7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 1, Episode 4 - No Funerals and a Wedding - full transcript

Following her mother's funeral, Annie's sunny demeanor turns to sadness, particularly after her father abruptly leaves to go back home to Arizona. Eric tries to counsel a young couple whose marital problems escalate during the post-funeral reception at the Camden home. Matt helps with the delivery of Renee's baby and after Mary breaks up with Jeff, she discovers she was better off with him. Lastly, Simon tries to find the exact location of heaven.

Come in.


-Hi, sweetie.

What are we doing?


We were
just getting up.

Come in.


Morning, Simon.

I was just wondering,

what are we having
for breakfast?

I don't know that yet.

Ok, I'll wait.

Come in.

Hey, what's going on?

Uh, nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

-I'm hungry.
-Me too.

Ok, I'm up.

Come in.

Hey, I was wondering
where you guys were.

We're all right here.

Need some help
with breakfast, mom?

No, thanks, honey,
I'll get it.

Come in.

Hey, guys.


It's Saturday.


The day mom and dad
sleep late.

Come on, Mary.

Let's go and get
some breakfast.


Hey, I'll race
you down the stairs.


Here we are.

No, please.
Don't get up.

May I please say
the blessing now?

What's your hurry?
You got a date?

I hope he doesn't,
'cause I need the car.

I thought you
were gonna help me

with my foul shot.

Now, dad?

wait 'till ruthie

gets seated, please.


Dear god, thank you
for this food,

and if there
really is a god,

god, I know
you'll find a way

to get me that dog
I've been wanting.



Well, first of all
let me assure you

there really
is a god,

and secondly,

on going over our heads
to get what you want.

Good luck.

Good luck, Simon.

We'll talk about this
after dinner.

All right?

Can't you just
shoot with me

for, like,
half an hour?

You're 9th grade
and you made varsity.

I've helped you all
I can help you, kid.

But I missed
2 foul shots
last night. 2.

You've got time, Matt.

I thought you guys were
shooting pool tonight.

No, dad's
shooting pool.

I'm trying
to have a life.

I've got a date.

Who are you supposed
to go out with?

A senior. A girl who's
a year older than he is.

Honey, when you're
Matt's age,

you can go out
with someone older.

I promise.

It's not fair, mom.

All the guys my age
are geeks.

You know, dog is god
spelled backwards.

After dinner, Simon.

Matt, I want
to talk to you,

and I want to play pool.

Sounds like
a tough decision.

Not really.
Here's the deal:

We play, you win,

we don't talk,

or we play, I win,

we talk.

I've never beaten you.

I know.

Lucy, that's really nice
of you to help out.


You're looking awfully
grown up these days, luce.

I'm not a baby,
you know!

I want to eat
in my room.

I don't think
that's a good idea.

Fine, then.

I've got to--

let's wait.

You know
if we had a dog,

he could eat that.

Ouch! Darn it.

You know we could just

get rid of the food
the old-fashioned way

and throw it in the trash.

No, no, I can fix it.

It's just a disposal.

You're beautiful,
you know that?


I've got grease
all over my face.

You want to see
a disposal?

I'd go anywhere
with you, babe.

Here it is.
Right there.

Now, see,
you took up plumbing

when you were pregnant
with Simon?

No, no, electrical
and plumbing was Mary.

Simon was
ethnic cooking.


I kind of like it
under here.

You know, a--a dog

is a lot less trouble
than a baby.

You want to talk
dog with Simon,

or puberty
with Lucy?

Can I have mom?
Please, dad? Please?

I'll be upstairs.



Mom, hi.

Whatcha doing?

Becoming a woman,
so leave me alone.

Does standing
on your head help?

Mary told me
to do it, ok?


What's she doing?

Dad! No! Aah!

She's becoming a woman.


It's your dad.
Remember me?

The guy
who bought you

anatomically correct
dolls by mistake.

Come on.
We've got a history

of embarrassing
stuff between us.

Let's talk.

Not that there's

to be embarrassed

Hey, by the way,

did--did you start
your period yet?

Because, you know,
I was once your age--

go away!

Oh, boy. Oh, boy.
Oh, boy.

It's just
that I was the baby

for a long time,
and I miss

the individual

-And I can get
that from a dog

without having
to bother you so much.

I see.

And I would feed it
and walk it

and be
no trouble at all.


the bottom line is

your dad and I have
talked about this,

and the decision was

no dog.

Lucky for me
you've got

a mind
of your own, huh?

Have you lost your mind?

You're gonna
get caught.

Haven't yet.

Believe me,
they're clueless.

Besides, I've got
a foolproof method.

Nothing to it.

Your game's fine.

This is about a guy,
isn't it?

-What if it is?
-Is it?


You've got a guy.

No, I don't have a guy.

And do you know why
I don't have a guy?

Yeah, because
you're too tall,

and guys your age
are too short.


so that makes
certain things

kind of impossible.

What things?

Things like if
I could just kiss a guy,

then I could
quit thinking about it

and concentrate
on my game.

Well, you can
kiss a guy.

Why can't you
kiss a guy?

You've never
kissed a guy.

Oh, well, by the time
girls in my class

were kissing
boys in my class,

well, I was taller

than every guy
in my class.

What difference
does it make?

Tall, short,
who cares?

It's too weird kissing
a guy shorter than me.

I want to kiss someone
taller than me.


There is no who.

Oh, yeah there is.
Who is he?

It doesn't matter.

The point is,

I don't know where
my hands go

or his hands
or my face

or his face or his lips
and my lips

and I don't want it
to be awkward.



So I thought...

You thought what?

Couldn't you just...

Couldn't I just what?

You know.

Couldn't you just show
me? You know,

just so I could have
some kind of experience.

Get out of here!

Oh, did I hear a scream?

Afraid so.
Your turn.

Oh, by the way,
mom and dad

are dropping by
tomorrow night.

-Dropping by?
From Arizona?

Is that good?

I guess.

Does grandma like dogs?


what happened to
the sea monkeys we got you?

Remember the sea monkeys?

I had nothing to do
with that.

I see.

Uh, and, uh, what about
the ant farm?

They ran away.

You dropped them.


And the goldfish?

Who knows how much
a fish can eat, dad.

See, Simon, a dog

is a lot harder
to take care of

than all these other pets,

and I'm just afraid you're
not responsible enough.

But, dad, all that was
a long, long time ago.

All that was
in the last 6 months.

But I'm all
grown up, now.

I can take care
of a dog. I swear.

-Don't swear.
-Sorry, dad.

But what if
a perfectly good dog

that was out wandering
the streets on it's own,

and could get killed

anywhere, anytime
by anyone,

just happened to come
into our yard.

Could we keep that dog?

I mean, chances are

he'd have
a better chance

surviving here
with us,

than out in
the streets, dad.

Please? Please?

You're a pretty good

you know that?

So if by some great

cosmic coincidence,

a dog happens to

come to you here
at the house,

fine, but you don't
go looking for a dog,

and you don't trick one

into coming into
the yard.

Tell your mom
I'll be back in an hour.

Ok, god, now all
you've got to do

is get a dog
into the yard.

I know that you
can do this.

Don't kiss me.

Oh, would you stop.
I'm not gonna kiss you.

Ok, so do I touch
his face with my hands?

No, look, if anybody
touches face,

he touches your face.


Or maybe he doesn't.
Look, I don't know.

Do we have to do this?

Yes. So just
stand still.

Ok, so I
close my eyes,


oh, dad, this isn't
what it looks like.

That's a relief.




In here.


In here.


Can you please
tell dad

to stay out of this?

Oh, honey,

he just wants you
to feel comfortable

talking with him
about everything.

You know.

I don't want
to talk about it.

I just want to do it.

All my friends
are doing it,

and I'm like
some kind of freak.

You're not a freak.

You'll start your period.

What if I don't?

You will.

I promise. You will.

Have you ever heard
"for everything
there is a season?"

You know?

A time to...Uh, hmm...

A time to, um...

Do something or other.

The point is
that you just have to let

nature take it's course.

You can't hurry
these things.

Yeah. Thanks
for trying, mom.

3 ball in the corner.

6 in the corner.

And, uh, I think
the 8 off the rail.


Let's talk.

Hey, how are you
doing, Andy?

Fine, thank you.

Can I get you boys

No, thanks.

Oh, come on. I'll have
a cup of coffee,

black, and my son
will have--

what is it you smoke?


Just bring whatever
you have.

Look, I don't smoke.

The girl
I'm seeing smokes.

I saw you smoking, Matt.

So what?

It's not like it's pot.
It's just cigarettes.

Not really
a good point, Matt.

So the cigarettes
cost me

what in allowance?

I do pay your
allowance, don't I?

Uh, yes, I do.

20 bucks?

Ok, give me 20 bucks.

I've only got 20 bucks,

and I've got a date.

Thank you.
Thank you.

You know, you're not
gonna get very far,

because you left
the car on empty.

It's not like
I'm walking around
with all this money.

Welcome to the club.

Do you know
how you get money?

Yeah, you get a job.


I've been looking
all summer.

Well, you're in luck.

'Cause I found you one.

I figured if you
had a way

to earn a little cash,

you could pay for your
little habit yourself.

So, you're not gonna try
and make me quit?

You think I could?

Not really.

So what do you want
from me?

Just take the job,

and try keeping this one
for a change.

That's it?

Maybe come with us

Not so much for me,
for your mom.

You know...

Your hair--

dad, I'm not
cutting my hair.

No, no, I was
just gonna say

it looks really good
like that.

♪ Amazing grace ♪

♪ how sweet the sound ♪

♪ that saved a wretch ♪

♪ like me ♪

♪ I was once was lost ♪

♪ but now... ♪

Please dog,
just let a dog

come into
our yard today.

That's all,
and I promise

I won't ever
let it die, ever.

♪ Now I see ♪

♪ amen ♪


Welcome, everyone.

I'd like to read something

from ecclesiastes.

Although most of you

may have thought
this was from the byrds,

it is indeed

from ecclesiastes.

"For everything
there is a season"--

Just stay right here.

Well, I guess
they get enough

of this stuff at home.

I used the same passage
to comfort her

about not starting
her period.

She thought you
were about to tell

the whole church.

Now why would she
think that?

Because she's 12,

and a little crazy
right now.

I've got to talk to her.
Where is she?

Oh, Mary's
taking her jogging.

She told her
that would help.

Well, when she gets back,

I'm gonna talk to her.

Why--why are you
gonna talk to her?

Because that's
what I would advise

the father
of any teenage daughter

who's continually
emotionally upset

about the perfectly normal

and wonderful process

of becoming a woman.

Will you listen
to yourself?


You know, it's not
all that wonderful.

It's also very scary

and embarrassing

and awkward.

Huh. Really?

Hello? Yes.

I think you need
to take

a little step
backwards here.

I can't help it.

She's making me nuts.

Mary was
never like this.

Lucy's not Mary.

Lucy's a lot more

She's probably never
gonna be like

her older sister
and ask you

to just run out
to the drugstore

and pick up
a big blue box

of slender regulars.

Hey, don't take away
my dreams.

I'm never gonna show my face
in public again.

Oh, stop it.

Now, change your
clothes and come
jogging with me.

It'll be good
for you.

That's what you said
about standing on my head.


So nothing happened.

I'm gonna stay
in this house

for the rest
of my life

and become
a barren old woman.

Well, you can't.

It's not our house.

It's the church's

Someday somebody's
gonna make you
get out,

so you might as well
just get out now.

You think
the woman who died

and left this house
to the church was insane?

Maybe she's still
hanging around.

Maybe I'm possessed.

You're not.

You just have

You think?

Take my word for it.

Now, come on,

Ok, but maybe I should
take something with me,

you know, just in case.

We're just gonna be
running around
the neighborhood.

We won't be
2 minutes
from the house.

Still, it could
happen, right?

Here you go.


You know, maybe
you are possessed.

Dad, when is mom
gonna make us
something to eat?

why don't I make us
something to eat?

'Cause you don't
cook so good.

Who says
I'm a bad cook?

No one,
'cause we don't want
to hurt your feelings.

Oh. Hey, Simon,
how about some lunch?

No, thanks.
I'm going up
to the attic

to see if
there are any dogs
wandering around.

You know,
since it's sunday,

and I asked god
in church and
everything again.

You know, Simon,
god may not think

you're responsible
enough to have a dog,

Uh, dad, I think
if there is a god,

he knows me
a little bit better
than you do

and, believe me,
I am plenty

Ok, Simon, I hear you.

Of course, maybe
if I had something
to eat first,

I can see further.

Dad, wait up.

Slow down!

This is slow.

I can't keep up.

Yes, you can.

I can't do
I'm a freak.

You're not a freak.
You're a lunatic.

So come on, run.
Let's go.

Come on, Lucy.

Hurry. Hurry up.

I can't go
any faster.

-Yes, you can.
-No, I can't.

Come on, hurry up--

Jeff, i'm--I'm sorry.

Hey, it's not
your fault.

I'm sorry.

Yes, it was.
I wasn't even watching
where I was going.

Oh, hey, Lucy.
I didn't know
you liked to run.

Oh, yeah.

I was just going
over to see Matt.

He said
he got a job.

Yeah. Dad got
something for him.


Hey, since Matt's
busy and all,

maybe you'd like
to come over

and help me
with my foul shot.

If you have time.

So, you coming over
or not?

Yeah, sure.

Around 7:00.

Lucy, wait up.

You know, dogs can't
eat peanut butter.

Sticks to the roof
of their mouth

and they can
choke on it.


So what time
am I supposed to be

at the old lady's

In half an hour,
and her name
is Mrs. Bink.

She happens to be
one of my
favorite ladies

in the parish,
so show a little

5 bucks an hour,
you bet.

Just needs someone
to help her run
a few errands,

and you can
drive her car--

'66 mustang

All right, cool.

If you
lose this job,

you owe me
6 months of sundays
in church.

Not gonna happen.

All right.

So, dad,

you know
that talk about,

you know, men and
women and stuff,

that you and mom
had with me a couple
of years ago?

One of my finest
moments, son.

Well, you and mom
might want to have
that talk with Mary.

Think he knew
it was a tampon?

Who cares?

I hate myself.

What are you gonna do?
Hide every month

like you're some kind
of cavewoman or something?

Yep, and I'm gonna
get out of gym.

Hey, you think
Jeff is cute?

Forget it. They'll
never let you
go out with him.

Yeah, I know.
But he's cute,
isn't he?

He's not my type.

Oh, really?
Who's your type?

Prince Charles.

But he's a snob.

That's just
his public persona.

I bet he's really
sensitive and shy.

Well, he'll be
single soon.

I just didn't want her
going around

kissing some guy just to
satisfy her curiosity.

We understand.

Personally, I think
she's kind of young

to be worried
about this stuff.

-Oh, please.

She's 14 years old.

There's nothing
wrong with her
wanting to be kissed.

In fact, I think maybe
we should let her

go out with guys
a little older
and a little taller.

Are you kidding?

You have no idea what
guys my age are like.

Um, I don't think
I can take much more
of this.

I'll drop him
at Mrs. Binks'.

Oh, and don't forget,

tonight grandma and
grandpa are coming,

so I want you back home
in time for dinner, ok?

Mom, I want to be here.

I like them, ok?

How come they like
your parents

and they don't
like mine?

'Cause mine are better.

Ok, listen to me.
Listen to me.

Look. Look. Sit.

Ok. Speak.

Rowf rowf!

Good dog.

Come on.
Come on, heel. Heel

rowf rowf!


Arf arf!

Hey, man,
how's it going?

Oh, fine, fine.

So how was your date?

Well, that's between
me and her.

Just asking.

Hey, I ran
into your sisters.

Mary wants me to come by
and help her later.

No, you're not.


No, man, you're not.

Hey, Mary.

Hey, Jeff's busy tonight.

I am?

You just mind
your own business.

What's up with you?

She's my sister.

You understand
what that means?

Come on, Matt.
I'll drop you off.

-Hi, Jeff!

Don't forget,
right, Jeff?

Are you ready?

Hey, dad.


Can I have some
of the paper?


You know, I've been
wanting to talk to you.


Well, your mother
and I have noticed

how responsible
you are,

and we're really
proud of you.

And so we decided
maybe we should

that policy we have
about you only
going out

with boys
your own age.


Yeah. So maybe
you could go out
with a guy...

A year or 2 older.

Matt told you,
didn't he?


I hate him!

See you later, honey.

Where in the hell
have you been?

Oh, where's my cigarettes?

Are you sure you don't
need the oxygen?


What, are you trying
to blow me to smithereens?

I can't smoke
and use this thing
at the same time.

Help me find my cigarettes,

Didn't you say
you lost a lung?

I don't believe that's
any of your business,
young man.


I thought you smoked.

Uh, well, I,
you know.

Hey, you got any on you?

What are we doing?



Can't we got
a little faster, please?

Not without getting
a ticket.

Well, I'll pay for it.

No, I can't.

I don't want to lose
my license.

Wait a minute!
Wait a minute!
There's a drugstore!

Look, I'll give you
your money back,

but I'm stopping
to buy a lady

with one lung
on oxygen
any cigarettes.

You hypocrite.

Did I tell you?

You told me!

Tell me!

Tell me!

Hi, daddy.

Tell him.


Well, let me just ask.

Are--are congratulations
in order here?

Then congratulations.

This is a--
it's a very important day.

Hey, you know what?

Maybe you and Mary and your mom

should go out to dinner
tomorrow night
and celebrate.

Just the 3 of you.

The women...

Of the house.

My treat.




When mom gets back,

can you run
to the drugstore for me?

Not a problem.

Still up here, huh?

Hey, you want to go
get some ice cream?

No, thanks.

Look, maybe when you're
a little older,

a dog will come.

I wanted it
to come today.

Simon, sometimes...

Well, we don't always
get what we want.

Yeah, I know, but it
would be good if I did,

just this one time.


Go away!

Come on!
Let me in!

Hey, what did you
do that for?

'Cause you're a snitch!

Yeah? Well,
a lot of good it did me.

Just because you can go out
with older guys now,

doesn't mean you can
go out with my friends.

Oh, really?




Hi, it's Mrs. Bink.

Hey. How'd it go?

Worked like a charm.

It was the most fun
I've had in years.

I'll send you the bill?

For the oxygen.

You do that,
and I'll call you
during the week.


Are you sure that this
is the correct amount?

Did you add this up?

Yes, ma'am.

Dad, I quit.


And I got fired.

See you in church!

Oh, hi, honey.

I don't know what
came over me.

Annie, what are you doing?

I went to the pound,

but I was just
going to look.

The pound is not a good place
just to look.

Aah. Pow, pow! Aah!

Pow! Ugh!

Uh, uh, stay right there!
Don't move!



Come quick!

It's unbelievable!

Mom, dad, you got
to come quick!

It's a miracle!


There is a god.
There is.

I--i--i told the dog
we'd see,

not that it was
definite, ok?

Uh, I got the dog
at the pound.

He didn't
really wander
into the yard,


so even though,
I assure you,

there is a god,

he had absolutely nothing
to do with this.

Of course, he did.

You think mom would have
actually done this
on her own?


Feel like talking?

Sure. What's up?
Would y--

no, thanks.

Well, it's your favorite.

Well, not right now.

Something wrong?

Our son is out there
on the front lawn

playing with a very,
very cute dog.

Isn't he cute?

It's the dog we both
agreed that he's
too young

and irresponsible
to have,

and I feel just
a little...

Not really angry.

I wouldn't
say angry.

maybe a little.

I completely understand.

No, don't do that.
Don't completely

Discuss this with me.

Ok. Ok.
Let's discuss it.

It's just that I thought
this was something
we agreed on together.

I know, and I admit
that my mistake was

to go into the pound
in the first place,

but I just went in
to check it out
for the future.

I just want to know
where the communication
broke down.

When the guy told me
the dog was going to
be put down in 24 hours.

Ok. Well,
just so I know.


I thought we were
going to play

till your grandparents
get here.

We are.

You coming or not?

Don't do anything stupid.

Ah, there you go.

Was that Jeff?

Yeah. He's, uh,
not here for me.
He's here for Mary.


Jeff and Mary?

Did you know
about this?

Oh, no,
but I'm not surprised.

He--he's too old
for her.

Oh, he's 16.
2 years older.

He's an old 16.

He's a nice kid.

He's not that nice.

So, look, we'll postpone
our little talk with Mary,

wait until this
Jeff crush is over.

In about 2 weeks,
she'll be interested
in someone new.

Maybe you'll like him better.



I already
talked to her.

I thought we were going
to talk to her together.

Were we?

Ok, we were.

It's just--
I was there
and she was there,

and it came up.

Oh, that's great.

Let's just say we're even.

Doesn't look
like you're having
a problem to me.

Want to play
a little one on one?


You spying on your sister?

I'm just, uh,
looking out for her.

Just as long as
that's what we're doing.

That's the game.

Hey, I got to go.

And this is our room.

So don't worry
if mom and dad won't let you
sleep in here at first.

They will.

Does he do any tricks?

I don't know.

I can show him.


Come here, boy. Ok.

Now, watch
ruthie now. Watch.

Hi. I'm ruthie.

Ok. You ready?


Wow! Look at that!

Ok. This one's even
harder now. You ready?

Ok. Speak.

Rowf rowf!
Rowf rowf!

Wow! Good boy!
Good boy!

But what about me?

Yeah, ok. Good girl.
Good girl.

Thank you.

Ok. Now, this one's
even harder now.

Lie down.

Ok. Now, roll over.

Roll over.

That's ok. Watch.


He's a genius!


You're not a genius.

Yes, I am.

Fine, you're a genius.

Thank you.

So, uh, how'd it go?

Shut up. I saw you
watching us.

You really like him?

What do you care?

He's my best friend.

So what?

Guys don't date
other guys' sisters.

And why not?


Look, I just don't want you
to get hurt.

Yeah, I know.

You're just in too big a hurry
to get kissed.

I've waited 14 years.
What do you want
from me?

Just slow down a little, ok?

Give it a month.

If you still like him
in 30 days,

we'll talk about it.



30 days?

What's 30 more days?

I've liked him
since I was 10.




What do you think?

Matt said he'd be happy
to drive to the airport

and pick up your parents
for us.

Ha ha ha!
Oh, really?


Matt, who's had his
driver's license
for 2 months

doesn't mind picking up
my mother and father

and taking them
on a thrill ride

on 3 freeways that
he's never been allowed
to drive on before?

No. I mean,
he doesn't mind at all.

That's really funny.

Hey, look, I'd go
with you, but I have
to finish dinner.

Have I ever told you
how much I appreciate

the fact that you cook
for 7 of us

almost every night
of the week?

Will you stop?
I am not going
to have sex with you

while my parents
are here.


But I love you.

I know, I know.

I mean, I love you, too.

That's what
I thought you meant.

Hey, so what happened
with Mary and Jeff?


I saw you and Matt.

You know,
sooner or later she's
going to get kissed.

Of course, she is,
but I don't think it's
going to happen today.

Don't forget, dad.

No, I won't, sweetheart.

You know, I could
take her after dinner,
if you'd like

no, no.
It's the man's job
to hunt and gather,

even if it's
just for tampons.

Oh! And for picking up
parents at the airport.

Ah! Right.


Where's Matt?

He's probably heading
for gate 3 right about now.


I didn't know that
you wouldn't want him

to drive to the airport.
I'm sorry.

Oh, you know,
you and I have
got to sit down

and talk
about the kids

and set some rules
that we both
agree on

and then
stick to them.

Ok. Maybe tonight
when we go to bed.

That'll give us
something to do.

Not just tonight.
For a few nights.

Oh, honey, that was
just outstanding.

I don't know
how you do it.

Oh, mom, it's not
half as good as
when you make it,

but thanks.

Hey, grandpa,
you think you could
help me fix

the speakers
in the station wagon?


Why don't we just
replace them?

Better yet, why not
replace the whole
sound system?

Why don't you
put in one of those
cd players?

I hadn't noticed there
was anything wrong
with those speakers.

Excuse me.

Why don't you
and grandpa

go pick out
something nice and
I'll pay for it.

Well, all right.

Hey, mom, it can wait.

Sure, it can,

but why not
do it now?

Um, Matt, could you
check on Simon
and ruthie for me?

I think they're out front
playing with the dog.

Um, yeah, sure. Ok.

So, mom and dad,
what's up?


Well, we just didn't want
to tell you over the phone.

I'd been feeling tired,

and so I went
for my checkup,

not expecting much
of anything

and, uh...


Janet, whatever it is,
we'll get you
through it.


I'm afraid you can't.

Dear ones...

I have acute leukemia.

But they have treatments
for leukemia, don't they?

Oh, Annie, honey.


All they really offered

were things that seemed very...


But you're going
to try something? Mom?

Mom, you have to.

Annie, they don't
give me much hope

even with treatment,

and so frankly,

I'd rather not spend
my time in the hospital.

I'd rather spend it
with you and Eric
and the kids.


-Oh, mom.
-Oh, Annie.


Hey, girl, how you doing?

Isn't happy cute?

That's what you named her--

-I named her.

That's 'cause
I let you name her.

Hey, uh, ruthie,
you want to get happy
a cookie?

I think I know why
happy's so happy.


Can you keep a secret?


I think she's going
to have puppies.

Don't tell dad.


Here, happy!