7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 1, Episode 6 - Halloween - full transcript

With Halloween just around the corner, Lucy attempts to learn the truth about "The Mutant" Mike--a mysterious recluse who's been accused of murder. Meanwhile, Simon prepares for the "Annual Pumpkin-Carving Contest" at the church and badly wants to be in first place. Mary schemes to have the house all to herself when tricking all of her friends and family as to where she is going to be. While the family prepares for the church's Annual Halloween Carnival chaired by Annie, Eric has a bad attitude toward the whole holiday and discovers the real reason behind his hatred of Halloween while remembering a dramatic experience he had as an 11-year-old boy.

In a dark, spooky house
not far from where
we are right now

lives a 7-foot-tall
ogre named Mike...
The mutant.

What's an ogre?

A big, ugly man.

A nuclear accident
made Mike mutate

into the hideous
creature he is today.

Ever since then,
every Halloween,

one unlucky little kid
doesn't come back from


Because Mike must feed!
He must feed...

On the tender flesh
of little children.

I think maybe
she's a little
too young for this.

Stop it!
I'm not scared!

One Halloween night,
little Reilly gilchrist

went out trick-or-treating
all alone.

He found himself
in front of a dark house
overgrown with vines.

He climbed the stairs.

Creak, creak,


A cold wind blew
across his face.

As he reached out
to ring the bell,
the door swung open!

Hey, Matt?


You scared us...

To death.

Yeah, well,
the feeling's

What are you guys
doing in here?


Just talking.

Oh. In the dark...
With a flashlight?

Daddy, are you bigger
than the bad man?

Ruthie, I'm bigger,
and I'm stronger...

And I work for god.


These guys aren't
scaring you too much
are they?


Ok, ok, carry on.

What's all
the screaming

I walked in on
Matt's ghost story.

Why am I
being snubbed?

I love
ghost stories!


Come on, honey.
It'll be fun.

Daddy hates

I do not.

Yeah, you do, dad.

You do, honey.
You always have.

Well, have fun,

I won't wait up
for you.


do you mind?

Oops. Sorry.
I didn't really

want to brush
my teeth anyway.

Hold it,
dragon breath.

Come back
in here.

I don't want to
be responsible

for you grossing
out the whole
fifth grade.

Thanks...i think.

Hey, stop!


Because it's mine,
and I don't want
you sticking it

in your disgusting,
hairy armpits.

Ok. Would it change
your mind at all
if I told you

I've been using it
every day for the past
two months?

Oh, those are very
good Jack-o'-lanterns,

I like this one.
He's very scary.

That one's daddy.

Well, he's scary
in a nice way.

Mom, don't even
tell me you're going

to let ruthie enter
the pumpkin carving

Why shouldn't she,
if she wants to?

Because "a," she's
not allowed to play
with sharp objects,

and "b," she doesn't
stand a chance
against me.

maybe her talented,

generous big brother
could help her.


No. Simon.

Sorry, mom.
The carnival's tomorrow,

and I got my own
pumpkin to carve

and work on
my victory speech.

This will be
my third win
in a row, you know.

Pride goeth before
the fall, Simon.

Really? I thought
summer goeth before
the fall.

And spring goeth
before the summer.

And you're about to
goeth to your room.

Let's talk about ruthie
and her costume.


So what are you
going as?

What am I going as?

Anything you want.



Good morning.

Oh, hi, honey.

-Hi, dad.

a beautiful day.

You're in
a good mood.

I slept the sleep
of the innocent
last night.

Yeah...no monsters
in my dreams.

Ok, so I had one
little, teeny dream.

Didn't seem so teeny
when you were
thrashing around,

"don't barbecue me!"

Simon, don't be
late for school.

Ok, I'm going.
I'm going.

Oh, and, mom,
don't forget

to pick me up some
pumpkins today--
good ones, ok?


-I won't forget.

Oh...which reminds me,
I have been meaning
to tell you this.

The other day,
I was standing in line
at the marketplace,

and the woman in front
of me mentioned she was
from binghamton.

My binghamton?


Small world.

Yeah, that's
what I thought.

Oh, would you stop by
the party store today

and pick up the
carnival decorations?



Since you put it
that way...


What's her name?

-The, uh...

Oh, um, Cindy...

She appeared to be
about our age.

I don't remember
a Cindy.

Oh, you mean,
there was one girl

in binghamton you
didn't go out with?

No, I didn't
say that.

I just said I don't
remember her.

Well, this one's
happily married.

She said her husband's
name was Howard...

No, Henry.
Henry Bernard.

It's definitely true.
I've seen his house.

No way.
That's just a story.

no such person as
Mike the mutant.

Oh, yes, there is.


You ever heard of a kid
named Reilly gilchrist?

It's the little
dude he ate.

-That didn't
really happen.
-Oh, yeah?

My cousin works
for the gas company.

He told me when
he read his meter,

he saw bones
in the basement.

That is just
a stupid story

to scare kids

No, it isn't.

Ok, fine--
don't believe us,
you know?

I don't care.


It could
have happened.

Yeah, I can
prove it to you
if you want.


Well...what are you
doing after school?

I don't know, guys.

Road trip!

Ha ha!

-Mommy, mommy!
-Hi, honey.
What is it?

Tiffany's gonna
be a "t."

Oh, won't that be fun?

Her mommy
got it for her
at the store.

Oh, isn't that nice?


Do I have to be
a dinosaur?

Henry Bernard.

Are you sure
you heard her say

she broke up
with her boyfriend?

Everybody in my
gym class heard her.

Think she'd go out
with me?

Hello, Matthew.


Hi, Roxanne.

Oh, Mary,
did you hear

that I broke up
with my boyfriend?

Oh, really?
Oh, I'm sorry.


So, Mary, what
are you wearing to
the Halloween dance?

I'm not going.
I'm going to a carnival
at our church.

Oh. That sounds fun.

But I wouldn't miss
the school dance
for anything...

Unless no guys
ask me because
they don't know
I broke up with
my boyfriend.

You mean,
no one's asked you?

No, and I'm just
dying to go!

I love
costume parties.

Really? Well,
how would you like
to go with me?

Oh, I'd love to!
Thank you! I...

Oui, j'accepte.


Here it is--
Mike the mutant's house.

So what? It doesn't
prove anything.

Yeah? Well, maybe
you'll believe us

when you see the giant
vegetables he grows.

They're huge.

He shoots them
with radiation.

He's got pumpkins
back there the size
of volkswagens.

Yeah, right.

All right, fine--
don't believe us.


Ok, well, maybe
you'll believe us

when I go back there
and I steal one
and I bring it out.

How are you going
to carry it?

Your chick is
really a drag.

At least
I've got one.

Ok, why don't you
come with us and
see for yourself?

I'm kind of

Fine with me.

Get down!

Who's gonna
go first?

Go ahead.

We'll follow you.

I could use a hand
here, you know.

You could get hurt
doing that.


Don't come back
here ever!


Here's batgirl.
She's cute.

I don't like bats.

Oh, Sylvester...
And tweety bird!

I don't look good
in yellow.

Are you kidding?
Who doesn't want
to be tweety bird?


Oh, look...
Oh, my gosh!



That's about it.

Honey, why are you so
particular this year?

Because I want
to be prettier than
Simon's pumpkin.


'Cause that's all
anybody talks about.


I'm sorry.

Tell you what--
you can pick out

anything you want,

I guess I'll just take
that old dinosaur thing
you were making.

- Delivery boy!
- Aah!

Oh, sorry, dad.
I didn't know
you were napping.

Oh, no, no. Just...
Resting my eyes.

I have a little
eye fatigue.

Yeah, I get that
sometimes, right in
the middle of church.

So, did you...
Did you get everything?

I cleaned them out.

I got black and orange
crepe paper, balloons,

paper skeletons,
black cats, witches
on brooms--the works.

I appreciate you
doing this for me.

I just couldn't
face it this year.

You send me every year.
You hate Halloween.

No, I don't.

Yes, you do, dad.

Well, at any rate,
I owe you one.

Well, in that case,
can I use the car

to drive to the dance
tomorrow night?

It's fine with me,
but just check with Mary

and see if she needs
a ride, too.

Mary's not going
to the dance.

She's sticking around
for the carnival.

Oh. So what's
your costume?

Same thing I always
go as--a hobo.

I don't know if that's
such a good idea, Matt.

A hobo's just
another euphemism
for a homeless person.

I'm not sure it's
appropriate to use

another person's
misfortune for
our entertainment.

That's ok. See, my hobo
is a hobo by choice.

Is that right?

See, he's rejected
bourgeois values

for the simple life
of riding the rails

and eating beans
out of a can.

He's not
into possessions.


It means "middle-class."

I'm aware of that.

You really do hate
Halloween, don't you?

Hmm? I...

Look, Valerie,
if anybody asks,

just tell them i'm
going to the carnival.

No. I told them
I was going to the dance
with you and Denise.

I'm not going
to get caught.

Just stick to what
I told you, ok?

How am I
supposed to craft
a masterpiece

with a flawed

I'm sorry, all they had
were flawed canvases
at the market.

Oh, Lucy, thank you!

That's the most beautiful
pumpkin I've ever seen!

It's the pumpkin I've
waited my whole life for!

Forget it, Simon.
It's mine.

All right,
I'll buy it from you.


All right, fine.
Then just tell me

where you got it
so I can go get one.

There aren't
any more.

Are you sure, honey?

I'd like to get a few
for the carnival myself.

Uh, yep,
I'm pretty sure.

Where exactly did you
get this pumpkin, luce?

It's a long story.

Is it possible that
maybe you liberated it
from somebody's garden?

Then you also know
what you have to do,
don't you?

Mom, it's not
that easy!

I don't want
to hear excuses!

You turn around right now
and return that pumpkin

to its owner,
and apologize.
Yes, ma'am.

Do you want me
to go with you?

No. It's ok.

Tough call...

But you did
the right thing.

I'm not getting you
another pumpkin, Simon.


Y-You scared me.

I scared you?


What are you
trying to do...

Give me
a heart attack?

What are you
looking for?

A cape for
Simon's costume.

Isn't Halloween
over yet?

It seems like
it's been going on
for weeks.

One more day, dad.

I understand you're
joining us for
the church carnival.

Um, actually, no.
I'm going to a dance
at school.

I thought Matt
said you were going
to the carnival.

Um, I changed my mind.

Oh, disgusting!

Here, dad--you can
go to the carnival
as Daniel Boone.

Oh, actually, that's
the Davy Crockett model.

When I was a kid, I was
completely obsessed
with Davy Crockett.

I mean, obsessed.
I never missed an
episode of the TV show.

I read every book
I could get my hands on.

"Remember the alamo."

Oh, it's definitely
you, dad.

I don't know why
I even bother trying
to carve a pumpkin.

My brother Simon
wins the contest
every year.

You--you can keep
the pumpkin you took.

You can have
as many as you want.

That's ok.

Can I ask you something,
Mr. Mitchell?

My dad was Mr. Mitchell.
I'm Mike.


How did you get
that scar?

I got shot.

No way!


Aren't you sure?

Sometimes, I...I have
trouble remembering.

That's ok. It's not
really important.

You know, I'd really
like to bring my friends
over to meet you.

Oh, I don't really like
visitors very much.

If you want, you could
come over to my house
and meet my family.

Oh, I don't--i don't
go out much, either.

You should meet my dad.
How about if I bring
him over sometime?

You'd like him,
he's really nice.


I--i have to go
inside now.

Mr. Mitchell! Mike!


L-Lucy can come over
if she wants,

but i--i don't
want any friends
to come over!

Just remember,
I got dibs on the
Davy Crockett costume.

Don't worry, Eric.
You'll get it.

I better.

Yeah, 'cause I'm sick
of hearing you talk

about that coonskin cap.

All right, children,
you can come

and pick out your
Halloween costumes,

but I want you to do it
in an orderly fashion.

I got it! I got it!

Eric Camden,
what are you doing?!

You knew
I wanted that!

I got it for you!

I got it for you, Eric!

I wasn't gonna keep it!

I got it for you!
I got it for you, Eric!

Don't tell me
you couldn't get
back to sleep.

I probably had too much
coffee last night.

It was decaf.

Oh, well, then I guess
I'm just too keyed up,

too full of
the Halloween spirit.

Too full of something.
When you feel like

talking about it,
I'll be glad to listen.

All right. Thanks.

What are you doing
up so early?

Are you feeling ok?


I just
couldn't sleep.

Why not?

Couldn't stop
thinking about

I got to win
that contest!

come over here.

Sit down.

I think you're
taking this contest
way too seriously.

Obviously, you don't
understand, dad.

It's my third year.

My third 'peat.
It's never
happened before

in the history of
the church carnival.

Simon, I only started
that church carnival
3 years ago

to raise money for
the sunday school.

I just don't want you
to make such a big deal
out of a contest

that's supposed
to be fun.

There is a chance
you could lose.

I could be wrong
about this,

but isn't your job
to encourage people?

A hobo?

You can't go
as a hobo.

No, see, my hobo
isn't homeless.

He's rejecting
bourgeois values.

No, you can't go
as a hobo...

'Cause I already
got you a costume.

What costume?

You see, I thought
it would be really cool
if we went as a couple.

Oh. Ok.

You see, I'm going
as Roxanne--

cyrano de bergerac's
beloved Roxanne.

From the play, cyrano.

And that would
make me...

Cyrano, of course.

-The guy with
the big nose.

See, I borrowed
the costumes from
the drama department.

I don't know.
You know, I wasn't
counting on making

a whole big production
out of this.

Oh, come on, Matthew.

It's so romantic.

You see, cyrano,
he loved Roxanne
more than life itself.

And eventually,
she learned to look beyond
mere physical appearance,

and she fell in love
with him, too...

Deeply and completely.




You misspelled

You know what?


I hate Halloween.

I know.

I'm not too crazy
about it, either.

You? Why not?

It's a long story.

Well, come on.
What's wrong?

Do you know who
Mike Mitchell is?

Well, I knew him
before his accident.

So he was in
a nuclear accident?

Who told you that?


Well...as is
often the case,

everybody's wrong.

He was an artist.

He used to build mammoth
abstract sculptures

out of scrap steel
and iron.

They were big and
dramatic and exuberant...

Kind of like him--
like he used to be.

He struggled financially,
as most artists do.

To make ends meet,
he, uh...

He took a job
pumping gas at night.

A couple of guys came in
to Rob the place.

One of them pulled a gun.

Mike tried to stop him
and got shot.

Poor Mike!


I stop by now and
then, but he won't
answer his door.

He's...pretty much
a recluse.

Why are kids
so mean to him?

He can't help
the way he is.

Lots of times we make
decisions about people

based on appearances,
rather than...

Taking the time
to find out the truth.

Why is that?

I wish I knew, sweetie.

I suspect that
it's usually...Fear.

Except, dad,
he's more afraid
than anybody.

And he's not
mean at all.
He's really nice.

Was he nice enough
to forgive you for
stealing his pumpkin?


Well, it sounds
to me like Mike's
found himself...

A good friend.

You look adorable, honey.
Here, look at mama.

You are the cutest
dinosaur I ever saw!

It's hot.

Well, ok, I can put
some ventilation holes

in here for you
if you want, ok?

The neck pinches.

Well, I can fix that.

I can't move
my hands.

Ok, well, um...
Come on over here
and sit down.

You don't have
to wear those.

I can...I can
take those off.


This way.

All right, ok.

You hate it,
don't you?

I know how you feel,
short stuff.

What am I going to do?
I can't go to the dance
like this.

You look funny!

I look like an idiot.
Mom, is there anything
you can do to fix it?

Well, maybe--
I don't know.

Maybe we can
remove the hat.

Maybe you could

try my cape over it
a little bit.

No, I think
we better put
the hat back on.

Yeah. Yeah, well...

Well, maybe between
the big nose
and the hat...

Nobody will know
who you are.

What is that?

I don't know. I found it
on the front porch.


What is it?


I smell pumpkin.


It's a pumpkin,
isn't it?

It's none of your beeswax

you're not entering
the contest, are you?

Maybe. Maybe not.


Ugh! This is going
to give me nightmares.

That's the idea,

Ugh! I guess so.

Ok, if you'll
just blow up
all the balloons,

I can handle
everything else.

Ok, no problem.

I don't want you to be
late for the dance,

so just take off
when you need to.

Oh, I'm going with
Valerie and Denise,

so I'll just
be there whenever.

Where are
the black curtains
for the haunted house?


Would this be them?

Yeah! Oh...

Poor thing!

She must be
exhausted from
torturing me.

Want to try
and move her?

No, I can hang
curtains later.

Besides, you know
how grumpy she is
after a nap.

Let's not
disturb her.

Yeah, I just
wish someone would
say that about me.


Oh, let's not
disturb her.

Oh! Yeah!

Oh, yeah!

Oh ho! Yeah!

Hey, stop!
Stop it!

Oh, yeah!

Oh, yeah!

I can't believe
I even thought
I liked you!

Come on, guys,
let's go.


Stop it!

Yeah! Whoo!


No way! This is
payback time!

This is for
all those kids

you gobbled up,
you mutant!

Yeah, you big freak!

That's enough.
Knock it off.

Leave him alone!
Get out of here!

Mike! It's me--Lucy!

Are you ok?

Are they gone?

They're gone.

It's ok.

It's ok.

Not everybody is
like those guys.

A lot of people are.

No. Most people
are really nice.

And the mean ones
are probably just
afraid of you

they're ignorant.

People are
afraid of me?



I don't know.

I--i wish
they wouldn't be.

Hey, cute!

Oh! Well,
yeah, thanks.

do you know anyone
who might be able

to baby-sit tonight
on short notice?

-Baby-sit who?
- Whom.

-You know whom--

She refuses to go
out of the house

without a costume,
and she hates

I've suggested.

I can't stay
with her.

I've got to go
back to the church.
Lucy's already gone.

You've got
your dance, and...

Maybe Mrs. Horton
can do it.

I'm going
to go call her.

No, wait, wait, wait!
Let me try.

I'll get her
to wear a costume.

Trick or treat.

And you are...?

Look, I'm sorry
about the costume.

I just couldn't make
the other thing work.
It's just not me.

You couldn't
possibly be my date,

because my date
would have on
the cyrano costume

that I went to so
much trouble to get,

and which
goes perfectly
with my costume.

You see,
my date wouldn't
show up here

dressed as...

A homeless person.



See, my date
would know

that if he
came here dressed
as a derelict--

-a hobo.
-A hobo--

then that would
mean that I was
the date of a hobo,

and that would
make me a loser.

I am not a loser.


What about all that stuff
you said about Roxanne

loving cyrano in spite of
his appearance, Roxanne?

Oh, please.
That was fiction.

Well, let me
tell you something.

You look really,
really beautiful in
that dress right now--

incredibly beautiful--
but in spite of
your appearance,

I got to say...
The thrill's gone
for me, babe.

Matthew, wait!

Do you really think
that I look...


Come on, guys, let's go!
We can't be late!

Do you think
Mary had any luck?

I don't know. She came
out once and made me
get her a mop,

but that could be
to clean up the blood.

Ooh! Well, nothing
would surprise me
at this point.

-Ruthie, you look
just great!

What are you?

Ruff! Ruff!

She's happy.

She can't go
as happy. Happy is
going as happy.


Come on, you two.

How did you do it?

Well, I sat her down
and told her,

"you'd better get
in a costume,

go to the carnival,
and be happy!"

And she said, "ok."

a miracle worker!

-Have fun.
-Ok. You, too.

Hey, listen,
don't forget
to leave

a big bowl
of candy out on
the front porch

for the trick-

Not a problem.


-Hey, kids.


You scared
the daylights
out of me.

Have fun.

Ok! That guy
was funny.

I know.

Trick or treat!


Um, aren't you
a little old
to be doing this?

Um, well, I'm not.

I mean, I'm not
doing this--

I mean, what
the other kids
are doing.

Is your dad home?

Hi. Can I help you?

Are you
Henry Bernard?


Have you got
a minute?

Zack, why don't you
go in and finish

putting on your
costume, ok, pal?



I'm Eric Camden,
and, uh...

I came to
bring you this.

What's this about?

1964, Halloween...

Davy Crockett.

You don't remember
me, do you?

No. Sorry.


I'm the one
who's sorry.

I'm sorry
about 1964...

I'm sorry
for bothering
you tonight.

No, that's ok.

Good night.

Wait a minute.

Camden, huh?
Uh, Eric Camden, right?


You came over here
to give me your hat?

Well, I...Kind of
thought it was
long overdue.



I never wanted this
stupid hat, you know.

I got it for you.

I know.

I'm sorry about
hitting you.

Me, too.

Gosh, you want to
come in for some coffee
or something?

Yeah. Thanks.

And one for you.

-You're welcome.


All right,
let's hurry!

Get your votes in for
your favorite pumpkin.

We'll be announcing
the winner soon.

Get your votes in for
your favorite pumpkin.



What happened
to the dance?

Uh, it wasn't
exactly what I thought
it was going to be.

I'm sorry.


A butterfly!
Who did that for you?

Lucy's friend.
Ruff! Ruff!

Lucy set up a booth
out in the hall

with some big guy
in a Frankenstein

He can really paint,
that guy.

Maybe I'll have him
give me a tattoo.

Happy Halloween,
little lady.

You made it! Mmm!

Dad, that's, uh...
A pretty bold hat.

Yeah? You like it?

No! That's
real animal skin.

Don't you think
it's inappropriate
to use

some poor animal's
misfortune for
our entertainment?

Oh, it's ok.
This raccoon became
a hat by choice.

Where'd you get it?

Henry Bernard.

From binghamton?

Yeah. He, uh...He went
to a lot of trouble
to get it for me,

so I stopped by
his house to thank him.

This is great!
I love Halloween.

What's come over you?

I'm happy.

You can't be happy.
Ruthie's happy.

Where's Mary?

-She went
to the dance.
-No, she didn't.

-She didn't?
-No. No.

She told me she
was coming here.

She told me she was
going to the dance.

I know where she is.


She's at home.

Why would
she stay home
by herself?

she's diabolical...
But brilliant.

♪ Oww! ♪

♪ Unh! ♪

♪ All right ♪

♪ unh! ♪

♪ You gotta know
how to pony ♪

♪ like bony maronie ♪

Oh, hey, Valerie!

it worked great.

No, I'm gonna
stay here.

Because it's
the only night
of the year

I get to be alone.

There's 7 people
in this family,
you know.

Ok. Bye, Valerie.

♪ Na na na na na ♪

♪ na na na na na
na na na na na ♪

♪ na na na na ♪

♪ need somebody
to help me say it one time ♪

♪ na na na na na ♪

♪ na na na na na ♪

Mary Camden is alone
at the top of the key.

She aims, she shoots,
she scores!

♪ Oww! ♪

♪ Unh! ♪

♪ You know,
I feel all right, ha! ♪

♪ Feel pretty good, y'all ♪

♪ unh! ♪

♪ Na na na na na ♪

I love Halloween.

♪ Na na na na ♪

All right, everybody,

the judges have
reached a decision.

The winner of
the glenoak community church
Halloween carnival

annual pumpkin carving
contest is...

Lucy Camden.

Oh! That's nice!

Today, my dad told
me things aren't

always the way they
seem at first.

And the truth is...

I didn't really
carve this pumpkin.

I just put
my name on it.

The real winner
of the contest
is my friend...

Mr. Mike Mitchell.

Take off your mask.

Very nice!

Good job! Nice job!

Excuse me.
Excuse me.


Hi. I'm Simon Camden,
and I just wanted

to shake the hand
of a true master.

I've never seen
a better carved pumpkin.



I just wanted
to say

I'm really sorry
about before.

Don't tell me.
Tell him.

Sorry about
this afternoon.

It'll never
happen again.


Those eggs
are stinky.

We'll come back
tonight and
clean it up.

-Come on, you guys.

Isn't that
my clerical robe?

Sorry, dad.

Oh, and about
the pumpkin contest...

Just so you know,
I'll be back.

So will I.