7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 1, Episode 11 - Now You See Me - full transcript

The Camdens become suspicious when Matt's new girlfriend, Tia, wants to spend more time with the family rather than being alone with Matt. Lucy enlists the help of Matt to overcome her clumsiness in order to try out for the cheerleading squad. Annie yearns for more romance in her marriage with Eric as she has become bored with the every-day routines. Simon tries to make himself invisible and tries to convince the whole family that he can be invisible.

♪ ♪

Hey, Annie,
i was just looking
at this quote

from Robert frost.
I thought I used
another poem.

Well, everybody uses
"the road not taken" one,

so I changed it
for you.

Um, has anybody
seen Matt?

He's in the bathroom.

Sounded like
major hair prep.

For church?

No, I don't think so.

Sounds a little
more serious

than church to me.

Mom, have we
got anything planned
for this afternoon?

Uh, no. Why?

Nothing. It's just
that there's an opening
on the cheer squad,

so I thought if i
could some practice in,

I might be able to make it.

I didn't know you were
interested in cheerleading.

Yeah. Why not?

One of the girls
dropped off squad

so they're holding
open tryouts this week.

That's great.


I know I'm not
ready today,

but I could learn
how to do it.


It's not like
brain surgery
or anything.

I can see you.
You're right there.

Oh! Ooh, hey.

You ok?

Sorry, i
didn't see you.

That's ok. I'm fine.

I'm great.

And why is that,

Well, thanks to ninja
mind control,

I'm entering the first
stages of invisibility.

Can you see him?


Can I have
the car keys?

Why can't you ride
with the rest of us?

I've got a date.

You're not going to church
because you've got a date?

No, I'm bringing her
to church.

Oh, this should be fun.

So all of you be on
your best behavior.

We'll try.


What's her name?


Well, you wouldn't
know that if you weren't

listening in
on my phone calls.

Oh, uh, dad,
could you say something

really, you know,
um, profound?

I kind of built you up
so she'd want to come.

If you wanted profound
in my sermon,

you should have
told me weeks ago.

Has Matt ever brought
a date to church before?


I hope you can handle
the pressure.

Thanks for coming.
Thank you, reverend.

That was wonderful.

That took forever.

What's your hurry?

I've got to get home.
I've got to start

The cheerleader thing?
Forget it.


Because it's stupid.
That's why.

Oh, right.
Cheerleading's stupid,

but throwing a big
brown ball into a net

is a service to mankind?

Well, at least
basketball's a sport.

Cheerleading is just making
a spectacle of yourself.


Mom, dad, this is tia.

Nice to meet you.

Tia, this is
mom and dad.

Nice to have you with us.
Hope you weren't bored.

No, I loved
your sermon.

It was very deep.

I told you
she was terrific.

Oh, and perceptive,

I think it's so neat
to see anyone's

parents at work.

Work is so much a part
of what people are,

whether it's working
in the home

like Mrs. Camden,

or out
in the community.

Both are such
important contributions
to society.

Thank you.

I don't hear
that often enough.

Matt, if you two
don't have any

would you like
to bring tia by
for Sunday dinner?

Well, I was thinking

that we'd grab
something on our own.

if it's no trouble,

Sunday dinner
with the family
sounds really nice.

Um, sure. Ok.

But only if you'll
let me help, Mrs. Camden.

Oh, well, it's great.

Matt, would you mind
stopping and getting

some ice cream on
the way home?

No problem.


See you then.
Nice meeting you.

Hey, glad you
could be here.

Dad, do you have
any idea

how long the line
for the bathroom is

when you go into

You gotta give us,

a 2-minute warning
or something.

Yeah, like they do
in football.

Tia! Wait up!

how are you doing?

How are you?
Thank you.

Nice work inviting
tia for dinner.

What are you
talking about?

Nobody ever gets through
dinner at our place

without revealing
something interesting.

No, no, no.
Go with mom and dad.

I'll be invisible.

You won't even know
I'm here.

That's my point.
If I won't know
you're there,

then you might as well
go with them.


Come on, Matt.
It'll be fine.

Oh, all right.
Get in the car.


Do you believe
it's possible

for people to become


I'm learning to direct my energy
and other people's perceptions

so that they can't see me.

Can you direct our perceptions
so we can't hear you either?


I believe it's entirely possible
for someone to be invisible,

You really think so?

Yes, I do.

You be careful.

All right, kid.


Can we stop by my house
so I can change?

Oh, green beans?

Let me help you
with that.

Be my guest.
What are you doing?

I thought I'd slice
them, you know?

Make French
green beans.

Oh, ok. If that's
what you want.

When I was a teenager,

I thought French
green beans

were somehow connected
to French kissing.

When you were
a teenager you thought

everything was
connected to kissing.



Did I do something?


But it wouldn't hurt
if you tried

a more romantic approach
once in a while.

What could be
more romantic

than French-cut
green beans in our kitchen

with our very own
French green bean slicer?

I don't know.
You tell me.

I'm lost here.

Oh, I was just
watching Matt and tia
in church today.

And I was thinking about
us and what we were like

when our relationship
was new.

It was always full
of wonderful surprises.

Yeah, I remember.


Well, what?


I'm being silly.

You know, it's still
full and wonderful,

just not so many

I miss that.

Mary, will you
help spot me?


Why not?

When you went out
for basketball

I helped you practice.

That was different.

What's different?
You wanted something

and I helped you
get it.

Hey, look, if you want
to be a cheerleader,

I can't stop you,

but I'm not
gonna participate

in your complete downfall

as a woman
and a human being.

Excuse me?

Don't you get it?

Cheereleading totally
trivialises women

and women sports.

Thanks for your support.

Hi. Matt said
you'd be out here.

Shooting hoops?

No. Some of us
don't play sports.

You guys are so lucky.

I always thought
it would be fun

having a brother or sister
to hang out with.

Not always.

I'm going inside.

No, wait a sec.
I'll go. You stay.

Just do whatever
you were doing.

No, really. That's ok.

I've seen enough
cartwheels for one day.

Sorry. It seems like
all I have to do
is show up,

and a war breaks out.

Forget it. This has
nothing to do with you.

I've heard
that one before.

Heard what?


So you were
doing cartwheels?


Ok, got the almonds
in the half a cup?

Ok, now pour them on top
of the green beans.

Good job.

Now mix them all
up with your hands.

Have you seen tia?

Uh, no.

Have you seen tia?

No, I haven't.
That's why I'm
looking for her.

Maybe if nobody's
seen her,

maybe she's invisible.

Tia's anything
but invisible.

She seems like
a very nice girl.

How many times
have you gone out
with her?

Well, um, counting
last night, twice,

but there's like this

instant connection
between us, you know?

Yeah, I know.
It was like that

with me and your dad
when we met.

Uh, of course
we were a lot older

than you and tia.

Of course. Of course,

but kids are growing up
a lot faster these days.

Well, some do,
some don't.

I'm gonna go find tia.

Simon, will you put out
the napkins, please?

You know, if you'd stop
following me around,

nobody would see me.

Yes, we would.

Thanks for dinner,
Mrs. Camden.

Could I help you clear
the rest of these dishes?

Oh, no. Relax. We're
enjoying your company.

Yeah, it's not often
that anybody around here

wants to talk about
my sermons after church.

I just think that
frost poem you quoted

was so beautiful.

It was a good choice,
wasn't it?

Yeah, I'm surprised
you're familiar with

the death
of the hired man.

Yeah, it's in our
English lit book,

but I never heard it
read out loud before.

It was perfect.

I mean, the safe choice
would have been

something like
the road not taken.

Wouldn't it?

You know, when
Eric and I first
started dating,

he wrote some
pretty wonderful
poetry himself.

I bet it wasn't anything
you could read

out loud in church,
huh, dad?

I wouldn't say that.

I would.
It was very personal.

Could you quote
the frost poem again?

Well, I think
people around here

have probably
had enough eloquence
for one day.

That's right.

We wouldn't want to have to call
teh poetry police.

Please, just a line or two.

Go on honey, I thought you were
pretty terrific myself.

The line about home.

he mocked gently.

"Yes, what else
but home?

"It all depends on
what you mean by home.

"Home is the place where,

"when you have to go there,

they have to take you in."

Excuse me.

Matt, go see about her.

Dad made her cry.

Your mom picked the poem.

I'm going.

What do you think
that was about?

I don't know,
but she's obviously

in a lot of pain.

Should I...

Not yet.

Come on. Tell me
what's going on.

I'm sorry.

I generally try
not to burst into tears

unless I'm alone.

No, that's ok.

We're, uh, we're big
on emotions around here.

I know it doesn't seem
like any big deal,

but my parents
just got divorced.

I'm--I'm sorry.

You don't know
how lucky you are

to be part
of this family.

Oh, oh, yes, I do...

But I'm also lucky
that I met you.


There you are.

You ok?

Yeah, fine.

Can I ask you
a favor?


I need a ride

to my dad's place
after school.

Sure. No problem.

It's my week to stay
with him.

He was supposed to
pick me up last night,

but he was busy.

He didn't even call.

I think he was afraid

he'd have to talk
to my mom.

I'll take you
over there

right after
i drop off the kids.

Maybe you could hang out
at my dad's with me?

He won't be there.
He'll have a date.

He's always got a date.

I'd like to,
but I've got homework.

Oh. Ok.



Maybe we could do
homework together?

Yeah. I know,

you take me to my dad's
so I can drop off my stuff

and then I'll follow you
back in my car.

You have your own car?

Yeah, he bought me a car,

but I can't take it
to my mom's

because he doesn't
want her to drive it.

I see.

So I'll follow you
back to your place,

and then
you won't have to

take me home later
or anything.

I'll drive myself.

Great, I'll
pick you up later.

You think your mom
will mind

if I stay
for dinner again?

No, no, no.

I'm sure it'll be fine.

Late lunch?

I've been so busy,

this is the first
chance I've had
to stop and eat.

What are you
doing home early?

Well, my meeting ended,
so I thought I'd come home

and get some work done here.

Where's ruthie?

Oh, play date.

So it's just
the two of us alone?

That's right.

In this great big house in the
middle of the afternoon?


With an hour to kill

before the kids
get home from school?

You've got it.

Come here.

That's what I love

it always pays off.

I don't think so.

Wait a minute.

Weren't you the one
who said

that you've missed
the surprise

in our relationship?



A surprise would be if
you planned something.

Something romantic,

something that took
a little effort!

So my spontaneity
means nothing to you.

Of course it does.
It means you can have

half of my peanut butter

Don't forget to pick
Mary up after practice.

Lucy Camden
making cheerleader

would be scarier
than the x files.

Can you believe it?

She's the biggest klutz
in school.

I know, so are you
gonna tell her?

No way.
She's my friend.

I couldn't do it

Get in the car.
Let's go.

Why? What's the matter?

Just get in the car.

Ok, as soon as you
tell me what's wrong.

I'm a dope.

Oh, yeah? Why?

To think that I could ever
go out for cheerleading.

Of course you can.

Then you're a dope, too.

What happened?


Fine. Doesn't matter.

I'm gonna help you

Yeah, right.
Like you know anything
about cheerleading.

I got Mary
on the basketball team.

I can get you on
the cheerleading team.

Squad. Cheerleading squad.

You may know something
about basketball,

but you don't know anything
about cheerleading.

Well, as a matter
of fact,

it's a topic
I've studied

quite closely
for many years.

Come on.

Clear your calendar
for the rest
of the week.

Starting tomorrow,
you're putting yourself

in my capable hands.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna turn you
into a cheerleader.

What are you gonna do

Trust me.

You little Turkey,
you were eavesdropping?!

No, I wasn't.

Did you know
he was back there?

I forgot.

You forgot because
i was invisible.

Then how come
i can see you!

Well, when a person
is suffering

from violent emotions,
it's very difficult

to control
their perceptions.


- Oh, hi.
- Hi.

This is my mom.

Mom, this is Mrs. Camden.

Sorry. I got a call

just when we
got out of the car.

You know how it is.

No, she doesn't.

Oh, it's ok.
Come on in.

Well, yeah, I'll
ask him about it,

but I don't think
he'll go for it.

I hope
this is all right.

Matt said he'd take me
to my dad's house.

Oh, sure. He should
be back any minute.

Ok, he was gonna
pick me up,

but my mom wanted
to drop me off instead.

Hi. I'm Ellen.

I would have
taken tia over

to her father's
house myself

but well, frankly,
since the divorce,

we haven't exactly
been on friendly
terms together.

Oh, that must be
hard for both
of you.

Actually, I'm
perfectly content

to have no contact
with him.

I'd much rather have Matt
take her over there.

It was so nice
of him to offer.

Well, he should
be back soon.

Would you like
to come in?

Oh, thanks. I can't.

I've got a couple coming
over to look at the condo,

and tia knows I mean
no offense by this,

but it just shows
so much better

without a teenager
in the house.

Of course.

I'm looking to move into
a singles complex.

It's a smaller space,

but, uh, well,
it'll give me

a better shot
at--you know.

Meeting someone.

Hey, if he can do it,
i can do it.

You know,
with a little work,

you could get a good
price for this place.

If you don't mind
me asking,

how much
did you pay for it?

It belongs
to the church.

My husband
is a minister.

I told you, mom,

Did you?

I hear that
men of the cloth
are really hot.

If he has any friends,
keep me in mind.

I got to go. Honey,
call me if you need

She's really not
a bad person.

She just likes
to keep busy.

I guess her work
keeps her

from thinking
about the divorce.

Well, divorce is hard
on everyone in the family.

Believe me, the marriage

wasn't any picnic,

I really wish I could get Lucy
interested in a sport,

something besides

Ah, look,
i know you think
it's stupid,

but cheerleading
takes talent
and hard work, too.

Dad, do you know why
there's a sudden opening

on the cheerleading


Because a girl fell
off the top of the pyramid

and broke her collarbone.

Uh, what pyramid?

You know,
they pile themselves

on top of each other

until there's one
poor girl at the top

way up in the air.


I don't know.
You tell me.

Why would anyone
take that chance?

Look, your sister's
your biggest fan.

She comes to every one
of your games.


She looks up to you.
I know that cheerleading

doesn't mean
that much to you,

but isn't it enough

that it's important
to your sister?

Dad, it's cheerleading.

Yeah, I know, but i
promised your mother

I'd give you a lecture.

It was pretty good.


happy, stay away.

Stay away from me,

and I think
this'll work.

They cannot see me

if I cannot be seen.

They cannot see me--

hi, Simon.


Yes, Simon?

Where are you?

I'm invisible.

Come on, ruthie.
Come out.

I am out.

I'm just invisible.

You can't be invisible.

You don't know how.

Can you see me?


Then I guess
i am invisible.


go find ruthie, girl.
Go find her.

Fine, then.

Hi, uh, we're
gonna head up now.

Good night.

Good night!

Thank you
so much for dinner.

I really enjoyed it.

I'm glad.

I'm sorry we didn't
get a chance to talk more.

Maybe tomorrow.

Yeah. Sure.

See ya then.


Good night.

Good night.

Good night.

Well, I hate
to tell you this,

but their
comin' in like that

was really a code
for, "it's late.
You better go home."



You know, it's so great
having dinner together
and hanging out

and just doing stuff
that normal families do.

Well, I don't know
how normal we are,

but, um, I'm glad
you had a good time.


Come here!

Thanks for taking me to
my dad's this afternoon.

maybe he'll be home,
and I'll introduce you.

i could follow you

if you don't want to
drive home alone.


The whole point
in my picking up my car

was so that you
wouldn't have to do that.

I'll be fine.
I drive myself
all the time.



Yeah, hi.

I'm sorry to wake you up.

This is Bob Jackson--
tia's father? Yeah.

She's not back yet,
and I was hopin' she
was over at your place.

I'm gettin' a little
worried about her.

I thought
she left here
a couple of hours ago.

Ok, uh, well,
we'll go down and check,

and I'll call you
right back.

Oh, thank you so much.

Seems tia
didn't make it home.

I think I found her.

Are you ok?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I just didn't feel like
going back to my dad's.

Well, he just called.
He's really worried
about you.

So worried it took him
till 2:30 to realize
I'm not there?

Well, let's let him know
you're all right.


Bob, hey,
it's Eric Camden.

Listen, tia's fine.
She's right here.

Oh, good, good.
I had a feeling she was.

I could follow her
over there, or--

or we could put her up
here for the night.

Oh...Well, I don't
want to put you out.

It's no trouble at all.

You want to talk to her?

No. No, I'm sure
she's in good hands.

Thank you so much.

Let me guess.

It's ok with him
if I stay here.


I'm sorry
if I scared you.

I was gonna drive home
in the morning

before anybody woke up.

His dates are
usually gone by then.

Don't worry about it.
I can make up a bed
on the couch, ok?

Thank you.

Tia, does your dad
know how you feel
about his dating?

Oh, I don't think
it makes any difference
how I feel.

It might.

Maybe you
should talk to him.

You really do believe
in miracles, don't you?

You kinda have to to be
in my line of work.


Are you ok?
Did you have
car trouble?

It's a long story.

She'll tell you
all about it.

Simon, breakfast.

In a minute, mom,
after I talk to tia.

What's up?

Well, I think
i figured out

why happy keeps
following me around,

even when I'm invisible.


to the ninjas,

when I'm invisible,
i don't really

I'm still there.

It's just that i
use my mental powers

so that you
can't see me.

Of course.

And a dog,
having greater
mental powers,

he still senses
that I'm around.

That's a good point.

Yeah. I was really

starting to think
i couldn't do it.

Was there a sleepover?

Doesn't she ever

Good morning.

Thanks for breakfast.

I better get going.

I've got to go home
and change for school.

You don't have to go.

You could wear
something of Mary's.

Come on, tia.
I'll find you something.

This is great,

almost like having
real sisters.

I'll go with you
and make sure

she shows
you the good stuff.

I told her
it was late and she
had to go home.

I said
I'd follow her

if she didn't want
to drive by herself.

Your father found her
asleep in her car.

We know you didn't
do anything wrong here.

Would it be ok with you
if I paid her dad a visit?

Yeah, it's fine with me,
but from what tia says,

the guys sounds like
a real jerk.

I kind of picked up on that.

What's her mom like?

Pretty much the same
as her dad.

So what are you
going to say to him?

You know, I've done
this kind of thing before.

Yeah, but this time
it affects me.

I mean, tia
likes the family,

and the family
likes her, right?


I mean, I know
it's still early
in the game,

but I think she
could be the one.

Did i--
did I lapse?

Did he say...

The one.

Do you think she
feels that way about him?

I think that tia likes
all of us camdens equally.

Think we should tell him?


He'll figure it out.

I hope so.

Hey, did you forget

Uh...Hmm, what?

A kiss.

I can't see you
this afternoon.

I promised Lucy I'd
help her with somethin'.

Oh, that's ok.

I think it's nice
you spend time
with your sisters.

I'll just hang out
at my dad's.

We'll have lots of time
this weekend, I promise.

Can we go to
church again?

I really
liked hearing
your dad speak.

Well, sure, but I was hoping
we'd get some time alone.

You know, just you and me.

It's ok if we don't.
I like your family.

They're nice
to be with.

And they feel that way
about you, too.



Hey, hey,
I'll be with you
in just a second.

Jerry? Jerry, is that
a joke or an insult?

Tell her
she can settle now,

or I will
advise my client
to go for custody.


What can I do for you?

I'm Eric Camden...

Matt's dad.

We spoke last night.
Well, actually,

it was, uh,
it was this morning.


the new boyfriend.

I am so glad tia
is getting out.

It's doing her
a lot of good.

This divorce
was tough on her,

and she was sitting
around, sulking,

just a sec.

No! Jerry, this
is not a negotiation.

That is the offer,
and it closes at the end
of business today!

Thank you, sweetheart.

It's up to you!

You want me to tell you
how to run your business?

Here's what I would do--

I would do what
is best for your client

and the kid.

All right, what does
she look like?

You're kidding.

Is she seeing anyone?

No. No, no, no.
It's a personal question.

Your 3:00 is waiting.

Hang on.

I'm sorry. It's just
one of those days.

Can we reschedule?

Uh, yeah, sure.

I'll, uh...

I'll call you.

It's good to see you.

Jerry? Jerry!
I am giving you
good advice here,

believe me!

What are we doing here?

I told you,
leave everything to me.

But how?

So this is
your little sister?

Hi. I'm Kristin.

Kristin, uh, meet Lucy.

She's going out
for cheerleading.

She just needs to
work out a few things.

Just lock up
before you leave,

and put the keys
back through
the mail slot.

Great. Thanks.
We really appreciate this.

No problem.
Good luck.


Who was that?

Oh, I, uh...
I dated her sister.


She dumped me, so she
figures she owes me.

Come on.

Hey, look, Lucy...

You know how to do
everything you need
to be a cheerleader,

and you're just as good
as anyone else
trying out.


you just need
some confidence,
some enthusiasm,

and the determination
to do it. That's all.

That's the secret
to doing everything.

Come on. Let's go.

You ok?


You just want to
straighten out
this time.

All right,

Lock your knees.

Hey, check out this great
leather jacket I found

at the thrift shop.

You look great in it.

Hey, mom said
you were up here.

I thought you
were hanging out
at your dad's.

I was. I thought
you were busy.

Well, that was before.
You want to do something?



I'd rather hang out
with the girls.



That's really cute.

You should try it
on with this.

I love it!


Simon, knock off

this invisibility
stuff, will you?

I don't find it
amusing anymore.

You're just
in a bad mood.
I understand.

Yeah? Why would i
be in a bad mood?

You know.

No. No, I don't know.
Tell me.

Well, uh,
i hate to be the one

to break the news to ya,

but, uh...

I think tia
wants to be a Camden.

Simon, I think it's
a little early

to be thinkin'
about marriage,

not that it couldn't
happen down the line.

Who's talking about marriage?

I think tia wants mom
and dad to adopt her.


That would
make her your sister,

which means you couldn't
go out with her anymore,

much less marry her.

Simon, mom and dad
aren't adopting tia.

Maybe not, but I still
think she wants them to.


Isn't it obvious?

The girl needs a family.

I mean, her father seemed
completely oblivious

to the fact that tia
was even having a problem.

Her mother
was the same way.

Wonder what would happen

if I got the two of them
in the same room

and made them see

what it is they're
doing to this kid.


You don't think
i can do it?

I think you can do
anything you want.





I appreciate
all you did for me,

but I don't know
what I was thinking.

I don't stand a chance.

What are you
talking about?

you have to do,
you did with me.

I saw you.
You can do it.

Yeah. I can do all
the technical stuff.

It's not that.

What is it, luce?
Tell me.

I'm not pretty enough
to be a cheerleader.

My legs are too skinny,
and my head is too big.

Come here.

Look at yourself.

you're beautiful,

as beautiful
as any cheerleader
I've ever seen.

You think?

I know.

Even if I don't
become a cheerleader,

it was worth all the effort
just for this.

Thanks, Matt.

You'll make it, kid.

And if I don't?

Well, then I guess
we have the next year
to work on it.



Go, eagles! Go!


Go, eagles! Go!

Say, am I just
being a father here,

or is she really good?

She's really good.

You know,
i hate to admit it,

but this is kinda cool.

How did you do it?

All I did was help her
find some confidence,

same thing I did for you.

the cheerleading Lucy
was invisible

because all we could see
was the regular Lucy.

I think you're
exactly right, Simon.

G-o! Go, eagles. Go!

G-o! Go, eagles! Go!

G-o! Go, eagles! Go!


This was a great day
to be with your family.

Thanks for including me.



Listen, tia, I, uh...

I kinda get the feeling
you're not with me
because of me,

but because
of my family.

I'm sorry, Matt.

I like you.
I really do,

but I guess I just need more
than a boyfriend right now.

That's ok. I understand.

Don't take it personally.

I won't.

I've, uh...

I've been dumped before.

You're kidding.

No. Uh-uh.

Never by anybody
that I cared about
this much,

but, hey, sometimes
these things

just don't work out.

Yeah. I know all
about that.

Come here.

It'll be fine.
You'll see.

Can I ask you
a terrible question?

You bet.

When things settle down
with my life,

can we try going out again?

That's not
a terrible question.


When you called to say
there was somebody you
wanted me to meet,

I hung up the phone,
i made a sale,

and I completely blew
my commission on lingerie.

So is he an associate
of yours, reverend?

It's Eric, and, uh,

no, not an associate,
just a friend.

Not that I don't go out.
I mean, I go out.

It's just so nice
to meet new men.

I'll get it.

It's so hard to
meet anyone decent
at my age,

with a kid attached,

everyone in town
knowing your husband.

What's this?

I thought you
said you had someone
you wanted me to meet.

We do.


Bob, Ellen...

I'd like you
to meet your daughter.

you've both been pretty
wrapped up lately,

and you've been missing out
on getting to know

a terrific young woman.

She's got a couple
of things she would
like to say to you.

If you have a problem,
dear, you can always
talk to me.

As if she can't talk to me?

Why don't we
all sit down?


Go ahead, tia.

Ok, um...

Ever since the divorce,

I feel like neither
of you really care
about me anymore.

It's like
all you care about

is getting back
at each other,

and nobody ever asks me
what I want.

All you ask is what
the other one is doing,

and I'm tired of it.

I'm tired of being shuffled
back and forth.

I'm tired of sitting
in your house alone, dad.

Or in the condo alone, mom.

I need you.

Both of you...

Even if I have to settle
for you one at a time.

why didn't you
say something?

When, dad?

When you come home
for 5 minutes

while you change
for your next date?

And you don't talk
to me either, mom!

If you did, you'd know
that I don't wanna move

to some singles condo.

And that's all that i
have to say for now,

and I hope that i
didn't hurt your feelings...

'Cause I love you.

Even if you don't
love each other anymore.

I'm gonna ask Matt to
drive me home now, ok?


Just a second.

I'm sure you both
know tia best.

I've talked to a lot of kids
going through a divorce.

It's really easy for them

to feel that nobody
cares about them.

I mean, some kids
handle it ok,

but some run away
from home, some...

Commit suicide.

They become victims

of people who know them
and love them, but who...

Quit paying attention

because they're
in pain themselves.

I think you've
gotten your point
across, reverend.

Sorry. I didn't mean to push.

If there's anything
i can do to help you,

just let me know.

Is it just me,
or does this guy

have one of those

It's you.

I hate it
that he's right.

Yeah. Me, too.

Huh, look at that.

We just agreed
on something.

Maybe tia would like it

if we made an appointment
with the reverend,

and the 3 of us
sat down and talked.

Hey, we're
on a roll here.

Now that you've fixed
everyone else's problems,

you think you
might have a few minutes
left over for me?

Uh, sure.

What's that?

Well, it's just
a little, um...


Come on. I'll show you.

Do you have any idea
where Simon is?

No. I haven't seen him.


You wanna see me
do the locomotive
cheer again?

No! No. Heh heh.

That's ok.

But you were great
this afternoon.


Oh, and I have
a little present for you.

A sports bra?

Yep. I thought
since you're kind
of an athlete now,

you might need it.


You're the best.


And champagne.


I've been savin' up
for a new guitar,

but I figured
a few new strings

would do just as well.

We came up here the night
we moved into this house.

I remember.