7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 10, Episode 2 - Home Run - full transcript

After a scary arrest which could have gone fatally wrong, Kevin decides to leave the police before someone gets hurts as he can no longer concentrate on anything but his young family. Ruthie brings over Meredith and her presumed boyfriend Jack, who proves a natural with babies and a nice senior - too old, so - and is on to her plan; Meredith actually is more interested in the other good boy, Tyler, who agrees with a demure kiss to date. The colonel arrives, winking to Martin about his Iraq veteran dad's gardening job and to Eric's surprise already knows about Charlie - even got and believes Mary's version that Carlos cheated on her, but Carlos explains she just 'caught' him dining with Cecily, the nanny he had to hire because Mary was never home. Simon first scolds, then consoles his ex Sandy for having seduced and made a baby with Martin. Eric spoils the twins fun playing cowboys with granddad because he bans all gun toys and is told to bother about real problems. Lou Dalton tells Eric most parishioners want Lucy fired as his associate pastor.

That's it.
Let's go.

Hey, man.
How's it going?


We're not walking
into that alley.

It could be a setup.

I can't believe
Martin's going to be a father.

Careful. There's, there's a
lot of little ears around here.

Well, they're gonna know.

And they're all gonna
know eventually.

Yeah, but... let's make sure

we're not the ones
to tell them, okay?

When do you think
Martin will tell them?

When do you think
he'll tell his dad?

He just found out
this afternoon.

Give him time.

Give them both time.

Let's just see what happens.

I'm so happy we decided
to get married.

It's so much better having sex
in a committed relationship.

If anything every happened to
us, I mean, if we got pregnant,

at least the decision
to get married

would already have
been made, you know?

Yeah, I know.

I love you, Simon.

I love you, too.

Then tell your grandparents
about us, please?

For me?

I remember when all I wanted
in life was a dog.

Now all I want is for life
to be that simple again.

So, where's the
future Mrs. Camden?

It scares you for me
to even say that, doesn't it?

A little.

But that's okay, you know.

Fear is like the
flipside of excitement.

Yeah, okay.

Simon, how excited
are you about Rose

and getting married
and all that?

Why do you ask?

Because I care about you.

That's why I ask.

Are you sure
you're in love with Rose?


All right.

But if you need to talk to me,
you can call me anytime.

Okay, come on.


Oh, wait,
this is Jack,

and this is my sister, Lucy.

You saw her at church,

and this is her
daughter, Savannah.

Hello. Should we deal you in?

Oh, no, that's okay.
I kind of have my hands full.

I can hold the baby.
I'm great with babies.

Are you?

I have seven kids
in my family, too.

Come on, hand her over.
Babies like me.

And don't tell me you don't
need a break-- they get heavy.

Uh... okay.

Okay, there you go.

Nice meeting you.

Well, you're certainly
a good sport.

Yeah, I am.

So, deal the cards, and
this time, we're playing for...


Did I mention I'm
a national merit scholar?

I'm smart.

Smart enough to see
what's going on here.

What are you talking about?

Oh, come on, your dad's not
asking me all those questions

so I can keep going out
with Meredith, now, is he?

Where's mom?

She's getting the boys
ready for bed.

That way, they can just
come down in their pajamas,

say good night
to Grandma and Grandpa

and then run back upstairs.

Uh, good luck.
And Carlos?

Uh, he thinks Charlie's
coming down with a cold,

and they're both exhausted from
their trip, so they went to bed.

Oh, I just wanted
to say good night.

Poor Carlos. I still
can't believe what happened.

D-Did you come in
through the kitchen?

Did you meet, uh, Jack?

Yes. Nice guy.

I think the only thing

you're gonna find out
that's wrong with him

is that he's a senior,

and that makes him
a little old for her.

I mean, I see it with the girls
in my class at church--

they go out with older guys,
they become older.

Of course, you know, Vincent
was a year older than her.

Yeah, he was.

And whose side
are you on anyways?

Mine or his?

I don't know if you've
ever thought about this,

but maybe you should
just butt out of my life.

I mean, don't you have enough
to worry about being a wife

and a mother
and a minister and all?

Didn't you pretty much tell
the whole church this morning

what an enormous burden
you're carrying

and how "conflicted" you are?

Worry about your own problems.

So can I go out with him or not?

I admit he's a nice guy,

and I appreciate
that you brought him around,

so I could get to know him,

but I'd like to get
to know him a little better

before I make any decision.

I talked to him
for what, ten minutes?

More like 20 or 30.

Well, I'm not saying no;
I'm just not ready to say yes.

But you're not going to say yes
if you can find a way to say no.

Here's your baby.

Thanks for nothing.

Tell me something.

Was my sermon really that bad
or was it just a little long?

Yeah, you know,
maybe I should just quit,

stay at home
and have another baby.

That would make
my husband very happy.


I'm Sandy.


So, I'll talk to you later.

Well, I should go.

We've got school tomorrow,
and... uh... I'll see you.

Um, wait, um...

I'm sorry I wasn't around
to hang out.

I-I was really looking forward
to hanging out with you.

Yeah, I'm sorry, too.

I was really hoping to see you.

So, um...


H-How's Jack?

He's okay.

He and Ruthie
are thinking of going out.

He's a really nice guy,

but he and I are just friends.

We've been going out, but
it's just one of those things.

I'm not really interested
in him as a boyfriend.

He's not really interested
in me as a girlfriend.

I don't know.

Um... and I was
kind of hoping that

maybe you would want to
go out with me sometime.

I would.

I would like to go out
with you sometime.

Um... but, um...


Never mind, you don't
have to explain.

I don't even mean
to put you in a position

where you have to explain.

Um, maybe you're just
already involved with someone.

No, no, uh, I'm not.

Well, I am, um,
but I don't want to be.

Maybe we should just go out.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.

That's great.

Um, I'll call you.


Um, I guess I should go inside.

I think the Camdens
are expecting me

to meet the grandparents.

But I will call you.



Shouldn't you guys
be getting back to school?

She wants to meet
the grandparents.

Uh, you could meet them
the next time they come.

Don't worry,
I've agreed not to mention

that Simon and I
are getting married.

Even though that's
what I want,

and even though he
went along with that

before your dad
talked to him.

Well, it's probably
best to wait.

I mean, the Colonel pretty
much is a force of nature.

You'd be subjecting yourself
to a lot of questioning.

That doesn't bother me.

Good, because he's probably

gonna ask you
a lot of questions.

And having had the experience
of having the Colonel

scare away several
of my boyfriends,

let me just warn you,
he's tricky.

I'm not in high school.

I'm a junior in college.

And no offense,
but I'm pretty sure

I'm a little more savvy than
any of your old boyfriends.

Hey, can I ask you a question?


Okay, you had the baby first,

and then you graduated
from college, right?

Actually, no,

um, I graduated just a few weeks
before the baby came.


Why do you ask?

That's kind of
personal, isn't it?

Oh, is it?

Or is it just a question?

What's going on?

I'm not speaking
to you.

Why not?

Ask her.

Where's Jack?

Um, he left.

But he'll be back soon.

I'll get it.

I'll get it.

I got it.

Mom. Dad.

Come in, come in.

Ah, son.

So sorry to hear about
Carlos and Mary,

but we will talk
about that later.

I'd better be going,
but, uh,

I hope you get to meet my dad
while you're here.

Of course. I want to find out

what that landscaping
thing's all about.

Good night.

Oh, Lucy,
she is so pretty.

I'm sure it must
be very hard

working out your time
with the church

and your time with the family
right now.

Don't get her started.

Well, Rose, uh, so how long have
you and Simon been going out?

Oh, Ruth,

Oh, my gosh!

Oh... oh.

Oh, and this must be David.


Oh, it's so good see you.

So, you were asking how long
we've been going out.

Long enough to know

I really want to be a part
of this wonderful family.

They know.

Well, we only wanted
to stay long enough

to say hello,
so we'd better get
going back to school.

Oh, come on, we can
stay a few minutes.

They know about Simon?


We didn't say anything.


Um, excuse me.

I don't feel very good.

She doesn't look very well.

Is she all right?
She's fine.

Well, then, why don't we all
sit down and catch up.

Are we still supposed
to go to bed now?

Yeah, I'm confused.

Can we talk or not?

No, it's late.

It's way past
your bedtime.

I can take them up.


You know what?
And I should be going

back home. I've got to
put Savannah to sleep,

but I'll catch up
with you tomorrow.

Okay, come on.

Say bye.

Bye, sweetie.

We really should be
getting on the road.

And what with Sandy not
feeling well and all.

Maybe we could drive
back down Wednesday

when we don't
have classes.

Don't you have to study?

Yes, we do, so

I think this is the last time
we're gonna get to see you.


Of course, we could make time
if we're asked.

For me, family is always first.

Good night.

Nice meeting you.
Good night.






Who's getting engaged?

Oh, more bad news.

That reminds me of a line
from a picture.

Edward G. Robinson said it,

"Where's your God now, Moses?"

Oh, your father.

Close call, huh?

Yeah, sorry
about that.

How'd that happen?

I shouldn't have
sent you out tonight.

I knew you weren't focused.

No, I was focused.

It was just one of
those freak things.

How did the kid
get behind you?

If you were moving
toward the car,

you would've had
your eye on him.

And if I had kept my eye on him,
when he pulled the gun,

I might've shot a kid.

Let's not play "what if" here.

You made a mistake
that could've cost you

or your partner your lives.

But it didn't.

But it could have,

and you're right.

I wasn't focused,
I haven't been focused.

I'm consumed with thinking
about my wife and my daughter

and being with them.

I want to be with them.

It was different when I was
single, and it was just me.

It was different when
it was just Lucy and me.

I don't think I want
to do this anymore.

Wait a minute. That's
not what I was going for.

I wasn't trying to get you
to quit your job.

I was trying to get you
to focus on your job.

I don't think I can,
and knowing that,

I know I have to leave,

before I get hurt or
someone else gets hurt.

Well, you can't just quit.

Actually, I can.

Hold on. Let's not make
any hasty decisions.

You have a vacation--
take a vacation,

sort this out.

This happens to a lot
of new fathers.

What happens to a lot
of new fathers?

They nearly get shot?

They endanger their partners?

No, I don't think
I have to think about it.

Aren't you exhausted?

Won't, won't this
keep you up?

Nothing keeps me up
at my age,

and I would like a cup
if you don't mind?

No, I don't,
I don't mind.

Okay, good.


You thought we didn't know
about the divorce?

I... I guess I should
have realized

that Mary would
have called you.

I know she's very close
to the two of you,

but she's very close
to us, or was,

and we haven't
heard from her.

Well, I think she got
the distinct impression

from her brothers
and sisters

that you were all just assumed
that the divorce was her fault.


And if I see that lousy,
no-good husband of hers again,

I'll kill him.

Him and his girlfriend.

Oh, you didn't know
about that?

Carlos was cheating on Mary?

According to Mary, yes.

And I believe her,
or I want to believe her.

But you don't?

I think I know Carlos
well enough to know he--

a girlfriend?

That's what I hear.

Carlos with another woman?


No, no, no, no, no.

No, that's not possible.

Why not?

Well, because...

Will you excuse me
for just one moment?

Would you excuse me
for just one moment?


I want a shot at him first.

Why can't I have
a shot at him?

Just let me do this.

I-I want to do this.

You let us think
that she just ran off

and left you with Charlie
for no reason?
She ran off.

She did run off.
You have a girlfriend.

A girlfriend!

There is no girlfriend!

I hired a nanny.

She wasn't a girlfriend.

She was a nanny.

I didn't have any choice.

Mary was gone all the time,
I needed some help.

I have to work.

You didn't have to cheat,
and with the nanny?

I wasn't cheating!

Mary didn't believe me.

Well, Mary didn't want
to believe me.

She just wanted out and
used this as an excuse.

Used... used what as an excuse?

Did she catch you
with the nanny?

She caught me having dinner
with the nanny

at the apartment.

But Charlie was right there
with us.

It was nothing; it was dinner.

Look, I--

I tried to tell you that this
wasn't just Mary's fault.

There's two of us
in this marriage.

Sounds like there
were three of you.


I swear.

I had no involvement
with Cecily.

The nanny.

Well, Mary told my father
that you did.

And my father's downstairs
right now.

Well, I'll go talk to him.

Oh, I don't think so.

He wants to kill you.

Uh, his words, not mine.

Obviously, Mary wanted both
of us in the same room together,

or else she wouldn't have
given us the flight passes

for this week.

So, if I could talk to him,

maybe if-if I can get him
to see my side of this,

maybe there's a chance.

Mary is Mary.

She's... she's passionate
and... and impulsive

downright irresponsible!

But she's not a bad person,

and I love her.

She signed over
custody to me

because she didn't know
what else to do.

She loves her job,
and she wants to work.

She didn't want to just take
child support and-and stay home.

Plus there wouldn't have
been enough money

for her to just stay home.

And she knew
she couldn't take alimony

because she makes more money
than I do right now.

Someday, I'll own
the family business,

and someday, I will
be a wealthy man.

Just someday, not now.

But couldn't you have
just stayed in New York,

especially if you're trying,
you know, work things out?

Well, the nanny...

Uh, Cecily?

...was a young woman living

in our apartment building,

so I had to leave.

I didn't have to; I just thought
it was the best choice.

And I wanted to be
with my family,

so we wouldn't need a nanny.


There's my mother, my sisters.

I've got cousins.

Charlie and I love being there.

I love Mary.

And I miss our life together,

but she flies to Puerto Rico

every time she has more
than a day off.

She sees Charlie and I

more now than
when we were married.

I was hoping and--

well, I don't know if
I have the right to hope this--

but... I was hoping that if,

if we stay close to your family,

then maybe there is a chance

that Mary and I
will get back together.

I guess word's out, he and
Meredith aren't dating anymore.

Bet none of their dads would
insist on getting to know him

before they're allowed
to go out with him.

Those girls are not 16,
they're seniors.

You know, I was just thinking,

I bet my dad would
let me go out with Jack

if you talked to him.

Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no.

Why not?
Because I don't
want to be

responsible for
what might happen

if you go out
with an older guy

and for what better
not happen.

Hello, I don't want to
have sex with the guy,

I just want to have pizza.

Okay, but you never know

when pizza might turn into sex.

I gotta go.

So, did he say
anything about me?

No, sorry.

I didn't even get around
to talking about you

before he went
all weird on me.

He kissed me.


Last night,
leaving the house.

We talked, he said
he would call me,

and then he kissed me.

Just on the cheek,
but he kissed me.

Well, good for you.

Unless that's some kind of
sign that he has a problem.

I don't know.

Why didn't he kiss you
on the lips?

I don't know.

It's not like we went
on a date or anything.

It was sweet.



Okay, don't do that to me.

Just say what you're thinking.

It's nothing.

It's just he really annoyed me

because he won't talk my dad

into letting me
go out with Jack.

Well, just talk
to your dad again.

He seemed to like Jack.
Maybe it'll work out.

I doubt it.

He can't just ignore me.

I'm sure he's in
a state of shock.

Yeah, so am I.

He's a senior
in high school.

You set me up with him.

No, I didn't exactly
set you up with him.

The two of you came out
for pizza with Rose and me,

and then you took him off
for a tour of the campus,

which turned into you two
jumping into bed together.

And if he didn't
have enough sense

to use some form
of protection,

maybe you should have
taken on the responsibility,

and then you wouldn't
be in this situation.

Okay, one, that's a really
insensitive thing to say

at a time like this,

and two, it's not like
I tried to get pregnant.

It just happened.

It just happened?

How about you and Martin
made it happen?

What are you so angry about?

What am I so angry about?

He came up here to see me.

To see what college
is all about.

Now he may never
get to go to college

and you may never
finish college,

because the two of you
have a responsibility

that neither one of
you intended to have.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

Please don't cry.

I'm sorry this is
happening to you.

Yeah, but it is.

And he won't even return
my phone calls.

He'll call.

Maybe he just
wants to think

about what he wants
to say first.

Or maybe he just wants
to talk to his dad.

And then, no doubt, his dad's
going to want to talk to me.

This isn't about you, okay?

I know. I'm sorry.

I know.


What's going on?

Simon was just
comforting me.

I need comforting.

Oh. I was hoping to get
home in time to do that.

I didn't think you had time
to get home for lunch.

Well, I canceled something.

I didn't go by the hospital.

I'm going to do it later.

And later,
while Mommy's

visiting sick friends
at the hospital,

you and I
will go to the park

and check out
the new slide.

Well, I think she's a little
young to go on a slide.

We've been on the slide before.

Savannah loves the slide.

I hold her, we go down together.

I-I don't think you
should be doing that.

She's only eight months old.

Yeah, but I'm over 30.

Want to take a bath?

What? In the middle
of the day?

Why not?

Well, I mean, if you're going
to take her to the park,

she's just going to
get dirty again.

So, I'll give her
another bath.

She loves baths.
Don't you, Savannah?

And a bath will make her sleepy,
so she'll get a good nap,

and then she'll be in a
good mood when I take her out.

Okay. I'll give her a bath.

No, that's all right.

You're working,
and I'm off today.

You're off today?

You're not off on Mondays.

Today, I am. Really.

You go make your hospital
visits. We'll be fine.

Well, maybe I don't want
to go by the hospital.

Maybe I want
to give my daughter a bath.

Are we going to argue
about who gives Savannah a bath?


Fine with me.

We'll argue, she'll nap,
we'll make up.

Oh, you think it's that easy,
do you?



I don't think we have anything
to argue about today.

I'm leaving the police force.

I quit my job.


I-I'm sorry to
interrupt, but, uh...

you weren't down
at the church.

Oh, my... my parents
are in town.

Oh, ouch.

Oh, I'm sorry.

How'd they take
the news about Mary?

Turns out they already knew.

So, what's up?

Well, I-I thought
we were going to talk

this morning-- about Lucy?


What about Lucy?

Can I sit down?

I'm not sure.

What about Lucy?

Well, Eric, uh...

I'm not sure how to put this.

Just put it.
Believe me.

This isn't about
yesterday's sermon.

It is much more complex.

It's... it's about
a lot of things.

Put it.

Apparently, the congregation--

not all of the congregation,

but the majority of them--

do not think Lucy should be
the associate pastor.

Pow, pow, pow!

Pow, pow, pow!

Pow, pow, pow!
Pow, pow, pow!

Look out
behind you.
Pow, pow, pow!

I'm only the messenger.

Where did you get the guns?

Oh, uh, your mother and I

had to go out and buy them.

I couldn't find a single one
in the old toy box.

And there's a reason for that.

Can we keep them?
No, you can't.

Grandpa will get you
one, too,

and then we
could all play.

What, you've got some objection
to playing cowboy?

I have an objection
to playing cowboy, uh,

if it means people pretending
to shoot each other with guns.

Well, doggone it.

What can we play?

I mean, the last time
I was here,

you wouldn't even let us
play soldier.

I don't care
what you play,

as long as it doesn't
involve guns.


I think I'd better have a word

with the sheriff, cowboys.

I hope we're not
going to have

this discussion
every time you visit,

'cause you know how Annie
and I feel about this.

Well, I don't think
the two of you

have really thought
it through.

Now, you grew up
playing with guns,

and look how you
turned out: wonderful.

I didn't play with guns.

Oh, sure you did--
you and Julie.

I've got pictures
to prove it.

Don't remember
ever playing with guns.

You want to see
the pictures?


Don't want to see the pictures.

I don't want my sons playing
with guns.

Eric, it's natural.

No, it's not natural.

Sure, it is.
No, it isn't.

Yes, it is.
It is not!

Your parenting is so...
I beg your pardon?

You worry about
all the wrong things.

Is it worrying
about the wrong things

when I don't want my sons
to be taught

to turn to violence
to solve their problems?

Is that what you think
this is about?

No, it's about cowboys.

Cowboys had guns.

They shot the bad guys.

It's important
for the good guys to know

that they can win
against the bad guys.

It's important for good
to triumph over evil,

and for children to realize
they have to fight

for good to triumph over evil.

You have a point?

Yes, I do.


Mary doesn't believe
that she can win.

She doesn't believe
she has any power.

And so, she's...

she's quit, she's
thrown in the towel.

You talked to Carlos?

Yeah, I talked to Carlos,
and I'm glad I did.

But, you see, Mary wanted
me to talk to Carlos.

She wants someone
to tell her

she's made a
mistake and fix it

because she doesn't
really believe

she has the power
to do it herself.


I think you've got the
same problem down the line.


Lovely Lucy
doesn't really believe

that she can go out in the world
and do good

without doing something bad
to her family.

Mark my words,
she'll lose something there.

And Simon.

Simon doesn't believe
in himself now-- not really.

He... he wouldn't be playing
with this...


Yeah, Rose.

Isn't that an odd name
for a girl like that?

You don't like her, but you...

you only spent about two minutes
with her.

I'm an expert
in identifying the enemy.

What about Ruthie?

She got a problem?

She wants to go out
with a guy

who's like two years
older than she is,

and a lot more mature
than she is,

and I... I don't think
she's ready for that.

I think Ruthie's
ready for anything.

But... make your case and
give her the responsibility

for making the
right decision.

What if she makes
the wrong decision?

Well, who doesn't make a
wrong decision now and then?

That's how children grow up.

What if the mistake
she makes is, you know,

having sex too young,

and what if she ends up
in trouble?


No, not her, son.

Please understand
what I'm saying to you.

You have to believe
in your children,

and your children have
to believe in themselves.

Now, your mother and I

are gonna drive up
the coast a bit.

We need some time to ourselves.

We love you and Annie
and all the kids,

but you're a man,

you can handle your problems,
because I'm quite sure

that I taught you
to believe in yourself.




There you are.

Oh, Lucy, you remind me
so much of your mother

when she and your
father were young.

Hi, Ruth.

Well, hi.

I forgot to tell Lucy

that I invited you
to go to the park

with Savannah and me
this afternoon.

Yeah, you did forget
that, didn't you?

Oh, Kevin, honey, thank you
for the invitation,

but I just stopped by
to tell you

our plans for the afternoon
have changed.

The Colonel wants to
drive up the coast.

There's an old motel
on the beach

that we've been going to
for, mm, 50 years,

and we want to get there
in time to see the sunset.

We just want to get away
by ourselves for a few days.

Is everything okay?

Everything's fine.

Everything's always fine,

so you just stop worrying
and enjoy your life.

What am I talking about?

You obviously are enjoying
your life.

So, I'll just be going.

No, wait.

Well, I'm sorry
that you're taking off

before we get a
chance to talk.


No, I wanted to ask you.

Yesterday you
said you knew

I would figure out a way
to balance working

and-and a baby, and...

Well, I hardly said that.

Well, I don't even think
that's possible.

Oh, please,
everyone's talking about

"balance" these days, what for?

Like happiness,

I think
balance is way overrated.

I don't, I don't see
why it's even an issue.

I mean, did your father
ever worry

about balance raising
a family and working?


Did your grandfather?

Oh, no.

So, why is it your big issue?

Why is it an issue at all?

If you ask me,
I think it's a luxury

to even worry about such things.


you do what you have to do.

And if time and money allow,

well, then you can worry
about all your choices

that are so nice
to have these days.

Good-bye, kids.


So, where does that put us
in terms of my staying at home

and being a full-time dad?

Well, I guess if that's
what we want to do.

That's what I want to do.

Well, I know this is
between you and me,

but do you mind if I talk
to my dad about this?

No, not at all.
I think you should.

I was just
looking for you.

Oh, I was just coming over
to see you.

I think we need to talk
about the church--

you and the church.

Yeah, me, too.

That's what I was coming
to see you about.


Miss your bus?


There's another one
in 15 minutes.

Do want to wait with me?

I'd like to, but I promised
somebody a ride home.

I had a great time at your house
last night.

Did you have so much fun

that you'd like to come back
over sometime?


Look, Ruthie, here's the thing.

I'm 18 and I'm a senior,

and I could tell that your
dad's not that comfortable

with the idea of the two of us
going out.

So, it's not that I don't
find you interesting

or think you're attractive,

or anything like that,
because I do.

But, for now, I think it's best
if we're just friends.

I'm pretty sure
I can talk my parents

into letting me go out with you.

Yeah, but... I don't know.

Why don't you date a guy

that you don't have to talk them
into letting you go out with?

Wouldn't that be better?

I have to talk them
into letting me go out

with anyone I want
to go out with.

So, it's not that big of a deal.

Really, it isn't.

I'm sorry.

I just don't think it's
the best time right now.

Okay? Friends?


Sure. Friends.

I'm not gonna be friends
with my dad.

Miss your bus?


Want to give me a ride?

I got practice. Sorry.

That's too bad.

I wanted to talk to you
about something.

What's the deal with you
and that Sandy girl?

No deal.

I met her when I went to
see Simon this summer.

End of story.
End of story?

Didn't you talk to
Meredith today?

We're going out
Saturday night.

I'm not buying "end of story."

There's no reason to
believe that Martin
will marry her.

His dad's a marine.

He'll make him do
the honorable thing.

I'm not sure
about that.

Is the honorable thing
to marry someone

that you're not
in love with?

Well, whether they do
or they don't get married,

I want to make
our engagement
official now,

and I want to
move the wedding
to Thanksgiving.


Wait, this Thanksgiving?

That's what
I want to do.

But what about
what I want to do?

You want to marry me,

Well, yeah, not

We can get married
that week,

then go on a honeymoon
over the Christmas holidays,

and then we come
back to school.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Let's, let's not make
any crazy decisions

just because we're a
little upset about
Sandy and Martin.

That's them.

We're us.

There's no reason to rush
into a marriage.

Simon Camden, you love me
and I love you,

and we're gonna be together
for the rest of our lives.

So, what difference does it make

if we get married this November
when I want to get married?

Rose... wait.

I don't know if I can agree
to get married that soon.


I don't know.

I guess I'm just--

I'm feeling a little pressured.

I mean, we had a plan.

A plan that I was happy with,

and now it seems like
our plans are changing,

not because I want them
to change

or you want them to change,
but because of Sandy and Martin.

Well, that's true.

But that's not my fault.

You're the one
who got them together.

I can't just refuse to leave.

Yes, you can.

What if they never accept me?

What if?

I think we've both been playing

too much of that game,
haven't we?

What if Mary never
goes back to Carlos,

and what if he and Charlie
grow apart from us?

What if Simon gets pushed
into a marriage he doesn't want

and marries someone
who makes him miserable,

and what if he ends up
in a divorce, too?

What if Kevin stays home,
and then he's unhappy?

What if the church members think

that you pushed him
into staying home?

And what if the church members
never accept you?

I mean, if we're gonna
play that game,

why don't we go for what if
something good happens?

What if Mary and Carlos
never get married again,

but-but always remain close

so that we always get to
be a part of their lives

and Charlie's?

And what if Simon...

...realizes that Rose is
not the right woman
for him to marry

and gets out of
that relationship?

Or what if Kevin...

loves staying home
with Savannah?

What-what if changing his life
for his daughter and you

gives him even more purpose

more fulfillment

than working in the community?

What if your very
long sermon Sunday

has served the purpose
of making both of us...

more committed to each
other and to our work?

I have the last say
in all church matters,

and you're not
going anywhere.

I don't want you to fight
my battles for me.

And I'm not the victim here.

I take responsibility

for talking about my concerns
about working,

which obviously bored some
people and annoyed others.

But I'm not afraid to admit

that I've made some mistakes,
and I want to do better.

I have to say this--

well, maybe I shouldn't,
but I'm going to.

Women are essential to religion.

All religions.

And throughout history,

women have been good
for religion,


I'm not sure religion
has been...

good to women in return.

We... we can change that.

Starting with you and me
and-and our church.

We can change that.

I'd like to believe that.

But I don't know if I do,

but I'd like to believe it.

Come on, we both know that the
only way to change the world

is to change ourselves,

and our relationships
with other people first.

I believe that.

I really do.


I believe in you, Luce.

If I haven't said that lately,
I'm sorry.

Dad, you're gonna make me cry.


Seems like old times.

We'll get
through this...

and all our other...

together, as a family.

A family that loves

and respects each other.

It may not seem like it,
but life is good.


I just want you to know

that I don't want to
have anything to do

with either of you or anyone
else in this family--

with the possible exception
of Sam and David.

I don't want your advice.

I don't want
mom's advice,

or Matt's or crazy
Mary's or Simon's.

I just want to a place to live,
food to eat, a few clothes,

and a quick shower whenever
there's any hot water left over.

And other than that, I just want
everyone to leave me alone!

My guess,

Jack decided he didn't
want to go out with her.

Like I said,

life is good.