7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 1, Episode 19 - It's About George... - full transcript

A visit from Eric's parents, strict Marines colonel John and his equally military wife, strikes controlled terror among the grandkids, and even Jimmy Moon, who initially discarded Matt's accurate imitation of the usual boyfriend-grilling. They come to present George, the charming, manly boy they adopted from an orphanage. But Eric discovers detective Will Grayson, whose death was faked in a witness protection program, is back in Glenoak after the crime king's death in prison. He claims his son, none other than George, back, as remains his legal right. After a fugue attempt from George, a creative compromise is devised. Matt meanwhile discovers aunt Julie is on the verge of an alcohol relapse.

We should have waited for Eric.

I'm no good
at this, Annie.

You'll be fine, Colonel.

Julie is going to need
all our support.

And Eric will meet us
as soon as he can.

Yeah, Colonel,
chill out.

How do you think I feel?

She's my sister,
and we never even met.

I'm the one
who should be nervous.

That's true.
Why aren't you?

I don't rattle.

from what I hear,

my new sister has been
through a really tough time.

You were there for me when
I needed you, and I'm adopted.

Shouldn't it work the same way
for your natural kids, too?

You're pretty sharp
for a civilian.

I've got the best teacher
in the entire Marine Corps.


What's taking so long?

Let's get your sister...

uh, our daughter,
and get home, hmm?

Here she comes.

Good-bye, Julie.

You look
great, Jules.

Oh, thanks, sport.

We're so proud of you.

Where's Eric?

Oh, he had
an emergency,

but he'll meet us
at home later.

They really came?

I told you that they'd come.

I'm still terrified
of my parents.

They're a lot better
since George.

Then that makes me terrified
of George, too.

Don't be.

Come on.

Hello, Julie.

Hello, Mom.

Hello, Julie.

Hello, Colonel.

Well, you, uh,
feeling all right?


I mean, a little shaky,
but I'm okay.

Yes, I... I see.

Hey, sis, I'm George,
your new brother.

You know what that means?

Uh... no.

That means
I'm going to look out for you

and you're going to be fine

because we Camdens
watch each other's backs.

I'll remember that.

The building fund
thanks you.

A little advice:

Don't hustle the chief of police
when he gets here.

What's the big
meeting about, anyway?

Well, Josh wants me to help him
re-acclimate Will Grayson.

You remember him?

Yeah... the undercover cop
that busted the Marillo family?


A lot of people
think he got bumped off.

What was that,
about ten years ago?

Yeah, he had to leave
the country

and live under a different name.

But Marillo
died in prison last month,

so I guess Grayson figured
it was safe to come back.

Still working on
the, uh, building fund, huh?

Oh, yeah.

Say hello to Will Grayson.

Will, Reverend Camden...

Hi, Will.

And Eddie King.

Detective Grayson,
it's an honor.

I'll get you guys a drink,
on the house.

And, uh, don't shoot
with the Reverend.

He's a hustler.

Come on over here.

You know, I'd
like to help out
any way I can.

Maybe make some
calls about jobs?

Oh, thank you.

I'm going to go back
on the force, though.

It's what I do best, and
I think I'm still needed.

You're a brave man, Will.

Well, I don't know about that.

I do know my first priority
is to try and find my kid.

You have a kid?

My wife died in childbirth,

and I had to give my son up
for adoption when I testified.

Well, I know some people

who might be able
to help you track him down.

He'd be about ten now.

Where'd you place him?

Kensington Home for Children.


What's his name?


Come on,
you're exaggerating.

The Colonel
and Grandma

are not like
regular people.

We're just trying
to prepare you.

What's going on?

We're trying
to coach Jimmy

for when he meets
Grandma and
the Colonel.

Why? They're going to tear him
to shreds no matter what you do.

Oh, come on.

You want a sample of what

the Colonel is going
to do to you?

Mary, you be Grandma.


So you're the insect
dating my granddaughter?

Well, well, well...

I can't say
I'm impressed
with her taste.

- Hey!
- Hay?

Hay is for horses.

Are you a farmer,
Mr. Moon?

Uh... no.

Well, then don't
speak like one.

Who am I, son?

Lucy's grandfather?

I'm Colonel John Camden

of the United States
Marine Corps.

That's him exactly.

You're quiet.

We don't trust
quiet boys.

Quiet boys are shifty.

I bet Mr. Moon here
is very shifty.

Yes, very, very
shifty, Ruth.


No chance you're exaggerating
this guy a little bit.

don't believe us.

Laugh while
you can-- ha, ha.


Maybe you should
come back tomorrow

when they're rested.



May we come in?


I was just

Looks like it could get
a little tight in here.

Are you going to have
some breathing space?

Oh, it'll be fine.

I figure it'll be fun.

I'm used to sharing my space.

You know,
Halpern House
was pretty small,

so we were always doubled up.

Well, we were wondering
if you had made any plans

about what you're
going to do now.

I just got out today, Colonel.

Oh, well, I realize that,
of course, but I mean

you can't live here
at your brother's indefinitely.

I wasn't planning to.

No, of course not.

What we wanted to suggest

is that you might want
to go back East with us.

You know, just until
you get your sea legs.

There's plenty of room.

We'd hardly know you're there.

I remember.


Thank you.

I mean, I really
appreciate the thought.

Well, I'd best let you

get on with
your unpacking.

I'm glad you're
better, dear.

Well, we'll see you at dinner.

Thanks, Mom.



You know, I'm your uncle now.

In theory.

You want to start calling me...

"Uncle George"?


You're younger than me.

I'm still your uncle.

It's a matter of respect.


as soon as I respect you,
I'll call you "Uncle George."

Don't hold your breath.



I read that one already.

The Human Torch
gets his powers back.

You could bite him if you want.

So, Julie and Mom and I
didn't really care,

but the Colonel said it wouldn't
be a trip to Disneyland

unless he took our
picture with Mickey Mouse.

So now the guy in the Mickey
suit says he's on a break.

Well, that's all it takes
for the Colonel.

He starts giving
this giant mouse

a "What kind of soldier
are you?" lecture,

and Mickey's standing there
and he's listening

and you can't tell
what he's thinking

because he's got that huge grin
pasted on his mask.

All of a sudden he says,

"Hey, Patton, you're
starting to bug me"

and shoves the Colonel!



the next thing you know,

it's World War III out there

with the Colonel
and Mickey Mouse

standing toe to
toe, trading punches.

So, who won?

Who do you think won in a fight

between the Colonel
and a cartoon character?

Yeah, it wasn't pretty.

There were ears
and giant buttons

from Main Street
to Adventureland.

Yeah, but let me
tell you something,

that Disney really knew
how to train his people,

because that big mouse
was no pushover.

Hey, George,
maybe for your birthday

the Colonel will take you
to Magic Mountain

and slap Bugs Bunny
around for you.

I've been building something
for you and George, Colonel.

It's a boat.

I'm building you and George
a little fishing boat

so you can tool around that lake
near your house.

Well, Annie, that sounds
absolutely top notch.

Any chance of
George and me
having a look-see?

Oh, come on.

This thing
is so cool.

It's a kit that I ordered
from the hardware store

that you build
practically from scratch.

It's called
"The Ahab Schooner."

You know...

Come on.

Can I go watch them

watch Mommy show her boat?


Oh... come on, kids,
let's all go.

That was smooth.

well, you know...

I kind of thought
you might want
to talk.

How you doing?

I'm okay.


It's hard.

I can't say I don't think
about drinking,

and seeing the Colonel
and Mom...

has made me feel
a little extra thirsty.

But I can do it.

I know.

Thank you.

I love you, big brother.

I love you, too, sis.

Eric, is something wrong?


It's about George.

It's a work in progress.

Oh, oh, I see.

I thought
Ahab Schooner was
the brand name,

but this is
the original boat.

Having trouble picking
a color, Ma?

I think it's...


Me, too.

You guys should dress
as Gilligan and the Skipper

when you set sail, because
this puppy is going down.

Oh, come on,
you kids.

Your mother
worked so hard

to make...

make this thing...

I'm so sorry, Annie.

It's so...

it's so funny.

Can we laugh?

No, no.

You know, I had a young corporal

who was my driver
in the Korean War,

and he made this kind
of funny-looking shell
out of scrap metal

and he bolted it
to the top of my jeep,

and everybody
in G Company

laughed about
my funny-looking jeep.

But one night there was
an air strike.

Communications were down

and G Company camp took
a merciless beating,

but, you know,
that corporal and I

came out
without a scratch.

And you know why?

I... I have a hunch.

That's right-- because we were
in that funny-looking jeep.

Now, Annie, George
and I will be proud

to sail in this... fine piece
of craftsmanship.

Thank you, Colonel.

Isn't that right, son?


What a suck-up.

What, Grandma?

I'm sorry... Annie.

It's so funny.

I'm really glad
we came here.

So am I, son.

Think you'll go back

and be school principal again,
Aunt Julie?

Oh, I don't
know, Luce.

First, I probably
should decide where
I'm going to live.

What happened
to your apartment
in New York?

Oh, I had to give up
the apartment

when I went
into Halpern House.

Why don't you stay here
and live with us?

Oh, sweetie, I think
your mom and dad

have enough people
living in this house.

Besides, I'm a grown-up

and grown-ups should
have their own homes.

I think you should
at least move near us.

I might.

But I don't want
to talk about me.

Hey, Mary, how's
the hook shot?

Season high-scorer, so far.

All right!

And the love life?

Goose egg.


It'll change.

Luce, how's
Jimmy Moon?

I'm introducing him
to the Colonel tomorrow.


When I was your age,

he scared off
all my boyfriends.

Is that why you
don't like the Colonel?

Oh, it's not that
I don't like him,

it's just...

Well, we don't
have much to say
to each other.

Maybe you should give him
a chance.

He didn't use to like any of us

except for Mom
and Mary.

He's different since George.

Yeah, George turned him
and Grandma nice.

So I hear.

What's wrong?

Don't you like George?

Oh, I like him
very much.

I'd also like

a good night's
sleep, okay?


Good night, ladies.

Good night, Aunt Julie.

Something's up.

I know.


I hate to see a handsome man
looking so glum.

What's wrong?

Julie-- seems like she hates me.

Well, she doesn't.

Give her time.

She's frightened.

Of me?

Of herself,
I think.

She's lost everything.

The idea of starting over
must be terrifying.

Yeah, she seems so weak.

She's a Camden--
she'll regroup, you'll see.

Come on, come to bed.

All rightie.



You really think
she'll be all right?

Well... we have to hope.

Yeah, I suppose.

Did you see the way
George lit up

when they were
telling those
stories at dinner?

He's so proud.

Oh, he is really
something, that boy.

Well, why not?

He's a Camden, too.


Just... you know,
can you just move
a little?

Okay, yeah, yeah.


Oh, I'm sorry...


We got to come up
with a better arrangement

when we give up
our room.

I saw this thing
in a catalog.

It's a collapsible
king-sized bed.

You assemble it.

Oh, swell, another
yard destruction project.

Your father and George
loved the boat.

I know, I'm sorry.

Annie, I...

We got trouble.



It's Will Grayson.

He has a son.

He put him up for adoption
to protect the kid,

and now he wants him back,
and legally he can get him.

Well, the man sacrificed a lot
for a good cause.

He deserves all the help
we can give him.

The kid was adopted
just a few months ago.

Oh, no.

Eric, no.


Will Grayson's son was adopted
in February

by Colonel and Mrs. John Camden.

Just be nice.

Stop worrying.

They're just grandparents.

Hi, Grandma,

This is Jimmy Moon,
my, uh... boyfriend.

Hi, there.

I... I've heard
a lot about you.

And we about you,
Mr. Moon.

So Lucy says you were both
in the service.

I bet you've got a lot of
interesting stories, huh?

All right,
let's can the Spam
and cut to the chase.

So you're the insect
dating my granddaughter?

Well, well, well.

I can't say I'm impressed
with her taste.


Hay is for horses.

Are you a farmer,
Mr. Moon?

Um... no.

Well, then, don't
speak like one.

Who am I, son?

Lucy's grandfather?

I'm Colonel John Camden,
United States
Marine Corps.

Oh, no.

You're quiet, and we
don't trust quiet boys.

Quiet boys are shifty.

I'll bet Mr. Moon
is very shifty.

Oh, very, very shifty.

Wipe that shifty smile
off your face.

Y-yes, sir.

Mr. Moon,

Oh, boy...
oh, boy, that was fun.

Well, I told you
it would be,

but I hope we weren't
too hard on him.

What's got you two
so tickled?

Oh, we were just having fun
with Lucy and her boyfriend.

Mr. Moon.

Well, I hate to ruin the moment,
but I need to talk to you.

It's kind of serious.

What's wrong, Eric?

Let's go into the study, okay?

You okay?

Your grandfather--

he's not a man,
he's a force of nature.

It was like being sucked

into one of those funnel
cloud vortexes in Twister.

Why didn't you warn me?

I wasn't properly warned.

I did warn you.

Matt and Mary
even showed you.

You're right.

I fell victim
to my own arrogance.

Son, you look
about as jittery

as a flea on a cannonball.

Why don't you just say
what you have to say?

I've got
some bad news.

It's Julie, isn't it?

Oh, I knew it--
she's still drinking.

That girl is just not strong.

It's not about Julie.

It's... it's about George.


That boy doesn't have a worry
in this world.



George's father isn't dead.

He's alive and he
wants George back.

But the agency told us
his parents were dead.

His mother is.

His father's alive.

He's a police

and he testified against
a criminal organization.

He had to leave the country.

George was put in the children's
home to protect his life.

The man made a choice--
he has to bear the consequences.

We don't owe him our little boy.

We've got to fight for him.

Look, Mom, I'm not happy
about this,

but... George's father
wants him back.

Legally, he has a right
to see him,

and if he wants,
he can get custody.

Eric, we have never,
never asked you for help,

but you can't let this man
take George.

Help us, please.


Dad, I can't.

It's out of my hands. I'm sorry.

So you would take the side of
a stranger against your family?

It's not
about sides.

I know how painful
this is,

but is Will Grayson
so different from Julie?

These... these
are good people

trying to start
their lives over.

Oh, just good people?

Well, we'll just get a good
lawyer and sue for custody.

And you'll lose.

Do you know what it took

for your father
to ask you for help?

There's nothing
I can do.

Do you think this man
should take George?

If he wants him and if
George wants to go, yes.


Oh, I'm so sorry.


It's just we're...

it's just that
we're helpless.

We don't...

we... we...

we don't know
how to be helpless.

Oh, forgive me,
forgive us.

She popped you
a good one, huh?

Yeah, she sure did.

I was going to tell you
after I told them.

I guess me being a sneak

saved you from having
to say it twice.

I don't know
what to say, George.

Except... I think
you need to meet him.

Whatever you say, Eric.

I'll set it up.

He's a good man.

So's the Colonel.

I've lost my way
on this one, Lord.

Oh, God, please help me.

George, your
mother and I
want you to know

we're not going
to give you up,
not without a fight.

That's right.

You're a member
of our family

no matter what
anybody says.

Nothing will ever
change that.

It's time
to go, George.


Now, remember,

you're just going
to meet him.

You're not going off
with this fellow.

That's right;
it's just a courtesy.

You ready?

Yeah, I guess.

Bye, Uncle George.

What if
I hate this guy?

I don't think you will

unless you're trying to.

Your father's
a brave, decent man, George.

Most people wouldn't have
the guts to do what he did.

He doesn't even know me.

Well, you've got
to give him a chance.

Hi, Reverend.

Hi, Will.


Will, I'd like you
to meet George.

Hi, George.

I don't think I've
ever been so happy

to meet somebody
in my whole life.

I'm sorry for the trouble
that I've caused.

I know that... you've been
uprooted an awful lot,

and I'd like to try
and make it up to you if I can.

I knew this deal with
the Camdens wouldn't last.

So when am I supposed to start
living with you?

Well, I'd like
to help make this transition

as easy as possible for you.

I thought we could
hang out a bit

and kind of
get to know each other.

I know what it's like
to be torn apart

from the people that you love.

It's not that big a deal.

I've learned not
to get attached to people.

If we're going to get
to know each other,

let's just get going.

I'll wait for you outside.

All right.

See you around, Eric.


A tough little guy, isn't he?

He's a handful...
but he's a good kid.

Thank you, Reverend.

Hasn't been easy on you
and your family.

Oh, no...

What's wrong?

Mom, they'll find him.

I mean, his father
is a detective.

His father is
Colonel John Camden.

And I don't care
what anybody says,

this man is...
a stranger.

He couldn't possibly love
George... as much as we do.

Six months ago, George
was a stranger to you.

But he's not now;
he's our son.

He's our son!

Let this...
this policeman go away

and start his life by himself.

Starting over isn't that simple.

I mean, I'm trying to,

and I can tell you I need
all the family I can get.

Oh, really?

Then explain to me why you have
treated your father like dirt

ever since you came here.

Do you think
it's been easy for him?

He's trying.

Oh, please!

He's a stone.

Don't you ever talk
about your father like that!

Don't you realize it's your
fault this whole thing happened!

Ruth, don't do this.

If we hadn't come to get you
out of that place,

we wouldn't be losing George.

We were so happy.

It's your fault.

You have ruined everything!

Ruth, stop it-- that's enough!

Oh, Julie, I am so sorry.

I didn't mean that.

I'm just... I am so upset,
I'm not thinking.

I'm not
thinking clearly.

Forgive me.

No, you're right, Mom,
it's my fault.

Everything's my fault, isn't it?

Because I'm a loser, right?

Well, you raised me,
so take a bow!

Oh, no, no, no,
you are not the girl I raised!

You see?

You see
what they're like?

She's just upset.

They need you, Julie.

And you need them.

Isn't this how we met?


You move pretty quiet
for a Bible thumper.

George, what are you doing?

Robbing you.
What's it look like?

It looks like
you wanted me
to find you.

I've been by
three times.

What took you so
long to get here?

It's not like I have a car.

Okay, well, consider
yourself caught-- let's go.


I'm not going anywhere;
leave me alone.

So you can rip your father to
pieces along with my parents?

Not likely.

Look, man, this whole thing

is getting a little too
complicated for me, you know?

I don't want
to hurt anyone.

Your parents are great,

and, to be honest,
you were right about the cop--

he's great, too.

That's just too much great

to end up anything
but disappointed.

I'm better off on my own.

You have any money?


Then you're not
better off on your own.

George, you're a kid.

You're going to have
to live somewhere supervised.

Then I'd like to go back
to the orphanage.

I don't believe that.

It's true.

I'm better off
taking my chances there.

Maybe I'm just not
meant to have a family.

I know I don't want

to keep hurting
the people that care about me.

If none of them can have me,

then they'll just
get over it quicker.

I'm used to being on my own;
it's okay.

No, it's not.

Just give it up, Eric.

Little brother...

I thought you
knew me better
than that by now.

Let's go.


You should be
in bed, kiddo.

Yeah, I know.

I just wanted
to tell you that George is back.


Now the question is...

For how long?

I love you, Colonel.

I love you too, child.

I had a feeling
you'd end up down here.

Make sure, Aunt Julie--

there won't be any
going back this time.

I can't make it.

You don't understand.

The world just keeps getting
bigger, and I'm scared.

I need something.

What you need is out there.

What you want is in that glass.

I'll love you
either way, Jules,

but it's time
for you to choose.

I lost you, Julie.

I lost you
and I lost Eric,
years ago.

And now I'm losing George.

I have failed.

God help me,
I have failed--

absolutely failed
all the children I love.

You didn't lose me.

It's all right.

It's all right, I'm here.

I love you, Dad.

I love you.

It's all right.



So did you, uh, sink
or swim, Jules?

I swam.

I swam all the way
to my father,

who was drowning.

Got us both to the shore.

I'm glad.

Thanks, sport.

Thank you.

So, I need to ask
a favor.

It's about
your grandparents.

When they eventually yank me
away from them,

I want you
to take care of them for me.

Why me?

We don't even like each other.

Because you're smart and honest

and... I know if you give
your word, you'll do it.

I'll do it.

Don't worry, I promise.


Hoowie pushed me

because I caught him
listening at the door.

You call that a plan?

That's the most harebrained
scheme I've ever heard.

Well, gee,
I thought it was
pretty creative.

Am I the only one
in this room

that thinks his idea
is ridiculous?

Well, I kind of
like it.

I think it'll
solve everything.

I'm all for it;
I'm thrilled!

You're thrilled?

We adopted George;

we are not adopting
his father.

Well, who asked
you to?

I'm not nuts about
this idea, either.

I don't want to be
anywhere near
this blowhard!

Mister, Mickey Mouse
called me that once

and I fed him
his three-fingered glove.


Okay, okay, let's just
settle down, all right?

I agree, there's a few
kinks to be worked out,

but... isn't this really
what's best for George?

You remember George.

He's the one
you're fighting over?

You guys have
that old guesthouse
you use for storage.

That could be fixed up
into a nice little apartment.

We thought
we'd let Julie have that.

You did?

We did?

Yes, we did.

But of course, it would be nice

to have you in the house,
closer to us.


Now, wait a minute,

even if I did move back there,

what am I supposed to do
for a living?

I have a feeling they need
good cops back east, too.

I just got reinstated here.

Applying for a transfer
could take months.

Well, I have a feeling

a few well-placed calls
from Colonel Camden

might speed that process up
quite a bit, don't you, dear?

You want me to call in favors to
get this poor man Serpico a job

so he can move in
with us

and disrupt our lives

Is that what
I'm hearing?

Yes, John, and that is exactly
what you're going to do,

and I don't want to hear
another word about it.

She called you

You're never going
to win this.

I think you're outranked here,


Come on, say yes.

Well, if it's the only way
we can keep George,

I guess we'll take
Dirty Harry here, too.

Thank you, Colonel.

It's up to you now, Will.

Well, I know it would make
George happy, but, uh...

Oh, come on, Will.

It'll be like a clean-slate

All right.

We'll give it a try.

The whole town's
going to think

we're running some kind of
crazy commune or something.

Since you were
obviously listening,

you should know to go upstairs

and bring down our bags
before I change my mind.

Move out!

George, Lucy,
Lucy's boyfriend,

You two
wait in the living room.

I've got some unfinished
business with Mr. Moon

and I want you there.


I guess you heard.

You have a choice.

You can fly back
with Ruth and me or...

or you can drive back with...

Your father.

Look, Will...

the Colonel and Ruth gave me
my first real home,

so even though
you are my father,

the Colonel is still my dad.

And you're still
my mom,

if that's okay.

It's definitely okay.

Then I'd like to go home
with my mom and dad.

But I will be waiting
for you at home.

I understand.

You see?
I'm still his dad.

You're still
a blowhard, too.

I just thought
of something.

How are we going
to get the boat back?

I think somehow
we all need that little boat.

Well, I can take it with me

if it'll fit on top
of the car I bought.

Can I take a look at it?

Sure. It's out back.

I'll show you-- come on.


Yeah, it'll fit.

I'd strap her down
nice and tight

but... I don't foresee
any problems.

Oh, that's great.

You know, I've gotten
attached to it.

Listen, I-I-I was wondering--

please don't take me
the wrong way,

because I don't mean to be
forward or anything-- but, um...

since George
is flying back
with your parents,

maybe you'd like to take
the drive with me and the boat.

I'd sure love the company.

You know, I've always wanted
to do the cross-country trip.

I think it'd be a blast.

Mr. Moon...

Mr. Moon,

my husband and I
want to apologize

for the way we
behaved toward you.

It was

You are obviously
a decent, caring
young man

and we are just...
so embarrassed.

Can you find it

in your heart to forgive us?

You see,

Can I call you Jim?

Uh... yes, sir.

Well, you see, Jim, we love our
grandchildren so doggone much,

sometimes we just get
a little overprotective.

But you understand
how terrific our Lucy is here.

You probably feel
the same way.

What way?

Well, you know,

if someone ever, ever was
to hurt that angel-faced child,

you'd hunt them down
like an animal,

just like I would, right?

I, uh... I guess.

Right, good,
then, we're all
on the same page.

Apology accepted, Mr. Moon?

Yeah, sure.

Thanks, Jim.

See, aren't they,
uh... kind of nice?

Lucy, your grandparents are
the two scariest people

I've ever met.

Well, I didn't say
they were perfect.

Hey, come on,
do a little for us.


Well, the
word's out.

You two do
a drop-dead
perfect impression

of your

It's... it's
no big deal.

Lucy says it's hysterical.

Come on, just a little.

A teaser.

Come on.

Well, I'll tell you
what's a shame, dear--

is when you see three
intelligent adults

who have nothing
better to do

than force
their children
to entertain them.

Why, yes, that's why this
house is like a carnival.

The comings and goings
around here make

a subway station look like
the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Oh, remember when
we went camping

in the Blue Ridge

Wasn't that the time

you killed
the mountain lion

with the cap
of your canteen?

No, no, no, that was
the Poconos trip.

Blue Ridge was where
the grizzly attacked
your cousin Beth

and I had to take
the beast's eye
to get her down.


Uh... they're
behind us, right?

Oh, yeah.