7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 10, Episode 19 - Secrets - full transcript

Sam and David discover that while eating Oreos everyone is more likely to share their deep secrets ... the Rev., Lucy, Annie, everyone but Ruthie ... although she nearly spills the beans on Matt while having cookies with Annie.

Oh, what a wonderful
bridal shower.

Thank you for
throwing it for me.

Oh, it's my pleasure.

And thanks for the help with
picking out china patterns.

I'm so happy you
choose my pattern.

Simon will think of home
every time we use it.

We both will.

I wonder if that
had anything to do

with wanting to
inherit Mom's china.


You now have reason to believe

the marriage will actually
last that long?

No, but if they're
still together

by the time you get married,

pick the same pattern
just in case.

- Deal.
- Hey, I was so busy

I didn't get a piece
of that cake.
Me neither.

How about some
cookies and milk?

My favorite.

Hey, mine, too!

I'm so glad we're
getting to be friends.

For the first time,

I don't know, I feel like
I'm not losing a son,

but... I'm gaining a daughter.

I feel like
she's cheating on us.

Since when does Mom
like having Oreos

with her other daughters?

I'll tell you when.

I remember the first time
I read a book about

a girl getting kissed
by a boy.

He had a peppermint in his mouth
and the kiss was sticky.

That made me not want
to kiss a boy for years.

I'll bet your mom gave you that
book, A Kiss in the Library.


I gave that to Mary
and Lucy and Ruthie,

but unfortunately, it seems
to have had the opposite effect.

That book was supposed
to keep us from kissing boys?

Who knew?

I thought it was a message
for fresh breath.

I still keep peppermints in my
pocket when I go to the library.


Oh. I thought I
heard voices.

Do you want to join us?

Frankly, I prefer
spying, always have.

Yeah and I've got to go home and
check on Kevin and Savannah.

She's really
nice, you know.

It's okay to change
your mind about people.

Have some
cookies with us?

And talk?
Yeah, and talk?


So, you gave us
that kissing book to read

so that we wouldn't
want to kiss boys?


So, you didn't tell us that.


Are you two actually jealous?

No, no.

We're not jealous.

We're just not so naive.

This is the same Rose
that we all thought

was wrong for Simon,
what, like, two weeks ago?

But things have changed,
and things started to change

when Rose and I began to talk,

I mean, really talk
and listen to each other.

Good luck.

Good luck?

Well, you're not talking
to her for nothing.

I don't understand.

I think what
they're saying is

you can give a
person a few Oreos

and they'll talk to you.

About what?

I don't know; let's find out.

Would you like a cookie?

Oh, no thanks,
I had some already.

What's going on?

Not anything.

Delivery for the bride.

Thank you.

I didn't want Annie
to have to live with that

in her living room
for the next couple of weeks.

No problem.

What is that?

It's a mini-fridge.

It's for our office,
which is gonna be

on the second floor
of the condo we're renting.

The kitchen is on the first
floor, so we thought

it would be nice if we didn't
have to go downstairs

every time we wanted
a cold drink.

That's what
we have to do.

Yeah, it's a pain.

You're seven.

It's still a pain.

Where did you learn
that language?

Give us a minute, will you?


And, guys, if you want
to use our refrigerator

while it's stored here,
you're more than welcome to it.

A pain where?

In the neck.
In the neck.

Oh. Still, it's not a pain
to go up and down the stairs.

It's good for you;
it's exercise.

Hey, guys, what's going on?

Ooh, give me one of those.

Be our guest.
All right!

Would you like
some milk?

Ooh, I'd love some milk.

I'll get it for you.

Let me have
one of those.

Oh, a lot of loot.

Yeah, they got a lot
of nice presents.

What'd we get them?

Uh, oh, we gave them
the teapot.

Just a teapot?

Well, it's part
of the china pattern.


Well, we're giving them

their big present
for their wedding.

You think we should give them
what we're giving them now?

No, but I think we should've
done better than a teapot.

I think we should wait

until the wedding day
to give them the big gift.

Well, I don't know,
it would take a lot of stress

off of Simon if we gave it
to them now.

Mom says we can put this in
the refrigerator if we want.

Let me plug it in then.

Well, it is
a lot of money,

and we're probably
not teaching them anything

if we pay for the ring,
but on the other hand...

On the other hand,
we don't want Simon

paying for that ring
the rest of his life.

And if he knew we were
giving him the money,

he might not be working every
minute up until the wedding.

That's okay.

They're gonna need
that money, too.

You didn't tell your parents
what we're doing, did you?

Hmm, no, I didn't.

It's a secret, okay?

Kevin and I are giving
Simon and Rose some money

to pay for their wedding rings,

but we don't want
anyone else to know.

So, why are you telling them?

Oh, they won't tell anyone.

Make sure you don't
or you will have a pain.


In the neck.

Whoa, is all this from
the wedding shower?

Yeah, and look,
we got a refrigerator.

Rose is letting us use it
to keep our milk in it.

Are those Oreos?

Oreos are my favorite.

May I?

Sure, have some.

Yeah, have
some Oreos with us.

I think I will.

Mmm. Mmm.

I'll tell you a little secret

if you promise,
promise not to tell your mom.

We promise.

We can keep a secret.

When your mom and I had
just been married for a month,

I had to take
a little business trip

and I accidentally
left my wedding ring

on the bathroom sink
in my hotel,


You can't tell anyone.

As I was driving home
from the airport,

I realized it, and I knew how
upset that Mommy would be,

so I drove all the way
to downtown Los Angeles

and went to buy a ring that
looked just like the one I had,

the one your mother
had given me,

but I had no idea

that that ring had cost so much,

and I really didn't have
quite enough money,


the old guy selling
the ring gave me a discount.

He felt sorry for me
and he didn't want me

to get in trouble.
What happened?

To this day,
Mommy still doesn't realize

that this isn't the original
ring that she bought me.

And I...

I told that... lie

because I didn't want Mommy

to be disappointed and unhappy,
but you should never lie.

unless maybe it's to keep you
from hurting someone's feelings.

And even then, you might...

You know, I hadn't thought
about that ring for years.

I probably shouldn't have
said anything, but...

But you're old enough
to keep a secret,

and-and-and it'll be our secret,

Just the three of us.


Where are you going?

I'm going downstairs
to get a snack

and then I'm going to bed.

Where's Rose?

Downstairs, watching TV.

You don't have to go all the
way downstairs to the kitchen

if you don't want to.

We have snacks in here.

What snacks?

Keep 'em coming.

I will.

I'm not stupid.

I know what you're
trying to do here.

Yeah, what?

Well, you're trying
to get people to talk to you,

share a moment, a secret even.

Do you have any secrets?

Yeah, you can tell us.

We won't tell anyone.

Sure you won't.

We won't.


All right, here's one.

My secret is...

I'm not crazy enough
to tell either of you

anything that I don't want
everyone else to know.

Had any luck with anyone else?

We're not going to tell you.

Yeah, we're not going
to tell you.

We'll see how long
you can hold out.

What's going on?

Oh, what? Nothing,
just trying to write a sermon.


You keep looking at your hand.

Oh. I...

My wedding ring.


Yeah, I've been thinking
a lot about things like that.

You know, wedding rings and...

Are you hungry?

The boys have some
extra milk and cookies

in the spare room.
I'd be happy to get you some.

Uh, actually, I had a little
snack with them earlier.

Hmm, okay.


I just wanted to say good night,

and thanks again
for the wedding shower.

Oh, you're welcome, Rose.
Good night.

Good night.

Love you.

Love you.

Good night.

Are we at that stage
in our relationship with Rose?

I think so, yes.



Are you now trying to get Rose
to go through with the marriage

when it seemed like you thought
that there was some possibility

that she might turn and run back
to her old boyfriend?

I love her, okay?

Okay, if you say so.

I say so.


Rose, wake up.


Good morning.

What time is it?


What are you doing here
so early?

Well, you wanted me to get
the gifts back for you,

so I have to be
back at work by 10:00.

Oh, you are working so hard.

And I'm getting to have
all the fun.

You won't believe all the
stuff we got yesterday.

It's in the other room.

Go take a look.

I'm going down the hall,
I'll be right back.

This is unbelievable.

Yeah, it is.

I can help you write the thank
you notes if you have a list.

I could do it while
I'm hanging out at work.

That would really help.

I have to start studying
for finals.

But you have finals, too,
so, you shouldn't worry

about things like
the thank you notes.

You're working.

I'll take care of it.

All right, but I have time,
I can help.

You don't seem too worried
about your finals.

I'm finding it
really hard to concentrate

with the wedding
just a couple weeks away.

Oh, it's just school.

It's only finals; it'll be fine.

I wish I could be
that confident.


Hey, yeah, it's me.

Oh, wh-what do you mean
I don't have the 10:00 shift?

No, I got off work at midnight,

and I only got
a couple hours sleep

and then I drove down
to Glenoak to run an errand

so I could be back
by 10:00 for my shift.

Yeah, I understand
it's not your problem. I...

The guy who called in sick
suddenly called in well.

I don't have to be there
until 4:00.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I can't believe this.

I'm exhausted.

Then why don't we
just go back to bed?

Yeah, why don't we?


Hey, guys.

Hey, Simon.

What time is it?


No, it's not.

Yes, it is.

Rose said you better get up

so you could
get to work.

Oh, how could it be 1:00?

It's that time
this time every day.

I slept the whole day.

Here's a sandwich.

Rose made it for you, then
she and Mom went shopping.


What else could we need?

Would you like
some milk with that?

We have new milk.

Yeah, thanks, guys.

Good idea.

I miss you guys.

I'm sorry I couldn't
come home more this year.

Can you guys keep a secret?

Of course we can.

We promise.

I'm taking incompletes
in all my classes

so I can work
so I can pay my bills

and still pay for that
stupid ring I bought for Rose.

You don't know what
incompletes are, do you?

I hope you never know.

I hope you never know
what debt is either.

But you do know what
a secret is, don't you?

Don't say anything to anyone

about what I just
told you, okay?


The two of them.

First Oreos, now
shopping together?
I know.

I suppose we could've
gone with them.

Or not.
Or not.

Here's what I'm thinking.

I'm thinking that while
they shop, they'll talk,

and then... oh, I don't know.

No, I think you're
on to something.

They'll shop and they'll talk,
and then Mom will get really,

really close to Rose
and because she loves her,


tell her that... I don't know.

Whoa, who said Mom loves her?

I heard Mom say that
to Rose last night,

when they were saying
good night to each other.

Yeah, and I think they mean it.

I think that Rose
loves Mom like a mother,

and Mom loves her
like a daughter,

and because she loves her
like a daughter,

I think she'll be
able to tell her

not to marry Simon because...

No, go on.

You're doing really good.
Keep going.

I don't know,
I can't figure it out.

Me neither.

Rose couldn't have
changed that much.

I mean, it's impossible.

Hey, I just saw Simon
over the back fence.

He went and picked up some
of the shower gifts for Rose,

and then he's heading back
to school so he can go to work.

You want to give him
the wedding gift?

What are you guys giving him?

It's a surprise.

No, you know what, you're right.

We'll, we'll wait
until the wedding.

Repeat that
"You were right" part.

I don't hear that nearly enough.


Just wanted to say good-bye.

I'm taking as many of the gifts
as I could load into my car,

but I can't get them all,
and I don't think the boys

are ready to let go
of the refrigerator.

Not that I could
get that in my car.

I wish you could stay longer.

I can't.

I have to work.
Have to work.

How's school going?


School's fine.

It's pretty tough working
all the time and studying,

but that's what happens when
you buy a ring on credit.

Feel free to say "I told
you so" at any time.

I don't think I have to.

So, Mom and Rose are
still out shopping?

Yeah, the two of them have
been inseparable these days.

That's such a relief.

I was so afraid they would
get into such a big fight

before the wedding, we'd have
to call the whole thing off.


You thought that
might be possible?


Sure, didn't you?

No, really. No.

Have you had any thoughts about
calling the whole thing off?

No, Dad, I was afraid
that Rose might.

I want to marry her; I love her.

What did you think about her
old boyfriend, uh, Umberto?

He's actually a really nice guy.

He's the one who talked
to Rose about talking to Mom,

so I consider him
a good friend to both of us.

Is he coming to the wedding?

I really have to go.

I'll call Rose later, okay?

Uh, you... you have
a little something.

Oh, yeah. Thanks, Dad.

How's it going, guys?

Really good.

Nice to see Simon, huh?

Yeah. Did you have
some cookies with him?

And milk.

Oh. You're really
enjoying having that

little refrigerator
up here, aren't you?

We'd like to keep it.

Oh, can't do that.

It was a gift
for Simon and Rose.

Say, did-did Simon say anything
to you about getting married?

I'm afraid that he might be,
you know, scared.

Sometimes men get very scared
about getting married.


Well, you know,
it's a big commitment.

When you marry someone, you're
promising to take care of them

and be there for them and love
them for the rest of your life.

So, Simon didn't mention
anything about getting married?

Did he say anything
about... anything?

The boys had these
milk glasses upstairs.

I thought I'd bring them down.

Need some help?

No, thanks.

I-I think we've got it.

Well, on second thought,

maybe you and Rose
could finish up.

No, that's okay.

No, really, I didn't get
to the laundry today

and I've got some towels
that I gotta get in the wash

before it gets too late.

I wish you and Lucy
had come with us today.

I wasn't aware
that we were invited.

By the way, it's forks
up, knives down.

That's just how we do
things around here.

Oh. Sorry.

We wanted you to go,
but I was shopping for gifts

for my bridesmaids
and you're a bridesmaid.

Find anything?

No, but your mom
gave me a great idea.

Yeah, she's filled
with great ideas.

What does that mean?

Nothing. She's filled
with great ideas.

I hope you're not
upset with her.

You're not upset that she's
been spending time with me.

No, I'm not upset with her.


Then I guess maybe
you're upset with me?

I guess I really should've

apologized to everyone
in the family

instead of just to your mother.

If I've done anything

to offend you this past year,
and I'm sure I have,

then I'm really sorry.

I've never had

a sister before,
and I'm hoping that

you and Lucy and I can be close.

We have another
sister, you know.

I know.

I can't wait to meet her.

I met Carlos, remember?

He's really nice.

I hope he and Charlie and Mary
can all be at the wedding.

Wouldn't count on it.

I'm not, but I still hope
they get to come.

You really, really
don't like me.

I mean, you didn't seem like

you'd try to get in the way
of the wedding before,

but before you didn't have to.

Before your mom was getting
in the way of the wedding.

Is that what's changed
with the two of you?

No one's trying to stop
your wedding.

I'm just tired of losing
the people I love to you, okay?

Why are you all of a sudden
being nice to everyone anyway?

Look, Ruthie, some people
are lucky enough to have parents

who care enough to tell them

when they're doing
the wrong thing.

I'm not.

But I was lucky enough to have
a friend who did that for me.

You mean Umberto?

And why would Umberto
do that for you?

Because he really
is a friend.

And he's just a friend,
in case you were wondering.

I was wondering.

You know what,
I think I'm going to go see

if my mom needs help
with the laundry.

Oh, hi. You finished
in the kitchen?

Did you have dessert?

No, I didn't make
dessert tonight.

Would you like to have
milk and cookies with me?


Please, Mom, I-I really
need to talk to you.

Well, sure, Ruthie.
What's going on?

What's the matter?


how are you feeling
about the wedding?

With Rose and Simon?

How am I feeling? Why?

You seem awfully okay with it.

Well, I, uh...

I am.

I am okay with it.

I think it's going
to be all right.

And you think it's going
to be all right because...?

Well, because I'm getting
to know Rose better and...

And you think Rose might end up
marrying Umberto instead?

Come on, you know,
we're all thinking that.

You can tell me.
I can keep a secret.

I've kept Matt's secret
for years.

What could it be?

I don't know,
I don't know.

If I knew, I would have told you
at midnight last night.

I don't even know
if Matt has a secret.

Ruthie ran from the room.

Matt has a secret.

They all have secrets.

We all have secrets.

Oh, yeah? Do we?

I'm sure we do.

Any secrets
you want to tell me?

Look, I have a sermon to
give in a couple hours,

so I'd just kind of like
to stay focused on that.

Not that I'm hiding anything.

All right,
I'll get to you later.

First I want to know
what would make Ruthie

go running
from the room.

What does that mean,
you'll get to me later?

I know you told
the boys something.

Did the boys tell you
I told them something?

No, but, I know you were
chatting it up over cookies.

And, I know that Ruthie
knows something

that Matt really
doesn't want us to know.

Is there any

that it could be
a good something?

You know, like, maybe
they're getting residencies

that would bring
them back home.

Or... or maybe Matt's graduating
at the top of his class.

Or... I don't know,
something good.

I don't know,
people rarely keep good secrets.

Oh, hi.

I talked to Kevin.

He's gonna put this in your car,

so after church you can
just drive straight to school

without coming by here.

I know you said that's
what you wanted to do.

I'm not trying to push
you out or anything.

I'm not ready for Kevin
to load that into my car.

I'm leaving it here
for another week or two

until Simon and I can
get into the new place.

I'm just taking
the smaller gifts,

the ones I have room for.

No, you can't
leave this here.

Your mom said I could.
Well, you can't.

I'll have Kevin put
it in the garage.

What's going on?

Sam and David have been
using it as a cookie bar.

A what?

They've been serving up
milk and cookies,

but what they're really
trying to do

is to get people
to talk to them.

That's so cute.


Well, no one's really
going to tell them anything

they wouldn't want everyone
else to know, are they?

Didn't you just make
that mistake last Christmas?

Yes, I did.

Did you just make that mistake?

I almost let the biggest secret
I've ever kept out

without so much as thinking
about it.

I don't even want to know
what your biggest secret is,

but I'd love to know
what you came up here

to talk to your mom about.

I know it was about me,

Just tell me how I've taken
away everyone you love.


I loved Martin.

You introduced him to Sandy.

He's gone.

Now I'm losing my brother.

And if I hadn't
introduced Martin to Sandy,

he'd be here dating you,

you'd be
his girlfriend?

But you weren't
his girlfriend.

He had a girlfriend, Meredith.

And if it wasn't Meredith,
it could've been someone else.

It could have been
a lot of someone elses.

I'm not saying that
he never would have chosen you

as a girlfriend, Ruthie,
but what happened with Sandy

could have happened
with someone else,

someone I didn't
introduce him to.

And I didn't make him
sleep with Sandy.

I was shocked
he slept with Sandy.

What is this, truth or dare?

Do you want to
know the truth?

I'll tell you the truth.

I think my mom
is only being nice to you

because she thinks that you
and Simon won't get married.


I don't know.

I can't figure it out.

Ruthie Camden,
that is not true.

That's not true, Rose.

I don't know why
she said that.

I don't know either,
unless you really think that.

Oh, hi, Sarah.

It's Ruthie.

Look, funny thing...

Actually not so funny.

I almost slipped up
and told Mom

that you and Matt eloped,
but I didn't.

But all she knows is
that I'm hiding something

about the two of you,
so I was wondering,

could you tell me
some new secret

so that I can keep the old one?

It's the only thing that's gonna
make up for me telling Rose

that I think Mom is being nice
to her for no good reason.

Well, she told me
that even if Martin

wasn't with Sandy
that he probably

wouldn't be with me either.

She didn't exactly say that,
but look,

I don't really
have a lot of time,

so is there any little secret

that you could tell me
about the two of you?

Not that big a secret.

Are you kidding me?

I'd rather tell them
that you guys eloped

and went through
with a big family wedding

just to please everyone.

I can't tell them
that you two are...

I can't.

That's your news to tell them.

I told her I'd be
over there ten minutes ago.

So, call her back and tell her
that I need you right now.


For if Savannah wakes up,
I need you to help me out

because I'm getting
ready for church.

And, you know,

I don't want you
helping Rose right now.

I don't get it,
you've been telling

your mom for months
that she should just

give into this wedding,
and now that she has,

you and Ruthie have made
a 180 degree turn.

I wanted my mom
to decide to go along

with the wedding on her own.

I didn't want her conned
by Rose and her old boyfriend.

So you think her
and her old boyfriend

are trying to con your mom

into thinking she's a
nice person because...?

I don't know, okay?

Maybe so that no one
will be angry with Rose

when she calls off the
wedding at the last minute.

She's been practically
begging Simon

to marry her for over
a year now.

Why would she
call off the wedding?


Because she's in love
with Umberto

and Mom knows it.

So she's gonna
help Rose

call off the wedding. That's it!

That's it!

She genuinely likes her.

She likes Rose and-and because
she likes Rose, Rose knows that

Mom will understand when
she decides to marry Umberto.

'Cause she will understand,
because she already understands.

I got it!

You got nothing.

Huh, huh.

Well, it's not that I think
you'll call off the wedding.

It's that I'm afraid you'll
call off the wedding, Rose,

and I really want you
to marry Simon.

I mean, he's madly
in love with you

and I don't want him
to get hurt.

Annie, I'm madly
in love with him.

I want to marry Simon.

I'm not going to call off
the wedding.

Oh, I hope not.
I really hope not.

You know, every marriage takes
work, but if you and Simon

are willing to do the work,
which I think you are,

I think you can have
a really good marriage.

Especially if you and Simon
are as honest with each other

as you were with me.

Thank you, Annie.

You know, I probably
should've told you this,

but I've been walking around
with this fear in me

that something
is gonna go wrong.

On the other hand,
I didn't want to tell you

and have that hanging over
your head like some bad omen.

I'm very worried
about my son

and I feel very guilty

that my behavior
over the last few months

is gonna come back to haunt me,
that you could even

blame the canceling
of this wedding on me.

I can't believe you put
yourself through this.

Nothing is gonna go wrong.

I'm not gonna leave
Simon for Umberto.

I mean, Umberto's been joking
about wanting me back,

but he was joking around
with both me and Simon.

And if he were serious,
I don't think he'd make jokes

about that with the two of us.

Umberto said that?

He-he wants you back?

Hey, of course
he wants me back-- I'm me.

I'm just kidding.

Look, Annie,

it's not about
what Umberto wants.

It's about what I want,
what Simon wants.

We want to be married.

Oh, good.

I'm so glad we talked.

I feel so much better
getting this off my chest.

I hate keeping secrets.

I hate keeping

what I know
and how I feel inside.

It becomes a burden, you know.

It can make a person sick.

Oh, I'm sorry.


How sick?

Are you asleep?

Almost permanently.

You guys scared me
just a tad.

We need to talk.

Boys, I told you to let
your father get some rest.

Oh, thanks, hon.

What did they want to
talk to you about?

I don't know.

Well, what did you want to talk
to them about the other night

when, you know, when
the three of you were in there

all cozy with the cookies
and the milk?

We were just talking.

Okay. Well,
you know when you

keep a secret, it just
eats away at you, all inside

and it can really make you ill,

especially if you keep it
in there for a long time.

Maybe your heart

would feel a little healthier

if you just told me
what you told them.

A dad should be able

to have some secrets
with his sons.

Yeah, he should.

And a daughter
should be able

to have some secrets
with her brother.

Yes, you should, but I just get
worried about Matt and Sarah

when I don't hear from them.

You know, and if
they have split up,

I'd just love to know now

before we fly the whole family
3,000 miles across the country

so we can see the two of them
graduate from medical school.

Not that we wouldn't
go anyway,

but I just don't want
to get there

and get hit with this news.

You won't.

I didn't get
to apologize

to you before church.

I'm sorry I doubted
your motivations

for being nice to Rose.

I just couldn't
figure it out.

But I figured it
out, I think.

Kevin's helping Rose put the
mini-fridge in her car.

She decided to
take it after all.

Oh, good. Well,
let's have it.

Why am I so nice to Rose?

I already know.

Do you?


Maybe you just think you know.

So, I told Rose and Rose
told Ruthie, now you tell me.

You know, maybe
you don't even know,

maybe it's not
on a conscious level.

Please, we're all waiting
to hear.

You think Rose is gonna
call off the wedding

because she's still in love
with her old boyfriend, Umberto.

And you know that, and you
think that's a good thing,

and because you
genuinely like her,

you're going to help her
call off the wedding,

even though that
would hurt Simon,

because in the long run
you think that it's best

if they don't
get married.

Not that Rose
isn't a heck of a lot nicer

than you used to think.

Wow, that is quite a theory.

Oh, I wasn't going to help her.
I just wasn't going to stop her.

And I was there
to support her decision

and to be there for Simon.

Well, you told me
that you were afraid Rose would

call off the wedding,
but you were hoping she wouldn't

and that's all you said.
Well, at the time,

it was probably
all I was thinking,

but then it started
getting complicated.

Oh, yes, apparently it did.

Thanks for sharing.

Well, we don't share every
little bit of information

with each other now, do we?

No, I guess not.
But please go on.

I talked to Rose, and she's not
gonna call off the wedding,

and she's not in love
with her old boyfriend,

and-and that makes
me very happy.

So, if she's not in
love with Umberto,

then of course, she shouldn't
call off the wedding for him.

And if she is in love with Simon

and Simon's in love
with her, then they should

get married and live
happily ever after.

And we should all
just get on the

"Rose is wonderful" bandwagon

and make sure
that the next few weeks

go smoothly
and nothing goes wrong.

And yes, sisters

are allowed to have secrets with
their brothers, it's just...

Oh, please tell me

that what you know about Matt

is a good secret, Ruthie,
I just...

have to know.
What secret?

It's a secret
I've kept for too long.

And it's a good secret,


it involves not only Matt,
but Sarah also.

And Sarah thought
I should tell you.

I said it could be good.

Just wait and see
what she has to say.

It's old news really,
very old news.

And it probably doesn't even
matter anymore.

You remember when Matt

took Sarah out
on their first date

and they stayed out all night
and then came home

with that lame cover story about
how they stayed up all night

talking and decided
to get married?


They were already married.

They got married
on their first date.

And they told you?



Their anniversary
is actually in February.

Even though everyone else
thinks it's in May.


Yeah, I mean,

I always liked having
that secret with them

all these years.

I was just afraid
it was gonna slip out

like it almost did
the other night.

But who cares, right?


Well, it was years ago.

And they're still married, so
what difference does it make?

Thanks, Kevin.

I'll be right there.

I'll come back and get the rest
of the things and your bags.

Just hang out a few minutes.


I'm sorry about the
little refrigerator.

I know you like serving
everyone cookies and milk.

Kevin and Lucy
are gonna give Simon

the money to pay
for your ring.

It's a surprise
wedding gift.

Are you sure?

Wow, that's really nice,

but maybe you shouldn't
tell me if it's a surprise.

We have to.

If we don't,
we might get sick.

I see.

And Simon's taking
incompletes in all his classes.

He's what?

He has to work
'cause he's in debt.

He didn't have time
to study.

Who told you that?


Do your parents know?

He blames you.

Oh, Reverend Camden,
I better get out to the car.

Kevin's loading
the refrigerator.

Thanks for everything
this weekend.

That was a beautiful sermon.


And remember, I love you.

You and Annie,
and the entire family. I do.

and I don't have total control
over everything that Simon does.

What's going on?

We just told Rose
a lot of secrets.

Daddy's secrets?

No, but you better
tell Mommy about the ring

or you'll get sick.

Who told you that?


Well, all right,
maybe I'll do that.

But first...

let's start with everything
you know.