7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 11, Episode 8 - And I'll Take the Low Road - full transcript

At home, Kevin has a hard time teaching the twins pets like their hamsters are for life when they want to dump them on him; Lucy ultimately finds out their motive: they think daddy needs ...

I'm sorry, Daniel,
but you understand.

Martin is Aaron's dad,
and he's asked me to marry him,

and I want to marry him.

So that means you and I
won't be able to go out anymore.

Because I'm getting married,

which means I won't be going out
with anyone anymore.

So... see you in class.

How was that?

Needs work, huh?

Well, come on,
we have to tell him

because we're getting married
to your dad.

And the perfect time to tell him
is when we know he's not home.


Oh, hi.

I thought maybe
I'd get your voice mail.

No, no, no, don't come here.
I'll come to you.

So where are you?

(knocking on door)

What, are you camping
outside my door?

This is just one of the things
we won't have to put up with

when we get married.

We're going to set
our hamsters free.

You can't do that.

They can't survive on their own.

Oh, then, we'll just
give them to you.

We don't want them anymore.

They make a mess.

And they don't do anything
but run on the wheel.

Well, you can't just
get rid of them.

You're like... their daddies.

Our dad left us with you,

so we're going to leave
our hamsters with you, too.

But your dad and your mom
are coming back to get you.

We'll come back
and get the hamsters one day.

Yeah, one day, and we'll visit.

Hey, guys.

Think about it.

Think about it?

Did they just say,

"Think about it," to me?

Don't do anything crazy.

Yeah, I'll keep that in mind.

- Morning.
- Good morning.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.


So, Jane, um,
I understand from Kevin

that you decided
to get a divorce?

Yeah. No big deal.

I don't want to be married.

Why didn't you think about that
before you got married?

And your husband,

he doesn't want
to be married, either?

Well, he'll get over it.

I told him he could keep
my picture in his wallet.

He asked!

And I'll write to him.

I'll e-mail him.

We're going to be friends.

It's no big deal.

I don't have time
to discuss this right now.

Where's T Bone?

Uh, I've got to get down
to the church, and I told him

I'd drop him off
at the Promenade.

How would we know
where T Bone is?

He left a note.

He's gone, okay?

I called his mother,
and he left.

- You did what?
- I called his mother.

She wasn't that hard to find.

She's under "new listings"
in Vegas.

- Why?
- Why?

Because she's new.
She just moved there.

No. Why did you call her?

Obviously, we're all going
to have to get out of here.

I just thought
I would check her out.

She sounds nice.

She's been worried about him.

She wants him home.

No one has to leave.

You don't have to leave.

(knocking at door)

- Mom!
- Ruthie!

Where's Dad?

Oh, he's a little tired
from the trip, honey.

I thought we should
spend some time together.

All right, well, just promise me
you're not going

to try and force me to come home

just because Dad's
having heart problems again.

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ When I see
their happy faces ♪

♪ Smiling back at me ♪

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ I know there's
no greater feeling ♪

♪ Than the love of family ♪

♪ Where can you go ♪

♪ When the world
don't treat you right? ♪

♪ The answer is home ♪

♪ That's the one place
that you'll find ♪

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ Mmm, 7th Heaven ♪

♪ 7th Heaven. ♪



T Bone, I-I can't accept
your letter of resignation.

I didn't know
what else to call it.

I'm resigning
as an honorary Camden

due to unforeseen

like Jane butting into my life.

I mean, not that
I didn't deserve it.

I guess telling Kevin
who she was hiding from

was not my smartest move,

especially since I promised
to keep it to myself.

Although, I believe Margaret

would have ratted her out
on her own.

So that's what this
is all about?

She said that she thought
you were all

going to have to move,
so she was just trying

to help you by finding
your mother for you.

Okay, first of all,
Jane is a liar.

She's pretty, but she lies.

And secondly, my mom
knows where I work,

so she could have found me
without Jane telling her

I was staying with you and Kev,

because thirdly,
she didn't lose me; she left me.

Well, she told Jane
that she got a job

and she had to move and you
didn't want to move with her.

Is that what Jeannie said?

That's her name--Jeannie.

I used to have
to call her Jeannie

so that no one knows
she has a son.

So she has work?

That's just great.

Yeah, she's an escort.

Or that's what she
calls herself--an escort.

That's why she thought Vegas
would be good for her "career."

I'm-I'm so sorry, T Bone.
I-I didn't know.

You never told me about her.

According to her,
I'm the reason that she went

into the field of work
that she went into.

She was a single mother.
What was she to do?

Get an honest job
that pays minimum wage?

Maybe work two jobs?

Of course not.

That would require
a regular schedule,

a commitment,
living on a budget,

accepting that we could be
ordinary hard-working Americans.

That's not the life for her.

You don't ever have to move
back in with your mother.

I mean, we'll take care of you.

And if, at any point,
my mom and dad can't,

you know Kevin and I will.

We're licensed
foster parents, too.

Well, thank you
for caring about me

when you have so much
going on in your own life,

but my mother
has not signed me over

to the foster care system,
nor would she,

nor would she ever hand me over
to you or your father,

because either
of those things would mean

that she's officially
a bad mother.

Well, I mean,

you wouldn't have
to be in foster care,

and she wouldn't have
to sign you over to anyone.

You could just declare
yourself an adult.


It's called emancipation.

What do you mean?

I can just declare myself
an adult,

and she can't do anything
about it?

That's... That's possible?

You could become emancipated.

You know, if...
if you have a good reason.

I don't just have a good reason.

I have many good reasons.

I could legally free myself
from my own mother.

So you're going
to Legal Aid today?


And your husband's
meeting you there?


You don't want
to think about it?

I thought about it.

I just wish that I had thought
about it before I married him.

He seems like a nice guy.

He is.

That's why I married him.

Well, maybe you should
give it a while longer.

I can't.

If we don't get a divorce now,
he'll be taking off for Iraq,

and then I'll be all tied in
with the Army,

and people will be wanting me
to fill out forms

and go to meetings like I'm
a member of some big club.

Yes, you are a member
of some big club.

It's called
the United States Army,

and you joined
when you got married.

Well, I'm unjoining,

and now that I know
that my soon-to-be ex-husband

won't be showing up
in the middle of the night,

Margaret and I will get out
of your way.

So thank you very much.

Bye. Thank you.

Wait. Margaret, don't you
have anything to say

about Jane getting a divorce?

Why would she have anything
to say about it?

I mean, she must have
an opinion about it.

What do you think, Margaret?

Margaret doesn't have opinions.

That's why we're friends.


You have no opinion
about anything?

So you have no opinion

about Jane tracking down
T Bone's mother,

and then calling her, either?

Might be good, might be bad.

Good or bad,

I don't think it was really
right for Jane to call her.

T Bone doesn't want any contact
with his mother.

Hey, I really didn't want
to have any contact

with my husband, either,
but it got forced upon me.

And the kid has a mother.

I was just trying to find out
why he wasn't with her.

- He's going to need
a place to go, too. -What?

What do you mean,
he's going to need a place, too?

What are you talking about?

Look, we're not stupid.

We know we can't just stay here.

Ruthie's coming back,
and everyone's

going to find out
about Reverend Camden,

and things are going
to change big-time.

And if you don't believe that,

then you're just in denial,
just like your wife.

Look, let's go.

Wait, wait--where the heck

do you think you're going
with those hamsters?

Chill, former po-po.

We're not stealing them.

Sam and David
asked us to take them.

They need a home, too.

But if you don't have a home,

how are you going to give
the hamster a home?

Plenty of people live in cars.

I'm sure the hamsters
won't mind.

One, put the hamsters down.

You're not taking them.

They belong to Sam and David,
whether they want them or not.

And two, no one's
in denial here.

We all know it's
going to be tough,

but we'll figure it out
along the way.

We don't make commitments

to people and then back out
on them.

We're not like you.

Didn't you tell me
that your father

passed away when you
were in high school?


Yeah, well, mine did, too.

I didn't make any commitments
to the hamsters.

Don't go any farther
than the garage apartment.

(door closes)

(knocking at door)

Oh, no.

Daniel, go away.

I can't talk anymore.

I have to get ready
for my wedding.

It's me.

I'm the best man.

Uh, hi.



We've never met.

I used to be
Martin's best friend.

He found out that I was in town
visiting my dad

this weekend, and he invited me
to the wedding.

He also invited me
to be the best man.

If that's okay with you.


- Nice to meet you.
- Oh, uh,

- nice to meet you, too. Come in.
- Uh,

Martin said that he was going
to meet me here after the game.

Is this a bad time?

Were you just yelling
at some guy?

No, not a bad time.


Not really.

I just... I broke up
with my boyfriend.

That's good.

Especially if you're
getting married.


Come on.

It's just that I really wish
you guys had called first.

Well, I guess we could have,

but your dad said
that he e-mailed you.

I know, but by the time

I got the e-mail,
it was too late.

You guys had already left.

Honey, didn't I explain to you

that your dad is having
some heart problems?

Yeah, I know.

And I feel really badly
that he's not feeling well,

but, Mom, he's always going
to have heart problems,

and, well...

this is a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity for me.

I guess I, uh...

I'm suffering from jet lag,
because I feel so irritable.

Or... confused.

Yes, maybe that's it--

Uh, I'm going to go back
to the hotel and get some rest.

See you tonight for dinner.

Oh, and you think about this--

Scotland is always
going to be here.

I'll see you later, Ruthie.

(door closes)

They just don't get it.

I'm still upset with you
that you called everyone

and told them that Mom and Dad
are getting a divorce.

I'm-I'm certainly not
going to let you

get on the phone with them
and tell them that he's sick.

Well, don't you think

they should know?

Well, I think Dad
should tell them

when he's ready to tell them.

I think the idea was that you
come home with them

and then we all get together
and talk.

Well, yeah, but we could all get
on the phone and talk right now.

No, we couldn't.

Matt and Mary and Simon
don't know anything.

And you know what? Dad didn't
want to tell you over the phone,

so you're not going
to tell anyone

- over the phone, okay, Ruthie?
- I have plans.

For Thanksgiving,
I was going to party

with all the American kids
over at this pub where we go

where the owner is cooking
a turkey for us.

And then, for Christmas,

we were all going skiing
in Switzerland.

I've never been to Switzerland.

What? You don't ski.

Well, I might learn how
if I could get to Switzerland.

That's not what's important
right now.

Skiing? Switzerland?

That's not what's important
at all right now.

It is important.

It's important to me.

No one even cares about me

or how this crisis
is affecting my life.

You know, we're...
we're not going to continue

paying for this anymore.

We shouldn't have paid for it
in the first place.

We just wanted to encourage you
to be your own person

and to take interests
outside your own little world,

and-and now...
now it seems as if

you've completely forgotten
where you came from

and who your family is.

We love you, Ruthie.

I know, and I love you, too.

But Mary is not going to give up
her family and come home,

and Matt is not going
to give up his practice

and his family and come home,

and Simon is not going
to drop out

of his last year of college
and come home,

so why do I have to?

Because you can,
and because he wants you to.

I have to go to dinner.

- Bye.
- Wait.

It's their first dinner
in Scotland,

so why don't you take them
to the... the pub

where the owner knows you?


Because I have a feeling

that that's a good place
for you to be.

Okay, thanks.

Bye. And call me.

And tell them
that everything is fine and...

and they don't have to worry
about a thing.


What are we going
to do with her?


So, how is this going to work?

Martin's going to quit school
and move in with you guys?

Not you and your boyfriend...


you and the baby, Aaron.

Yeah, I got that.
And quit school?

I don't think Martin's planning
on quitting school.

He has his scholarship
and baseball and everything.

So you'll be married,
living separately?

Do people do that?

People do that all the time.

I'm only 19. I don't know
a whole lot about this.

It just doesn't sound married
to me.

Then again,
my parents were divorced,

and they were never
happily married,

so I guess I don't know
a whole lot about it.

Is it going to be
a conjugal marriage?

A what?

Are you two, you know,

going to sleep together?

Why would you ask me that?

I don't know.
We were just talking.

I figured I'd ask.

Did Martin ask you
to ask me that?



I hadn't really thought about
it, to tell you the truth.

Okay, well, now that
you're thinking about it,

is it going to be
like a real marriage would be

even if you didn't
have the baby already?

I guess so. Yeah.

He wanted you to find out
if we were going to...?

He's a nice guy.

He didn't want
to assume anything.

He is a nice guy.

Too nice to marry
just because you need an excuse

to break up with another guy,
don't you think?

Okay, he asked me to marry him.

Yeah, I know.

He's not having
second thoughts, is he?

Even if he was,
he'd still go through with it.

Is he having second thoughts?

I just think that he
was a little concerned

that you were dating someone.

Well, now I'm not.

And that's what he wanted,
isn't it?

He wanted me not to date
anyone else?

- Right.
- Wait a minute.

He isn't marrying me
just to make sure

that I'm not dating
anyone else, is he?

Does it really matter why
you guys are getting married?

I mean, if you guys want
to get married,

I say you should get married.

But, then again, if

neither one of you want
to get married, then...

(knocking on door)

Look, I want to talk to you
about the hamsters.

Do you have to?

Yes, I have to.

We don't want them.

We gave them to Jane.

That's what I want
to you talk about.

I feel very strongly
that you keep them.

You adopted them,
you keep them.

We didn't adopt them;
we bought them.

Dad bought them.

And you're not our dad.

Your dad would tell you
the same thing.

Call him. Ask him.
Maybe you're wrong.

I think I can handle this one
on my own, thank you.

You're keeping the hamsters.


You don't take in
any living thing

and then just dump it out
when you're tired of it.

You have a responsibility
to the hamster

to take care of it.

We can take it
to the animal shelter.

Yes, that would be an option

if you had some good reason
why you couldn't keep them,

but you don't have
a good reason.

You're just bored,
and they're too much trouble,

- and that's not right.
- They're just rats.

Rats with names.

You're keeping them.

Hey. Hey!

Don't you just walk past me

after you attempted
to ruin my life!

I wasn't trying
to ruin your life.

I was just curious
about your mother.

Oh, really? Just curious?

Look, you're going to need a
place to stay eventually, moron.

I see.
You were trying to help me.

Researching the best place
to put me

if my current situation fails.

What am I, your new cause?

Have all the endangered species
suddenly started multiplying?

Is global warming
reversing itself?

Vegetarians taking over
the world?

Or were you just trying
to find out

something about me
that I didn't want to tell you,

trying to get back at me
for telling Lucy and Kevin

that you're married.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

This is all just her
trying to get back at me.

No, it's not.

It's not the only reason.

And why is everyone yelling
at me today?

I'm supposed to be the one
in the middle of a divorce.

Supposed to be?

He didn't show up.

And so you're not
getting a divorce?

Isn't he leaving for Iraq?

What do you care?

You know what? I don't.

I don't have time
for your problems

because I, too, am going
through a divorce of sorts.

I'm getting a divorce
from my mother,

your-your new friend, Jeannie.

We're splitting up,
just so you know.

I'm filing for emancipation.

Free to be me.

So, uh, if you decide
to call her again,

will you pass that along to her?


I'm going to have myself
declared an adult.

Big deal.

Doesn't mean
that you're an adult.

It is a big deal.

Do you have any idea

why I don't care if my mother
ever shows up here again?


No. Of course not.

And I would tell you,

but it's none of your business,
Ms. Curious,

so I'll leave you with this:

You're an idiot.

- You know that?
- You're the idiot.

I don't care
what Lucy and Kevin

are telling us. Eventually,
you're going to have

to move out
of the Camdens' house.

Okay? We're all going
to have to move.

The Camdens can't keep us

when Reverend Camden
doesn't have that long to live.

Don't you get that?

Reverend Camden isn't going
to be around much longer!

Ruthie. (chuckles)

Oh, it's so good to see you.

Dad, it's so good
to see you, too.

You look good.

Thanks. I... you know,
I feel good.

Welcome to Edinburgh.

Where's Mom?

You know, I-I told her I'd love
a night to see you by myself.

I-I thought we should talk.

Oh, T Bone's a good boy,
but... he-he has problems.

What kind of problems?

He refused to move
when I had to move for my job.

And I couldn't physically
drag him with me,

so I thought,
when the rent ran out

and the landlord kicked him
out of the apartment,

he'd come to his senses,
get on a bus and come to Vegas.

And I know it's not easy

changing high schools
in your junior year,

but we... we have to do
what we have to do.

T Bone claims you ran off

and left him in the apartment
and left no forwarding address.

I'm not surprised,

but obviously
he could have found me.

My number is listed.

I couldn't call him back once
he was out of the apartment.

He doesn't have a cell phone.

I see.

Uh, what field of work
did you say you were in?

I work at a hotel.

A hotel?

Mm-hmm. Management training.

You know, I hope you don't mind

if I tell you that...

Kevin-- your husband--
you look... awful familiar.

Do I know you from somewhere?

I used to be a police officer,

and you look familiar, too.

Maybe we do know each other.

What's that mean?

It means I might know you
from jail, to be blunt.

Um, T Bone said you're in

some kind of escort business.

Did he?

Well, he's mistaken.

So, you said that you

had something you wanted
to talk to me about?

- Yeah.
- (phone rings)

Oh. Sorry.


I suggested to T Bone
that it might be to his benefit

to file for emancipation,
declare himself an adult.

Can he do that?

(phone rings)

Um... yes, he could,

and if he does,
you would legally

not be responsible for him,
so it...

it might be
to your benefit, too.

Well, I have
no objection to that.

That's fine with me.

(phone rings)

Uh... I'll be right back.

Shut up.

Well, where did you hear that?

No. No, it's not true.

He's in Scotland.

No. No, no, no, no, no.

He's not in Scotland
for medical treatment.

He went there
to visit my sister Ruthie.

Uh, you know, uh, could you
hold on for just a moment?



No. No, no, no.
No, he-he's fine.

He's absolutely fine.

He's on vacation.

He and my mom went to visit
my sister Ruthie in Scotland.

I'm sorry, I've got someone
calling on the other line.


Um... hello?

Hello. Are-are you there?

Someone told everyone
that Dad is sick.

Who could have done that?

No, it-it can't be Ruthie.

It-it can't be.

So all this means

that you're going to have
surgery or something?

I don't think that's an option.

I don't even know
what the options are,

or even if there are
any options.

I-I've just had a few weeks
to sit with this news,

and... it's pretty scary.

I don't... I don't know
what I want to do.

You're not going to die.

Well, Ruthie...

someday, I guess I am.

Someday, but not anytime soon.

You can't.

You mean too much
to too many people.

God won't let you die.

Well, that's
the kind of attitude

I hope everyone in our house has
for the next few months.

Ruthie, I-I... I just...

I really want you
at home right now.

Don't you think
that that's kind of... selfish?

I... beg your pardon?

Dad, you've lived with
heart problems for years now,

and you're probably going
to spend the rest of your life

living with heart problems.

That doesn't mean
that I should come home

and watch you
have heart problems, does it?

Uh... no, I-I-I...
I guess not, but, you know,

on the other hand,
I want you to come home,

and I need you to come home,

and the entire family
needs you to come home, so...

I'm afraid that, uh,
as your parent,

I'm going to make
a decision for you

that you're not
going to be happy with.

You're coming home, Ruthie.

You're coming home
with me and your mom.

Life isn't always about you.

Sometimes it's
about other people.

Sometimes it's even about...

your parents and your family.

I-I just... I need my family
around me right now.

I don't care if you think
that's selfish.

Fine, I'm selfish.

I get to be selfish.

I'm the one who's in need
right now, and I need you home.

I mean, I could leave
this decision

up to you,
but you're 16, and...

I'm afraid you might

regret it later, so...
I'll decide for you.

You really think
you can decide for me?

If you can't make
the right decision yourself,

then yeah.

Yes. I can.

I hope you don't think
you can just publicly announce

Reverend Camden's
impending demise

and then go back and stay
at the garage apartment tonight.

Not that that's what we
were planning on doing,

but we can if we want to.

We were invited.

In fact,
we were practically told

to stay there by Kevin.

And they don't know
that I said anything.

They may not know anything
right now, but believe me,

- they'll find out.
- How?

You don't think people
are going to call them

and ask if Reverend Camden's
all right?

People don't just call people
and ask them

- if a family member is dying.
- They might.

Look, even if they do,

there's no reason
that they would think

that they found out from us.


You mean you.

No, I mean us.

If you hadn't been screaming
at me about

calling your mother, I wouldn't
have been screaming at you.

Excuse me.
Can I just get a burger, please?


Well... look who's here.



(patting back)

Is that the best you can do
for your mother

after all these months?

Yeah, Mom.

This is the best I can do.

I'm doing my best.

We're all doing the best we can
for who we are.

I hear that, um, you want
to divorce me,

declare yourself an adult.

Why don't we talk?

Yes. Let's talk.

Something we have in common.

We both like to talk.

I can't wait
until Mom and Dad get home.

Yeah, they'll let us
get rid of the hamsters.

Yeah, they'll understand.

I don't know why Kevin
wants us to keep them.

Me, neither.

We don't have time for them.

Hey, guys.

Just wanted to say good night.

- Good night.
- Good night.

You know,
if Mom and Dad were here,

they'd be telling you
the same thing

that Kevin and I are telling you
about the hamsters.

You really should
take care of them.

You promised
you'd take care of them,

and you don't want to get in
the habit of breaking promises,

especially if that promise

taking care of something
that's so helpless, you know.

Those little guys
are counting on you.

But why can't
someone else do it?

That's a question
that a lot of people ask.

Why can't someone else do
what I don't want to do?

But that's the wrong question.

The question is--
why can't you do it?

Why can't you be responsible
and do the right thing?

And the answer is-- you can.

I know you can, because you
learned to be responsible

and do the right thing
from Mom and Dad.

From day one,
the day that you were born,

and you're lucky that way.

We're all lucky that way.

You know, you two,
me and Ruthie and Simon.

and Mary and... and Matt.

You know, we don't always want
to do the right thing,

but eventually, we just have to.

Because that's who we are.

We're people
who know right from wrong.

And, you know,
we have the ability

to make up our minds and to do
the right thing--always.

So... right here and now,
I want you two

to make up your minds
to do the right thing,

and to keep the hamsters and to
take really good care of them.

- Okay.
- Okay. It's just that...

It's just that what?

Isn't Dad sick?

Isn't he going to need us
to take care of him?


Is that why you want
to get rid of the hamsters?

So that you can take care
of Dad?

Yes. We hear things.

You know, we're not stupid.

Not only are we
going to take care of Dad,

we're also going to take care
of each other,

and anyone else who needs us
to help take care of them--

including the hamsters.

You know,
God isn't going to give us

any challenge
that we can't handle.

And, hey, we're Camdens, right?

Everything is going to be fine,
no matter what happens.

Everything will be fine.

It's not that I don't love you.

It's just,
I don't love your life.

And I don't want your life
ruining my life anymore.

Where will you live?

What will you do for money?

Why are you concerned
about that now?

I have always been concerned
about it.

I have been concerned about it
for 16 years.

- Seventeen.
- Whatever.

Theodore, these months...

these past few months
have been really hard.

Yes. They have.

Not that all the months

before these past few months
were any easier.

You don't know what it's like
trying to be a single parent.

Trying to support a child
and care for a child,

and work at the same time.

Don't I?

I think I do.

I think I know all too well.

And it wasn't my choice to be
brought into your lousy life.

Your decisions created the life
we had together.

You made the choice
to have a baby, to have me,

to raise me like you did.

I mean, maybe it wasn't
a conscious choice, but...

No, it certainly wasn't.

I wasn't thinking about having
a baby; it just happened.

And maybe I should have decided
to let someone adopt you.

Oh, if only.

That would have been
so selfless.

Get the papers.

I'll sign anything.

Thank you.

Thank you for that.

But you know you can't live
at the Camdens'.

there's some problem,

something with Reverend Camden.

You know what?

I'll take my chances.

I'll stay as long
as they'll let me.

I'll do whatever I can for them
while I'm there,

and I'll hope that eventually
everything will be fine.

Reverend Camden always says
everything will be fine.

And look, everything is fine.

Good night, Jeannie.

I'll be in touch.

Good night, kiddo.

Good luck.


Is someone saying something?

She's sorry.

I was just angry at you
when I called her.

I guess I can accept
your apology.

I mean, everything
turned out okay.

I have, uh--what is it?--

Yeah, I wish I had closure.

I'm married.

Kind of.

Was that a comment?


I am such a loser.

And I'm homeless again.

I'm a homeless loser.

You may be homeless,

but for the first time
in my life,

I feel like I have a home.

My mom was so abused by my dad

that eventually
she was brain-damaged,

and social services stepped in
to save me,

but by then, I was 14--

I was really too old
to be adopted--

so I started out bouncing
from one home to another,

because I... I didn't really
have much to say, and people

thought I was mental,
when really I just...

I didn't want
to say the wrong thing

and get hit like my mom,
and so I didn't really fit in,

and I went from one family
to another family

to another family,
and then the social worker

started preparing me
to go out into the world

'cause I was turning 18,
and so I got a job,

and I started doing things
like opening a bank account,

which I totally
don't understand,

although I made
really good grades in school--

'cause all I did was study--

so I-I think I could get
into college,

but I... I was too afraid
to really try it

because I'm-I'm sort of
socially unaware,

although, one day...

I hope to be...
to become a teacher.

I'm going back to the Camdens.

Me, too.

Hey, anybody want a ride?

So Aaron's still sleeping,
but if he doesn't get up

in a minute,
I'll go wake him up.



We're not going
to get married?

I don't think so.


But I would like
to go to church.

Me, too.

And again, I'm sorry.

Look, it's okay.

I don't mind being the excuse

for your breaking up
with Daniel.

I don't even care if you
let him think we got married.


I just... I didn't know
what to do,

and I took the easy way out--
it was wrong.

And I don't mind if you really
don't want to marry me.

Well, not now.

I don't want to marry you
at some stupid 24-hour chapel

like a couple of teenagers
running away from home.

I want us to get married
someday, when it's right.

When all our friends and family
can be there

and Reverend Camden
can marry us.

Do you really think he

and Mrs. Camden
are going to get divorced?

I kind of doubt it,
but something's going on.

I'm sure we'll find out
soon enough.

I really want him to marry us.

- Or Lucy.
- Either one.

I'm just so relieved we decided
to do the right thing.

I think it takes practice.

You know, doing the right thing.

Yeah, but we'll get there.

We will.

I am so happy
I could be a part of this.

I haven't seen
a responsible decision

in such a long time,

I had almost forgotten
what it looked like.

It was very nice
meeting you, Sandy.

Martin, good to see you again.

Keep in touch.


You, too. Congratulations.

(door closes)

I believe these are for you.

Thank you.

For everything.

(phone ringing)

I'm not going to answer that.

Sandy, hi.

I'm sorry I haven't gotten
back to you.

We've had so many things
going on here.

My mom and dad are in Scotland,

and Kevin and I are taking care
of Sam and David,

and we've got houseguests,
so I-I... I'm sorry.

I-I didn't mean to abandon you,

but I also know
that you're capable

of taking care of yourself
when you need to.

I've got to get to church.

I've got Sunday school
this morning,

and, of course, I'm giving
the sermon this week.

So, um, I'll call you
this afternoon.

Uh, but I need
to tell you something,

so, you know what, call me.

I-I just want to let you know
that I'm...

I'm thinking about you--
you know, you and Aaron--

and I hope everything's okay.

Um, so... talk to you later.

Uh, okay, bye.


You're going to church?

The... The three of you?

I invited them.

I hope you don't mind.

Of course, I don't mind.

I need the support.

I thought maybe I could help.

- With...?
- I could say

that I lied when I yelled out

what I yelled out
at the Promenade.

But you didn't.

Not exactly, anyway.

You just went
with the worst case scenario.

So I'm just going
to tell the congregation

that Dad's having
some heart problems,

because that's the truth.

And I'm also going to tell them
that he's fine right now,

because that's also the truth.

And you know what?

Maybe it's best
that you did say something,

you know,
so the news can get out

and people can settle down
before he gets back.

You know, maybe if we
give people a little time,

you know, it might actually
make things easier on him.

What about Matt

and Mary and Simon?

I talked to them.

They're-They're kind of

And Kevin took Savannah
and Sam and David for a drive

to tell Simon face-to-face.

So, if and when Dad
wants to get us all together,

it won't be one
of those gatherings

where everybody falls apart.

It'll be one
where we stick together,

because right now we just...

we have to stay strong--
all of us--

you know, and that includes
the three of you.

- I'm in.
- I'm in.

I'm in.

Well, okay. Let's go.

(knocking at door)


I thought I'd stop by

to see if you needed
any help packing.

What makes you so sure
I'm packing?

You're my daughter.

We are really proud of you.

You've really done well here.

I'm sorry that we need you
to come home,

but we really do.

I know, Mom.

So what's going on
with your boyfriend?

I don't know.

I'm not really sure
if he was my boyfriend.

I think he was more
like a friend.

And to be honest,
I don't really know

if I want a boyfriend right now.

I mean, I don't want to just go
from one boyfriend

to another boyfriend
to another to another

until I happen to stumble
upon a husband.

I... I think I'd just like
to hang out

for a while, see what happens.

So you weren't trying to stay
here because of a guy?


I wanted to be here
because of me.

I love our family,
but I also love

being thousands of miles
away from our family.

I just don't know
if I'm strong enough

to be around him right now, Mom.

Oh, Ruthie.

It's all going to be fine.

It's all going to be fine.
It has to be.

Come on.
Your dad's waiting outside.

Give us a tour of Edinburgh.

We want to see your school
and meet your friends.

And we want you to know
that you can come back here.

We'll help you, Ruthie.

If this is where you want to be,
then one day--

not now, but one day.