are my parents?


So now we've got
2 underachievers,

one squealer, one reject,

one blond boy we know
is up to something.

And 2 more on the way.

Hey, I need
to talk to you
in my room right now.

I will go anywhere
as long as it's
far enough away

so I don't have
to listen to
those two cackle.

Great. Let's go.

What's wrong with you?

Her name is Becky.

So what if Becky
said she didn't want
to go out with you.

It happens.

Well, I know it happens.

And I'm not saying
a woman has never

turned me down just like that,

but a woman has
never turned me down
just like that.

Anyway, this, uh...


Yeah, yeah, that.

It made me think
that maybe there's
something about me

that turned her off.

Well, that's a possibility.

Just name something
about me that a woman
might not like.

Mmm, this sounds
like a bad idea.

No, whatever you say, I swear,

I won't hold it
against you, come on.

Oh, ok, well, in that case,

maybe it's your long hair.

Maybe she thinks
it looks effeminate.

Or it could be that
you're so sure of yourself

that it's annoying sometimes.

And what about that
little whisker thing
underneath your lip?

What is that about?
And then there's the...

Thanks. You've
been a big help.

You asked.

Yeah, and now I'm
asking you to leave.

Bye now.

I wasn't listening.

But I think I thought of
something that might help.

Maybe Becky doesn't
like the way you dress.


I have to move out
of this place.

Simon: Sure,
shoot the messenger!

I'm ok.


Do you like happy's hat?

It doesn't look like
too much studying
is going on in here.

I didn't want to start
without you.

Ok, let's study, pal.

Ok, let's do some
problem solving.


All right, look at the picture.

There are 6 puppies on the rug

and 3 puppies
who want to get
onto the rug.

How many puppies are
there all together?


Are you sure?

Oh, oops, sorry,
there are 15 puppies.

Did I get it right?

Boy, I need a lot of help, huh?

I guess we'll have to study
together every night,

even after you have the babies.

I hope that's ok with you two.


Is this gonna take very long?

I do have company.
Nicole's upstairs.

Yeah, yeah, I know
about your company

and your d-minus
in biology.

Mary has a big mouth.

She shouldn't have told you.

Well, if you'd told me
when you came home today,

Mary wouldn't have had to.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to lie to you.

I was gonna tell you
after Nicole left.

Then maybe we should
talk about Nicole, too.

What do you mean?

I don't know.
If your friendship

is interfering with your studies

and particularly this class,

maybe you two
need to spend
some time apart.

I'm not failing biology
because of Nicole.

That's just what
Mary thinks because
she doesn't like her.

Ok, well, if not Nicole,
then what?

You've always done
pretty well in science.

That was junior high science.

This is high school
biology, and it's hard.

Really hard.

And on top of that,
school is different
this year.

Everything's more difficult,
but biology's the worst.

Maybe what you need is a tutor.

You mean like an older
high school boy

who looks like Brad Pitt
kind of tutor?

Well, no, I was thinking
of a much older minister

who's slowly losing Patience

with his daughter kind of tutor.

I'll help you with
your biology every night

till you get your grade up.

Really? That's it?

I'm not gonna be
punished or anything?

No, but no more lies,
ok. Not even...

Not even little ones.


Thanks, dad.

Oh, but what about Nicole?

She needs help, too.

Well, I'm happy
to help your friend, too,

if that's what her parents want.

You're the best.

And I'm not just saying that

because of the
no punishment thing.

Mmm, right.

Please don't say anything.


Hey, do you have a minute?

Yeah, what's the problem?

What makes you think
i have a problem?

The look on your face.

I think you and mom
should forbid Lucy
to see Nicole anymore.

Well, I have another plan.

I'm gonna tutor both of them

until they pull
their biology grades up.

Dad, it's not just this one quiz

or even this one class.

It's Nicole.

Uh, look, hey,
i know you
don't like Nicole,

but, uh, you need
to keep in mind that
it's been a while

since Lucy's had
a real best friend,

and Lucy wants to keep her.

Fine. Then I'll just
talk to Lucy myself.

I think that's a good idea.

Why can't you
just wear another
pair of shoes?

Because I don't want
to wear shoes.

I want to wear boots to school.

My lucky boots.

Oh, and you want
to wear them so they
bring you good luck

when you take your
math test today?

Not good luck to pass,
good luck to fail.

You've had your fun.

You've got what you wanted,

mom helped you study
and you were the
center of attention.

Now it's time
to go back to normal

and start passing tests.

Yeah, I did get
a lot of attention.


And that was just
for failing one test.

Can you imagine
what mom would do
if I failed everything?

Maybe she'd have
to move into my room

so she could tutor me
29 hours a day.

It's 24.

Ha ha, I know.

I've created a monster.

What if I give you
50 cents for every
right answer

you got on your math test today?

There are 20 questions
on the test.

That's $10.

Oh, yeah, you have
a problem with math.

No ious, just cash.


Then you've got a deal.

And you've got a boot.


Is the jacket for Becky?

It's just not like you
to care so much

what one person
thinks about you.

Besides, have you
ever thought that
it may not be you?

Becky may just be
playing hard to get.

If you really like her,
why don't you
ask her out again?

Give her another chance.

What if she says no again?

What if she says yes?

You know, you could be right.

Yes, I could be.
In fact, I often am.

Ok, I'll give it a try.

So you're going
to change your jacket?

Well, I have to take
into consideration

that you're my mom
and what you don't like,

someone else might, so...

Even though I'm right,
my opinion doesn't
really matter.


Are you ready
for your math test?

I feel like a million bucks.


I'll be home early.

Lucy and I have
our first biology
study session tonight.

So how do you think
ruthie is gonna do
on her test today?

I predict she'll do very well.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I think she just did
badly yesterday to get
a little attention,

and I gave her what
she wants, so now
i think she's over it.

So, basically, you're
reinforcing bad behavior.

Uh, I'm taking care
of a family of 7,

I'm carrying twins, I'm tired,

and I have
to do the laundry
and cook dinner.

I say whatever
works, we use.
What do you say?

- Good plan.
- Good answer.

They're playing my song.

Hey, we have to talk.

Now that's something

you really like to do, isn't it?

What's the matter,
is dad too busy

or just bored
with your droning on
about that stupid quiz?

This isn't about
the stupid quiz!

Teacher: All right,

let's turn to chapter 6.


Hi, Matt.

I want you to know
the offer to study
is still open

just in case
you change your mind.

Really? That's
very sweet of you.

Just... just to study,

Yeah, yeah, of course,
just to study.

Well, in that case,
i could really use

the help of an "a" student.

Well, we could
come back here
to the library tonight.

Well, how about
my apartment
around 8:00?

Yeah, I'll be there.

Great. By the way,
i like your jacket.

Look, mom, I answered
every question right.

Oh, that's wonderful!
I am so proud of you.

I did so well on today's test

that my teacher let me
take yesterday's test over,

and I got all those
questions right, too.

Oh, that's great, honey!

That's 40 whole questions.

40. That's four 10s,
or eight 5s, or forty 1s,

or eighty
50-cent pieces.

Ha ha ha!

Look! Ahh!

Well, where are Mary and Lucy?

Uh, they're still in the car.

Lucy won't talk to Mary,

and Mary won't
let her out of the car
until she does.

Well, why didn't
you do something?

I think the girls
need to work this out

I got a feeling
something's up with Nicole.

Something more than this class,

but I just...
I don't know what it is.

And maybe if Lucy and Mary
can't settle it on their own,

they'll come to me.

Or, ward, we could
just go to them.


Lucy: Stay
away from me!

Mary: I'm not
gonna just stay
away from you!

Lucy: I'm
going upstairs.

You aren't
going anywhere.
We need to talk.

You wanna talk?
Ok, let's talk.

Tell me why you dislike
Nicole so much!

What did she ever do to you?

I don't dislike Nicole.

The only reason
you don't like her

is because you're jealous
of our friendship.

You don't want me
to have any real friends.

Ok, that's enough.

Look, I know no one
wants to hear this,

but I have something to say.

Last night, I saw
Nicole in our bathroom,

and she was cutting
herself with a razor.

Oh, right.

Are you sure of what you saw?

Mom, I'm sure.

I wanted to tell you
this morning,

but I didn't know how to say it.

So I thought I could
just talk to Lucy

and let her know
what was going on,

but she kept
running away from me
in school today.

Mom, dad, you don't
believe her, do you?

She's lying!

would never do
anything like that.

Why would anyone cut themselves?

And even if she did,
it was probably
an accident.

Luce, I believe Mary.

Oh, please, she
would say anything
to split us up!

That is so untrue,
and you know it!

I was only
looking out for you
and your stupid friend.

Do you really think
Mary's right
about Nicole?

Um, as hard as it is
for us to believe,

it sounds like your friend
is what they call a... a cutter.

It makes no sense.

I just don't understand
why Nicole would cut herself,

why anyone would.

Well, a lot of girls do it.

In fact, some experts believe

that, uh, cutting
or self-mutilation

is the fastest
growing problem
with teenage girls

outside of eating disorders.

If that's true,
then why haven't i
ever heard of it before?

No one talks about it much.

That may be true
with other people,

but Nicole's my best friend.

If she were doing this,
I'd be the first to know.

There's a lot of shame
that goes with cutting.

And Nicole wouldn't
necessarily tell you
or anyone else

'cause she's probably
really embarrassed
that she does it.

Well, if she's
embarrassed about it,

why doesn't she just stop?

It's not that simple.

See, sometimes, when
a person can't handle

whatever emotional pain
they're in,

they cause physical pain
to themselves.

They'll take a razor
or a knife or a pen

and make little cuts
that they can hide.

And when
you want to quit
something like that,

you have to find out
what's causing the pain

that's making you hurt yourself

or you're
never going to be
able to stop doing

the destructive behavior.

But, Nicole's just like me.

We're the same.

No, luce.

No, when you get upset,

you don't cut yourself.

You cry
or you scream
or you tell someone

about what you're feeling.

You don't keep your
emotions bottled up
inside you.

Do you think her parents know?

They will.

I... i called her dad
and asked him
to come over after work

so we could talk
about my tutoring
Nicole in biology.

Now we have something
more important
to discuss.

Find him.

Good girl!

You can run, but you can't hide.

Pay up, buddy.
You owe me 20 bucks.

I only owe you $10.

In your dreams.
You said you'd give me

50 cents for
every right answer
i get on my math test.

But you never said
i could only take
one test.


It's expensive
being your big brother.

Yeah, but I'm worth it.

Reverend Camden?


I'm Ted Jacob.
I'm Nicole's father.

Oh, hi.
Please, come in.

Come in and, uh, call me Eric.

Thanks for coming over
on such short notice.

I... i didn't want Nicole
to know we were talking.

That's what you said
on the phone,

but that's all you told me.

Nicole told us that
you'd offered to help
her with, uh, biology.

Is that what you wanted
to talk to me about?

I... i think Nicole may
have a bigger problem
than biology.

My daughter Mary
found Nicole in our
bathroom last night

and she was...

Cutting herself with a razor.

I know this must
come as a shock.

Oh, yeah, you could
say I'm shocked.

Really shocked.

I hate to be
the one to break
the news to you, but...

No, this isn't news.

We moved to Glen oak
to give Nicole
a fresh start.

Where we used to
live, everyone knew
about the cutting,

and... and people
treated her like
the town freak

even after she stopped.

How long has she
been doing this?

She started
cutting herself
about 2 years ago.

My wife and i didn't know why,

but we knew
that we were
in over our heads,

so we found
the best therapist
we could find

and Nicole started therapy.

She was doing really well...

We thought.

I can't believe
she's cutting again.

I guess i can believe it.

My wife and I have
been seeing some of
the old warning signs.

Her frequent trips
to the bathroom,

keeping her bedroom door
always locked,

wearing baggy clothes
to hide the scars.

I just don't know what to do

or where to turn.
I'm lost.

If therapy didn't help,
what else is there?

Well, you know,
self-injury can become
like an addictive behavior

and some people just need
more help than others

in order to break free
from an addiction.

There is a place,
it's in Chicago,

mcneil hospital.

They got a terrific
treatment program.

It specializes in helping
self-injurers stop.

It's called safe alternatives.

I know Chicago's far away,
but I have a friend

who happens to be
director of the program,

and she's available by phone

to talk to you
and your wife
and Nicole tonight.

How is this place
different than therapy,

which didn't work?

Well, therapy alone didn't work

because Nicole just needs
more specialized care.

The safe alternative staff
is made up of experts
in this area,

and they've had
a lot of success.

I can't believe you'd
do all this for us.

Our daughters are best friends.

I just hope they
can still be friends.

Nicole's problem
is pretty scary.

Well, Mary and Lucy
aren't scared of Nicole.

I'm sure they'll do
whatever they can do
to help her, too.

Thank you, Eric.

I'd better get going.
I have a phone call
to make.

Ok, quiz me on chapter 3.

Sure. Quiz you.

Yeah, because
we are here to study.


All right.
"Name the 3 components

that make up Freud's
structure of personality."

Ok, the ID, the ego,
and the superego?


Sorry, baby.

They closed the library early,

so I decided just to come home.

Baby? Home?
What's going on?

Matt, this is Jeff.
Jeff, my boyfriend.

Hey, how you doing?
Hey, sweetie.

You have a boyfriend?

Oh, now I get it.

Yeah, I know
what's going on here.

You're using me
so you can make this guy
jealous, aren't you?

That's really low.

You think you're
than he is?

I thought we were on a date.

Look, I was kind
of short with you
the other day

and I really
needed help studying
for this class,

so I asked my boyfriend

if he minded us
studying together.

He said no.

He's not the jealous type.

This was never a date.

I have to go.




Why should I?
So you can
insult me some more

and yell at me?

Thanks, but no, thanks.

Have it your way,

but if you won't ever
come into our room again,

how am I going
to apologize to you

for all the bad things i said?

Well, you could send me a note.

A note is nice.

Then again, nothing
says I'm sorry like
flowers and candy.

I'm sorry, but I'm also broke.

I don't really need
flowers and candy.



Oh, thanks for
being my big sister.

Thanks for being
my little sister.

Now shut up.
I'm trying to read.


Oh, no! No!

You want something to eat?


You want something to drink?


You wanna watch TV with me?


-You want
your $20 back?

What $20?

The $20 you had to pay ruthie

to get her to pass
her math test today.

How did you know?

Oh, trade secrets.

when you're a mother...

Oops. I guess
you'll never know.

Ha. Ruthie told you,
didn't she?

My lips are sealed.


Oh, how was your date?

You wanna know how it went?


That's how it went.

I'm guessing there will be
no second date with Becky.

Oh, not unless
her boyfriend
wants to come along.

She has a boyfriend?

Yeah, and apparently you and I

are the only ones
who didn't know it.

Oh, that's great.

See? I knew it wasn't you.

She only rejected you
because she has a boyfriend.

You know, I thought
that might be it.

You'll excuse me
if I don't share

in your enthusiasm about this.

Why is my sport jacket
on the floor?

Oh, well, um, uh,

when Matt came
skipping through here
after his date,

it must have fallen off
his shoulders.

Oh, that's probably Nicole.

I talked to Lucy
and she's out of denial,

but she's still plenty worried,

so I thought it'd be nice
if the two of them

talked face to face.

You're the best.


Hi, Lucy.

What's going on?

Nicole wanted to come over
and say good-bye.


You're going away?


To Chicago.

That means I'm going
to have to face

the evils of biology alone?

Not forever.

If I do well in the program,

I'll be back next semester.

Are you scared about going away?

A little, but I'm more afraid

I won't be able
to stop hurting myself.

But what I'm really scared about

is what's going to
happen to Danny Johnson
while I'm away.

Don't worry.
I'll keep an eye
on him for you.

I'm gonna go back upstairs
and let you two talk.

Good luck, Nicole.
I hope everything works out.

Nicole: Mary.


I never should
have told you
i wouldn't say anything.

I'm sorry.

I'm not.

Oh. Well,
then you're welcome.

I owe you one.

No, you don't owe me anything.

I just want to see
Nicole back in Glen oak

as soon as possible.

Look what Nicole gave me.

It's a calling card.

So Nicole and I can talk
a little bit each week
until she comes back.

I know that good friends
are hard to find.

Ok, review question
number 4...

"what elements are necessary
for asexual reproduction?"

Dinner and a movie?

I'm so sorry, dad.

For what?

I'm sorry you
have such a dunce
for a daughter.

I'm so stupid
about biology
and about Nicole.

I never want to hear you
call yourself stupid again.

You're not.

Biology's tough,
and nobody knew
about Nicole,

not even her parents at first.

So no blaming yourself
for that, either.

Do you think Nicole's
going to be ok?

Well, I think she's
got a lot of people
pulling for her,

and, uh, she works hard.

Yeah, I think she's
got a good chance
of getting better.

You know, I don't understand
all of this, either,

but together we're
going to figure it out.

You already miss Nicole,
don't you?


Look, I'm a little older.

Ok, a lot older
and, uh...

I can't go to biology
with you, but, uh,

if you need, like,
a substitute best friend,

I'm always here.