7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 2, Episode 15 - Homecoming - full transcript

Even bright teacher's pet Simon is terrified by new bully science teacher Hunter to the point of faking illness to avoid a private meeting with her about his solar system model, which ...


Go, Mary!

- Go, Mary!
ERIC: Come on, Mary, you can do it.

Go. Put it in.

Go, Mary! Come on, Mary!


GIRL 1: Mary!
GIRL 2: Hey, Mary!

Mary? You okay?

- What's going on?
- Nothing.

I'm fine. Go back to sleep.


- You sure?
- Yeah.

LUCY: Okay, yes,
I'm a little nervous about the dance,

but it's possible that it's not nerves
and it's actually excitement.

But I'm not usually excited,
I'm nervous.

So it's possible I'm not identifying
my excitement correctly out of habit.

I can't believe
you're finally gonna be here.

And for homecoming weekend,
how great is that?

Totally great. But I hope it's not
weird going to the dance.

I mean, I haven't talked to anybody
from my old school, except you,

since my mom and I moved.

Don't worry about it.
Everything is going to be fine.

I know, you're right.

- I wish we had dates for the dance.
- Me too.

I know it's shallow
but just once before I die,

I wanna walk in the doors
with someone totally cool.

Someone tall,
handsome and not my dad.

- Well, at least we'll have each other.
- Yeah, and I can't wait.

I'm glad your mom's new job
is working out and everything,

but having your best friend move
and start a new life somewhere else

is about the worst thing
that can happen to a person.

- Tell me about it.
LUCY: I'm sorry, what?

I didn't hear the last part because
Mary just shut me in the closet.

I have no idea.

Anyway, about my dress,
I'm not sure it's me,

but it's more like me I wouldn't mind
being if I were Cindy Crawford,

but I'm afraid
the old me will know I'm not,

and I won't be able to carry out
being the new me.


I picked it out. Why?

You used my doll heads
to make your solar system?

Well, it's not like you know
where their bodies are.

- All right, then.
- My new science teacher,

Ms. Hunter, doesn't like me.

Me, Simon Camden, Mr. Lovable.

So I'm hoping to impress her
with my new spin on the solar system.

A coat hanger and Styrofoam balls
isn't gonna cut it with this one.

You don't think that the dolls' heads
make me look anti-woman, do you?

- No.
- Good.

- Which planet is that?
- Oh, that's Mercury.

The second smallest planet
and the one closest to the sun.

Oh, well, Mercury's eye fell out.

Oh, well, it's the hair
that makes it Mercury.

So, what are you doing down here
in your pyjamas?

I'm having
a coffee morning with Daddy.

I have my first
first-grade field trip today

and a coffee morning relaxes me.

ANNIE: Ruthie Camden,
we're gonna be late for school.

- Where's your sister?
- Upstairs.

With her father?

Oh, they had another one
of their coffee mornings, didn't they?

I'm chaperoning
Ruthie's field trip today.

Mrs. Rainy said
there are plenty of chaperones,

but Ruthie's afraid
that her group will lose her

and she'll get left at the museum,
so I said I'd go.

What? Lucky first graders?

It could be worse.
They could be going with Mary.

Hey, you.
You know, I was thinking, if you'd like,

Matt can take everybody else to school,
you and I can drive in together.

- If you feel like talking.
- That's okay.

I'm fine. Really.

Thanks, though.

I wish she'd just talk to me
like she used to.

- She's not really talking to anybody.
- I know.

But we used
to work through things together.

She used to tell me everything.

- Hang in there, Dad. It'll pass.
- Yeah.

And don't feel bad.

It's not like she ever
really told you everything.

Thanks. That helps.

All Mary's been saying
for the past few months

is how much she misses basketball
and if she could only play again.

And finally today she gets to play
and she's being a total--

- Morning.
- That's what they tell me.

There's some juice on the counter
and a waffle that fell on the floor

that the dog only licked once.

Mmm. That's okay.
I'm not very hungry.

You have to eat something,
you've got a big game today.

Thank you.

So how are you feeling
about the game?

Are you nervous or...?

No. I haven't even
really thought about it.

Of course, everyone will be going
to the dance afterwards

and I don't have a date,
so that totally bites.

- Yeah.
MATT: What's the big deal?

I don't have a date either.
We can hold up the gym wall.

Oh, yeah. That'll be great.

You haven't, by any chance,
been turning down dates, have you?

It's very nice of you
to look out for your sister,

but this isn't about the dance.

I'm just trying to help out
where I can.

- Well, you're a very nice big brother.
- Remember that.

I'll make a note.

Yeah, I'm saving
this moment mentally.

All I know
is if I acted like that every time

I didn't have someone cool
to go to a dance with, I'd be a total--

- You.
- Oh, very nice.

That's the thanks I get
for being good at hiding my pain?

Luckily, my best friend is coming.
Suzanne understands.

Oh, oh....

Ruthie, we're leaving.
Mind if we ride with you?

No. You can keep Lucy
from channel surfing

for all the Jewel songs on the radio.

I'm sorry, I completely lost track
of time this morning.

That's not an excuse.

You two need to stick to weekends
for your coffee mornings. Okay.

- You're a lucky man.
- Yes, sir.



PAM: Hang on a sec, Suzanne,
I'm on my way out too.

I can't, Mom. My ride's here.

Okay. Have a good day, honey.


Settle down.

WOMAN 2: Come on.
GIRL: Yeah.

This field trip is not so great, huh?

I'm going to show you something
really cool.

HUNTER: Well, think about it logically.
What do we get from the sun?

Heat and light maybe?

In addition to the energy from the sun,
there is also interplanetary gas

and interplanetary dust
in all that space out there

that looks so empty, but really isn't.

We'll talk more about that tomorrow,
because now it's your turn to teach me

something about our solar system.

Okay, Nick.

You look ready, why don't we start
with your solar-system presentation.

This is my mobile
of the solar system.

The sun,
which is a planet, not a star--

I mean a star, not a planet.

--is in the middle
and the others go around it.

The other planets, I mean. Um....

I mean,
the planets go around the sun.

Not planets. Suns.

And, uh, there are nine of them.

Mercury, Mars, Earth, Venus, Saturn,
Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto.

Thank you, Nick.

You know, we've been working on this
astronomy unit now for three weeks,

which means you've known about
these presentations for three weeks.

So I guess I'm wondering
why these presentations

don't show more preparation,
more thought, more effort.

Like perhaps
maybe three weeks' worth.



- I had some trouble with mine.
- Really?

Uh-huh. And I need some more time
to get my project readier.

Well, Simon,
I appreciate your honesty.

Why don't you come in this afternoon
during your free period

and we can take a look?

Now, anyone else?


So are you going
to the big dance tonight?

Um, I don't know.
But if I do, I'll look for you.

That'd be great. See you later.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Today's the day
we've all been waiting for.

Mary Camden's back.

New and improved
and smoother than ever.

Basketball's come back
to Glen Oak.

- Well, there's always the dance.
- Dateless. I already told you.

I told you the dateless Camdens
can hang together.

Oh, yeah, go to a dance
with my brother?

Oh, no, that won't be
too weird and pathetic.

No, what's weird is your mood.

And no matter what anybody says or
does to try to help, it's not good enough.

So, what's pathetic is that
anybody bothers to keep trying.

Troubles in paradise?

Just be glad
you used to go out with her.

You guys wanna meet for lunch?

We can celebrate Mary's comeback

and the fact that Mark Arnold
asked me to go to the dance with him.

CHERYL: Yeah, the knee's fine
and you're gonna be great.

And with you back,
we're gonna kill Central.

Well, we're hoping that the knee's fine
and I haven't officially come back yet,

and I definitely don't have a date,
so I think I'll pass.

So I guess we'll see you later?


Look, coming back from an injury
is tough enough.

You don't wanna do it alone.
Look, I've been there, remember?

I had the same surgery,
did the same rehab.

When it was time
to come back into the game,

I was scared and I took it out
on everybody, just like you.

You know, there's more going on
in my life than just basketball.

And there is a chance,
a small chance,

that some of my life stuff's more
important than just a stupid game.

Yeah, like not having a date
for the dance?

Do you believe that when you say that
or just hoping the rest of us will?

I don't know what you're talking about.
I really don't.

I know what you're going through
and I'm sorry you're scared.

I don't need you to be sorry for me.

Yeah, you do.


Come here and look.

See, when you get up close,

it just looks
like a bunch of dots or points.

That's why
they call this style pointillism.

These painting guys are very smart.


I was afraid if you didn't come,
my group would lose me

and I'd get left, but thanks to you
I'm having the best field trip ever.

I'm so glad.

Our group lost us
and we got left, didn't we?

I just can't take it anymore.
Ms. Hunter hates me.

So I was wondering if I can get put
into someone else's science class.

I'm not looking for less homework
or an easy grade or anything,

just someone else.

I gotta tell you, Simon,
I'm a little surprised by all this.

Ms. Hunter is an excellent teacher
and you're an excellent student.

I thought
you'd make a perfect match.

Well, thank you for the
"excellent student" thing, but we're not.

I see.


I'd like you to try and hang in there
for a couple more days.

I'm sure things will work out.

But if they don't,
come and see me again

and we'll figure something out.


Do you think I can go home?
Like now?

This way, I can work
on my project some more

and get a whole new
outlook on things,

and start my hanging in there
fresh next week?

Simon, students can only go home

if a parent or guardian picks them up
for an appointment.

Or, of course, if they're sick.


Okay, I'm on my way.


Hey, Suzanne.
Where'd you come from?

My mom just dropped me off.

Wow, I didn't even hear you guys
pull up.

That's because we didn't.
My mom dropped me off out front.

- She was late for an appointment.
- Oh.

There was a teacher
workday at my school

and this was the only time
my mom could drop me off.

- Sorry.
- No, no. I'm sorry.

- It's great to see you again.
- It's great to see you again.

Your mom must've pushed you
out of the car while it was still running.

May I use your restroom?

Of course, you can help yourself
to anything around here.

Thank you.

I have to run an errand.
Do you feel like taking a ride?

Sure. I'll be right down.

Algebra was bad enough
when we were solving for X,

but now we're solving for Y too
in the same equation.

What's that all about?

I mean, if you don't know
that much about anything,

you should just walk away from it.

Hey, I hope I see you
at the dance tonight.

Me too.

That reminds me, Suzanne and I
don't have a ride to the dance tonight.

Yes, you do.
You call your ride. Dad.

Aren't we waiting for Mary?

Not that I'm looking forward to being
stuck in a moving vehicle with her

all the way home,
but it only seems right.

She's got a team meeting
or something.

I have to swing back and get her
after I drop you and Simon off.

Oh. You're not really going
to make me and Suzanne

ride to the dance
with Dad tonight, are you?

- You're nicer than that.
- I'll make a note.

- What's going on?
- I'm sick.

Dad wasn't home
and it was the last period of the day,

so I gutted it out in here.

My science teacher hates me.

I was supposed to do
my presentation today,

but she totally trashed these other kids
who had perfectly good mobiles.

- Imagine what she'd do to mine.
- Maybe she'd like it.

You are so naive.

I couldn't take that risk, so I said
I needed some more time to work on it.

But then she said,
"Come in on your free period,"

and then she would help me.

So why didn't you go?

Be alone with a teacher
who hates me?

What kind of fool do you think I am?

A fool who's not going
to Mary's basketball game.

If you're too sick
to finish out the day,

you can bet Mom and Dad will say
you're too sick to go to Mary's game.

Yeah, but...

...Mom and Dad don't have to know,
do they?

A teacher who hates me, an honest
brother and no basketball game.

Why is God smiting me?


Oh, I heard Dad read it
in church one day.

I'm not exactly sure what it means,
but I'm sure it feels like this.

He is a smiteful God.

He or she is not. And it's spiteful.

Yeah, well, that too apparently.

Come on. Let's go home.

I just have to ask, how is it
that you girls got left at the museum?

Well, Ruthie and I snuck over
to another room for a minute

to look at a painting
and we got into it.

And then the next time
I looked at my watch,

well, you know,
more than a minute had passed.

I don't mean to pick,
but that's not very good chaperoning.

Really? Now I have to call
Mrs. Rainy to apologise

and tell her
not to say anything to Ruthie.

- Why?
- Ruthie's nightmare

was that her group would lose her
and she'd get left.

I don't wanna ruin
her first official field trip

by telling her that it did and she was.

You lost track of time.
It happens, you know.

I won't say a thing.

- It's gonna cost me, though, isn't it?
- Oh, yeah.


Ruthie asked me to give you this.

It looked real cute on her, but it's
more the principle of the matter.

Order some pregame pizzas,
will you?

- Where's your sister?
- She ran upstairs to look for Suzanne.


- She found her.
- She found her.

- And Simon?
- He's coming.

He got sick or something.

Uh, ahem. What's this I hear
about your being sick?

I felt a little sick at school,

so I went to go lay down
in the nurse's office for a while.

I'll be in my room.


He forgot that if you
wanna get out of something

because you're sick,
you should, you know, act sick.

But don't worry.
He's young, he'll learn.

Oh, thanks. That helps.

Can you believe Steve broke up
with me to go with Home Ec Barbie

just because she cooks
all of his class stuff for him?

I mean, hello, these are the '90s.

- Hey, Suzanne.
- Hey.

I'm going to pick up Mary.
Do you guys need anything?

- I don't think so, but thanks for asking.
- No problem.

You are so lucky to have a brother
who is such a babe.

- You think my brother's a babe?
- Definitely.

- I'd go out with him in a minute.
- Matt?

But don't tell him
I think he's a dream date.

He'll think
I'm an immature geek or something.

I won't say a word to anyone. Ever.

- Trust me.
- Cool.



If I had your dedication,
I'd be all-state.

- You are all-state.
- But not in girls' basketball.

- So, Camden, long time no see.
- Yeah.

How long has it been
since we stopped going out?

Eleven months, three weeks,
two days.

But who remembers?

- Just tape it up, you'll be fine.
- No, I won't.

- I don't think I can do this.
- Do what?

This. You know, basketball.
The game today.

Why? Have a date or something?

No, as a matter of fact,
I don't have a date.

Thanks very much
for pointing that out.


What you do have, however,
is a lot of talent.

And you can do this.
Basketball, the game today?

- Then why do I feel like I can't?
- Because you're scared.

I would be too but you love this.

Basketball, the game today.

And you can't run away from it
because you're scared.

- Can't make your decision out of fear.
- Right.

And what do you know about fear?

Well, we all have things
we're afraid of, Mary.

Some of mine
are out on the 50-yard line,

but there are other things
that I'm afraid to say or do.

You know, the personal things
you keep inside.

Yeah, but at least that's private.
And nobody else has to know.

But you think
I should still play today?

And possibly humiliate
or even hurt myself

in front of a whole gym
full of people?



You need to take your own advice.

Right, extra large and extra cheese.
Yep, okay.

Suzanne, good.

You know, I was talking to a friend
of your mom's today, Ellen Harvey,

and she asked me to say hi to your
mom, and I was just gonna call her,

but since you're here,
you can call her.

I'll just tag on to the end of
your conversation after you're done.

Oh, okay.
I wanted to talk to my mom anyway.

Oh, great.

- Dad, give her a little privacy, please.
- Sorry.

Ah. There you are, my little friend.

- Are we having pizza before the game?
- Uh-huh.

Did you get peppers?

Call them quick.
The number's right here.

I'll bet you can catch them
before our pizzas hit the oven.

I'm kind of over peppers.

My mom wasn't home,

but I left a message on the machine
for her to call you.

Great. Thanks very much.

No peppers?

Let's try that redial thing, shall we?

VOICE: At the tone, the time will be
3:56 and 30 seconds.

I think Suzanne's
an independent operator these days.

VOICE: At the tone, the time will be
3:56 and 40 seconds.

She's run away.

At the tone, the time will be--

See if this number
gets you Suzanne's real mom.


- Hello?
- Pam, Eric Camden.

Oh, Reverend.
Is Suzanne, by any chance, with you?

- Yeah.
- Thank God.

I was just gonna call you
or the police or someone.

When Suzanne didn't show up
after school,

I knew something was up.
I'm just glad you're it.

Well, I would've called sooner, but--

But you thought I knew
where my own kid was.

Well, I don't know always
where mine are.

But some days,
you just make lucky guesses.

I have a pretty good guess
as to why Suzanne's on the lam.

What do you think? Dance hair?

What's going on, Suzanne?

How come
you fake-called your mom?

Because I don't want her
to know where I am.

There is no teacher workday?
You ran away?

So you--

You all ready for the big game?

As ready as I'm gonna be.

I wouldn't mind having a date
to the dance.

You're not the only woman
who feels that way.

But, you know,
it would be completely normal

if you're feeling
a little nervous about the game.

Well, if I were nervous,

it would be a comfort to know
that I was completely normal.

Seemed better
after talking to Richard.

Richard? Richard?
Old boyfriend, Richard?

Yeah, she was talking to him
when I picked her up

and her mood
had definitely improved.

- What's the matter?
- Nothing.

I'm worried about her too.

It's just that I know
she's scared and hurting

and there's nothing I can do
to help my own daughter.

You're here worrying about her
and loving her.

For the moment, that's enough.

It doesn't feel like that much.
I mean, Richard can get her to talk.

Richard can make her feel better.
I can't.

Well, good for Richard.
You know, I'm glad he can help.

- Mary needs someone right now.
- Yeah.

- But it's supposed to be you.
- No, it'd be okay if it was you.

But you'd rather it be you
and not Richard or someone else.

- Pretty selfish, huh?
- No.

I'm sorry your daughter's
growing up.

Me too.

- I liked the way things were before.
- I know.

But odds are there are gonna be many
more someone elses in Mary's life.

Some of them will help her
and some of them will make her laugh,

and some of them will make her cry.

Then some will get beat up.

But no matter what,
she'll know that you're here loving her.

And that'll be enough.

For whom?

Excuse me. Sorry.

I was wondering
if I could talk to you for a minute.

You can talk to him
for a bunch of minutes.

I'm off to tend to the ill.

- What's up?
- I'm sorry I lied to you

about staying at your house
and calling my mom.

I didn't get dropped off
and I didn't call my mom.

- I ran away.
- I know.

I did call your mom.
She's really worried about you.

She didn't have to be,
I was really careful.

I took a bus partway
and sat behind the driver.

And then I took a cab
the last part of the way.

That must have cleaned you out.

Well, I've been planning
and saving for this.

Ever since your mom's new boyfriend
came into the picture?


He works the same place she does
and has two girls my age.

I mean, they're okay,
but I needed a break.

That's why I ran away.

Well, everybody needs a break
now and then.

Especially when they have
a lot of new stuff to deal with.


I don't think I can handle
having all these new people around.

It's weird.
I miss the way things were before.


Why are you catering to Simon?
He's not sick.

He has a problem
with his science teacher.

I had a feeling.

And this?
This is part of my master plan.

I heard we were having pizza.

Well, we are,
but, well, we're not sick.

I think I can handle two
or three pieces if they're small.

We can't risk it.

If this stays down,
we'll try a little clear broth later.


So how was the museum?

It was great.
I'm into the impressionists.

- Yeah?
- Who isn't?

So how did you guys
lose your group and get left?


Dad told me
he had to go pick you guys up

because your group lost you
and you were left.

Daddy said he just happened
to be in the neighbourhood.

Did we get left?

Yes, but it was my fault.

I'm never going
on another field trip again.

- Oh, Simon.
- What?

If I know about these things,
I mean, I'm a secret's best friend.

I know.



Is there anything that your dad
or I can do for you?

Call a doctor? Talk to Ms. Hunter?

Help you with your mobile?

You think there's a chance
that your illness

and your science class
are connected?

No, they're completely
different things.


You want my professional opinion
as a mom?

The only thing that's going
to make you feel better

is dealing with your science-class
situation head-on.

Running away from your problems
is not the way to handle them.

If you run away enough, you're gonna
miss out on some great stuff in life.

Like Mary's basketball game.

Another thing you'll miss out on
is the chance to grow up just a little.

To take one step closer to becoming
the kind of man that you wanna be.

That kind of thing starts now?
Before I have to even shave and stuff?

Facial hair or no facial hair,
you cannot run away from things

just because they scare you.

Sometimes you can.

- Sometimes you can what?
- Run away from things that scare you.

Oh, well, that's good to know.

Well, if you run away
from everything that scares you,

you're gonna miss out
on some great stuff in life.

- Hey, thanks for picking me up.
ERIC: Bye.

Hey, picking you up on game day
is one routine I'm happy to have.

Good luck.

Well, we better get going.
We're gonna be late.

- See you.
- Good luck.

- Well, that was fun.
- I miss the old Mary.

She's lucky.
It just means you love her.

LUCY: Well, I hope she plays well,
because if she doesn't,

she's going to be
in a horrible weekend-ruining mood.


They scare me.
Feel like running away?

We can't.

We might miss out
on a lot of great things in life.

Well, not if we run away together.

Ask me again in an hour.

- Mm-hm.
- Yeah.


Hey, can you guys be ready
in like half an hour?

We're gonna have to leave early
if we all wanna sit together.

No problem.

It's really nice
having you around, Suzanne.

You can handle just about anything
and you take everything in stride.

That's probably why you're so close
to Lucy and the rest of us.

You don't visit our family,
you become part of it.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

It's easy to see
why your mom misses you so much.

- She does?
- Oh, yeah.

Twenty-five minutes now.

- May I use your phone?
- Sure.

Excuse me, Simon,
you have a visitor.

- Who?
- Ms. Hunter.

If it's okay,
I'll go ahead and bring her up.

What are you supposed to do
if it isn't? Hide?

She's here in my house.
What am I gonna do?

She hates me.

Come in.

Hi, I'm Ruthie Camden.

We are so glad you didn't come
when Simon was really sick

and in his pyjamas.

Yeah, me too.

I've never seen her before in my life.

My parents just let anyone
wander into this house.

Not anyone you.
I mean, you're not anyone.

Obviously, you're someone,
but not her.

And you probably don't wander.

Unless you want to.
And, you know, and then good for you.

I'm sorry to come over like this.

I know it must be awful
to have a teacher in your house.

No, no.

Well, yeah.

It's just that I heard that the reason
you didn't come in this afternoon

was because you were sick.

And I didn't want you
to be sick and worried

about your presentation all weekend,
so I thought I might drop by

and make sure everything was okay.

I'm sorry I didn't show up today.

I'm not usually like that.
I'm usually punctual or a little early.

- That's a great way to be.
- Well, it's only polite.

But when I was supposed to come in
and see you for help today, I couldn't.


- Because I was afraid.
- Of what?

The class, my mobile presentation.

You. I was just afraid.

Yeah. Me too.

This is my first job and they told me
that yours was a great class

and I was afraid
that I would let you guys down

if I wasn't a good enough teacher.

So I think maybe
I went a little overboard.

Maybe a little.

You know what?

I have the feeling
that you're gonna be just fine.

So are you.

So can I help you with your mobile?

I mean, I've already creeped you out
by coming to your house.

Is there anything I can do to help?

Well, if you got a few minutes,
I could do my presentation now.

I was supposed to go today.

I have all the time you need.

Our solar system
is in a part of the universe

that we call the Milky Way,
like the candy bar.

In our solar system,
there are nine planets

revolving around a central star,
it's called the sun.

Each of the planets revolve
around the sun at a different speed.

Maybe it's the light,
but he looks older to me.

SIMON: Pluto, for example,
takes 228 years to revolve...

- I'm sorry your son's growing up.
- Me too.


Hey, what's up?

Hi, Richard.

- Hey, Mrs. Camden.
- Hey.

- Can I sit with you guys?
- Sure.

- Yeah.
- Thanks.

Yeah. Come on.

Hey, man.

You remember Lucy, Simon,
Ruthie and Lucy's friend Suzanne.

- Hi.
SUZANNE: Nice to meet you.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I talked to my mom, for real.
She's gonna pick me up tomorrow.

We're gonna hang out
on our own this weekend.

I'm very proud of you.


Besides, you know,
if it's not this guy Ron,

odds are there are gonna be more
someone elses in your mom's life

you'll have to get used to.

Families grow and change
and you can't let that scare you.

You might miss out
on some great stuff.



Come on, Camden, let's go!

Come on, Mary! Come on, Mary!




Come on, Mary, get up.

We need you, Mary. We need you.



Come on, Mary!


Come on, Mary!

Yes! Yes!

Yeah! Yeah!



Well, go talk to your family.
I've been there, remember?

- Okay, I'll catch you later.
- Okay.

Excuse me. Is it okay
if I borrow this for a second, please?


Excuse me, excuse me.

I know it's last-minute,
but, Mary Camden,

would you go to the dance with me?


BOY 1: Yeah.
BOY 2: All right.

Mary! Oh, I'm so proud of you.

- You were so awesome.
SIMON: Super awesome.

MARY: Nice private invite.
- I was afraid you'd say no.

- I love you, Dad.
- I love you too, kiddo.

How does it feel
to be back in the game?

It's great.

I wouldn't have
missed this for the world.

But I almost did,

because I didn't wanna admit
to anybody, especially myself,

that I was scared.

Now, that would've been stupid.

You're saying that for me,
aren't you?

And for me.

Okay, then, I'll think
some more about the field-trip thing.

I mean, you can't chaperone them all,
can you?


And if you do, you won't go
and get me lost again, promise?

I promise.

Okay, then, I'll give the trip
to the dairy farm a whirl.


I can't believe this.

I've turned down people
so Mary would have someone

to hang with at the dance.

Now I'm gonna be standing around by
myself like some pathetic geek all night.

I don't believe it.

Mary gets asked out by a cool guy
in the coolest way ever

and we get dropped off by my dad.

Why don't I ever get to go
with anyone cool?

You know what I mean.

Yes, I do. And I have an idea.

And a very good one.

Oh, no. Come on.


I can't believe this is happening.
I can't wait to tell my mom.

But I'm not dancing with them.

- Yes, he will.
- Mm-hm.