7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 10, Episode 4 - Ring Around the Rosie - full transcript

Simon bursts his startled parents' malicious bubble: he's not dumping Rose, she moved in. When Simon accepts 'too easily' to give Rosie her marching orders -which she ignores- as they pay for the apartment, they hoped he wanted an excuse to break up and be with Sandy, who they prefer, this time partially true. The twins announce they have each found true love. Ruthie tries to get rid of Sam Walker, but neither Eric nor Martin agree to do her dirty work. After church teenagers class girl Lizzie Wheeler admits an unwanted pregnancy, Lucy doubts her decision to stay in pastoral work and envies Kevin's obviously excellent home parenting, then Lizzie changes her story. Rosie sets an ultimatum. Martin tells Lucy he'll become a father.

The social was
a big success.


There were a lot of
happy people there tonight.

That doesn't include me.

Oh, everyone
loved the music.

The band was great.

Yeah, my rhythm was a little off

'cause I was so busy watching
Ruthie dancing--

or whatever she was doing,

and then something
was up with Simon.

I just...
I couldn't enjoy anything.

Because... something's going on.

Well, I know.

I hope it's not going
on with Sandy.

What could that possibly
have been about?

Why would she show up?

And why was she so upset?

And... Where is he?

I don't think that he
would break up with Rose

to go out with her friend,
do you?

I hope not.

I mean, I hope he...
has broken up with Rose,

but I hope it has nothing to do
with the other one-- Sandy.

You know it's late.
Let's go to bed.

I can't sleep. Can you sleep?

I don't think anyone can sleep.

Lucy and Kevin are arguing
about something,

I don't care to know what,

and, uh, you know,
Ruthie is upset

because Martin set
her up with a loser.

And, I'm upset with Ruthie
because, you know,

she thinks that she's too good
to go out with this nice guy.

And, Sam and David,
they can't go to sleep

because they've been dancing
with girls all night.

I think they think
they have girlfriends.

They don't have girlfriend.
They're five.


Oh, hey, still up?


Sorry, I had to go
take care of something.


Rose's friend Sandy
had a problem,

so she needed to talk to me.


Oh, nothing.

Just wondering
where Rose is tonight.

I just wanted to spend some time
with you guys alone.

You said you had some bad news
about you and Rose.

It's not exactly bad,
but it can wait till tomorrow.

I'm exhausted and I'm sure
you guys are, too.

Good night.

No, no, no, no, no.

We're not exhausted.

We're curious.

I don't think this is the best
time to have this discussion.


I thought you were here
for an announcement.

Yeah, yeah, it's, it's
kind of an announcement.

All right.


it's not that
big a deal really.

Okay, I admit it,
I am exhausted.

Did you and Rose
break up or not?

Break up?
You said you had some bad news

about your relationship.

I assumed you and Rose
were breaking up.

Rose and I aren't breaking up.

We're moving in together.


Let me go first.

No,no...Yeah, you
go first,

but I have something
to say about this.

I-I-I have plenty
to say about this.

What I was going to say is why,
why don't we sleep on it?

Oh, why don't we not,
'cause sleeping on it

isn't going to change
what I have to say.
Me neither.

You are not
living with Rose

or any other woman
before you get married.

And you are especially not
going to live with Rose

at my expense-- our expense.

We're not paying
for an apartment

for you to share with Rose.

Are you nuts?

No, I really mean that.

Are you out of your mind?

Did you really think
that your father and I

would allow you and Rose
to live together?

I'm going to be 21.

Not this year.

Next year, next spring

and I think I'm old enough
to make my own decisions.

Based on what?

So far, every decision
you've made...


Yeah, stinks.

Well, that's your opinion.

Well, that's our opinion--

our opinion as your parents,

your parents who are paying
for your apartment.

What if I paid for my apartment?

Doesn't matter,
you're not living with Rose.

But I am.

No, you're not.

Ah, actually, um, I am,

because Rose already moved in.

Well, she's moving out.


Okay, if that's how
you guys feel about it.

I mean, if you feel so strongly
about it, Rose has to move out.

I'll get up first thing
in the morning,

I'll drive back to school

and I'll tell Rose
she has to move out.

That was way too easy.

Yeah, it's almost as if he
wanted us to tell him no.

Why would he want us
to tell him no?

Because he wants
to be with Sandy.

Is there anything
we can do for you?

Around the house.

To help you.

Or Mommy.

We want to earn money.

We have girlfriends.

Oh, uh, are these the girls you
were dancing with last night

at the church social?

So, what do you want
to do with the money,

buy something for the girls?

You know, you don't need
to buy anything for girls

to be your girlfriends.

But we want to.

I don't think it's
such a good idea.

Why not?


What is a girlfriend?

What does that mean to you?

It means we love them.

And we want to marry them.

You should probably dance
with a few more girls

before you make up
your minds about that.

You're brothers for life,

but you're gonna have
lots of girlfriends, I mean,

lots and lots of girlfriends
while you're growing up,

so you should
save your money.

Save it.

So that when you're
all grown up,

you can buy your wife a ring or
a house or anything you want.

But these are the girls
we want to marry.

Yeah, we already decided.

Well, let's give it
a few more weeks

and if you still feel that way,
we'll talk about it again.


Hey, wait a minute,
wait a minute.

Are, are you still interested
in helping out around the house?

We'll think about it
for a few weeks.

We'll let you know.

They'll let me know.

You don't happen to know where
the baby soap is, do you?

In her closet. I put all the
baby supplies in her room

so that they'd be
easier to find

and we don't have to go looking
for them all over the house.

Oh, well, thanks for telling me

about the soap
and about getting shot at.

What else don't I know?

I don't think I have to ask
you if I can move the soap.

Oh, did you ask
your friends at Mommy and Me

where they keep their soap?

No, I came up with that
all on my own.

And it's my fault about not
telling you I got shot at.


Oh, hi.

Um, I can meet you down
there in about an hour.

It can't wait an hour.

Well, I understand that, but...

Okay, I'll see you down there.

Could you...?

Could I...?

Could you watch Savannah
for an hour or so?

You said you wanted your time
with your daughter today.

Someone at the church needs me,
one of my girls in my class.

Come on, let's get a bath.

How did everything go?

Not that great.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I knew I should have
gone with you.

My parents are dead-set against
us moving in together.

I'm not surprised.

I knew they would be
since they don't like me.

No, no, it's not that
they don't like you,

it's they don't like
us living together,

so unfortunately, I'm
gonna have to ask you move out.

I'm sorry,
but for the time being,

you're just going to have to
move back to your apartment.

There's nothing I can do.
Simon, you're a grown man.

Your parents can't
tell you what to do.

Unfortunately, I'm a grown man

who is financially dependent
on his parents. so...

So what?

So as much as I love you,
we just can't live together.

What kind of man are you?

It's time you grow up, Simon.

Is this how it's gonna be
when we get married?

You put your parents
and your family before me?

It's not a matter of that.

It's a matter of,
at this point in time,

I'm not in any position
to argue with them.

I don't wanna do this,

but I'm gonna have
to ask you to leave.

It's not that I don't love you

or that we can't live together
someday, but right now, Rose,

we just can't live together.

I'm not leaving and your
parents can't make me.

And that's why I love him.

Well, I see.

Well, he sounds great,
but I'm...

I'm not sure why
this is an emergency.

Okay, well, because I love him,

and because he loves me, we...

we did it.



Okay, um, and now you wish
you hadn't done it?

No, actually,
I wouldn't say that.

Was this last night?

Oh, no, th-this was last summer
and this fall and last night.

But, in class, you're always
talking about your plan

to go to college and finish
school and start your career

before you have this
kind of relationship.

I know, but I lied.

I love the class.

I love everything
that you say in it.

You know, about
believing in yourself,

taking pride in who you are

and who you are being more
than just a sexual person.

Then what happened?

I don't know.

I don't know, maybe we should
have boys in that class.

'Cause whenever
I'm with my boyfriend,

well, what he wants, it's more
important than what I want.

Why is he more important?

Why is what he wants
more important

than what you want for yourself?

Because I love him.

Well, you can love him
and you can love yourself.

You can love him and still
put yourself first.

Yeah, but my point is, I didn't.

And now I'm in trouble.

What kind of trouble?

I'm pregnant.

Just the man
I wanted to see.

Oh, yes, you, you can
go out with him,

but he still has to come over
and let us meet him.

Martin says that
he's in your class,

and he's an honor student, and
he looks like a really nice guy.

What's his name?

His name is Sam.

I don't want to go out with him.

So I need you to tell me
that I can't date him.

Why don't you want
to go out with him?

Because I don't.

All right, well then,
just tell him that.

Why do you have to drag
my good name into a rejection?

'Cause you already have a
reputation for rejecting guys

who want to go out with me.

And if I turn him down,
then I'll have a reputation

for rejecting guys and then
no guys will ask me out.

But guys are going to ask
you out from time to time

and you're not going to
want to go out with them,

and you need to find
a way to deal with that

instead of just
making me your excuse.



You didn't mind telling Simon
he can't live with Rose.

What's the difference?

Th-That's a private matter

between your, your brother
and your mother and me.

And the difference is...

There's a big difference.

Call Simon.

Simon wants me to call him?

No, I want you to call him.

Rose keeps answering the phone.

So, you call this time.

When Rose answers,
do you talk to her?

No, I don't.

I hang up and then
I call back and she answers.

She hasn't moved out.

Well maybe she's in the
process of moving out.

I mean, Simon just got back
there a couple of hours ago.

You know, we've been thinking

that Simon was anxious to get
rid of her and, and that maybe

he had something going on with,
with Sandy, but you know,

now I'm thinking that he just
agreed to Rose moving out,

knowing all the time that she
was not going to move out.

Well, that's possible.

It's unsettling, but possible.

Look, I just have this
really strong, gut feeling.

And I want you
to go over there tomorrow

and make sure that she's gone.

That seems like
not the best idea.

I mean, I don't think
daddy can just

go over to little Simon's
apartment and make sure

that he's doing what
he was told to do.

Well, then I'll do it.

I can't just go there and say

that we wanna be sure
she's moved out.

Well, then go up there
and just tell him

you're making sure he's okay.

Yeah, but that's not true.

Well, then tell him the truth.

Tell him whatever you want,

I just want to make sure that
they're not living together.

Why don't I call him?


Hello, Rose?


Uh, hi, it's,
it's Simon's dad, Eric.

Oh, hello.

Simon's not here.

He went out to get us
something for dinner.

Oh, I see.

Look, Simon told me about the
two of you living together.

He told me you want me
to move out

and I don't think that's fair.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

My friend Sandy's
sitting next to me.

Oh, does, does Sandy
live there, too?

Oh, no, she lives
at my apartment.


Look, I already gave up
my apartment to Sandy.

I have no place to go.

Well, can't the two
of you live together
at your apartment?

No, she took it
with the understanding

that I'd be living with Simon.

Look, um, we probably
should have all sat down

and talked about this.

Uh, why don't I, why
don't I come up there

and tell you how
Annie and I feel

and why we don't want you
and Simon living together?

Great, I'll tell Simon.


Sandy was there.

Yeah, I'd love to know
what's going on with Sandy.

With Sandy and Rose and Simon.

Yeah, I would, too.

Dad, could I talk to you alone?

I don't think I've done
any good at all.

Oh, come on, Luce.

Now, that's not true.

I mean, just think of all
the girls in your class

who have made better
decisions 'cause of you.

Maybe they're all lying.

I thought I was gonna
like working and having

Kevin stay home, but
I'm not sure if I do.

I mean, I think I should
have been the one to quit.

You're just feeling a
little overwhelmed is all.

It'll all be fine, it will.

It won't be fine for Lizzie.

And I was just bragging to her
parents at the church social

about how wonderful she is.

She's still wonderful.

She's still Lizzie.

Yeah, crazy, wonderful Lizzie.

Could you...

Could you maybe go
with me to tell them?

I've never done this before.

I think that you can
do that without me.

I think you should
do it without me.

I figured you'd say that.

I have to go see Simon
tomorrow anyway.

Yeah, okay, then I'll do it.

I have to do it,
that's my job.


Thanks for talking to me, Dad.

You're welcome.

Now go talk to Kevin.

I can't wait for
school tomorrow.

Me neither.

I hope we see them.

Yeah, me too.

I think we will.

I've seen them in the
lunchroom before.

I wish we had presents for them.

What was their names?

I don't know.
Me neither.

They're pretty.

And they're good dancers.

I think Daddy's wrong.

I don't think I could
ever love another girl.

Me neither.

I think I'm gonna call him
and just tell him not to come.

The symbolism of the grey?

It's a forewarning.

I don't get that.

Can you guys study
at your apartment?

Would you relax?

I can't relax.

Look, it's not even
that big of a deal.

Having a baby,
that's a big deal.

I understand that, but this is
a big deal in my life, okay?

You know, maybe I should
talk to your dad

about talking to Martin.

You can't.
I could.

Yeah, then it might
put the fact that we're just

two responsible adults
living together

into perspective for him.

No, please.

This is not the trip to bring up
Sandy's pregnancy to my dad.

It's not going to change how he
feels about us living together,

believe me, it's only
gonna make it worse.

He'll start thinking
of our getting pregnant.

No, he won't.
He might.

I'm with her.

I don't think it'll
make him think that.

Could we keep this
between the two of us, please?

You know, her opinion
doesn't really count.

Thanks a lot.

And, you know, maybe your
opinion really doesn't count.

If I wanna talk to your dad,

maybe I should just
talk to your dad.

No, no, please, don't.

I'll call Martin for you, okay?

I'll try to get Martin
to call you, okay?


Just let me get
through tomorrow first.

Don't you think you're being
a little melodramatic?

I mean, your mom and dad
didn't react well

when they heard the news.

They've probably
thought about it

and he'll be more
reasonable tomorrow.

It'll be fine.

Is she asleep?

Yeah, she seemed exhausted.

We crawled over
the entire house.

It was fun.

Wish you'd been here.

We should talk.
We should talk.

You go first.

I know I should've told you
about what happened at work,

but I didn't want you to think

that I wanted to stay home
because I was afraid.

Having a close call like that

just reminded me
of what was important.

And you and Savannah
are the most important

two people in the world to me.

I love being a cop, but it's
nothing compared to being a dad.

I just wish you had told me.

It goes back
to old issues with me,

always being the last
to find out everything.

And it made me feel
that you and I don't have

as good of a relationship
as I thought we did,

because you didn't even tell me.

And I felt jealous
and I hate feeling jealous.

I don't ever want to give you

any reason to be jealous
of any other woman.

And honestly,
I don't think I have

given you a reason
to be jealous.

I love you.

I'd do anything for you.

I'm also jealous of your
relationship with Savannah.

And I know it sounds stupid,

but I'm afraid that you're
gonna be closer to her than me

if you're staying home
with her all the time.

Or she might be closer to you

because you're not
here all the time.

As she grows up, she might take
her time with me for granted

and value her time
with you more.

That could happen, too.

We don't really know
what's going to happen.

All I know is that I love you
and I love our daughter.

I love you too, Kevin.

You want to tell me
what happened

down at the church today?
Everything okay?

One of the girls
in my class is pregnant

and she wants me to be with her
when she tells her parents.



Are you ready for something
like that?

I don't know,
but I'll do my best.

I have a meeting with
them tomorrow night.

Hey, I tried to call you
a million times yesterday.

Oh, sorry, I lost
my cell phone.

Why weren't you at church?

I went to the beach with
Meredith and her family.

Oh, how's that going?


I saw Sandy
at the church social.

You know who.

Oh, that girl who goes
to school with Simon.

Yeah, what, what was
she doing there?

I don't know.
I thought maybe you would.

I have no idea.

Well, the reason
I was calling you

is because Sam keeps calling me

and I don't want
to go out with him.

Oh, that's too bad.

He seems nice.

I told you I wasn't
looking for nice.
Look, take my advice-- don't
go looking for a bad guy.

Give nice a chance.

It'll keep you out of trouble.

Hey, Martin.

So, have you talked
to your dad yet?


and no.

The thing is, I just don't know

if I want to date anyone
right now.

Maybe we should just be friends.

I'm not looking for a friend.

I'm looking for a girlfriend.

Well, maybe we could be friends

while you look
for your girlfriend.

What is it?

I'm not good enough for you?

It's not that.

It's just... I don't think
you're the right guy for me.

Oh, so it was all a lie.

You want to date--
you just don't want to date me.

I'm sorry, you're a really
nice guy and all, but...

But you don't want nice.

Really, if-if you two are
committed to each other,

and it seems that you are,

then wait until you're married
before you live together.

I've counseled
a lot of couples

and I really don't know very
many of them who lived together

and then got married
and were happily married.

But some of them who
lived together first

are happily married, right?

Some of them.

I hate to say this Rose,
but I think my dad's right.

And I'm not just
agreeing with him

because I'm afraid
to disagree with him. I'm not.

We've had our disagreements.

Yes, we have.

But until your dad said

he didn't want us living
together, you were fine with it.

No, I was trying
to be fine with it,

and I was never really
that fine with it.

So, sooner or later, we would
have this conversation

whether my parents
got involved or not.

I don't believe that.


I just don't.

I think if your parents
stayed out of it,

we wouldn't be having
this problem.

Yes, we would.

What do your parents say, Rose?

I haven't told them.

I don't think
they'd like it either,

but I don't think it's up
to them, or you and Mrs. Camden.

I think it's up to me and Simon.

I'm sorry, I can't do
this any longer.

I have to go to class.

Simon, we'll talk
when I get... home.

Bye, Reverend Camden.

You know, I'm kind
of surprised

that you and I are on
the same page on this one.

I mean, why did you
come down to tell me

that you and Rose were
living together

if you didn't want to live
with her in the first place?


Because I thought
it would be easier to tell her

that you and Mom
didn't want this

than trying to tell her I didn't
want to live with her.

Simon, are you
in love with Rose?


And you, you want
to get married?

Yes, once we've graduated,
I want to get married.

Do you mind my asking what Sandy
was doing at the church social?

It's complicated,

but it doesn't have anything
to do with Rose and me.

So there's nothing going on
with you and Sandy?

No, no, no, we're just friends.

Were you ever more
than just friends?

I don't see how that would
make a difference.

Does Rose know
that Sandy was there,

that you two went out together
and talked late into the night?

Yes, Rose knows
and she's fine with it.

It-- it seems-- odd to me
that it would be fine with Rose.

Not that, not that it
shouldn't be fine with her.

You know, I don't know.

What aren't you telling me?

Dad, I can't just tell you
all of Sandy's problems.

You know, someday, she might
want to talk to you,

but that's kind of up
to her, isn't it?

Well, I'm available
if she needs my help.

I really can't tell you.

Mommy, do you need any
help this afternoon?

Why? You want
to earn some money

to get your
girlfriends something?

Yeah, but not the
old girlfriends.

We got new girlfriends.

New girlfriends?

Yeah, girls in our class.

Pretty ones.

Nice ones?

We don't know about nice.

But they're pretty.

You know, I don't know
why you boys think

you have to buy girls something.

You know, that's no way to get
girls to like you.

Then how do we get
girls to like us?

Just by being nice boys.

If you're polite and kind,

I'm sure you'll have
plenty of girlfriends.

But if you
have anything

you want to pay
us for, let us know.


That's not true,
you know.

Girls don't like guys
just because they're nice.

Meredith likes Martin
and he's nice.

You've seen him, haven't you?

Yes, I have and he's
a very good-looking guy,

but he's also a nice guy.

Martin is very sweet.

He's good-looking.

I want a good-looking guy.

Okay, let's talk about that.

About good-looking guys?

About that good-looking guy.

Are you interested in Martin?

What makes you say that?

I don't know, maybe
it's an instinct.

Maybe it's knowing that
you're a careful observer

of the people around you
and that you're smart

and that being a Camden,
maybe you've working up

some wacky plan the way
your sisters used

to when they were dating.

It seems to me that

maybe, just maybe,
you thought that Meredith

was going out with Jack
when Martin noticed her,

so that if you went out
with Jack,

maybe Martin would notice you.

Any truth to that?


Are you sure about that?

Yeah, I'm sure.

Besides, Martin and I
are just friends.

He and Meredith are madly
in love with each other.

Well, I don't know if you've
been paying attention

to the relationships
around this house

the way I have been
over the years,

I think you may have noticed
that relationships change.

I mean, two people
can be in love one day

and then the next day
they're not.

I don't think it's that way
with Martin and Meredith.

You really think their
relationship is gonna last?

You think that they're actually
going to get married?

I mean, she's 17, he's 18.

I think you and I both know
that uh, no matter how much

they care about each other,
they're awfully young

to have their
relationship last

a whole lifetime.

Who knows?

So, uh, what happened
with Sam today?

I did what Dad told me to do.

I told him that I didn't want
to go out with him,

but we could be friends.


And he got angry and hurt

and now everyone at school
probably hates me.

Well, I don't know why you just
don't go out with him, Ruthie.

Why don't you give him a chance?



because maybe
you're right about Martin.

Lizzie, what is going on?

Listen, we don't
have to do this.

I got bad news.

I'm not pregnant.

I don't think that's bad news.

I think that's great news.

Well, all the same, now there's
no reason to talk to my parents.

Well, maybe there is.

Maybe I just need to help you
talk to them

about something else.


Lizzie, if you're
sexually active,

don't you think you need to talk
to your mom and dad about that.

You don't want anymore scares
like this one, do you?

Oh no, no, of course not.

So I'm going back to my plan.

You never really had a plan,

or at least not one that
you really believe in.

Well, I believe in it now.

You believed in it,
or it just sounds good

because all the other
girls have similar plans?

That, too.

I think it's time you
talked to your mom
and dad about sex.

I think it's time to be
honest with yourself

and with them, don't you?

I-I'm honestly going
to try to stop having sex.

Great, but what if you don't?

What if you really do get
pregnant, what then?

You don't want to be
16 and have a baby.

You're smart.

You love art.

You want to be an art teacher.

You want to go to college.

Having a baby will
change all that.

Telling my parents I've had
sex would change all that.

They'd never let me out
of the house again.

I know your parents.

And when I thought about what we
were going to tell them tonight,

I considered that they might
not be so surprised.

From everything, you've
been telling me,

they've just been
closing their eyes

and refusing to see
what was obvious.

You and your boyfriend
stay out all night.

He sometimes sleeps over here.

You go camping together,
overnight camping.

Don't you think they know?

I mean, I didn't, but
until you talked to me
yesterday, I didn't know

what your life
was really like.

I really don't think they know.

I mean, if they knew,

don't you think that they'd
tell me to stop having sex?

Is that what you're
looking for, Lizzie?

For your parents to say no

because you're having
a difficult time

saying no yourself?

Well, there you are.

I thought I heard
the doorbell.

Lizzie, invite
the Reverend inside.

Hi, Lucy.

Hello, Mrs. Wheeler.

Mom, I need Lucy's help
to talk to you about something.

Maybe Lizzie got the impression

that all the information
you gave her,

along with all
the freedom you gave her,

was actually permission

to have a relationship
with her boyfriend.

As if permission would have
anything to do with it.

I mean, has it been
your experience

that teens ask
their parents for permission?

Well, no.

But some of them
do involve their parents

in their decisions.

But, I guess what
I'm trying to say is that...

I know how much Lizzie loves you
and respects you,

and she values your opinion.

So, while you think that all
teens are out there having sex

and there's nothing
you can do about it,

I think that Lizzie is looking
for you to tell her

that having sex at 16
is not the best idea.

I think she really values your
opinion more than you know.


It's not a good idea.

It's much more complicated
than you know.

I don't want you to have sex
with your boyfriend, all right?

And if you are going
to be that involved,

then we need to talk.

All right. Let's talk.

I think that's my cue to leave.

Thank you for listening.

Liz, I'll see you in class?

Okay, then.
Good night, everyone.


Don't think
you can make this up to me

by buying me flowers.

I think this is ridiculous.
We're grown-ups.

If we want to live together,
we can live together.

And I think you wanted
to live with me

until your parents
talked you out of it.

Rose, that is not true.

I should have said
something before,

but I guess I felt like I-I
needed them on my side,

because, quite frankly...

Honey, you are a force of
nature when you want something.

This is going to change
everything, Simon.

Now I can't trust you.

I mean, you say
you want to marry me,

but do you really
want to marry me?

Or are you just waiting
for your mommy and daddy

to tell you they
think it's a bad idea,

so you can tell me that you
think it's a bad idea, too,

you just didn't
want to say so?

No, I-I want to marry you.

Then prove it.

Buy me a ring
and move up the wedding date.

That's what I want.

You got your apartment back.

I want my ring.

And I want
to get married in May.

Well, I can help you with one
of those things, not both.

What do you say I
buy you the ring now

and then we think, we just
think about the wedding date.

You're going
to buy me the ring I want?

Would I buy you anything else?

I thought
you didn't have the money.

Yeah, but I do have the credit.

So, for something like this,

a ring that you're
going to be wearing

for the rest
of our lives together,

I guess maybe
I can go into debt.

Rose, I don't want to lose you.

But I don't want to live
with you just yet, either.



this is for you.

To prove to you that I love you
and that I want to marry you.

Oh, Simon.

Simon, this is
the most beautiful ring.

The center stone
is a full one carat, right?


I love you, Simon.

I love you, too.

You would have
been proud of him.

He should be
proud of himself.

I mean, I wish he
had just told her no

without involving us,
but at least he said no.

I have renewed faith in him.

Well, maybe it's a sign that
he's eventually going to say no

to getting married.

I mean, I don't think
he wants to marry her.

He says he does. He says
he's in love with her.

I don't know.

I guess we just have to
wait and see what happens

and hope for the best,
whatever that is.

So, what happened
around here today?

The twins have
new girlfriends.

I'm not surprised.

Oh, and I think
I've found the root

to Ruthie's dating problem

and why she wants
to go out with Jack

and no other guy.

Because he's "hot"?

No, because she thinks
he's the first step

toward getting Martin.

Well, now that...

That surprises me. That...

That really surprises me.

Okay, breathe deeply.

You know.
No, take a breath.

Remember your heart.

I guess I never realized
all the challenges you face

in the work you're doing.

Me, neither.

I mean, I should have

since I've watched what
my father's been through

all these years,
but I didn't.

But I'm just going
to keep the attitude

that every person I
come into contact with

who needs my help will be
a new life lesson for me,

and after tonight,

I feel confident that I
am up to whatever lesson

life throws my way, especially
since I have you supporting me.


Hi, Martin.
Come on in.


You're out late.
Everything okay?

Um, I really need to,
uh, talk to you...


Be my guest.
I've got to get to bed.

I've got an early
Mommy and Me.

So, how can I help you?

Are those cookies?

Yeah, sit down.
You want some milk?

Ah, sure, thanks.

Sorry I missed you
at church yesterday,

but I was happy to see you
at the church social.

Thanks for coming.

Yeah, that really
turned out great.

Yeah, I'm having
a really good week.

Yeah, um, I hate
to spoil that.

Oh, you can't spoil anything.

You want to talk?

Girlfriend problems?

Kind of.

Well, you and Meredith looked
pretty happy on Saturday night.

Yeah, we're happy. For now.

I saw Sandy there with Simon.

Was she there to see you again?

You still trying
to get rid of her?

I, um, I don't think I can.

She seems like she's practically
stalking you.

She just keeps showing up,
doesn't she?

Yeah, she does.

You want me to talk to her?

I might.

Okay, I can do that.

But, first tell me
what it is you want to say

and maybe I can say it
in a different way

and it'll get through to her.

I mean, you're obviously
not interested in her.

I'm not, it--

it's just that, um...

she and I, um...

You're not gonna say
anything to anyone?

This is between you and me.

I wish.

I'm-I'm afraid a couple
of other people know.

They know what?

They know that, um...

I slept with her once.

One time when I-- when I went
to see, um, Simon this summer.

And now, um--

now she's, uh--

she and I are, um...

It seems that
I'm gonna be a father.

Can you help me?

Sure, Martin.

I'll do what I can.

I can't change
what's already happened,

but I'm here for you.

I'll get you through.