7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 2, Episode 13 - Stuck in the Middle with You - full transcript

Simon and Ruthie's hope to keep the pair of 'pet' lizards a classmate of her offered for free are frustrated. Jimmy Moon has dumped his girl, so Lucy hopes to get him back at last, but '...

- Hey, did you hear?
- No, I never hear. What?

Don't even think about it.

- You know she will.
- Will what?

Will somebody please
tell me what's going on?

You don't know?

Tell me.

Jimmy Moon broke up with Ashley.

Call me when you've come
to your senses.

Fine. In the meantime, I'll find
someone who likes me as a blond.

Good luck.

Hola, Camdens.

Cómo estás?

Sorry to interrupt,

but I'm here to stake out my territory
before it's too late.

What do you say, corazón?
Are we seeing each other or what?


I'll have to think about it.


ANNIE: No, you just caught me
by surprise, that's all.

I can't wait to see you. It's Grandpa.

Yeah, I'll send Matt to pick you up.
Or pick you two up.

Is Ginger coming with you?

Actually, Ginger and I have kind of hit
a little roadblock in our relationship,

so I guess I'm on my own again.

Oh, really? I'm sorry to hear that.
What happened?

I've made a few changes in life.

And Ginger just doesn't seem
comfortable with change.

She's kind of stuck
in the same place.


Oh, Dad,
I have to rush down to the church.

Eric's counselling
a group of young married couples.

He thought it'd be fun
if the two of us did it.

- Yeah.
- I was here first.


Ricky brought two lizards to school

because his mom
wouldn't let him keep them.

I said I'd bring them home
because I've been wanting a pet.

And there are two of them.

And I can share them
with Simon and everything.

Lizards? I don't think so.

Dad, I'm sorry. Eric's waiting for me,
so I've gotta go.

We'll talk tonight, okay? Matt will be
at the airport to pick you up.

- Look for the station waggon.
- Okay, sweetheart. See you tonight.

I have a little surprise for you.

- Love you.
- I love you too. Bye.

Mom, wait. Guess what.

Honey, I don't have time to guess.
I have to get to church.

Jimmy Moon broke up with Ashley.

- And?
- And this can finally be it.

We could get back together.

Only Rod wants me
to go with him instead.

Pretty exciting, huh?

Rod and Jimmy?
Yes, that's very exciting.

Two very exciting choices.

We'll talk about it later, I promise.

Please tell Matt to pick Grandpa up
at the airport at 7.

Tell him to leave by 6,

because he's going to get caught
in rush-hour traffic.

Your father and I should be home
by 6:30 at the latest.

Okay, so...

- Well, thank you all for coming.
- Yes.

Every year, I like to gather together
the couples from the church

that have made it past
the one-year mark,

and just talk about the past year,

as well as the upcoming year
and years together.

So anyone wanna volunteer
to just jump in and go first?

Robert, Patty.

I think you have a couple of weeks
on these other guys.

Anything you'd like to share
with the group?

There's not much to tell, really.

Right, okay. Katie, Michael?

What about you?
You still at Michael's mother's house?

Still breaking those sales records,

And you're finishing med school
this year?


Boy. Won't be long now, huh?

So looks like things
really are going great.


Yeah, just great.

Did he break up with her
or did she break up with him?

Really? You're sure?

So when did he tell her?

Did he say anything about me?

How are either of them gonna call you
if you're on the phone?

Hold on, Marah. They're not.
I'm playing hard to reach

until I can make up my mind
which one I want.

So about me.






No call waiting? Primitive.



Mary. Hey, I was thinking,

you're the big sister, talk
to her. Tell her to go with Jimmy.

- Why would she do that?
- The other choice is Rod.

- But neither is right for Lucy.
- That's not the point.

She's gotta choose one
just because she's got the choice.

Anyone wanna place a bet
on the Jimmy-Rod race?

You can't take bets.
Mom and Dad wouldn't like it.

Mom and Dad
are both really busy this week.

And best of all possible worlds,
they're busy together.

That doesn't mean it's okay
to start gambling on our sister.

- Fine.
- Hey.

No betting.

- What if it wasn't real money?
- No real money, what's the point?

Joy of winning and knowing
your choice is the right choice.

Quick, Lester's laying eggs.

She got two lizards
from some kid at school.

Look, Lester cannot lay eggs.
He's a male.

Not anymore, he isn't.

SIMON: Then, obviously,
you named them wrong.

Duh. Come on, it's gross.

Hey, I'm not putting
any real money on it.

- For the record, I'm going with Moon.
- You're kidding yourself.

Yeah, you're kidding yourself.
We're betting on Rod.

Well, I think I've said enough.

Surely somebody must have
something they'd like to say, huh?

Annie, how about you?

Yeah, well, I was just thinking

that you all remind me
of Eric and myself in our first year.

The first year is when a lot
goes unsaid for a long time.

And then suddenly, too much is said,
it takes time to find a balance.

What to say, what not to say.

When to let go, when to hold on.

- Communication is the key.
- Yeah.

You know, it's the way to discover
each other throughout your lives.

- Here's what I've discovered.
- Yeah.

She's a control freak
especially with money.

With my money.

- I thought it's our money.
- Well, it's not.

I'm making money,
you're spending money.

On medical school.


I hate living with his mother.

No, you hate my mother.
There's a big difference.

And we are not moving out
and abandoning her like my father did.

She's pregnant.

Oh. And he acts
like he had nothing to do with it.

I had a sonogram this week

and he stayed home
and watched cartoons.

- Well, now we're getting somewhere.
- Yeah.

Unfortunately, our time is up.

I can't believe you brought up
the cartoon thing.

Well, if you would've came with me,
I wouldn't have had to.


Can I help you with dinner?

Oh, no, thanks.
Everything's almost done.

I just have to put the lasagna
in the oven.

I can't wait to see my dad.

I wonder what's up with him and
Ginger. He said she ran out on him?

Well, he didn't exactly say ran.

He said
Ginger's not comfortable with change.

She's always struck me
as a reasonable woman.

Well, we'll find out soon enough,
won't we?

LUCY: Don't know. All I heard
was that he broke up with her

and that my name was mentioned.
At least, I hope it was mentioned.

Not that I don't feel Ashley's pain.
I mean, I've been there.

But she hasn't been kind,
to say the least.

She's been rubbing my nose in it
for the past year.


- Hey, how did group therapy go?

Where's Grandpa?

- Grandpa?
- Why aren't you at the airport?

- Am I supposed to be at the airport?
- Lucy Camden!

Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no!
I forgot to tell Matt to pick up Grandpa.

Oh, you are so dead.


Look who's here.




- How do you get it to stay on there?
- Double-sided tape.

Where? I don't see it.

You're not supposed to see it.
It's underneath.

Do you like it?

I like it. You look like you. Only new.

So, what did the chicks think?
Do they like it?

It seems to have sparked
some interest.

What did Ginger think?

Ginger and I
are taking a little break right now.

A break from what?

They split, okay?

So since you look so much younger,
are you going out with younger girls?

Younger women?

Simon, I think it's time for you two
to get ready for school.

Just when it was getting good.


[WHISPERS] Mom didn't say
nothing about the lizards.

We probably shouldn't move them.
Not with the eggs.

- Right.
- Mom would tell you the same thing.

- Practically.
- Right.

So, Annie, what do you think?

I think it's your business
if you wanna date younger women.

What? No, no.
I'm talking about my new look.

It just takes a little getting used to,
I guess.

Yeah, but when you do,
it does take a few years off, doesn't it?

Morning, honey. Morning, Grandpa.

- Hi.
- You know,

Grandpa just doesn't seem
to suit you anymore.

- I think it does.
- I'm glad you're both here.

I have a surprise for you.

- Another surprise?
- Please, sit down.

I know that you're both still young
and you don't think about these things,

but the cost of a place
to spend eternity

is skyrocketing these days.

I'm talking about burial plots.
I hope you don't mind,

but I've decided

to give you the two plots
next to Annie's mother and me.

It's just something
I wanna do for you.

Thank you.


I just don't want you
to go back to the Moon man

when we haven't even given
our love a chance to grow.

- You know, babe?
- I know, but I have to be honest.

I didn't think you were even
that interested

until you heard Jimmy Moon
broke up with Ashley.

I admit the Moon-Ashley breakup
forced my hand.

But es la vida,
I do have feelings for you

and they are absolutely sincere,
mi amor.

Lucy, may I have a word with you?

I would never tell you
not to talk to your old boyfriend.

See you later,
mi chica changa cabeza.

- Are you dating him?
- No, I still can't date.

- But you're seeing him?
- Yeah. Kind of.

I mean, I've seen him once anyway.

You must have heard
that Ashley and I broke up.

Oh, really?

- I know you too well.
- Okay, so I heard. So?

I was hoping we might analyse
what went wrong in our relationship,

and reconsider whether
our differences are overwhelming

or simply a barrier
we could cross together.

I'll have to think about it.

But it sounds good.

You wouldn't be spying on Lucy
by any chance, would you?

Yes, I'm spying on Lucy
and you should be spying on Lucy too.

This is an important decision.

I don't think she can be trusted
to make the right choice on her own.

And the right choice being
Jimmy Moon?


I just want both of you to know
that I care about Lucy. Deeply care.

Rod, can I be honest?

I hope so. Your father's a minister.


I think you're a little...

...mature for Lucy.


No one's ever
called me mature before.

Not a guy anyway.

You know,
you possibly don't see this

because you're so close
to your hermana chica.

But she is possibly
as mature as I am,

which means
we're meant to be together.

Think about it.


Please, will you talk to her?

- I'm a little upset about my father.
- No kidding.

- Burial plots without even asking us?
- No, I'm talking about his toupee.

- Oh, right, the hair.
- Yeah.

You know, the plots

may have not been the gifts
we would have chosen for ourselves,

but they're not getting any cheaper.
And it's a sweet thought.

I always thought we'd be buried
in upstate New York

in the Camden family graveyard.
Camdens have been buried there

- for hundreds of years--
- A hundred years.

It's just a hole in the ground.

- What difference does it make, right?
- Right.

Unless you don't wanna be in the
ground next to my mother and father.



Hello. It's me.

Get out of here. Really?

Yeah, Jimmy's so logical,
reasonable and safe.

I know who I am with him.

You're not supposed
to be on the phone.

On the other hand,

Rod calls me
"mi chica changa cabeza."

I have no idea.
It's Spanish for something.

You're on phone restriction.

Thank you, Miss Hall Monitor,

but how are Mom and Dad
gonna know

if they're down at the church?

And Rod thinks you're mature?

He does? Rod said I was mature.

Debbie's looking up
"mi chica changa cabeza"

in her Spanish dictionary.

I can hardly wait.

Monkey head?
My little monkey head?


Maybe I should go with Jimmy.

KATIE: I'm not living in that house
the rest of my life.

- Either we're moving or I'm moving.
- We're not moving.

My mother
would completely fall apart.

Your mother wouldn't fall apart
if a comet fell out of the sky

and landed on her big fat head.

Just tell me this:

Why is it okay for you
to tell these people

that I'm having a baby,
yet I can't tell my own mother?

I just need some time
to get over the surprise of the baby

before we start telling people.

Can't you just give me
a little more time?

I'm eight-weeks pregnant.
I'm gonna start showing soon.

This is supposed to be
the happiest time of my life.

Excuse me, I have to go throw up.

Why don't you go help her?
I'd like to see my money at work.

What is wrong with you?

You knew I wanted to be a doctor
when you married me.

Medical school isn't free
in this country, you know?

- Believe me, I know.
- Okay, hey, no--

I think it might be time
for a timeout here.

Okay, let's everybody, take a seat.


I appreciate that you would all

just jump into an open discussion
like this while you're waiting for us,

but it doesn't seem
like anybody's getting anywhere.

Patty, are you okay?

I don't feel like throwing up now.

I have an idea that I think
might just propel this discussion

to a more constructive place.
Annie, you tell me what you think.

Why don't you and I
share a disagreement

that we've been having

and let these newlyweds see how
the so-called experts try to handle it?

Are you sure?

Because we could do that
if you're sure you wanna do that.

Sure, I'm sure.

Not as sure as I was a moment ago,
but what the heck.



I got it.

- Who is it?
ROD: Rod.

Rod who?

ROD: Rod,
the man of your sister's dreams.


Simon. Hey, is that facial hair?

Oh, it's peanut butter.

- Come in.
- All right.


- I'll go get Lucy.
- Wait--

Actually, I'd like a word with you,
mi hombre, if you got a minute.


Eggs have disappeared.

You're supposed to take
the male lizards out of the box,

because sometimes
they'll eat the eggs.

Ruthie, I need to talk to Rod,
man to man.

Sure, okay. Where are the men?


So, what can I do for you?

Well, I get this vibe

that you might be more supportive
of my relationship with your sister Lucy

than perhaps
some of the rest of the tribe.

You've got your work cut out for you.

You have to clean up your act

if you expect my Dad to even consider
letting Lucy go with you.

But your mom likes me, right?

A 14-year-old with a moustache?

Dude, think about it.


RUTHIE: Who is it?
JIMMY: Jimmy Moon.

May I come in?

I'll go get Lucy.

Wait, Ruthie, I wanna talk
to Jimmy before he talks to Lucy.

- No, I mean wait somewhere else.
- I don't care.

I have a full life. I have lizards.

Are you gonna come in or what?

So, what's the deal?

I wanna get back together
with Lucy,

but evidently,
Rod has entered the picture.

Frankly, even if I can't win her back,
I don't think this Rod is right for her.

I agree. The thing is,
I'm not sure you're right for her either.

You broke her heart,
I don't wanna see that again.

You have my word, if we break up
again, it'll be Lucy's decision.

First time was my fault
and I take full responsibility for it.

Truth is
when Lucy dyed her hair blond,

it made me uncomfortable
with my passions.

Uh-uh. Okay, hold it right there.

Never mention my sister and
your passions in the same sentence

if you want me to help.

The second thing is the breakup
wasn't even about your passions.

It was about your lack of control.

And the only person
you can control in life is you.

You're right.
I have to let go of my need to control.


You might also wanna do something
to change your image

if you wanna compete with Rod.

Like what?

I don't know, but you better do
something radical and do it quick.

Rod's so exciting,
but Jimmy's so familiar.

She better make up her mind soon

because both of them are here.

Rod and Jimmy are here?


Hey, Lucy, your boyfriends are here.

I gotta go.

What are you talking about?

Rod's in Simon's room, and
Jimmy's in the living room with Matt.




You get buried with your family,
I'll get buried with mine.

I think what you're angry--

- I know what I'm angry about.
- You do?

I'm angry about--
Your insulting my family.

I know just how she feels.

- Me too.
- That makes three of us.

Wait, I never insulted your family.

It's the principle of the matter.


I guess we've all learned
something here, huh?

At least, I have.

I promise I will let you know
something soon, very soon.

How soon?

You're not comfortable
with life's little uncertainties.

- Are you, Moon?
- So what?

JIMMY: I like stability in my life.
Is that a crime?

- Mellow out, man.
- Both of you, please, just go.

- Moon.
- Moon.

- Moon.
- Rod.

- Rod.
- Rod.

What? It's gonna be one of them.



Someone here to see you.

Maybe I picked a bad time.


No, no. It's fine. Sit down, sit down.

Reverend, I'm sorry
for walking out of the session like that.

The truth is I'm caught in the middle
between my wife and my mother.

I don't know what to do about it.

What do you think
you should do about it?

I was hoping you'd ask that.

And I've needed to say this
out loud forever.

I think we should move out,

but I just cannot find a way
to tell my mother.

What would happen
if you and Katie both talk to her?

Maybe set a time frame
for moving out.

We could, but my mom went through
so much with my dad leaving last year

that I'd hate to even bring it up.

But I guess I'm gonna have to.

The divorce must have been
really tough on you too.

I know how much you admired
and respected your dad.

Yeah, and I don't even hear
from him anymore

now that he's with his new...

Well, whatever you'd call
your 60-year-old father's girlfriend.

- How does Katie feel about it?
- She's angry.

She's angry at my dad for leaving.
She's angry at me for staying.

She's angry at my mom
for not telling us to go.

We fight about
this moving thing constantly.


You know, a fight is-- It's rarely what
two people are actually arguing about.

It's usually just a battleground

for some bigger issue
that's too hard to discuss.

What bigger issue?

I don't know.
You'll have to talk to Katie about that.



I hate to disturb you,
but Kevin's at the hospital

and I can't talk to him anyway.

I saw Michael and Katie's car out front,
so they might be with the Reverend.

I can let Eric know
that you're here if you'd like.

I'd rather talk to another woman,
if you don't mind.

Will I do?

- I meant you.
- Come on.

I didn't wanna offend the Reverend
by not asking for his help.

No, he'll survive.

Have a seat.



I guess the medical school was a
bigger expense than you figured, huh?

It's not the money.

The thing is...

What is it, Bonnie?

- I just wanna kill him.
- Him?

- Kevin.
- For?

I work my butt off
so he can become a doctor,

and I know he's gonna dump me
for some patient of his.


I'm afraid that once Kevin
doesn't need my financial support,

he won't need me anymore
and I'll still need him.

Do you really think
Kevin's just in the marriage

so you can pay his way
through school?

I don't know.


- That doesn't sound right, does it?
- I don't think so.

So basically, I'm basing my whole life
on an irrational fear.

Did you ever discuss this
with Kevin?



Matter of fact,
I've never discussed it with myself.


Hi, I'm Annie's father, come on in.

I'm sure one of them
will be out in a moment.

- I can wait.
- No, sit down.

So, what's your problem anyway?

Uh-- It's not really a problem.

You must be the fellow
whose wife is having a baby.

- They told you?
- No.

They didn't tell me everything,
but you look a little nervous.

And I remember how scared I was

when my wife was pregnant
with Annie.

You know, my wife died last year.

Yep, I was awfully grateful
that she left me with a daughter

and a family to care about me.

I don't know how I would have
gotten along otherwise.

I would have been awfully lonely.

I'd better get home.

Hey, Robert, can I help you?

Thanks, Reverend Camden, but
I think your father-in-law already did.



So, what are you and Annie
fighting about? Is it the burial plots?

It's just that...

Where we'd be buried
never came up all these years.

Grandma and I
never discussed it either.

- I'm going to bed.
- Good night.

You coming up soon?

- It's only 9:00.
- Yes, it is.

And I imagine
my father would like to get to bed.

Oh, yes,
that sounds like an excellent idea.

You know, what I always say is:

Do you wanna be right
or do you wanna be married?

So from now on,
you two just stay out of it.

This is hard enough
without everyone getting in the middle.

What is so hard?
Clearly Rod is the best choice.

You know nothing.
You've never been in a relationship.

Jimmy may be dull,
but at least he isn't weird.

I'll take weird over dull any day.

Jimmy is dull and Rod is weird?
Where did you get that?


- My money's on Rod.
- Mine's on Jimmy.


You're placing bets
on the greatest decision

I've ever had to make in my life?

How could you?

Hey, don't get so upset,
it's just Monopoly money.

So it's not even real money?

You've cheapened my love life
with play money? Oh!


How's it going with Rod and Jimmy?

It would be going better if my
mother and father had been home

to intercept my two brothers
and my two boyfriends.

Of course,
if I could talk on the phone,

I could have talked to Rod and Jimmy
and avoided the whole thing.


Honey, I'm really tired
and I've got to go to bed.

But for now, let me give you
one quick thought, okay?

If either of the guys were the guy,

you wouldn't have any trouble
making up your mind.


Rods says the male lizards
sometimes eat the eggs.

So Lizzie ate Lester's eggs?

We don't know for sure.
It's an unsolved mystery.

But I bet if Lizzie did eat the eggs,
Lester would be pretty mad about it.

Maybe we should get Daddy
to talk to them.

They're lizards.

It doesn't matter who talks to them,
they're not gonna listen.

Let me know
if Lucy makes up her mind.

I will.

So, Lester, are you ready
to talk about what Lizzie did?

Take your time. I'm here for you.

Oh. Oh!

You're the only one who can help me.
Rod or Jimmy?

- Dump them both.
- What?

it's great not having a boyfriend.

I mean, look at me,
I'm not waiting by the phone.

I don't care how I look all the time
and I can go anywhere I want,

and do anything I want

without having to let some guy know
what I'm up to every minute.

Even when you did have a boyfriend,
you did what you wanted.

And you've never cared
about how you looked.

- No offence.
- You're right.

And that proves that I can be me
and still have a boyfriend.

But you on the other hand
have some work to do.

Hey, I don't have to know who I am
to have a boyfriend.

All I've gotta do is pick one.

And unlike some other people,
I have two to choose from.

Count them. One, two.


I forgot where I was going.


Ow! Oh, oh, oh. Big toe, big toe.
Would you mind turning on the light?

Oh. Oh...


Look, I'm sorry.

I'll be buried
wherever you wanna be buried.

That's okay.

If you wanna be buried
with your family, it's fine with me.

Why is it fine with you now?

I've just changed my mind, that's all.

You didn't say anything to Dad
about his hair, did you?

- No. Did you want me to?
- No, no.

I'll talk to him.


- I miss my mom.
- I know.


I know.

- Are you sleeping okay?
- Yes.

That new guest room is great.

The attic is so quiet
you can hear a pin drop.

You can also hear yourself think.

Do you still think about Mom?

Every day.
Some days, it's every hour.

Me too.

Can I ask you something
about your toupee?

Hairpiece. Natural human hair
from live human beings.

The free-range kind.

I mean,
you get a better product that way.

The hairs are happier.

Right, Dad.

And Ginger doesn't like the happy hair,
does she?

No. And if she doesn't like it,

she can just take a hike,
that's what I say.

If she doesn't wanna run her hands
through my hair, then so be it.

I'll tell you, your mother
would have loved my new hair.


Do you think
you're trying to drive Ginger away

because you still love Mom?


Could be.


So, what about the burial plots?
What's that about?

Well, actually,
the burial plots came before the hair.

See, I figured that
if I bought the plots and I told Ginger

that I wanted the family
all to be buried together,

that she'd see that I wasn't
planning to marry her and so--

So she would-- She'd dumped me.

- But she turned the tables on me.
- What happened?

She said she understood.

That she wanted to be buried
with her first husband.

- So?
- So I...

I bought the toupee.

And that did the trick?

- Like a charm.
- And now she's gone?


The thing is...

...you'll live longer if you're happy.

I want you to be very, very happy.

Call Ginger when you get home.


Yes, ma'am.


- Who needs it?
- Ha-ha-ha.



- What's that?
SIMON: It was two lizards.

We flushed the last one.

But don't worry,
we said a prayer first.

Lester laid eggs.

Lester was the girl
and Lizzie was the boy.

- Yeah, then Lizzie ate the eggs.
- Then we think Lester ate Lizzie.

- Yeah, then Lester croaked.
- Then you flushed him?


We'd better get down to the church.

The last time we were late,
a war almost broke out.

- I talked to my dad.
- How did it go?

Well, he's losing the toup
and going back with Ginger.

So how do you feel about that?

I think he really cares about Ginger,

and he's struggling
with what that means.

Hopefully, it'll take them a little time
to figure that out

and that'll give me a little more time to
get used to the idea of the two of them.

But you were right,
he was trying to drive her away.

- With the hair or the plots?
- Both.

Uh-- Not to be indelicate,

but what are we doing
about our impending reservation

to join your parents for eternity?

- Well, you were right again.
- We're gonna buried with Camdens?

No, you were right when you said that
we had plenty of time to think about it.

Oh. Okay.

I don't care where I'm buried.

My heart will always be with yours.





Well, looks like things
are going a little better.


How are things going
with you and Mrs. Camden?

We're fine.
We've discussed our differences.

And we've reached a...

Well, an impasse
is what we've reached, actually,

but we're comfortable with it.

So who's being buried where?

In case
I wanna send flowers or anything.

Don't start trouble, Kevin.

How are you and Bonnie?

Bonnie thought I was gonna leave her.

It really shook me up.

She's the only person
who's ever believed in me,

who thought I could go the distance.

I would never betray your trust,

I'm grateful for all your help

and that you work so hard
to put me through school.

I love you.

I think we all need
to hear that more often.

I was afraid
Katie was going to leave me too.

So I decided to go with her.

I'm just glad
you didn't decide to go alone.

What do you mean?

I guess on some level,
I was afraid you'd leave me.

I mean, your father left your mother.
We model what we know.

And sometimes
when we know our model's wrong,

we fight even harder
to do the right thing.

I love you very much.

And I'm not going anywhere
without you.

Have you two
talked to your mother yet about this?

Oh, well...

When we told her we wanted to move,
she said she wanted to move too.


So she's off for Florida
with a couple of her friends.

She suggested
that we keep the house for a while

until we all know more
about what we want.

- When's she moving to Florida?
- Next week, and I love her for it.


I was thinking about
leaving Patty and the baby.

I just got completely freaked out
by the whole thing.

Then I felt guilty. I mean, what kind
of husband and father panics

and thinks about
leaving his pregnant wife and child?

A new family is a lot to take on.
Everybody panics in the beginning.

And then
you start panicking all the time

and that's how you know
you're doing it right.

We're gonna have a baby.

We're really gonna have a baby.




- Hey, have you seen Jimmy Moon?
- No, have you seen Rod?

- No, why?
- Come on.

Hey, Luce, is everything okay?

- Your hair, it's purple.
- Actually, it's purple passion.


You shaved.

Si. Muy guapo, no?


Okay, here's the deal.

Jimmy, I thought I'd feel differently
when you came back.

I've been wanting this
for a long, long time.

We've had
some great times together.

- But?
- But...

...I think maybe
I don't trust that you really like me

because you just broke up
with Ashley.

And whether
you need some time or not,

I need some time.

I'm not ready
to be in a relationship with you.

Not right now anyway.

Yet I'm having a hard time

accepting that.
Especially after what I did to my hair.

I don't think the hair was a mistake.

It shows that you're willing
to take some risks.

And I think
that's an attractive quality.

So? Heh.

So you have a really nice face.


But since Jimmy's
no longer a threat to you,

I wanna give you some time to decide
if that changes the way you feel.

And I wanna give myself
a little more time

to figure out who I am

and whether or not
I'm ready to go with a guy.

You're dumping us both?

I wouldn't call it dumping.
It's not dumping.

O-- Okay. It is.

But I hope
we can all end up as friends.

What are you complaining about?

I shaved my moustache.


I have to admit,
you handled that great.

Yep, I'm really proud of you.


Oh, our little Lucy's growing up.