7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 1, Episode 5 - The Color of God - full transcript

When the Camden family learns that their friend's church was burned down by a racist group, they invite the Hamiltons to stay at their home. Meanwhile, Simon has his own problems when defending his friend Nigel after a racist comment is made to him on the playground. Matt, Mary, and Lucy have a hard time while trying to develop a good relationship with the older Hamilton children, Keesha and John. Eric and Annie do their best to help Morgan and his wife, Patricia, get through their marital problems while Ruthie and Lynn are having fun as five-year-olds.


My favorite.

I know.

Hey, you know,
if you put salt
on butter,

it generates heat.


Yeah. Salt and
butter make heat.

I learned it
in science.

You got a "c"
in science.

Maybe so, but
I'm telling you,
it works.

I'm not stupid.

No. Feel it.
I swear. It's hot.

It is. Feel it.


I don't feel anything.

Ha ha ha!

You jerk!

Hey, that was great.


...the wizard,
little buddy--

...beautiful, 5-carat--


That's what
it's for.

You're making
me dizzy.

You made pancakes?

I can make you some.
It'll take 2 seconds.


You could've told me,
and I wouldn't have
stayed out so long.

Sorry, sunshine.
We could've,
but we didn't.

I always
get left out.

You know, luce,

if you put
salt on butter,
it heats up.

No, it doesn't.

I don't know where
they learn that stuff.

I can't imagine.

Are you gonna
let her do that?

I have to.

-Heh heh heh!
-Ha ha ha!

This isn't funny.

Matt did it to me.


Good one.

Last night,

one of our local churches
was burned to the ground...

I don't wanna see
the news.

It's not good.

...in what seems to be
an unending and devastating
display of hatred

dating back to the days
of reconstruction.

Dad! There's a fire
at the Hamilton church!

...the minister who lives
close by with his family.

At this time, police
are saying the fire
was deliberately set,

but they have no leads.

Reverend Hamilton,
this is absolutely

It's gonna take more than
a fire to destroy
what we've built here.

That's Morgan.

The people who
burned this church

need much more help
than we do.

Do you have any idea
who started this fire?

No, but I would
definitely like
to know,

and I hope
whoever did this
is found

and prosecuted
to the fullest
extent of the law.

Do you think that's
a possibility?

Yes. It may not
be likely,

but it's
a possibility.

What're we gonna

I don't know...

But something...

Or I do something.

I want to thank
the trinity church choir

for being with us today...

As well as all of you
who are visiting here.


For any of
my own parishioners

who are not aware of it,

the trinity church
was burned in the
middle of the night.

To the ground.

I wish I could tell you
that I understood

this senseless tragedy,
but I don't.

Morgan Hamilton's grandfather
built trinity church,

and hard-working members
of this community

have worshipped there
for almost 100 years.

Morgan and I went
to seminary together.

We've been friends
for 20 years,

and I've invited him
here today

to share his message
with all of us,

so please help me welcome
Morgan Hamilton.

Thank you,
reverend Camden,

and thank you all

for inviting us to be here
with you today.

We are grateful to you
for providing a place

where we could come
to share our grief
and our anger.

I want to remind
everyone here

that although it is
a great temptation,

we cannot fight hate
with hate.

Even if the
criminals responsible for
last night's fire are caught,

their teachers
are still at large.

It is time to examine
where we are in this
country today.

Are we moving forward,

or are we traveling
in a vicious circle?

I want each of you
to ask yourselves...

What are we teaching
our children today

that will make things
better tomorrow?




So, keesha,
are you still dating
that guy you were dating?

What guy?

I don't know.
Weren't you dating

Hey, you were gonna
apply at tuskegee

last time we talked,
weren't you?


Hey, you guys wanna
play some basketball?

You think that's what
we do after church,
play basketball?

Give her a break.

She's on varsity.
You saw her play.

your problem?

I don't have
a problem.

Oh...I'm sorry about
your father's church.

That's the third time
you've said that.

Oh, heh heh.

I think
I'll go change now.

Yeah. I think
I'll change, too.

Excuse me.

Me, too.

Um, we'll be
right back, I guess.

Boom boom!

Why did they
burn your church?

I guess 'cause
they didn't want us

to have a place
to talk to God.


Boom boom!

Boom boom! Pow!

Boom boom boom!

Boom boom!

Would Batman and Robin

care to join us
for a spot of tea?



Bam bam bam!

Bang bang!

Boom boom!

Hey, Nigel, why do
you think they burned
your church?

'Cause they're
the bad guys.

Bad guys have been
burning black churches
for a hundred years.

They're just trying
to scare us.

Well, if it hasn't worked
for a hundred years,

you'd think
they'd give up.

you'd think so.

I can take over if you
want a break, Morgan.

You mean you'd
trust me alone
with the salad?

Of course I would.

I'm fine,
I'm just fine.

I find cooking
very relaxing.

You should relax
more often.

Yes, I should.

Come on, sit down.
Let me do it.

Annie, save your breath
and your strength.

As long as it takes him
to make that stew,

it will take us
twice as long
to clean it up.

Oh, I'll clean up.

Well, kids and i
will clean up.

The kids will
clean up.

That's what I thought
you meant.

Hey, you and Patricia
wanna go for a walk
or something?

I can help Morgan.

Thanks. I feel like
i have been in this
kitchen all day.

That's two of us.

I think the fresh air
will do me some good.

Oh, and, Morgan,
if you run into
any problems,

just come to
the front door,
yell loudly.

Heh heh.
Don't worry.

I've seen what this guy
can do to food.

Stay right
where you are.

Oh, come on.
I--i can do that.

No, you can't.

Oh, my gosh.
Just a second.

Hi, keesha.
Did they all go off
and leave you here alone?

Keesha, Mrs. Camden is
asking you a question.

-That's ok.
-Sorry, mom.

I just--
oh, Lucy, hi.

Will you pick up
Simon and ruthie's
things, please?

This place is a mess.

It's not my stuff.

Ok, ok.

Thank you.

Aren't these
teen years fun?

Eh, heh heh.

Let's go.

It's not fair.

Life isn't fair.

Deal with it.

I know. I'm sorry.

You apologize
more than any
person I know.

I know. I'm sor--

I mean, I know.

-Bam bam!


Pow! Got him!

Bam bam!

If you're angry at
someone, tell them.

Don't just apologize
for your anger.

You're right.


Simon, are you gonna
pick up your toys?

I can't.
I'm entertaining
right now.


Pow pow!


Hey, luce...
You hungry?

I'm starving.

Wow, you made that?

Irish stew.
My mother taught me.

That's great.
You should teach dad
how to make it.

Could you hand me
the salt?

It needs more salt?

No. I need the salt.


It's for Simon.

The old salt-
and-butter trick.


I haven't seen
that in years.

Yeah. It's kinda making
the rounds this weekend.

Can I ask you something?

I told you, it's just
meat and potatoes.

No, no. I wanted to know

what you're feeling
about the fire.


Well, I'm somewhere

between extremely sad
and extremely angry.

That church
was my legacy,

handed down
from my grandfather
to my father to me...

And in one night,
with one match,

the whole thing
goes up in smoke.

Everything they worked for.

Everything I worked for.

Well, look, you know...

Whatever I can do
to help you rebuild.

It's just that...

I got a more
immediate problem.

The arsonists
left a note saying
they'd be back.

The detectives on the case
think I should keep
the family away,

just in case the parish house
is the next target.

They really think
they'll come back?

No. They think
it's just a stupid threat,

but they want me
to take it seriously
until they find out.

Where'd you stay
last night?

Well, we couldn't
just drop in on friends
with a family of six.

We stayed at a hotel.

You can't keep
doing that.

You and pat
and the kids
will stay here.

-No, i--
-and don't say no.

Thanks, Eric.
I appreciate that.

If they're here,
where I know they're safe,

then I can go back home.

Whoever burned me
out of my church

is not gonna run me
out of my house.

I knew you'd say that.

Come on, Simon,
do it.

I don't believe you.

I swear, it's hot.

You have to
put your hand
right over it.

I don't wanna
get burned.

You won't get burned!

Aah! Hey!


Oh, man.


Look, I understand
you're upset about
your church,

but you don't have
to take your anger
out on my sister.

I'm not taking
anything out
on your sister.

And you don't
know anything
about my anger.

You know, he happens
to be really good.

Yeah, I know.
He just bugs me.

I never know what
to say to him.

Yeah, well,
he's probably
just upset

about what happened
to his church.

How would you feel
if that happened to us?

I don't know.

It's really scary.

Yeah, it is.

I teach all day.

I come home
to four kids,

and he's always got
folks to take care of.

He's got no time
for me or the kids.

You know how it is.

Oh, well...
Yeah, I guess I do.

Please. You gonna
tell me you never
get tired

of being
a minister's wife?

I feel like if I go
open a beer or kick
back on the couch,

the devil himself
will show up.

Ha ha ha!
Yeah, I know
that feeling.

Ok. Well,
before we start,

Annie and I have
a little announcement
we'd like to make.

We've invited all
of you to stay with us
for a couple of days,

and Morgan
and Patricia have
graciously accepted.

Dad, we're staying here?

Yeah, but I'm
going home.

Well, I'm
going home, too.

Actually, John...

I'm gonna be
going with him,

and I think we'd both
feel more comfortable

if you stayed
here with Matt.

The two of you guys
could be the men of
the house together.

Hey, Simon, you wanna
say the blessing?

Oh, no. I think Nigel
wants to say it.

Ok. Nigel?

Dear God...

Please stop the fires.



What're you up to?

Oh, you made breakfast
every morning this week,

I'd give it a shot.

It's an omelet.

You're the worst cook
I've ever seen.

But the best friend
i ever had.


What time you get up
this morning?


Ok, 4:30.

Sleeping alone
is...Not something
i do that well.

Yeah, me, neither.

Did you talk to Patricia
last night?

Yeah, but not about
the fire, if that's
what you mean.

That's what I mean.

You know, it's helped me a lot
to talk to you about it.

I'm almost not completely
terrified to be here.

It might work with her.

You don't fool me.

You're still
too angry to be even
a little bit scared.

Besides, Patricia's
used to dealing

with threats
and violence.

She teaches school,

She's braver
than both of us.

Yeah, I know.

She's just mad--

mad at me,
mad at the world.

She'll get over it.
You'll see.

No. What about the kids?

I talked to them
about it.

The kids are like
you and Annie--
they're talkers.

Me and Patricia,
we're not.

I know what
she's thinking.

She knows what
I'm thinking.

When one of us
doesn't like what the
other one's thinking,

we just let it go.


Yeah, see?
Like right now.

I know what
you're thinking.

You're saying "ok,"
but you're thinking,

"this guy's gonna
mess things up with
his wife." Right?

And you know
what I'm thinking?

I think it's time
we build a church.

Oh, I talked
to our deacons--


They've, uh...

They've agreed
to donate a percentage
of our building fund.

Heh...Look, your
church treasurer

dropped a check off
to Patricia last night,

and that wasn't
a percentage.

That's gotta be
every cent you
have, man.

It's a building fund.
That's what it's for--building.

Where's Lucy
and keesha?

We're gonna be
late for school.

There they are.

So, what do you think?

What happened
to your hair?

I fixed it.

This is
an African hairstyle

that dates back
to 3500 b.C.

It was used to define
status in the community.

Can we go now?


You know who
rosa parks is?

Yes, I know who
rosa parks is,

and believe me,
you're no rosa parks.

Who's rosa parks?

She's a black woman
who galvanized the
civil-rights movement

by refusing to sit
in the back of the bus.

Why did she have to sit
in the back of the bus?

That's the same thing
she asked the man.

What man?

The point is,
we don't ride
in the backseat.

That's fine with me.

There you are.


You scared me.

I know.
I didn't mean to.

Are you ok?

Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm just a little tired.

Ok. Well, what can
i do to help you out?

Nothing. Really.
I'm fine.

Come on. You just
lost your mom.

You got a house full
of people you're trying
to take care of.

Let me do something.

No, really. I don't mind
taking care of everyone.

That's not what's
making me tired.

It's being afraid for everyone
that's exhausting.

Hey, it's...
Gonna be fine.

The cops don't think
they're coming back.

It's the fact that someone
was there in the first place

that gets me.

I just can't seem
to get over...

That someone was
endangering those kids
that--that I love.

They were sleeping
right next to the church
when it went up in flames.

I know.

It's amazing they're
all still alive.


I really miss you.

I miss you, too.

What are we doing?

Hey, sweetheart!

Hiya, Lynn!

Where's my daddy?


He's working.

But he's gonna be here
tonight for dinner.

Oh, good!

Why don't you guys
go down to the kitchen,

and in a few minutes,
I'll come down,

and you can help me
mop the floor, ok?


Why is mopping
the floor so fun?

'Cause I can make
anything fun.

That's why I'm
looking forward
to my homecoming.

You got anything...
Special planned
for that?

Heh heh...Oh, yes.

I'm gonna let you
cut the grass.



You do know how much
i appreciate

all your hard work.

Yeah...I know.

You'd really be proud
of those kids,

the way they've been
chipping in.

They're good kids,
all of 'em.

I know.

Your guy's dead!

This...Is the latest
anti-death vaccine.

And, yes,
he's alive again!

No, he's not.
He's dead.

Nigel can't play

Yes, he can.

No, he can't.

Fine. Then none
of us can play.

Give me back
my guys.

Thank you.

Nigger lover.


What'd you say?

You heard me.

Look, Nigel's my friend.
Don't say that word.

I just did.

-Take it back.
-Make me.

I don't wanna have
any part of this one.

Take it back.

Forget it,

You can't
fight ignorance
with violence.

My dad wouldn't want
you to hit him, and
neither would yours.

Hey, where's Simon?

I don't know.

Did the teacher make him
stay after school?

I'm not sure.

I'll get him.

Well, what have we here?

I'm picking up
my brother.

I don't believe
i was talking to you.

Whose car is this?

It's my
father's car.

Oh, yeah? Well,
let me see the license
and registration.


and registration.

You're a security guard,

you wanna see
my license and

call a real cop.

That's a good idea.

Ok, all of you,

get in the car
and get out of here.

Sir, my sister
went inside to get
my little brother,

and we're not leaving
until they come out.

Son, this is
what I do.

I keep vandals off
of school property.

Get in the car...
All of you.

What's going on?

The usual.

Where's Simon?

He got suspended.

Dad picked him up

Ok, final warning.
Let's go, people!

I-i-I'm trying not
to be proud of Simon,

but in a way...

Fighting is not
the answer.

I know, but still...

He still has
to be punished.

Well, he got

That's a punishment.

Not from us.

I know.

It's just that he
felt completely

hitting that kid
at the time, and
you gotta admit...

Fighting is never
a way to resolve
a problem.

I know.

Say it.

Ok. I'm a little proud.

But I'm still
gonna come up with
a punishment.

What do you want?

Didn't you understand
anything that happened
with that security guard?

-That guy
was a jerk.
-That's it?
That's all you got?

"That guy was a jerk"?

Yeah. The guy
was a jerk.


You're afraid
of me, too,
aren't you?

I've never
threatened you.

I've never hit you
or harmed you
or anyone else.

Yet, no matter
where I go,

people are afraid of me
because I'm black.

You know, sooner or
later, the wrong person
is gonna be afraid of

and boom--I'm dead.

Look, I don't know
what anybody else's
problem with you is,

but my problem's not
the color of your skin.

It's your attitude.

Your attitude scares me.

I never know when
you're just going to
go off for no reason.

This isn't good.
What's going on?

I got suspended.

I mean, what's
with the tea party?

I thought it'd
make me look good.

To who?


Honey, I'm home!

Ha ha ha!

What's for dinner?

You're funny. Why are you
in such a good mood?

It's the weekend.

Ok, what can i
do to help?

Well, I thought we'd
have the kids eat in

You wanna
set the table?

-No problem.

Did you talk
to Morgan?

Yeah. I called him
at lunch

after I deposited
the check...

And, Annie,
he is so grateful.

We both are.

I'm glad we could help.

Did you two talk
about the fire?


You want Eric
to talk to him?

Heh! Like
he hasn't already.

Those two locked together
for a whole week?

I'm sure Eric has made
Morgan talk to him.

Uh, your husband's
the best talker I know.

He does have a way
of cornering people,
doesn't he?

Uh, yes, he does.

And, listen, I know
you miss being cornered,

so I'm gonna get us
out of here soon,
i promise.

Besides, I'm ready
to go home.

I don't want you
to leave here

one second before
you feel it's safe.

Yeah, well, I don't know
about that.

We've gotten a break,

and I think
we can deal with it.

And we will...

Soon as Morgan lets us.

Hi, honey!

Hey, ladies.

What's up?

I'll leave you two alone.

Well, actually,
Patricia, I wanted
to talk to you.

Am I missing
something here?

No, no, I was just saying
that everything's fine.

You don't have
to talk to me.

But i--
i really wanted
to talk to her.

I know you did.

And I love you for it.

♪ In a jam, I'm sayin'
i know who I am ♪

♪ s-g-y, and I'm
a hip-hop fan ♪

♪ but not just me all alone,
m-c-o is in the zone... ♪

Enough already.

Why don't you go study
somewhere else?

this is my room.

It's my room, too,
you know.

You don't like me,
do you?

It doesn't matter
if I do or if I don't.

I just have a really
big test on Monday,

and I don't want to wait till
Sunday night to study for it.

♪ Rockin' and rollin' ♪

♪ movin' and groovin'... ♪

pass the butter?

Oh, I think
the kids took it
in the kitchen.

Honey, do you mind?

Hey, ruthie,
bring us the butter!


Thanks, Matt.

Sure, dad.

It's for John.

Did you know if you put
salt on butter,

it heats up?

Uh...Maybe not now,

No. Now's
the perfect time.

Go ahead, ruthie.

First, you put
the salt on...

Gets really hot.


It's ready.

Feel it. It's hot.

No. Closer.

That was--that's--

thank you, ruthie.

Ha ha ha ha!

Cute, isn't she?

Oh, by the way, Eric,

we're getting a new
security system put in
at the house tomorrow,

and the police offered us
24-hour volunteer patrols,

so...I think it's time
we all went back home.
Don't you, baby?

You know I do.

Just as soon
as I got comfortable.

Me, too.

Come on, you guys.
Stay one more night.

Morgan, too.
I mean, you can

all go home tomorrow,
start fresh.

Yeah, it'll be fun.

We'll make it
a big party,
like the old days.

The old days?
We were young and broke
and had no kids.

We can't go back to that.

Well, we're still
pretty young.

We're still
pretty broke.

You know what we
still have in the den?


Right foot blue.
Any takers?

Now we got us
a party.


Can't live with 'em,
can't live without 'em.

♪ So stop your sighin' ♪

♪ be happy again ♪

♪ then when you smilin' ♪

♪ when you smilin' ♪

♪ and the whole world ♪

♪ smiles...
Take it, Tommy ♪

♪ take it ♪

Hey, you, uh...

You think you're
gonna feel safe
in the house again?


But eventually...

I will.

I feel so...

I feel...

Feel like if I couldn't

protect the church,

I may not be able
to protect my family.

I know, but it's
hard on me, too.

But I wanna be
with you.

I need you.

And so do the kids.

You...Don't have
to do this alone.

Well...This would
be a lot easier

if I was in another
line of work,
wouldn't it?


But the truth is...

I love what you do.

Did we just talk?



Heh heh!

Yeah. I been
spending way too
much time with Eric.

Come on.

Let's dance.

What are you doing
tomorrow night?

Oh, let's see,
it's Saturday.

I'll be getting
everyone's things
ready for church

and keeping the kids
out of your hair while
you finish your sermon.

Well, uh, Morgan's
speaking on Sunday,
so I'm off the hook.

What do you say
we take a big risk,

let the kids get
their own things
ready for church,

-and you and I go out
on a date?
-A date?

I owe you. I'm gonna take you
somewhere wonderful.


-A movie?

Let's make it sears.
The lawn mower needs


Sears it is.

Oh, as much as
i hate to miss
the big family party,

I got a date,
so I'm gonna get
outta here.

Yeah. I'm trying to sneak
outta here myself.

We're gonna shoot
some pool if you
wanna meet us.

Ha. Have you forgotten
already? Hanging out
with me is trouble.

We're ministers' sons.
We're supposed to get
in trouble.

Thanks, but I'll pass.
I just hope dad'll
give me the car.

Well, if he can't...

We could go together.

Thanks, but,
uh...I don't think
we'd all fit

in the front seat.

I think I'll go downstairs.
Do you wanna come?

No, thanks.

Just tell me
why you don't like me.

What did I do?


You just
waltzed in here

and completely
took over
my territory.

It's like you totally
hypnotized my sister.

Oh. Thought
i was getting her
out of your way.

I don't want her
out of my way.
Why'd you think that?

You act like
she's in the way.

I do?


She just really
gets on my nerves

My little sister
gets on my nerves
all the time.

So let me ask you

How come you didn't
say anything sooner?

I--i don't know.

Is it because you
didn't want me to think
you were prejudiced?


Maybe--i don't know.

I really hope not.

I know
you're not like that.

Love you, mommy.

Love you, Lynn.

Love you, mommy.

Love you, daddy.

Love you, Lynn.

Love you,

Good night.

Good night, girls.

They have had
so much fun together.
Thank you, Annie.

Oh, you're welcome.
Glad to do it.

The church is yours
this Sunday...

As long as you
need it.

We can do every other
Sunday or...

Whatever you want.

As generous as
that offer is,

sooner or later,
just like my family,

my congregation
has to come home.

Yeah, I know how anxious
you must be,

but I think
you're looking at
at least 3 months.

That's not really
what I meant.

I think it's gonna
take longer

to rebuild
the spirit of the church
than the church itself.

I think
you're right.

What do you have
in mind, Morgan?

I want to start
holding services

on the property Sunday.

You know, set up, uh...

Folding chairs
and a tent, maybe.
I don't know.

I wanna be back
at the very place
we were hit.

I think it's the best place
to start the healing,

and there's no time
like the present.

Hey, guys, did you
brush your teeth?

Very nice.

Love you, Mary.

Love you.

Love you, Mary.

Love ya.

Love you.

Love you.

Keesha, why do you think
someone burned down your church?

Because we're black.

And they
think that if they
destroy our church,

they destroy
our faith.

Yeah, but that doesn't
make any sense.

I know.

A roof just
keeps the rain
off your head.

Good night, keesha.
'Night, Lucy.

'Night, Mary.
'Night, keesha.

This is
just like being
at the waltons'.

Yeah. Except
the waltons weren't--


Yeah, we know.

Love you,

Love you,

Love you,

Love you, Lynn.

We forgot
to say good night
to John and Matt!

We can pretend.
Love you, John.

Love you, Lynn.

Love you, Matt!

Love you, ruthie.

Love you, happy.

I'm sorry
about our date.

I guess I will
have to work.

That's ok.

I sorta feel like
I'm in sears
right now, anyway.

You know? Except
there aren't
all those

pesky customers

What's your sermon
gonna be about?

I don't know.


I just got
a great idea.

Does it
involve me?

Oh, yeah.
It involves everyone.

Oh, I'm so glad
you guys are here!

Come on, I got
a seat in front.

-You know the preacher?
-I know the preacher.

I had no idea
i had so many friends.

Well, we just wanted
you to know

that we
stand by you,

and we'll continue
to stand by you.

Hi, Mr. Roberts.

I'd like you to meet
my friend ruthie.

Well, hello, ruthie.

Hi, Mr. Roberts.

We can't see
from down here.

I can fix that.

Good morning.


Thank you all for coming.

It means a great deal to us
to know that you support us.

I'm completely overwhelmed
by your kindness.

The only words
i could think of

that were powerful enough
to open today's services

come from
my 10-year-old son...Nigel.

Please, God...

Stop the fires.