7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 10, Episode 17 - Highway to Cell - full transcript

Simon isn't amused that Rose pulls all the stops out hosting a luxurious dinner to impress her Italian ex, Umberto 'Bert' Lanzo, who left her at the altar. He jests about wanting her back, or is he serious - and who is the mystery girl Simon agrees to talk to immediately but covertly? The Camden parents, are not amused that Ruthie's long-awaited cellphone does nothing for her social life. Eric urges the boys to call her, helped by unwilling Peter Petrowski's dad George 'Vic' Vickery and Kevin. Benjamin Bainsworth, meanwhile, finds her number and works up the courage to call after a year.

Don't you think
you should get ready?

For your date?

It's your date.

You're meeting my old boyfriend.

If it's my date, how come you're
going to so much trouble for it?

I'm not going to any trouble.

A seven-course meal
is no trouble?

They're not really courses;
they're just little servings.

Starting with this.

You like caviar, don't you?

I think you told me you did.

And Bellinis.

I don't think you asked me.

I didn't?

Oh, maybe that was Bert.

Yeah, maybe.

Anyway, this will still be cold

if you want to take
a quick shower

and put on something nice

like that cashmere sweater
I gave you.

Just curious.

How much is this
meal costing us?

Not including the cashmere
sweater you bought me.

It's costing us about a third

of what it would be
in a restaurant.

Which is why I wanted to cook,
to save money.

Yeah, all right, but if you ask
me, you're just showing off

in front of your old boyfriend.

I love it
when you're jealous.

I'm not jealous. You just seem
to be making every effort

to make me jealous.

I'm making every effort
to make Bert jealous.

I want him to see how wonderful
we are together.


Because when I wanted
to marry him,

he didn't want to marry me.

Well, I guess
that's honest enough.

Are you sure you still don't
have feelings for him?

I'm still a little angry
with him, yes.

But do I care about him?

I like him, but I love you
and only you.

And I'd love you

even more if you were showered
and wearing that new sweater.'

Uh, shouldn't we get that


My little Rosa!

How ya doin', doll face?

Oh, you look yummier
than ever.

It is so good

to see you.

You look great.

No thanks to you, and I
mean that sincerely.

Hey, how you doin'?

Simon Camden.

Uh, Bert, Robert, Umberto--
whatever you prefer.


Umberto Lanzo.

So, uh, would you like a-a
Bellini or some caviar?

Oh, you remembered.

So cute.

Anybody call Ruthie today?

Just anybody.

Well, no.

Why do you ask?

Just wondered, you know,
she has a cell phone.

I thought maybe somebody
might call her.

Why's that?

Well, Ruthie's a very nice girl,

I'm sure plenty of guys
have noticed that.

Oh, stop worrying, they'll call.

Hey, I hope I get a call.
You know, tonight's the night.

Tonight's the night?

When Simon

meets Rose's old boyfriend.

I forgot.
Well, I didn't.

Well, look, don't get
your hopes up, okay?

Well, I don't know, I have a
really good feeling about this.

I think Simon made it

very clear that
he's made up his mind

not to let Rose's old boyfriend
get in the way

of, uh, the upcoming nuptials.

Okay, we'll see.

Why do you want

to do this to yourself?

Why do I want to get excited

about the possibility

that our son might not be making
the biggest mistake

of his entire life after all?

Because I'm his mother.

All right, well, I guess

we're just gonna have
to play this one out.

What's going on?

Nothing yet.

I'm gonna go check
on the boys.

Will you take the bread
out of the oven?

Do me a favor.

If I ever do

get engaged, and
that's a big "if"...

Someday it'll happen, I promise.

Just let me know

if you hate the guy, all right?
And I won't marry him.


You're not answering?

I-I'm paying for
a cell phone

so you can screen your calls?

It's Kevin... again.


It's a pity call.

He knows no one is calling me.

The whole world knows
no one is calling me.

Have you tried giving people
your phone number?

What people?

I don't have a boyfriend,
I don't have any friends,

and I don't know
who I expected

was going to call me.
You have friends.

Uh... no, I don't.

Well, you... have friends.

No, I don't.

You see, I thought

if you got a computer and
a cell phone, that you could

take the time to make new
friends or call some old ones,

then you and your friends
could call each other

and e-mail each other.
And maybe,

just maybe, you could
use the computer

to do some research and
actually learn something

that you never knew before.

Take an interest in what's
going on in the world, be

part of the world...

Yeah, well,

I thought so, too.
But as it turns out,

all I've learned is
what I already knew.

I have no friends.

And I still don't
have the computer.

How much more

would it have been to get it
shipped overnight?

20 bucks.

There's... no, there's no reason
to pay the 20 bucks.

It'll get here, I'm sure.
Yeah, well,

and when it does,

I still won't have
any friends to e-mail.

Kevin, you're not on the phone
with Ruthie, are you?

I'm right here.

I left Ruthie
a couple of messages.

She won't take
any of my calls.

Well, um, it's nice
of you to call her,

but I think you might
be making her feel worse.

What makes you say that?

Because she called and asked me

to ask you not
to call her anymore.

All right, I can take a hint.

Someone wants to say
"good night" to you.


Good night, sweetie.


Oh, I love

when you say that.

We're really lucky.

She's such a good baby.

Aren't you, Savannah?

I like that babies
have to learn how to talk.

They can't just say "mommy"
and "daddy" right away.

By the time they say it,
they mean it.

It's like we've actually earned
that mommy and daddy

over the past year,
you know?



Or not.

Yeah, or not.

Good night.
I love you, Savannah.

Good night, Mama.

That's Mama.

That's Samson.

And that's Delilah.


No, I'm Daddy.

I would have been
happy to cook, you know.

You've cooked enough
for the past six months.

That's kind of what
I want to talk to you
about after dinner.

All right,
but not during dinner?

It doesn't matter.

I've just been thinking about,
you know,

us and our family
and my work

and, you know, this new project
and, uh, the way we do things.

You know, let's just
talk about it after dinner.

Just call her.

I can't call her.

I waited too long
to call her

and now it'd just be
like a really big deal.

Who cares if it's a big deal?
I care.

It's only a big deal
if you make it a big deal.

Well, I made it a big deal.

So that's what it is.
It's a big deal.

What's the worst thing
that could happen?

I don't know.
My girlfriend could find out.

What girlfriend?
You don't have a girlfriend.

There's a girl that you e-mail
and call sometimes,

but you never see her.

Still what?
That's not a relationship.

Yeah, well, Ruthie's in love
with that Martin guy.

At least that's what
everyone's telling me.

She's in love with him.

The guy that went away
to take care of his baby

that he had with another woman?


I don't believe it.

I don't believe
she's in love with him.

Call her and ask her.

I can't just call up Ruthie
and be like,

"Hey, are you in love
with this Martin guy or not?"

First you say,
"Hey, Ruthie, how're you doing?

I've been thinking about you."

Then you talk for a few minutes,
and then you say,

"Hey, whatever happened
to that guy

who used to live at your house?
What's his name-- Mark?"


I know that, but if you act like
you don't know his name,

it won't seem like
it's that important, okay?

I can't.

I practically owe
Reverend Camden my life.

You have to do this for me--
for him.

Why didn't you just tell him
I had a girlfriend?

Because you don't.

Where am I supposed
to tell Ruthie

I got her phone number
from anyways?

It's listed.

She doesn't have to know
that her dad called me.

Oh, so you want me to lie.

She probably won't even ask.

And if she does?

Tell her I gave it to you.

That's the truth.

I don't know.

Who pays for that phone?

You do.

Right. And your mother

didn't think you even needed
a cell phone, remember?

Look, Martin,
I figure you're not here,

you've got a new life.

I've only got a couple
of months of school left.

What's it going to hurt
if I just call Ruthie and talk?

I mean, maybe Ruthie and I
could be friends.

You two were friends.

We could go to the movies
or get a coffee or something

without either one of us
making it any big deal.


I've got no one
to hang out with, so call me.

And let me know
how the baby is, huh?

I can't believe you're a dad.

Call me back.

I know, but if Ruthie wanted me
to have her number,

I'm sure she would have
given it to me herself.

What should I do?

So, here's to a long
and happy marriage.

Mmm! This is the Chianti
from your father's vineyard

that I love so much,

isn't it?
He sent you a whole case.

It's actually in the car.

An engagement present
for you and Simon.

Actually, I hardly ever drink.

That is so sweet.

I love your dad.

Not as much as he loves you.

His dad loves me.

Who doesn't?

I think we know who doesn't.

And your mom? She's well?

Well, she hasn't spoken
to me since we broke up.

You mean since you
broke up with me.

Well, that's what I mean.

She hasn't forgiven me yet.

Oh, neither has Rose.

I think I'll check
on the lasagna.

The vegetarian?
The eggplant one?

Just like
your mother makes.

You know, my mother
never gave that recipe

to anybody outside
the family other than Rose?

I thought you got the recipe

when you were
in cooking school in Italy.

I did.

That's when I thought Umberto
and I were getting married.

It was his grandmother's school.


I want her back.

:I'm just kidding, man.

No, no, no, seriously,

I'm, I'm just kidding.


Kind of.

Oh, it's not done.

I don't understand,
I've had it in the oven

for over an hour and a half.

Maybe we should start
without the chicken.

I don't care
about the chicken.

We're starving.

Just let me put it back
in the oven for 15 minutes.

I'm sure you can
wait 15 minutes.

I'm sorry, I thought
I turned that off.

Oh, I'll just be a minute.

Is that Simon?

That's Simon.

Pick up, pick up!


Ruthie, are you alone?

No, I'm not alone.

Well, then get somewhere
where you're alone,

because I need you
to Google someone,

and I don't want anyone
in the house to know, okay?


It's personal.


Oh, Simon just called Ruthie.

And I don't know.

Simon just called Ruthie.

He's having dinner with Rose
and her old boyfriend tonight.

It's my brother.

I'll call him back.

That's okay, I want to talk
to my mom for just a minute.


What's up?

We were just
sitting down to dinner.

Who were you talking to?

My wife.

Why do I have to be
your brother?

Lucy doesn't like me.

I didn't tell her
I talked to you.

What's the problem?

I don't know, I mean...

What's the point
in calling Ruthie?

I'm graduating, I'm going
to school in Florida.

I didn't ask you to marry her,
I asked you to call her.

I can't get him to call her;

maybe you can
get her to call him.

Why won't he call her?

Because he's made
such a big deal out of it.

If she's not happy
to hear from him,

he's going to need therapy
the rest of his life.

No, he won't and she'll
be happy to hear from him.

She'd be happy
to hear from anybody.

So, my son's just anyone?

No, of course not.

I'm just saying,
it's just a phone call.

Does he have a girlfriend?

Kind of.

It's a cell phone,
email relationship.

And calling Ruthie
would be cheating?

I don't know.

Does anyone know
what the rules are?

You know, Ruthie's
just an old friend.

I know that.


I'll keep trying.

Why couldn't they just
send it overnight?

Twenty dollars more.

I would have
sent you the twenty

if I'd known I'd be
in this situation.

Well, what kind of situation
are you in exactly?

I mean, to have
someone Googled?

This guy shows up,
he's nothing like I expected,

now I'm completely off my game.

What were you expecting?

Not this guy.

Talk to me about what, Luce?

Just talk to me now.

Uh, boys, would you
get that, please?

Hello, Camden residence.

Lucy, I'm your mother,

why can't you tell me
before you tell him?

Because he's my husband.

Everything okay?

Everything's fine.

Do we want to subscribe
to the Glenoak Gazette?

We already subscribe
to a newspaper.

We already subscribe.

Okay, I'll call you back

but talk to Kevin
so you can talk to me.

Well, wait, just,
just tell me first.

You know, whatever you
want to talk to me about

is about you and me,
then just tell me.

Does this have something to do
with the baby? Are you okay?

I'm fine, the baby's fine,
everything's fine.

It's just not
a conversation

to have on a cell phone.

What conversation can't you have
on a cell phone?

Ooh, hang on.

No, I already subscribe
to the paper.

I don't have time
for this, okay?

Yeah, I'm a stay-at-home dad.


Ooh, hang on.

Hi, this is Lucy.

Oh, hi.

No, no, no, that's okay.

I just didn't want to commit
to the property yet.

Yes, yes, no,
it is the perfect location,

but we're on a budget--

a very tight budget,
and I wanted to bring someone in

who has a little bit
more experience

with that sort of thing.

You know, I'm afraid I'm
gonna have to call you back.

No, I'm sorry...

Hold on.

Hi, you called already.

We subscribe.

Take us off the list, okay?

Look, do you always do this
before you call a girl?

The first time,
pretty much, yeah.

And this just isn't any girl,

this is a girl that
I probably shouldn't call.


All right, let me get
my computer on and I'll take

a quick look, but I
can't make the decision.

I've got another call.

for Teenage Mothers.

Um, sorry,
I'll be right there.

Ah, but we should
get a break,

'cause we're paying cash,
wouldn't we?

I need you to do me a favor.

Hang on, I'm on the other line.

Let me hang up.

Hey, I'm on the other line
with Dad.

Sorry, I, I would talk
to my dad about this,

but my mom and dad
are divorced and...

Didn't your dad die
when you were in high school?

Not my dad,
Lucy's dad, Reverend Camden.

You call him "Dad"?

Yes, I do. And would you
quit making such a

big deal out of this
and call Ruthie?



I did something stupid.

I called Vic and asked him
to have Peter call Ruthie,

'cause I thought, you know,
maybe it would cheer her up.

I did the same thing.

You called Peter?

No, I ran into Martin's friend,

Mac, at the Promenade
and gave him her number.

Oh, well, uh, all right, I...

I also might have mentioned
her phone number in passing

to that guy that she went
to the church social with, Sam.

I don't think she liked him.

Yeah, I know,
but he seems like a nice guy,

and he passed by the car
while I was

waiting for her to come out
of school and...

What is it about
these cell phones?

I feel like my brain
has just been sucked

right out of my head.
No good can come from this.

Take it easy.

It's just a cell phone.
You'll get used to it.

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Well, shouldn't you
get back out there?

I did get back out there.

Then I spilled
something on my sweater

so I could get back in here.

You know, I don't think
she's just trying

to make me jealous,
it's more than that.

Are you sure
that I'm the person

that you should be
talking about this with?

Weren't you just complaining
all week that nobody calls you?

I'm having a panic attack here.


Can you hold on a second?
Just take a deep breath.


Hey! It's me, Mac.

I heard you
got a cell phone.

Yeah, I do.

I'm on the other line
with my brother.

Can I call you back?

Sure, call me back.


You don't think
she'd actually leave me

for her old boyfriend, do you?

Sorry, can you hold on a second?

No, we already subscribe.
Thank you.

This party is not available
or is outside the service area.

This party is not available
or is outside the service area.


He's not even her type. I...

Hold on,
I have another call.


Do you think it would be okay
if we eat the chicken?

What-what chicken?
Where is everyone?

They're on their
cell phones.

Eat the chicken.

Thank you very much.

What are you doing?

I think after as much time

as I've spent trying to get you,
you owe me an answer.

Are you in love
with Martin Brewer or not?

What difference does it make?

I mean, you said you didn't even
want to be friends with me.

I said I didn't want
to be friends?

Yeah, you said that.

Well, maybe I do
want to be friends.

But only if you're
not going to go out with me.

I'm not going to go out
with you.

But I really do want
to be friends with you.

So, truthfully,

is this about Martin Brewer
or is it about me?

It's about me.

I'm sorry,
I've got another call.

All right, well,
give me a call sometime.

I can always use a friend.

Yeah, me, too. Bye.

Hey, I'm sorry.

I was going to call you back,
but I didn't.


I thought maybe you were
worried about Martin.

Just so you know, I called him
to see him if it's okay

if I called you,
but he didn't call me back.

You don't have to ask Martin's
permission to call me.

I didn't have to, but...

Are you still in love with him?

What's the point?

He's kind of taken.

Yeah, but when did that
matter to anybody?

I'm calling you.

And you're taken.

Mentally, anyway.

Yeah, kind of.

So why are you calling me?

I don't know.

Some guys find the unattainable

You know what I mean?

No, but...

Did my dad ask you to call me?

Apparently, he was handing out
my number at school today.

No, it was your brother-in-law.

I must be really pathetic.

You're in love with a guy
who just had a baby.

That's kind of pathetic,
don't you think?

In what way?

"In what way?"

I'm joking.

So, what's going on
in your life?

Oh, can you hold on a second?

I've got another call.


Hello, yourself.


Yep, it's me.

Can I call you right back?


She's so lonely and depressed,
no one ever calls her.

She's on the other line
right now.

Maybe she's talking to the
principal of her school

or the President of
the United States.

I don't know-- I mean,
just because she's talking

to somebody else
doesn't mean

she's not excited
to hear from you.

That's exactly what it means.

Now she's talking to him
and not to me.

Me? She'll call back later.


What do you care?

You have a girlfriend.

Well, as you pointed out,
she's not my real girlfriend.

So, what do you want to do?

I'll just wait
for Ruthie

to call me back,
and then if she calls me back,

I didn't call her,

so technically,
it's not cheating.

On the girlfriend
you don't really have.

What if you talked
to Ruthie in person?

What if we just dropped by
to say hello?

People don't do that.

You can't just drop by
someone's house and say hi.

You have to call first.

They're Christians.


They have to let us in.

Just drop by?


Sorry-- I couldn't get
off the phone.

I'd say, "Bad dogs," but
I haven't fed them yet.

- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Sorry.

I just couldn't
get off my phone.

Where are the boys?

I'm sure
they're around.

Where's the chicken?

Oh, hello there.

What were you
doing outside?

Taking out the trash.

We cleaned up everything,
just like you would

if you weren't
on the phone.

- And Happy helped.
- Did you also

put the leftovers
in the refrigerator

just like we would have?

There's no leftovers.

You didn't eat the whole chicken
and all the mashed potatoes

and the peas and the salad
and the rolls, did you?

We shared.

We called Simon.

He said we could
eat the chicken.

So, we did.

It was really good.

Thank you.

Yeah, well,
you're welcome.

Did... did Simon
mention anything

about how dinner
is going at his house?

Okay, well, hey.

Thanks for
cleaning up.

We were so busy
on the phone

that we forgot
to feed our children.

I am so ashamed
of myself.

Me, too.

And I'm so hungry.

Remember that time
we got that car stuck

in an alley in that
tiny little village?


I probably couldn't even
fit in that car now.

I probably couldn't fit
in the alley.

I probably couldn't even fit
in the village.

I like a man with an appetite.

You always had
a big appetite.

It shows
you love life.

Yeah, but not as much as food.

I was hoping
to lose a pound or 50

before the wedding.
Are you getting married?

No, you are.

I'm just, uh, an usher
or something, right?

If you can come
all the way back out here,

we'd love to have you
be an usher, wouldn't we, Simon?

Unless you want
to be a bridesmaid.

Who was it?

No one.


Someone you
don't want us

to know about.

You don't have a girlfriend,
do you?



Actually, that was my mother.

She's probably just checking
on how our dinner is going.

I'm going to go outside
and call her back. Sorry.

His mother?

I doubt it.

Simon's very close
with his family.

And I'm sure his mother
is hoping that you'll break up

the two of us and the wedding
will be called off.

And, uh, what are you hoping?

I'm hoping that we don't still
have feelings for each other.

We don't, do we?

Are you insane?

I just wanted to know
how dinner's going.

Not that great,
but I can't talk,

and... and you can't
call me again.

Oh, but I can.

Look, I'm getting married.

I'm really getting married.

From what you've told me,

I don't know why
you're marrying this woman.

I was just blowing off
a little steam

when I was talking to you, okay?

It's a stressful time
in my life.

You're not handling it
that well.

Maybe I can help you.

No, you can't-- and, please,
don't call me again.

I'm turning off my phone.

I have your home phone number.

Would it be better for me
to reach you there?

I'm kidding.

What do you think I am,
a stalker?

Well, you're not, right?

No, I'm not.

And I was just going
to leave you a message.

I-I didn't know you'd actually
pick up the phone, Simon.

I'll see you around.



One more thing.

I'm in the parking lot.

Mmm. It's fine.

No, it's missing

I fry the paste
with the oil to start,

but I don't know.

Simon, are you okay?

We're moving on
to the pasta.

Just a second.

Simon, is everything
all right at your house?

Yeah, yeah,
everything's fine.

I'm just feeling
a little lightheaded.

I'm not used
to the wine, I guess.

I'm sorry, Umberto.

I don't mean
to be rude.

Actually, I think I need
some fresh air.

If you two
will excuse me,

I'm just going to go
back outside for a minute

and take a walk
around the block.

You two go ahead
with dinner.

I don't want to spoil
your reunion or anything.

I'm just going to go
get some oxygen.

We can all go if you want.

I mean, we could all
take a walk.

No, no, no, no, no,
that's not necessary.

You two stay here
and, uh, catch up.

Do you think it's because
your grandmother's

tomato paste is fresh
instead of canned?

Nah, they're
practically the same.

What the heck
is going on?

What do you mean?

What I mean is something's going
on with this fiancé of yours,

and I don't think it has
anything to do with his mother.

You don't know his mother.

And really, it-it probably
is the wine; he can't drink.

Well, it's not such a bad thing,

as long as he doesn't pursue it,
but, hey?

You sure you're happy
with this guy?

I'm sure.


Well, um... I want you back.

I'm just kidding... kind of.

Do you still
have feelings for me?

I'm not getting left
at the altar a second time.

Kevin, uh, I'm not going
to take on this project,

the Home For Teen Girls.


I'm 23 years old.

Just 23 years old, and
I just started working

as the associate pastor
at my dad's church.

And in order to do that,

you gave up your job to be
a stay-at-home parent.

And I'm glad I did.

And I'll support you
in anything you want to do.

I just think that at 23, I still
have a lot to learn, Kev.

I mean, I know very little

about acquiring

and getting licensed,
and setting up a facility

to serve the pregnant
teen population.

I mean, that's a huge task--

And, you know,
I'm a young mother

and we've got a growing family.

I want to work, but
I don't want to work

so hard that I
don't have time

for you and Savannah
and the baby.

You know, I want us to enjoy
this time in our lives.

It's such a wonderful thing
to be young

and healthy
and in love

and have children.

And, on top of all that,

I get to work with my dad
in a job that I love.

Yeah... I don't know
what could be better.

So, I'm going

to back away
from this project.

I found someone
to take over for me.

Someone who has
more experience than me.

I don't know, last time I saw
Peter, it was a bit awkward.

It's always awkward seeing
someone you used to care about.

Did you ever care about me?

I mean, really care.

Okay, don't,
don't answer that.

If you didn't care about me,

going out with me
wouldn't be awkward.

No, I did, in a way.

And I think it was caring
about you that made me realize

that I could care about Martin,
because you're the same age.

And then, of course,
when Martin moved out,

he didn't seem
so much like a big brother.

Okay, I see.

It's my fault.

Well, I guess if you're
thinking about Martin,

then you're not thinking
about going out with me.

Well, it's just I think

Peter's more appropriate
for me to go out with.

He's my age.

What's a year or two?

Besides, it's how you feel
about a person.

Peter isn't Martin.

I'm, I'm not Martin, either,

but I'm closer to being
Martin than Peter is.

I don't know.

I kind of miss Peter.

All right, well, that's about
all the rejection

I can handle for an evening.

You have my number
if you ever want to call me.

All right, thanks.

Yeah, let me know how
things go with Peter.

Hey, Ruthie,
you've got company.

I-I didn't want to wait
for you to call me back.

I wanted to see you.

Me and my dad were at the
Promenade, so we just figured

we'd drop by.

I know it's kind of rude
to just drop by,

but I did try to call.
I know.

I couldn't decide
if I should call you back.

I figured, my dad had asked you
to call me,

and you probably
still had a girlfriend.

Yeah, but we don't really
see each other.

We just kind of talk
on the phone.

It's easier than...

Well, I've only
had my cell phone

for a week, so talking to you

isn't that hard for me.

It's how I usually talk
to people, face-to-face.

You really do have
a pretty face.

This party is not available

or is outside the service area.

Is this your first experience
with cell phones?

Oh, not really--
uh, yes.

You were kind enough
at one time

to tell me
how I might improve my life,

so let me give you
a tip.

When it comes to the world
of teenagers and cell phones

and e-mails, it's a dark pool.

Do not swim in there.

Stay up on the shore far,
far away from all the activity,

lest you drown from trying

to keep your daughter
from going under.

That's quite
an analogy.

Thank you.

Hey, you're not...

Still drinking?

No, stone-cold sober,
thank you very much.


It's good to see you,
really, it is.

We've missed you and Paris and
Peter and-- where's the baby?

Oh, my God, where is the ba--?

Oh, that's right, no,
Paris has her tonight.


It's a boys' night out--

a little something
I started with my son.

We go out once a week,
talk face-to-face,

something you might want
to consider

as you move into the world

of endless, mindless, continuous
cell phone conversations.


I think we've gotten
that message quickly.

We're only going
to use them

when it's really necessary
for emergencies.

Don't kid yourself.

There's no going back.

Uh, okay, we
can go now.

Good night.

Good night.

We know the way out.

Thanks for handing out
my number

and for the cell phone,
of course.

Good night.

Wait a minute, Ruthie.

Are you and Peter going to
start seeing each other again?

I don't know, maybe,

or maybe we'll just be friends--
cell phone friends.

Cell phone friends who
make out occasionally?

Yeah, I guess.


Gosh, I hope
Rose is as excited

to see her old boyfriend.

Oh, yeah, but what are
the chances of that?

It's Lucy.

Well, maybe you
should take it.

It's Kevin.


Oh, yeah.

I am so sorry.

You wouldn't believe
what happened.

I actually got lost.

Simon, Umberto was
telling me about Positano.

No, let's find out
what happened to Simon.

No, please, I'm sure

that Positano
is much more interesting.

Than getting lost
in the parking lot?

The parking lot?

I'm kidding, kind of.

Simon, you still
look a little pale.

Maybe you should take
another walk.

Yeah, okay.

Yeah, I think I will.

You don't think
anything is going on with him?

Yeah, I think
he's totally jealous

and nervous
and a little intimidated,

but now that he sees
you as a threat,

I'm absolutely certain
he won't leave me at the altar.

What about you?

Are you absolutely certain you
won't leave him at the altar?

It-It's really scary
when you're not sure

about what you're doing.

Maybe it'd be best just to
admit that you're having doubts.

But I'm not having doubts.

Okay, well... what if I said

I really do want you back?

And I'm not kidding,
not even kind of.

You know, on second thought,
I think I'm fine now.

I know people
in City Hall.

Jane's daughter is
in Ruthie's class,

and she said
she'd help me,

like, speed through
the building permits

so that if the bid
does come through,

we can start renovation

in what used to be
a workout facility

in this apartment complex.

So we'll set up a nursery--
a 24-hour nursery--

so that these girls have someone
to watch their children.

I mean, it will give them
many more options

for their work
and for their school.

Go on.

Should I?

Yeah, no, it's
really nice

to hear you so excited
about something.

Okay, well,
I think I can do it

without too many big changes
around here.

You know, I-I have the time
or I can make the time.

The twins are in school

and Ruthie's 16-- she'll be off
to college in two years.

And, well, I've always loved
teenage girls,

and I know a lot about babies.

Is Lucy going to stay involved?
She'll be involved

only in the counseling
services part of it.

She doesn't want
to take any more on.

She wants to take life
a little more slowly.

She'll be involved
with you and the church,

but from her family
and her work,

she hopes to gain
the knowledge

and the life experience
that will then

allow her to do something
like this, but not now.

But she's convinced
Mrs. Macaferty

that I'm the person
for the job,

and Mrs. Macaferty is very
impressed with Lucy.

Admitting that you don't
know anything

is the beginning of wisdom.

Or the absence
of an Internet connection.

I think Lucy's going to be
a very wise woman.

Yeah, just like
her mother.

You know, you
haven't mentioned

Simon and Rose for hours.

Did you ever find out
why he was calling Ruthie?

You know, the funny thing is,
I've been so busy

with my own life
that I've stopped worrying.


And like my daughter,
I think I'm learning that,

um, maybe I don't know

Like, I guess I don't know
what's right for Simon.

I'd like to think that I do,
but maybe I don't.

I mean, maybe he
should marry Rose.

I mean, maybe he could
do better than Rose,

but then again,
maybe he could do worse.


Hi, is my wife there?

Do you think
we would have been

as close as we are
if we had relied

on these things instead of
each other all these 30 years?

I don't know.

I mean, I don't know
if the new ways

of communicating are better,

or if we're getting equal
amounts of misinformation

with all of our
new information,

or we're actually
better informed.

I don't know,
I-I really don't.

But I do know

that I love you.

And I love you.


Hi, Ruthie.
It's... it's Benjamin.


Uh, Benjamin Bainsworth.
Um, I'm in your English class.

Oh, did my dad
give you my number?

No, uh, I found it.

Some guy wrote it
on a piece of paper

and it was blowing
around the Promenade

and I picked it up.

I figured it was fate.

Look, I've thought about
calling you all year,

but I-I didn't think
you had a cell phone.

And I didn't know about calling
a religious person's house.

My dad's a minister,

but we're pretty much
like any other family.

Yeah, I guess now you are.

Yeah. I guess... now we are.

Thanks. You don't
have to do that.

I'll clean up.
I cooked.

No, I've got it.

That was a really
amazing meal.

You think?

Yeah, and Umberto seemed
like a really nice guy.

He is a nice guy.

It was good
to see him again.

Um, how good?

"How good?"

Well, I was just wondering,
you know?

I mean, you two seemed
to be really close,

close like friends close.

You know, I'm not saying
that you two are anything
more than friends,

but do you still have
any feelings for Umberto?

I thought I didn't,
but honestly,

I don't know.

He's gonna stick
around for the week.

I'll be right
back to help you.


Hey, are you coming out
to play again?


Hey. Did you think
about what I said?