7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 11, Episode 20 - Nothing Says Lovin' Like Something from the Oven - full transcript

Steven tries to reassure T-Bone there is no reason to move out, Ruthie doesn't hate him and her spending much time with Martin doesn't have to mean anything. Then a surprise takes priority: dentist Theodore Alan 'Al' Bonaducci rides on by Harley and assures T-bone 'junior' that was his nickname as a youngster, his ma just told him in Vegas he's the kid's father, alas 17 years too late and ma is an incurable liar... Dr. Jonathan Sanderson proposes to elated Sandy for marriage after her graduation in a year; she promises Lucy she can delay that now Kevin and she have decided to accept the Crossroads parish. Mac is in Margareth's kissing grace. Jane assures T-Bone that Martin is not into Ruthie but with her, yet Martin also accepts a serious talk with Sandy. Only when Ruthie hears T-Bone accepts to go away a whole summer with his dad, she tells her dad she hates their break-up...

Can't sleep?

Got a lot on my mind.

Well, you can't just sit here
every night

and wait for her to come home.

She's out with Martin again.

I mean, she's not even upset
that we broke up.

She's not even
thinking about me.

I think she just
refuses to get upset.

Maybe you should refuse
to get upset, too.

Choose how you feel.


Try it.

I don't mean to disrespect
your infinite wisdom,

but I think I just got to
kind of feel how I feel.

Okay, well, then,
feel how you feel,

but for a, you know,
a set period of time.

Just put aside
all your bad feelings

until, uh, after you get home
from school tomorrow.

I work tomorrow.

Okay, after you get home,

feel as badly as you want
for an hour,

but limit yourself to that,

'cause you can't let your
bad feelings rule your life.

Something tells me you've never
dealt with a breakup before

from the guy's side.

I have sons.

Matt and Simon--

they went through
some breakups.

Simon broke up with
his fiancée on his wedding day.

You have anything to do
with that?


We let Simon
make his own decisions.


you didn't want me
to make my own decision

about Ruthie because...?

Oh, come on.

Well, you wanted
to break up with her,

you just were afraid that
we'd kick you out of the house.

Hey, I didn't say that.

Is it true?

I don't know.


It's only been a week;
give it some time.

I don't know,
maybe I should just move.

I mean, I can't stand this.

Every night, she's either
on the phone with Martin

or she's out with Martin.

They're just friends.

Yeah, I bet.
Just-Just friends.

She seems awfully happy just
to be his friend, doesn't she?

And, I mean, she can't help
being happy around me.

You know,
the garage apartment is empty.

Maybe just until
this whole thing blows over

and you two are together again.


I got to live with people.

Maybe Mac and Jane and Margaret
could take on another roommate.

No, I wasn't suggesting
that you move out,

uh, just trying
to give you some options,

since you're so determined
to be in pain.

I-I would be really upset
if you left.

Yeah, well, Ruthie wouldn't.

Oh, sure she would;
she likes you.

No, she doesn't.

And as time goes on and she
continues to resent that tattoo,

she's not only not going to
like me, she's going to hate me.

I can't understand it.

I mean, I've never been
a hate-able guy until...

someone made me hate-able.

(motorcycle revving outside)


What was that?

Is that a motorcycle
in our driveway?

Maybe Martin got a motorcycle.

Maybe he's dropping off Ruthie.

Oh, he better not be
dropping her off

from the back of a motorcycle.

Yeah? Or...?

Or... he-he better not.

The kids sitting out front
told me to come in the back.

The girl said she lived here--

Maybe she should've
told me to knock.

Are you Reverend Camden?

- Yeah. Hi.
- Hi.

So you must be--
jumping Jehoshaphat...

T Bone.


T Bone Junior,
I'd know you anywhere.

I'm your dad.

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ When I see
their happy faces ♪

♪ Smiling back at me ♪

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ I know there's
no greater feeling ♪

♪ Than the love of family ♪

♪ Where can you go ♪

♪ When the world
don't treat you right? ♪

♪ The answer is home ♪

♪ That's the one place
that you'll find ♪

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ Mmm, 7th Heaven ♪

♪ 7th Heaven. ♪




Well, thank you, son.

Not your son.

He just broke up

with his girlfriend,
my daughter

Ruthie--the one who was
out front--

and he's kind of moody.

No, you don't need to explain
anything to him,

because he is not my father.

My real father,
my biological father, is dead.

My mother told me so.

Is he sight-impaired,
hearing-impaired, handi-capable?

Look at the two of us;
you're my son.

When did you find this out?

Last week I was talking

to a perfectly nice woman
in a bar in Vegas,

and suddenly she screamed,

And when she told me
what she was screaming about,

and I started
screaming, "Aah...!"

I really didn't think
my 21st birthday surprise

was going to surprise me again.

That was a wild summer... son.

Look at us.

There isn't even
the slightest resemblance.

Actually, there is kind of

a slight resemblance.

Could it be possible
that he's your father?

No. My mom is a complete liar.

She probably just is after

child support
or alimony or something.

Could it be possible
that she just wanted

child support
or alimony or something?

I don't think so.

No, she didn't ask for anything.

Ah, well, now I see the problem.

You weren't
talking to my mother.

That doesn't prove anything,
other than

you took a picture recently
with my mother in Vegas.

Yes, it does. This is me.

I'm your old man.

She said so.


When I was a young man
like yourself,

they used to call me
T Bone, too.

That's where you got the name.

My name is Theodore.

My name is Theodore--
Theodore Alan Bonaduce.

Who else is named Theodore
and called T Bone?

My mother just called me T Bone
because she said...

Because life is difficult enough
without being called Theodore.

That's why I go by
my middle name, Al.

(door opens)

Oh, great, now it's
an entire greeting committee.

- Hi.
- This is my daughter

Ruthie, the-the aforementioned

And you are...?

Some crazy person
your father let in.

Al Bonaduce.

Uh, Theodore Alan Bonaduce.

He claims
to be my biological father.


I thought your father was dead.

I'm sitting right here
eating a sandwich.

Yes, you are.

Okay, well... good night.

She tattooed your name
on her butt

and you broke up with her?

I prefer "back."

Not my idea.

Oh, well, it's getting late.

Uh, look, uh,
if you want to stay,

the-the garage apartment
is empty.

And T Bone can show you
where everything is.

I'm sorry, I guess, uh, God
wakes you up pretty early, huh?

Well, I have
two eight-year-olds. Twins.

Sam and David.

They wake me up pretty early.

And then there's Ruthie

and Simon and Lucy
and Mary and Matt.

And I've got six grandchildren,
including two sets of twins.

Whew, you got me beat.

I think.

Although, you don't
really know, do you?

My mother is a liar.

- Okay?
- I know that.

She's not really 35, is she?

When I graduated college,
I turned 21;

I drove across the country
with a bunch of guys.

I was doing the same thing
this summer,

but I got as far as Vegas and...

What makes you think

that she's not just
lying about this?

About me?

I have an excellent memory.

I-I'll just let you two talk.

Good night.

Didn't you ever wonder
if you had a father?


All my life, practically
every day, I wondered,

"Do I have any children?

"And if I do, why aren't
they looking for me?

It's not like
I'm that hard to find."

Did you ever wonder
what my Christmases were like?

My birthdays? Father's Day?

Weren't you even curious?

You couldn't get
on the Internet,

search hospital files,

I'm just trying
to make you smile.

This is good news, you and me.

It's exciting, isn't it?

No, it's not.


Sorry, I-I didn't
realize you were up.

Then why'd you get up?

Because I wanted
to get a drink of water

and beg you not to be
angry with me.

Isn't it bad enough
that I got busted

for turning in your work?


I have to read what I wrote

in front of class on Monday.

What I rewrote, anyway.

I know. I'm invited.

Who invited you?

The instructor.

Just to humiliate me?

She feels very strongly
about plagiarism.

This isn't exactly plagiarism.

You told me you'd write
the chapter for me,

and then Reverend Camden
came along

and you changed your mind.

And by the way,
nobody would've heard

what you wrote if I hadn't done
you the favor of stealing it.

So if you want,

you can just be grateful
and say thank you.

What are you saying,
I should sleep with you?

'Cause I'm not going
to sleep with you.

No, I didn't say that.

I-I don't think you should
do anything like that.

Do you think I should
do anything like this?

'Cause I'm not going to do that.

And I'm not going
to do this, either.

Or this.

(door opens)

What are you doing?

You scared me.

I didn't realize
you weren't here.

Yeah, well...
kind of had a late date.



Not someone like Martin?

No, not someone like Martin.


He's dating Ruthie.

No, he's not.

They're just friends.

That would be news to Ruthie.

Come on, she has T Bone's name
tattooed on her.

She's in love with T Bone.

She's just trying
to make him jealous.

I'm not so sure about that.

And didn't you decide
that you didn't

want to go out with
Martin anymore?

The-The two of you-- you seem,

I don't know, incompatible.

You're right.

You don't know.
You know nothing.

And you've pretty much proven
that you know nothing

to the entire world.

Why would you say that?

I read the chapter you wrote.

(cell phone ringing)

Hi, Martin.

What time is it?

It's almost midnight.

Go back to sleep.

I just felt like
making some brownies.

Yeah? I'm kind of hungry, too.

Mmm, are you?

You want some eggs and bacon
while we wait

for the brownies to cook?


Trying to make a baby is one of
my favorite things in life.

Oh? And what are your
other favorite things?

Bringing a baby home
from the hospital.

And we will.
I know we will.

Maybe we just made that happen.


And I don't want you
to take that the wrong way.

If we never have another baby,

I'll be happy
the rest of my life

with you and Savannah.

I love my girls.


Very funny.

Ah, you're an amazing woman,
you know that?

I'm so tired.

If you say nice things to me,
I might start crying.

Well, I don't see how
you can not be tired.

I mean, you're going
to school, working

at the teen home,
driving down to observe Lucy

and Reverend Camden,

taking care of Aaron,
marrying me...

I stayed up way too late

last night studying
for that stupid exam

that turned out to be
nothing, and then I got

stuck in traffic and I was
almost late picking him up today

from day care, and I didn't
know you were coming,

so my house is a mess.

I'm sorry...
Wait, what did you say?


You said, "taking care
of Aaron" and...?


Oh. And "marrying me"?

I don't want to drop him.

Wait, what do you mean by that?

I mean...

Sandy, would you
do me the honor...?



- Good morning.
- Good morning.

So, is it true?

Is it true?

Did you ask me
to marry you last night,

or was I dreaming?

I did, and you said yes.

So it's official;
I could, like, call a friend

and tell them, "Hey, Jonathan
asked me to marry him"?

- Yes, you can say that.
- Do you happen

to know when you want
to marry me?

Would this time
next year be good?


- You have no problem
waiting a year? -No.

This time next year,
I'll have my master's degree,

and finishing my degree
first is important to me.

I thought it was.

So you're going to wait
a year for me?

I am.

That's so... nice.

Well, I intend
to be a nice husband.

You're not marrying me
just so we can... you know?

I think the medical term
is "have sex."


It's not like I want

to wait any longer,
but out of consideration for you

and what you've been through,
I understand

why you'd want
to be married first.

And it's just 12 months.

And besides, the receptionist
at the hospital says

she's gonna take care of me
until you and I...

I'm joking.


Listen, we have a lot

to talk about,
a lot of decisions to make,

but I want to spend
the rest of my life with you.

And I can tell people?

You can if you want.

But you should probably
let Martin know first.

He should hear
our good news from you.

Yeah. You're right.

You're-You're absolutely right.

Oh, I hope to hear that
many, many times

over the course of our lives.

I have to be at work at 7:00,

- so I got to take off.
- Okay.

But you'll be back?

For the rest of my life?


Okay. I have to confess
just this one thing.

No, really?

It's nothing bad.

What confession is good?

I have to go work
for a month in Appalachia.

Something I volunteered
to do before I met you.


But I'll be back.


And we'll start planning
the rest of our lives together.



I feel really good
about last night.

Oh, so you think
that was it, huh?

I'm sure of it.

No pressure.

Right. No pressure.


- But...?
- Maybe we should

move to Crossroads.

You know, maybe...
change would do us good.

I don't know about that.

You don't know?

Suddenly you don't know?

I started rethinking it.

Why? Why?

W-Why would you do that?

Why would you rethink it
when I was rethinking it and...?

Now I-I think we should go.

If you were pregnant,
would you want to take

a chance with a baby?

Would you want
to be that far away

from a hospital
and a doctor and...

I thought about that,

and that's why I was
hesitating, but...

I don't want to not go
because I was afraid

to go because I might
eventually get pregnant.

But I understand your fear.

You'd probably feel safer here,
and so would I.

I feel safe anywhere you are.

Thank you, but if you want
to stay here,

we should tell them
we changed our minds.

But we haven't
changed our minds.

I changed my mind, and I think
I might want to move.

I don't know.
I might not want to leave.

That's mine.

No, it's not.

I brought this home
from work last night.

Yeah, and you paid for it
with the money

that's in our
food budget, right?

- Right.
- Yeah. You ate

half of it, Margaret had some,
so... the rest is mine.

I'm saving it.




You know, I was thinking
about what you said

about Martin and Ruthie
just being friends,

and I've known them longer
than you have and I think,

I think Ruthie has
always thought

of her and Martin as
being more than friends.

I'm just saying.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Oh, thanks for taking Happy out.

I thought you were
still upstairs.

We wanted to see T Bone's dad.

T Bone's dad?

He's in the garage apartment.

- Hey, guys.
- Hi.

Who is in our garage apartment?

T Bone's dad.

But he's dead. Isn't he?

- T Bone's dad?
- Maybe not.

- What?
- I was gonna tell you

last night,
but you were asleep,

and then I woke up
and smelled bacon and here I am.

Eric, stop kidding around.

T Bone doesn't know
who his dad is--was.

Um, Eric, who do you have
out in the garage apartment?

He says he's T Bone's dad.

You can't just let some
stranger stay in our apartment.

No, no, he's a nice guy.

- Eric!
- Annie.

He just showed up last night.

He said he met
T Bone's mom in Vegas.

Well, not met,
bumped into her in a bar,

and she told him
that he has a son.

And that his son is our T Bone?

No, no, no.

Don't believe any of
his baloney, Mrs. Camden.

Not your husband, the stranger

who just showed up
claiming to be my dad.

And is Ruthie up yet?

I really want to talk to her.

She's not up yet.

Of course not.

It's Saturday, and, well,

when you date like that
all week, uh...

got to rest on Saturday.

Are you working today?

Is Ruthie working today?

I think she is.

Then I'm gonna be working today.

So... the man
in our garage apartment

you really think
is T Bone's father?

But how would you know?

How would he know?

He knows.

No, T Bone is not
going anywhere,

not with some guy
who-who left him stranded

with his crazy mother
for 17 years.

He didn't know T Bone existed.

And now he does? Uh-uh.

You know what?

You don't know anything.

I am not gonna have another
child move away from us,

even if he does have
other parents.

He's still not up.

It's almost 1:00.

Can we have another hot dog?

Sure, if you want,
but you've had two already.

Are-Are you still hungry?

Not really, but you won't
let us cut the cake.

This cake is for our guest.

We'll save him some.

I don't think so.
I might need the whole thing.

So you want another hot dog?

Can we go ride our bikes?

Sure, but not in the street,
just in the driveway,

unless you can get Dad
to watch you.

Oh, Dad is still working on
tomorrow's sermon,

but, you know, I can bring
my computer and work in here,

if you'd like to go out
for a bit.

I don't think so.

Wouldn't you like
some fresh air, dear?

No, I can't say that I would
like some fresh air.

I'm gonna stay right here
and watch you interrogate Al.

Go ride your bikes.

Wouldn't you think that
if he's really T Bone's dad,

he'd want to spend some time
with him today?

Yeah, you would think,
but, you know,

maybe he's got plenty of time.

Maybe he's planning to stay
for a week or two.

I hope he stays long enough
for us to find out who he is.

I Googled him.


Have you seen T Bone?

I think he left for work.

So he is working today?

He is.
And are you working today?

Well, I guess, if I have to.

Honey, you haven't
worked all week.

Well, I've been busy
with school and stuff.

Stuff like Martin.

Stuff like homework.

And Martin.

Who's coming over for lunch?

- Uh, w-we have a houseguest.
- Oh.

So I guess you don't think
he's T Bone's dad, then.

I didn't say that.

Well, you didn't have to.

This is a lot of food.

A lot of friendly,
get-to-know-you food.

Can I take a piece of cake
to work with me?

Honey, you... you work
at a concession stand.

Yeah, but we don't have
homemade cake

made from scratch
at the concession stand.

I think that your mother is,
uh, saying that the cake

is for the point
in the conversation

when she asks for a blood test.


Oh. Well, I figured one of you
would insist on that.

So... could you save me
a piece, then?

- What time do you get off work?
- I don't know.

Around 9:00, I think.

- I'll pick you up.
- Oh, that's okay.

Martin's driving down.



Ruthie, are you really
interested in Martin,

or are you just trying
to make T Bone crazy?

I'm really interested in Martin.

Are you happy?

So, who is this guy?

What did you find out?

He's a dentist.

Well, how do you know
there's not another

Theodore Alan Bonaduce
who's not a dentist?

How do we know
he's not a parolee

or a, or a drug addict or
something really, really bad?

Give me a piece of cake,
and I'll tell you.


Are you kidding?

There can't be another guy
with that name

in the whole country.

What does a computer know?

Not as much as you, dear.

(door opens)

Al said thanks for everything.

He'll see you next trip.

He left?

On his motorcycle.

(motorcycle revving outside)

What dentist rides a motorcycle,
Mr. Google Pants?

(key clinks)



Hey, what's up?

Who let you in?

I, uh, I know where the key is.






Well, look,

don't let Ruthie get to you.

She's in love with you.

She's just hanging out
with Martin to make you jealous.

I... called Martin.

He's interested in her.


No, he's not.

He's just saying that.

She probably
told him to say that.

She's just upset
because you broke up with her.

And she's trying to hurt you
because you hurt her.

No, she's not like that--

I mean, she's tough, but...

she wouldn't hurt me
just to get back at me.

I think Martin just
came along at the right time.

The right time
right after you two decided

you weren't interested
in each other

and that you just wanted
to be friends.

Gee, thanks for that.

Wait, he told you that?


We are not just friends.


He's just friends with Ruthie.

If we were just friends,
we wouldn't be

breaking up and getting
back together all the time.

We made out last night.

For hours.

He sat outside the house

with Ruthie last night
and talked... for hours.


They talked?

About what?



Savannah's sleeping.

Oh, sorry.

I-I just dropped off Aaron
with my dad and Martin's dad.

He's spending a little time
with his grandpas,

so I thought I'd come by
and say hi to Lucy.

Oh, she just left
to run some errands.

Have you had lunch?

No, but I'll just
pick up something.

Come on in, sit down.

Lucy shouldn't be gone
that long.

I'll make you
a sandwich or something.

All right, thanks.

Let's see.

We got turkey.

Or I could make you
a grilled cheese sandwich.

Or a BLT. Or...

I'm getting married.

You're getting married?

Yeah. And I wanted
to tell someone,

so I thought I'd tell Lucy,

'cause I didn't think
she would tell anyone,

but I just can't
keep it in anymore.


Who's the lucky guy?



Dr. Sanderson.

Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Sanderson.

Oh, Sandy Sanderson.

I mean, isn't that
kind of perfect?

It is. Good for you.
You look really happy.

I am really happy.

This is the happiest
that I've been in my whole life.

I mean, I was really happy
when Aaron was born,

but that was a sad happy,
you know?

And this is just...
a happy happy.

So what does Martin think?

I haven't told him yet.

I want to tell him in person.

And I think maybe
he's coming down this weekend,

you know, to take out
Jane or something,

so we can talk then.

You mean Ruthie.

Ruthie what?

He's been going out with Ruthie.

I talk to him pretty often.

I think he's dating Jane.

No, Mac told me
the phone date did 'em in--

Martin and Jane. It's over.

No, they made up.


Well, I don't know,

but they went out last night.

No, Ruthie went
to his game last night.

Maybe so, but he saw Jane
after she got off work.

That was the plan, anyway.
He told me.

I don't know what kind of game
this guy's playing, but...

But whatever it is,

we shouldn't let it
spoil your good news.


Stick around, we'll have dinner.

We'll celebrate,
the three of us.

Oh, thanks, but I think
I should track down Martin.

You probably should, but you can
do that after dinner.

Okay. Thanks.

So I guess this means if Lucy
and I move to Crossroads...

I'd still come and help out.

I'd delay graduating.

Yeah, but then you'd also
have to delay your wedding.

Yeah, that's okay.

I think Jonathan and I
would figure it out.

So you didn't tell your dad yet?

Well, kind of.

Don't you think
he'll tell Martin's dad,

and then Martin's dad
will tell him?

No. They swore
that they wouldn't.


I was supposed to throw it away.

It was left out from last night.

Yeah, I don't care.

I'm starving.

Why didn't you just go
to the Dairy Shack?

I'm going there for dinner.

Give it up.

Jane's not gonna
go out with you.

What? She's not.

Because of Martin?

What do you mean
"because of Martin"?

You're early.



- Hi.
- Hi.

So, how's your dad?

He doesn't sound that bad to me.


Where has he been
for the past 17 years?

I mean, it's a miracle
I even survived.

There was never a meal that
didn't come through a window,

she would leave me home alone,
sometimes for days,

and when she was home, she
usually had some idiot with her.

Her "dates."

Yeah. Try asking your mom

for help with your math homework
when she's behind closed doors

with last night's... date.

Some stayed long enough
to be called uncles,

but none stayed long enough
to be called "Dad."

Yeah, strangely enough,
when men pay to be with a woman,

they don't get married to her.

You know that movie, uh,
Pretty Woman?

She used to watch it
over and over and over.

Like it was a documentary
instead of a fantasy.

She actually
expected her knight

in shining armor to come
running up the fire escape

at any moment to rescue us.

Maybe we should talk.

I'm kind of busy right now
talking to...

Wait a minute.

You're not...?


He's not.

No, I am.

You guys do look alike.

I take that as a compliment.

Okay, well,
I'll let you two talk.

And I'll take my dinner break.

(clears throat)

This is like I'm visiting
someone in prison.

Not that I've ever done that.

(makes rim shot noise)

So here's my story.


My fiancée just
broke up with me.

We were supposed to get
married in June, uh,

but she decided she couldn't
go through with it

because she thought
I was too dull.

Because that road trip

that I took with my friends
in 1990 was probably

the last thing that I did that
could be considered adventurous.

After that, it was just
dental school and teeth.

I just bought the Harley.

I usually drive a Volvo.

Well, maybe driving a bike

and having a love child

will make your fiancée think
you're a little less dull.


Hey, I-I'm going, I'm going.

I just need you to know
a couple of things.

I have a friend
who's a doctor here.

I went by there today.

And if you want,
you can go by anytime

and complete the paternity test.

If you'd like scientific proof,
it's available.

Camdens put you up to that one?

Camdens? No.

So you did this all on your own.

I'm actually a fairly
responsible person.

With the exception of
the three minutes

I spent with your mother.

What if we are a genetic match?

I mean, then what?

We fight over custody for me?

I'm emancipated.

I'm an adult;
I don't need a dad anymore.

17 years ago, I needed a dad.

But I don't need a dad anymore.


So how about you get
back on your bike,

go home, and tell
your girlfriend

the very amusing story about
how you think you have a son

you didn't know about?

And then, maybe the two of you
could get married

and start a family together,

raise a son,
become a soccer dad

and join the Boy Scouts
and go camping,

take a vacation to the beach.

Do all the things you never even

thought about doing with me,
'cause you never even bothered

to find out if you have a son.

Do you think that would have

been reasonable
under the circumstances?

I don't know.

I'm gonna give you
my phone numbers.

I have about a dozen,
in case, you know,

somebody needs a root canal
or something.

And I thought maybe this summer,

you and I could
go on a... road trip?

I can give you references.

You can check my fingerprint

at the police department.

You can call my parents.

Your parents?

You told your parents?

How did you explain my mother?

I thought she was
the hotel manager.

I thought she liked me.

I didn't know she was a... gift.

I didn't know I had a son,
but apparently, I do.

What if I'm not your son?

Oh, no, you're my son.

Or believe me, I wouldn't
have told my parents.

My money's on Ruthie.

Oh, I don't know.

She's a junior in high school,
and he's the father of a baby.

Having a baby can
make you grow up really fast.

I think he's gonna
end up with Sandy.

Sandy? He's not even dating her.

I think they skipped over
that phase of the relationship.

Seriously, they talked about

getting married,
then they both decided

they didn't want to be
married to each other.

For real.

He's just a little immature.

Give him a year.

In a year, he'll be
a completely different person.

It takes guys longer to grow up.

Even guys with a baby.

You know nothing.

About relationships.

But I do know I like you.

"Like" like you.

SANDY: Well, it's not my fault
that that's how you found out.

You should have called me back.

And finding out from your father

is not the worst way
that you could find out.

I don't know why you're trying
to stop me from marrying him.

Why do you care, anyway?

You're dating Ruthie and Jane
and whoever else you're dating.

Not-Not that who you're dating

has anything to do with
my getting married.

I bet it has everything
to do with it.

And I'm starving.

Not my fault.

SANDY: Well, y-you can't
make out with your friends--

then they're not a friend.

I thought you would want
to hear her big news.

I wanted to spend
some time alone with you.

SANDY: You don't even know
how to be friends with a woman.

Pass the bread, I'm eating.

We can't.
We invited her for dinner.

Not "we."

Hello? He's not adopting Aaron.

And he's not
going to adopt Aaron.

Aaron is your son.

And I can't believe
that you would even think about

letting Jonathan adopt Aaron.

We can always spend
time alone later.

You know what,
I don't think so.

Because I love him,

and that's why
I want to marry him.

You think this guy
she's marrying is perfect?

No one's perfect.

We just don't know
his flaws yet.

I never said that I loved you.

No, I didn't.

And-And neither did you.

Isn't it funny how different
last night was from tonight?

It's not too late to turn
tonight into last night.

You know what? You're right.

I'm going to go
check on Savannah.


You can't always
have what you want.

You know, you don't
get everything, Martin.

And you can't just
throw a temper tantrum

and think that you're going
to get your way.

You need to grow up!

Well, there's nothing
for me to think about.

I already said yes.

Ah, beanie weenies--
one of my favorites.

Well, there's not
a lot you can do

with leftover baked beans
and hot dogs, okay?

I was being completely serious.

No, you weren't.

You're still trying to talk me
into cutting that cake.

Well, what are you going to do,
freeze it till Al comes back?

What if Al never comes back?

What if we never see him again?

What if T Bone
never sees him again?

Well, then it would be
a complete waste

not to eat the cake
right here and now.



- Hi.
- Hi.

Can I talk to you?


I think she was talking to me.

Yeah, I'm trying to get
a relationship started,

not end one.

Which I think is your specialty,
no offense.

I think I'm in love
with the wrong guy.

And that would be...?

Chocolate cake?


Private conversation!

No one's listening.

Let's not take any chances.

Well, the important thing
to remember

is that you really do
have a choice, you know?

You don't have to marry
every guy you go out with.

True, but if
you can't at least

think about marrying them, then
what's the point of dating them?

Yeah. I always thought I'd marry
someone tall, dark and handsome.

(loudly): Maybe someone
Italian--a chef.


Well, I've got to get home.

But thank you for talking to me.

Good night, Reverend Camden.

Good night, Jane.

Hey, call me or come over
anytime, okay?


Oh, Hi, Ruthie.

I was just leaving.

Or maybe you shouldn't leave.

Maybe you two could talk.

Should we? Talk?

I don't know, should we?

I know you've been
seeing Martin.

But I was under the impression

that you were just
seeing him as a friend.

Why would you get
that impression?

He told me that you were
just friends.

Well, he told me you two

weren't dating anymore--
that you were just friends.

Every night for the past week,
after he's taken you home

and I've gotten off work,

he and I have gone out
with each other.

I didn't know that.

That's why I'm telling you.

And what do you want me to do
with this information?

I don't know.

Whatever you want.

Good night.

Ruthie, there's something else
that I wanted to tell you.

What is that?

T Bone really is a nice guy.

He really does love you.

So... anyway, good night.

Your mom has finally relented

and given me permission
to eat the chocolate cake.

You want some?

Dad, you know how
you're always telling me

that I can choose my feelings?


Well, I'm going
to try really hard

not to hate you
for telling T Bone

he could break up with me.

Evidently, I've been making
an idiot out of myself

thinking that Martin and I
were more than friends

just because he kissed me
a few times.


And it wasn't a kiss
between friends.

Ruthie... it's not too late.

T Bone's still crazy about you.

It's too late.

He's leaving.

As soon as we're finished
with school,

he's taking off with his dad.

I can't believe we just
left our dinner guest

to have dinner by herself.

Oh, well, she left a note.

She and Martin decided
to meet to talk.

Oh, now that's dangerous.


Because I think
this relationship

with the good doctor
is a little too new

to withstand

a late-night meeting between
Sandy and Martin.

She's over Martin.

She's never going
to be over Martin.

She has a baby with Martin.

We'll see.

Yeah, we'll see.

Hi, T Bone.

Hi. Mac and Margaret
said I could sleep on the couch.

Fine by me.

No Martin?

Oh, it's not the one
left over from last night.

I picked it up after work.

Fresh from Pete's.



What was I thinking?

What was Mommy thinking?