7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 10, Episode 15 - Love and Obsession - full transcript

Eric welcomes Kevin's invitation for a Valentine's dinner with the whole family at the anniversary and in the restaurant of his proposal to Lucy, doubling as the twins birthday party. After all, Annie made a drama about the twins wanting a store birthday cake, not her traditional home-made ones, and Sam being by little Rachel without soon jealous David spells trouble between both them and their parents, as Eric wants to let them decide what to do together and tries to compensate by taking just David for ice-cream during Sam's play-date. Ruthie keeps dreaming about Martin dropping Sandy, the baby and college for her, yet finds some solace in a daily 'job' Eric got for her, helping old Ms. Rusnak to get used to a new bike, or rather for the company. As if his parents weren't unhappy enough about bride Rose, she even refuses Simon to get married in Eric's church. Lucy manages to embarrass herself in a daring dress at the restaurant, but nobody else enjoys dinner anyhow.



What are you doing here?

I'm back.

Back in Glenoak?

Yeah, I passed on the
college scholarship.


Because I'm not ready
to go to college.

And I want to spend my last year
of high school in high school.

I thought you wanted to be
closer to Sandy and the baby.

Didn't anyone tell you?
Tell me what?

Uh, seems that someone
would have told you.

Um, as it turns out,
it's not my baby.

I'm free.

What are you talking about?

Sandy had a paternity test done,
and it's not my baby, after all.

Yeah, after all I went through
and all I put you through,

I, uh, finally know the truth.

Well, whose baby is it?

I don't know if I should say.

I don't know if I care.

It's Simon's.

I know I don't care.

It's not yours.

It's really not yours.


So if you're, um,
still interested...

Yes, of course I'm interested.

You know I'm interested.

I love you.

I've always loved you.


Don't bother me.

Please don't bother me, not now.

Ruthie, are you okay?

Your mom says
dinner's almost ready.

All right, I'm coming.

Can I please be excused?

No, you should eat
just a little something.

I don't really feel like eating.

Are you sick?

Not really, I just
don't feel like eating.

You look sick.



Go ahead.

Please make it stop.

I'm trying.

What's wrong
with Ruthie?

Yeah, what's wrong?

She misses Martin.

And Valentine's Day
is coming up and--

Hey, speaking of
Valentine's Day...

It's our birthday!

It's your birthday.

What kind of cake
do you want me to make?

We want one
from the store.

You don't want me
to make you a cake?

No, one from the store.

But the chocolate cake
with the chocolate frosting

and the vanilla ice cream
on top.

No, from the store.

The one with the ice cream
already in it.

Oh, I can make you
an ice cream cake.

I know how to do that.

Just, you know, white cake

with a layer of ice cream
and then the frosting on top.


We want one
from the store, please.

Can we be excused?

You could've said something.

Uh, I've talked to her all week
and gotten absolutely nowhere.

Although I am working
on a little something.

No, not Ruthie, the boys.

I mean, they want a,
they want a cake from the store.


"And once they gave up
being sad, mad and mean,

they all lived
happily ever after."

Is it me, or is it
a little crowded in here?

It's you.

I like it like this.

Yeah, it is kind of nice.

So I've been thinking.

It's almost
Valentine's Day,

and that's the anniversary
of our engagement.

How would you
like to go

to the restaurant where
I proposed to you?

You think we can get
a reservation?

I think we can.

I called them, just in case.

Thank you.

That sounds so romantic.

If you'd rather,
we can all eat here.

No, I'd really,
really like to go out.

We haven't been out in ages,

and maybe we can talk about
having another baby.

Or maybe we don't have to talk.

You're right.

We've probably talked about it
too much already.

So, my mom will sit here
with her husband,

then my dad will sit here

and ex-wife number two
will sit with him.

And then ex-wife number three
and number four

will sit on the same row as

my mother's ex-husband
number one and number two.

They're business partners,
so it should be fine,

unless they bring dates.

In which case,
we'll move them back a few rows

so my mother won't be bothered.

Do people do that?

Like, invite their
ex-wives and husbands

to their
child's wedding

when the child's from
another marriage?

It started out with
my mom wanting to invite

her first husband,
and when my dad heard about it,

then he wanted to invite
his second wife.

What about his
first wife?

That was my mother.

Oh. Oh, okay,

Well, whoever she wants to
invite is fine with me.

I want to ask Lucy
to be my maid of honor

and Sandy and Ruthie
to be bridesmaids

and Kevin and Martin and Sam
and David to be groomsmen.


You don't want Martin?

Well, sure, I guess. I...

We would be creating
an uncomfortable situation

for Sandy and Martin,

considering their relationship
is kind of...


Well, we can't help that,
can we?

We don't have to make a decision

about everything right away,
do we?

Well, it's the middle
of February,

and the invitations
go out the end of March,

so we don't have much time
to think about anything.

But let's put the guest list
and the wedding party on hold,

and let me
go over the flowers.

Uh, I just have
one question.

Is there any way
that you could just

plan this whole thing
out and just tell me

when I need
to be there?

Because I'd be absolutely
fine with that.

I didn't think so.

I have this great idea.

I think I found
Ruthie a job.

A-And not just any
job, of course,

a job where she might
actually learn something.

You know Mrs. Rushak
who lives, uh,

around the corner in what
the kids call "the ugly house"?

Well, she called
me the other day.


Yeah, this is Sam's dad.


Oh, how are you?

One of the moms
from Sam and David's


Well, oh, it's very nice of you

to invite Sam and David.

I see.

Just Sam.

Ah, let me just
go get my wife,

and I-I'll let
you talk to her.

Hi, this is Annie.

Sam and David's mother.



It's always a good idea
to leave those off

when an actual human being,
especially a parent,

is trying to tell you something.


You know Mrs. Rushak

who lives around the corner?

The ugly house?

That's the one.

She is looking for
someone to assist her.

She has one of those motorized
scooters, but it's a new one.

She's a little nervous about
going out on it by herself.

Okay. If I see her, I'll promise
to get out of the way.

I'll get Sam and David
out of the way?

We'll wave and say hello?

No, she and I were both hoping
that I could get you

to walk along with her around
the block every afternoon.

She'll pay you for it.

How long does it take
to get around the block?

She's thinking
about half an hour.

She's willing to pay ten dollars
a day, five days a week.

That's 50 bucks.

That's pretty good, huh?


So all I have to do is
follow along on the sidewalk

while she rides
her scooter thing?


All right.

Got nothing better to do.

You really want to talk to me,
but it's so difficult to do

when you're in the middle of
giving me the silent treatment,

for what reason,
I don't know.

A cake from the grocery store
is better than

the birthday cake
I would have made the boys?

I didn't say
that. I-I didn't.

I-I didn't
say anything.

Well, you could have.

You could've told the boys
how special it is

that their mother is willing
to take the time to bake them

a cake on their special day,
because it's the anniversary

of the day that
I gave birth to them.

All right, but
why do you care

if they want a cake
from the store?

If they want a cake
from the store,

then you don't have
to bake them a cake.

Because they're my boys.

I want to bake them a cake.

I've always baked them
a cake on their birthday.

All right, so
bake them a cake.

They don't want me
to bake them a cake!


You know, I think that they are
growing up entirely too fast.

They are just too young
to reject me.

I mean, and they're just--
certainly too young

to have girl problems.


Rachel wants Sam to come over

to her house for a playdate.

I know, but...

She doesn't want David.

I know, but...

I just think it's rude

to invite one twin
without the other.

I told Rachel's mother that
I'd have to talk to the boys

about how they feel about that.



Before we talk
to them about

how they feel, uh, how
do we feel about it?

How do we feel about it?

I feel this is gonna happen
more and more as they get older.

We should just handle it
the way we want to handle it.

And how this that?

We can let them

go their separate ways
now and then.

Oh, no, the school principal,
she-she thinks

that they should be together
in class and that they should be

together for the school
activities for three years,

and then they can go
their separate ways.

But we don't have to wait

to let them do things separately
unless we want to.

Well, I don't want them
to-to be separated, ever.

They are, they are
brothers for life.

They're my sons for life.

My sons are always gonna be
my sons, no matter what.

Uh, are-are we still talking
about David and Sam?

Come on, you can tell me.

I'm not gonna grow up
and leave you like your sons.

That's not funny.

I-I was just trying
to get you to lighten up enough

to tell me
what's really bothering you.

I just can't believe that...

my baby Simon is getting married
to-to that witch.

So maybe you could ask her
to make that chocolate cake

that she always makes for you.

'Cause it-it'll make
Mommy really happy,

and we like it
when Mommy's happy,

'cause when Mommy's
happy, everybody's happy.

Mommy, could you please bake us
a cake for our birthday?

Don't you want the ice cream one
from the store?



Okay, I know which one.

W-We'll go with that.

Guys, why don't you wait for me
outside? I'll be right there.



Tried to explain it to them.

I caught the "When Mommy's
not happy" portion

of your explanation
on my way down the stairs.

Shouldn't you ask them
about the Rachel situation?

Well, I'm going to
explain to David

that Sam was invited, yeah.

I still don't like it.

Girls-- I hope you know
what you're doing.

I'm an expert. You want me to
call Simon, talk to him about

breaking off the wedding
with Rose?

Would you do that?

That was a little joke.

I don't think being part of

a bad marriage
is a laughing matter.

And remember, when Mom's
not happy, no one's happy.

Hey, glad I caught you.

What are you guys doing
for Valentine's Day

and for the boys' birthday?

Oh, I don't know.
We'll probably be around.

You need someone to baby-sit?

I got us all reservations

at the hotel
where I proposed to Lucy.

Since it was a big family event,
I thought I'd invite everyone.

Well, that's-that's really nice.

Annie's been feeling
a little down;

this could get her
out of the house.

We really need a night
out of the house.

So you'll let Annie know?
Sure, sure.

Hey, Kevin's
inviting us all

out to dinner to celebrate,
uh, Valentine's Day.

A family dinner
on Valentine's Day?

No, thanks.

I'll meet you in the car.

Oh, and don't forget,
I have a job.

I'm working on Valentine's Day.

She's been feeling a little down
with Martin not being around,

so I got her a little
after school job that I hope

will give her a different
perspective on relationships.

What kind of job is that?

It's a weird job.

Hi, Mary. It-It's Lucy.

I didn't think I'd actually
get you on the phone,

but, um, here's the thing.

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day,
and Kevin has made

dinner reservations at the hotel
where he proposed to me,

and I wanted to wear
something... sexy.

Really, really sexy.

And I thought maybe you could
point me in the direction of--

I don't know-- something
completely and totally

over the top and something
that looks nothing like

the Reverend Kinkirk, um,
if you know what I mean.

Uh, yeah, we're-we're
thinking about

actually having another baby.

So, uh, okay, yeah.

Um, that's it.

Uh, c-call me
if you get a chance.

So, David, today when I
pick you up from school,

we'll drop Sam off at Rachel's,
and then you and I will

go down to the Promenade
and we'll pick up

some Valentines,
get an ice cream

and we'll hang out together.

And then tomorrow
you'll do that with me?

Well, no, tomorrow
is Valentine's Day.

We're all gonna
go out to dinner

with Kevin and Lucy
and Savannah.

We're gonna celebrate
Valentine's Day

and the anniversary
of their engagement

and your birthdays
all at the same time.

Won't that be great?

When do you take me out
by myself?

Well, when David has a playdate

that's just for him
and a friend,

then you and I
will do something.

Oh, come on.

We have to get to school.

You wouldn't want to
drive down to the hotel

where Kevin and
Lucy got engaged,

have dinner tomorrow
night, would you?

Valentine's Day
with your family?

Kevin invited us to go along.

Three Camden couples--

Kevin and Lucy,
Mom and Dad, you and me.

Actually, that doesn't
sound horrible.

I've seen the pictures
from the engagement,

and I thought about putting
that hotel on the list.

We don't have a place
to get married yet,

and that's the biggest decision
we have to make.

Maybe we could
get married there.

You mean, have the
reception there?

That's a long way
from the church.

What church?

The church where

my father is
the minister.

Well, your father can
marry us if you want,

but I hope you don't think

we absolutely have to
get married in a church.

I mean, there are lots and lots
of places to get married.

We absolutely have to
get married in a church.

And not just any church,
our church.

That's the one thing
that I want.


Because I've been going to that
church my-my whole life.

And my father's
the minister there,

and I want him to marry us.

That's two things.


Oh, are they okay?

The boys?
Yeah, they're-they're fine.

Yeah, Sam's going off to
his playdate, and David and I

are going to spend some time
down at the Promenade.

Oh, not getting
ice cream, I hope.

You don't need ice cream.

Well, that was the plan.

When are you gonna spend
alone time with Sam?

'Cause he's gonna want
to spend time alone with you.

Well, when-when David has a
playdate and Sam's not invited,

then he and I
will spend some time alone.

They're not ready for this.

I think they're ready.
I think maybe we're not ready.

Oh, meaning I'm not ready,

just because I don't want
Simon to marry Rose?

You don't want Simon to
marry Rose either, admit it.

Well, it doesn't really matter
what we want.

What matters is what he wants.

No, no, no.

That's not what matters.

What matters is that
he wants the wrong thing.

There's nothing
we can do about that.

And, you know, as much as
we like to think we know

what's right and wrong here,
maybe we don't.

We have got to
stop this wedding.

Annie, there are some decisions

that we just can't make
for our children,

and this is one of them.

Now, we've tried
talking to Simon

over and over and over again,
it hasn't worked.

Well, then maybe we should
try talking to Rose.

Oh, and... and get her
to call off the wedding?

Yeah, you don't think
it might forever

alienate our son from us
if we did that?

He'll get over it.

Please don't let
this wedding happen.


I really, really
don't like Rose.

I like most people.

I don't like Rose;
I can't help it.

You can help it, if you want to.

All right,
let's change the subject.

Wow, if you're not going to help
me, then I'll do this myself.

She's not marrying my son!

Would you like to go out
to dinner on Valentine's?

I don't know.

Well, Kevin says
he wants all of us

to go to the hotel
where he proposed to Lucy.

Yeah, he says that we can
celebrate the boys' birthday

and the anniversary
of their engagement.

What do you say?

It'll be a nice
night out with the family.

You up for that?

All right.

I love you.

I love you, too.

But... what is love, really,

if it's not liking who I like
and not liking who I don't like

and ending this stupid
engagement for Simon

because he's too weak
to do it himself?!

Oh, hi, Mrs. Rushak.

I'm Ruthie Camden.
My dad sent me.

Oh, right.

Let me get the keys
to the garage, and my helmet.

Come in.

Come in.

Don't get any ideas.

We were both working at Sears
in the billing department.

He was the only man
in a group of 30 women.

Johnny was the most
handsome man I ever met--

tall, dark, Scotch-Irish,

blue eyes and black, curly hair.

A man's man.

A woman's man.

A man.

The only man I ever loved.

He is handsome.

Do you have a boyfriend?


Ever been in love?

Not really.

I don't recommend it.

Well, I've been in love

but not with a guy
who was in love with me.

Tell me.


Hi, Mrs. Rushak.
I was just checking

to see if Ruthie's still there
or if she's headed this way.

It's your father.

He's checking to see
when you might be coming home.

Hi, Dad.

You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.

Don't you have homework?
Not much.
I'll be home in a little while.

We're starting dinner.

I-I think your mom wants you to
eat with the rest of the family.

I'm not really that hungry.

Did I mention your mom
wants you to eat

with the rest of the family?

All right, I'm coming.


They want me home for dinner.

Can we talk tomorrow?

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.

It's the worst day of the year.

I completely agree with you.

What do you usually do
for Valentine's Day?

I sit in the dark and cry.

Well, maybe I'll bring a box
of chocolates and join you.

Yes, and we can swap stories.

And I've got pictures, too.

I keep them in a shoebox.

That's how I started out.

And then they put that Kinko's
down at the corner and voila,

Johnny City--

blue eyes everywhere.

Oh, I colored those in myself.

The original was
black and white.

Okay, well, I will see you
tomorrow and I'll bring tissues.

Oh, got plenty of those.

Oh, wait. Let me pay you.

You've been here for hours.

Oh, no, don't worry about it.

I've got a feeling
my dad sent me here

for more of a lesson
than a job.

I'm having a little trouble

letting go of that guy
I told you about.

Oh, I see.
So, that's what he meant

when he said he knew
just the right person.

Well, he probably thought
it would help

to have someone to talk to
who understands,

or he didn't want you to turn
into a crazy, old woman

who can't let go of a man

she fell in love with
50 years ago.

Sometimes he's a little...

Transparent? Yeah.

See you tomorrow.

All right, let's
just get this over with.

I guess an "I told
you so" is in order.

I told you so. And
let's just hope I'm not
saying the same thing

a year after Simon is married
and on his way to court,

if you know what I mean.

I know what you mean.

Look, I know exactly
what you mean.

'Cause people-- even these

little people--
get hooked into their

negative opinions and feelings

and they just won't let go,
even though they could.

And they-they could let go
if they wanted to.

Not this time.

Holding on to your opinion
about Rose

is just going to lead
to something unpleasant.

If something unpleasant is Simon
and Rose not getting married,

then I don't care.

Silver or gold
or black print?


White or ecru?

White, and the 12-point
Helvetica bold script.

You can voice
your opinion at any time.

I want my dad to marry us
at our church.

Anything other than that is
really gonna upset my parents.

Simon, it's our wedding--
we can do anything we want.

That's what I want.

I just don't feel right

about a church wedding
at your church.

I'm not a member of that church,

and I don't want to feel like
an outsider

on the most important day
of my life.

Our lives.

The wedding is for the bride.

That's why my family's
paying for it.

Okay, well... you have a point.

But I want you to have whatever
you want, because I love you

and-and I'm gonna marry you.

And I know that the wedding
is just one day

out of the rest
of our lives together, but...

I just really think that you
should reconsider the church.

Maybe we can all talk about it
at dinner tomorrow night.

No, I really don't think
that we should

get into this over Valentine's.

We shou... we should just go
down there and have a nice time.


I can't tell you how much

I'm looking forward
to tomorrow night.

You talked to my
parents, right?

okay with it?

Yeah, they're fine.

I'm looking forward
to it, too.

If you don't mind,

I have some errands
I've been putting off

that take me in the
direction of the hotel.

So, maybe I can just
meet you there?

Yeah, no problem.


Nothing, I'm just thinking
about what it would be like

to have another baby with you.

We do make beautiful babies.

Yes, we do.

I'm really looking forward
to Valentine's Day.

Me, too.

I was getting
worried about you.

I was talking to a friend.

A guy friend?

No, not a guy friend, but what
difference does it make?

You're a father now.

Your life and Sandy's life
is tied together forever.

Not necessarily.


Sandy's gone.
Gone where?

I don't know where.

She left the baby
on my doorstep with a note

saying she just wasn't ready
to be a mother.

I don't know
what I'm going to do.

Could you...

Could you marry me and
be a mother to my baby?

But I'm only 16.

And I'm only 18,

but we love each other, so what
difference does it make?

But I'm too young
to be a mother.

I wouldn't know what to do
with a baby and a husband.

I have to finish high school.

I want to go to college.

What are you saying?

That you don't love me?

I'm saying that I have
to ask my parents first.

We were getting
worried about you.

Well, don't worry about me.

I'm just fine.

Tonight we're all gonna
go out to dinner

to celebrate Valentine's Day
and your birthday,

and I want everyone
to get along.

Does he have to go?

It's my birthday, too.

Why don't you spend it
with your girlfriend?

So you can be
alone with Daddy?

I don't think so.

Eh, what happened to the
agreement we made last night?

What happened to "we're going
to start again tomorrow

and let go of yesterday"?

I can't let go.

I don't want to let go.

Today is a new day.

Today is your birthday.

Today is Valentine's Day.

Yesterday's gone, it's over.
Forget about it, all right?

You got a play date.

And you got
an afternoon with me.

It's not fair.

Definitely not.

Well, one day you'll
get a play date

and you'll get
an afternoon with me,

but we're not gonna all
wait for that to happen

before you guys get into
a good mood.

I'm never getting in
a good mood again.

Me, neither.

Yes, you are.

You're going to be in a good
mood starting right

about now.

All right.

Think about
how you want to feel.

You want to feel happy.

Act like you're happy

and in a little while, you
will actually feel happy.

Just choose happiness.

Did you know that Simon
and Rose

are going out to
dinner with us?

Uh, no, I didn't
know that.

You're not trying to force me
and Rose together, are you?

No, no, but Kevin
didn't mention that.

No, believe me, I would
never recommend

an evening with
Rose right now.

All right, I believe you.

I want to see Simon,
but I really don't...

...want to... go out to
dinner on Valentine's Day

with someone who makes
me angry and upset.

You can choose to
be happy if you want.

I don't want.

Neither do we.

So, I guess he'll
eventually marry Sandy.

Why don't you find
her someone else?

Find Sandy someone else?

Why not? Just 'cause they got
caught up in this new friendship

when the baby was born
doesn't mean that they'll end up

with each other as husband
and wife.

You don't think so?

It takes a mature man
to be a father.

It doesn't sound like
Martin's that mature.

Well, he's only 18.


I mean, he might be willing to
help out now and then.

He might even fall in love with
the child.

But with the mother? Not if he
didn't fall in love with her

during the pregnancy.

And he's not gonna be
tied down at 18.


You stay close.

Get in there and don't
let go, don't ever let go.

That was my mistake.

I let my Johnny go too easily.

I should have fought for him,
and I gave up.

And I never met
another man like him,

not for the rest of my life.


You know what else you could do?

Once this Sandy graduates
from college,

you could encourage her to go
to Scotland or England

or one of those countries
that values families.

She could work there,
meet a nice man,

raise her son a continent away
from your Martin fella.

Now, I like the way you think.

It's so rare that I meet a woman
with the same level of passion

that I have for my Johnny.

Tell him I'm on my way.

Happy Valentine's Day.


Hello, Reverend. She just left.

Oh, thank you.
Look, I'm sorry she couldn't

stick around tonight, but
it's a big family dinner.

I understand.

I prefer to be alone on
Valentine's, anyway.

How's that little
life lesson working out?

Give it time.
Just give it time.

Oh, Mom, I ordered a cake
at the restaurant for the boys.

We want the one from the store.

Oh, well, here it is,

but since the restaurant has
a special cake for you,

I think we should save this one.

Do I have to go?

Can't I just stay here and
you bring him with you?

I can't help it if
Rachel likes me best.

I can't help it if
Daddy likes me best.

I don't love one of you
more than the other.

I love you both.

Well, Rachel doesn't.

It's your birthday.
You're brothers.

You should never,
never let a girl

come between the two
of you again.

Sorry, I was having such a good
time being miserable,

I forgot to check my watch.

Let's go-- we're gonna be late.

I like it, but...

But it's not the church?

But it's even farther away
from the airport than Glenoak,

and most of my family
will be flying in.

Oh, hi, everyone.

Ah, Happy Valentine's Day.


You, too.


Happy Valentine's.

Happy Birthday, guys.

Who's happy?

Not me. He's here.

Oh, Mom, would you?

Oh, sure.

Hi. Kinkirk, party of ten.

Tell him.

Oh, I'm sorry, I thought
you were the hostess.

You're an idiot.

Hey, good-lookin'.

You look nice.

I can't believe you...

Oh. Hi.

I thought it might be Kevin.

Can I come in?




I had no idea
everyone was coming.

Of course not.

Oh, you are my daughter
in so many ways.

I'm so embarrassed.

I can't go back down there
looking like this, with...

Dad and Simon and... Rose.

Yeah, Simon and Rose especially.

Yeah, I'm sorry, Mom.

I would have never
told Kevin to invite them.

Maybe it's for
the best, you know?

Maybe it's time I get
over my feelings about Rose

and try to find something
to love about her.

When you do, will you
let me know what it is?

I guess he's
gonna marry her.

Simon's really gonna marry her.

Yeah. I think he is, Mom,

and there's nothing
we can do about it.


Come in.

I just wanted to see
what the rooms look like.

Oh.Well, uh,
they're nice.

Take a look around.

Um, I'm going back



you look nice tonight, Rose.

Thank you. So do you.


So, I guess you and Simon
are really getting married.

We are.

I guess.


I just...

get scared sometimes
that Simon will back out.


Because I don't
think anyone

in the family really want
Simon and me to get married.

And I know how much
he loves all of you.

I mean, not that he doesn't
love me, too, but...

it would help if you
at least liked me.

It's not that we don't
want you to get married, Rose.

It's not that we want you
to get married,

it's just, I think
we're scared.

I don't know you that well,
Rose, and I'm scared.

Simon's my son.

Look, Annie, my parents
have been married

over and over again,

and I don't want
to make that mistake.

I wouldn't be doing this
if I thought it was a mistake.

I really do love Simon.

I hope you know that.

I guess it's...

just, well, I'm... his mother,

and I love everything
about Simon.

I don't know, you tell me
what you love about him.

He has a definite sense
of what's right and wrong,

and he always does
the right thing,

so I know I can
always trust him.

I can trust him
for my whole life,

and that's
a really good feeling.

Yes, trust is a very
important part of marriage.

It's not just important--
essential, absolutely essential.

It's very important
that you can trust Simon,

completely trust him--
and that he can trust you.

One has to earn that trust,
and if ever that trust is lost,

it's very, very difficult
to get it back again.

Why wouldn't I be able
to trust Simon?


No, I-I didn't say that
you couldn't trust Simon.

Were you saying
he can't trust me?

No, not at all.

There's just something
about the way you said that.

Tell me, please, is...

is there some reason
I can't trust Simon?

Of course not.

I don't want to make a mistake.

I told you, I don't
want to make a mistake.

Is it Sandy?
Something to do with Sandy?

Rose, I didn't say you
couldn't trust Simon.

Well, not in so many words,
but you seemed

to be trying to make a point.

No, I wasn't. Really.

Everyone was here
when we got engaged.

Why would you think
we were eating alone?

Uh, well, let's see,
it's Valentine's Day.


So when you said you were
talking to my mom and dad,

I thought that meant
they were baby-sitting.


Well, I realize that now--
now that I've made

a complete fool out of myself
by dressing up like this.

I like it.

Well, yeah,
I thought you'd like it.

That's why I'm wearing it.

But I also thought we were gonna
be miles away from Glenoak,

so no one would see me
in this getup,

so we could have dinner and then
go up to our room and...

start adding to our family.

We can always eat later.

What about Savannah?

I'm pretty sure your parents
will take her home.

Can you take

Oh, oh, sure.

Um-- hi, baby. Eric?


Oh, okay, good night.
Happy Valentine's Day.

Be careful driving back.

What is she running from?

Possibly you.


Why can't I trust you?

What did you do with Sandy?

I said there would
be consequences,

and there are

No birthday cake.

Not tonight, anyway.

Maybe... tomorrow,
if you drop this argument

and if you apologize
to each other, and to me.

Did you mean
the cake here?

Or the one at home
that we really want?

No birthday cake
of any kind tonight--

not the one here,
not the one at home.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


Okay, well, we'll see
how it goes tomorrow.

So let's shake hands
and get back out there.

Uh, we got
to get out of here.

W-We got to go home.

You haven't eaten anything yet;
I just had a salad.

You're in the
men's room, Mom.

Yeah, it's just
for us men.

I know. What about them?

They had chicken fingers.

Okay, then... then we can go.

What happened?

I'm not sure.

Let's go.

How's the food here?

It's good.

Sit down; have something.

So, how's the baby?

Baby? What baby?

Your baby.

Sandy's baby.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Are you okay?


I think I'm okay.

No, wait.

I remember
tripping and falling...

And hitting your head?

You finally remembered.

Yes. I hit my head.

You've been out
of it for months.

So it's all a dream?

You and Sandy

didn't have a baby?

I don't even know
anyone named Sandy.

Who is Sandy?

Man, you wouldn't believe
this dream that I had.

Nightmare, really.

You went up
to visit Simon at school,

and you slept with
this friend of his, Sandy,

just once, and she got pregnant.

And then... you left school
to go be with her

and take care of the baby

and play baseball
for some college.

Is she cute,
this Sandy girl?

Yeah, she's cute.

But not cuter than you.

No one could be
cuter than you.

That's right-- you hate cute.

Let me see.

You're beautiful...


I love you.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Your mother's ready
to go home now,

so we're gonna leave.

Fine with me.

And when we do leave, uh...

why don't you leave Martin here?

All right.

No, really, Ruthie...

let him go.