7Seeds (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Spring Begins - full transcript


Arashi! It's starting!

- Aiming for a spot in the final four,
- I'm coming!

- Fujisawa First
- Here's your tea.

takes the field for the top of the first.


Here's the ace pitcher who's the focus
of the tournament, Takahiro Aramaki!

It looks like some scouts
from the major leagues

are here to watch him today.

Where am I?

Mom? Where are you?


If you're awake, hurry up and follow me.

We're about to sink.

There's no more time!

This way!


When you all wake up,
you may be in heaven...

or you may be in hell.

No matter the case,
I hope you will all strive to stay alive.

Hurry, this way! Get onboard!

Hurry up!


Are you all right?

Get on the boat!

Are you okay? Grab on!

Oh, look at Mr. Cool Guy!

Do you always brave danger
to help complete strangers?

It's human nature to want to help others.

I wouldn't do it.

Fine. If you get into trouble,
I'll just leave you behind.

Some hero you are.

Get up here!

We have to move away
before that sinking ship takes us with it!

That's my bag...

Why is it here?

Are there any others?

No, it's just the four of us.

I didn't see anyone else.

If you're going to puke, do it outside.

Don't worry. I've got an empty stomach!

It's weird.
I ate a lot of barbecue last night.

Last night...

All of my favorite dishes,
and so much of them.

Seems like things have calmed down.

Can anyone explain what happened?

I don't even remember leaving my house,
much less getting on any ship.

I was asleep in my bed.

How did I end up here?

Someone tell me! What happened?

I'm in the same situation.

Same here. I woke up on that ship.

You're pretty quick on your feet
for someone who just woke up.

Really? So, what's your story?

All I remember is eating a ton of barbecue
before I went to bed. That's it.

So, we've all got amnesia?

Where are our families?

Right now, we need to find a place
and make landfall.

Look! There's an island right over there!

It looks like a cat.

Now that you mention it, it sure does.

I hope Mom is looking after my cat.

If we don't do something,
we'll crash into that cliff!

Use these. We need to start rowing!


we need to get out of this current!

Damn it! Why did I get stuck in this mess?

Shut up and row!

What is it?

I thought I saw something in the water.

We'll catch it and eat it later.
Just focus on rowing for now.

Yes, ma'am!

Boys, unless you match our pace,
we'll just end up going in circles.

We know that!

Looks like this is a dead-end.

I'll go see if we can
get to the top from here. Stay put.

Nice ass, lady.

Save that for later.

Dang, she's so mature.
She brushed me off like it was nothing.

What a flat ass.

Little girls are so lame.

I was hoping for a shriek or a "No!"

Cut it out.
You're making a bad impression.

Whatever, I don't give a damn.
I know I'm a total asshole.

You climb ahead of us.

Okay, fine.


The sun is coming up.
East must be that way.

I wonder if there's anyone else
on this island?

What do you think?


Oh, I don't know.


Why are you always apologizing?
You don't have to be so polite.

Oh, I know. Let's all introduce ourselves.

My name is Arashi Aota.
I'm a sophomore in high school.

I'm Natsu Iwashimizu.
I'm a high school freshman.

Nice to meet you.
I'm Semimaru Asai. I'm 18.

With a name like that,
your parents must be poets.

What? What are you talking about?
I was born in summer, that's all.

Don't you dare call me "Cicada Boy"
or anything like that!

Besides, "summer" and "cicada" make
a good pair, right?

Let's be friends!

You get bullied a lot, don't you?

I'm a bully myself.

You're my new prey.

That's enough, Cicada Boy.

What? Now, you've done it.


You prick.

Am I interrupting your playtime?

My name is Botan Saotome.

Since I'm the oldest, I'm in charge.

Let's start by looking for water.

We'll split into two groups.

You're coming with me.

Make sure you don't get lost.
We'll meet back here later.

You're pretty tough, Ms. Iwashimizu!


I know some people who would be
a big, sobbing mess in this situation.

Is he talking about his girlfriend?

I'm not really that tough.

Crying would shift the attention to me.

I'm not assertive enough to do that.

I've always been uncomfortable
in situations like that.

There's a waterfall! Great!

Can you tell the other two?

If you call them from back there,
they'll hear you.


I can't yell very loudly.

Hey, Big Sis Botan,

I get the feeling you know something
about all this.

Well, that's hard to say.

From my perspective,
you seem oddly calm about everything.

You're a tough one.
I love that kind of thing.

Let's have some fun.

Do you have a death wish?

I guess you do.

I'm just kidding.

That knife will come in handy
from here on out.

Take good care of it.

Dang, she's pretty frightening.

Oh, there they are.

I wonder if they'll hear me.

What's wrong?


He was so nice to me earlier,
I hope this doesn't make him hate me.

Let me handle this.

Water! We found water!

Really? We'll be right there!

If a helicopter flies by,
they'll see this.

Let's hope so.

More importantly, where's the food?

I'm starving over here!

You're right. Let's split up
and try to find something edible.

Okay, I'll search over here.

Semimaru, gather some wood
and start a fire.

Why is she ordering me around?

Hey, twerp!

Strip those down into thin pieces for me.


Do what I say,
or I'll give you hell, dummy!


I have to do something
to prove myself useful.

Otherwise, I'll just be a burden.

What are you doing?

I thought it was clear
we were going to search for food.

Well, I was told to do this.

By who? Semimaru?


What is all this?
What will you do with it?

I don't know.

You don't know? Are you an idiot?

Don't you know how to think for yourself?

Don't you understand our situation?

We have to think for ourselves
in order to survive!

I'm sorry.

Look at people when you talk to them.

Otherwise, you'll only invite trouble.

I'm sorry.

All you ever do is apologize.

Hurry up and go!

Find your own food, at the very least!

Those are bananas, I think.

That's shocking. I'm totally useless.

That's what I get
for never climbing trees.

Okay, how about this?

I have to do what I'm told.

Otherwise, they'll just abandon me.

I'll be left behind.

Move, legs! I have to get away!

Arashi! Save me, Arashi!

I found it.

I outran them.

It's... a monster!

Hana! Are you okay?

Tsunomata, behind you!

Thanks for the save, Hana.

Right back at you. Thanks.

Mr. Yanagi, what are you doing?

I'm going to burn them.
It's the most efficient method.

We can't do that.

All we need to do is
get some food and water.

There's no reason to exterminate
the insects.

An environmentalist, are we?

Listen, girlie. We're not in a position
to worry about those kinds of issues.


Do you want to die out here?

If you ask me, I'm with Hana on this.

Needless killing is unacceptable.

If you destroy the plants,
we'll have even more problems.

I expected more of you, Tsunomata.

Let's get out of here.

I don't take orders from you!

Mr. Yanagi!


Damn bugs!

Are you okay?

Goddamn it! This is your fault!

Welcome back, Hana.

Thanks for going out there.

We made it back.

Haru, Fujiko, here.

- Thanks.
- Thank you.

And for you, Momotaro.


Is everyone all right?

Stupid brat. Do we look all right?

That's the last time
I'm going there to get water.

The bugs were all over the place.

It's been two weeks since we came here.

We haven't seen a plane or a ship
the whole damn time.

That means help isn't coming
no matter how long we wait for it.

We're getting out of here right now.
Get ready to move!

- Right now?
- I can't stand another minute here!

I think we should stay put
for the rest of today.

What? Why?

It smells like rain.

The weather is just fine!

For now, but I don't think it will last.

We should trust our instincts
while we're in...


Have you forgotten?
I'm the leader of this group.

My orders must be obeyed.

I'm telling you because it's dangerous.


Hold on a minute.

If you're the leader here,
then I demand you take us back home!

Then we...

Shut up.

I've had enough of
your snarky remarks, too.

Calm down. Let's not get violent, pal.

Tsunomata, who are you calling "pal"?

No violence, please, sir.

Get it through your heads.
I'm in charge here!

Stop wasting time and get to work!

Once everything is ready,
we're leaving immediately!

Do you think there's land somewhere?

I don't know, but I sure hope so.

We don't know where we're headed,
and we have no destination.

Hey! You girls over there!

Quit talking and start rowing!

Hey, Chisa. How is Hibari doing?

Oh, hi, Hana.

She's still the same.

Her body is freezing cold,
it's almost like she's dead.

Sometimes I get worried and grab her hand,

but she still has a pulse.

I see.

Hey. What the heck are you doing?

I'm keeping watch.

What's wrong? You're no match for me!

He reeks.

Thanks to you, I'm in a lot of pain
from the bug that stung me!

Get off of me!

- Not just the smell.
- You always talk like a big shot,

- Something is wrong with him!
- but just look at you.

You don't have the strength to match me!

Cut it out!

I'll make sure you never disobey me again!

Damn! The raft is going to split apart!

Everybody, grab on to something!

What's wrong?

Hibari got swept away by the waves!

- Leave her be!
- You can't be serious!

She was as good as dead anyway.

Instead, grab some rope
and tie down our supplies!

I'm not letting her die.



It's okay, I'll catch up!

Great. Less dead weight
I need to worry about.

What are you staring at?
Get over here and help me!




We're right back where we started.
The damn island of bugs!

We were washed all the way back here?

I think they've noticed us.

Hey, Hana. Give me that girl.

- What?
- She'll never wake up.

So, what are you going to do?

Use her as bait.

It should buy us
plenty of time to get out of here.

Are you insane?

We don't have time for this.
Hand her over!

Just do as I say!
I'm doing this to keep us all alive!

No way!

I'm sick of you damn idiots.
Enough! Give her to me!

Mr. Yanagi, are you crazy?

Stop it!

- I won't let you hurt her!
- Quit whining!

I told you to stop!

You bitch!

We have to save him.

Take care of Hibari.


You can't!

Let's get out of here.
There's nothing we can do.

- But...
- Forget him.

Let's go back to the beach.

We're right back where we started again.

The current must have
dragged us back here.

It's like we're trapped.

This sucks.

I abandoned him.

No, you didn't! It's not your fault, Hana.

He got what he deserved.

If we didn't do anything,
he would have killed Hibari.

It's not all bad news.

A fair amount
of our food supply is still safe.

Would anyone like to eat?

Mr. Yanagi...

Good, you're all awake.


Everybody line up. No lollygagging.

But... why are you here?

Since you're a bunch of wusses,
they decided to add an adult to the group.

Ango! This isn't like you guys!

Hey, don't...

You bastards!