7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 1, Episode 8 - What Will People Say? - full transcript

The possibility of Eric having an extramarital affair is what the Camden children are assuming when they catch Eric escorting a woman to a hotel alone. Nevertheless, Annie struggles to give him the benefit of the doubt about his confidential church business. The whole entire Glen Oak Community buzzes with this gossip. Meanwhile, Simon endures the wrath of his classmates when his secret crush is discovered. He tries to con his way out of going to school, but learns from his family that embarrassment will be drawn away from him and on to someone else soon. Matt tries to keep things moving slow between Mary and her new boyfriend.

Mom, you want me to go in
and see if I can find them?

No, that's ok.
They'll be here.


When most of the other
kids have left,

so there's no one to see
that they're being

picked up by their


There they are!


I got front.

I don't know why I always
have to ride in the back.

Mary, why don't you
just sit back there?

Because you were
just in the front.
Give me a break.

Is it like this
for you every day?

Heck no, mom.
No one crosses me.

I put them out.
Oh, I see.

Hey, the car
sounds good!

Well, for the $250 I spent
fixing it, it should.

How are you feeling?

A little nervous.

You really think
I should be doing this?

Yes, I do...

Look! There's daddy!

He's going
into the hotel
with that woman.

I'm sure it has something
to do with the church.

I'd sure like
to know what.



Yes, sir.



I'm glad you
finally told me.

I still don't think...
I made the right choice.

You did the right thing.

I don't know.
It just seems that things

seem to be getting worse,
but it's not his fault.

Abby, Abby--
really. No, no, no.

It's not as if he hits me
for no good reason.

You see, i--i'm
just not very good
at making him happy,

and then he just
loses his Patience.

It's not your fault.
It's absolutely not
your fault.

I just can't seem
to keep the house
the way he wants it.

I'm there all day.
I just don't know
what's wrong with me.

There's nothing wrong
with you. Something's
wrong with him.

But he's just so nice
to everybody else.

Yeah, that's the way
men behave in these
situations. Look...

I wish I could
talk you into going
to a woman's shelter.

No, no...
You'd be
with other women

going through
the same thing
you're going through.

No, thank you.
I don't want
anybody else to know--

at least
not yet, anyway.

Abby, you--you don't
have to protect him
from embarrassment

when your life
is in danger.

Oh, I don't think
he'd really hurt me,
reverend Camden.

You got two broken ribs.

I know. He didn't
mean to do it.

Maybe not. There's
just that, you know,
there's no telling

what he won't mean
to do next.

I don't know.
Maybe if I just had

a little bit of time
alone, I could make
a decision.

Take as much time
as you need to.

Are you sure it's ok
to use the church's
money for this?

The church's family
emergency fund is

for family emergencies.
This is an emergency.

It's just that i--i
can't think when he's
screaming at me,

and he's...Always
screaming at me.

You sure you don't want
to tell a friend--

maybe your, uh,
sister in New York?

No, please.

Maybe I shouldn't have
come here.

Yes, you should have...

Unless you want
to come home with me
and--and stay with us.

Annie would be happy
to take you in.

No, no, I really don't
want her to know,

and i--i need
some time alone.

Well, let me know if
there's anything else
I can do.

Get some rest.


So what do you
think dad's up to?

Mom said it was
church stuff.

Well, what else is
she going to say?

I mean, dad's at
a hotel in the middle
of the afternoon

with a woman from church,
and she's married.



What do I care?

You shouldn't be talking
to Lucy about dad.

That's an adult

What do you think
about him being
at the hotel?

I'll let you know
when you're an adult.

If you didn't
come in here
to talk about dad,

what do you want?

I wanted to talk to you
about Richard.

Why? I thought
you liked him,
not that it matters.

Well, he--he's ok.

"He's ok"? Oh!

He's a little more
than ok. I mean,

the best player on
the football team

and he's funny
and he's handsome.

He's nice, and he's
a really good kisser--

well, th-th-th-that's
the one.

That's what I wanted
to talk to you about.


I just think you should
take it slow.

You know, don't let him
pressure you into anything.

We're just kissing.
That's all.


Just keep it that way.

Well, what doyou know
that I don't know?

Look, I know
he's really popular

and he's been out
with lots of girls

and...he's more
experienced than you are.

That doesn't mean

Yes, it does.

What does it mean?

It means...Be careful.

a really nice guy.

There are no
really nice guys.


What's going on
over there?


Mom? Oh!

I mean, uh...Yes, ma'am.


Wow. You must be
in some kind of--


Trouble? Uh, no.
No trouble at all.

You feel like talking?



What's up?

Is dad dating or what?

No, your father's
not dating.

Are you sure?

Yes, I'm sure.

Your dad works
with women
all the time.

It's just part
of his job.

And that doesn't
bother you?

No, it doesn't
bother me.

I trust him...




Well, speak of the devil.


It's just
a saying, dad.


So how was your day?

Anything interesting

Ah, no...Nothing, uh,
out of the usual.


What's going on?

Oh, nothing.
Dinner will be ready
in about an hour.

I'll just leave
you two lovebirds alone.

Hey, Simon.

look who's back.

Hey, Richard.
How's it going?

- Great.
- Richard.

What brings you by?

I just came from
practice, and I thought

maybe we could throw
the ball around,
if you're up to it?

I see. Uh...

Actually, it's been a long day.
Maybe some other time.

Oh, well,
I'd love to throw
the ball around.

Uh, uh, have you finished
your homework?


I think you lost
that one, dad.

What do you think of him?


He seems ok.

You think so?

Dad...she's 14.

The way I figure it,
there's going to be

a Richard a month
for the next 10 years.

Set! Hut! Hut!

Hey, stop! Don't you
dare tackle me!

I wasn't going to tackle
you, I was going to kiss
you, and I still am.

Well, you can't.
Why not?

Not here. Somebody
might see us.

So I'm in enough
trouble already.

I got a "c" on my math test,
and I have to get it signed.

A "c" sounds ok to me.
You're going to get a
basketball scholarship

to college, anyway.
What are you
worried about?

I can't count on getting
a scholarship.

Sure, you can.
I've seen you play.

Still, I have to keep
my grades up.

You need to learn
to relax like me.

Well, you're great.
I mean, you'll get
a football scholarship, easy.

I hope so.
It's the only way I can
afford to go to school.

Well, what are you
going to major in?



Do you believe
in love at first sight?


You know,
that's what happened
with me and Jimmy moon.

I heard that
he liked me,

and I knew who he was
and everything,

but there was
that one moment--

that one,
very special moment--

when I was standing
outside of school,

talking to a couple
of my friends.

Then he walked by,
almost brushing
my shoulder.

At first,
he just kept walking...

But then, as I was
about to give up hope...

He turned back,
and our eyes met.

It was like lightning--

striking us both

at the same
millisecond in time...

Yet we were the only two
who noticed,

and it was over
as quickly as...

Thanks for listening.

What are we doing?

You wouldn't understand.

I might.

Do you believe in love
at first sight, ruthie?

I don't remember the first
time I looked at anyone.

Yeah, but do you think
it's possible

for a man to look
at a woman

and know that
he's in love,
right then and there?



I guess it could happen.

Yeah, that's what
I'm thinking.

Look, you can't
tell anyone, ok?

There's this new girl
at school--her name
is Gabrielle--

and I think this could
be the one woman

that I could love
for the rest of my life,

outside of mom.

Then why can't
I tell anyone?

Because everyone else
would just think
it's stupid.

That's why I'm only
telling you, ok?


Would you still
love me, too?

And Mary and Lucy.


That was some game
last night, huh?


Richard likes
the bears this year.

Did he like them
before or after
they beat Dallas?


I'm in
the pigskin pool
at church.

Richard says they
have a great defensive
line--a lot of speed.

But not
a lot of size.

Jimmy says the line's
fast, but small--

good for blitzing.

Yeah, but Gabrielle
says that--

Who's Gabrielle?

No one.

Well, she must
be someone.

No, she's not.

Come on, Simon.
Tell us who she is.

Maybe Simon will tell you
who Gabrielle is

if you tell us who that
woman was at the hotel.

Are--are you sure
you understand

why I can't tell you
what I was doing there?

We've been married
for 18 years.

I'm--I'm well aware
that your counseling
work is confidential.

Good. So then we're ok.

Oh, yeah.
We're more than ok.

So what time
will you be home?

I don't know. Why?

Oh, i'm--
I'm making pasta
with a cream sauce.

I don't want to cook it
too long, that's all.

What--what time
would you like me home?


Would 5:00 be all right?

Uh, 5:00--that's good.

Ok. See you then.

Is it a cream sauce
I like?

Not particularly,
but the kids like it.


See you later.

What are you having,
Sonny--peas or corn?

I said, peas or corn?

I'll have
what she's having.


Jake get in touch
with you?

Well, i--i called him
to let him know that,

uh, I was going
to take a break
for a couple of days.

He accused me
of having an affair.

He knows you're not
having an affair.

He's really angry.

You thought any more
about calling your sister?

No. No, I can't.
If I call her

and--and I don't go
to New York,

she'll come here,
and it will just
make things worse.

I can't call her

until I'm sure
I'm going to leave,

and I don't know how
I'm going to do that.

I don't have
any money. I haven't
worked in years.

I mean, i--i don't know
how I'd get by.

I am absolutely sure
that you're capable of
taking care of yourself.

Well, I haven't done
such a...Great job
of it so far, have I?

Well...it's hard to do
when somebody's telling you
you're worthless all the time.

You can take care
of yourself. You were
taking care of yourself

when you walked
into my office
and told me about Jake.

He says that
if I divorce him...

I'll go to hell.

I promised to stay
with him until death.

"Him" who--

the real Jake or
the Jake you thought
you were marrying?

Don't you see?

God knows who Jake Morris is,
but you're just finding out.

Would you take
those vows again,
now that you know the truth?

No, I wouldn't.

That's a good answer.

You made a decision
based on a lie.

There's nothing that says
you can't make a new decision...

Based on the truth.

♪ How much is that
doggie in the window? ♪

Woof woof.
♪ the one with
the waggly tail? ♪

Woof woof.

Ooh, hello!

Oh, hi, Mrs. Beeker.
How are you?

Oh, I'm fine.
Hi, ruthie.

Who's your
little friend here?

That's our dog.

Yes, I see.
How's the reverend?

Oh, he's just fine.

Oh, of course he is,

but it must be so hard
on you, with a husband

who has to spend
so much time

with his parishioners
day after day.

Oh, I don't mind.
It's just part
of his job.

You should feel free
to call him anytime
you need,

just like
everyone else.

Good day, Mrs. Beeker.

Did you hear that
that lovely couple--

Jake and Abby Morris--
they're splitting up.

No, I hadn't heard.

Well, I don't
understand it at all.

He is such a darling man,
and he works so hard.

Well, it happens.

You know, the rumor is
Abby's having an affair.

I really don't listen
to rumors.

Oh? Well,
perhaps you should.

Good-bye, Mrs. Beeker.
Have a nice day.

Do we like her?

We try to like
everybody, honey.


Go ahead.
Give her the note.

You think I should?

Sure, why not?
It's really good.

I don't know.

She's never going
to know you like her
if you don't tell her.

All right.

Here goes.

Hey, Simon!
What's this?

Hey! Give me that!


"Dear Gabrielle,
how are you?

"I am fine. I like you.

"Do you like me?
Check "yes" or "no."

P.s. Corn was
a good choice."

Simon and Gabrielle
sitting in a tree,


I never kissed her.

Maybe it was because
you had corn breath!

Ha ha! Corn breath.

Ha ha!



Actually, i'm--
I'm having a little
trouble working.

I wasn't crazy about that
pasta in cream sauce.
I'm still hungry.

I loved it.

Oh, good. So what--what
did you want to talk about?

I'm going to cut
straight to the chase.

There's a rumor
going around school.

About Mary and Richard?

Well, no, about you.

You're kidding.

No, I'm not kidding.
Look, dad, I don't want

to pry, but I don't
want to see mom get
hurt, either.

Matt, there's nothing
going on, and...

I'd like to tell you
about what I was doing

at the hotel, but I can't.
It's confidential.

All right. I just thought
you ought to know everyone
in town's talking.

Then they'll just
have to talk.

What are we doing?

Nothing. I'm just not--
feeling well.

You taking your

Uh, yeah.

I--i think i'm, like,
110 or something.

No, it's--it's normal.

What? That--that
can't be right!

Maybe you didn't
hold it up to
the light long enough.

You want to tell me
what's really going on?

Did something happen
at school yesterday?

I...i think I got ahold
of some bad corn.

I see. So this
has nothing to do
with Gabrielle?



You know--
the woman you love.

Um, you know, I think
you could stay home
from school one day.

These corn problems
usually don't last
more than 24 hours.

Thanks, mom.

Would you hurry up?

What? Did you wake up
with your clothes on?

You've been ready
since the sun came up.

I just want to get
to school.


So I can get home
from school,

so I can see Richard.

I've got a study date.

A what?

We're going to study

Yeah, right!

How'd you get that one
past mom and dad?

they suggested it.


Well, you think I could
get them to suggest

a study date
for Jimmy and me?


Why not?

Because 1, you and Jimmy
aren't even dating,

so there's no reason
for you to have
a date to study,

and 2, Richard and I
are older and we're more
serious about each other.

So how serious is it?

You were listening?

N-N-Not--not really
listening, just...

Overhearing as I was
passing by.

You know, you're really
getting good at sneaking
around, aren't you?

You mad at me, too?

I wouldn't say "mad,"

more like "curious."

I'd need more information
to be "mad."

Luce, you know
when I counsel people,

what they tell me
is confidential.

If I went around telling
everybody's problems,
nobody would trust me.

Yeah, I know.

So this--this thing
with Mary and Richard's
getting serious, huh?

Dad, you don't really
expect me to answer
that, do you?

No, it was more
of a parental
rhetorical question.

So, are we done? I need
to get ready for school.

Yeah, that should
just about do it.
Nice talking to you.


I really love you.

Well...we--we should
meet here more often.

Do you want to come home
for lunch? I'll fix
something special.

Oh, boy, as--as tempting
as that sounds,

i--I've already made

Hey, dad!
There's a guy downstairs

who wants to see you--
a "Jake" something.

Stay up here
with the kids, ok?


So, uh, sit down.

What can I do
for you?

Well, let me get
straight to the point.

Rumor has it that you and
my wife are having an affair.

Yeah, I've heard
those rumors.

I--i wonder
who started them.

I don't know...
But the funny thing

about rumors is that
they're often based in truth.

Mm-hmm...i think we both
know this one isn't.


It wasn't easy for me
to come here, and I...

Apologize if I've
unjustly accused you,

but you should know
this is not the first time.

Abby's done this before.

Abby's done what before?

Gosh, this is--

this is so hard for me
to say, because i--i--

I love her so much,
but Abby has a problem.

She makes up these crazy stories
about how I mistreat her.

She gets some guy
to sympathize with her,
and then...

She ends up
in bed with him.

Wow. I'm surprised you
haven't divorced her.

Yeah, well, i--i don't
believe in divorce.

But, you know,
I mean...If she's
cheating on you--

well, I tried to get her
to see a therapist,

and every time she makes
progress, she quits.

Why do you suppose
that is?

I don't know. I suppose
it's because Abby grew up

with an abusive father,
and she's never come
to terms with that.

I thought her
father died when
she was...Young.

No, no, no.

I'm sure
she wished he had.

That's so sad.

You know, Jake,
I wonder if,

with all that you've
been through,

maybe you should get
some counseling.

Me? Oh ho!

No, no...No, I'm ok.

I can deal with
the disappointments.

The important thing is
for her to get better.

If you should see her

or--or talk to her...

Will you please tell her
to come home?

If she doesn't want
to see me,

uh...i could give her
the house to herself,

maybe go to my parents'
or something.

I--i just want this
to work out.

Same time next week.



Drugs? Because
if you're doing drugs,

you've seen my sister
for the last time.

What's this?

It's my book report, man.

I don't have a computer
or a typewriter
or anything,

so I have to pay someone
to type it for me.

I guess
I made a mistake.

I'm sorry. I just...

Got a lot of stuff
going on with my
family right now.

Come on. That stupid rumor
about your dad?

I've only been around
the guy a few weeks,
and I know it isn't true.

Yeah...i know.
It's just--just
bugging me.

Just remember, there's
a good explanation
for everything.

Come on.

Don't open it
unless you know who it is.

I--i won't, honey.
Thank you. Who is it?

Mrs. Beeker!


Hello, Mrs. Beeker.

Well, I was in the mood
to cook, and thought

perhaps you could use
a tuna casserole.

Well, thank you
very much.

Is the reverend home?

No, he's not.

Oh, darn!

You know,
I bet that was him

going into the hotel
on third street.

I would have stopped,
but I just couldn't imagine

what he was doing there,
so I just brushed it off.

I really do need
to speak to him.

Is there anything
I can do for you,
Mrs. Beeker?

Oh, no, dear.

Is there anything
I can do for you?

You can take
this casserole...

And give it
to the needy.

Oh, I...I...

Do we still like her?



So, what
are you studying now?

The steppe people.
You know--Siberia.

What are you


Shouldn't you at least
take a look at your
geography homework?

Nah, it might
be distracting.

Oh, pay no attention
to me.

Just do whatever
you do normally
when I'm not here.

Yeah, well,
hurry up, will you?

Would this make me sick?




Yeah, mom?

I thought I told you
to stay out of there
while they're studying.

They are studying,
aren't they?

If you say so, mom.

Never mind.
Why did you go
in there, anyway?

Does your stomach
still hurt? Do you
want something to eat?

Uh, no, mom, but it might
hurt in the morning.

Uh, no. You have to go
back to school tomorrow.

Is there something
you want to tell me?

No. Actually, I wanted
to ask you something.

What is it, honey?

How come dad didn't
come home for dinner?

I don't know.

I hope he's ok.

I'm sure he is.

He could have
what I have.

I'm just guessing.

Hi. I'm supposed
to meet my wife here.

It's our anniversary,

but I forgot what room
she said she was in.

It's under the name
Abby Morris.

Abby Morris.
Let's see...

She checked out.

How do you know?

Give it up, Jake.
You're not fooling anybody.

Is there a problem
here, reverend?

Yeah. Would you show
this guy out?

No, forget it.

I'm going.

Is Abby in her room?

Yeah. I was
sitting with her
in the coffee shop

when I saw
the husband pull up.

I sent her upstairs.

Thanks. I appreciate it.

Just keep an eye out, ok?

Don't you worry
about a thing,


Shouldn't you be
doing your homework?

Sorry, dad.
It's not that
I didn't trust you,

it's just that, um--
it's ok.

I'm sure you were
just looking out
for your mom. I like that.

So, uh, what are you
going to do now?

I guess I'll just wait
around here for a while.

Is that woman going
to be ok?

I don't know.
I hope so.

You want me
to follow that guy?

Mmm, well, I...
I appreciate the offer,

but i--i don't think
following is your
strong suit.

Where'd I go wrong?

Well, it's
pretty easy spotting

an old blue station wagon
under a street light.

You saw me?

Oh, yeah.

What did you have
for dinner? I'm starving.

A, like, garlic
roasted chicken thing.

Ooh, that's one
of my favorites.

Don't get too excited.
I think mom gave
your piece to happy.


Hey, you want to go outside
and toss the ball around?

I need some fresh air.

No, I can't.
We have to study.

You want me to get that?

Oh, believe me, somebody
will pick it up.

Come on.

Can't we just go
outside for two
minutes, please?

I'll take you
to a chick movie
this weekend--

any one you want to see.

No, I don't want to see
a chick movie, either.

Yeah, that's what
I like about you.

How about if I let you
wear my football jacket?

You already
promised me that.

I could help you
with your hook shot.

No, I don't need help
on my hook shot, thank--


Can I see you
in the living room
for a minute, please?

Did you forget to get
your math test signed?

Oh, yeah, I did.
I was going to give it
to you this morning.

Mrs. Mcmillan
called today
and said your grades

have been going
steadily downhill
for the past 3 weeks.

Well, yeah, but the class
has gotten harder over
the past 3 weeks.

Maybe if you paid
as much attention

to your geometry
as you do to Richard--


I don't want you to have
any more study dates

until your grades
have improved, ok?

Now, go get your test
and I'll sign it.


Oh, and tell Richard
I'll be back in a minute,

and please don't act
so mad at him. I'm afraid
you'll scare him away.



"of tan...Tan...Zan...



"Is on--"

ahem. Hi.

Oh, hi, Mrs. Camden.
Where's Mary?

Oh, she'll be back
in a second.

She just forgot to get
her math test signed.

That's right. She's having
a hard time with that.

Yeah. Have a seat.
What are you studying?

Nothing--some stupid
geography thing.

Oh, geography--that was
my worst subject.

I never knew north from
south, east from west.

Hey, would you like me
to get you a tutor?

There's this older
lady at our church.
Her name is Sarah.

She's a retired

She could help you
and nobody would
have to know.

Geography is not
really my problem.

My problem is
I can't read too well.


Well, she could help you
with that, too.

I'm a little old,
don't you think?

No, not at all.
Do you know that Sarah

didn't learn to read
till she was 40?

Her husband died.
It forced her into it.

She went back
to school, put herself
through college.

She ended up teaching
g.E.D. Courses at
an adult high school.

She's retired now and...

Frankly, she needs
something to do.

It just makes me feel
so stupid.

You're not stupid.


I'll give you
her phone number.

She'll have you feeling
better in no time...

Plus, she's a big
football fan.

That's really nice
of you, but I just
don't know if I can do it.

Don't know
if you can do what?

I was just talking
to Richard...

Saying maybe
he should grow
a mustache,

but he doesn't know
if he can do it.

Oh...ok. Hey, mom,
you want to sign this?

Oh, sure.
"75." Well...

That's not so bad.

Hang in there, mare.

You can pull it up.

I guess she's going
through mood swings
or something.

Yeah. Me, too.

I got to go.

Oh, wait.

Aren't you going
to kiss me?

Not until those
math grades come up.

Ok. On the count of 3,

I want you to hit me
over the head with this.

That's happy's shoe.




Try this.

That's the nursery
rhyme book.



This! This will work.

Now, hold still.

No, wait! I--oh!

This will never work!

I could have
done it.

Go brush your teeth.
I need to talk to Simon.

Ok, but he's
just going to try
to get you to hit him.

I never have
any fun.

what are you doing?


I was trying to get ruthie
to knock me out

so I wouldn't have to
go to school tomorrow...

But then it occurred to me
that I could get hurt.

What happened with you
and Gabrielle?


Well, I sent her
a love letter.
It was intercepted.

What did it say?

In short, that the corn
was a good choice.

You should always ask
a woman's opinion in the
matters of the heart.

I did not want
to tell mom.

I meant me.


Look, you have to go
back to school tomorrow,

but if I know kids,
by tomorrow

they'll have forgotten
all about it,

and some other kid will
have made a total fool
of himself.

You think so?

Come on! You know
someone threw up
or something today.

So by tomorrow,
you'll be off the hook.




I'm sorry
I forgot to call.

That's ok.

I thought you gave
my piece to happy.

I did, but there was
still some left over.



I'm fine, really.
You don't have to explain.

I'd usually keep this
stuff to myself, but...

Well, Abby wants me
to tell you.

She's...she's been
really uncomfortable

with all these rumors
that are going around.

I don't listen to rumors.
You know that.

Just the same...

I'm really sorry
about all this gossip.

So what's really going on?

Abby's husband
abuses her.

He has for years.


Well, I'm surprised...

Kind of.

"Kind of"?

Well, now that I think
about it...

All the pieces of
the puzzle seem to fit.

For instance, I'm always
trying to get Abby involved
in the women's groups,

but she always says
that "Jake doesn't like
that kind of thing."

Abby has a degree
in business,

and she says that Jake
doesn't want her to work.

And they have plenty
of money--he makes
a decent living--

why do they only have
one car?

She doesn't have
any close friends.

It's all there.

When I think of him
bringing her to church
every week,

pretending to be
the solid, upstanding

Men who abuse women
are such...


But they're also

What are you going
to do?

It's Abby who's got
to do something.

Hey, Simon!

What's the matter?
Were you out yesterday

because you were

I see London,
I see France!

I see Mark's underpants!

Shut up!

Thank you!

They've got cowboys
on them, too!

Giddyap, pardner!

It's so funny!

I can't believe it!


Put this around you.


Don't worry, pal.

After tomorrow,
they'll forget
all about it.

Hey, could I talk
to you for a minute?

Sure. What's going on?

Nothing. Your mom
seems really nice.

Yeah, she can be.

Did she say anything
about me last night,
after I left?

No. Why?

I just thought she might.

Don't worry.
She likes you.

She's not very happy
with my grades
right now, that's all.

Yeah, I'm not
doing that great
myself right now,

so I was thinking
maybe we should study
separately during the week.

Is something wrong?

No, I just got something
I have to do,

and, um...

I have to do it
without you.


"Ok"? That's it?

You don't want to know
what it is?

No, I trust you.
I don't have
to know what it is.

Are you sure you're 14?

The blue one?
You want that?
Hi, guys!

How was school?

Great! A guy
split his pants!

What did I tell you?

Hey, mom, uh,
Richard thinks
you're really cool.

Hi, mom. Dad just
pulled up behind us.
He's, uh,

with that...Woman friend
or whatever.


That's what you do when you
find out your husband's

with another woman?
You--you clean?

Yes. Help me.

I'm not done yet.

That's ok.
We'll play later, honey.

Hi, Abby.
How are you?

Uh, you know Matt.

And ruthie?


Where are you going?

I'm moving to New York.
I have a sister there.

Is that all
you're taking?

for right now.

I'll get that.

Um, can I get you
to drink?


Where is she?
Where's my wife,

call the police.

Look, I want
to talk to her.

I want to talk
to her right now.

I'm not leaving till
she comes out here.

Go home, Jake.
She doesn't want
to see you.

I don't care if she wants
to see me or not.

She's my wife. She'll do
whatever I tell her to do.

Not anymore, she won't.

Go home, Jake.

It's over.

It was over
a long time ago.

Hey, come here!

I'm never going
to let you go,
you got that?! Never!


I can't take it

You need help.

Hey, back off.

You don't want
to go there.

Annie, Abby,
go inside.

You can't keep me
away from her.

I'll follow her
to New York, you know.

I wish you would.

I got a friend who's
a judge there and
a couple of friends

who work outside
the system--you know
the kind I mean?

Bad people who...Who
have turned good but who
occasionally slip up.

I'm sure they would
love to show you
around New York.

She'll never press
charges against me.


Where have you been,
Jake? This is 1996.

Your wife doesn't
have to press
the charges.

She's got
two broken ribs.

That's enough for
the cops. They'll
press the charges.

Whoa. Jake Morris?

Yeah, I'm Jake Morris.
So what?

You're under arrest--
spousal abuse.

Come on.
Let's go, Mr. Morris.

You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say

can and will be used
against you in
a court of law.

You have the right
to an attorney
and have him present

with you while you're
being questioned.


That lady's husband
hits her?

I'm afraid so,
Simon...But, um,

I don't think he'll
ever hit her again.

I just don't think

I have the strength
to start a new life.

Yes, you do.

You'll find strength
in friends and family,

and Eric and I
will be here for you
whenever you need us.

You can call us
from New York anytime,
and we'll call you.

We will not lose touch,
I promise.