7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 10, Episode 18 - Invitation to Disaster - full transcript

Annie hated receiving an invitation to Simon's 'disaster' wedding with Rose in May, until she realizes that's the same day as big brother Matt and his wife Sara's graduation from New York med school. Neither group will even consider another date, arguing that the other event is less important or troublesome. Ruthie considers taking a summer poetry course in Scotland to be with her ex, Peter, but dad won't pay and the phone-bill hits hard. Kevin plants the romantic idea of eloping. Rose's jealous ex, Bert, grills Simon about his mystery girlfriend and questions his commitment. Annie finds out and teams up with Bert, who talks Rose out of eloping as the Camdens would ruin this by attending. Yet the changes of plans and truth time up inspiring surprising changes of heart.

Did you get
the mail?

We can get
it for you.

I know how much you guys like
the mail, so I saved it for you.

Here it is.

There's lots of it.

Let's see. Junk mail.

Junk mail, junk mail.

Will you put this in
the recycling bin in the garage?


Oh, and there's this.

Thank you.

Hey, guys.

How was school?

School was good.

It's always good.

Just not as
good as home.


Yeah, I'm sorry.

If I'd known
I'd be finished this early,

I would have
picked them up for you.

Is that...?

An invitation
to disaster.

It's becoming all too real.

It'll be fine, Annie.

No, it won't.

We found something
in the other mail,

the junk mail.

Is this

Oh. Oh.

Yes, it is.

It's... It's the invitation

to Matt and Sarah's graduation.

Well, there's
some good news.

Our son and his wife, both
graduating from medical school.

Yes, it is good news.

Oh, I'm so proud of him,
both of them.



Mom, did you get the mail?

Yeah, I did.

Good news and bad news.

Yeah, I forgot all about
Matt graduating... and Sarah.

Oh, yeah, me, too,
but, uh, we all should go.

I mean, it's gonna be a really
big day for them, for all of us.

Ah, did you notice the date?

Yeah, May 13th.

Yeah, May 13th.

Does that sound familiar?

Oh, no.

May... May 13th.

Well, Simon and Rose
are just gonna have

to change their wedding date.

I mean, they can't get married

on the same day
that Matt is graduating.

They can't get married
on the same day

that Matt is graduating!

Oh, bye, Luce!

Look! Look! Look! Look! Look!

May 13th!
May 13th!

They're gonna have
to call off the wedding!

I really want to go
to Matt's graduation.

I thought we could
go to New York,

and then go up to Buffalo
to see my mom and Frank.

Kind of make a
vacation out of it.

We can't go
to Matt's graduation.

Simon's wedding
is on the same day.

Yeah, but you don't want to go
to that, do you?

You are such a guy sometimes.

My dad is marrying
Simon and Rose?

I'm in the wedding?

Oh, well, we could split up.

You could go to the wedding,
and I can go to the graduation.

Aren't you in the wedding?

Am I?

Yes, you are!

What are you thinking?

I'm thinking that
no one really wants

to go to this wedding,
so why should I have to

when I really want to
go to Matt's graduation?

Well, so do I, but we can't.

Are you sure?

Yes, I'm sure.

Can't Simon and Rose
just change the date
of their wedding?

The invitations have already
gone out. I don't think so.

And, you know Rose.

She's not going to change
the date of her wedding

just because we want them to.

Well, I'm not going to do that.

You have to.

No, Sarah, I don't have to.

But Matt and I can't change
the date of our graduation.

I realize that, but come on.

It's a graduation.

People graduate every day.

Not from medical school.

Matt and I are graduating
from medical school,

and we really want
our families to be there.

Well, I'm... I'm sorry.

Come on, change the date.


Yeah, you can.

You call people right away,

tell them that you didn't know
that there was a conflict,

and then you get married
a week later.

It's not like you can't get
a church a week later.

We can't get the restaurant
a week later.

My parents can't fly in
from Europe a week later.

We're on our honeymoon
a week later.

I'm sorry,
but the date was set months ago.

Our date was set years ago.

Look, Sarah, we've never met,

and I'm sure
you're a lovely person,

but I think it's kind of rude
of you to try to force me

to change my wedding date
so people can travel 3,000 miles

just to see you get
some piece of paper

that says you're a doctor.

I mean, not that
aren't in order.

Congratulations, but I'm not
changing our wedding date.

Me? I was supposed
to make the call?

Why was I
supposed to call?

I didn't
pick the date.

You agreed to the date.

I didn't know it
was the same day

my brother was graduating
from med school.

And neither did I.

And you know why I didn't?

Because no one told me.

Your father knows the date
we're getting married.

Your mother knows,
your sister Lucy knows.

They've known for months.

Okay, but nobody thought

about the two things
being on the same day.

Maybe we should have.

You should have.

How would I know
that your brother and his wife

are graduating from medical
school on our wedding day?

Well, maybe we're getting
married on their graduation day.

Can't we just get married
the weekend before

or the weekend after?

I don't know if I would
if I could, but I can't.

My parents have arranged
their work

and their travel plans
around our big day,

and so have all our friends,
and frankly, so have we.

You did book the cruise, right?

Right, but what about moving
the wedding back a week?

Then we spend a week here,
and then we go on our cruise.

We can't back up a week.

We're in school that week.
We have finals.

I'm not getting married
in the middle of finals.

This is not good.

You're making
too big a deal out of this.

I doubt anyone wanted to go

to a stupid medical school
graduation anyway.

I think
you may be wrong about that.

I hope you're not going
to use this

as a way of getting out
of the wedding.

Why would you think I'm trying
to get out of our wedding?

Are you?

No, I'm not.

What was wrong with
the location that I liked

for the teen mothers' home,
just so I know?

Oh, nothing, but this
property is also zoned
for business.

A home is a business?

I was thinking that the first
floor could be a business, yes.

You know, a place where
the girls could work?

Some sort of, maybe,

resale shop--
something like that.

And the downtown area
is really great in terms

of getting to doctors,
hospitals, social services

and stuff-- so when do you
think they'll call?

The realtor?

No, Simon and Rose?

I don't know when
they're going to call,
but, but I don't think

it'll be for the reasons
that you want them to.

Well, your, your father didn't
ask you to talk to me, did he?

Mom, I, I just don't think

Simon and Rose are going
to cancel their wedding

just because Matt's graduating
on the same day.

I think the invitations
have gone out,

the restaurant for the reception
has been booked,

and people have already made
their travel plans.

Your father did you ask you
to talk to me, didn't he?

He knows nothing about weddings.

Marriages, yes,
but not weddings.

Weddings can be changed.

Graduations at universities
cannot be changed.

Simon and Rose
cannot get married

on Matt's graduation day,
they simply can't.

It's that simple.

I don't know.

Peter wants me to get
into this exchange program

in Edinburgh that he got into,
but I don't know

if I want to go over there
just to be with a guy.

Are you talking to me,
because I-I don't think

you should sign up for something
just to be with a guy.

Is the guy Peter?

Here, this is all I could get.

But what if we get there
and we're not even

interested in each other
or Robert Burns?

What's going on?
Oh, shh...

Oh, I was hoping the hotel
could move the reception

up to another Saturday
or Sunday,

but it looks like they're
booked for the entire summer.

And you know that how?

I talked the restaurant manager

into e-mailing me
the calendar.

Does Simon know that
you're calling the restaurant?

No, of course not.
I wanted to make sure

they could get
another date first.

And now?

I'm waiting on some dates

from some other restaurants.

Look, it's last minute anyway.

We can't wait for them to decide
to start changing their plans.

We have to get something
in place for them, you know,

so that they have options.

I know what I'm doing.

Do we have to go
to the wedding?
Can't we split up?

Girls stay here,
guys go to New York?

Ah, the only way we could
get away with that

is if we took Simon with us.

We can't kidnap him.

I know some guys.

I imagine you do.

Maybe we could talk
them into eloping.

You may be onto something.


Well, I mean,
they're getting married.

They're definitely
getting married.

So maybe, I mean,
maybe they could elope.

Rose doesn't want to get married
in the church anyway.

And truthfully, I don't feel
that great about marrying them,

because I don't think
they should get married.

But they are getting married.

See, we all have to face that--
they are getting married.

How do we get them to elope?

Easy. I'll suggest it.

If you suggest it,
it'll look as if

you're choosing Matt over Simon.

So how would you
suggest it to him?

Simon'll probably call us
about the invitations.

I'll tell him what I would do
in his situation.



Can I have $2,500

to go to Scotland this summer
to study poetry?

That's everything included--
housing, food, everything.

Darling, I'd love for you
to study poetry abroad,

but my having $2,500 to help you
do it is a bigger stretch

of the imagination
than the Loch Ness monster.

We can give it to you
if you want to go.

You mean it?

I want to go to Scotland.

I've always wanted to go
to Scotland, so has Annie.

As far as I'm concerned,
we can all go

after we go to New York
and see Matt graduate.

We're going to the graduation?

How are we going to do that?

It's the same day
as the wedding.

We'll talk later.

All right.

Maybe we are going
to the graduation.

Was she on hold all that time?

I think so.

Does that count
as billable minutes?


Who's she on hold with?

I don't know,
but I'm going to go home

and wait for Simon to call.

Wait, uh, maybe we
shouldn't actually do this.

I mean, it sounded
good in theory, but...

Annie already blames me
for not stopping this wedding.

But how can you stop a wedding
you don't know anything about?

Besides, she'll forget
all about the wedding

when she's watching
Matt graduate from med school.

Maybe, but... no.

Seriously, we'd better not
interfere here.

All right.
I won't say anything.

Are you, are you
just saying that

so that I won't have a part
in Simon deciding to elope,

or are you actually
not going to say anything?

I don't know what I meant.

Look, when you're deciding
whether or not

you should or shouldn't do
something, how do you decide?

I just ask my self if it's
to anyone's benefit.

You know, mine or anyone else's.

Would it be to anyone's benefit
if Simon and Rose elope?

I can't have anything
to do with this.

Got it.

Are there any of those
Vegas-type wedding chapels

anywhere around
the campus up there?

I'm sure there are.

Help me, okay?

Help me with this.

Mom, it doesn't matter
if you find another

If they don't want to change
the date, they're not going to.

With God, all things
are possible.

Mom, I don't think
I'd bring God into this.

And why not?

What, do you think
what I'm doing is wrong?

I didn't say that.

It's just that you don't want
to just change the date

of the wedding, you're trying
to get them to call off

the wedding, and I don't know
if I want any part of that.

What, do you think you're
a better Christian than I am

just because I'm...
I'm doing everything in my power

to keep my son from making
the biggest mistake of his life?

No, I-I didn't say that, either.

And you're not keeping him
from making a mistake,

you're just delaying it.

And I don't think it's right
for you to do this

without Simon and Rose knowing.

So you do think you're a better
Christian than I am.

You know what?
I think it's time

for Savannah and me
to go home. Kevin!

Luce, just say what
you came over here to say.

I didn't really

come over here to say anything.

I want to go to Matt's
graduation, too,

but Simon's getting
married, Mom.

And he's getting married on the
same day that Matt graduates.

And there's nothing we can do
about it, unfortunately.

Well, I have
to believe that there is.

Simon and Rose can get married
on another Saturday

if they're actually going to go
through with this charade.

Any Saturday but that one.

Yeah, well, whatever.

Good night.

And I don't think I'm a better
Christian than you.

Hey, don't let the
pressures of this wedding

and this graduation
get to you, Mom.

Everything will be fine.

Hey, wait up.

What's going on?

My mother is
losing her mind.

She thinks that
she is going to rebook

Simon's wedding reception
so that Simon and Rose

can have other places
to have a reception

on some other Saturday,
which is sure to be a long,

long time away from the one
that they have scheduled,

because what she really wants

is to get them
to call off the wedding.


"Oh"? That's all you have to say
is oh?

I don't see what everyone's
making such a big deal about.

Maybe Simon will change
the date of his wedding.

I don't think anyone's
talked to him about it.

You know what, you're right.

We haven't even
given him a chance.

I'll call him.
I'll ask him.

Or I could.

No, he's my brother.

I'll call him,
and I don't want him

to get the impression that we
don't want him to get married.

We just don't want him
to get married

on the day he has planned.

But if he does,
we will all be there.

Yeah, all right.
I know what to say

and I know how to say it;
leave it up to me.

No, I'll talk to him.

I'll call him after I put
Savannah to bed.

Hold on.

I forgot something.
I'll be right there.


Kevin, I was going
to call you guys.

Did you get the invitation
to Matt's graduation?

It's on the same day
as my wedding.

No kidding?
I didn't realize.

What are you going to do?

There's nothing I can do.

You and Lucy are
still going to be
in the wedding, right?

You can't not be at the wedding.
Matt's not gonna at the wedding.

You're like
a big brother to me.

And you're like a brother to me.

And that's why I'd really
like to be there.


Matt's like
a brother to me, too,

and I'd like to be
at his graduation, too.

But you can't.

Yeah, guess not.

Nah, forget it.

I don't guess you and Rose
would consider eloping?


Big weddings are just
so much trouble,

and eloping
is kind of romantic.


You wouldn't want
to elope, would you?

I don't know. Maybe.

Lucy and Kevin
can be our witnesses.

I think we're at "maybe."

All right, call me.

And don't call your sister.

And don't take any calls
from your sister.

I want a chance to talk to her
about this first,

if you decide to go that way.

Yeah, okay.

I'm going to need some time
to think about this.

Well, yeah, me, too.

24 hours?

Okay, 24 hours.

Kind of interesting to think

that we could be married
in 24 hours.

Yeah, it is interesting.

May I come in?

Sure, sure, come on in.

I'm sorry
I don't have a lot of time.

Take the time.
This is important.

I want to talk to you.


So, I hear you're thinking
about eloping.

Oh. Rose discussed
that with you, did she?

Yeah, she did.

I don't think it's a good idea.

But what do I know, right?


So, what does
your girlfriend think?

My what?
Your girlfriend.

You know after
our little dinner party,

Rose called
your last call dialed.

So? I know other women.

Obviously, you know other women

that you'd call during
our little dinner party.

Is that why you kept running
outside, to see this woman?

What's your point?

if you have a girlfriend,

you shouldn't be
getting married to Rose.

She's not a girlfriend.

She's just some woman
that I work with

that I talk to
once in a while.

She doesn't mean anything to me.

Why didn't Rose say anything
to me about this?

She probably doesn't
want you to have

an opportunity
to call off
the wedding.

And again, I don't buy

that this woman
means nothing to you.

I'm not calling
off the wedding.

And if she meant
something to me,

why would I be willing
to elope with Rose?

I don't know.

So Rose won't
call off the wedding?

I called Rose's
last caller, too.

It was you.

Don't do it, Simon.

Don't rush off and marry her
when you're not sure; make sure.

I'm sure.

You know, I may talk
to this woman that I work with

about Rose and about my
frustrations around the wedding,

but I want to marry Rose
and I'm going to marry her.

Maybe tonight.

Just so everyone can go to your
brother Matt's graduation?

You'd just close your eyes
and dive into a marriage

that you're not sure about
just so it'd be over

and done with and there'd
be no more conflict,

no decisions to make?

I want her back.

I want Rose back.

I don't think you love her.

I don't think you really
want to marry her,

and Rose says your family
doesn't want you to marry her.

That's not true. Kevin and Lucy
might even be our witness.

And your mom and dad?

I don't care
what my mom and dad want.

This is about Rose and me.

And if Rose will have me,

I'll marry her
whenever she wants:

the date that we set or tonight.

I have to go to work.

But if you want
to talk to Rose,

you don't have to do
it behind my back.

You can just hang out
here until she shows up.

Thank you. I will.


I've got nothing to hide.

Feel free to answer the phone.


Hey, just checking in.

Oh. Nothing going on.

Talk to anyone?

No one you'd want to know about.

Oh, I see.

Don't worry about it.

Well, I am kind
of worried about it.

There's nothing
to worry about yet.

They're thinking it over.

They are?
They would actually elope?

They're going to let me know.


But... but they wouldn't elope,
like, immediately?

Not immediately; I think Simon
has to go to work first.

Then after he goes to work,
they would...

I don't want to know.

Then I won't tell you.

Unless they decide that
they're not going to elope,

and then you could tell me.

I'm waiting till Simon says
he's definitely going to do it,

and then I'll break
the news to her.

And then we'll drive up there
and be their witnesses.

You didn't say anything
about being their witnesses.

They're going to need witnesses.

Yeah, but, look,
if you and Lucy

are going to be
witnesses, then...

I didn't hear you come in, dear.

I'm hanging up.


Lucy and Kevin being
witnesses to what?

Oh, Simon and Rose,
they're not eloping.


Oh, you know that,

that Simon and Rose are eloping?

You and Kevin and Lucy all know?

How could you do this to me?

Annie, look, please.

It's, it's just a crazy idea.

And they're not eloping,
not yet anyway.

And Lucy knows
nothing about this.

But if Simon and Rose
would elope,

we could all go to Matt's

Eric Camden, if our son elopes,

I may never speak to you again
as long as we live.

How can you answer the
phone at a time like this?

We need to stop them! Oh...

It's, it's
the restaurant

about canceling
the wedding reception.

They have a cancellation,
late August.

And you're dreaming,
those two are getting married.

Not if I can help it,
and they are not eloping.

Oh... Simon?

Could you hold on
for just a sec?

Oh, uh, no, uh,
it's Umberto.

Uh, Simon's not here at the
moment. Can I take a message?

Well, I'm Simon's mother.

Oh, hi.

I'm Rose's old boyfriend.

It's nice to meet you.

Yeah, you, too.
Listen, Umberto,

I don't know you,
and you don't know me,

but we have got to stop
Simon and Rose from eloping.

I couldn't agree with you more.

And after we stop them
from eloping,

let's stop them from getting
married altogether.



Far as I know. Why?

No reason.

Did you come over
to pick up your check?

Well, I came over to see you

and Savannah
and Samson and Delilah,

too, of course.

This is really nice of you.

Hey, if I had the chance
to go to Scotland

the summer I was 16,
I would have jumped at it, too.

I'm surprised that the slots
weren't filled.

My counselor thinks
it's a great opportunity.

I owe you a lot
of babysitting for this,

so let me know
whenever you need help.

Yeah, all right,
maybe even tonight.

I'm yours anytime
you want.


Let me help you with that.

Hi, Ruthie,
what's going on?

Nothing, I just came
by to get my check.

Thanks for Scotland.

Let me know
if you need me

to babysit tonight.

This pregnancy
must be affecting my hearing.

I thought she said
"Thanks for Scotland."

Wait-- did she say
"Thanks for Scotland"?


"Thanks for Scotland"?

You know, I told her
we'd give her the money

to go on that summer study

the one Peter's going on.

Uh, no, I didn't know.

Mom and Dad are letting her
go to Scotland

with Peter for the summer?

I guess.
It's a school thing.

Yeah, a school thing
where she's going

out of the country
to be with a guy.

And study poetry.

Oh, yeah, right, poetry.

Yeah, 'cause she's always
had a interest in poetry.

Would it hurt
if she got an interest?

Her interest isn't in poetry.

It's being with an old boyfriend
far, far away from home

where her family will not be
a factor in their relationship.

Oh, come on, she's 16.

So, she gets a little life

outside the family.

Yeah, at 16.
Maybe if she goes out

and sees a little bit
of the world, she won't want

to get married when she's
in high school or college.

Maybe she'll want
to take the time

before she settles down
to see the rest of the world.

You know what, Kevin?

you're a genius.

Yeah, he's a
real "genius."

These two told
Simon to elope.

You are a genius!
That is brilliant.

Now we really can go
to Matt's graduation.

And I don't have to be
in the wedding.

And you don't have to be
in the wedding and...

And you don't
have to be angry
with me, and you can

stop spending all your time
trying to stop the inevitable.

Oh, I don't have to spend
another minute

trying to stop this wedding.

Rose's boyfriend is
going to do that for me.

Simon said
you'd be here.

I think we should talk.

I think we should, too.

You look nice.

Mm, a girl should look nice
on her wedding day.

Oh, well, what about the dress?
The wedding dress

with the net thing
for your head and all that?

It's in the car.

Wouldn't want it to go to waste.

Look, Umberto,
I'm really happy

you flew out to spend
some time with me.

It's been great

but I really do love Simon.

I'm going to marry him.


Well, uh, well,
that's great, Rose.

I'm really happy for you.

I was afraid the guy wasn't
going to go through with it.

Me, too.


S-So what do you say?
Can I be there?

Well, I think he wanted Kevin
and Lucy to be our witnesses.

Oh. Well, I-I think
they're all coming:

the mom, the dad, Kevin, Lucy,

the sister, the twins...

Yeah, I've been taking
all the calls.

They all want to be there.
They're on the way up.

Why? Why would they want
to be there?

They don't want to be there
the day I planned the wedding.

Don't you want them to come?

No. No, I don't want
them to come.

But they're your family,
or they will be in a few hours.

So can I come or not?

I mean, as long
as everyone else is.

No. No, I'm not doing this.

This is not
an elopement.

This is a cheap wedding

just so they can all go
to Matt's graduation.

Yeah, but so what?

You're still going
to get what you want.

You're still going
to be married to Simon.

But why should
they get to be there?

They don't even like me.

I mean, Kevin and Lucy like me,
a little, I think.

But I didn't even really
want them there.

I was just going along
with that for Simon.

Seems you're going along
with a lot just for Simon.

Like you want a big wedding

with your family, your friends.

You got that designer dress

and the, the, the net thing
for your head.

The veil.

And the shoes,
and the flowers and...

What was I thinking?

You weren't thinking.

You're just in love.

Well, I'm not eloping.

I don't think you should.

Look, you deserve
to have the wedding

you always dreamed about.

You deserve nothing but...
but the best.

You're right.

Thank you.

How did I let this happen?

How did I almost let them
trick me into this?

Look, I... I don't want to say
anything bad about Simon.

You know I like him,
and you know I'd take you back

just like that, so I'm not
putting him down

just so you can reconsider
how life could be with me,

but the guy's a little weak

when it comes to his family,
don't you think?


That is his one fault.

Well, that and he's chatting it
up with some girl from work.

So that's who that was.

I'm still going to let that go.

Yeah, I mean, it's...
it's probably nothing.

Oh, um, yeah, you, uh,

you'd better make a phone call,

unless you want a carful
of Camdens pulling up.

Here's, uh,
here's Annie's cell number.


If you're on your way up here,
you can go back home.

I've decided
I don't want to elope.

I want a wedding.

The big wedding that I planned.

All right, Rose,
if that's what you want.

Not eloping.


For you.

Hmm, just checking to see
if you were really

on your way up here or not.

Okay, are we all proud
of ourselves now?

I don't care.
I bought us some time.



All right, I might not be
as good a Christian as you are.

So you lied?

Uh, yeah.

You conspired with Simon's
mother to stop us from eloping?

Yeah. How did you know
she was at home?


Oh, yeah, I forgot you had that.

Is everyone against me?
Even you?

Everyone's against you
marrying Simon, even me.

God, I don't think you should
marry into a family

where you're not... liked.

Do you think there's
anything at all

I could do that would
make them like me?

Don't ask me that.

I don't want them to like you.

All right. If that's what
you really want.

I guess I do know.

We'll go get the mail.

Mom always saves it for us.

Bring back something good,
will you?

No invitations.

I don't care.

So don't go!
I'm still going.


I wasn't just going
for you anyway.

And first of all,
I know who Robert Burns is.

And secondly, it's not
just about poetry,

they're also covering
medieval literature.

So you don't even have
the curriculum right.

Here you go.

Oh, bill, bill,

junk mail,
junk mail, junk mail.

All yours.


We'll go put it
out in the garage.

All right.

Is there some reason

you like putting the junk mail
in the recycling bin so much?

Not really.


I did not steal your idea.

You're the one
who told me about it.

You wanted me to go.

I can't help it if you
can't go now and I can.


Peter failed a class,
so Paris and Vic

won't let him go to Scotland
to study this summer.

Wow. That's not all me.


That's Mom.

What are you getting
angry at me for?

I'm not angry. I'm just...
I'm just shocked.

I mean, I didn't think
this could happen.

I thought there were limits.

Guess not.

Can I please have my phone back?

I don't think so.

Not right now.

All right, well,
think about it.


I have some money saved,

but I was going to use that
for Scotland this summer.

You did ask Mom
about Scotland, didn't you?

I haven't, but I will.

Somehow, the timing
just hasn't been right.

Yeah, I know.
That's why I haven't asked her.

Think about the phone, okay?


Hey, Hap.

I like girls that
are a little bit fat.

I like them with ponytails.

I like them
with dresses.

I like them with blue jeans

and I like blonde hair

and black hair.

I like red hair and girls
that smile with their teeth.

Hi. What's going
on, guys?

Yeah, I think maybe
we should talk.

About the mail?

It's just junk mail.



Where is everyone?

I don't know.

So, Mom's not home yet?

No, they're running late.

Uh, you want to e-mail
later and talk to me now?

Sorry, Dad just
took my phone.

I was right in the middle
of a conversation with Peter.

He got the bill, the phone bill,

and it was a really
big phone bill.

Hmm, he'll give
it back to you.

I don't know if I want it back.

I don't want to cause
any trouble.

I really want to go
to Scotland this summer.

Well, have you asked
Mom about that yet?

Dad's said he'd ask her
when the time was right.

Yeah, I wonder
when that will be.

Probably not today.

No, probably not,

but I have a feeling
everything will work out.

And if she asks my opinion, I'll
tell her I think you should go.

Will you tell her
even if she doesn't ask you?

Well, I could, but I don't
want to make trouble either.

Kevin thinks going to
Scotland will be good for you.

He thinks it'll inspire you to
study poetry and literature

and maybe it'll even
give you the travel bug,

make you want to travel
around the world.

I'm only going for the boys.

So, how's the baby?

Everything's fine so far.

It's not quite as scary
as the first time.

It's actually quite
enjoyable, in fact.

I feel happy.

I feel happy, too.

I've hardly thought about
Martin at all this week.

Oh, I still miss hanging out
up here with you and Mary.

I'm really happy I have sisters.

I don't think
we're gonna get Mary back,

but in a few weeks,
we'll have Rose.

Yeah, Rose.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Oh, traffic was terrible--

there was a wreck
on the freeway.

Oh, don't worry,
I don't mind waiting.

I was just curious as to why

you didn't want to meet
at the house.

Where you could have
waited in comfort?

No, I was just curious.

I wanted to talk to you alone,

away from everyone
else, face-to-face,
just the two of us.


What's up?

First of all, I called
Sarah and Matt

and told them that we can move
our wedding date back a day,

so you all can take off after
the wedding and fly to New York.

I tried to move it to the week
before or the week after,
but honestly, Annie,

my parents couldn't
or wouldn't change
their travel.

We can't change
the restaurant,

and they won't give us
the deposit back,

but the restaurant will cater
the reception at the church

if we can have
the reception hall that day,

or if you prefer,

we could just have the
reception at your house.

Of course, Rose,
whatever you want.

I was just thinking that even
though it would be more work

for you at the house,
it might be more convenient

with Sam and David and Savannah
to be close to home.

I mean the restaurant
would serve and clean
up and everything.

Did you really
change the date?

I did, and I've been
on the phone all day

calling the other guests,
and so has Simon,

and we made an announcement
and sent it out.

It's not like the
hand-engraved invitations,

but people will know in time.

Oh, Rose, that-that's
really, really nice of you.

Simon and I were supposed
to go on a cruise,

but as it turns out,
Simon didn't book the cruise.

He kind of let it slip,

so we're going to get
the entire family tickets

on the red-eye
to New York that night.

Rose, you and Simon
don't have to do that.

No, I think we do.

We should, to make up
for the last year.

Annie, I'd hate me,
too, if I were you.

I would be terrified of me
marrying your son if I were you.

I'm... I'm not the person
I want to be.

I'm not even close.

I apologize. I'm sorry.

I haven't been very nice.

I've been completely
self-centered and condescending

and really in your face,
like I've won some victory

over you in getting your son
to marry me.

I don't offer this as an excuse,

but I do want
to explain a little

of where this is coming from, or
where I think it's coming from.

I think I started getting like
this after my parents divorced.

I blamed myself, and the more
I blamed myself,

the worse I felt and the less
I thought of myself,

and to hide that, I started
acting superior to everyone

so no one would know
that I feel like nothing.

Oh, Rose...

This is hard for me. Please
let me just get this out.

I wanted to be that child that
the parents stay together for

or I wanted to be that child

that the parents
fought over, argued about.

You hear these stories
where couples battle it
out for custody?

Not my parents.

Neither of them wanted me.

They fought about who should get
stuck with having to raise me,

whose idea it was to have me
in the first place.

I practically lived by myself
after they got divorced.

They would constantly scream
at each other

about whose turn
it was to take me.

Too busy,
they were both too busy

with their work
and their relationships,

and they still are.

Look, they're nice people, just
really not such great parents.

I mean, they, they've taken care
of me financially,

and I'm grateful for that.

They paid my way through school,

and they really do provide me

all the material things
that I need.

I know that they are doing the
best they can for who they are.

But I know that I'm not.

I'm not doing the best
that I can for who I am.

I'm gonna be a better person.

I'm going to be a good wife.

I'm going to be a good

I promise, I mean that.

Oh, Rose, I don't
know what to say.

I feel so badly that we haven't
been nicer to you.

Why would you?

I've been horrible.

But I'm hoping that realizing

that I've been horrible
helps somehow.

I realize now that pretending to
be better than everybody else

really isn't gonna work for me.

I want to just be the nice
person that I think I really am,

but I may need some help.

I may need a lot of help.

Oh, Rose, look, I've been
a horrible person, too,

and I so apologize.

I'll do anything
I can to help you.

Apology and offer of help

Just please, please give me a
chance to start over with you

and the rest of the family.

Oh, of course, of course.

Look, it took a lot of guts
for you to do this,

and I really respect
your doing this.

You should be
so proud of yourself.

But not too proud.


I have to run.

I have to get right
back to school.

I have a paper due and
announcements to get out.

Well, drive carefully, okay,

and give me a call when you get
back to let me know you're okay.


Oh, and can I ask you,

why the sudden change?

Umberto talked to me.

He's known me
a long, long time.

He told me that if
I quit being afraid

that people weren't going to
like me, that maybe they would.

He thinks I'm likable.

And that made me think
that maybe I still have
a chance with you.


I've got some good news
and some bad news.

The good news is, I really,
really like Rose, love her even.

Oh, she's not such an
awful person after all.

Well, you're on your cell phone,

so I, I won't ask you
to explain that,

but quickly,
what's the bad news?

Bad news is, I'm not so sure
she's gonna end up with Simon.