7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 2, Episode 17 - Nothing Endures But Change - full transcript

After Simon's school project volcano is carelessly ruined by brainless Ruthie, it's time for him to move to his own room. He's less happy with the isolated attic he's supposed to go to, but Matt agrees to move there and hand over his room, eager to 'move' to an out of state college anyway. Wilson calls Mary, but only to babysit Billy while he takes his date to her prom. Despite home advice, Mary performs miserably, yet Wilson returns early, having decided he only wants a girl who tells he family about Billy. Lucy desperately recruits enough big sibling support to get permission to go eat in town with two 'cool' sisters. Being driven in their car is forbidden, which turns out to be a life-saver, alas literally, leaving a guilt problem.

I heard that Maggie
broke up with Michael.

- No way. He dumped her.
- I think he's kind of cute.

Go for it, girl, he's free.

Oh, right. To Michael Reynolds,
I'm invisible.

And he's not my type anyway.

- I heard he likes you.
- What?

- Kidding.
- You're terrible.

Not your type, huh?

Oh, there's my sister.

Sarah showed me your new car.

- It is so cool.
- Yeah, totally cool, huh?

My parents gave it to me.

- For a birthday present.
- I love it.

You know, Sarah and I
are going to Pete's Pizza tonight.

- You wanna come with us?
- Really? I could come with you?

Of course. Any friend of Sarah's
is a friend of mine.

- Maybe Jen will even let you drive.
- Tell the world.

Man, that's our secret. You don't
want us to get caught, do you?

- Jen lets me drive sometimes.
- Only where it's safe.

You know, parking lots, back streets.
Never in traffic.

- You're kidding. You can drive?
- Yeah, she's actually pretty good.

She'll know everything
before she gets her permit.

- Doesn't Matt let you drive?
- No way. He'd never do that.

And even if my sister Mary
had her licence,

she wouldn't let me do it either.
They don't trust me that much.

They still think I'm a little kid.

- I'll give you a driving lesson someday.
- I'd love that.

So we'll pick you up around 7?

Actually, I'll have to ask my mom
and dad first, but I'm sure it'll be okay.

Well, would it help your cause at all
if we invited Mary?

I mean, I don't really know her
or anything, but it could be cool.

Two sisters and two sisters
hanging out on a Friday night.

Who knows, maybe we'll even find
two brothers and two brothers.

Oh, that'd be awesome.

Well, I'll give you a call
when I get home.

- Okay, see you.
- Bye.

What have you been doing?

Matt and I
have been looking for you.

I was just talking to Sarah
and her sister, that's all.

Let somebody know next time
so we're not just waiting in the car.


What would you say about going
to pizza with Sarah and her sister?

I'd say no.
I don't know either of them.

They're really nice, and Jen
just got her licence a few weeks ago.

And you think Mom and Dad
are gonna let you go out with them?

Well, I was hoping
if you went with me, they would.

Ha. Well, I'm not going, so forget it.

Well, I'm going
whether I have permission or not.

Dream on, little rebel.


Here's Daddy. Ha-ha.

And Mommy.




And Mary.


Lucy, Simon, Ruthie and Happy.

Please? Come on, Mom.

Luce, no. I'm sorry,
I don't know these girls.

But that's not a reason.

This one is you.

Please, I'll introduce you to them when
they get here. Then you'll know them.

You do have a point.
I could meet Sarah and Jen,

then I'd be more comfortable
with you spending time with them.

But I still wouldn't be comfortable
with you in a car with them, okay?

Me and Simon.

But Jen is really, really responsible
and really, really nice.

She's the one who asked me to go,
not Sarah.

She says that any friend of Sarah's
is a friend of hers.

She's way nicer to Sarah
than Mary is to me.

She is!

They're like twins or something.
They're great.

They always do everything together
and they wanna include me.

What did you do to my volcano?

Mom, she threw my volcano
on the floor.

My science project is due Monday.

Do you know how long it takes
to make papier-mâché?

That's right, you helped.

What happened to the volcano?

We knocked it over.

We didn't mean to, we just needed
a place to put our house.

So you did mean to.

Excuse me, I'm trying to have
an important discussion here.

Can the volcano thing
wait five minutes?

No, it can't, because I was ahead
on that project.

Now I'm behind because I have to
start the whole stupid thing again.

I'll take a look,
it's probably not as bad as that.

Oh, it's bad, all right.

You come too, young lady.


If Mary goes with me?

Give me a minute, I'll think about it.

I already told you, no.

Please, if you do this for me,

I will do anything you want me to do
for the next week.

- Huh.
- Two weeks.

- Thirty days.
- Ah. Okay, 30 days. It's a deal.

Look, it's completely ruined.

Oh, honey,
it's not completely ruined.

We can put some
fresh strips of paper on it

and then repaint it,
and glue it back on the board.

Is that all?

Now I have to work all weekend.
It's all her fault!

But we needed a place to live.

Ruthie, you should have asked Simon
if he could move his project.

But we did ask him, we did, we did.

Knock off with the crazy-puppet voice,
okay? It's driving me nuts.

Did Ruthie ask you
if you could move the volcano?

Sort of, but I don't have
any place to move it.

I think it's time to talk about Simon
moving up to the attic.

Yeah, fine with me.

Fine with us.

You know, it'll be like two sisters
out with two sisters.

And maybe we'll even find
two brothers out with two brothers.

Okay, so maybe I shouldn't have
said the brother thing.

But that's not gonna happen anyway.

And Mary and I
need to make friends.

And, Dad,
you would love these two girls.

They're so nice,
they love each other,

and they hang out together
all the time, and--

- How old is the sister who drives?
- Sixteen and she just got her licence.

- This is not a good idea.
- Is this about the car and the sisters?

But, Mom,
Mary is gonna come with us.

You know, believe it or not,
I love Mary too.

And I don't want either of you
in a car

with a girl I don't know
who just got her licence.

Now, if it's all right with your father,
you can meet the girls for pizza

and either your father, Matt or I
will drive you and pick you up.

ANNIE: How's that?
- It's better than nothing.




How are you doing?
We haven't heard from you for ages.

How are you? How's Billy?

Wilson? Is that Wilson? Is it for me?

Uh-- Well, hold on,
I'll see if she's here.

Are you here?

I'll take it in my room.

I'll go find her, Wilson. Hang on.

Is this good or bad?

Hello? Oh, hi, Wilson.

Wilson? You have plans tonight.

Sorry to call you
on such short notice.

- That's okay.
- What's okay?

- My parents are out of town.
- Oh, really. Where did they go?

My grandmother's sick, so they had to
go to Chicago to stay with her.

And the thing is, I'm supposed to go
to this dance at school,

you know, for the senior class.

And I was wondering
if we were good enough friends

that you could baby-sit Billy for me.

I hate to disappoint my date.

She spent so much on her dress
and everything.

- What does he want?
- Can't your date's mother baby-sit?

Well, for one thing,
she doesn't know about Billy yet.

And two, if she did,
Billy doesn't know her.

- Okay.
- Okay, as in you'll do it?

Yeah, okay, I'll do it.

That's great. I really appreciate it.
I just-- I didn't know who else to ask.

I mean, there aren't many people
I trust my kid with.

- Well, what time should I be there?
- Around 7, if you could.

I should be back by midnight.

Okay, bye.

You're not cancelling on me.

Tell me you're not cancelling on me.

I have to.
Wilson needs me to baby-sit.

I can't believe this. I can't believe my
own sister would betray me like this.

- I will do it another night, I promise.
- No, thanks.

You know, Mom and Dad
are never gonna let me go now.

Jen would never do this to Sarah.

Whoa, hey.
What's the big emergency?

Mary is a jerk. A total jerk!

She was supposed to go out
with me and Sarah and her sister.

But now,
she's baby-sitting for Wilson,

which means I'm not gonna be able
to go out at all, all because of Mary!

What were you gonna do?

We were just meeting my friends
at Pete's Pizza, that's all.

That's all I wanted, but no!

Well, I'll take you and pick you up.
It's not that big a deal.

It is a big deal,

because Mom and Dad are not
gonna let me hang out at a pizza place

without my big sister
there to chaperone.

Not to worry. I'll talk to them.

- Really? You'll do that?
- Sure, leave it up to me.

- I really liked Wilson.
- Yeah, I liked him too.

I wouldn't mind seeing them
get back together again,

except for the fact
that he is a pretty serious guy

and he does have a child.

Yeah, but he's a responsible father.
I like that.

You can forget the matchmaking.
Wilson just wants Mary to baby-sit.

No, Mary's supposed to go with Lucy
and her friends.

I can take Lucy to meet her friends
and pick her up.

I have a paper due Monday.
I need to go to the library.

I'll work while Lucy eats.

Come on, how much trouble
can she get into eating pizza?

I don't know.

Well, I guess we have to start

easing ourselves into
her independence sometime.

Let yourselves off the hook.

If this is some kind of big risk,
I take responsibility.

- Why?
- I was 14 once, I know how it is.


Great, just great.
Now I have to move

the same weekend
I have to do a science project.

Too bad.

If you had just let me move
last summer when I wanted to,

this never would have happened.

This is just what I get for trying to be
nice and giving you time to adjust.

I'm adjusted.

Knock it off.




You're on.

- They're letting me go?
- Yep.

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you.
You're the best brother ever.

Okay, we'll probably take Mary
to Wilson's first.

So I can take you at about 7:15
and pick you up about, what, 9?

- Perfect.
- Mm!


- Hello?
- Hi, Sarah, it's Lucy.

Okay, here's the deal. I can go,
but I'll have to meet you there.

My parents didn't
go for the car thing,

so Matt's gonna drop me off
and pick me up.

Oh, that's too bad, because
we decided not to go for pizza.

We're going to this really cool
hamburger drive-in.

It's 30 miles, but Jen said
it would be worth the trip.

Kids from a bunch of different
high schools hang out there.

What's going on?

Matt was gonna drop Lucy off
at Pete's and pick her up.

That's okay, Luce, not to worry.

We'll just pick you up in front of Pete's
Pizza, then drop you back off there.

- Who's gonna know?
- Yeah, who's gonna know?

Okay, well, I'll see you around 7: 15.

- Okay, bye.
- Bye.


I'm coming, hold on.


- Come in, Mary.
- Mary.


You remember Mary.

She's gonna play with you tonight
while Daddy goes out for a while.

- It's really great to see you.
- It's nice to see you too.

You don't know how much
I appreciate you doing this.

Oh. Well, I'm not doing it for you.
I'm doing it for Billy.

Hey, Billy, how are you?

Oh, you are getting so big.

You look good holding my kid.

- Well, you look good in a tux.
- Thanks.

All right, I'd better get going.
All right, be a good boy.

I won't be long. And have fun.

All right, bye.

- Daddy.
- Hey, Billy.

We are gonna have
such a good time, aren't we?


- Did we tell Lucy 7 or 7:30?
- I don't know.

Well, it's 7:15 and we need gas.

I think we said 7.

Well, hey, maybe we should go get gas
and then we'll come back for her.

I mean, it's not like
she can go anywhere, right?

- Besides, it'll take like two minutes.
- I guess so.

Hey, let me drive on the way back.

Not so fast. 9:00. Make your friends
wait out here with you or inside.

- I don't want you out here alone.
- I'll be fine, quit worrying.

I'm not a baby.


Didn't I just say
I don't want you out here alone?

Go inside and wait for them.
Get a table ready.

It's hard to get a table in there
on a Friday night.

- You want me to come in with you?
- No, I don't.

Thanks for the ride. Bye.

It would be great.

Except for the fact that I'd have to go
all the way downstairs in the dark

to go to the bathroom.


Well, it's not just me.
I mean, think about Happy.

She always follows me,

and it's hard on her,
with her short legs and everything.

Yeah, well, look at the bright side.

There's a lot of room up here,
a lot of privacy.

Yeah, it's private, all right.

I'm completely isolated
from the rest of the family.

It's Mary, for you.

You know, I'm so far away
I can't even hear the phone.


What? Honey, I can't hear you.

Speak louder.

Yeah, oh, he--
He's probably teething.

Look in the freezer
and see if there are any Popsicles.



Hey, Billy, you want a Popsicle?



I gotta go.



Hi, Billy. Come here, Billy,
come to Mary.


Billy, you wanna give that to me,


Don't cry. Please, don't cry.


What do you think
you're doing up there?

Me and my loyal subjects
are moving on up to the top bunk.

- What loyal subjects?

No, no, no. I haven't gone anywhere.
That's still my bed.

Fine, but when you do go, it's mine.

No, it's not.

Mom and Dad are gonna
take down the bunk beds

and I'm taking this bed
with me to the attic.

I don't think so.

Mom's giving you some old stuff.


I can't believe that we've been
in this house as long as we have.

Matt was just a baby
when we moved in.

And now he's getting ready
to move out and go off to college.

I hope not.

You hope not?

I hope he'll consider going
to a local university and stay at home.

He may not have a choice.
He may not get in.

I guess I'm just not ready
for him to leave.

I'm not ready for Mary to drive.

I'm not ready for Lucy to go out
on Friday night with girls in cars.


- Wait till it's boys in cars.
- Oh...

- Where's Mom and Dad?
- They're in the attic.

Why don't you take the attic
and I'll take your room?


Ask and ye shall receive.


I walked into the library and this guy
told me he'd just seen a bad accident.

He saw Lucy's friend's sister, Jen,
being put into an ambulance.

Oh, dear God.

The guy didn't see Sarah, but the car
was wrapped around a telephone pole.

- Luce?
- I tried to get back to the pizza place

to pick up Lucy
but the traffic was backed up.

I couldn't even get to the street
where Pete's is.

I stopped and called Pete's,
they said they'd never seen Lucy.

- They paged her, she didn't answer.
ANNIE: Tell me she wasn't in the car.



Hey Eric, I'm glad I caught you.

I need some help.

There's been an accident.

- Tell me it's not Luce.
- No.

But the girl does
go to Lucy's high school.

Their car slammed
into a telephone pole.

One girl was killed instantly.

The other one survived,
but she's not in good shape.

She says her sister was just dodging
a kid that walked into the street.

- What are the girls' names?
- Sarah and Jennifer Foster.

- Which one?
- Sarah.

Just 14 years old.

This is gonna be
a tough call to make, Rev.

I was hoping you'd go with me.

- Yeah, of course.
- Thank you.

Jennifer was letting her little sister
drive when the accident happened.

- Are you sure Lucy wasn't with them?
- Yeah, I'm sure.

You go tell your mom.
I'm gonna go with Sergeant Michaels.

Hey, Billy, it's bedtime.
Don't you wanna go to beddy-bye?


- Please?
- No.

WILSON: Hey, guys.
- Oh, hey.

I was just about to put Billy to bed.

Yeah, I can see that.

- Hi.
- Hey, sport, how are you?

How come you're not in bed?

Did you give Mary a hard time?
Did he?

Kind of, but, you know, I got brothers
and sisters so it wasn't that bad.


What are you doing home so early?
Or did you just drop by to check up?

Because, you know,
I could get Billy to bed.

- I could.
- Yeah, I'm not checking up on you.

I just, um--
I wasn't having a good time.


Yeah, I can't deal with a girl
I can't be honest with.

If I can't tell her parents about Billy,
she's not the right girl for me.

I just should have figured that out
before prom night.

So you took your date home
at 9:00 on prom night?

No, she's still there.
It's an all-boys school, remember?

Yeah, she's having a great time.

So you just said
it wasn't working and left?

No, I told her the baby-sitter paged me
and I had to leave.

- Coward.
- Maybe.

A friend promised
to get her home safely.


Hold on a second, be right back.

Come on, son. Time to go to sleep.


- I-- I can explain.
- It's okay, honey.

- I'll never do anything like this again.
- Like what?

Sarah and Jen
were supposed to pick me up.

They changed their mind about pizza
and were gonna get a hamburger,

but they never showed up.

They could never get near the place,
there was some type of accident.

And I didn't wanna
wait in the pizza place,

because I didn't wanna have to
order pizza and sit by myself,

so I just went across the street.

- What?
- Luce, the accident...

It wasn't them.

Tell me it wasn't them, Mom, please.

I'm sorry. Sarah was killed, Luce.

And Jen is in the hospital
in serious condition. I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Oh, I'm just so glad it wasn't you.



Pffh. Ugh!

Hey, are you sure about this?
That attic's really inconvenient.

I'll probably go off to college next fall,
so it won't matter.

Why are you being so nice
about this?

You never wanted
to move up there before.

I didn't wanna take the best space
in the house when I won't be around.

I thought you wanted
to move up there.

No, I just wanted out.

That seemed like
the only available space.

If I knew your room was an option,
I would have jumped at that long ago.

- You sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.

- You're really sure?
- Yes, quit asking. I'm sure.

Then why are you so mad at me?


I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at Lucy.


Later. Go to bed.

In my room, in the attic
or in my new room?

I'm a man with many beds.


In your new room, if you want.

You mean in your old room?

Yes, I'll take a sleeping bag
up to the attic.

Great. Thanks.

So are you dating anyone?

Well, I date,
if that's what you're asking.

I guess I mean,
are you dating one guy or lots of guys?

Lots of guys.

Just one at a time.

Ha. Same for me.
I mean, lots of girls.



You know, maybe I should call
and get someone to pick me up

since you're home early.

You know, I'd drive you, but--

I understand. You can't leave Billy.

Oh, I almost forgot.
I owe you some money for this.

Hey, I'm your friend.
I'm not gonna charge you.

- I'd pay anyone else.
- Yeah, well, I'm not anyone else.

And even though I may not
mean anything to you right now,

I'm hoping I did at one time.

- Okay, here we go.
- You ready?

I'm never ready for a call like this.

Mr. and Mrs. Foster?

Hi, can I help you?

I'm Sergeant Michaels.
This is Reverend Eric Camden.

I'm afraid I have some bad news.

- You okay?
- Huh.

I've been better.

Just wish I could have gotten Lucy
to go to the funeral.

There were a lot of kids there,
you know? It might have helped.

I was just gonna
take some lunch up to her.

I feel so helpless.
She just won't talk about it to anybody.

You know, I realise everyone
has to grieve in their own way,

but this is just killing me
to see Lucy like this.

Any other time in her life, she--
She's full of emotion.

I mean, she cries about everything,
but not this.

She just can't seem to cry.

I guess she's afraid that if she starts,
she won't be able to stop.

How's Jen doing? Any word?

She wasn't at the funeral.
She's still in the hospital.

Her leg's gonna be okay,

but she's got a heavy burden
to carry,

and unfortunately, it could take years
to develop the strength for it.

Having to be there for Jen
is keeping the parents going.

They're just so grateful
they didn't lose her too.



I just keep thinking that
Lucy could have been in that car too.



- You guys are bothering Lucy.
- So?

So? What's wrong with you?
Her friend died.

- Yeah, I know.
- You still mad at her?

What are you talking about?

Get out.

This is my room now.
You can't tell me to get out.

You're mad at Lucy?
Mad about what?

Lucy was going out with those girls.
They weren't going to get a pizza.

- You don't know that.
- Yeah, I do.

It was written all over when I dropped
her off. She was trying to trick me.

How do you think I would have felt
if she'd been in that car?

She could have been killed too.

You think I don't know that?

Think I don't know if they hadn't been
on their way to pick me up,

Sarah would still be alive
and she wouldn't have died?

Sarah died because she was driving
and a kid ran out in front of her.

I know that, and that's my fault too.
It's all my fault.

MARY: Luce, don't.
- Stay away from me!

What's going on?

I knew that Jen let Sarah drive the car
and I didn't tell anyone.

- It's my fault, I didn't tell anyone.
- Luce...

If I had told someone,
she might still be alive.

If I hadn't told them to pick me up,
she might still be alive.

No, don't blame yourself.

ANNIE: Please.
- No, leave me alone.

We can't, we can't leave you alone.
This is not your fault.

- It's not your fault.
- It is my fault.

It's all my fault.

Nothing will ever be the same again.



It's okay.

I just wish there was something
I could do for you.

This is helping, really.

You don't look like it's helping.

Sure you don't want me
to go get Mom and Dad?

No, please don't.

Dad deals with this stuff all the time,
you know.

Yeah, he's a professional.
That's the problem.

I don't feel like being treated
like anyone else who's lost someone.

I'm not like anyone else.

Well, what about Mom?
You know, she just went through this.

Kind of, when Grandma died.

That's different. I mean, I know it was
hard, but Grandma lived a long time.

You could at least say
that she had a good life.

What can you say about Sarah?

- Can I come in?
- Not right now, Dad, okay?



How's it going?

Going great. Just great.

No, really, it is, I love this room. I just
don't wanna act too happy about it.

- You know, with Lucy and everything.
- Why?

I just feel bad that I'm doing something
fun when Lucy's friend died.

It's a terrible thing that happened.
We all feel for Sarah's family,

but it's okay for you to be happy
about your own stuff.

Really, it is.

I'm happy. Come and see my room.

So, what do you think?


First of all,
Happy is not wearing a tutu.

Second of all, why did you do this?

This is more me.
You always cramped my style.

I'm going to be an inferior decorator.

- You can't change everything.
- Yes, I can. It's my room.

I'm leaving Matt's room the way it was,
just with my stuff added to it.

So? I like a change.

We're getting out of here.


- I'll be back.
- Looks great, doesn't it?

It looks wonderful. It's you.

- What got you so upset?
- That was my room.

I've lived in that room for ten years.

And now she's moved in, taken over
and it's like I never existed.

Matt's gonna feel the same way
about this room.

But I didn't do anything to this room.

I didn't wreck it
like Ruthie wrecked our room.

Yeah, but still. Matt's been in this room
practically his whole life.

We put him here when we brought him
from the hospital.

Back then, it had wallpaper.

Little blue and yellow rabbits.

Rabbits were big back then.

We painted over them
when Matt went to kindergarten.

I don't remember this room
any way but this way.

Yeah, well,
it's been like this for a long time.

But I think you should think about
putting your own mark on the room.

Something that would make it
uniquely yours.

Like maybe a superhero mural
or something.

I don't know about that.

As much as I'm into them, I'm kind of
getting more interested in other things.

You know, like girls.

All right.

You want me to help you
fix up that volcano?

We haven't done homework together
in ages.

- Do you know how to papier-mâché?
- Ha.


Oh, I forgot we had that old thing.


- Oh, it needs some serious work.
- I like it.

- The leather's torn.
- It doesn't matter.

It looks good like that, worn in.

Besides, it's not like I'm gonna be
up here as long as I was downstairs.

Mom, you know if I get accepted
out of state, I'm gonna wanna go.

No matter what I have to do.

I know, but at least you'll have
a nice room to come home to.

This is the best space in the house.

Yeah, it does look pretty good,
doesn't it?

You know, I was thinking we could
put a small bathroom in over there.

You can't entice me to stay here
by building me my own bathroom.

I know, but I can try.

Are you sure, Matt?

I'm gonna have to leave
sometime, Mom.

I know, but I was kind of hoping
that it would be after college

or even after a couple years
of college.

We're talking about nothing.

I mean, I haven't even
got accepted anywhere yet.

No, but it's only a month or so
before you have to make the decision.

I just want you to know that
you have the option of staying home.

I know.

Gonna get some tape. Fix this chair.


I tried to give it to Lucy,
but she didn't want it.

Or maybe she just
didn't wanna let me in,

because she's afraid I'm gonna push
her into talking to me, which I'm not.

But I wish she'd talk to someone.

- She's talking to Mary.
- Actually, she's not.

She's reading with Mary and
she needs to talk to someone who--

I should have thought of this before.


Jen's getting out of the hospital
in a couple of days.

Maybe then
she'll feel like having some company.

If you're hinting as to whether or not
I wanna go over and visit her,

I don't.
I wouldn't know what to say to her.

- Well, I--
- Please, Dad, don't.


- Hey.
- Hi.

I didn't know you were coming over.

Oh, actually,
I came over to see Lucy.

Well, Lucy's not exactly
talking to anyone.

I'd like to give it a shot.

Okay, well, come on in.
But I don't think it'll work.

If you could, I'd like you to tell Lucy
that I'm waiting in the living room

and I need a friend to talk to
right now.

Why can't you talk to me?

No offence, but you're
just not a member of the club.


- Hey, what's up?
- Nothing's up. I'm just cleaning.

You know, I like to clean too
when I'm having a hard time.

I'm just cleaning to be cleaning,

but I feel like I'm never gonna
be able to clean again

without someone thinking
I'm having a hard time.

Hey. Wilson would like to see you
in the living room.

- What?
- Yeah.

He said he needed a friend to talk to.

- Why me?
- I asked the very same thing.

Why not you?

He said I wasn't
a member of the club.



- Did you know that--?
- I know.

- I called him.
- Oh, of course.

- I heard about your friend Sarah.
- Yeah.

You said "a member of the club"?

The club that nobody wants to be in.

The one where
you lose someone you loved

and become an unwilling member.

You're in it
whether you wanna be or not.

I kind of thought
that's what you meant,

because that's how I feel.

Like I'm not like
other people anymore.

They wanna help, they say they know,
but they don't.

Not really.

Look, Lucy.

I've been having a hard time lately.

On prom night,
I realised how much I missed Mary.

- But I don't wanna tell her.
- Why?

Because I guess
I'm afraid of getting too close.

You mean that
you'll-accidentally-have-sex thing?

Mary told you that?

Oh. Uh...

Well, now I realise it's not that.

I'm afraid I'll get close to her and...

She'll die.

That's so weird. I feel the same way.

Like everyone I know is one second
away from leaving the planet,

me included.

And you know, for the first time,

I realise that I wanna do something
while I'm here.

I mean, I must have been left
for some reason.

God must have some purpose
for me to be living,

or why wouldn't I have been
in that car?

Right after my wife died,
I felt the same way.

Why didn't I die? Why her?

Why did she have to suffer through
a difficult pregnancy

and then die in the end?

It was so unfair.

But because I was left,
I wanted to do something great.

You know, join the Peace Corps,
become a missionary,

a doctor who discovers
a cure for cancer, something.


I finally realised that just being
a good father was a great purpose.

I don't have anything like that.

Sure you do.

You can be a great sister,
a great daughter,

a great friend.

So how did you get to be
so smart about all this?

You got any plans
for the next hour and a half?

Come on, I'll show you.

Who has something
they wanna talk about today?

Today, my mother will have been dead
for three years.

And last year, when my stepmother
forgot and I got really angry with her,

she bought me this wooden heart
that was painted red,

and she told me that
whenever I was feeling bad

and thinking about my mom,

that I should put it on the door
of my room so that she would know.

But today, when I got up, she had
taken it and put it on the door for me.

I thought it was really nice
that she remembered.

Yes, it was.
It shows she respects your feelings.

My girlfriend dragged me here
the first time I came.

Brother got shot in a drive-by.

I went to the funeral,
couldn't say anything.

I didn't wanna say
what I was thinking.

My friend was killed
in a car accident.

Her sister was with her,
she was injured.

And I don't know what to say
to my friend's sister.

What did people say to you
that was comforting?

Actually, we talk a lot about
what people say

that doesn't comfort you at all.

"You'll see her again when you die."

"He's resting now."

I was 7.

I thought it meant that,
when my dad rested enough,

you know, he'd come back.

Totally spooked me.

"It was meant to be."
That's my favourite.

"Meant to be." I mean, what is that?

My brother was meant to get shot?

Is there anything anyone can say?

Maybe the truth. Things like:

This totally sucks.

That's what I wanted to say out loud
at the funeral,

but I couldn't because
nobody would have understood.

That and...

I'm glad it wasn't me.

YOUNG MAN: It sounds selfish,
but I'm glad to be alive.

I got a lot of things I wanna do
with my life.

Yeah, that's the hard part though.

Moving on,
doing the everyday things again.

But sooner or later,
you find that you do.

Whether you mean to or not,
it happens.

I don't think I can.

You will.


It'll be okay.

Want some help with that?

It looks so cool up here.

Yeah, it does. I just need
a couple blankets and I'm set.

- I'll get them.
MATT: Thanks.

LUCY: Call Wilson.
- Why?

Because he really likes you,
so call him.

It'll make him feel good.

Okay, I'll call him.

Hope you're not gonna get all weepy
with the don't-go-away-to-school bit.

No, I was just thinking that if you do go
away to school, this could all be mine.

I wonder why we never kept the door
open when Matt was living here.

Maybe Matt kept the door closed
on purpose.

Maybe he was hiding E.T. in his closet
or a big alien under his bed.

And now it's gonna get you
because it doesn't know who you are.

Oh, no.

You're not gonna scare me into
moving back like you did the last time.

I'm gonna leave the door open for
a few nights until you get used to this.

Thank you, Simon. We love you.

What are you looking for?

Matt needs a blanket.

I was trying to find the old Army one
the colonel gave him.

The one he used to take to camp
each summer.

I thought it would be great
in his room.

- Here it is.
- Thanks.

- It'll take a while.
- I know.

I'm just glad
she has the while to take.