7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 1, Episode 7 - Saturday - full transcript

After Mary unexpectedly un-invites her family to watch her play basketball at an important game, the Camdens begin to make other plans for themselves. Lucy is angry with Mary because she invited Ashley--a popular girl in Lucy's school, to her game. Simon, Ruthie, and Happy get lost in town while pretending to be spies and following their mailman all over town. Lucy was supposed to to be babysitting them, but was instead entertaining herself and Ashley by talking on the phone with her boyfriend Jimmy Moon. Eric is faced with counseling a young boy who is once again back on his drug habit that is affecting his family.


Believe it or not,

most parents don't do that
in front of their children.

Your point being?

Ashley's coming over to
go to Mary's game with us.



Ashley is
very popular.

Oh, but she doesn't
like kissing?

Sounds like a good role
model for you, luce.

How come you guys
get to do that

and we have to
clean the bathroom?

This is my reward
for cutting the grass.

So what do we get?

You get to live
here for free.

Simon, what are
you doing?

I'm loading up
for the game.

You don't want us to
starve to death, do you?

Grab the ding-dongs.

I want to go to the
confession stand.

It's not confession,
it's concession.

It's too expensive anyway.

I have money from
the tooth fairy.

Oh, well then, will you
buy me snacks too?

Sorry, you have to lose
your own teeth.

I washed your
car for you, mom.

I'll meet you guys
at the game as soon as
I get done with work.

Okay, thanks.

Did he say work?

I wasn't gonna
say anything

until I actually got
through a couple of weeks,

but, what the heck?
This is a cakewalk.

I've heard that before.

No, seriously,
I can't miss with this job.

I'm tutoring a girl
in my English lit class.

How did I know there
was a girl involved?

Dad, it's not
what you think.

I'm not attracted
to this girl.

-Why not?

There's no reason why.
I'm just not.

I don't believe you.

Look, I'm not attracted
to every woman I see.

-Yes you are.
-Knock it off.

Look, even if I were
attracted to her,

I can separate
business from pleasure.

Oh, yeah...How long do
you think that'll last?

It'll last,
I need the job.

Good luck.


I'll probably make it
to the game by halftime.

Hey! Go wildcats!

Defense! Defense!
Defense! Defense!

Defense! Defense! Defense!

Ok, here's the thing.

Would you mind not
coming to my game?


All of you.

Why do you hate me?

I don't hate you.

You're just not
going to the game.

But why?

Because you
make me nervous,
that's why.

I've never made
you nervous before.

Yes, you did,
I just never
said anything.

It's just too hard
for me to stay focused
out there.

I've got dad
and Matt yelling
instructions at me,

mom screaming
at the ref,

and Simon and ruthie
are so loud I can hear
everything they say.

Oh, sure. The one time
I invite Ashley over,

you decide to
spill your guts.

You and Ashley don't
even like basketball.

Who cares about

Do you know how many
boys go to those games?

That's exactly my point.

You go back and forth
to the concession stand

every two minutes,
and it's distracting.

Do you know how
many boys are at
the concession stand?

Uh! That's it! Get out.

Come on.

Sports aren't
just about sports.

This is our biggest
game of the season,

and you want me to worry
about your social life?

I want to get on
Ashley's good side,

and this'll do it.

You don't get it,
do you?

I'm a freshman
on the varsity team,

so some of the older
girls resent me.

I have to earn
my spot every game

if I ever want to
feel like I'm really
part of the team.

Don't you get it?

I'm trying to belong, too.

But do I get
any help from you?


It's just not fair.


I was the loudest person
at the game last week.


Nobody yells better
than me.


You know,
if it wasn't for me,

the team probably
would never even have
made it to the finals.


Would you quit
saying yeah?


So, what are we going to do
if we're not going to the game?

We aren't going
to do anything.

I'm going to play
detective by myself.

I want to play!

I--i could be the bad guy.

You make a terrible,
terrible bad guy.


Because you
smile too much.

And you're
too easy to catch.

I won't smile.


I--i could be your
side track?

No, that,
that's sidekick.



you have to do
everything that I say.



Oh, I'll bet you can't
wait till have enough hair

to use a blade in that.

How come you're
in such a good mood?

Your mother and I are going
to the grocery store together.

How'd you
pull that off?

I thought she hates
shopping with you.

She was so mad about
Mary not letting her
go to the game.

I don't know,
she got distracted
and said yes.

The secret to
everything, timing.

Oh, wait,
that reminds me.

I'd better go
or I'll be late.

Can I get in there?

Hey, don't forget
to take your shot

from the top
of the key.

Yeah, and talk to
Corey and tell her to
throw the ball...

Yeah, talk to her,
and remember to relax...

Yeah, you always do
better when you relax.

Thanks. Now can I
please get in here?

Too much?

Mom, you have
to do something.

About what?

Mary! Talk her into
letting me go to the game.

Oh, honey, I can't
even talk her into

letting me
go to the game.

What am I going
to tell Ashley?

She'll be here any minute.

Well, just tell her
that the two of you

are going to keep
an eye on ruthie
and Simon

while your father and I
go to the grocery store.



Ashley will never
go along with that.

You know, what is so
great about Ashley?

What is so great
about Ashley?

She has more
clothes than anybody

and everybody loves her.

Well, I don't.

Everybody that counts.

It'll only be
for an hour.

Wait a minute.

You never let anyone
go grocery shopping with you.

Why now? Why today?

When I'm on the verge of
belonging to the coolest
group in school?

Because i'm
desperately trying to
make you unpopular

so that you and I can
have more moments alone
together like this one.

-Thanks a lot.
-You're welcome.

Oh, you must be Matt.

That's right.

Well, I'm Susan's dad.

Give me 5, dude.

So, my Susan tells me
you're a b.M.O.C.

Uh, b.M.O.C.?

Big man on campus?

Where you been, kid?

You know, I haven't
seen Susan this excited
in a long time.

I'll bet she's changed
her outfit 6 times already.

But I'm just the tutor.

Of course you are.

Hi, Matt.


Told ya.

I'm on my way.


I'm on my way.

That's what
dick Tracy says.


I don't know why,
he just says it.

Would you talk
into the watch?


Talk into your watch.


I'm on my way.

Where are
you going?

No. Would you just say
that you're right behind me?

I'm right
behind you.

You don't look like

you're going
anywhere to me.

You're not wearing that
to the game, are you?

Um, actually, no.

I've got some good
news and bad news.

I'm Ashley.
I don't get bad news.


How would you feel about
not going to the game?

See ya.

Oh, Ashley, wait!

My parents will be gone,
so we can call boys.

What boys?

Didn't you want to know
if Jimmy's friend Steve
liked you?


I can call Jimmy
right now.

You two mind Lucy
while we're gone.

We will, dad.

And watch out
for the bad guys.

So, who's gonna
be the bad guy?

I don't know yet.

Hey, how about happy?

No, happy's too happy
to be a bad guy.

Here you go, guys.

Have a nice Saturday.


Bingo? I love bingo.

No, I mean bingo.

That's our bad guy.

No, he's our
mailman, silly.

Yeah, our mailman who
robbed the biggest bank
in America.

He's a mailman by day,

but he's public enemy
number one by night.

Work with me, ruthie,
work with me.

Hope you like
prison food, pal.

Beep beep,
beep beep.

Why'd you do that?

Would you behave?


So, do you want
to take this list

and start on
the other side
of the store?

No, I want to be with you.


What's wrong?


You still upset
about Mary's game?

No, why should
I be upset?

Just asking.

What do you see?

He's doing something.


He's doing it again.

Tell me! What? What?

He put the mail
in a box.

That's our man.

He made the drop.

What's a drop?

The loot, the goods,

the stuff...
You know.

The stash?

Yeah, that's great,

I heard it on
Scooby doo.

So what if
I've driven her to
650 practices, huh?

So what if I've been
a constant source of
support to Mary

since she was
7 years old.

So what if I've
cleaned her uniform,

washed her shoes,
reminded her when to
take her vitamins.

That's no reason
I should be included
in her life.

After all,
I am only her mother.

Grown from denial
to anger,

and we're not even
done shopping.

You're progressing

We've hit
the mother lode.

Can you try
to act your age?

Hey, pinwheels.

You told me they
stopped making these.

Hey, isn't that the kid
that you got into drug
rehab last month?

Yeah, that's
Terry Daniels.

Wonder why he's
out so soon.

I don't know.

I don't think he
could've cleaned up
his life in 30 days.

I really thought
he was gonna be ok.

I'll see you
at home.

Want to open
your backpack?

What's up?

Wanna open up
the bag, son?



Hi, reverend.

Hey, Sam.

Oh, man, these
impulse items

at the end of the
aisle are something,
aren't they?

I almost got one
of these myself.

I walked all around
the store with it

before I remembered
to put it back.

Did you forget
to put this back?

Yeah. Yeah,
that's what happened.

The kid forgot.

Anything you say,

-Sure, could've
happened to anybody.


How's your bank shot?


Your pool game?
You wanna play
a few racks?

I mean, unless
you're busy.

Uh, I gotta,
I'm gonna meet somebody.

Oh, when are you
meeting him?

Around, uh--

oh, come on.
You got time.

So, is Matt coming
to the game?

Nope, neither is anyone
else in my family.


I told them they
couldn't come.

Well, how could
you do that?

I don't know.
My family just stresses
me out too much.

Mary, families live
for these games,

your family.

Yeah, I know,
but, I don't know.

They just
drive me crazy.

You know, it's bad luck
not to invite your family.

You're going to ruin
this for the whole team.

Bad luck?

Yeah, everybody
knows that.

Mary, come on.

I'll be right there.

Come on, luce,
get off the phone.

You are so lucky
Jimmy moon likes you

and Steve is his
best friend.

I know.

I'd be out of here.

I know.


Hi, Jimmy.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Oh, nothing.

Want me to ask him?



Ask him!

Jimmy, is it true that
your friend Stevie likes
my friend Ashley?

Ashley...ashley who?

The Ashley?

Oh, her?

Well, he thought
she was a babe until
he talked to her.

Well, he didn't
actually talk to her,
he just listened.

Because she was
so interesting.

No, 'cause
she never shut up.

He hates her now.

Well, you could
tell him I hate
him, too!


You're a moron!

Wait, Ashley!

What did I do?

Come on, Ashley,
don't go.

Your boyfriend's
a jerk, and so are you.


Simon? Ruthie?

Simon, ruthie,
this isn't funny!

Hi, it's me.

How's it going?

It's not going
that well.

How's everything there?

Well, nobody's home.

Do you think
they snuck over
to the game?

She doesn't want
anybody there.

You don't have to
remind me,

thank you very much.


Listen, I'm probably
going to be a while.


Well, good luck
with Terry, ok?


Just like old times,
huh, rev?


Only difference is,
you're clean now.


So how's it been going?

Everything's great.

Sure is remarkable
how fast you got out
of rehab.


I mean, only 30 days?

Some patients are
still sneaking out

to smoke a joint
the first month of rehab.

I guess they don't have
the self discipline
you have, huh?

Yeah, I guess.

Hey, Terry.

We're set, man.


Now, let me guess.

business school?

Nah, he's just some goof
who hangs out here.

Forget about him.

You walked out
of rehab, huh?

It--it wasn't like that.

Well, the truth.

You're still using,
aren't you?



Come on, give me
a break, I'm clean.

I thought we had
an agreement.

I'd get you out
of juvenile hall,

you'd complete
a rehab program.

I didn't need to
finish the program.

I'm fine.

No kidding?

What do you say we
call the rehab center
and get their opinion?

You calling me a liar?

No, I'm just saying
you're not telling
me the truth.

Yeah, well,
you don't know what
you're talking about.

I know exactly what
I'm talking about.

I don't need this.

I'm out of here.

What you need is
to get back into rehab.

Just butt
out of my life.



He's walking again.

Roger that.

Where's he going?

He's leaving...
Oops, he's leaving.

Just let him try.

Nobody gets away from
Simon Camden, p.I.

He got away.

Not for long.

We'll head back to base
and we'll regroup.

What's base?


Don't you know anything?

Which way's home?

Uh, home?

Well, uh,
home is, uh...

Home is, um...

Home is,
home is this way.

No, wait.


Home is back this way.


you don't know,
do you?

Look, I'll find it.

There's really
nothing to worry

Are you sure?


We're lost,
aren't we?

I want mommy.

Hi, Martha.

I hope you don't
mind my dropping by
like this.

Is it Terry?
He's not hurt or anything?

No, no,
he's not hurt.

It's just the usual,
I'm afraid.

Oh, please,
come in.

A shot
from the top of the key!

Robins gets the rebound, he
shoots inside, it's good!

Hey, Tom.

Reverend Camden.

Sit down.

We thought about
calling you

when Terry
ran out of rehab.

But after all the help
you gave us getting
him in there,

we didn't really
figure it was fair to
call on you again.

Well, it's just
gonna take a lot more
time and effort

than we hoped it would.

He called yesterday.

And I got frustrated
and hung up on him.

It's so hard.

Worse than when we
sent him for treatment
in the first place.

We just put him
out on the street.

I can't believe it.

17...he's got no better
life than a stray dog.

You did what
you had to do.

And let's not forget
Terry had a choice here.

We tried, reverend,
we really tried.

I know you did.

I'm just tired.

He's completely
worn me down.

You know what happens
to these kids?

The drugs become
their family.

He doesn't
care about us.

All he cares about
is getting high.

I can't understand it.

Maybe if we had just
realized what he was
doing sooner,

maybe if we had
gotten through to him
when he was younger.

You know, I never
really talked to him.

By the time
he was in trouble,

I didn't even
know who he was.

You know, it's not
as if any of us went
through this as kids.

Most of us don't
even have a frame
of reference

for problems like these
until they happen to
somebody we know.

Maybe we should
just tell him to
come home.

His counselor said
not to do that, honey.

I guess this is
the part of the program
they call tough love.

It killed us
to do it.

They said
it could work.

Hey, really,
both of you.

You've done everything
humanly possible
to help him.

You know, the past few days I've
done nothing but pray.

that's not nothing.

so confusing.

Like this part here.

What is
Romeo saying?

Well, it's simple.

He's saying he'd
give up anything just
to be close to her.

Read it to me.

I'll understand
it better.

You know,
maybe you should--

oh, no, please.
You read it.


"She speaks,
yet she says nothing.

"What of that?

"See how she leans her
cheek upon her hand?

"Oh, that I were
the glove upon that hand

that I might
touch that cheek."

Touch it.

Touch it! Touch it!

Oh, no, no, no, no--

yes! Yes! Yes!

Well, here you go--

I'd like to have a word
with you, young man.

I think it's time for
a little rap session.

Look, Mr. Barrett,
I know this looks
bad, but--

there's no need to explain.

I know that Susan's
an attractive girl.

After all, she looks
just like her mother.

Mr. Barrett, I'm not
saying Susan's
not attractive,

she is attractive,
very attractive,

and I'm sure your
wife is attractive,

it's just, you know,
when I took this job,

this isn't what
I had in mind.

Whoa, chill out, dude.

Look, I know what
this is about.


I know about those
little devils.

How they can get in
the way of any man's work.

Um, look, that's not
exactly where I was
going with this.

Look, if you two
kids promise to, uh,
behave yourselves,

well, maybe you can
keep on tutoring her.

You know, I think
we're trying to work out

two different
things here.

So I quit.

Nobody quits me, boy.

You're fired.

Have it your way.

Simon? Ruthie? Happy?

Come on, you guys.
Where are you?


Happy? Ruthie?

Spartans and
the wildcats set for the tipoff.


You know the girl
who's guarding me
has no defense,

so if you look
for me at the top
of the key,

I'll be open
for sure.

I mean, you're
the point guard,

so it's your call,
but I know
I can score.

You're right,
I'm the point guard.

So I'll make the call.

Ruthie, I promise
I'll get us home.

-I'll figure
something out.


Hey! Stop!


I told you i'd
figure something out.

I don't want
to go to jail.

Nobody's going to jail.

Simon, ruthie,
is that you?


He's from our church.

You two are a
long way from home.

That's 'cause
we're lost.

Come on.

Here comes
Corey Conway leading the charge.

Hi, Mary!


Hey, I'm open!

Point shot just misses.

Spartans with the rebound.

Mom? Dad? Matt?


Nobody's home.

They probably went
to my sister's game.

They weren't
supposed to.

They went,
you know they went.

They probably left
behind some evidence.

Want me to help
you look for clues?

Why don't we just
take a ride,

and go check out
the gym?


Bye, happy.

Tell you how it
all turns out.

Party's over,
put it out.


You following me?

I thought you said
you were clean?

It's just pot.

Just pot.

It was just pot that got
you kicked out of school.

Yeah, so what?

And it was just pot that
got you kicked out of rehab.

That's not true.

It was just pot that
made your parents blow
their life savings

trying to
get you straight!

How do you know that?

I went to see them.

I told you to stay
out of my business.

This is my business.

Just go back to rehab
and finish the program.

I'll take you there,
I'll walk in with you,

I'll do whatever
I can to help you.

-Forget it.

They're a bunch of losers.
I'm not going back.

Who's the loser?
You're living on the street.

And let me tell you,
you can't survive out
there long.

-I'll survive.
-No, you won't.

You'll get hurt or killed,
I've seen it a thousand times.

So? I mean,
you don't care.

My parents
don't care.

They won't even
let me come home.

Terry, the only one
who doesn't care about
you is you.

Let me help.

I'll take care
of myself.

For how long?

Debbie Elliott
takes it in herself.

Come on, come on, mar!

Go, go, come on girls!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I thought
I'd find you here.

Where are the kids?

I'm sure they're hiding
around here somewhere.

How's Mary doing?

She'd be doing
better if Corey would
pass her the ball.

Yeah, what else is new?

Go, go!

Go, Mary!

So, how'd
the tutoring go?

You don't want to know.

Not again.

Can we talk
about it later?

The freshman
Mary Camden fires.

Spartans down only by 6.

Hey, can we turn on
the siren just for
the heck of it?

I don't think so.


Hey, reverend,
brought you a present.

Hiya, sweetie.

Dad, we got to ride
in the squad car.

It was so cool.

I can see that.

The question is
why were you riding
in a squad car?

We got lost.

Sergeant Michaels
took us home first,

but nobody was there,
so we figured mom came
to the game.



Hope Mary's team wins.

Watch yourself.

Bye, Simon,
bye, ruthie.

Thanks again,

See you,
sergeant Michaels.

So, uh, exactly how did
you guys get lost?

We followed the mailman.
He was a bank robber.

We were playing detective.

Can we at least
see the game

before we get
sent to our rooms for
the rest of our lives?

Well, I guess
we could do that.

I mean,
we're already here.

-All right!
-Come on.

Chrissy Nelson
will be shooting a one-on-one
bonus for the spartans.

I can't believe it.

I told you,
it's good luck.

Chrissy Nelson
free throw, bounces off the rim.

Camden snags the rebound.

Here come the wildcats!

Come on, Mary!

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Corey, I'm open!

Come on!

Come on,
she's wide open!

Pass it to her!

Give her the ball!

Mary Camden
fires from inside the key.


Camden steals the ball.

5 seconds left!

Camden puts it back up!

Wildcats win!

Mary! Mary!

That's it.
Life's over.

I'm dead.

Simon, ruthie,
I've been looking
all over the--

neighborhood for you.
Where were you?

We went to Mary's game.


Wait a minute.

You guys all went to
the game without me?

They all went.

You always leave me
out of everything.

This isn't fair.

Look, luce,
we didn't plan it.

And where were you
when Simon and ruthie

took off trailing
the mailman?

Yeah, technically,
you got us in trouble.

You got yourself in trouble.

And me.

Never leave this
house again

unless you're
with a grown-up.

Anything else?

Not for the moment.

What about me?

What's my

Next time you're asked to
watch the kids, watch the kids.

-That's it?
-That's it.

Ok, everybody
upstairs right now.

What was that?

What was what?

We have a deal here.

I'm good cop,
you're bad cop.

If we're gonna
switch roles,

I need some
advance warning.


Well, you're gonna
have to go upstairs

and punish them.

You can't just let them
off the hook like this.

You're right.

What happened with
you and Terry?

I just got a big,
fat dose of perspective,
that's what happened.

Our kids' problems don't
seem like problems at all.

It's still important
that we stick to
the rules,

otherwise the little
problems could turn
into bigger problems.

Ok, ok.
Bad cop's on his way.

What happened to you?

I stopped to
fill up the car.

I didn't want to
leave it on empty.

Ok, so I got
fired again.

What happened?

I'm gonna give it
to you straight.

She grabbed me,
she kissed me,

then her father
walked in,

that's pretty much it.

Go ahead.
Punish him.

Good cop's a lot
easier than bad cop.

What do you think your
punishment should be?

I don't know.

Ok, how's this?

Your punishment is
you're not allowed

to take another job
for at least a month.

Who are you
and what have you
done to my dad?

One more thing.

Tell me you'll
never do drugs.

Oh, he's back.

No, I mean, you won't
even experiment with them.

Just promise.

Look, I've promised that
to you over and over.

How about once more?

Ok, I promise,
you don't have to worry.

I have no interest
in doing drugs.

Why is that?

Well, it probably
has something to do
with the fact

that my father's
a minister who
counsels drug addicts

and tells me their
horror stories.

Guess I've
got a smart son.

Yeah, a smart son
who can't hold a job.


Tough day, dad?

Oh, the worst.

I can't figure out
why some kids do drugs
and others don't.

There doesn't seem to be
any rhyme or reason to it.

Well, according to you,
a lot of kids do drugs

just so they can
belong to a group.

You know, they feel like
they have to fit in.

And you?

I guess I'm lucky
I'm a loner.

What about the rest
of the family?

Mary's a team player,
she has basketball
to fit in,

and Simon already
knows who he is,

and ruthie's 5.

You forgot Lucy.

No, I didn't.

She's the one you
should worry about.


Because she always
feels left out.


You know, you're right.

You should talk to her.

I'm on my way.



Look, if I knew the
whole family was going
to show up,

I definitely would have
told you to come, too.

Yeah, right.

Hey, just before
the game,

I even changed my mind
about everybody coming.

But when I called home,
the phone was busy.

Sorry, that was me.

No kidding.

Hi, dad.

Is dinner ready?

Wait a minute.

Everybody ate
at the game, right?

I should have known.

Well, how about
if I take you out
to dinner?

Oh, good, so you can
yell at me in private.

I'm not gonna
yell at you.

I was totally

so I'd like to offer
to baby-sit every weekend
for the next month.

Friday, Saturday,
and sunday.

How's that?

Sounds a little extreme.


If you're offering,
I'll take it.

Come on,
let's go eat.

The two of us?

You bet.

Give me a second
to change.

Hi, mom, want some help?

Oh, sure,
but I can't pay you.

That's ok.
Paying jobs don't
seem to work for me.

Did dad ever tell you
that he had 5 jobs

his senior year
at seminary?

All at once?

No, one after
the other.

He got fired
from 5 jobs?

Well, actually
only 4.

He finally found one
he could hang onto.

Doing what?

Working for my dad.

You know, how come
parents never tell you

about the bad stuff
they've done?

Well, they like
to wait till you're
old enough

not to throw it
back at them

during an argument.

So, uh, so you think
I'm old enough?

I don't know.

That's why i'm
testing you out on
dad's stories first.

I wonder why
we didn't get punished?

You're so young.

Mom will make sure
dad punishes us.

I just goofed up,
that's all.

Daddy doesn't
goof up.

You're right.

Listen, you guys.

I got to talk to you.

Wandering the streets
without a grown-up is
very dangerous.

You're very lucky you
found sergeant Michaels.

It wasn't luck,
I flagged the guy down.

I knew we were
in trouble.

Well, that was
the right thing to do.

But we're still gonna
get punished, aren't we?



What do you think your
punishment should be?

Well, I think that we
shouldn't be allowed

out of our rooms
all day tomorrow.

Not even for church.

Nice try.

I like church.

It makes
me feel good.

You're making this
difficult, kid.



if anybody ever comes
to you and offers you drugs,

any kind of drugs,

I want you to come
and tell me or your
mother immediately. Ok?

Dad, you've already
told us this 100 times.

So I'm telling
you again.

Now promise me.

All right,
I promise.

What about vitamins?

Give her a break,
she's 5.

Even vitamins.

You can't start
too young.

You forgot our
punishment, daddy.


Oh, happy, hi.

Oh, nobody fed you
today, come on, girl.

Come on,
come with me.

Here, come here.


We're out of dog food.


How about a little leftover
tuna casserole, huh?

Poor girl, nobody fed you,
you got left out of the game,

nobody told you
never to take drugs.

Listen to me, hap.

If someone walks up to you,
offers you something to eat,

and you don't know what it is,
just say no,

and walk away.


This is ok.

It's tuna.


Come on, it's ok.

No--this is ok.


Happy, it's tuna.

Matt, Matt.


You're good at this.

What kind of punishment
can I give ruthie and Simon

for wandering off
the way they did?

It's a tough one,
ruthie's so cute.

Yeah, she reminds me
so much of your mother.

And Simon's so funny,
it's hard to be mad at funny.

You know, maybe you
could ground them,

not let them out of
the house for a week.

Oh, I don't
think so.

Not unless you two
want to be locked up
in here with them.

I see your point.

But you do want me to
punish them, don't you?

Yes, I do.

I'm sorry, I just,
I can't get back in
the groove here.

Did Simon mention to you
that he and ruthie were
using your binoculars

for their little
adventure this

Is that important?

Depends on how attached
you are to them.

They didn't lose them,
did they?

Well, Simon chose
to put it this way,

he temporarily
misplaced them somewhere
during the manhunt.

You know, why don't
you go in there

and make him feel
guilty by telling him

how important those
binoculars were to you

'cause your uncle sid
gave them to you when
you were in the seminary

so you could see
the sorority--

oh, no, I'm sorry!
So you could

use them when you
went, um,


I--i--i used to be
quite the, um--


Yeah, yeah.

I don't think we
have to worry about

finding those

Nah, I don't do much
bird-watching anymore anyway.

So, I guess
it wasn't very fair
to Jimmy,

but at the same time,
I had to make the call.

Otherwise Ashley would
have never forgiven me

and of course,
never talk to
me again.

So what I was
thinking is

if I could just get
Jimmy to call Steve

and have
Steve call her,

just to be nice and all,

then she won't feel
so bad about what
Jimmy said.

'Cause it's not like
Jimmy really knows
her or anything.

I mean, him and Steve
are best friends, but--

I'm sorry, hon,
you were saying?

Are you looking
for someone?

Just the waitress,
I thought I'd get
some coffee.

So, where were we?

Jimmy and Steve are
best friends, but?

Wow, you
really were listening.

Yeah. Those guys
don't do drugs, do they?

You know, pot?

Jimmy? No way.
Or Steve.

But you know,
I'm really glad you
brought that up

because there was
this one guy that
Ashley liked

and he was this
really cool guy

and a really good
dresser and everything,

but then she found out
he got kicked out of
his other school

for using pot.

So she went up
and asked him.

I told her to.

And he said,
"so what?"



Late night

Nope. I made it for you.


Yeah, well, I owe you.

For what?

For not keeping your promise
and coming to the game.

And for being
the loudest person there.

Well, actually,
we never did promise.

And I always
thought Simon was
louder than me.

No, mom.

Nobody is louder than you.

Will you come next week?

I wouldn't miss it.

So if Steve calls
Ashley back,

then Jimmy will
call me back,

then I'll call Ashley.

Hi, Mary.

Where was I?

You'll call Ashley.

Oh, yeah.

If Jimmy can just
get him to do it

because Steve's
his best friend
and you know Ashley.

Well, we've never met,
yet I feel I know her.

Good night, dad.

Night, sweetie.
Oh, and by the way,

great game.

Never do drugs,
sweet dreams.

Good night.

Thanks. I won't.

Dad and I are very
concerned about teens
and drugs.


Why don't you come
upstairs and tell me what
you guys talked about.


Good night, dad.

Night, girls.


How was dinner?

Well, let me
put it this way,

I learned more about
Jimmy moon than I ever
wanted to know.

Case in point.

He's ambidextrous.

That's fascinating.

Well, that's
what I said.

Is there something
else on your mind?

No, nothing.

You know, the kids
are all in their rooms
feeling guilty.

I don't think
they'll be coming out,

so perhaps we could
go to bed early.

I don't think
I could sleep.

Well, that's
sort of the point.


Oh, that's ok.

No, answer the door,
it's ok.

Don't go anywhere,
I'll be right back.

I guess you were right.

I am a loser.

You knocked on my door.

You're not a loser.

I, uh,

I need your help,

Come on in.

We'll start by
calling your parents.