7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 11, Episode 9 - Thanks and Giving - full transcript

Eric reprimand Ruthie for bitching about US airport security post 9-11, till it proves so strict they miss their flight home for Thanksgiving because of Lucy and Mary's past airport incidents, then hearing port authority security agent Keaton can't get home the reverend improvises his wedding right there. Mac drops by at Haley's and finds she can use someone to help out as she's a bit sick and alone, finally admitting not Martin but Simon asked him to test her after pulling out from marrying Martin. Lucy wants everybody, such as Lou Dalton, to be positive, despite dad Eric's condition. T-Bone tells Margaret to help the twins prepare a 'welcome home show' and gets a salesman to donate a luxury duo-bed for sick Eric and Annie.

Great time to travel.

Holidays are always so much fun.

Let it go, Ruthie.


Okay, let's talk politics.

In your opinion, do I look
like I'd hijack a plane?

They probably searched anyone

with a one-way ticket;
you weren't the only one.

And that was over an hour ago.

Give it up; it's over.

I'm a hijacker.
Yeah, that's me.

Code name: Curly Top.

I'm going to hijack a plane.

ANNIE: Will you please just
keep your voice down?

They don't have these
problems at Glasgow

or even Heathrow.

I hate American airports.

Why? Because people here
are trying to protect lives?

Whose lives?

Has anyone ever hijacked a plane
fitting my description?

What is the alternative--

Well, yeah.

Not racial profiling,
but terrorist profiling,

like they do in Israel.

So that I,
an American citizen,

can fly into my homeland
to my own home

without being treated like
an Al-Qaeda operative.

You remember the difference
between a right and a privilege?

A right is something that
can't be taken away from you.

So this is a privilege--

flying home to be with your
family at Thanksgiving.

This is a privilege.

And if you
don't treat privileges

like they're privileges,

they have a way
of just disappearing.

Um, Dad.

- Eric.
- Hmm?


- Hi.
- Hi.

- How you doing?
- Y-You tell me.

I need you to come with me.
Nothing personal.

We're trying to keep
everything safe

for everyone traveling today,
and, uh, regulations require

that I ask you
a couple of questions.

(Eric sighs)

Nice to be back in America.

Ah, come on.
I'm sure we can get you

to really believe that
by the end of the day.

The, uh... the end of the day?

No, our-our flight
leaves in an hour.

Yes, it does.

Right this way.


♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ When I see
their happy faces ♪

♪ Smiling back at me ♪

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ I know there's
no greater feeling ♪

♪ Than the love of family ♪

♪ Where can you go ♪

♪ When the world
don't treat you right? ♪

♪ The answer is home ♪

♪ That's the one place
that you'll find ♪

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ Mmm, 7th Heaven ♪

♪ 7th Heaven. ♪




How's it going?


No, it isn't.

If my dad comes back to this,
he's going to feel like

he's coming home
to his own funeral.

I-I thought you guys said

you were going to get
the place cleaned up.

We're trying, Reverend.

Try harder.

I-I've got to get
back down to the church.

I've got a long line of people

who evidently aren't
handling the news well

and need counseling sessions.

Are those the same people
who can't cook well?

Wait... you're not throwing
this stuff out, are you?

Are we supposed
to eat all of it?

Someone's supposed to eat
all of it.

It's perfectly good food.

I don't know if I'd go
as far as "perfectly good."

Well, unless you're
a, uh, mayonnaise connoisseur.

Then give it away to someone.

And the flowers, and-and
get this stuff out of here.

It's depressing.

We'll take care of it,
don't worry.

I'm not worried.
I just know that,

you know,
it's a really long flight,

and Dad's going to be tired
when he gets home.

And I just want him
to feel comfortable

and to be happy
to be in his own home.

And Ruthie, you know?
I-I want Ruthie

to feel like
she's coming back to the home

that she left behind,
you know, not to this.

And-And I don't want my mom

to have to do anything,
anything at all.

And-And Kevin's coming down
with something,

so I don't want him over here.

So he's going to keep
an eye on Savannah, so I...

So it's all up to us.

We got it, we got it.

Go... Go talk to your flock
and leave the rest to us.

All right.

But just remember,
get your moods up, you know.

When Dad gets home, you know,
you're happy to see him,

happy they had a safe trip,
happy to see Ruthie.

Just happy, happy, happy!



You know, I'm counting on you.

(door closes)

She's nuts.
You realize that, don't you?

Yeah, but still,
if it weren't for Kevin, I'd...


(knocking on door)

Who is it?




Hi, yourself.

You sound terrible.

Yeah. I feel terrible.

I'm sick.

I'm sorry to hear that.

What are you doing here?

I hope you're not
looking for Martin.

He's with his dad.

He and Aaron are with his dad.

They're going to some
Marine base for Thanksgiving

and taking my dad.

- So you're all alone and sick?
- Yeah, pretty much.

Well, maybe there's
something I can do for you.

I can get you some soup
or something.

I have soup.

Did... Did Martin send you here
to take care of me?

No, I-I came on my own.

For selfish reasons.

I-I heard about Reverend Camden.

Oh, I know.

What is it, like,
an exploding heart?

I think it's an enlarged heart.

I don't know,
it just made me so sad.

And I've been
so stressed out from school.

The breakup with
the old boyfriend

and the wedding plans
that fell through.

Yeah, it's been a rough week.

But just so you know,
from what Lucy told everyone,

Reverend Camden
is doing fine right now.

And that's what she wants
everyone to hold onto--

that he's fine right now.

I just can't believe
he's facing something like this.

It's so scary.

I mean, normally when
you're scared,

you talk to Reverend Camden,

but you can't talk
to him about this.

And you can't talk to Lucy,
so who can you talk to?

I just feel at a complete loss,
don't you?

Kind of, yeah.

I couldn't think of anyone

to talk to other than you.

You're good at talking.

I saw that last weekend.

And I need talking.

I just didn't want to look
like a wuss

in front of the guys, but...

I just feel like crying.

Hey... I really don't want
to bother you.

You're sick.

Oh, no. You drove all the way
up here to talk.

The least I could do
is try to help you.

Well, maybe we could
help each other.

By talking.

Might make us both feel better.

I mean, if you're up to it.

Sure. Come in.

I'm just going to go
clean up a bit.

I'm in.

This is much easier.

I'm not so sure we weren't
supposed to empty these

into disposable containers
and then wash the dishes.

So they can be returned
to their rightful owners.

I don't think anyone's
going to ask Reverend Camden

for their casserole dish back.

Not when he's... you know.


Hey, get that mood up.

I can't.

Lucy told us
to come over and help.

She's going down to the church.


Margaret, you know
Reverend Camden always says

that a good way to get
your mood up

is to help out others.

Since you want to be a teacher,

maybe you could get with
the guys here and help them.

Maybe you could come up
with some sort of, um,

welcome home extravaganza
or a, uh, song and dance.

I don't know, something.
Anything happy.


This is going to be fun.

Yeah, I think it could be.

You know Margaret.

You think giving her
the entertainment portion

of the evening
is the right thing to do?

Well, I know she's not exactly
prone to joy,

but, uh,
maybe she can pull this off.

- Uh-huh.
- What could it hurt?

He has a bad heart.

Oh, good point.


WOMAN (over P.A.):
Final boarding for New York

- to Los Angeles.
- (chuckles)

Final boarding.

Final boarding from New York

- to Los Angeles.
- (sighs)

One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten!

So how did we do with our
friends from the Port Authority?

Swell, but just missed
our flight.

I got you booked
on another flight.

You're all taken care of.

You're gonna get home today.

Don't worry about it.

I'm a little worried about it.

Tough raising teenagers, huh?

Yeah, it's tough, yeah.

I've put four through their
teen years, three to go.

Why, what have you heard?

We don't rely on gossip.


I hear you're a minister.


And, uh, you're going through

a little bit of a test
of faith yourself.

A health crisis.

Your heart.

Annie sent you.

It's nice having a wife.

Somebody who'll look after you

when you're going
through a tough time.

- You're not married?
- Trying.

I've been engaged
for five years.

Say, uh, you're not related
to a Lucy Camden

who had a problem
at the Buffalo Airport

a few years ago, are you?

Uh, yes, she's my daughter.

But, you know,
that-that problem--

that-that wasn't really
a security problem.

And it-it led to her marrying
the officer

who was working there
at the time.

I think I'm a little old
for Ruthie, don't you think?

No, no. I...

I wasn't suggesting

that you marry
my teenage daughter.

Is that what you thought?

You're gonna need to ask me

a few more questions,
aren't you?

No, sir, not me.

- The Port Authority.
- Oh.

Uh, just routine,
just routine procedure.

Mary Camden--
she's another daughter?

She was arrested
for some problem at school?

She was a minor.

Th-That information's
supposed to be sealed.

Just connecting the dots.

They found out about Lucy.

And Mary.

Just so you know.

Oh, and-and Ruthie's fine.

Sh-She just went to get a snack.



Happy holidays.


Something that reminds us

of this time of year
would be good.

♪ Over the river
and through the woods ♪

♪ To grandmother's house
we go. ♪

That's the only
Thanksgiving song we know.

I don't like
that grandmother bit.

I didn't have a grandmother
that I remembered,

and even if I had,
I'd hate to think

that she lived over a river
and out in the woods.

Woods scare me.

You can't act scared
when Dad gets home.

You have to be brave
and act happy.

Then we need a new song.

Something that shows thanks...

and giving.

Got it!


So where's Dad?

Uh, he's answering
a few more questions.

I have a feeling we're all
going to have to answer

a few more questions.

You see, they found out

that Lucy had that security
problem back in Buffalo.

And I don't know
how they found it out,

because she wasn't arrested
or anything.

Back when she met Kevin,
you know?

Yeah, I know.

I told 'em.


They asked if anyone
that I looked up to

had ever caused any problems
at an airport.

So I just told 'em the truth.

Yeah, well,
here's another truth.

The heart is the one organ
you can't live without.

You realize that, right?

I mean, this is all about
Dad's heart.

I get it.
It's not like I'm enjoying this.

Well, is it like you're just
creating this to get back at us?

- No!
- This is not the time

to cause any problems.

This is not the time or place
to cause any problems.

- I know, but it's not my fault.
- Whose fault is it?

The guys who flew
into the World Trade Center.

All right.

What do you want me to say--
I'm sorry?

That would be
an excellent start, yes.

I'm sorry.

Well, thank you for that.

Want a candy bar?

Is it on you or would you have
to go back through security?

Oh. Hi, Lou.

How are you?

I'm fine, Lucy.

How are you?


So, what's going on?

You tell me.

Tell you what, exactly?

Well, how is he really?

Have you talked to him?

Uh, yes. They're on their way
home with Ruthie.

And Dad's fine.

He has a life-threatening
heart condition and he's fine?

Right now, he is, yeah.

And you are?

You asked me that.

I'm fine, too.

I just don't see
how that can be.

Well, I am. I have to be.

So y-you're just...
putting on a brave front.

No, not exactly.

I'm just doing what I asked
everyone else to do.

And, you know,
if I think about

what my dad is facing

and it makes me sad
or frightens me,

then I just hold onto the fact
that right now,

in this moment, he's okay.

And I'm grateful for that.

I'm-I'm so grateful.

Well, then...

what happens
when he's not okay?

- Then we deal with it.
- How?

That depends on what happens.

Well, Lucy... what if
the worst happens?

Well, then
the worst happens, Lou.

But my dad's not going anywhere
one second before life

is ready to embrace him
in all its mystery.

I know you said that
last week in your sermon,

but what does it mean?

Well, that means
that my dad can't die

before he's supposed to.

You know, that God will
determine that,

not us, not the doctors.

Let me just get to the point.

I think you need to see someone.


Someone like a shrink?

Someone like a grief counselor?

Someone like that?

You've been through so much.

Yes, I have.

And I'm grateful.

You know,
that I'm alive and well

and have a beautiful family,
and I'm lucky.

I'm lucky that I've experienced
faith, and I know that my faith

will-will get me
through anything.

I know we all would like
to think like that.

What good is having faith
in God, Lou,

if you're not going
to live that faith

in both the good
and the bad times?

All right, I-I can see

that I am not getting anywhere
with this, Reverend Kinkirk.

But if you should ever feel
the need to seek help,

don't think that any of us would
think that that's a bad thing.

We don't want to lose you
and your father.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa!

Wait. Y-You're doing
exactly what I asked

everyone not to do.

You're getting all down
and out and sad,

and that's not good.

You know, not for my dad
or for me or for you.

And I just want to let you know

that I'm not going
to let you or anyone else

get me down.

You know, I-I'm determined
to keep my mood up,

because in doing that, you know,

I think I can raise the mood
of my family

and the church
and-and the community.

And-And who knows, you know,

maybe even the-the whole darn
country's mood, you know?

And I think that, you know,
that'll help my dad.

And, you know, everyone else.

Oh, Luce, I wish it would.

I really wish it would.

You know what?

I needed that, so thanks.

And I'm sure
there's more to come.


We need some things.

Okay. Do you have some money
for some things?

We'll take care of it.

Have fun with the boys.

What are you guys
doing up there?

- Rehearsing.
- Maybe you'd like to give us

a little preview
when we get back?

Well, all shows
have a dress rehearsal.

Not this one.

We want it to be a surprise.

Okay, but just remember: happy.

Lucy wants happy.

Yeah, I know. Do you think
we should get them a present?

- Why?
- To say "thank you"

and "welcome home."

I think we can just say
"thank you" and "welcome home."

Don't you think we should
try to give something back?

Well, what'd you have in mind?

I don't know.

I can't do everything.

"Flashlights, flags
and mint-green sheet."

All the makings
of something really big.

Mint-green sheet?

Okay, I think we're
finally cleared to go.

Officer Keaton has us
on the next flight out of here.

That leaves in four hours.

So maybe Ruthie will be out
of that restroom by then.

Think she might be

straightening her hair
or something?

I guess, you know,

we could call Mary
and Carlos, you know,

and-and stay overnight
with them in the city

and then get some rest
and leave tomorrow.

Oh, no, no, no.

I don't feel I'm ready for
any more family right now.

Lucy talked to them.

Yeah, I know, dear,

but the cat is on the roof.

I think the cat is pretty much
off the roof at this point.

You sure you don't want
to just get some rest,

and then, you know, take off
first thing in the morning?

I'm sure that the closer
it gets to Thanksgiving,

the harder it's going
to be to change the tickets.

And I just want to be
in my own house, in my own bed.

And the cat is off the roof?

What, what, Lucy, Lucy told them

more than that I'm just not
feeling well?

I'm afraid so.

Why don't we just go back
into the city, you know?

We could have a picnic
like we did on the way over.

Oh, yeah, and risk going
through security again?


All right, if you want
to wait, we'll wait.

Well, I wouldn't worry,
because I-I'm pretty sure

that one of us
will say something

that'll make those nice
people from Port Authority

- want to talk to us again.
- (laughs)

- Yeah.
- And the four hours

will just go by like that.

Just to let you know,

even though
you're cleared to fly,

you've attracted the attention
of some passengers

who aren't entirely comfortable

with the idea of getting on
a plane with you.

Um, they fear

you've expressed
some anti-American sentiments.

You do want to
make this flight, right?

People are afraid
to fly with us?

People are afraid to fly.

They were afraid to fly
before September 11,

they're afraid to fly now.

I refuse to be afraid.

Good for you.

Wish my fiancée was like that.

Your fiancée's afraid to fly?

Oh, she'll fly,
she won't get married.

Uh, she's flying out of here
in a couple of hours

to go on vacation in London,
'cause I'm working Thursday.

She's not afraid of flying.

Why is she afraid
of marrying you?

Afraid she might lose me.

Oh, no, Annie, Annie.

Don't go there, okay?

Don't-Don't do it.

Okay. I'm tired.

I know.

I'm hungry and I'm sad.


I hope you get home safely.

Tell the little one
to stay out of trouble, okay?

I have an idea.

This time,
why don't you come with me?


When they moved into that house,
your mom and dad,

I thought, "Oh, my, I'm going
to have to behave myself.

Preacher in the hood."



But I never dreamed your family
would be worse than my own.

Oh, the troubles you've all had.

Uh, yeah, you know,
we've gone through a lot.

But that's what I think
makes us so resilient.

You know, what doesn't kill you
makes you stronger.

Oh, don't say "kill."

He's not dead yet, Mrs. Beeker.

And he just wants to come home
and live his life.

And everyone's just going
to have to let him do that.

Because that's what he wants.

Knowing that he could just
be snapped up at any moment?


Are you taking anything?

Taking anything?

Antidepressants maybe?

No, I don't need
any antidepressants.

Well, there's no shame
in taking antidepressants.

Oh, I-I totally agree.

So you're naturally this cheery?

Yes. Not that it doesn't
take an effort.

I mean, it does.

It's hard work
choosing one's mood.

Have they ruled out

and manic depression?

Mrs. Beeker, what is
troubling everyone so much

about my positive approach
to life?

Oh, it's not that,

it's your positive
approach to death.

Listen, Mrs. Beeker,

when I first heard
about my father's news,

or even before I heard,

you know, when I just sensed
that something was happening,

you know, I cried,
and I cried a lot.

And I can't just
sit around crying.

Well, it would be normal
if you did.

No, it wouldn't be normal,
not for me, Mrs. Beeker,

because I'm a Christian.

And I believe
in life after death.

And even more than that,
I believe in life.

And I'm-I'm grateful
to be alive.

And I'm grateful that my
parents are alive, both of them.

Well, for the time being.

Yeah, because that's
all the time we have--

you know, the-the here and now.

And the here and now
is gone before you know it.

- (snaps fingers)
- In the blink of an eye.

Mrs. Beeker, do you know how
much my family loves you?

Do you?

You remember, you were there
at my 13th birthday.

Well, I mean, you dropped
your son off, anyway.

And-And do you remember
that you helped us out

by taking one of
Happy's puppies home?

(chuckles): Oh, yeah,
we still have that dog.

Course my son has gone off
with some nut job.

Good for him.

He's living his life.

And if it's with some nut job,
then so be it.

You have your own life to live,

and we are so happy that you're
living it so close by to us.

Because we know if there's
ever an emergency,

we can call on you,
and you'll be there for us.

Do you remember that time
when you helped my mom

when my dad had a heart attack?

She didn't want anyone
in the house.

She was so overwhelmed.

You were the only person
she'd let help.

But that wasn't really anything.

And you explained algebra
to Mary.

Well, that was something.

You see, Mrs. Beeker,

we're surrounded by people
we love who love us,

you know, in our neighborhood,
in our church.

And we know that whether
we're fighting the war within us

or the war outside of us,
we have each other.

And together, we stand united.

So cheer up, put a smile on
your face, and go home,

and show your husband
how much you care about him.

Why, Reverend Kinkirk...

you are one heck of a woman.

Thank you.

I'm my father's daughter.

You know, normally, making
a public speech at an airport

would not be welcomed.

But today, I've been
granted the privilege

by the Port Authority,

and I want
to thank them for that.

And I also want to thank
the Port Authority officers

for protecting and serving,

as well as the New York
City Police Department,

as well as the New York City
Fire Department

and all those who work
for the airlines

and who work for security
in our airports.

'Cause all of us here...

we're not just lucky
to be alive,

we're alive because of you,
and men and women like you,

all across the country.

So I want to thank you
for making this day possible

for my family and for all of us.

You put your lives on the line
every day for us,

for people that
you don't even know.

And of course I thank you

and all our men and women
serving in our armed forces.

We're so grateful
that you're willing

to put your lives on the line
to protect our freedom

and to try to secure freedom
and safety

for all our friends and
neighbors around the globe.

And I want to thank
your families

for standing by you
and-and supporting you,

'cause life is so much easier
when we can draw strength

from the love of our families,
isn't it?

What'd he mean by that?

I didn't do anything.

I'm Eric Camden.

I'm a minister.

I probably should've said that
in the first place.


I'm... I'm a minister
who's, uh, facing

a life-threatening
heart condition.

But today, I'm alive.

And I'm going to live
every day that God lets me,

because I'm grateful
to be alive.

Every time I look at the New
York City skyline, I thank God

that I wasn't in the World
Trade Center on September 11,

and I'm grateful that
my friends and family

weren't there either,

and I grieve for-for
those who died there

and for their
friends and families.

And I cannot allow those who
lost their lives on that day

to have done so for nothing.

So, in honor of those

who died on September 11,
I'm determined to live

and to get others to live

without fear and without hatred
and with-with honor and dignity

and-and respect for life itself.

And today,

uh, we have two people who have
decided to do just that--

to live with each other
for the rest of their lives

without fear and without hatred,

with honor and dignity

and with respect for each other
and for life itself.

Two people who are willing
to commit to living,

to really living.

So please come together with us

as I join Jim Keaton and
Kathleen Garrity in marriage.

Is anyone surprised that
his heart is too large?


I am really happy to be home.


So I guess it's, uh, finally my
turn to ask the questions today.

Do you, James Keaton,

take this woman to be
your lawful wedded wife?

Thanks for asking.

I do.

Well, you know,
that's a firm.

Ask not what we can
buy from you,

but, uh, what you can
buy from us.

I-I'm not really sure
what you're getting at,

but, son, we're getting
ready to close soon,

so just spit it out.

You're a member of Glenoak
Community Church, are you not?

I am.

And you know about
Reverend Camden, do you not?

Yeah, I do.

I was in church last Sunday.

Well, the good reverend
has given me and my friend

and her friend a home.

Having found ourselves without
food or shelter, he took us in.

And now,
well, now he's coming home,

and we want him to have
a comfortable place to sleep.

Well, I am happy to give you
a good deal on a bed.

Well, we were without
food and shelter,

so we're really not in any
position to pay for anything,

even if it's a good deal.

Don't you work
at the movie theater?

Don't you see
a promotional opportunity here

if you were to donate a bed
to Reverend Camden?


Donate. Think about it.

If at any time, we were to
find that Reverend Camden

was required to rest in bed,

think of the number of
people that would come by

to see him resting
in one of your beds.

Well, it's not like
we haven't donated already.

My-My wife sent over
a casserole.

Yes, and I mean,
I'm sure it's delicious.

Your wife has a reputation

for being one of the best cooks
at the church, but, uh,

casseroles come and go.

A bed, well...

You don't suppose
she'd be willing

to work here, do you?

Oh, I don't think the
Dairy Shack would let her go.

So what do you think?

I don't know.

Well, I'm feeling better.

So am I.

It was good to talk.

Yeah, it was.

Have you talked
to Reverend Camden?

No, he and Mrs. Camden
are in Scotland, remember?


Lucy? Have you talked to Lucy?

For a few minutes
after church, but I figure

she has a lot of people
to talk to right now.

Wonder how Matt and Mary
are taking the news.

Well, from what Lucy told me,

everyone's kind of in
a state of shock right now.

You know, Matt's calling
every doctor he knows,

and Mary's...
well, Mary's Mary.

Can't imagine Ruthie
was too excited

about coming home from Scotland.

Oh, on the upside of that,
she will get to see Martin.

Yeah. Martin doesn't
think of her that way.

He thinks of her
as a little sister.

Yeah, I think you're right.

And all that's going to change

when she really falls
in love with someone.

Hmm. That's Matt, Mary,
Lucy, Ruthie.

That leaves...?

The little ones.

Sam and David.

You know, Reverend
and Mrs. Camden

are such good parents.

Their children are so solid,
even at that age.

And you know whatever happens,
they're gonna be fine.

Yeah, they're good kids,
and I guess

there's really nothing else
that can be done.

Except what Lucy said,
which is to stay strong

and be positive
and to keep our moods up.


I wonder how Simon is
coping with all of this.


Have you talked to him?

Who wants to know?

Are you kidding me?

Martin had you drive
all the way up here

just to find out if
I'm talking to Simon?

I didn't really have
anything to do, anyway.

And I was honestly upset
about Reverend Camden.


Have mercy on me.

I'm Martin's best friend.

I had to do it.

Is he really that afraid that
I'll go running off to Simon?

I almost married Martin
last weekend.

Yeah, but you didn't.

No, but maybe someday I will.

He's a good guy.

You live at that Camden house;
you can't help but be good.

You know you can't
stay here tonight, right?

No, but, all right.

But if you have no place
to go Thanksgiving,

I'll make you a turkey sandwich.

Sure. Sounds good.



It looks great in here.


We've been working
on it all day long.

Where did you end up
taking the food?

A shelter.

And believe me,
they so appreciated it.

Gratitude like
you've never seen.

Great. Thank you.

And don't you
feel good about that?


So, uh, where is everybody?

You know, where are the boys?

And did they eat?

Yes. We have all eaten.

Jane got us a discount
at the Dairy Shack.

Oh, that's so nice.

And where are the boys?

Oh, they're putting
the final touches

on a little welcome-home number

that, uh, they're putting
together with Margaret.


Yeah. And Jane and Margaret
and I have

all been putting together
a very nice gift

we got for the reverend
and his wife, your, uh, mother.

- You guys got them a gift?
- We did.

That is so nice.

What'd you get 'em?

It's a surprise.

Not a surprise for me,
it's a surprise for them.

So, what is it?

He's gonna love it.

I hope so,

'cause we can't take it back.

Would you get back
up there and help me?

- Hi, Luce.
- Hi.

Hi. The taxi's in the driveway.

I think they're here.

They're home!

Mom and Dad are home!

Let's go see 'em.


Hey, hey, hey!

- Mom!
- Dad!

(Eric and Annie laugh)


- Oh!
- Get over here!

Gosh, I missed you.

- Hi, baby.
- Ruthie! -Ruthie!

- Yeah.
- Baby, baby, aw...

Good to see you.

Hi, baby.

Hi, Dad. Welcome home.

Hey, Luce.

It's so good to see you.

And Savannah.

- Oh.
- Hi, sweetie.

Kevin has the flu,
so he's at home.

He didn't want to come over
and get anyone sick.

Like the guy hacking germs
all over the back of my head

on the plane isn't
going to do any damage?

Hey, Luce.

Hi, Ruthie.


ANNIE: Oh, it's so good
to be home.

I'm so tired, I-I just
so want to go to bed.

Yeah, I can't wait
to be in my bed.

I've missed my bed.

Where are my new
sisters and brother?

Well, they're upstairs.

They have something for you.


Yeah, and we do, too.

Wait here until we call you.


I have no idea what it is,

but they've been
working on it all day.

Oh, really, they shouldn't have.

He means that.

We just want to get to bed.

Come on up!

- Oh.
- Well...

♪ This land is your land ♪

♪ This land is my land ♪

♪ From California
to the New York island ♪

♪ From the redwood forest ♪

♪ To the Gulf Stream waters ♪

♪ This land was made
for you and me ♪

Oh, that's great.

♪ As I went walking
down a ribbon of highway ♪

♪ I saw above me
an endless skyway ♪

♪ I saw below me
a golden valley ♪

♪ This land was made
for you and me ♪

♪ This land is your land,
this land is my land ♪


♪ From California
to the New York island ♪

♪ From the redwood forest ♪

♪ To the Gulf Stream waters ♪

♪ This land was made
for you and me ♪


♪ I've roamed and rambled ♪

♪ I followed my footsteps ♪

♪ To the sparkling sands ♪

♪ Of her diamond deserts ♪

♪ And all around me ♪

♪ A voice was sounding ♪

♪ This land was made
for you and me ♪

♪ This land is your... ♪

♪ This land was made
for you and me. ♪

Welcome home!

Thank you.

That's great, and I'm sure
you worked really hard on that,

but, uh, now I think we're
gonna have to say good night,

because Savannah and I have
to go home and check on Kevin.

But... there's more.

- More?
- More?

- More.
- More.

Oh, okay, but you know,
we've had

a pretty long day.

Not as long as that song.

Well, that's why we're

so excited
to present you with...


...your new bed!



- Well.
- Whoa.

I certainly wasn't
expecting that.

Is it a... is it a hospital bed?

No. It's not a hospital bed.

It's a Fantasy-matic!

- A-A what?
- JANE: You know,

you can raise your head,

lower your feet, raise
your feet, lower your head,

knees up, feet down,
or feet up, knees down.

It's supposed to be
really comfortable.


It's great.

Thank you.

I didn't know
anything about this.

No, it's really nice.

But you shouldn't have. You...

I mean, you really
shouldn't have.

Well, good night.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Good night.


And thank you.

Good night.

And welcome home.



No, it's...

It's fine.

And I'm fine.

I know that, Dad.

Good night. Good night.

Good night.


You know, I think...

I think I could get them
to take it back tomorrow

without hurting
anybody's feelings.

I can't imagine where
they got the money for it.

I mean, they must have spent
their entire paychecks.

Yeah, they probably
bought it on time payments.

Let's just keep it.

Oh, no, we-we don't
have to do that.

No, really, I-I'm just

grateful that they wanted
to give something back.

It's nice that they're grateful
and I... kind of like it.

Oh, well... you do?


Then why aren't you asleep?

I don't know.
Slept on the plane.

Yeah, me, too.


What do you say

we crank this baby up
and go for a ride?

I'm gonna live till I die, baby.

Oh, Eric, I love you.

I love you, too.