7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 11, Episode 19 - Some Break-Ups and Some Get-Togethers - full transcript

When Ruthie asks T-Bone to help her get a job at his movie theater, to earn enough for an anniversary present reciprocating his engagement ring, he tells colleague Mac that he wants to use Eric's permission to break up with Ruthie but doesn't know how. Without asking, Mac uses T-Bone's cell phone to send Ruthie a text message meaning "I break up with you", and as if that weren't blunt enough accidentally copies it to the boy's entire phone-list, so everybody knows, only Ruthie doesn't get it. Lucy is furious at 'insensitive T-Bone', Anny blames Eric fearing his permission will overshadow the couple's own feelings. Margaret is furious, feeling used, when she hears Mac has taken full credit reading the Crawford English literature paper she helped him write; Jane says that kills her blossoming love for him, Mac feels an attack by lip contact is his best shot. Kevin is very eager to become sheriff in Crossroads, where he could make a real difference, but Lucy doesn't want to move and collects excuses, so they decide to ponder their choice a bit longer. Police captain Michaels tells Kevin the job pays great, but also offers him an alternative job without moving, now he's up for promotion to chief of police himself. Martin acts toward Jane as if they aren't together, but refuses Mac's suggestion to look for a more practical girl-friend, at his college. Ruthie considers dad's advice to leave T-Bone free to choose, true love comes trough anyway; T-Bone gets second thoughts...

- Hi.
- Hi.

What are you doing back there?

Movie doesn't start
for another hour.

You didn't tell me
there was a job

opening at the concession stand.

Is there?

Yeah, there is.
I just applied for it.

You'd want to work
at the concession stand?

- Why not? -I don't know.
I mean, it's just...

it's kind of lonely back there
once the movie starts.

I mean, a big rush,
and then nothing...

- for hours.
- Kind of like your job?

Well, yeah, but my job,
I mean, I'm outdoors.

I can people-watch.

People stop by, they chat.

In there, there's nothing.

Nothing but, uh, Jujus
and Sugar Babies

and other gigantic boxes
of candy,

and giant sodas, and the smell
of that popcorn...

I mean, after a while,
I don't know.

So what are you saying?

You don't want me working
at the same place as you,

or you think I'd be tempted
by all the candy?


No. Neither. None of that.

So talk to your boss.
I need a job.

- So you can get
the tattoo removed. -And...

our six-month anniversary
is coming up in a few weeks.

Six months?

Is that a big anniversary?

Yeah, it is.

You don't have to get me
anything if you don't want to.

You already got me
the promise ring.

But I just thought
I should get you something.

I want to get you something.
Something nice.

You don't have to do that,
you know.

Yeah, I know, but I want to.

Besides, it'll be fun

having both of us work
at the same place.

You and me.

More time together.

More time away
from the house together.

All right. Well, uh...

I'll talk to the boss.



Sorry. I-I-I just left
my notebook here last night.

Help me.
You-you have to help me.

- What's wrong? -I don't want
Ruthie to work here.

Yeah, all right,
I can understand that.

So don't recommend her
to the boss.

No, you don't understand.

I want to break up with her.

You're breaking up with Ruthie?

Isn't that kind of dangerous,
given your...

living situation?

Reverend Camden
gave me permission.

- No kidding.
- No kidding.

Just didn't give me
any instructions.

Give me your phone.

Don't you know anything
about modern technology?


♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ When I see
their happy faces ♪

♪ Smiling back at me ♪

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ I know there's
no greater feeling ♪

♪ Than the love of family ♪

♪ Where can you go ♪

♪ When the world
don't treat you right? ♪

♪ The answer is home ♪

♪ That's the one place
that you'll find ♪

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ Mmm, 7th Heaven ♪

♪ 7th Heaven. ♪



(cell phone ringing)

T Bone.

(cell phone vibrating)

T Bone.

So, if I'm not interrupting...

Uh, I just have to...

Sure. Sure.

Thought any more
about that job offer?


(cell phone rings)

(cell phone vibrating)



"M... breightening up...

...with you."

This is from T Bone.

- To us? -No, he copied us
on a message to Ruthie.

He's breaking up with Ruthie
on a text message!

- Oh, no.
- Oh, no is right.

How can he break up with her?!

She has his name tattooed
across her butt.

You know,
that ungrateful little...

- Idiot.
- Idiot?

That wasn't very nice
calling him an idiot.

No, that was more than not nice;
it's... it's curious.

What do you know about this?

Nothing, you know,
other than he's an idiot for...

sending her a message on a cell
phone and then sending it to us.


And I feel really badly
for Ruthie.

- And?
- And?

And do you have something
to do with this?


I get the distinct feeling--

- Don't you have some Googling
to do? -It can wait.

I thought your friends
at Crossroads

- needed an answer right away.
- Dad.

- Lucy.
- What?

Well, are you and Kevin
moving up there or not?

I don't know.

But did you have something to do
with this breakup or not?

I'm not really sure.

(cell phone ringing)

Uh... boys, would you,
uh, grab my phone?


T Bone.

Oh, I-I'll take it later.

I'm a little busy
right this minute.

I want to get this cake frosted
before Ruthie gets home.

I'm making her a treat

because she did
what she told me she'd do.

She's been looking for a job
every day after school,

and I am so proud of her.

Maybe T Bone's calling
to tell you she got a job.

Well, why would he do that?

Maybe Ruthie can't call.
Maybe she's working.

Maybe she is.

Do you know how to get
the message?

Here it is.

Okay, let's see.

"M breaking up with slash you."

"I'm breaking up with you."

T Bone's breaking up with me?
Oh, no!

I don't think it's you, Mom.

I bet it's Ruthie.
He's breaking up with Ruthie.



Hey, quiet! Savannah's sleeping.

(cell phone ringing)

T Bone.

"M-B-R-eight-N, up, W slash U?"

She's still in Margaret's Books.

She probably doesn't even
have her cell phone on her,

or it's out of battery
or something.

She's just walking around.

If I'm still alive
at the end of my shift,

I'm afraid I'm going
to have to kill you.

What are you talking about?
I did you a favor.

That's not how you break up
with a girl!

It's one way.

Not a very good way.

- There's no good way.
Believe me. -Well...

that was the worst way.

So, I'm really going to have
to kill you.

Well, that's going to have to
wait. I have to get to class.

- Now?
- A group of students

from several different classes

have been invited
to come together

and read our chapters
from our novels out loud.

Your novel?


Are you going to turn in
the one you wrote

or what Margaret wrote?

I don't think that's any
of your business, Mr. Grumpy.

And how do you know
that there's a chapter she wrote

and a chapter I wrote?

'Cause you left it in here
last night--

your notebook--
and I read it, and well, uh...

obviously, you know nothing
about women.

Good luck.

- Hi.
- Hi.


Where's he off to?

Uh... plagiarism prison,
I imagine.

He looks kind of sad.

Could I see your phone?

Yeah, okay.

I just want to see
if it's like my phone.

Oh, I-I saw
that you left me a message.

That's why I came out here.

That and I just wanted
to see you.

- I love you.
- I love you.

I'll, uh...
I'll always love you.

I... I swear.

I know.

Is that the message
you left for me?

Um... not exactly.

The thing is, uh...

I-I actually didn't leave
the message; Mac... Mac did.

Mac left me a message?

Did he talk to your boss?

He did, didn't he?


he, um... we...

You both did?

Oh, thank you.
I really appreciate it.

Yeah. So... uh...

you could just delete
that message off your phone now.

Or... you know what? I'll do it.

Should I go talk to him?

Go talk to him?

Yes. Go talk to him.

Why don't you do that? But...

you should definitely
leave the phone behind

'cause you don't want it beeping

while you're trying
to get a job.

I love you.

I really do love you.

Me, too.
I really, really do.

That was really low.

No, no, no.
Don't say anything.

Doing something
very important here.

Just hold on.

You broke up with her
on your cell phone?

Did Mac tell you that?

- No, I got the message, too.
- Huh?

What did you do, send it
to everyone on your phone list?


Margaret got it, too.

- How could that be?
- Did you copy your phone list?

Copy my phone list?

Is... Is that possible?

Yes, it's totally possible.


Did you break up with Ruthie?

Hi, Jane.


I better go.

He's sick, you know.


Your boyfriend Martin.

Oh. Yeah. I know.

That's why I'm having
a phone date with him tonight.

So that I don't get sick.

I just came by
to pick up my check

and to yell at T Bone.

You sent Ruthie a text message
to break up with her?

No, no, I did not do it.

- Mac did it.
- Why would he do that?

Because I wanted
to break up with her.

I just...
I didn't know how to do it.

I got the job! I got the job!

Thank you! Thank you!

I should just call my mom!

Oh, hey, Sandy.

- I just got a job working here.
- Yeah?

I've been trying
to get something all week.

It's not easy, you know,
to get a job.

My dad's picking me up.

I should just tell them
in person.

Bye, Sandy.

I'll see you at home, T Bone.


"Margaret has had enough.

"She snaps, 'I don't love you.

"'I did love you,
but I don't anymore.

"'I love me,
and that's the truth.


"'It's all about me.
You know why?

"'Because it's been about you
for the past four years.

"'It's been about your major,
your plans, your dreams.

"'Well, I've got
a dream of my own,

"and it doesn't
include you anymore.'

"He looked at her, confused.

"This was not the Margaret
that he knew.

"This wasn't the Margaret
who had paid half their rent

"and cooked most of their meals.

"This wasn't the Margaret
who had done his research

"and drafted his papers.

"This was a new Margaret.

"A grown-up.

"He found himself
suddenly wanting her more

"than he ever had before.

"He took her hand.

"'Margaret, look,

"'I-I know that I've
been selfish at times,

"'but that's because
I want to give you

"the best life has to offer.'

"She stepped back and smiled.

"'I don't need you to give me
the best that life has to offer,

"because I can get
whatever I want on my own.'

"And that was the conversation
that they both recalled

"as they stood in the rain
looking at each other,

"each on the other side
of Second Avenue in Manhattan,

"each waiting for a bus,

"each headed in the opposite
direction... again.

"That conversation
had taken place ten years ago,

"and a lot had happened
since then.

"He called to her,


She smiled and waved back."


So, Mac, is that based
on personal experience?

It's very good.

Usually, when something
is very good,

it's based
on personal experience.

Kind of.

I mean,
I have these two friends,

and they're breaking up,

and I just feel like
they'll regret it one day,

ten years from now,
and it'll be too late

to have what they could have
if they stayed together.

But people your age rarely
stay together a lifetime.

I know, but if they could...

if you could find real love
when you're this young,

man, that would be amazing.

Don't you think?

And that's
what I'm writing about--

the possibility of love
more so than the reality.

I feel that you
can't really be in love

unless you can imagine
being in love first.

You're kidding.

No. Okay.

I went up to see Simon,
and he was with Rose,

and Sandy was her friend,
and we had some pizza.

Then we went back to her place,
and, uh... rest is history.

- Just like that?
- Yeah, just like that.

So, um, what happened
to Meredith,

- the girl you were in love with?
- She broke up with me.

I don't blame her.
I would have dumped you, too,

if I would have known you were
sleeping with another woman.

Believe me,
I'm never doing that again.

Never doing what again?

Telling my girlfriend
I got someone else pregnant.

I knew it!
He turned in my work!


So I wish I'd had a baby
with Meredith instead of Sandy.

I mean, I like Sandy--
I love her even, in a way--

but if we hadn't
had a baby together,

if... if she weren't
Aaron's mother...

So, what if I wanted
to use that paper?!

- Is someone there?
- It's just Margaret.

So when's the last time
that you saw Meredith?


Just Margaret?

Is that how you think of me?
As "Just Margaret"?

Phone date. Martin.

We passed each other
in the hallways a few times,

but the last time
I really saw her

was when I told her about Sandy.

- Hi.
- Hi?

Is that all you have
to say to me?

Hello. Martin.


And who do you know
who broke up?

T Bone and Ruthie?!

JANE: You know, he's the one
who broke them up.

Mac sent the text message.

Did she say Ruthie
and T Bone broke up?

- What do you care?
- I care because I know Ruthie.

Oh, are you interested
in Ruthie?

Are you interested in Ruthie?!

No. I just did it as a favor.

- Why did you forward it
to everyone? -Yeah, except me.

So they wouldn't have
to tell everyone.

MARTIN: Didn't they just
get tattoos for each other?


I can't believe they would both
do something that stupid,

especially if they're not even
really in love with each other.

I mean, they're going
to have those tattoos

for the rest of their lives.

Isn't that--
what's that saying?--

um... the pot
calling the kettle black?

I meant to ask--
is your divorce final yet?

You know, to that guy

that you married
that you don't even know?

You broke up with Ruthie

for T Bone with a text message

that you copied to everyone?!

There's no good way to do it.

You know, I gave up watching
a game for this phone call.

Here, let me help you with that.

I actually thought I liked you!

I think she still does.

You told him what?

That we didn't want him

to stay with her out of guilt.

- Why? -Well, because that
would be wrong.

But why would you tell him that?

Because I could tell that he
wanted to break up with her,

but he thought he couldn't

because she got
that stupid tattoo.

I mean, do we really

want him to eventually marry her
because of a tattoo

or because he had no place
to live,

so he feels he owes it to us
to marry her?

After Matt and Mary
and Simon and Lucy,

have you not learned to stay out
of these things?

This is different.

T Bone has no parents;
he lives with us.

He's looking to me to... you
know, to tell him what to do.

Well, what are you going
to tell him to do now?

I mean, not now;
I mean, whenever Ruthie

finally checks her messages

and finds out that he
has broken up with her?

You know how
these things change.

They break up,
they get back together again.

They break up
over and over again,

but now you've... you've put
yourself in the middle of it,

so they're going to blame you.

Especially Ruthie.

Your daughter Ruthie.

They can blame me all they want.

They're breaking up
because those two

really don't want
to be with each other.

This week.

But who knows what next week
will bring? They're teenagers.

But, you see,
now that you've stepped in,

uh... oh, neither one of them

is going to take responsibility
for any of this.

And-and it's just... it's just
all going to be about you.

I just gave him permission
to do what he wanted to do,

and I thought...

I thought that if he felt free
to move on,

that perhaps he
might not move on.

- Mmm. Did you?
- Yeah.

I don't really think
that's the case.

I-I think
you saw T Bone struggling

and you...
you let him off the hook.

Let's eat!

We can't take this offer

and move to Crossroads,

even though we both want to,

because T Bone
and Ruthie broke up?

What's so crazy about that?

Oh, I don't know.

We're letting two teenagers
and their tattoos

dictate what we do
with our lives?

Okay, fine.

It's not them; it's me.

- I don't want to go.
- Since when?

We can't just move away

and leave my parents
to deal with...

with all that they have
to deal with alone.

Yes, we can.

Your parents can deal
with anything,

and we can do whatever we think
is best for our family.

I don't want to move
to the middle of nowhere.

Well, what about
what I want, Luce?

What if I want to move?

If you want to go back to work,

you can work out here.

I don't want to go
back to work here.

I love the idea
of moving away from here.

I love the idea
of being the sheriff

in a small community

that was created for the good
of everyone in that community.

I would love to go
back to school.

I would love to get
a college degree.

I think it would set
a good example for Savannah.

And you think raising Savannah
around children

whose parents are in prison
is a good idea?

Those children
didn't do anything wrong,

and you know that.

Kevin, it's not a utopia.

Those children have problems.

You know, I got
into law enforcement

because I thought I'd be
protecting the innocent

and upholding the law.

And instead, I found myself
protecting the guilty

by doing mounds of paperwork

to make sure
their rights were protected,

and I arrested the same guys
over and over again.

This job in Crossroads
is what I wanted to do.

Not only would I be protecting
the innocent,

I'd be breaking
the cycle of crime

by breaking the pattern
in the family.

Well, there's got to be
somewhere around here

where you can do that.

No, there isn't.

I'm going out for a while.

Kevin, don't do that.

I feel like getting out.

Well, what if I feel
like getting out?

Then get out.

But I'm going out by myself.

(phone ringing)


- Lucy?
- Oh, hi, Sandy.

I just wanted to find out
how Ruthie is.

I didn't know
if I should call her yet.

Yeah, me, neither.

I... I don't think she knows.

How could she not know?

I don't know, uh, but I talked

to my mom, and she said

that Ruthie
hadn't said anything about it.

- So how are you?
- Not that great.

On the other hand...

On the other hand?

Hey, Kevin.

Captain Michaels,
good to see you.

You don't have to call me
captain; you're a civilian.

It's good to see you, too.

- So how are things?
- Good.

Didn't sound good
when you called.

Oh, you know how it is.

I know how it is.

That's why I'm divorced.

No one's getting a divorce.
I just felt like getting out.


Eh, Lucy and I had an argument.

Is this about Crossroads?

The sheriff's position?

How do you know about that?

I hear things.

- They called.
- And?

They sure would like
for you to be their sheriff.

- Yeah?
- It's a good job.

Did they tell you what it pays?

More than I'm making--
to look after 27 people.

- No kidding?
- You know it's privately funded.

Those two guys you met with
are independently wealthy.

I'd consider going
up there myself, only...

- Only...?
- Let's get some pizza first.

I'm starving.

I don't know
what the big deal is.

- She liked you.
- I like her, too.

I said "liked."

She liked you
before you used her.

You don't know anything
about her.

I know she can write.

Anyone who writes like that
has to be smart

and complicated and...

It's her mouth.

She's got perfect lips
and teeth. You ever notice?

- No.
- Yeah.

They're very kissable.

Maybe I should try to kiss her.

I think we both like kissing.

You going to kiss her
before or after

you apologize
for stealing her paper?

What am I, stupid? Before.

If she doesn't accept
my apology,

then she's not going to kiss me.

You know, Margaret was right.

There is no way that you could
have written that paper

because you know absolutely
nothing about relationships.

- Where do you get that?
- Oh, I don't know.

The fact that you
text-messaged Ruthie

that T Bone was breaking up
with her.

There is no good way
to break up with a woman.

What happened to your phone date
with Martin?

We didn't have
anything else to say.

(Mac sighs)

I think I'm going
to take a chance and kiss her.

You know, just two weeks ago,
you were trying to kiss me.

I never tried to kiss you.

- You wanted to kiss me.
- But I didn't.

Where are you going?

To talk to Margaret.

- About?
- Not kissing you.

So if Martin's sick,
where's Aaron?

With his grandpas.
They came up this afternoon,

and so I went and visited some
of the teen moms at the home.

Some of them are really close

to giving birth,
and they're scared.

So, I'm trying to stay close by.

You know, be available
if they need me.

Like you and your family were
for me.

Well, I see.

And was Dr. Sanderson around
by any chance?

Yes, but he had to go
back to the hospital.

So that's going well?

Yeah, things are going well,

and school's going well.

I think I'll probably graduate
by this time next year.

I thought you were going
to finish this summer.

No, I want to get
my master's, and...

my dad's going to help me out
with expenses,

so I'm going to go for it.


That's okay, right?

Yeah! Sure, that's okay.

I mean, it's great.

I'm actually thinking about
going back to school myself.

Well, I...

I was presented with a job offer
that would...

allow me to go back to school

and actually use what I'm doing
as credits towards my master's.

A job offer?

Yeah, there's this place
called Crossroads.

It's a group home for...

children whose parents
are in prison,

and they need a minister,

and they actually need
a sheriff, too.

So they offered that to Kevin,
but we'd have to move there.

It... it's a small town,

and there's a restaurant
and a bar,

and it also is used
for the church and the school.

But, you know,
the foster parents

who are taking care of the
children are really nice people.

Do you think you could ever
move away from here, though?

I mean, away from your dad
and his church?

Well, it's just that...

all I really want to do
is have another child.

And I'm just so afraid of being
in such an isolated area,

and if something bad
was to happen and...

Nothing's going to happen.

Why do you say that?

I don't know. I just...

I got this feeling
when you said that.


You know...

Luce, if you...

if you wanted to take the job,

understanding that you're going
to have to take time off

to have the baby,
I'd come up and help you.

You know, I'd take time off from
school and take over for you

until you felt like you
were able to go back to work.

I'd do whatever
you needed me to do.

You would take time off
from school?

Yeah, I'll finish when I finish.

What about time off
from Jonathan?

Well, I think the two of us
could make it work.

You know, if that's what we
wanted at that time, anyway.

I really wasn't expecting that.
I-I just wanted to...

I know.

I just needed to talk.

You know, I don't even know
if I can get pregnant.


How's that ice cream?

Mom said you wanted
to talk to me?

I do?

Well, I don't know. Do you?

What? I don't...
I don't think so.

Well, you seemed
kind of funny at dinner.

Everyone seemed kind of funny
at dinner.

Funny? No.

We're all just excited
about your new job.

Well, you seemed more nervous
than excited.

What's going on?

I, uh...

Maybe your mother would be
the best person to ask.

I asked her, and she told me
you wanted to talk to me.

All right. All right.

Yeah, m-may...
maybe we should talk.

(phone ringing)

- Someone's calling you.
- Oh, well, it can wait.

Well, if you don't
check your messages,

it's going to keep doing that.

No, no. You know,
just turn it off.

Oh, it's T Bone.

- Oh.
- (phone rings)

He's calling Mom, too.

Don't you two ever check
your messages?

Yes, yes, we...

Have you checked your messages?

I don't have any messages.

I had one, but T Bone erased it.

He was calling
to tell me I got the job.

Oh, well... uh...

all right, he was calling us
for a different reason.

I picked up my message,
and your mom picked up hers,

and I guess we just forgot
to erase them.

"I'm breaking up with you?"

"I'm breaking up with you?"
T Bone's breaking up with you?

What'd you do?

I think he's...

breaking up with you.

No, he's not.



T Bone's breaking up with me...

in a text message?


And he copied you and Mom.

And everyone else
on his phone list.

Still hasn't moved.

Do you want us to go down
and move her?

I... you know, I don't think
that's possible.

She's waiting for T Bone.

I can't believe he broke up
with her.

She has his name on her forever.

Yeah, but just because
she made a bad decision

doesn't mean...

Another time.

Maybe you should tell her you
told him to break up with her.

I did not.

You gave him permission.

And you know this how?

We hear things.

Not from me.


But before Ruthie hears things,

you might want
to tell her things.

I don't think T Bone
will rat me out.

We won't, either.


Well, it's going to come out

one way or the other,
believe me.

It is.

Can you trust her?

I think so.

- I'll get the tip.
- I got it.

No, I got it.
I eat here almost every night.

You're not the biggest tipper,

It's 15%; if they do
a great job, it's 20%.

Like I said, you're not
the biggest tipper, Kinkirk.

Ten bucks? What, are you
dating the waitress?

No. I'm just trying to generate
some positive feelings

in the community
toward the police.

All right, well,
I guess overtipping

is one way to do that.

- (chuckles)
- I should get home,

but I still don't know
what I'm going to tell Lucy.

Let me give you an option.

Why don't you tell her

you're coming back
to work for me?

Oh... thanks. I appreciate that,

but that's not really
what I want to do right now.

Just think about it, Kinkirk.

I could use your help,

and I've always been able
to trust you.

Thanks--that means a lot to
me-- but I don't really miss it.

But this time,
it would be different.

Things are going to change.

What makes you think that?

- I'm going to change things.
- How?

I'm being named chief of police.

What? No kidding?

The official announcement
is tomorrow.

Chafin's retiring--
health concerns--

and it was the mayor's decision.

- Congratulations, Chief.
- Thank you.

I meant what I said.
Think about it.

They've been in there for hours.

I don't get it.
What's her problem?


She just got a divorce.

She was interested in me
before the divorce.

Why wouldn't she be interested
in me now?

I don't know.
Maybe because you're too clingy.

Girls hate that.

How am I too clingy?

I-I hardly even have time
to see her.

I only had time
to talk to her tonight

because I stayed home sick

What's wrong with you anyway?

I don't know.

Between school, baseball
and Sandy and Aaron,

I just... I-I got stressed out
and got a cold or something.

You skipped practice
and stayed home for a cold?

Yeah. Look, I got
a big psych test tomorrow,

and I wanted
to watch the game tonight,

and I missed half of it
because of Jane.

Why don't you get a girlfriend
there, at school?

Why do you want to drive
all the way down here for Jane?

Because she's Jane.

She likes baseball,
she likes me.

Yeah, well, I'm sure
that you can find some girl

at your college that likes
baseball and would like you.

(Jane clearing throat)



We have to see other people.

But... we're not even
seeing each other.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Look, I know I shouldn't
have done that,

but I really couldn't
turn in my paper,

especially not after reading
what you wrote.

It was really good.

You're a really good writer.


- O-Okay?
- Yeah.

(whispering): She doesn't think
I should have anything

- to do with you.
- What do you think?

Do you really think my lips
are perfect?


I tried calling him,
but he's not answering.

Well, he has
to come home sometime.

Yeah, maybe you should
just sleep on it.

I don't think I'm going to be
getting much sleep tonight.


Dad, don't give me the speech

about people my age
not staying together.

I've heard the speech.

I heard it when you told it
to Matt and Mary

and Lucy and Simon.

I know.

People my age don't always
stay together for life.


I just thought we would.

T Bone and I.

Then why were you trying
to get a job

to get the tattoo taken off?

Because I don't want the tattoo.

It was a stupid thing to do.

I like it, but...

I don't think T Bone likes it.

That's why I wanted it off.

I wanted it off because I think
that it made him feel pressured,

like he had to be with me just
because I put his name on me.

And guys don't like
to feel pressured or guilty.

The only reason
he got me that ring

was because he
was feeling guilty

because I got the tattoo,

not because he really wanted

to be with me
for the rest of my life.

Just that getting
that stupid tattoo

and latching onto that ring
just changed everything.

I fell in love with a guy,

and I turned into a stupid,
silly girl.

Oh, no.

No, you didn't.

You... you're
a very wise woman, Ruthie,

much wiser than your years.

You know,
there's this old saying:

"If you love someone,
set them free.

"If they come back,
they're yours.

If they don't, they never were."

So, maybe...
maybe if you can just

accept for now
that T Bone wants his freedom,

then, uh, who knows
what could happen?


Maybe you're right, Dad.



I guess you got my message

I didn't mean
to do it like that.

I had help.

From Mac.

Not that I don't take

for letting that happen.

No, that's okay.
I understand.


And really,

there is no good way to break up
with someone, is there?

Good night.

Good night, Dad.

I don't know if I'm doing
the right thing here.

Think she'd take me back?

He has to eat five times a day,
and you can't.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.



Well, you're up pretty early
for being out so late.

from all the fighting yesterday.

Well, we weren't
really fighting, were we?

I don't know.

Were we?

- I love you, Kevin.
- And I love you.

And I want you
to have whatever you want.

And I want you to have
whatever you want.

But sometimes we both
can't have what we want

at the same time.

So, this time,
you get what you want.

If you think
we should take a shot

at going out to Crossroads

and trying life out
on our own for a while,

then that's what we should do.

We should do what you want
to do for a change.

I appreciate
your changing your mind.

So, you really want to go?

Yeah, I do.
I think it would be exciting

to make a change,
and I think it would be fun.

And I think it would do us good
to get away from everyone else

and be out on our own
for a while.

We can always come back.


Oh, nothing.

Just give me a few days

before we have to call everyone

and tell them
that we made our decision.

I think they're waiting on us
to call them.

You think we should keep them
waiting any longer?

Just a few days.

And really, I mean,

they're not looking for us
to be there until June,

you know, when school's out
for the summer.

I know, but if we've already

We've already decided.
It-It's just that...

I just... I just want
to be absolutely sure

that this is what
you really want to do.

It is.

Did you think that if you
told me I could have my way,

I'd give in and tell you
you could have your way?

Kevin, you always
let me have my way.

Yeah, but this is something
I really, really want to do.

Just give me a couple of days
to think about it,

and-and-and maybe I'll feel
differently in a couple of days.

Or maybe I will?


All right, couple more days.


Well, isn't this
a nice surprise.

Mac, good morning.

- T Bone, good morning.
- Good morning. -Good morning.

- So, what's going on?
- I need to talk to Ruthie.

You sure?

I mean, you two might want to...

give her a little time,

let the dust settle
from your text message.

Hey, I read your chapter,

from your English lit

That was a nice job,

considering how little time
you had to write that.

- You read that?
- It was on my computer.


Didn't realize anybody
would be reading that.

Oh, well, Margaret said I could.

I-I'm sorry.
Maybe I shouldn't have assumed

that she was speaking
for the two of you.

She's a better writer than me.

Yeah, she's a good writer.

She's a... a really good writer.

I think Margaret would like
to be taking your class herself,

your English lit class.

Funny you should say that.

Am I missing something?

Has Margaret heard
from anyone over at Crawford?

Your English lit instructor,
anyone like that?


I think she might
be getting a call.

Uh, I showed her paper
to your instructor.

She's an old friend.

Actually, I married her
and her husband,

and your instructor was quite
impressed with Margaret's paper.

- (sighs)
- (cell phone rings)

Oh, it's from Margaret.

Mmm, what's it say?

- "I am breaking up with you."
- What?

I also gave my instructor
Margaret's paper,

only it had my name on it.

Why would you do that?

I don't know.

I... I don't know
why I do anything.

Good morning. Good morning.

Good morning.

Uh, we should talk.

Well, we can talk later,
can't we?

Ruthie, I never, ever would
have sent you

that text message.

It was Mac.

He did it.

I... I did... it.

And I'm sorry.

I... I know how it feels.

Now I do anyway.

It's okay.

I'm over it.

I was shocked, but I'm over it.

Hey, you got what you wanted.
We're broken up.

No hard feelings.

- I'll see you at work.
- Ruthie.

I don't want to break up.

I never wanted to break up.

And yet you broke up with me.

I changed my mind.

No. Really.

We should break up.

I mean, you were just feeling
guilty, and you shouldn't.

And I know my dad was the one
who gave you permission,

so I guess we're all
fine with it.


It's okay,

I understand the whole
set-them-free philosophy.

I do.

So, you're free, T Bone.

Bye. Bye, Mac.


Let's just take the bus.
I mean, we'll talk.

Oh, I'm not taking the bus.

Martin's picking me up.

(door closes)

I had nothing to do
with that one.

I didn't.

Come on, kid.

I'll give you a ride.

I didn't.

You ratted me out.

Oh, it's for the best.

Believe me.

And T Bone asked me to.

He... He didn't want
to do it himself.

Oh, I see.

I'm breaking up with you.