7Seeds (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - Pure Brightness - full transcript

Problems persist in the ship as the spreading bacteria begins attacking. The missile countdown continues as the team makes a mad dash to exit.

It won't stop.


Guys, what's happening on your screens?
Any changes?

Mine says there's been an error.

- Mine too.
- Same here.

That means this fourth booth is
the only one not working right.

I'm going to reboot it.
Let's try it one more time.


All right, I'll countdown from five again.








No good.

Guys, my terminal here is busted
and can't seem to cancel the order.

You're kidding.

After all that work.

We ended up wasting a lot of time.

Come back, everyone.

We need to meet up where Hotaru is.

Well, I wouldn't call it all a waste.

I thought this ship was just
a hunk of creepy and disgusting metal.

But we found out that people lived here
and ate curry and stuff.

I realized they led
perfectly normal lives here.

I started to think it was homey, in a way.


Sort of charming, you know.

I don't understand.

Which part of that
doesn't make this a waste of time?

Well, he has a point.

It was ordinary folks who pushed
the switch to launch the missiles

after going through a lot.

Guys, turn off the power
to your terminals.

Oh, hey, Hotaru.

Do you think we can
cut the ship's main power source?

Like maybe by stopping the engines.

If we stop whatever generates power,

then the missiles
won't be able to launch, right?

I'll do some checking.

I'll head for the engine room
and see if I can stop them.

Oh, we're going to break stuff?
Count me in!

I'll join you too!

The bacteria?

How did so much get here?

I have to be careful not to touch it.

I should pass through the other side.

Have you figured anything out, Hotaru?

Ango, it seems it might not be possible.

I can't access the schematics
or wiring blueprints

without an ID and password.

I see.

I don't know anything about computers.

We were taught almost nothing
about how generators or engines work.


I'm sorry. I can't figure it out.

But I know the bottom level
is considered a restricted area,

so something important
might be down there.

Roger that. Thanks.

I don't think I would have ever found
that code we were looking for earlier.

Ango, you there? Too bad it didn't work.

Is that you, Ryo? Yes.
How are things on your end?

We've had no luck either.
We can't find an exit.

All the routes we came in from
have been shut off by thick walls.

It seems we can't just leave normally.
We'll search for another way.

Don't you think it was all a waste, Ryo,

what we learned back then?

I'll contact you later.

It sounded like Ango was
feeling really down.

I'm feeling down too.

I was enjoying thinking about curry
until just a little while ago.

Hey, Ryo. What kind of curry did you like?

I don't have any preferences
regarding food.

What? Does that mean
there's nothing you like?

I don't care, as long as it's edible.

That's crazy.

What about your preferences
regarding people?

Do you have any preferences
regarding people similar to me?

Similar to what about you?

Well, I mean, people
who are always spunky and happy,

who are petite, cute,
and have a bit of a curl.


Naturally curly hair.
Like frizzy, and with big, round eyes...

I see. I think people who are spunky
and have curly hair are fine.

Is that right?

I meant that in a positive way.

He already knows someone like that.

Someone spunky and with curly hair.

And he was thinking about
that person just now.

It's such a shock
that even I'm surprised by it.

Oh, to be young.

We're still below sea level.

And the ship won't let us go any higher.

We can't get out by opening holes
in the wall.

I don't want to set off an explosion
since it may disturb the hull's balance.

Since the ship turned vertical,
then the missiles must come out the top.

That's it, Matsuri! Nice thinking!

Ango, there should be an exit we can use.

I'm going to check, so just wait.

"There should be"?

And also,

Matsuri, do you still feel like
it was worth coming here?


I mean, Ryo and I are totally closer
than before we came here.

You heard her.

Ango, the only way to waste time is
by thinking of it as a waste.

What matters is how you feel about it.


I'll contact you again later.

Wait, Ryo.

How I feel about it?

When did Ryo start saying
ambiguous things like that?


We're in big trouble!

Didn't you go below
to meet up with Arashi and Natsu?

I couldn't find a way!

All of a sudden, everything is
rusted over and falling apart.

The ladders are falling apart too!

What are we going to do?

Arashi and Natsu won't be
able to get back up!

I don't know how this works,
but I'm turning them all off.

Stop. Please stop.

If the missiles launch
and land where Hana is, then...

Stop! Just stop!

It feels like something is chasing me.

Could it be...

- Natsu?
- Arashi!

What's wrong?

I'm fine. Let me help you.

Okay. Let's turn everything off.

We can't go this way.

See what I mean? The B and C blocks
are even worse than this.

Will they even be able
to make it back here?

Let's see where we can pull them up
over the shortest distance by rope.

You and Ryo sure are amazing.

Why is that?

You're quick to decide what to do next
and then immediately act on it.

That's just natural.

It's not natural.

Considering the location,
this should be the door.

What? What's this?

When we were on the elevator,

I saw something on the left
that looked like a ladder.

The missiles going up that hole there?

Yes. It was really noisy.

We'll climb up here.

There should be a hatch up here
for the missiles to launch through.

And that's our exit.


Arashi, are you okay?

Yes. Natsu is with me.

But Semimaru hasn't shown up yet.

I couldn't make it.

- What?
- Listen up.

The bacteria suddenly started
propagating like mad.

The paths connecting us to you
are now impassible on every block.

You mean we can't go back the way we came?

Exactly. We're having Hotaru
search for alternate routes now.

You still okay, Natsu?
Not scared out of your wits?

I'm just fine.

Even when I was searching for
the code alone,

it was strange,
but I wasn't scared at all.

Oh, really? You're sounding tough.

Natsu, if you feel fine
in a situation like this, doubt yourself.

You're not in a proper state of mind.

Humans get careless
when they're riding a high.

Fear is natural. Embrace the anxiety.

It's precisely what keeps you cautious
and aware. Got it?

Trust yourself,
but always keep in mind your doubts.


This is more complicated than I thought.

I still have a lot to work on.

Say, Ango,
how did you learn all this stuff?

Simply through experience.

Arashi and Ango, can you both hear me?

I hear you.

Arashi, it looks like
you're at the bottom of A block.

If you go to the side opposite the hallway
all the way to the end,

you'll find a vertical passageway,
like a ventilation shaft.

Go out that way.

Ango, are you able to reach A-3-15
from where you are?

I think it's still possible to get there.

Roger. We'll go and see.

We'll rendezvous there, Arashi. Hurry.

Arashi, did you copy that?

Ango, I'm going to stay here until
the last minute to shut this thing down.

We've already cut it too close.
We need time to escape.

Look, I want to stop these missiles
no matter what it takes.

I'll make sure Natsu gets there.
Bring her up first.

If you just leave the rope,
then I'll follow later.


I must stop the...

What happened?


Hurry! Get outside!

Those things went straight for the blood.

It looked like they were also after you.
Did you get injured or something?

I'm not injured, but...

Well, I...

I'm on my period.


But I get it now.

Those things don't necessarily
attack humans,

but they're attracted to blood.

You're kidding!

When I threw that garbage away
in the bathroom earlier,

it must have gotten a taste for blood.

That must be it.

Crap. Let's move!

Ango, we're headed to
the rendezvous point.

The bacteria are attacking!

- What did you say?
- What?

It's an exit,
but it's also the launch port.

That means the preparations are
proceeding steadily.

What do you mean
the bacteria are attacking?

Hey! Say something, Natsu!

It sounds like the others are
having problems of their own.


Ryo, come back!

I will, after I secure our escape route
down the outside.

Just come back!
We'll handle the rest from here.

Meet up with Ango.

It seems like Arashi and Natsu
are in trouble.

Go and help them.

You can do that, right?

Roger that.

Take this with you.


You're staying here, Matsuri.


See you.

Ryo, please be careful!

I'm worried since I can't be with you.

It's just past that door!

Ango, what's going on?

The bacteria can attack people?

They're down here. Semimaru, help me out.

What? Down here? Are we pulling them up?

But how? I'm not strong enough to do that.

This should just barely reach them.

Arashi! Natsu!


We'll pull you both up quickly!


What's the plan? Hey, Ango...

At all times, the most important thing is
to have situational awareness.

Where are you? What's nearby?

How much time do you have?
What are your priorities?

What can you use?

Arashi. I'm throwing you a rope.

Tie it around the both of you.

- Right.
- Right.

Both of us together?

Right! Do you know how to tie it off?

I think so.

Both at once is impossible!

Semimaru, take the end of the rope
and don't let go.

How many supports can I make
with the tools on hand?

How much weight will it hold?

It's a reinforced rope. Including clothes
and bags, they weigh just over 110 kilos.

Semimaru, help me out.
We'll push this off.

- What?
- Hurry up!


Hold on! Wait a second!

Won't this break the rope?

I don't know.

You don't know?

It would take too long to pull them up
by hand one by one this far.

They're here!

Ango, we're all set!
The bacteria have started to come in!

Shit! We have no choice! Ready, go!

It's not falling!

Should I cut it with my knife?

Don't be stupid!
It will shock you if it's electrified!

Ango, at the very least, pull Natsu up!

He cares about me!

But it doesn't make me happy.

Even as close as we are now!

It just sounds like he's saying,
"I'll die here to be with Hana."

Hey, Ango!

I wanted to reduce the impact on them,
so this is perfect.

Semimaru! Pull them up!

I would, but I can't reach it!



Take this rope
and wrap it around yourselves.

Make sure you won't slip out!


- Arashi, you have your knife, right?
- Yes!

Cut the first rope.

Semimaru, come help us pull them.


- Natsu, grit your teeth.
- Okay.

Pull them up!

They're eating up
the equipment we dropped.

It's like they're sentient predators.

Fine, I'll give you some food.

What do you think will be
most important in the future?

Attentiveness and good judgment.

Decisiveness and the will to act.

You already have all of those things.

We don't have time to rest.
We need to hurry and go up.

Welcome back, everyone.

Ms. Botan and Matsuri, do you read me?

Everyone made it back!

Thank goodness!

We've found a way out here too.

Come quick!

Let's move.

Thank you.

I'm sorry for being selfish.


No thanks necessary.

I like to avoid sink or swim situations.

Back at that moment, why didn't I do
everything I could to rescue Hana?

That was pretty reckless of you.

There were no other options.

Thank you.

I didn't do anything.

Save it for Ango and Ryo.

I couldn't do a thing. Not a damn thing.

In that brief moment, while I was
just sitting there spacing out,

those guys managed to accomplish
so much more.

Thank you.

It wasn't a waste.

It wasn't a waste at all.

He's right.

What we learned there wasn't a waste.

What a relief! Except, we didn't stop
the missiles, so it's not all good.

So, have you started to
trust Ryo a little, Ms. Botan?

I was kind of happy when you asked him
to go back to save Nat and Arashi.

I suppose.

Oh, here they come.

Hey, over here!

An exit! I can see stars up there!


We couldn't stop the launch.

I wanted to stop it more than anything.

No point fretting over it!

We did everything we could have.

You wanted to stop them
for Hana's sake, right?

That's one reason.

But I also wanted to do it
for the other teams.

And most importantly,

for my own sake.

I want to live here.

I want to continue living in this world

along with all of you.

That's why I'm begging you,
please stop all of the missiles!


Who are you even asking?

Let's go. We don't have time.

Right now, we need to
get everyone out safely

and evacuate these waters
before time runs out.

That's our only option.

Please stop it!
I have no idea who I'm even praying to.

But please just stop it.

Right now,
everyone has someone on their minds.


The missiles may rain down
on the others we separated from.

Are you okay?


It stopped?


That monitor's probably just busted.

No, it also stopped on that one.

The power!

All the lights are going out.

The ship's power died, which means
the missile launch stopped too.

What? But why?

The bacteria?

That makes sense.
I even said it a few times myself.

I said that the bacteria
could interfere with the ship's systems.

It's the bacteria
that stopped the missiles.

Natsu, I'm sure it was thanks to you.


The bacteria spread around
because you walked all over the ship.

The rest of us were
just making a ruckus. Amazing.

Don't you think it's crazy
just how amazing living creatures can be?

So, what is this bacteria
you guys are going on about?

Didn't you see it?

We're out!

- Hooray! We made it!
- We're outside!

Fresh air.

Hey, Ryo.

Don't you feel that, just a little bit,
it was a good thing we came here?

See? The difference between good
and bad things is often hard to tell.

After all,
they usually happen in the same place.

I see. This isn't a test.

An artificial test is
far from what happens in reality.

In the end, a test is just a test.

And reality is definitely not a test.


Regardless of what may come,
I will never use this.

All right. Let's get going.

Hana, how are you?

I would really like to introduce you
to everyone here.

Let's keep on living together...

in this world.

Arashi, what are you up to?

At first, I thought that I could never
live in a world like this.

But I've made up my mind.

I'm going to live on here in this world.