7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 3, Episode 12 - All That Jazz - full transcript

Simon's obsessive worrying what to give Deena for their three month 'anniversary' chases his sleepover guest. Matt tries to get his deaf ex Heather back, only to hear she's engaged and wants Eric to marry her. Lucy's ex Ron hides at the Camdens' after his ma's death until coached to make up with his absented dad at the funeral. Annie soon swallows her irate grudge at Dr. Hank Hastings.

Is this some kind of a joke?

It's a good idea. Girls like cars.


Fast cars, expensive cars, big cars,

not cars you could fit in your pocket.

I didn't know I was gonna have to look
for the perfect gift for Deena.

Monday is
our three-month anniversary,

and I have no idea what to get her.

- Why get her anything?
- It's three months. It's the big one.

I believe that "anniversary"
implies yearly.

It's derived from the word "annual,"
again meaning "once a year."

Spoken like a single man.

Simon and Deena sitting in a tree

I'm a very good speller.

- What? She is a good speller.
- So, what are we playing?

I don't have time to play.
I have serious, manly things to do.

But Mommy told you to watch me
while they're at the hospital.

I am gonna watch you.
I'm going to watch you leave. Bye-bye.

Are your parents at the hospital
having the babies?

Don't you think
I would've told you that?

Not unless Deena was with them.

Well, it's been a while since I've been
out on a date, but I like the white one.

You know, your dateless situation
is kind of ironic.

When you were with Wilson,

guys were always calling
and asking you out.

But now that you don't have
a boyfriend...

- Wait, have you been out?
- Yeah.

Oh, yeah, that's right.
You went out with Jordan before I did.

Did I mention
that this is the best year of my life?

You know, you're right.

A lot of guys did ask me out last year
when I was going out with Wilson.

You haven't heard from him,
have you?

Hey, did we tell you
that we saw Heather at the mall today?


I just came in here to find the Doritos
and this is what I get?

You don't even have the decency

to come upstairs and find me
for something like that?


This preregistration with the hospital
is a great idea.


Doctor on call
to Labour and Delivery.

Doctor on call
to Labour and Delivery.

Please tell me I'm seeing things.

Rod? What are you doing here?
I have a date, and it's not with you.

You can't just drop by.

You have to respect
that I am in a serious relationship

with an older man,
and he wouldn't like this.

And I don't like this either.

It's not right. It's just not right.

I didn't know where else to go.

My mom died.

So, what do you wanna do?

I wanna let Rod stay in the closet.
It's just for one night.

But why can't we tell Mom and Dad?
Then he can sleep on the couch.

Because Mom and Dad
will tell Rod's father where he is,

and Rod's father thinks
he's at Jimmy Moon's house.

But Mom and Dad wouldn't mind
if he's here in the house,

just here in the closet.

I know. I just...

I don't wanna talk to them.

And more importantly,
I don't want them talking to me.

Hello? Oh, Matt.

- Hi, how are you?
- Tell him I'm not here.

I'm good, thanks.

My sisters said they saw you
and Heather at the mall today.

- Is Heather okay?
- She's fine.

She's just home for the weekend,
and right now she's...

She's out with some friends.

Well, I haven't heard from her,

so I was just wondering
if everything was okay.

Oh, everything's fine, Matt.

Thanks for calling. Bye-bye.

You're a miracle.
You know that, don't you?

Tough preregistration?

We saw the doctor
who delivered you.

The one who almost killed me,
Dr. Hastings.

That's the one.

Well, I guess
that explains Mom's turbohug.

- You know, after Dr. Hastings--
- Almost killed me?

--he left the practise.

We assumed he'd either
lost his medical licence or been fired,

but I guess we were wrong,
because there he was tonight,

white coat and all.

- Maybe you should almost kill him.
- Maybe.

- Glen Oak Hospital.
- Hi, this is Annie Camden. Could--?

Could you tell me if, by any chance,
Dr. Hastings is now on staff?

Yes, he is.

So let's say that I don't make it
until my scheduled caesarean

and I go into early labour.

Could he be one of the doctors
that I might get in an emergency?

It's possible.

Thank you.

- Where are you two going?
- Nowhere.

Matt's taking them to the mall

to get an anniversary present
for Deena.

Well, won't that be fun for Nigel?

They've been fighting about it
all morning.

So Matt just up and volunteered
to take them to the mall?

Kind of.

Matt wants to get some new pants
because Heather's in town

and he's thinking of going over
to see her.

- He needs new pants for that?
- Apparently.

So is there anything else going on
at the house that I don't know about?

Lots. Did you know that Wilson
and Mary are back together?

- What?
- Well, Wilson called her last night.

At least,
that's the story Mary's telling.

Anything else?

Lucy broke her date with Jordan
last night,

and they're not going out
tonight either.

Wonder what that's all about.

One of Lucy's friends
is having a problem.

- You know which one?
- Nope.

- You're all out of information?
- Yeah, I think that's it.

But check back with me.
Stuff happens.

- All clear. Go, go, go.
- Go, go, go.

Luce, this is getting ridiculous.

- His mom died. He has to go home.
- Rod wants to be with us.

He doesn't wanna be with adults
right now.

If you ask me, he doesn't wanna deal
with his mom's death right now.

- And that's not good.
- Give him a little more time. Please?

What are you guys doing?

- Nothing.
- Nothing.

Who's in there?

- No one.
- No one.

I thought you said
we were going to the mall.

We are.

But we're stopped,
and we're not stopped at the mall.

I think we've stopped
at Heather's house.

- And Heather would be?
- One of Matt's old girlfriends.

She dumped him.

Are we stopped
for any particular reason?

Yes. I'm deciding if I'm going in.

You know
what might pass the time quickly?

If we all just start saying,
off the top of our heads,

what would be a good gift for Deena.

Can I go home, please?

Heather, sooner or later

you're gonna have to tell Matt
you're engaged,

especially if you want
Reverend Camden to marry you.

- Where were you?
- I was taking out the trash.

I ran into Emily Grew next door,

and she told me
that Rod's mother died.

Evidently, she had cancer.

Oh, no, I didn't even know
she was sick.

Me neither.

Just hope Rod and his father
are doing all right.

Do you think anybody's told Lucy?

No, if she knew,
she would have said something to us.

I'd better go up and talk to her.

No, I'm afraid it's gonna have to wait.
We need to go to the hospital.

What? It's time? The babies?

No, but I'm not feeling well.
And I think there's something wrong.

Well, good news.

Other than your blood pressure
being slightly elevated,

everything seems to be normal.

I'll tell you what's not normal here.

It's not normal to put that doctor
in the medical group without telling me.

We had no idea you had a history
with Dr. Hastings.

But listen to me.

For the sake of your babies,
you're gonna have to let it go.

I just wanna make sure
that he never comes near me again.

I've put a note on your chart

that Dr. Hastings is not to be called
in an emergency.

And I will call him myself
and explain how you and Eric feel.

But, Annie, you have to calm down
because I can't release you

from the hospital
until your blood pressure stabilises.

And if it doesn't, I'll have to admit you
to keep an eye on you.

And it would help
if you would calm down too.

All right.

I'll be back to check on you.

Maybe we should talk
to Dr. Hastings.

I don't know,
maybe it would make us feel better.

- It won't make me feel better.
- Okay.

Then we'll just go home to the peace
and serenity of our bedroom,

where we'll lay around

and hold each other
and think good thoughts.



Look, I don't know
what to say to you.

I don't wanna talk about things
if you don't wanna talk about things,

but I don't want you to think
that I'm unfeeling

because we're both not talking
about the thing

that we're thinking about.

I know what you're going through.
I lost my friend last year.

You lost your friend.
You didn't lose your mother.

- Hello?
- Is Mary there?

Just a second.

It's another guy for Mary.
I'll be right back.

The phone's for you.

- Who is it?
- Some guy. Again.

I feel badly.

I would never have
gotten back together with Wilson

if I'd known
that Rod's mom was gonna die.

It's not like you could have planned

when you were going
to get back together with Wilson,

although it is a little frightening
how quickly people found out.

She made some phone calls.

I just, you know,
told a few of my basketball buddies.

- How many players on the team?
- Twenty.

She called them all.

Hello? There's a guy on the phone.

I still think you should go
with your old pants.


He didn't go in, so get over it.
He'll go later.

it wasn't a complete waste of time.

If we hadn't blown that popcorn stand
and gone to the mall,

I might have never have gotten
the perfect gift for Deena.

You got it.
Do we have to talk about it?

Well, yes.
I mean, butterflies for her hair?

It's so Titanic, so Kate Winslet.

Hey, maybe someday,
they'll make a movie

about you buying hair combs
for Deena.

Course, it'll be rated B for "boring."

And for your information,

Kate Winslet
didn't wear butterfly combs in Titanic.

They were half dragonfly, half butterfly,
a sort of stylised insect,

which was very popular
for that time period.

But the ones you bought Deena
were butterflies.

Cheap, blue glass butterflies.

- Look, why are you two still here?
- Hey.

I spent two hours picking out pants.

I think I've earned the right
to see what they look like.

They make you look too hippie.

"Too hippie" like '60s.
I wasn't saying you have a big butt.

I think it's the combination
of the hippie pants and your long hair

that's just not working for me.

You can leave now. Go on.

I don't know
why he even asked our opinion.

- Hello?
- Hey, is this Mary?

Yeah, who is this?

A voice from your past.

- Is this who I think this is?
- Were you thinking Michael Towner?

- Yeah.
- Well, then you're right.

But before you say anything else,

would you just consider
getting together and talking?

Are you calling because you heard
I was back together with Wilson?

- Are you?
- Pretty much, yeah.

Well, look,
before things get serious again,

I'd really like to talk to you.

I've been wanting to talk to you.

Ever since you ran me over
with your car?


Look, maybe this isn't such a...

Maybe I shouldn't have called.

I don't wanna mess things up
with you and Wilson.

No, I mean,
we're only gonna talk, right?

- Well, absolutely.
- Okay, sure.

I'm down at the pool hall.
I can pick you up in five minutes.

You know,
that's probably not such a good idea.

I'll come to you.

My parents might not like me in the car
with you, considering...

- I ran you over?
- Yeah.

- So I'll see you in five minutes.
- Who's on the phone?

- Wilson.
- Oh, let me say hello.

No, you can't, he's gotta go. Bye.

- Wilson's in town?
- No.

Then how are you gonna meet him
in five minutes?

Well, I won't if I stand around here
talking all day.

Do you mind? We're talking.

I lost my hamster once.

- He died?
- No, I just lost him.

I know it's not the same,
but I just didn't know what to say.

I'm going to the pool hall to meet
some friends. I'll be back in an hour.

Don't worry, I'll ask Ruthie.

- I'm going over to Heather's.
- She invited you over?

- No.
- Her mom invited you?

- No.
- So basically, it's an ambush.

- Yep.
- An ambush in hippie pants.

- Where did you get those?
- At the mall.

What did Simon get for Deena?
It's Simon and Deena's anniversary.

- Three months. The big one.
- The big one.

Simon got Deena
a lovely pair of butterfly hair combs.

Deena has hair like Kate Winslet.

- Yeah. Did Nigel have a good time?
- No.

No, Nigel picked a bad weekend
to sleep over.

- I think I'll go check on him.
- No, no, you're not.

- You're gonna go to bed.
- What's wrong?

- Well, your mom had a little scare.
- The babies and I are just fine.

How come you two
never tell anyone anything?

That's that we have Ruthie for.

- Wish me luck.
- Okay, what do you need luck for?

This could be it.
You know, me and Heather.

So you think you two
are getting back together again?

I didn't buy new pants for nothing.

I think I better check on Lucy.

I-- I wanna tell her about Rod's mom
before she hears about it

- from somebody else.
- I'll go with you.

- You sure you're up for this?
- Honey, I'm fine.

I'm feeling much better.

Besides, you shouldn't
have to talk to Lucy alone.

Where could they be?
Who would take hair combs?

You know,
I wish I'd brought my camera with me.

Then I could've documented
all the fun we're having

so I'd be able to relive this weekend
over and over again.

Well, they have to be here

Please let them be here.

I haven't the strength
to go back to the mall.

We've got to find those combs.
We have to.

They cost 3 bucks.

But let's not put a price
on precious love.

Let's just keep looking.

Go fish.


Rod spent the night here.

His mom died
and he's mad at his father.

What she said.

Okay. Let's go.

Great, I'm talking to myself.
This is not a good sign.


How are you?


Every time I see Matt on campus,
I feel like I have to run and hide.

Well, lots of people
have that reaction.

Practically every guy
I've ever gone out with.

Actually, we've never been out.
We never had the chance to.

Oh, we had the chance.

We just didn't,
because you were such a jerk.

Yeah, right.

But I've changed a lot
since you flushed my head in the toilet.

Now, that's a sentence
you don't hear every day.


You haven't changed at all, though.

You're still beautiful.

I can't even believe
you came down here to talk to me.

I mean, especially since you
and Wilson are talking again.

You picked a good time.

I was desperate
to get out of the house.

Well, still.

And Wilson's not the jealous type,
you know?

- I mean, I can have friends.
- Well, that's good to know.

I mean, I'd like to be your friend.
A good friend.

It must be nice
having such a trusting relationship.

But if things don't work out
with you and Wilson,

would you consider going out
with me?

I don't know how my parents
would feel about that.

- Because I'm two years older?
- No, because you ran me over.

Right, yeah. I almost forgot.

Yeah, me too.

My dad says if I'd rather be here
than at home with him

and my aunts and uncles
and cousins, it's okay.

Well, you're welcome to stay here
as long as you like.

I just thought that maybe
you'd wanna be with your dad,

since you're an only child,

and, well, he...

He might need you
and just not wanna say so.

No, my dad doesn't need anything.

I mean,
he's got the whole funeral planned.

You know, who's gonna sing what,

what they'll serve afterwards
at the house,

when the headstone will be placed.

You know,
sometimes people keep busy

in order to keep their pain at bay
as long as possible.

Yeah, my dad's a genius at that.

He's been doing it
for the past two years.

When my mom was diagnosed,

my father decided
to remodel the house.

Well, see, that may be--

Look, before you try

to pull a counselling session
out of your pocket,

you should know that I was there
for my mom, all the way.

You know,
I saw her through everything.

I went to chemo, went to radiation,

I helped her shave her head
when she was losing her hair.

And then I helped her pick out hats
and then wigs.

Then she helped me
shave off my moustache.

I don't know,
it seemed like the right thing to do.

We went to the zoo and the beach,

and to Graceland
so she could walk where Elvis did.

I sat by her bed and I cried with her.

And I was there when she died.

She died peacefully.

You know, when she went,
I almost felt...

I don't know,
I almost felt relieved, you know?

It was like...
It was like she was being set free.

It was the best of times,
and it was the worst of times.

But you know what my dad was doing
when all this was going on?

He was putting down linoleum,
lots of linoleum.

And he's not a linoleum guy,
you know?

- He's an accountant.
- I'm sorry, I had no idea.


Look, I'm not just
a formerly moustache-wearing,

daughter-chasing kind of guy,

you know?

Still waters run deep, my friend.

If you don't mind,
I'd like to go back to the closet.

Do whatever you wanna do.

How could you do this to me?

I thought we were gonna
get back together.

You knew I had a boyfriend.

Boyfriends come and go.
Husbands stay.

Husbands are permanent.

Why'd you tell me now? Why?

One, you parked
in front of my house.

And two, this might not be
the best time to tell you,

but I want your father to--

Marry you? And that guy?

He's not "that guy."
He's my fiancé, and I love him.

If you don't want me,
you don't get my dad.

We're a package deal.

So don't even ask him. Just forget it.

And while you're at it, forget me too.

- What are you doing?
- Reading your diary.

I'm kidding, okay?

I lost my mom,
not my sense of humour.

- Sorry about my dad.
- That's okay.

I knew I couldn't hide
in the closet forever.

Although Ruthie thought
it was possible.

After the funeral tomorrow

and after all my relatives go home,
I'll go home too.

After the funeral?

You're not going
to your mom's funeral?

It's no big deal.

Why go? It's not gonna help.

It's not like it'll bring my mom back.

Look, I know it's not the same.

I know it was my friend who died
and not my mother.

But I still kind of wish
I had gone to her funeral

because I didn't get to go
through the ritual of saying goodbye.

It's a regret I wish I didn't have,
something I can't redo.

Luce, I told you,
I was with my mom when she died.

I said goodbye to her.

Yeah, but your father wasn't there,

probably because
he couldn't stand to be there.

So tomorrow your dad
will be saying goodbye to your mom,

and he's obviously not as strong
as you are.

Why should I be there for him
when he wasn't there for my mom?

I don't know.

But what would your mom say
if you were to ask her that?

So how's Rod?

- Better than expected.
- Oh, really?

Yeah, it seems
he took care of his mom

for the last couple of years

because his dad
couldn't deal with her illness.

I guess that's why Rod's father
isn't too upset that he's here

instead of at home.

You know, looking at Rod
probably makes him feel guilty

because he wasn't there for his wife
and his son was.

- Well, that's a guess.
- It's an educated guess.

I talked to Rod's dad before Rod did.

You know,
talking can be a good thing.

Depends on who you're talking to
and what you're talking about.

If you're talking to me
about talking to Dr. Hastings,

that's not a good thing.

I called and left a message for him
at the hospital

just in case we wanted to talk to him.

I don't wanna talk to him.
If you wanna talk to him, be my guest.

I don't have high blood pressure
and the burden of delivering twins.

I think if we just went in
and yelled at him,

we'd both feel better.

At least, I would. I've been mad at him
for the last 20 years.

- Please just think about it.
- I can't even take a five-minute nap.

You probably shouldn't walk me
all the way up to the door.

I don't know who's in my house.

Actually, you never know
who's in the house.

I'm just grateful you met me
and talked to me.

My whole life changed
around that accident.

When I came to your hospital room
and admitted what I did,

it was like the first time in my life

I had taken responsibility
for my actions.

After that, everything changed.

- I'm a different person now.
- I noticed.

- You did?
- Yeah.

Unfortunately, my timing's still bad.

I wish I had called you

before you and Wilson
got back together.

Michael Towner?

And that's for-- For running me over.

So how's school?

What were you doing
kissing Michael Towner

in the backyard?

- Michael Towner?
- The guy who ran you over?

It was an accident.
It was two years ago.

How many times
does he have to say he's sorry

before you guys can forgive him?

From what I saw,
you have forgiven him.

What about Wilson?

Mary's dating Wilson again,

or at least,
they're talking to each other.


- How'd it go over at Heather's?
- You don't wanna know.

Yeah, we do.

Maybe next time Heather's in town,
we could have her for dinner.

She'd probably have to check
with her fiancé first.

- Heather's getting married?
- I feel like such a fool.

I bought new pants.

Hey. What is going on?

Ruthie stole Deena's hair combs
and she won't give them back.

- I found them.
- Where did you find them?

In Simon's dresser.

- I got the combs.
- Great. I wanna go home.


You know,
we used to have fun together.

You used to be my friend.

And I've been trying
to be your friend all year,

but just like this sleepover,

all you can think about is Deena,
Deena, Deena.

I've had enough. I wanna go.

Well, I'll take you home, Nigel,
if that's what you want.

That's what I want.
I'll go wait in the car.

Wait, Ni--

And we'll be having a little talk later

about the difference
between stealing and finding.

- Hello?
- Mrs. Camden?

Yes, this is Annie Camden.

I was wondering if I could meet
with you and your husband.

Thank you, Dr. Hastings.
We'll be there.

I know you're angry with me,
and frankly, I don't blame you.

Well, I do blame you.
And why all the politeness?

We didn't come here
to enjoy afternoon tea.

This is not something I wanted to do,
but I want some answers,

answers to questions that I've had
for 20 years.

Ask me anything.

Why didn't you listen to me that night?
I knew something was wrong.

The nurse knew
something was wrong.

You saw my blood pressure was--

Was dangerously high

and you were exhibiting
all the classic signs of eclampsia.

But I hadn't seen eclampsia happen
during labour,

and I was nervous and scared

and too inexperienced
to be dealing with your labour.

I should have called in another doctor,
but unfortunately,

my ego was more developed
than my medical training.

There's no pretty way to say this.
I screwed up.

Then why didn't you at least apologise
to us for endangering my life

and almost killing my son?

He was in an incubator for a month.

I didn't apologise, because, frankly,

I didn't have the guts
to face either of you.

So I ran away.

You should know we've decided
to talk to the director of the hospital.

You shouldn't be practising medicine
on anyone.

You're absolutely right.

When I was 28,
I had no business being a doctor.

I didn't believe in God
before that night.

But I knew someone saved you
and your son,

and it wasn't me.

Someone was
definitely watching out for me,

watching out for all of us.

I knew I wanted to practise medicine,
but I knew I didn't have the training.

So I went back to medical school
for another three-year residency.

After I finished that,
because of you and your son,

I decided
to dedicate my professional life

to working with high-risk babies.

Three months ago,
I got a call from Glen Oak Hospital.

They wanted me
to head up their new neonatal unit.

At first I didn't wanna do it,

because I was afraid
I might run into you,

and I didn't wanna cause you
any more pain.

- Yes?
- Doctor, they need you in Room 2.

All right.

I have to go,

but if you wanna wait,
I'll be right back.

That won't be necessary.

And I--

I don't think
we'll be talking to the director.

- Thank you.
- Thank you too.

I don't deserve your forgiveness.
But I'll accept it if this is an offer.

God works in mysterious ways,
doesn't he?

He sure does.

This whole mess is your fault.

If you hadn't told me
that I'd attract more guys

if I were dating someone,
I never would've lied

and told everyone
I was dating Wilson.

- You're not?
- Oh, come on.

- You never believed that, did you?
- I did until I talked to Wilson.

- When did you talk to Wilson?
- When he called.

Why don't I ever
get any of my messages?

Well, what did he say? What?

He asked if I had heard
that you two had gotten back together,

and I said I had,
and he said he'd call back.

He said he'd call back. Calm down.

I don't want him to call back.
I want Michael to call.

Then maybe
you should pick up the phone.

And give me my messages
from now on.


Yeah, do you have a listing
for a Michael Towner?

Do you think I'm obsessed
with Deena?

- I may not be the best person to ask.
- Why?

Because I don't even know
what "obsessed" means.

Someone is obsessed
if they can only think of one thing,

the object of their obsession.

- In my case, that would be Deena.
- Yep, you're obsessed.

I can't believe what a jerk I've been.

Nigel will probably
never speak to me again.

On the other hand,

these hair clips that you bought Deena
are really nice.

They might be worth
losing a friend for.

They cost 3 bucks.

Hey, you can't put a price
on friendship,

especially when
you don't have any friends left.

Maybe you should keep them.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I'll just make Deena a card
for our anniversary instead.

You might as well because
I don't think Hallmark makes one

for three months.

We got halfway to my house

when I remembered
that no one is there.

- So where have you been?
- Downstairs.

- I'm glad you didn't leave.
- That makes one of us.

I'm sorry for being such a jerk.
I really am.

It's just, it's hard balancing out
your love life and your friends.

I don't know why
they have to be separate things.

Why can't I be friends
with Deena too?

It's not fair making me spend
the whole weekend shopping for her

and listening to stories
about how great she is,

when you never even ask me
to join you guys

when you go to the movies and stuff.

- I didn't know. I'm sorry.
- Well, now you know.

Give me another chance, okay?
I don't wanna lose you as a friend.

Simon and Nigel sitting in a tree

That's Rod. It's a long story.


Shouldn't you be with your fiancé?

I'm sorry for yesterday.

Seems in not wanting to hurt you,
I've actually hurt you more.

I am hurt, but you know what?

It's too late
to be having this conversation.

Well, get over it.

I'm getting married.

I want your father
to be the one to marry me,

and I want you there too.

What about what I want?

I want you
to call off this engagement,

and I want you
to give me another chance.

I mean, why...?

Why can't I get what I want
out of this relationship for once?

We don't have a relationship,
at least not a romantic one.

I've been with my fiancé
for 18 months,

and I love him.

And no matter how much
I care for you,

you still don't get to decide
who I do or don't marry.

Okay, maybe I'm being
a little selfish.

Okay, a lot selfish.

But come on,
you did just spring this on me.

- Eighteen months.
- Okay, I get it.

- I'm sorry.
- Me too.

I still have some time

to get used to this whole
you-marrying-someone, right?

I mean, you're not getting married
next week?

You have until May.

Yeah, I hear long engagements
are really the way to go.

I know, I'll work on it.

- Did you go to your mom's funeral?
- Yes, I did.

But it was very tough for me.

I've never been to a funeral.
Do you think I should go?

It's not if you should or shouldn't.

But if you want to,
after church we'll go with you.

You've already been strong
for your mother,

and that's more than a young man
should have to do.

But you have a father too,
and while it probably seems

like he should be looking after you
right now,

for whatever reason, he just can't.

And I think he needs you right now,
even if he isn't asking.

I just don't know
if I have any strength left, you know?

I just feel like I'm done.

It's okay. It's all right.

Whatever you decide,
your father will understand.

I really miss her.

I know.

It's just that
we're all doing the best we can,

considering who we are,
at any given moment.

Every single one of us.

And that includes the other guy,
the guy who has offended us,

yesterday, a year ago, 20 years ago.

It took a young man who's only 15

and in the depths of mourning
to remind me of that,

and I, in turn, am reminding you.

I encourage you
to make this a week of reconciliation.


Nice sermon, huh?

So does this mean that you forgive me
for lying to you about Wilson

and shoving you to the ground
for no reason?

Well, I hit you with a car,

so I'd say you have a long way to go
before you get even with me.

Come on. I'll walk you out.

Take care.
Thank you so much for this.

Your mother deserved better.
You deserved better.

- I don't know why you don't hate me.
- Because you're my dad.

Because she didn't hate you,

and she wouldn't want me to.

And I need you.

And you need me.