7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 11, Episode 3 - A Pain in the Neck - full transcript

Now Annie is away for four weeks, Eric wakes up with a stiff neck but already promised the twins to sleep a night in a tent in the garden- not so easy as it sounds, especially when the dog Happy goes missing, actually tagging along with Kevin's canines. Kevin couldn't turn down his brother Ben who wants to came spend time with them, but Lucy isn't ready for any visitors yet, so he stays with Eric, whom he assures he can safely straighten his neck having nurse training- a painful mistake. When the twins' attractive young teacher Margo makes a pass at Eric, the principal laughs away the very thought: the old goat must misinterpret. Lucy changes her mind and decides to get the guest room ready for Ben to stay in 'any time'. Eric's cardiologist has crushing news. Eric publicly rages at Margo's unacceptable immorality and takes his kids away, then insists to pig out with unhealthy food as a fake birthday and even lets Ben give him another neck-crack. Lucy smells a rat.



Oh! Oh!

(both yelling)

It's okay, uh, boys.

It's just the dog.

Sam, David, it's okay.

Ow. Oh, man.

Who let you out?

Hey, everything okay?


Guys, it's just Samson.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Sorry. I guess the gate between
the backyards was open.

Yeah, I guess it is.

I think I broke my neck.

Sometimes Samson gets out
in the middle of the night.

Did you have food in here?

I can't move it any more
than like... this.


Maybe it's broken.

Over there, is that a hamburger?


Little something
left over there?

Were you going to eat that?


I'm-I'm in pain here.

You're gonna eat that?

I thought you just wanted it
for the dog.

No, he just gets dog food.

That's why he's out here
looking for food.

How many nights you out here?

Just one.
I promised the boys

we'd sleep out one night
while Annie's gone.

But... really,
my neck is like, mm...

Didn't she just leave
this morning?


You'll end up back out here.

Not if my neck is broken.

Okay, well, guess Lucy will be

wondering where I am. Night.

Good night.

Good boy.

Thanks for your concern.



Hi, Dad.

We want to sleep in here.

Oh. Uh...

Are you-you sure you don't want
to sleep in the house?

We're sure.

We like camping out; it's fun.

We forgot Happy.


I'm sure she'll be fine.

Can you go get her, please?

I don't think she wants
to sleep by herself.

Oh, I-I think Happy
will probably sleep

much better by herself.


I can't sleep without Happy.

Happy! Here, girl!


Okay. All right.

Just... (groans)




♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ When I see
their happy faces ♪

♪ Smiling back at me ♪

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ I know there's
no greater feeling ♪

♪ Than the love of family ♪

♪ Where can you go ♪

♪ When the world
don't treat you right? ♪

♪ The answer is home ♪

♪ That's the one place
that you'll find ♪

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ Mmm, 7th Heaven ♪

♪ 7th Heaven. ♪





- Happy!
- Happy!

Happy? Happy?

(groans softly)

Hey, Happy.

Well, okay, boys, uh...

she'll... she'll show up.

So let's go inside,
and let's get some breakfast.

Call Mom.

She'll know where to find her.

Yeah, I... you know,
I don't think

we want to call your mother
just yet.

I do.

I miss her.

Yeah, well, you know,
I miss her, too,

but, hey, we're men.

We can get along for a couple
of weeks without Mom.

No, we can't.

We already lost Happy.

All right, let's...
You know, let's go inside,

and we'll get some breakfast,
and I'll-I'll make some calls

to some of the neighbors.

Look, I'm sure she's fine.

She's fine.

Come on.

It's just for a couple days.

Maybe he can stay over
at my parents' house.

He could, but he's my brother,
and he wants to see Savannah.

Oh, he'll see her.

He'll see her
every day he's here.

But he thinks he's staying here.

You know, maybe he could stay
in the garage apartment.

And then he'll have
the whole space all to himself.

He's single-- he has a space
all to himself all the time.

He wants to see us
and be with us.

I love your brother. I do.

You know, Ben is great.

It's just not a time
when I feel like having company.

I told him if he did anything
in the least bit insensitive

that I would break his neck.

He's Ben.

I'm sure he's going to say
or do something insensitive,

but, you know, that's okay.

I love him anyway.

Then why don't you want him
over here?

I just don't.


it's Ben, and...
it's his birthday.

It's his birthday today,
or sometime this week?

It's... today.

I think it's today.

You think? You don't know
when his birthday is?

Today or tomorrow.
I always get it mixed up.

Kevin, it's-it's just not
a good time.

You know, ask my dad
if he can stay over there,

and maybe he could even help out
with the twins.

What is Happy doing over here?

Oh, she followed us home
last night.

Does my dad know?

I don't know. I guess.

Well, Kevin,
if-if he doesn't know,

he's probably going
to be in a panic.

Take her home.


Come on, Happy.

Oh, and ask my dad
if Ben can stay over there.


All right.
What are we going to tell Ben?

Tell Ben that we're happy
that he's here.

We're just not quite ready
for houseguests.

Would you want to tell him?


Come on, Happy.

Okay, well, uh,
if you do see her,

just, you know, give me a call,

and I'll-I'll come over
and-and get her.

Okay. Thanks.

I don't want to go to school
if we can't find her.

We can't go to school.

We have to look for her.

Hey, campers!

- Happy! -Happy!
- Happy!

Happy! Oh, hello, girl.


Oh, great, so now you can
go get ready for school.

Where did you find her?

She followed us
back home last night.

We were up all night
looking for her.

Oh. Well, she was with us.

I've had no sleep.

Yeah, it took me a while
to get back to sleep, too.

No, I didn't get back
to sleep at all.

Neither did the boys.

We were looking for the dog.

She followed us back over.

Does Annie have a Bundt pan
I could borrow?

It's a cake pan.

All night--we were looking
for Happy all night.

My brother Ben's coming in.

I have to make him
a birthday cake.

Kevin, I'm tired,
my wife's out of town,

I'm trying to take care of

two eight-year-old boys
all by myself,

my neck is killing me,

I was up all night
looking for the dog,

which was over

at your house,
and you're telling me

that you want
to borrow a Bundt pan?


Uh, today is Ben's birthday?

It's not his birthday,
but I told Lucy

it was his birthday
because I thought

that if she thought
it was his birthday,

she'd let him stay in the house.

So you lied?

Could be his birthday.

But it isn't.

Speaking of which,

could he stay over here?

- Why? -He can't stay over
at our house.

Lucy's not in the mood
to have company right now.

And you're just
finding this out?

He just decided
to come in yesterday.

It's something he would do
for his birthday.

If it was his birthday.

- Ah.
- Whether it is or not,

now I've got to bake a cake.

And find him a place to stay.

The garage apartment?

I'd hate to stick him out there.

I mean, he's here to see family.

Oh, like me and the boys.

Come on, Dad,
have a little sympathy here.

I'm between a rock
and a hard place.

Did I mention
my neck is killing me?

Several times.

Can he stay here?

Why not? Ow.

You're so dramatic.

Didn't you ever play sports?

Tough it out, man.



Nice cookware.


- Yeah, I'm baking you a cake.
- What kind of cake?

Whatever kind of cake you want;
it's your birthday.

Yeah, I heard. Lucy told me.

Do something not chocolate,
like-like a carrot cake

or a red velvet cake
or something like that.

Red velvet cake? What's that?

It's a red cake.

I don't know anything
about red cakes.

You're getting a cake
from a box.

Oh, I thought you were
the big chef, now.

I don't do pastries.

It's a cake.


Take your pick: white,
yellow, chocolate frosting.

That's what I can make.

Yeah, okay, yellow,

but-but... but don't
do the chocolate.

I have chocolate all the time.

I want something special.

It's not even your birthday.

When is my real birthday?

I have no idea.

Think it's around some holiday.

It's on Thanksgiving.

How can it be Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving's never
on the same day.

I was born on Thanksgiving,
so Mom just always

made it on Thanksgiving;
it's still on Thanksgiving.

So what's the actual day?

What's the actual reason
you're making me a cake?

I thought that if Lucy
thought it was your birthday,

she'd let you stay with us.

- Where?
- What do you mean, where?

Well, the only extra room
you have is the room

that was gonna be the nursery,

so I just kind of figured I'd
stay in the garage apartment.

Did you say anything
about that to Lucy?

No. What do you
think I am, insensitive?

- Yeah.
- Hey.

Be nice.

It's my birthday.

Hey... hey, where is everyone?

Oh, hey, Ben.

Good to see you. I-I didn't
realize you were going

- to be here so soon.
- Hey, Rev,

how's it going?

Well, n-not so great, actually.

I-I seem to have
wrenched my neck.

It's just killing me.

You want me to crack it for you?

Oh, no, no, no.

No, really. Let me crack it.


Oh, hey, guys.
Hey, come here, watch.

I'm gonna crack your dad's neck.

I appreciate the thought, but...

I'm sure it'll be fine
with just,

you know, a heating pad
and aspirin.

I'm a trained EMT.
I can do this.

So you're certified
to not break my neck?

Let him do it.

- Go ahead.
- What could it hurt?


All right, you ready?
On the count of three.

- On the count of three, okay.
- One...


- three.
- (crack)

(Eric screams and groans)

Yikes! Hey, watch out. Watch.

Please. Man with a broken neck.


So, the boys are
having a hard time

staying awake in class today.

I'm sorry.

We camped out last night.

- On a school night?
- Yeah.

Well, their Mom's out of town.

I was just trying
to make them happy.

Oh, they said you lost the dog.

Well, not exactly.

She followed Lucy's husband
and their dog home,

and then they neglected
to tell us.

So, we... spent a lot of
time looking for the dog.

The boys didn't eat
this morning?

- No, they had breakfast.
- They said they didn't.

They had breakfast.

- What about lunch?
- I made them lunch.

They don't have them.

Well, I guess they...

they didn't bring
them in, so here.

Here's some lunch money
for them.

It seems to me you are
having a very difficult time

taking care of your two little
boys while their mommy is away.

Oh, what's wrong?

Oh, I pulled something.

Uh... are you,
are you implying

that I can't take care
of my own children?

No. No, not at all.

I'm implying that...
maybe you need some help

with your children,
if you know what I mean.

I don't know
what you mean, I hope.

I'm offering to help.

Me helping you.

Maybe we could
have dinner together.

The four of us:
you, me, Sam, David.

I do know what you mean,
and, uh, no.

Then afterwards, we could
help them with their homework.

Then they could go
to bed and we could...

No, definitely not.

I'm sorry.

I've never done this before,

but I find myself
very attracted to you.

Maybe I should come in for some
professional counseling.

Yeah, I think professional
counseling might be a good idea.

Be happy to
recommend someone to you.

I left a lesson plan in my car.

Do you care to walk me
to the parking lot?

No, thanks.

Aw, that's too bad.

You sure you want to do this?

(sighs) I may not want to,
but we need to.

Uh, you were right-- you know,
Ben needs to be here with us.

We need to think about Ben.

So, um...

I want to move
everything out and paint.

And then we can move
some new things in,

and then if and when we decide
to have a baby,

then we'll do the nursery
all over again.

You know, just the two of us,

And until then, you know,
Ben can have

a nice place to stay
when he comes here.

I really do think this is
the right thing to do.

Me, too, Luce.

And we can get
this done in a day.

We'll bring that bed up
from the basement,

and then Ben can stay here.

He should stay here;
it's his birthday.


And if you want,
we can bake a cake.

We can do that together

- while the paint dries.
- Okay.

I just really feel like
being with you today.

Yeah, I feel like
being with you today, too.

You have any idea how long

Ben's gonna be out
with your dad?

No, but I think
it's gonna be a while.

(rock music playing over stereo)


(music stops)

Hey, um...

pretty lady, do you,
um, have the time?


Okay, this isn't my car.

I drive a Porsche.

I'm just visiting from New York.

I'm a firefighter.

I have every other week off,
so I can fly back and forth.

I-I do that a lot, 'cause I like
to spend time with my family.

Family's very important to me.

Hoping to have
a family of my own one day,

if I, uh, find the right woman.

Let me see if I got all that.

You are a Porsche-driving,
fire-fighting, family guy

who is also a liar?

It's 10:30.

Hey, wait.

You're not my type.

Well, what's your type?


Well, yeah...
I can see you like danger.

You're parked
in a teacher's spot.

I am a teacher.

Oh, then shouldn't you be
inside teaching?

I decided to play hooky today.

And I'd take you
with me, but...

you don't look that dangerous.

I'm dangerous,
I'm plenty dangerous.

I left something in my car.

I'm not really playing hooky.

I'm going back inside.

Hey, Luce?


Anyone home?

I need the extra set of keys

- to your dad...
- (Lucy screams) -KEVIN: Hey!


Oh, God.

What do you mean
you can't do anything?


Are you telling me that...

that the union will
support a teacher

who tries to pick up
the father of

- two of your students?
- I don't know how to say this,

Reverend, but...

I'm just not sure
anyone on the school board

would believe that Ms. Margo...
was trying to pick up

a father of two of our students.


Uh, maybe you've just

something our Ms. Margo said.

- I don't think so.
- Sometimes men do.


You know how it is
with men your age.

No, I-I don't. How is it?

Well, sometimes
they misinterpret things.

A young woman
being kind to them, they--

well, they think
it's something else.

She wasn't just being kind.

She's attracted to me.


You know, I-I admit,
I'm a little older than she is,

but maybe she has a thing
for older men

or for men in my profession.

You'd be surprised
how often that happens.


I am sorry.

I don't know why
this tickles me so.

Look, um, uh...
maybe you're just tired.

I know Annie's out of town.

Just go home, get some rest.

You don't want to accuse anyone
of anything without proof.

And Ms. Margo has been
with us now three years,

and she is very well liked
by our students.

Well, fine, fine.

But I know what I saw, okay?

And... I don't think I want
my sons in her classroom.

I'd like to change them over
to another class.

Why don't we just get some rest

and then see
how we feel about it.


When I said "why don't
we get some rest,"

I-I wasn't suggesting

that you and I
get some rest together.

No, I...

(continues laughing)

Oh, dear, dear, dear.

(resumes laughing)

(laughter continues)


Where's Reverend Kinkirk?

You're not Reverend Kinkirk.

No. Are you Stanley Sunday?

Maybe I am, maybe I'm not.

Where's Reverend Kinkirk?

Um, I'm Reverend Kinkirk's dad,
Lucy's dad.

Eric Camden, minister.

She said she would
come to see me.

Sh-She'll come;
she'll-she'll be here tomorrow.

May not be here tomorrow.

None of us may be here tomorrow.

Well, that's true.

What happened to you?

Oh, I'm just...

yeah, I'm just having
a bit of a bad day.

I had a little run-in with
my sons' teacher and principal.

And, uh, I'm still kind of angry
with the way I handled it

when I found out
that Lucy's husband's brother

locked me out of my car.

I had to wait for him
to come and unlock the car.

And I have this
terrible pain in my neck.

- I'm just having a bad day.
- Mm.

You have a home?

A home? Yes.

You have any drug addictions,

- alcohol problems?
- I don't.

You got a wife, children,
family who loves you?

- I get your point.
- You're not having a bad day.

Yeah, from where you're lying,
I'm definitely not.

That's a nice jacket
you're wearing.

Oh. Yeah, thanks.

My wife picked it up for me
at this little secondhand shop

that she, uh, she set up, and
she put in a new lining and...

Give it to me.

Beg your pardon?

The jacket--I like it.

Give it to me.

You know, well,
if you need a new jacket,

I can, I can, uh,

arrange for you to get one,

maybe even from
the same store. I'll...

Arrange to get me that one.
It would look good on me.

Well, yeah, I'm sure it would,
but I kind of like it myself.


So, uh...

Lucy, uh, tells me
that she met you

when you stepped out
in front of her car as she was

pulling out of
the Promenade parking lot.

She probably would have seen me
if I had that jacket.

Now, I'd put a pack of menthol
cigarettes right in the pocket.

Go get me a pack
of menthol cigarettes--

any green pack, I-I don't care.

Aren't you in
for some heart problems?

Cigarettes and heart problems
don't usually mix,

just from what I hear.

Uh, you know, I have
a few heart problems of my own.

I had open-heart surgery
few years ago.

So... you smoke?


And yet, basically,
we're in the same boat.

But mine is sinking.

You're here for me, right?

I am.

So... go get me some whiskey--

cheap whiskey--

a pack of menthol cigarettes

and that jacket,

and I'll be a happy man.

Oh, you think
that would do it, Stanley?

- Mm!
- I mean, I think it might

make you feel better
for a few minutes,

but maybe we should talk about
making some life changes

that could give you
some real happiness.

Thank you.

But there is no real happiness.

I'll take the few minutes.

The jacket, some menthols
and alcohol.

- Can't do it.
- Why not?!

'Cause, Stanley,
I want you to live.

And I want you to live.

I want you to live
like there's no tomorrow.

Just like me.

But there is a tomorrow.

Not always.

You worried about those tests?


I always get nervous
about those tests.

That's 'cause you think
there's a tomorrow,

and you think those tests are
going to ruin it for you today.

It's all about today.

(groans softly)

Give me the jacket!

Stanley Sunday, so sorry
to keep you waiting,

but it looks like you've been
keeping good company.

Reverend Camden, how are you?

Oh, I'm fine, thanks.

Didn't expect to see you here.

Oh, I like to volunteer
a little time to the community.

And, uh, Stanley here
is an old friend.

Of sorts.

You say you're feeling okay?

Uh, yeah, thanks.

He's been complaining
about a pain in the neck

and having a bad day.

(chuckling): He-He thinks
he's having a bad day.

Well, I, uh, camped out
in the backyard

last night with the boys,
and, uh, I'm a little tired.

I think I pulled something,
but I'm fine, you know.

Lot to be thankful for,
as Stanley pointed out.

When was the last time
you checked in with Dr. Dunne?

Not recently; it's been a while.

I've been meaning to call him.

You know what?

Why don't you come
down the hall with Stanley,

and we'll, uh, take a look
at the ol' ticker, huh?


Oh, you found it!

Red velvet cake mix.

Aw, Ben is going
to be so happy.

I don't know why we're so
worried about making Ben happy.

Because he's your brother,
which means he's my brother,

and it's his birthday,
and birthdays are important.

I hope he likes his room.

Oh, no, let's not start
calling it his room.

He's here a couple days,
then he has to go home.

He is welcome here anytime.

Anytime after he learns
how to knock.

Would you just quit that?

It's his birthday.

And it wasn't
entirely his fault.

You know, we're partly to blame.

For doing whatever we want
in our own home?


Where is Ben, anyway?

Oh, he's taking care
of Savannah,

so I can get some things ready
for his birthday party.

Look, I have to
tell you something.

You really are pretty,
you know that?


Uh, was there something else?

I really love
the smell of your hair.

It's really nice.

Thank you.

A-Are you sure that's what
you wanted to tell me,

that I'm pretty
and my hair smells nice?

Because sometimes
you say things like that

when you're trying
to tell me something else.

Yeah, I am.

I love you.

I love you, too.

It's been a really nice day.


Even if it's not Ben's birthday.

Oh, I don't know,
I just got a feeling.

- I lied.
- I know.

Why didn't you say anything?

I didn't want to
until we finished the room.

You know, sometimes it's easier
to do things for other people

than to do it for ourselves.

And I don't think
I could have started this

saying that I wanted
to do it for me.

I don't know why, I just...

I couldn't.

When is Ben's birthday, anyway?



Everything okay with Stanley?


Except for heartburn, he's fine.

He checks himself in
every now and then

so he can get some rest.

He does the tests for
the hospital staff.

He's an ex-con, an ex-drug
addict, an ex-bill collector.

He smokes, drinks and stinks.

He eats out of trash cans.

He's mean, selfish and annoying.

Even tried to sue me
for malpractice once

so he could have money
to live on.

No, Stanley's got
low cholesterol,

blood pressure 120/80,

and I can't find
a thing wrong with him.

Not that I want to.

I never want to find
anything wrong with anyone.

Reverend... I'm gonna recommend

that you make an appointment
with your own doctor.

I'm going to have him
go over the results

of your EKG with you.

But you're the cardiac guru.

If-If something's wrong,

my doctor's just gonna
refer me to you.

So why don't you go over
the EKG results with me now.

Today. This afternoon.

Or I might think
something's wrong.



Please don't tell me
I need heart surgery again.

No. Unfortunately not, Reverend.

(cell phone ringing)


LUCY: Dad, did you want me
to pick up Sam and David?

The school called.

Yeah, would you?

- Hi.
- Hi.

If you're looking
for Sam and David...

No, no, I'm looking for you.

Can you excuse me
for just a second?

Uh, no.

No, I-I think I, I think I want
to say what I have to say

in front of everyone.

So, uh, ev-everyone!


Just, I just, um, I just
want you all to know that,

uh, I'm taking my sons

out of this school today.

And I'm taking them out
because I don't think

their teacher, Ms. Margo,
should be teaching them.

Ms. Margo propositioned me
this morning.

Uh, well, actually,

you know, she offered
to come over to our house

and have dinner and help me
take care of my children

while my wife Annie
is out of town.

And then...

Ms. Margo insinuated that...

we should be intimate
with each other.

Now, the fact is,

she didn't just insinuate it,
she... she offered.

And I find that,

just for so many reasons,

not just, you know,

as a minister, but as a parent
and as a taxpaying citizen.

Yes, I, you know, I pay taxes
that pay for teachers

and-and other public servants.

And, you know, I'm tired of

having people who, you know,
actually work for me

acting as if
their lack of morality

doesn't affect anybody else.

Your lack of morals, Ms. Margo,
affects everyone else.

Look at you.

Look at all of you.

You work hard, you--
you know, you do a good job,

you put up with
ridiculous parents

who don't teach their children
right from wrong,

and in turn, those children
are so horrible in the classroom

that teaching becomes a burden
instead of a joy.

And all the while,
you-you hang in there

and you do the best you can,

and you, gosh, you barely
scrape by financially

and you do without because
you're dedicated to teaching.

And then somebody like Ms. Margo
comes along, or worse,

a teacher comes along
who doesn't just flirt

with a parent, no, no.

They flirt with a student

or they seduce a student--
a student.

The-The very person they're
supposed to be teaching.

Well, teaching what?

That nothing matters?

You know, and then all the focus
is-- it's taken away from

the sacrifice
that the good teachers make,

and all anybody hears about

are the lousy teachers
who are criminals.

So I'm not waiting around

for the situation
with Ms. Margo to get worse.

It's not okay for my sons

to be educated by a woman
who has problems--

I think they're
serious problems--

and who shouldn't be teaching;
you shouldn't be teaching.

You're not good enough
to be in this group.

You're certainly not good enough
to be Sam's and David's teacher.

They're my children.

And like most parents, I care...

...about my children.

Maybe you think I'm just a...

crazy old man,
but you know what?

I don't care.

I don't care about anything!

So, bye, Ms. Margo.

Bye, Ms. Fitzhenry.

I'm out of here; I'm out of
this wacky world of education,

where the lousy,
immoral teachers are protected

at the expense of
all the other teachers.

I'm not waiting days
or weeks or months

to find the right teacher
for my sons.

Life is short,
and education's important.

And to the rest of you, uh,

God... thank you,

Thank you for everything you do
for the students

in your classrooms every day.

Oh, boy.


I see what you see in him.

But, um, you and I--
we need to talk.


Are you okay?
What happened?

Uh, nothing, you know.

I just, uh, after the hospital,

I had some things
I had to take care of.

Uh, sorry I missed
Ben's birthday dinner.

Oh, as it turns out, it was
a not-Ben's-birthday dinner.


But Kevin probably already
told you that.

Not if he wasn't supposed to.

It's okay, Dad.

I've had such a beautiful day,
you know.

I don't think anyone
could upset me.


Dad, i-is something wrong?

Is it Stanley?

Oh, no, Stanley's not seriously
ill or anything, is he?

No, he's not, he's fine.

Stanley is just fine.

And you?

- Are-Are you fine?
- I'm starving.

Oh! Well, uh, we cooked
some burgers on the grill--

I know you did that last night,

but you know how Sam and David
like routine when Mom's gone.

Yes, they do, so hot dogs
and hamburgers it is.

Hey, we take better care
of you than that.

Kevin made you
some turkey burgers.

Thanks, Luce.

(chuckles softly)

Appreciate you and Kevin
looking after me,

but I think I'll have
a hamburger just the same,

and maybe a hot dog
or two, and...


Did you make French fries?

Um, Kevin did,
but they're slightly cold

- and slightly greasy.
- Bring 'em on.

Oh, well, I made a salad
if you'd rather have a salad.

You know, I've had all the salad

that I want to eat
for the rest of my life.

Dad, did something upset you?

'Cause you seem a little angry.


Yes, uh, s-several things
upset me today.

But you know what?

Instead of keeping
that upset inside, I just...

I just let it out.

You can't always...
you can't always

keep from upsetting
other people,

and you can't just always
be nice,

especially when your health
is at stake, so I'm fine.

I'm just hungry.

- Dad!
- Hey.

Hi, Dad, you're home.

We were worried about you.

Hey, guys. Oh.

Hey. Hey.

You know what I was thinking?

I was thinking that maybe we
should camp out again tonight.

- Yay!
- Yay!

I'll get the sleeping bags.

And Happy's leash.


Dad, tonight?

You're going to go camping again
with the boys tonight?

Yeah, I am.

Routine, remember?

That's what they like,
and I like them.

I love them.

So, I'm camping out.

But what about your neck
and-and the fact

that you haven't gotten
any sleep last night

and you've been running around

- like crazy today?
- Yeah, what about it?

Something happened with Stanley,
didn't it?

Kind of... yeah.

Where's your jacket?

You know, a-a guy deserves
to have a little happiness

in this life, don't you think?

Even Stanley.

Sure. Sure, Dad.

(chuckles softly)

Did you make everybody
wait for me?

Of course I did.

You know what?

Why don't I start with the cake.

Okay, start with the cake,
if that's what you want.

That's what I want;
and-and put some candles on it.

You have some candles?

If you don't, I'm-I'm sure
we have some over at our house.

I have candles, and I was going
to put the candles on the cake,

but it's not really
Ben's birthday.

Yeah, but it'll be fun,
and besides,

it's someone's birthday
somewhere, right?


Besides, birthdays
are just a reminder

that we can, you know,
take a day

and start life all over again.

Every day, we ought to get up
and act as if it's our birthday.

As if it's the start
of something new,

a new chance to live life
the way we should live life.


Thank you, Reverend Camden.


Thank you for your big,
big heart.



Come on, Dad, let me try
cracking your neck again.

If it doesn't work this time,
I promise I won't ask again.

You never should've asked
the first time.

Let him try, Dad.

Ben, don't you think
that Dad's neck

will straighten out on its own?

Maybe we should just have
some cake and call it a night.

Yeah, we could do that,

but, uh...
I don't want to do that.

And life is too short to live
with a pain in my neck,

so, eh... go on, Ben.

Yeah, my neck is in your hands.

Go for it.

Do it.

All right, now,
you got to relax,

so just sit down and relax.

That was the problem last time;
you weren't relaxed.

Yeah, that was the problem.

Okay, on the count of three.

One... two...

- three!
- (crack)




- (pats Ben)
- Thank you.


So, uh...

♪ Happy birthday
to... everyone ♪

♪ Happy birthday to everyone ♪

♪ Happy birthday,
happy birthday ♪

♪ Happy birthday to everyone. ♪

Nice day.

Very nice day.

It's a nice life being with you,
no matter what happens.

I feel the same way.

My dad is completely lost
without my mom, isn't he?

Is that it?

You noticed, too?


One minute, he was sad,
the next minute, he was happy,

the next minute,
he was something else.

Yeah, he was kind of
all over the place.

And he put all that food
on his plate,

and then he didn't eat anything.

I know.

But he took a piece of
cake home with him.

You're sure it's just
that your mom's out of town?

I don't remember him
being like this

when she was
out of town last time.

Yeah. And-And you know
what else is odd?

You know that jacket
that he loves?

He gave it to that crazy
street man, Stanley.

Well, it's not
too unusual, is it?

Your dad would give someone
the shirt off his back

if he thought they needed it.

I don't know.

I think something happened
at the hospital.

And I am going to look up
old Stanley tomorrow

and see what I can get
out of him.

I'll go with you.

No, I can go by myself.

I'm not going to the movies.

I have work I have to do,

and it's about time
I get back to it.

If that's what you want.

That's what I want.

I got it.

Oh, I-I disconnected the hose.

Some things you see coming,

and some you don't.


Still, a fire's a fire.

You shouldn't have a fire
in a tent.

I shouldn't have
a lot of things.

What does that mean?

It just means, uh,

I'd like to be alone
with my thoughts,

if you don't mind.