7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 2, Episode 3 - I Love You - full transcript

Simon can't resists reading Matt's letters and thus discovers big brother is secretly married to Heather. Eric can't resist spying on both, and thus falls into a trap. Wilson won't say 'I ...

Shouldn't you be making a list too?

Mrs. Beakman didn't say anything
about making lists.

I don't think it's required.

Oh, I see.
What is the assignment again?

I have to plan three meals a day
for a month for a family of four,

and I have $75 a week to spend.

It's just pretend money
and pretend shopping.

And you have no idea
what you're gonna feed them?

Whatever looks good.
I'll figure it out when I get there.

I see, do you have any coupons?

Mom, I have $75 a week,
I don't need coupons.

- Make a list.
- Mom, I don't have to.

Luce, yes, you do.


Here, I'll help you.

Why are you doing this to me?

Because $75 may sound like a lot,
but it's really a tight budget.

And I don't wanna be at the market
with you all afternoon.

You don't wanna be at the market
with anyone ever,

so don't get mad at me,
get mad at Mrs. Beakman.

I don't wanna go with you any more
than you wanna take me.

Sunshine, come here. I'm sorry.

If I sounded cranky, I apologise.

It's just that I don't think

you're putting your best effort
into this assignment, okay?

And if you could never use that tone
of voice again with me, I'd be ecstatic.

- Sorry, Mom.
- I love you, Lucy.

I love you too.

Does it start with "Darling Heather"?

No, it says,
"To my beautiful, darling Heather."

Blah, blah, blah.
The usual, "I miss you."

- Blah, blah, blah.
- No, read it, all of it.

- Whoa.
- Tell me.

Well, you know how he usually signs
"love" comma, "Matt"?

Read it and weep. His very first
"I love you" comma, "Matt."

I knew he was gonna tell her
sooner or later.


- Who?
- Mary.

Hi. What's up?

- This is private. Put it back.
- You sure you don't wanna read it?

- Matt told Heather he loves her.
- So?

So I guess Wilson
tells you he loves you?

Since you've known him
just as long as Matt's known Heather,

could we assume
he's also saying the L word?


- Steak?
- What kind of steak?

- I don't know. What do you suggest?
- Hamburger.

Hey, Mom,
can I ask you something?

Sure, honey, just make it quick,
because we're going to the market.

You're actually letting her go
with you?

Well, I-- I have to,
it's a homework assignment.


- What do you wanna ask me?
- Oh, yeah, it was nothing.

How long do you think two people
should go out with each other

before they say "I love you"?

Uh... A very, very, very long time.


How long were you and Dad together
before he said it to you?

Oh, about a year.


Dad, how long were you
and Mom together

before you told her
that you loved her?

Not till after we were married.

"When I look at the moon,

I know it's the same moon
you're seeing."

Yeah. He's got it bad.

Come on.



You know, if you, um,
plan your menus ahead by a month,

you can multiply your budget by four,
buy items in bulk,

and cut down on your weekly costs.

I don't know if I can get that excited
about saving a couple of bucks.

Ah, well, it's not just
about a couple of bucks,

it's about the value of food.

You know, a couple of bucks
translates into more food,

different food, better food,
all of which can mean

an entirely different
eating experience.

Oh, I see. Well, what do you mean?

Well, you know,
there's more to feeding people

than physical nourishment,
it's about spiritual nourishment as well.

The first meal I ever prepared
for your father

was roasted chicken and potatoes.

To this day, every time I cook
that meal, I think of that night,

and how new
and wonderful our relationship was.

And even though
he doesn't say anything,

I know that the smell
and the taste of that food

brings back those memories
for him too.

And I get a lot of pleasure
out of watching him as he remembers.

Wow. What did you do after dinner,
if you don't mind me asking?

Well, we had dessert,

he kissed me good night
and went home.


When I shop for food,
I take my time.

I think of all of us
around the dinner table,

laughing and talking,
I kind of get lost in the experience.

Kind of a Zen thing.

So that's why you never let
anyone go with you?

Because you like it so much?

I always thought it was
because you were in a hurry

and you didn't want anyone
tying you up.

Now you know my secret.


CAROL: If you weren't so stupid
then you would have done this

on your own before I came home.

Do you ever consider
how hard I work? Do you?

- Let's go.
- I think it's too late.

This is the last time
I wanna come home

and find out I have to do
your homework assignment.

Hello, my name is Annie Camden.
I bet our girls are in the same class.

Hi, Laurie.

Laurie, this is my mom.
Mom, this is Laurie.

- Hi, Laurie.
- This is my mom.

Actually, I'm not just her mom.

I'm Carol, a person in my own right,
a person with a job,

who's had a long, hard day,
who's a little irritated right now,

and doesn't really have time
for all this.

I completely understand.

Since I have to be here anyway,
why don't you leave Laurie with us?

And we'll finish up here
and then we can go back to our house

and she can work with Lucy,
and that'll give you a break.

You know, actually
that would be a huge help.

- Good.
- Thanks.

I-- I won't hold you up,
I-- I promise, I'll hurry.

Take your time.

Yeah, we're just enjoying
the whole experience.


Thank you.

Simon, Matt's writing another letter.

- Two in one day?
- Yeah, come on.

Let's see if we can get it.

Look, if we don't stop now,
I'm afraid we may never stop.

I can live with that.

Forget it.
We're already pushing our luck.

That's not gonna work.


I wanna go someplace we can talk.
Maybe the pool hall?

Okay. You know, we could talk now,
since we're on the phone.

- Is something wrong?
- No, nothing's wrong.

- What do we need to talk about?
- We just need to talk, okay?


Listen, Billy just dumped dinner
all over the floor, I gotta go.

I'll pick you up at 8?

- How is Billy?
- He's great.

- You really love him, don't you?
- Yes, I do.

- All right, well, see you later.
- Okay, bye.

Let me tell you something, son.

No good conversation ever started
with, "We need to talk."

I do love you, you know that?

Come on, say, "I love you, Daddy."


That's close enough.
You say it when you can.


Hello. Hey, Mitch. Yeah?

Oh, I don't know.
I'd have to ask my old man about that.

Have to ask your old man
about what?

Uh, hang on. Uh, Mitch needs a lift
to pick up his car. Can I drive him?

Yeah, sure, why not?

It's cool. I'll pick you up in 10.
All right, bye.

You'll be back in time
for dinner, right?

I don't think so.
The car is at Mitch's cousin's garage.

Two hours away. That's why Mitch
couldn't get anyone to take him.

Gee, that might have been
important information to give me

when you asked for the car.

I figured it was important to leave it out
or risk not getting the car.


Can I still use the car?


- Just don't bring it back empty.
- I won't.

Can I borrow 20 bucks?

Thanks, Dad. I owe you.

You certainly do.

And you know you can pay it off
by doing some work

around the house this weekend.

- I'll make a list.
- Great.

- Please, just one more?
- No, we can't.

It's just not right.

It wasn't right every other time
we did it, but we still did it.

Please, just one more time
and I'll never ask you to do this again.


"Dear Mrs. Matt Camden"?

Mrs. Matt Camden?

And you didn't wanna read this one.

ANNIE: Thanks for helping me
with the bags, girls.

What took you so long?

I'm sorry. It's all my fault.

No, no, I'm the one who's sorry.

I was just anxious to talk
to Lucy's mom.

And you would be?

This is Laurie
from my Home Management class.

Hi, Laurie, once again, I apologise.
Welcome to our home.

Thank you.

Come on, I'll show you my room.

- We ran into her in the market,
- I read a letter from Matt to Heather,

- so I brought her home.
- and I think those two got married.


My story can wait. You read
Matt's letter to Heather and what?

I came across it, truly by accident,
and as I was setting it down,

the words "Dear Mrs. Matt Camden"
just happened to catch my attention.

- You must have read it wrong.
- See for yourself.

No, I don't wanna read Matt's mail.

Even if he's married?

I can't. He trusts me.
But you can read it to me.

Since, you know,
you already read it.

"Dear Mrs. Matt Camden.

I love calling you that,

and I can hardly wait
until the end of the school year

when we can tell everyone
that we are husband and wife.

I guess we should wait until then,

although I'd like to tell
the whole world right now.

I'm the happiest I've ever been,
and some days, like today,

when everything just seems right
with the world,

I have a hard time keeping
our marriage a secret.

I love you with all my heart,
with all my soul and with all my mind.

Yours forever, your husband, Matt."

So who cares if Matt told Heather
he loves her?

- I care.
- Why? Something against Heather?

No, it's just that Matt met Heather
the same day I met Wilson

and Wilson has never told me
he loves me.

Mary takes Ruthie to the park

and ends up meeting
this gorgeous guy,

Matt goes to the airport
to pick up our grandparents

and ends up meeting the girl
of his dreams.

And in the same day, absolutely
nothing good happens to me.

That's my life.

So, what are you gonna do?

Figure out a way to get Wilson
to tell me he loves me.

- So you mean, you love him?
- I guess so.

Shouldn't you know so,
before you get Wilson to say it to you?

Why? Everyone says it.
Everyone except Wilson, that is.

Okay. Here's what we'll do.
We'll role-play.

You be you and I'll be Wilson.


Wilson, we've been dating
a long time now, almost four months.

And I think that after four months
there are certain things

that one person should say
to another.

You mean about how we feel
towards one another?


Well, if there's any doubt in your mind,
Mary Camden, I love you.


That was great.

Yeah, what makes me think
it's not gonna be that easy?

So do you think Dad told Mom
that Matt is married?

He told her, all right.

Those two tell each other everything,
and don't let them tell you different.

- Will Mom be mad?
- They'll be mad, but they'll get over it.

They always do.

I wonder where Matt
and Heather will live.

Duh. Matt's room.

- Even with the baby?
- What baby?

Well, don't people get married
to have babies?

People get married
for all kinds of reasons.

Like what?

Well, like sometimes if they don't like
their own parents,

they wanna go live
with someone else's.

How can a kid think he'll raise a family
when he doesn't even have 20 bucks?

You didn't say anything about family.

No, there was no mention of family,
but if they're crazy to get married,

- who knows what will happen next?
- Oh, this has to be a joke. It has to be.

We'll find out when he gets back.

That may not be for four hours,
that's if he and Mitch go to the garage

and if Matt comes straight home.
What are the chances of that?


Hello. It's Heather's mom.

Hi, Donna, I'm so glad you called.
We were just talking about Heather.

Uh-huh? Uh-hu-- Oh.

Isn't that sweet?

She got a letter from Heather today,

and wants us to tell Matt
that Heather sends her love.

Invite her over for coffee
and dessert.

It must be getting lonely there
with Heather away at school,

why don't you come over tonight
for dessert and coffee?

Good, good. How's--

- [MOUTHING] Eight?
- Yeah.

--eight? See you then.

- Do you think she knows anything?
- Well...

I can't believe she'd know
and not tell us.

Why not?
We know, we haven't told her.

- Can Laurie please sleep over?
- Fine.

Well, someone has to go over
and get her p.j.'s and stuff.

Okay, well, I'll go as soon
as we eat dinner.

Thanks. I'll tell Laurie.

I forgot the kid was even here, I ju--

Honey, not that we don't have enough
on our minds already,

but when you go over
to get Laurie's things,

could you nose around a little
and see if everything seems okay?

What kind of okay?

Well, Laurie's mother seemed more
than out of sorts today at the market.

She seemed really hateful.

Hateful like abuse?
You suspect she's being abused?

I don't know
if Laurie's being physically abused,

but what I heard today
was definite verbal abuse.

Her mom called her stupid.

I hate when a parent calls
their child stupid,

it is so hurtful and demeaning.

Yeah, I agree,
but maybe Laurie's mom

was just having
an exceptionally bad day and slipped.

Maybe, but I have a feeling
this was not just a bad day,

I have a feeling this was a typical day
for Laurie and her mom.

Okay, I'll see what I can do, although
I'm obviously not much of a detective

since I didn't even know
my own son got married.

It just...

It can't be true. It just can't be.

But here it is, in black and white.

- Hi.
- Hey.

- Does Mary know you're here?
- Yeah, but I'm a little early.

Hey, Mary, hurry it up.
Wilson's here.

I'll be right down.

- Actually, I'm not in that big a hurry.
- Oh, yeah?

Yeah, she says she wants to talk.


- That's not good.
- Yeah, I know.

You don't know what she wants
to talk about, do you?

Believe me, Wilson, I don't know
anything about anything anymore.

Nice dress.
Are we still just going to the pool hall?

Yeah, the pool hall. To talk.


What's with the treats?
You want something, right?

You are so smart.
That's why I love you so much.

Heather's mom will be here soon

and I'd appreciate it if you two
could entertain yourselves up here

while the adults visit
with each other.

Sure, anything you want, Mom.

- Cool.
- Ditto.


So when Heather's mom gets here,
are we gonna sneak down and listen?

No way.
That would really be crossing the line.


No way, you two.
Mom and Dad are plenty mad already.

Yeah, but not at us. At Matt.

For us? Thanks.

- Thanks, Mrs. Camden.
- You're welcome.

Did you make them?

Yes, I did, and one day I'll teach you
and Lucy how to make them.

How come you brought these up?
We can't go downstairs?

I've really tried this one
too many times, haven't I?

Heather's mom's coming over

and I'd really appreciate it
if you kids stayed upstairs, okay?

Sure thing. We're just doing
our homework anyway.

Yes, I can, ahem, see that.

I didn't know
you were having company.

If it's inconvenient that I'm here,

I could always go home
and come back some other time.

Oh, no, no, don't be silly.

My husband just left
to pick up your things.

I didn't mean to be any trouble.

You aren't. Honest. It's no problem.

- Your mom's nice.
- Yeah, she can be.

Has anyone ever told you
that they love you?

You mean, like a guy?

Not really.

Ever had a boyfriend?

I had one last year. Jimmy Moon.

The Jimmy Moon that goes
with that stuck-up girl Ashley?

Yep, that's the one.

Have you ever had a boyfriend?

Well, there was this boy
that liked me once,

but he wasn't really a boyfriend
or anything.

- Why not?
- I'm too young to date.

Besides, I wouldn't wanna
take anyone over to my house.

Why not?

It's just not the type of house
where you invite people over,

that's all.


- Mr. Camden, I presume?
- That would be me.

I appreciate your taking Laurie
for the night.

I'm afraid that Mrs. Camden
got the wrong impression today.

What the hell are you doing opening
the door to a stranger?

You're such an idiot sometimes,
it's a wonder you don't get us all killed.

This is Laurie's grandmother.
She lives with us.

Is she an idiot or what?

She had more sense
when she was Laurie's age.

Letting that child go off and stay
with people we never even met.

I never heard of anything so stupid.

Well, my wife and I
aren't exactly strangers.

Our daughter Lucy goes to school
with Laurie,

and I'm the minister
at Glen Oak Community Church.

A minister?


He doesn't look
like a minister to me.

Did you check these people out
or are you just too lazy to use

what's left of that pea brain
of yours?

I'm sure that Laurie will be fine.

Thank you again, Reverend.


I was so busy with Billy today,
I didn't even get a chance to eat.

He's a great kid.
You must really love him.

Yeah, I do, but that's the second time
you've mentioned that today.

- Any reason why?
- No, no reason.

It's just important to tell people
how you feel.

- Do you tell Billy that you love him?
- All the time.

You wanna shoot some pool?

Well, you haven't finished
your chicken yet.


Okay, Wilson, here's the thing.

We've been dating a long time,
almost four months now,

and after four months,
I think that there are certain things

that one person should say
to another person.

You know what, I agree.

And I wanna tell you right now
that I care about you,

and I respect you,
and I enjoy being with you,

I hope you feel the same way
about me.

I do.

You know, Matt tells Heather
that he loves her.

That's good for Matt.

I mean, that's really good for Matt
and Heather. That's great.

Say, didn't you have
a history test today?


You should have heard
the way the grandmother was talking

to Laurie's mother.

It's just amazing that people
can get used to saying things

that are so completely hurtful
without the least bit of consideration

for a person
that they supposedly love.

Well, the problem is,
it's hard to break the cycle.

The grandmother talks
to the mother that way,

the mother talks to the daughter
that way and it goes on and on.

It's obviously already
affected Laurie's self-esteem.

Every time she speaks,
she begins with an apology

as if she's afraid to say
or do anything wrong.

Look who's here.

- Hey, Donna.
- Hi.

Oh, hi, I didn't even hear
the doorbell ring.

Well, Ruthie and I just happened
to look out the window

and saw her drive up,
so we let her in.

And now, we're gonna go upstairs

so you guys can talk
and we won't hear nothing.


- Anything.
- Right.

- Those two are so cute.
- Well.

Yeah, believe me,
when they're that cute,

they're up to something,
we just don't know what it is yet.


Come on in. Sit down.

It was so nice of you to ask me over.

The house seems so empty
without Heather.

Empty house, huh?
We have no idea what that's like.


Of course, I have no idea
how you manage

with such a large family.

But your kids are all so sweet,
especially Matt.

He has been so good for Heather.

And Heather's been good for Matt too.

He sure is growing up.

He really seems so responsible.

- Really?
DONNA: Oh, yeah.

And it's been great the way
he's been learning sign language.

Well, she's an awfully patient teacher.
We really admire her.

Thank you.

Wait a minute. I'm not just here
for dessert and coffee, am I?

Well, actually, we asked you over here
because this afternoon,

without meaning to invade
Matt's privacy,

I came across this.

Is this real?

We're not 100 percent sure,
but I saw him at the desk, writing,

and that's what he was writing.

You don't know about
this marriage either?

No, I don't.

Why don't we all have some coffee?

No, thank you. I don't feel very well.

I'd just like to go splash
some cold water on my face.

Sure, the bathroom's upstairs.

This way.

You better start getting ready
for bed soon.

- Sure, anything you say, Mom.
- Ditto.

How about a good-night kiss?

You know, I'd really love to know
what you guys are up to,

but I've got company
I have to take care of.

We totally understand.
We'll chat tomorrow.

I love you.

- I love you too, Mom.
- Yeah, love you. Night, Mom.

We can't go to bed now.
Things are just getting good.

Yeah, no kidding.


Looks like you girls have finished
your homework.

I'm sorry.

We'll get right back to it.
I hope we didn't disturb you.

No, honey, you didn't disturb us at all.
We're glad to have you here, okay?

- Do you girls need anything now?
LUCY: No, thanks.

We're hanging out
till Mary gets home.

What happens then?

We just wanna ask her
how her date went, that's all.

You know,
since we don't get to date.

I know. In case you girls fall asleep
before Mary gets back,

I'm gonna say good night now,
okay? I love you.

I love you too.

And I love you too.

What's wrong?

It's just no one has ever said
"I love you" to me before.

You mean your mom
and dad have never said it?

I never knew my dad.

He left when I was a baby.

Your mom's never said it? Ever?

Nope. Never.

But she does love you,
she just doesn't say it, right?

I hope so.


Hey, you two.
Shouldn't you be in bed?

What's going on?

It looks like
Matt and Heather got married.

That's why Heather's mom's here.
She's pretty upset about it.

- Matt and Heather what?
SIMON: You heard. They're married.

Dad read Matt's letter,

it was addressed
to "Mrs. Matt Camden"

and signed "your husband."

Is this the same letter
Mary saw you two reading?

No, a new one.

Where was I
when all this was going on?

I don't know. Where are you usually
when anything's going on?

Come on.
We don't wanna miss anything.

If you two get caught,
you're gonna be in big trouble.

You want us to tell you
what happens?

Man, I love being at your house.

- Come on.
- Okay.

- What?
- I love you.

Thank you.

"Thank you"?
What kind of a person says thank you

when another person
has just said "I love you"?

I'm never gonna say that again,
you know, so I hope you enjoyed it.

Look, I didn't enjoy it.

I knew what you were leading up to
all night.

That's why I kept trying
to change the subject.

I'm not ready to say that. Not yet.

Why not?

Because you don't say something
like that unless...

Unless you really...

Love someone?


Don't be mad at me.

It's just that I've only said "I love you"
to one woman in my whole life,

it was Billy's mother.

Saying "I love you" is a commitment,
and we're too young

and we haven't known each other
long enough to make a commitment.


That must be my mom and dad,
they're babysitting.

Listen, I gotta call home.

I'll be right back.

- Hey.
- What are you doing here?

I have a couple hours before curfew.

- What are you doing here?
- Wilson and I are on our last date.

What happened?

You went and told Heather that you
loved her, that's what happened.

And now, I've made
a complete ass of myself.

Oh, I'm glad you're here.
Billy just woke up with a slight fever.

It's nothing serious, but he misses
his dad, so I gotta take off.

You know what?
Could you take Mary home?

No problem, I'm sorry about before.

It's okay. I'll call you tomorrow.

Really? It's okay?

Yeah, really.

So how did you know
I told Heather I love her?

Simon and Ruthie
were reading your mail.

I caught them,
I told them to stop,

but Simon told me
about the "I love you."

I wasn't snooping, I swear.

No, I'm well aware
of who's snooping.


So did you mean it?
Do you really love her?

Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Have you ever said that
to any other girl?

Um, nope, nope. This is the first one
and it's gonna be the last one.


You know, Wilson thinks
saying "I love you"

is some kind of commitment.

- It is.
- What kind of commitment?

Like a marriage commitment?

You'd marry her?



I've been dying
to tell someone this all night.


Maybe there was trouble
with Mitch's car.

I mean, maybe it wasn't ready
when they came to pick it up.

I suppose it would be too much
to ask for Matt to call.

No, it wouldn't.

He doesn't know that we read his letter
or that we're waiting for him.

But I just can't believe your son talked
my daughter into something so stupid.

- Did you just call my son stupid?
- It does take two to get married,

if they are married.
We don't even know that for sure.

Heather has never done anything
irresponsible in her entire life.

She would never go off
and get married

unless Matt pressured her into it.

I am absolutely certain that my son
would never pressure anyone

into doing something that they didn't
wanna do in the first place.

Are you implying that it was
my daughter's idea to get married?


Let's just try to stay calm until
we find out what's going on, okay?

Oh, fine, and then what? Do we just
shake hands and come out in-laws?


Wake up.


ERIC: Ah, finally.
ANNIE: Oh, co--

Mary, if you don't mind,
we'd like to talk to Matt alone.


Uh, hi, Mrs. Cain.
What are you doing here?

- Did something happen to Heather?
- No, at least I hope not.

Son, I'm sorry,

but you left this out on the desk
and I couldn't help but read it.

You couldn't help but read my mail?

We'll get to the issue of privacy
in just a second,

but right now,
we'd all like to talk about this letter.

It's a joke.

I wrote it because I caught Simon
and Ruthie reading my mail again.

They do it all the time,
so I thought I'd scare them.

Run for your life.


What's going on? Is Matt married?

No, no one's married. Go to bed.

- Did Wilson say "I love you"?
- Nope, go to bed.

I'm sorry.

Look, you've got nothing
to be sorry about.

Now, go to bed.

Well, I think
I'll just be going home now.


- Bye.
- See you.

Listen, Matt,
we're sorry that I read your mail.

On the other hand, it would be nice
if you wouldn't leave joke letters out

where anyone can find them.

And we'll talk to Simon and Ruthie
about respecting your privacy.

- Thanks. Good night.
- Wait, hold on, this isn't over yet.

- Are you thinking about marriage?
- No, of course not.

I'm 17. Heather and I have a lot
of growing up to do.

So good night.

I heard you, and you told me you were
thinking about marrying Heather,

otherwise, you would have never said
"I love you."

Okay, so I'm thinking about it,
someday, but we're not married yet.

Which is not exactly
what you told Mom and Dad.

Do I ever tell Mom and Dad

Can we pretend
we never heard that?

I don't think so,
but we can talk to them tomorrow.

- I love you.
- I love you too.

See, letters are very personal.

It's an invasion of privacy
to read anybody else's mail.

Like you did?

Boy, that caused a lot
of trouble, huh, Dad?

Believe me,
we've learned our lesson.

Not yet.

- You're mine for the weekend.
- My idea.

And the first thing you're gonna do
is clean up my room.

- Come on.
SIMON: Oh, man.

Go on.

Are you sure you're not thinking
about getting married?

I saw you and Mom at the foot
of the stairs last night.

But, yeah,
I guess we're thinking about it.

In that someday-maybe-we-will
kind of way.

Someday as in...?

As in, I'll probably talk to you about it
when I think it's getting close.

Well, sorry, that's the best I can do.

LUCY: Dad.
- Yeah, you ready to go?

Sorry I'm so much trouble.

my mom likes to clean the house

and she doesn't like to run errands.

If you want me to,
I could take the bus.

You'd just have to tell me which one
and where the bus stop is.

No, Laurie, that's okay.

- I can take her, Dad.
- No, thanks, Matt.

I'm going that way anyway.

- Thanks, Lucy. I really had fun.
- Me too.

Come on.

So, what's Laurie's problem?

What makes you think she has
a problem?

Well, if Dad's driving her home,
she's got a problem.

Well, it's kind of personal.

Laurie's mom doesn't talk
very nicely to her,

and no one's ever told Laurie
that they loved her

until Mom did last night.


You asked.


You know, you're a good sister
and I love you.

Matt never tells me he loves me.

He might if you stopped
reading his mail.

I'm going to try.
I'm really going to try.

I love you, you know.

Yeah, I know, but it's not the same.

What's the matter, honey?

I thought blueberry pancakes
were one of your favourites.

They are. I just don't feel like eating.

How did things go
with Wilson last night?


Did you get him to say
that he loved you?

- How did you know about that?
- It wasn't hard to figure out.

So did he say it?

No, and now I feel stupid
I tried to make him say it

when I'm not even sure I know
what love means yet.

You are a really smart young woman
to have realised that.

And I am very proud of you.

- Come on, I'll walk you to the door.
- Wait. I'd like to ask you something.

- If you don't mind.
- No.

The thing is,
I was noticing at your house,

everyone tells everyone else
that they love them.

Yeah, that's fairly common.

My mother has never said that to me.
And I'd like to say it to her,

but I'm afraid
that if she doesn't say it back,

I'll feel even worse.

That's a tough one.

Maybe if you could say it

and not expect your mom
to say it back right away,

maybe that would help.

Because I'm pretty sure
she wants to say it,

but maybe
it's a little awkward for her.

Maybe she never heard it
when she was growing up.

You met my grandmother,
didn't you?

Yes, I confess, I did.

I hate the way my mom
and my grandmom talk to each other.

I mean, I know saying "I love you"
isn't going to change everything,

but it would just be nice, you know?

I know.

Maybe I'll give it a try.

It might take a few times,
but if you keep saying it,

your mom might just
eventually say it back.


Who is it?

It's me, Grandma,
and Reverend Camden.

Hi. See? I brought her back
safe and sound.

Yeah, at least
that's what you'd like us to believe.

Thank you, Reverend Camden.

Laurie was a perfect guest.
We all hope she'll come back soon.

Oh, good, thank you.

- Did you have fun?
- Yeah, it was great.

But I missed you.

You did?



I love you.

I love you too, honey.

I love you too.