7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 3, Episode 20 - All Dogs Go to Heaven - full transcript

Simon planned a fancy restaurant dinner to celebrate Deena's birthday, but when her big brother, college musician Stewart, comes along as chaperon, Lucy all to eagerly accepts his invitation. Matt joins the family cop-friend on nightly patrol and hides to avoid being seen by frat friends, but freaks out when he discovers Mary kissing her 'movie-date', nice frat-guy Michael Towner, in the police car. Eric promised elderly Burt and Cheryl Carberry to bring their beloved dog 'ma' to the vet for euthanasia, but can't bring himself so they end up in the park, for a last meeting with a stray, abuse-fled Labrador.

Just like clockwork.
Another Friday night, and once again,

everybody has something to do
but me.

I mean, what's wrong with me?
Do I smell or something?

Just like roses.

Your father doesn't have
anything to do tonight.

What would he do
on a Friday night?

Well, actually, the Carberrys called.
Burt and Cheryl Carberry.

Seems their mom's dying, and
they want me to stop by the house.

Oh, I hope they're okay.
Is it Burt or Cheryl's mom?

I'm not sure. I wasn't aware
that either mom lived with them.

Well, I don't remember them
bringing her to church.

Maybe-- Maybe she's been sick
for a long time.

- Sick for 20 years?
- It's possible.

It seems strange.

I don't think they'd make up something
like that just to get me to visit.

You don't think I'd make up something
like that just as an excuse to get out?

Of course not.

But I do know how anxious you are
to get out of the house.

I'm never anxious for this kind of visit.

I know.

Could I go with him?

To sit with a dying woman?
I don't think so.

- Why not?
- Because. Because that's ridiculous.

I've already told you no,
and I'm sure Mom will agree with me.

Michael Towner invited me to come
over to his house to watch movies.

- Are his parents home?
- His parents don't live there.

- He rents a house with other guys.
- Well, then, what he said.

What difference does it make if
we watch at his house or the theatre?

I'm assuming you wouldn't make out
in public at the movies.

- I wouldn't bet on it.
- There's an armrest between them.


- I'm on my way out.
- Where to?

I'm going on a ride-along
with Sergeant Michaels.

Extra credit
for my social sciences class.

Don't worry. I'll be fine.

Just promise me
you won't get out of the car.

Okay, and if Sergeant Michaels
asks me to,

I'll just tell him
my mom says I can't.

Could he drop me off
at the Carberrys?

Okay, Monsieur de Paris...

Okay, okay.

...or Wild Stallion?

I don't wanna make a mistake here.
After all, it's Deena's birthday.

Unless you wanna
make her eyes water, wear that one.

- I was asking Mom.
- Wear what your sister picked.

I know what you're doing.

I'm not doing anything.

No. I'm the one not doing anything,

I've got a date with the twins.

- Why are you so dressed up?
- I've got a date.

Thank you for coming, reverend.

- This is just so difficult.
- I'm sure.

So is she your mother, Cheryl?

Oh, I'm sorry.
I guess you've never met Mom.


Mom, meet Reverend Camden.


Good catch.

You can't possibly be Simon.
My baby Simon.

Nope. I'm not your baby anymore,

I know, but it just seems
like yesterday.

So how do I look?

Deena's a lucky girl.
You look very handsome.

Thank you. Both of you.

Now, are Deena's parents going to eat
with you at the restaurant,

- or are they just driving you?
- Deena's older brother is taking us.

- How much older?
- He's a junior in high school.

Some kind of musical prodigy.

He goes to a school in North Carolina.
He flew in for the weekend.

Is this what you wanted,
Mommy dearest?

Yes. Now you look much more
like an 8 year old with a play date.

I'm telling you, this is a mistake.
He's a very sophisticated guy.

- Real classy, if you catch my drift.
- I do.

She came to us on a very cold night.
We gave her a blanket

for her to sleep on,

and when we woke up in the morning,
she had had a whole litter of puppies.

That's why we started
calling her "Mom."

We apologize for our weaknesses,

but we just can't bring ourselves
to take her to the vet.

I hope you understand.

Yeah. It's just that--

Well, maybe she'll pass away
on her own.

We've been praying for that
for a while now.

You see, Mom's got a broken foot.

And the vet says
she's too old for it to heal,

and the pain
gets worse at night, and...

We just can't keep
putting her through this.

- Yeah.
- She's been there for us

through all our difficult times.

She's too good a friend
to let her suffer anymore.


What about the...

Is the vet taking care of...?

We had hoped to bury her
in the park,

but, of course, that's a public park,
so they have rules against it.


We just loved the idea
of her watching over all her friends.

She loves playing in that park
more than anything. Except, of course,

listening to Louis Armstrong
on the record player.

I see.

There's one dog in particular
at the park.

He's a stray who hangs out
around the picnic tables

waiting for people to clear out
so he can get a bite of food.

His name's Huck.

He and mom seem to have
a real special bond.

She's the only dog
he'll ever come near.

He won't come near any humans,

- He doesn't trust them.
- No, no.

He got away from his abusive owner
one day,

and no one would help that man
catch him.

It's a shame.

It's gotta be hard
living on the run like that.

But he's gotta be better off
than he was with that man.

So, anyway,
we appreciate this, reverend.

It takes a man stronger than I am
to do what's best for Mom.

And we thank you.

You two better not cry all night
and wreck my date.

It's not a date. It's a play date.
You're 8. I'm going on a date.

It's not a date. You're 12.
It's a birthday dinner.

You're too young to date.

They'll be here.

- This looks like a barrel of fun.
- There's some good movies on TV.

Forget it.
I need the living room to entertain.

Why can't you entertain
in your room?

- Why can't we all watch a movie?
- I don't wanna watch with 8 year olds.

And me and my date don't wanna
hang out with the old people.

Well, help me get the boys upstairs.

Here, buddy. Okay, come on.
Come on.

- Yuck, what is that?
- It's called after-shave.

- Since when do you shave?
- I don't know. Any time now.

May I present
master Donovan Birbeck?

- Ravishing as ever, darling.
- Thank you.

Please pardon the way I'm dressed.
My mom picked this out.

I shall return for the young master
at 9.

Do you wanna watch a movie?

- Are there infants in the house?
- Why do you ask?

I don't want to be rude,

but I must tell you
that I detest babies.

That's the best news
I've heard in months.

Should I try to catch
my chauffeur?

No. That's not a baby crying.
That's just my sister Lucy.

She cries like that all the time,

especially when no one asks her out
on a Friday night.

- How old is she?
- She's 15.


You know, I hope we get a car chase
or a bank robbery

or bust up a heroin ring or something
exciting enough to get me--

An extra-credit A
would be great right now.

I wouldn't count on any of those, Matt,
but it is Friday.

Don't worry. Something will happen.

- Well, can I drive? You know, later?
- No.

But I may let you play with the siren.


- I can't believe that Ruthie has a date.
- It's not a date.

- Hi.
- Hey.

- You look great.
- Well, you don't look too bad yourself.

So there's a couple of good movies
playing over at the mall,

but unfortunately,
I forgot my cash card

in my other pants pocket.

So you have to drop back by the house
to get it?

Well, I would have gone back for it,

but I didn't wanna be late,
Mrs. Camden. That's the truth.

I suppose I could go back right now
and come back for Mary later.

I-- I could. I don't mind, really.

Well, I mind.


But if you guys
just stick around the house

and don't go out to a movie,
that would make me very upset.

Don't make me ask to see
ticket stubs.

I-- I understand.
We'll just run right in and right out.


Oh, Deena. Come on in.
Happy birthday.

- Thanks. This is my brother Jack.
- Hello. Nice to meet you.

- Well, we better get going.
- Lucy, this is my brother Jack.

- I like your pants.
- They're not pants, they're pyjamas.

We better get going.
We have reservations.

- Do you have any plans tonight?
- No. Why?

You feel like chaperoning with me?

I'd love to.

Am I the only one
that thinks this is a bad idea?

- Yes. I'll be just a minute.
- Well, take your time.

Other than the obvious things,
what do you hate most about babies?

The way they demand attention
with that relentless wailing.

They're so needy. And they smell.

They're useless.

my roommates must have decided

- to throw another party.
- Not a problem.

You ever kiss good night
at the beginning of a date?

No, but I like trying new things,
so I might be willing to give it a shot.

Oh, hey, guys,
the party's in here. Come on in.

I don't know, Mom.

I-- I wanna do the right thing,

Are you-- Are you in pain right now?

Just don't look at me, okay?

You're breaking my heart.

I can't do it.

If you're gonna ruin my date,

do you mind doing it
on my time schedule?

We have reservations.

Two seconds.

- What is this?
- I don't have anything to wear.

- Here. Now you do.
- That's not quite right.

- What would make it quite right?
- A simple spring pastel leather jacket.

- Do you have one of those?
- No, or I'd already be dressed.

Well, one's just not gonna appear,
so pick something.

What are you getting so mad about?

You got yourself invited
to Deena's birthday dinner

and ruined the whole thing.

Fine. Then I won't go.

No. You have to go.

Deena thinks it's all cool
and everything,

so if you change your mind now,
everyone's just gonna get mad at me.

But you better not get in the way.

I'll be in the hall.

And don't cry.

Do you play any instruments
other than piano?

- A few.
- He's just being modest.

He plays almost every instrument.
And he's graduating a year early

because he got
a full scholarship to Juilliard.

I wanna be a composer.

All right, we can go now.


You sure you don't want the burger?
Huh, girl?

Burger. No?

Not hungry? Me, neither.

I just don't know what to do, Mom.

I-- I can't take you back
to Burt and Cheryl's,

and I can't take you
to the vet. And...

I-- I don't know what to do,
other than pray that God takes you.

I can tell you this.

Nobody goes one millisecond sooner
than the--

When the universe is ready
to embrace them, so...

You'll go at exactly the right time
for you.

But you're gonna be here until it's time
for you to go,

and I don't know when that time is,

and, well, we're back to
I can't take you back,

and I can't take you to the vet.

You wanna go to the park?

Yeah? All right.

I'm sorry. I just wouldn't
feel comfortable being at a party

where everyone was older
and drinking.

That's okay. I wouldn't be comfortable
lying to your mom.

We have to go to a movie.
I promised.

We can walk around the corner
to the cash machine, if you want.

Fine. I love to walk.

- Ever made out at a cash machine?
- Why, no. I look forward to it.

It looks like a great place to hang out,
this park.

Although it's probably a lot nicer
during the day

when the dogs are running around.

It's just so quiet. It's just a little eerie.

But I'll-- I'll get used to it,
and we'll just hang out

and try to come up with a plan.

Does your friend howl like that?

Was that a friendly howl?

Sure hope so, Mom.

Sure hope so.

I turned on the lights. The dispatcher's
been trying to reach you.

Yeah, they beeped me.

Drug bust? Holdup at the bank?


You know, it's right near campus.

You're welcome to hop in the back
if you don't wanna be seen with me.

Good idea.

Let's ride.

Let's do it.

I can't read French.
Italian's my second language.

What made you pick this restaurant?
It's kind of fancy.

It was reviewed
in a food magazine Mom has,

and I wanted nothing but the best
for Deena's birthday.

Really, a burger and fries
at the pool hall would have been fine.

And it's not too late.
We could just get up and walk out.

We could. There would
be nothing wrong with that.

- Could even be fun.
- No.

I've been planning this
for a long time. I'm not leaving.

But the prices aren't on the menu.

Even if we found out
what we were ordering,

we won't know how much
we're paying for it.

Really, it's-- It's okay.

- Of course, I'll pay for mine.
- No. No, I invited you. I'll pay.

That won't be necessary.

I planned on paying for Jack's meal,
and Lucy can pay for her own.

Are you ready to order yet?

- Maybe you could help us.
- Oh, you don't speak French.

It's very kind of you to spare me.

- Is this a special occasion?
- It's her birthday.

You made a very fine choice
to bring mademoiselle here.

May I offer to make
a few suggestions?

We would all appreciate
your suggestions,

but please keep in mind
that my younger brother here

was kind enough to allow myself
and this gentleman, her older brother,

to accompany them.

And we would all be very embarrassed
if our tastes were too extravagant.

This won't take long.

You want me to pick you up
down the block in, say, 15 minutes?

Yes, definitely.

- Be seeing you shortly.
- Okay.

Hey, Camden.
I didn't see you inside.

Yeah. I didn't see you, either.

Cops are here. Looks like this party's
breaking up, huh?

Yeah, looks that way.

This is what I hate
about these parties.

I just can't convince these guys

to just turn down the music
to a sane level.

Somebody always calls the police,

and we're gonna end up
losing our lease over this.

It's just stupid.

Hey, look, the back door's open.

- Ever made out in a cop car?
- No, we couldn't.

We could.

and we're probably never gonna get
the opportunity like this again.

Okay, but only for a second,
and just so we say that we did.

You got it.

Hey, Camden.

Go ahead, put them up, this is it,
I've had it with you.

I'm not gonna get in a fistfight
with my little sister.

Why not?
Afraid I'm gonna show you up?

- Hey, calm down, this isn't helping.
- I'm gonna get him.

and I'm gonna get him not
just for tonight, but for all the nights

where you've interfered with my life
when I wasn't doing anything!

You were making out in a cop car.

- You wanna tell me what's going on?
- Arrest this guy.

- For what?
- Making out with my sister

in your squad car.
It's gotta be against the law.

- Well, is it?
- I'm not sure.

I never ran across this one before.

Is it illegal to hit
my brother, huh? Is it?

Because I don't care.
I'll get arrested. I will.

Now, calm down, Mary.

- Get him.
- Come on, Mary.

What is wrong with you?

What is wrong with me
is I'm 16 years old now,

and you don't get to tell me when
or where I can make out with a guy.

I hate to spoil what looks like
a very interesting date,

but I'm taking you two home.

I'll call you later.

Mary, you go get in the front seat
of my car and Matt, get in the back.

All right, break it up!
Go home, show's over!

This is the last time
I'm gonna warn you

- to keep these parties under control.
- I wasn't home.

- This-- It's not my fault.
- It may not be your fault.

But if your name's on the lease,
it is your responsibility to see to it

that I don't get called back here.

Yes, sir.

Oh, yeah, you're all grown up now.


Oh, my God.
Where did that baby come from?

I got him from his bed
and brought him down

because I thought Donovan
would wanna meet your brothers.

There's another one upstairs.

Why did you have to ruin everything?
I was gonna marry this guy.

Ruthie didn't tell you there were
two new brothers in the house?

I'm afraid it's my fault.
I told her that I detest babies.

- How can you detest babies?
- I just can, that's all.

I'll call my chauffeur
to come back and pick me up.

Are you an only child?

Is there any possibility your mom's
about to make you not an only child?

I thought I hid it so well.

You're a freak, you know that?
A total freak, freak, freak.

Yeah, your freak brother.
And that entitles me to protect you

any way I see fit.

No, it doesn't.
It doesn't entitle you to anything.

- And who needs your protection?
- Who?

Who? You, that's who. You're out
with a guy two years older than you,

and you're making out with him
in a cop car.

There is no law against making out.

Is there, Sergeant Michaels?
Is there a law against making out?

I'm gonna let you two settle this.

I know how to settle this.
I'm gonna open up a can of whup-ass.

- Oh, yeah, you do that.
- Oh, I will. I will.


Okay, easy, boy.

I'm not hurting her, okay? I'm not.

Although, I bet you're that dog
I heard about.

Huck. Is that--? Is that your name?

Huck, yeah. Well...

Your owner was not so good to you,
boy, huh?

You okay?

Good boy. Good boy.


I'm sorry. I would have told you sooner,
but I didn't want you to leave.

This one is Samuel.
We call him Sam.

And this one is David.
We wanna call him Dave,

so we can call
the two of them Sam and Dave.

- Why?
- You never heard of Sam and Dave?

They sang "Soul Man."
My mom has the album.

It's like a CD, only bigger.

Babies can be really scary

if you've never
been around them before.


But once you get used to them,
they're really, really, wonderful.

I don't know if I'd go that far.

I thought maybe
you'd like to hold one.

- I might drop it.
- That's okay.

No, you won't drop him.

In fact, I'm sure you'll have
a hard time letting go.

This is David.

And David,
this is Ruthie's friend Donovan.

Yes, he's about to be a big brother.

Look, he's looking at you.

Put your hand under his head

and your arm around his back
to support him.

That's right. That's right.

He is looking at me. He is.

- Would you like to dance?
- I'd love to.

Of course. I'll be right back.

Lucy, would you care to dance?

She really knows
how to be a big sister.

Yeah, it's the first time
I've been around her very much.

She's nice.

I wonder if I went to school at home
if I'd be a better brother to you?

You know, you're far more important
to me than music.

- You're more important than anything.
- I know.

And you don't need to be at home
to prove that to me.

- I'm really proud of you.
- I feel the same way about you.

Happy birthday.

Thanks for flying home.

So, what about Simon?
You like him?

I'll like him until he kisses you.

Then I'd say
you've only got about an hour.

I'm 13.

I'm sorry about not wanting you
to come tonight. The truth is,

I don't know what would have
happened if you hadn't.

I probably would have had to call Dad
to pay for this.

Dad doesn't have any money.
That's how I learned to manoeuvre.

I pay close attention
to how he and Mom do things.

They never apologize
for what they don't have,

they just claim it.

Paying attention in French class
didn't hurt either.

Hey, Matt, let's talk.

Look, I'm-- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry my sister caused all this.

She just uses really bad judgment
at times.

Hey, I know what it's like.
I'm a big brother.

Of course, I never caught my sister
making out in the back of a squad car.

Well, what would you have done
if you had?


When my sister was in junior high
and I was in high school,

it drove me crazy that I couldn't
keep an eye on her every minute.

But I walked her to school,
and I walked her home.

Both my parents worked,

so I made it my number one
responsibility in life

to keep an eye on my sister.

I thought that job was gonna get easier
when she got in high school. It didn't.

It just got tougher. Next thing I knew,
we were both in college together,

and she found this guy who I swore
she went out with just to torture me.

A guy who smoked a lot of cigarettes,
drank a lot of beer,

used pot sometimes.

A guy who cheated on her,
treated her badly.

So, I forbid her
from even seeing him.

I would have too.

- So, what happened?
- She married him.

They had a couple of children.
Nothing changed.

He cheated on her,
came home drunk all the time.

They divorced.
He doesn't pay any child support.

You know, I always thought

that maybe if I had just been more
of a friend to my sister as we got older,

just talked to her as a friend,

just talk to her as a grown woman
whose opinion I respected,

maybe she would've heard me
when I tried to tell her

what a loser this guy was.

Matt, you're not Mary's parent.

And you've been
a really good big brother.

But from what I've seen tonight,
that dynamic has worn itself out.

You better be making a friend
before you lose one.

Whatever that guy did to you,
it must have been really bad.

I wish you could trust people again,

because I hate to see you
out here on your own, buddy.

That can't be easy.

You know, Mom's had a good life
with two good people.

And I'm sure she'd like that
for you too.

She's done what dogs do best.
She's been loyal.

She's protected her family,
entertained them, loved them,

and they've loved her.

And I know she's probably just
sparing them the moment of departure

by not passing away at home.
People do that too.

Sometimes, when they think it will hurt
their loved ones too much they...


And they-- And they go when

they feel it will be okay.

Well done, Mom. Well done.

Oh, when did you get home?

When did you get home?

About 2, 2:30.

Yeah, I finally talked the park ranger
into burying Mom in the park.

Excuse me?

Oh, that's right.
I never got a chance to call. I'm sorry.

I was with Mom in the park all night.

Oh, yeah, Mom...

Mom was the family dog.

Mom's homeless friend, Huck.

Not with seven kids and the dog
we already have. Eric, we can't!

I know. I...

Well, if you know,
then why is he here?

Oh, I gotta run. I-- I--

I never got back to the Carberrys.
It was too late, and they'll be calling.

I'm sorry, I really am.

He's-- He's just a visitor.
We're not keeping him.

Whatever. How did the boys sleep?

They've been asleep
almost seven hours,

and they're still sleeping. Yes.

Call me when they do wake up.
I'll help you feed them and stuff.

- I love you, Ruthie.
- I love you too.

It was nice meeting you. Bye.

Oh, Ruthie, did you have fun
with Donovan last night?

Yeah, I'm gonna ask him over
again sometime.


- Call me.
- Okay.

Seven beautiful hours of sleep.

I'll be back as soon as I can.
Bye, guys.

Are you sure these are ours?

They look like ours,
but they don't sound like ours.

Great, isn't it?

You forgot something.

Sorry. Like I said before,
just no vacancy. None.

- Hey, how was Deena's birthday?
- It was great.

Well, I'd love to hear all about it,
but I gotta run.

Just tell me
what the best part was.

The potatoes au gratin.

Whose dog?

At the moment,
it doesn't belong to anyone.

- Mom's not gonna let you keep it.
- Yes, I know that.

Did Simon tell you that I went out
with Deena's brother last night?

You met him when you did
family counselling with them, right?

Right. The musician.
I like that guy. He's a great guy.

Yeah, he really is.

- Wait a minute, why do you think so?
- Mostly because he lives out of town.

What? You get bored easily
when a guy's around too much,

and you love to write letters.

I gotta go. We'll talk later.

That was great last night.

Thanks for letting me
come with you guys.

It was nice.

Definitely not boring.

Hey, you seem to have picked up
an extra dog.

Yeah, I know.

Is something the matter?

I have a feeling there's something
I need to address here,

and I will address it,
when I find out what it is,

but I just-- I don't have the time
right now because I have to go.

All right, Happy, you stay.
Huck, let's go.

So, when you were 16,
where did you go to make out?

- The car.
- Where in the car?

Her driveway, our driveway...

...other people's driveways.

Hey, could you back out
so I can get around you?

Yes, sir.

Tell me you didn't just
bring my daughter home.

- No, I didn't.
- That's all I wanna know.

Weren't you afraid
of anybody seeing you?

Well, it's just kissing.
Nothing serious, just kissing.

The possibility of a parent walking out
any minute sort of made it fun,

and at the same time
kept anything from going too far.

- Are you lying?
- No, I'm not lying. You should try it.

Michael Towner's sitting
in the driveway in his car right now.

I called him about 15 minutes ago

when you were taking
a bathroom break. I figured I owe you.

Just remember,
he's had some problems in the past,

and he's a nice guy,
but take your time, get to know him.

Find out if all these changes
he's making are for real.

And remember, most importantly...

...it's broad daylight.

My brother
has gone completely insane.

I know.

Ever made out in your own driveway
at 6:30 in the morning?


- Good morning.
- Oh, good morning.

Look, I'm sorry I didn't make it back
last night.

I just couldn't take Mom to the vet.

We know. We called the vet.

So I took her to the park,

and she passed away
quietly and peacefully,

and the park ranger
allowed me to bury her there.

We know. We called the park ranger
this morning too.

We appreciate everything.

It's very hard to lose a dog,
but as losses go,

Mom had a good life.
And she had a good death.

We knew you were the right person
to call.

There's just one more thing.

The dog that was Mom's friend,
the homeless dog, Huck.

Well, he was there too.
He sat with us.

Oh, that's wonderful. We're so glad
he was with her. Thank you.

- Thank you. Thank you.
- Well, here's the thing.

I know you don't just replace a dog.

It would be like trying
to replace a member of the family.

And Mom was a member
of your family, and a valued member,

and I know it takes time to mourn

and to get over your loss,
but I was wondering...

Could you find it in your hearts
to mourn while taking in Mom's friend?

He needs a home.

Oh, God. This is a miracle.

This dog has never
come near anyone before.

It's just so soon.

I know, I just had to ask.
Here, boy, come on.

Reverend, wait.

We owe it to Mom.
Maybe he's even a gift from her.

Oh, God, that's great.
Thank you. Thank you.

And again, I'm very sorry.

Reverend, do you think...

...dogs go to heaven?

It may be debated in religious circles,
but there's no debate in my heart.

I know dogs go to heaven.

Thank you.