68 Whiskey (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Mr. Fix-It - full transcript

A visiting dignitary arrives on base; Davis seeks a new side hustle as pressure from home becomes unbearable; Durkin and Sasquatch have a fight about their future.





♪ ♪

I know you don't want to
hear this, but I have a plan.

You're right, I don't want
to hear it, so let's drop it.

What the fuck did you just do?

That right there

is some of the finest
saffron on the market.

- Saffron?
- You got no idea.

This stuff is like red gold.

It's easily the most expensive
spice by weight on the planet.

And guess where it's grown?

Right here, in the
fertile blood-soaked soil

of Afghanistan.

How convenient.

This stuff sells for like
500 bucks an ounce retail.

Double that in some parts of the world.

We've been wasting
our time with hashish.

Look, whatever you're scheme
you're coming up with next,

I don't want any part of it.

I owe people in four
different time zones money.

A lot of money.

Look, I've already
worked out all the math.

For every pound of
this stuff that we sell,

we make a cool eight grand profit.

Local farmers are already
growing the stuff.

All we gotta do is
buy low and sell high.

- Oh, is that all?
- Yeah.


We sell directly to high-end
restaurants all over the world.

For one, we have no contacts
for high-end restaurants

all over the world.

For two, most of the saffron trade

around these parts is run by Taliban.

And for three, you forgot
to mention the part

where it takes a couple
hundred thousand flowers

just to harvest a single
pound of the stuff.

How do you know all that?

I've been reading the same
article in the "Nat Geo"

that's been sitting on the toilet

for the last two months that you did.

I just happened to
read the entire article.

I'm just trying to help you out, man.

Appreciate it, but all
your schemes so far

were supposed to be a sure thing.

The only thing I know for
sure is that I'm flat broke

and my family is about
to lose their home.

I can't afford any more losses, my man.

We're gonna figure this one out.

We always do.

Can I sit with you guys?

It's not fucking middle school.

You don't need to ask.

I was home schooled. [CHUCKLES]

So did you see those
rad wheels out there?

- Stay away, kid.
- What? Why?

You got a lot better things to do

with the money you don't have.

Okay, but I... I can go look, can't I?

Just don't touch.


- Well, you know what?
- Uh, I'm not hungry.

I'm gonna go check 'em out. [CHUCKLES]

Keep it in your pants, kid.

♪ ♪

They are beautiful, aren't they?

Don't you think after
laying your life on the line

to spread freedom and democracy,

you deserve to come
home in something nice

waiting for you in the garage?

Well, it's my parents' garage.


Why don't you get in? Fire her up.


I never get tired of that sound.


Now I can get you into this

for a low down payment of $5,000.

Oh, that's a lot of money.

That's barely three months' pay.

It's tax-free, and I'm gonna give you

a $500 military discount.

Close your eyes for
a second. Picture this.

You return home a war hero.

You pull up to a stoplight
in your brand-new sled.

In the car next to you, it's your rival.

- I don't have a rival.
- Light turns green,

you dust that jackalope off the line.

Zero to 60, 3.5 seconds.

Whole town sees it.

Ladies will be literally fighting

over who gets to blow you
from this passenger seat.


Thank you for your work.
Thank you very much.

Thank you. How are you?

Good to see you. Eat up, gentlemen.

As you can see, it's a multiethnic,

multinational base, got
a lot of moving parts,

but they move well together.
That's what matters.

That's attributed to
your fine work as well.

Well, I'm doing the best
I can with what I got.

Ah, thank you.

Staying out of trouble, Sergeant?

Uh, doing my best, sir.

I'm giving Mr. Goodall, the
new Secretary of the Army,

a tour around FOB Guardian.

Oh, welcome to the Orphanage, sir.

The Orphanage?

It's an unsanctioned nickname.

- Ah.
- Yeah, when you're

in a foreign country, out
in the middle of nowhere,

it's easy to feel abandoned.

Orphanage sounds apt. I like it.

Sergeant Alvarez is one
of my best flight medics.


Best of luck with this
war, Mr. Secretary.

Maybe let's get a picture
over there, switch things up.

Sergeant, would you mind taking a photo?

Sarah, my executive assistant,

keeps telling me that
I need fresh content

for my social media platforms.

- Sure.
- Milton!

Like to introduce you
all to Allen Milton,

one of the best war photojournalists

who's ever lived.

Yeah, close in up.

Colonel Austin, could
you just... Thanks.

Say "too old for this shit".


Got it? Good.

Sergeant, if there is anything you need,

please feel free to contact my office.

Service members like yourself
keep this machine running.

Sir, can I ask a question?

That's why I'm here.

Why is the DOD terminating
the MAVNI program?

- Alvarez...
- No.

That's an honest question.

And maybe one day we'll
have the time to sit down

so I can give you a complicated answer

to a complicated situation.

Uh, Mr. Secretary,

I wanna show you our
Tactical Operations Center.

- Good idea.
- Terrific.

Mr. Secretary...

Sorry, I realize you're very busy,

but if you had a moment,
my team and I would love

to take you for a spin in the bird.

Show you what it's like to be

a combat medic here in Afghanistan.

That would be very enlightening.

Sarah, follow up with
Colonel Austin's office

to set that up.


Your crew is hell-bent on
being a pain in my ass!

And may I remind you that
you are still grounded

after that incident with
SecCorp and the morphine?

Stay in your lane,
Sergeant! That's an order!

Way to get us back in the air.

Look, it'll give us a
chance to corner this guy

and maybe change his mind
on this MAVNI bullshit.

'Cause there's no guarantee
that this marriage

is gonna get you the Green Card

and keep you from getting deported.

Nothing is going to change
that man's mind.

We're gonna try.

She's right. Those
motherfuckers tow the party line.

They don't make decisions by themselves.

At least I'll get some
special dispensation

for my wife out of it then.

You will do anything to have
this marriage annulled.

♪ ♪

Raise you 50.

- Puts me all in.
- That's the idea.


You gonna show your hand?

Hang on. What are you doing here?

Why are you ghosting me

like I'm some shitty date
you're trying to shake?

- Ghosting?

I think it's what the kids call it

when you don't wanna
talk to someone anymore.

Hey buddy, go fuck yourself.


You know you're not allowed in here.

Try and remove me.

Why did you say "and
that's how you sell it"

to me after the fight?

[CHUCKLES] I was just
having a little fun, babe.

- Were you?
- What do you wanna say to me?

- Did you take a dive?
- Huh?

You heard what I said.

During the fight did you take a dive?

Answer the fucking question.

Why would I do that?

That's what I'm here to find out.

How'd Roback know to bet on me?

How the hell do I know?

After I told you all about
the Bodyguard's weakness,

you couldn't wait to run and tell him.

Okay, yes.

I told him because I knew
Davis needed the cash.

He was gonna lose his family's home,

and I knew that could help him.

Bullshit! This isn't about Davis.

This is about Roback.

This is about you screwing
him behind my back

the entire time we've been together.

I'm over Roback.

That doesn't really answer
the question, does it?

It should.

I had a gut feeling that
everything I told you

would get back to
Roback, and I was right.

Wow, so this was some
kind of loyalty test.

- And you failed.
- Well, fuck you and your test.

Then I need to hear it.

Have you been screwing
Roback behind my back

this whole time we've been together?



- Hey.
- Hey, hey.

I was starting to think

I was never gonna hear from you again.

How did Max do in his game?

Good, he hit the game-winning home run.

- Oh!
- Yeah.

He's really killing it.

I mean, the coach is going nuts.

- Oh, that's great.


so my tour got extended by three months.

Are you fucking kidding me? Why?

We're spread so thin,

and, you know, my
job is mission critical.

No, I can't... I can't believe
we're doing this again.

- Yeah, I know.
- What do I tell the kids?

The same thing you always tell them.

You know, that mommy loves them so much,

and three months isn't really that long.

And what do I tell myself?


you knew this was gonna
be a big part of our life

when you married me.

I gotta go.


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Thanks to Sergeant Roback here,

Secretary Goodall
reached out to my office

to go on a ride-along
with my flight medics,

specifically your crew.

I thought we were grounded, sir.

You were, but against
my better judgment,

I have no choice but to send you up.

And if this was a ruse
to get reinstated,

congratulations, it worked.

But know that if I was not a crew short,

you'd all still be on the ground.

Life has a funny way of changing up

- the best laid plans, sir.
- But some more than others.

Just happy to be back in the air, sir.

I'm sure you are.

Does this mean that our
pay is being reinstated?

It does.

Can't send the Secretary
of the whole goddamn Army

up with a crew who's serving
out an Article 15, can I?

- Couldn't agree more, sir.
- Davis, you're dismissed.

You two stay here.

I've just received word
from Corporal Durkin

that you've both been
given the green light

for your Permanent
Resident Card interview.

- Yes, sir.
- The corporal will RV

with you both to schedule transportation

to Bagram and the embassy.

- Thank you, sir.
- We really appreciate this.


You don't understand.

My mother has cancer,

she's fighting for her life.

My father has recently been
laid off from the factory

where he worked for 35 years.

They barely have enough money
for the both of them to eat,

let alone to pay the mortgage

and a mountain of medical bills.

Yes, I understand that the hospital

has a lien on the house,

but my nephews and nieces
live in that house too.

Taking that house away
means that you are putting

three generations out on the street.

Listen, I wish that I could
speak to you in person,

but I'm currently stationed overseas.

That's correct, sir.

I'm in the United States Army.

Thank you.

Okay, I can get you $1,500
by the first of the month.

All right, what's the total amount owed?


That's 12 grand more
than it was a month ago!



Listen to me, you ice cold motherfucker,

this is straight up goddamn robbery!

I don't give a shit if this
call is being recorded!

I'm glad it's being recorded!

I want you to play it back
over and over again

so you can be reminded of how deeply

I'm gonna fuck you when
I get back stateside!

Do you hear me? Hello?

The hell y'all looking at?

♪ ♪

Hey, can we talk?

Does it have anything
to do with the mission

we're about to go on?

Not exactly.

Then no, we can't talk.

This is just business hours only.

Let me focus on my shit
and you focus on yours,

and let's get this thing over with.

- We're gonna fix this, amigo.
- You hear me?


- Should I get you a vest too?
- No, thank you.

Guessing you've been
through this before.

That vest looks like it's been around.

We, uh, we ready to go, fellas?

Always ready, sir.

- May I make one suggestion?
- Yeah, absolutely.

You're the pros here. I'm
just along for the ride.

Quick fashion tip for the next time

you find yourself outside the wire,

try wearing camouflage.

Oxfords and chinos stand out.

You don't wanna make
yourself an easy target.

[CHUCKLES] I told you, Ryan.

He doesn't listen to anybody.

Don't worry, we'll be up in the air,

so if you die, we all die with you.

Crash's sense of humor runs
a bit toward the dark side.

They... they call you Crash?

Interesting nickname for a pilot.

Three tours, three crashes.

Statistical anomaly.


♪ ♪

Oh, my goodness.

How you holding up?

We need to land this thing.
I gotta catch my breath.

That's not really on the itinerary.

It is now.

Crash! Down.



- Is everything okay?
- It is all good.


I'm sorry. I shouldn't have, uh...

It is not on you. I mean, it is you.

I should go.

No! No, no, no, no.


I will explain.

[CHUCKLES] I'll explain.

When I was a university
student in Hamburg,

I was with a girl who reminded
me very much of you.

We were to get married,
but it was called off.

What happened?

She wanted to have sexual relations

before committing to a
lifetime of monogamy,

but because of my religious beliefs,

I could not.

So you're a virgin?

The answer is technically yes.



♪ ♪

I can't... I don't think I can do this.

I understand.


No, you're not supposed to understand.

You're supposed to
throw all your beliefs

to the wind like I'm doing.

If my parents were alive
and could take a look at you,

you would realize that is exactly

what I am doing as well.

Where are you going?

Back to my regularly scheduled life

to see if it's worth throwing away

for a boy that I can't even
get past second base with.


I am so sorry.


♪ ♪


Another pro tip.

If you got a weak stomach,
eat bananas before you fly.

They taste the same coming
back up as they do going down

Good to know.

- Sir, stay close.
- Yeah, of course.

Just need to get a little fresh air.



Not nearly as terrible as
they make it out to be, huh?

No. No, no, no.

Our time here has been a struggle,

but it will have been
worth it when we help

rid this beautiful country
of the terrorist insurgents

whose stated mission is to bring down

our American way of life.


While we're on the
subject, Mr. Secretary,

there are some damn fine soldiers

who lay their lives
on the line every day

to support that mission.

They just happen to
be born on foreign soil.

But they're as American as you and I.

I'm well aware of them, son,

and I'm thankful for their sacrifice.


Why do you wanna get rid of them?

As I stated earlier,

this is neither the time
nor the place to discuss it,

but I will say there are serious

national security issues at stake here

that are far beyond
your level of clearance.


Yeah, I doubt that, sir.

Sounds to me like a way
to blame immigrants

for problems created by politicians

who only care about getting re-elected

and not about our national security.


But lucky for you,

that's just one
soldier's opinion, right?

Don't you ever fucking talk
to me like that again, boy.


Hey, you mind if I ask
you a personal question?

Well, that depends on how personal

the question is gonna be.

Are you a religious man?

Oh, I mean, I consider
myself a devout Muslim.

Although I do struggle at times,

I believe Allah holds
me in his good graces

because I do my best to
practice the Five Pillars.

The Five Pillars?

We declare our submission to Allah,

give to those in need,

um, fast during the month of Ramadan,

and to make pilgrimage to Mecca.

That's four.


we pray five times a day.

I've never seen you pray ever.

Yeah, well, I am not perfect, all right?

All right, well... [SIGHS]

what about sex?

Oh, um, that's a little
bit more complicated,

but essentially, sex is
reserved for marriage.

You were abstinent
until you got married?

No! No, no, God, no.

No, I went to university in Cambridge

and I shagged pretty much
everything with a clitoris

before I met my wife.

And she doesn't know?

She did the same, with men, of course.

One of the many reasons why she
and I were made for one other.

Seriously though, one's
commitment to the Five Pillars

is a real test of their character

and a clear indication
that they're made of

much sterner stuff than I.

Nice to see you taking such interest

in the local culture, though.

May I ask why all of a sudden?

You may not.

Okay then!

Didn't realize that young man over there

who was coming at me with
both barrels is your husband.

Not really relevant information, sir.

It would've explained why he
was in such an emotional state.

He obviously loves you a great deal.

Would it have made a difference?

To me? Yes.

To the situation? No.

That's what I thought, sir.

I feel as though you have
a better understanding

of the bigger picture than he does.

- I'm afraid so.
- We should probably head back.

No, no. One last photo.


Contact rear!

- I'm shot!
- Keep your head down!

Guardian Main, Dustoff
3-1 is taking fire.

- Smoke out!
- Conducting rapid exfil, over!



- Come on!

Come on, come on, come on!


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Bullet went straight though the vest.


♪ ♪

He's dead.

- Come on.

Oh, good God.

♪ ♪

We got two. One KIA, gunshot wound.

Second also sustained a gunshot wound.

Entry and exit through the right arm.

Tourniquet applied, currently stable.

All right, copy that.

Get a CAT scan, prep him for surgery.

Sì, Captain.

♪ ♪

What the hell went down out there?

He insisted on touching down.

We took 'em to what was up
until this point a safe spot.

We met a sniper who changed all that.

Is he gonna be okay?

He's pretty lucky.

Can't say the same for
our other ride-along.

I have to go make some calls.


♪ ♪

Look, Goodall was the one
who insisted on touching down.

I tried to talk him out of it.

Yeah, but it was your
idea to go up with him

in the first place.

I honestly thought it would
help you to talk to the guy.

How was I supposed to know

we were gonna come under enemy fire?

- Always a possibility.
- Well, yeah.

Doesn't really matter though.

We're all gonna catch flak for this.

I told you to leave it alone.

There was no good that
could have come out of it.

Jesus, I was trying to help!

You're always trying to help,

but it always ends in disaster.

No comment.

[SIGHS] Well, there's nothing we do now

except wait and see what happens.

I'll take the heat for this myself.

You were right.

It's my idea to go up with him.

I'll be the one who goes down.

Not really up to you who goes down.

What's done is done.


- I can fix this.
- Enough!

You're always trying to fix everything!

Some shit can't be fixed,
and that's just the way it is!

I've been going along
with you all this time,

and it's gotten me nowhere.

Not only am I still fucked,

but after each one of your "fixes",

I end up somehow more
fucked than I was before.

I guess I should feel lucky.

At least I'm not dead, but I am out.

You wanna lay into me now too?

I don't need to.

♪ ♪

I don't give a shit if this
call is being recorded!

I'm glad it's being recorded!

I want you to play it
back over and over again

so you can be reminded of how deeply

I'm gonna fuck you when
I get back stateside!

Do you hear me? Hello?

Look, I'm sorry for
losing my temper, sir,

but you have to understand,

my family is in a really bad spot,

and I feel like I've been
fighting every step of the way

trying to make things right for them.

This behavior is totally inappropriate

and unbecoming of a
non-commissioned officer

in the U.S. Army.

You should know better
than this, Sergeant.

It only happened once.

It won't happen again. I promise.

- Only once?

Had time to cut together some selects.

A greatest hits of your
telephone meltdowns,

if you will.

Look, dickhead,

do you want the fucking money or not?

If you won't take a check,

I can give you a boot in your ass.

Dealer's choice, motherfucker.


We're not asking for a handout, man!

What is your fucking malfunction!

No, I don't wanna speak to your manager.

I do want to put my hands
around your neck, though.

We've received a number
of formal complaints.

Are you aware that civilian misconduct

can lead to a dishonorable discharge?

I'm fully aware, sir.

Well, then remove your head
from your ass, Sergeant,

Because if you get slapped
with a negative separation code

showing financial irresponsibility

or reckless behavior on your DD-214,

a 19-year-old community college dropout

is going to be giving you orders

while you work the
fry station at Wendy's.

Is there no way for the Army to help me?

You're looking at your help.

The Army is providing you
with an attorney pro bono,

and my free legal advice to you

is never threaten another
civilian with bodily harm again

or you'll be facing a military trial,

and most probably
a civilian suit as well.

Where did you get this rug?

It's all a simple misunderstanding.

What he was even doing to rugs?

The poor kid was trying to earn

a few extra bucks for his family.

His folks own an antique
store in West Texas,

and these Afghan rugs
go for a big premium.

Buckley would sneak off
base, buy or trade for 'em,

and then ship 'em home.

He was a smart kid.
Mad I didn't think of it.

Maybe for the better
because you are still alive.

Do you know where the rest
of them are by any chance?

They sit in storage unit,

so each of my nurses grab
one to cheer up CHU.

I could, um, show you where
the rest are if you would like.

I would like.

You should probably know

Sasquatch and I aren't together anymore.


Roback! Get your ass in here!


Permission to speak, sir.

Permission granted.

Look, I just wanted to clarify

that this was all my idea,

taking the Secretary up in the bird.

And that nobody from my crew

except me should be held responsible...

That's not what this
meeting is about, Sergeant.

At ease.

The Secretary understands
that anything can

and does happen in a war zone.

He mourns the loss of his friend,

but between you and me,

he's happy to embrace the battle cred

this whole incident has given him.

So what's this all about, sir?

I read your After Action Report

from the day Buckley died.

Are there any details you
think you may have left out?

Not that I'm aware of, sir.


I recently got ahold of
one of SecCorp's reports

from the same day, in the same village.

According to them,

they were ambushed by hostile forces,

which is an interesting development.

Buckley wasn't where he
was supposed to be, sir,

but he was in full battle rattle,

so there's no way he
could've been mistaken

for an enemy combatant,

and he certainly wasn't a threat.

Neither was Qasem, that
LN that we brought in,

or anybody else from the
village for that matter.

That's what I thought.

Heard them mentioning something

about clearing the entire area.

It probably had something to do

with what we stumbled upon that night.

- What night?
- Nothing, sir.

- It was nothing.
- You know something I don't.

- Spit it out, Sergeant.
- No, I'm mistaken, sir.

Look, what I know, you
know. It's all in my report.

Fighting and winning a
war is difficult enough

without having these mercenaries

conducting their own black
ops in the middle of it.

You need anything else from me, sir?

That's all for now, Sergeant.



You and Sasquatch broke
up? What happened?


You need to go.

I'll be outside.



♪ ♪

- Why are you here?
- Is this a bad time?

Actually, I don't care
if it's a bad time.

I really need to speak to you.

- Come inside.
- Okay.

What you are doing is dangerous.

Not for me, but for you.

I'm willing to do whatever you want,

and I realize this thing is
engineered to self-destruct,

but I don't care.

- Perhaps you should care.
- But I don't.

I mean, look at me,

I'm sneaking off base in a war zone

to hold hands with someone

my father would never approve of.

I feel like a teenager.

What exactly did you
come here to say to me?

If waiting is what you
want or need, it's fine.

I'll survive.

Believe me, just imagining
us having sex does the trick

and then some.

And I'm not saying
I'll convert to Islam,

but I am willing to meet you halfway.

And where is halfway to Islam?

I have no idea. [CHUCKLES]

But whatever it is we're doing here,

I want to keep doing it. Do you?

Yes. Very much.

♪ ♪

I was hoping you'd say that.

♪ ♪

Let's make it quick.

We've got about five
minutes before shift change.

Talk to me.

Found out Sasquatch
took a dive in the fight.

That fucking asshole. You kidding me?

Mm-hmm, that was pretty
much my response too.

I feel totally responsible for
you guys losing all your money.

It's fine.

You didn't know, right?

I would try and keep this from
reaching Davis's ears, though.

Got it.

Why are you telling me all of this?

You trying to get me
back? Is that what this is?


You're still married to Alvarez,

and she still needs that green card.

We can't be seen together.

- Ever.
- If you recall,

we were pretty good at
not being seen together.

Not nearly as good as
we thought we were.

I don't know if I can accept that.

Maybe it's time to.


You're late.

Hey man, I need to re-up on those M18s.


The bullet shattered your humerus.

Now I regret to inform you

that it's not going to
be an easy recovery.

You're probably going to be dealing with

the residual effects
for the rest of your life.

And that's the good news?

- In this instance, yes.
- Hm.

- You wanted to see me, sir?
- Yes, Corporal.

I need the Secretary's
scans and medical chart

sent directly on to Walter
Reed Medical Center.

You're the only one that I
trust to make sure it happens.

- On it, sir.
- Very good.

Try to get some rest.

You've got a long journey ahead of you.


Yes, sir?

- May I ask you a question?
- Of course.

Do you know why you're here?

To transfer your scans
and medical chart to...

No, I mean in Afghanistan.

Do you know why you're
here in Afghanistan?

I believe we're here to stop
the threat of terrorism.

And do you think that goal
is being accomplished?

I can't really tell, sir.

Neither can I,

and that's sort of my job.

I'm sure you'll figure it out, sir.

[SIGHS] That makes one of us.

Is that all, sir?

Unfortunately that just
about covers it, Corporal.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Those are some gorgeous
looking rugs you got there.

Yeah, my mom's a collector,

so figured I'd surprise
her for her birthday.

Go ahead and fill these out
while I get these weighed.

- Where they off to?
- Chicago, Illinois.

Sergeant Davis.

What do you need, Private?

I need a money order for $5,000.

Tell me you didn't buy
one of those cars.

Yeah, well, I... I
can't tell you I didn't

because I did.

Petrocelli, those
dealerships are a scam.

Everybody knows it.

They set up shop here on the base

to target naive young soldiers
on their first deployment.

Why would they do that?

Because the car companies
pay off somebody

at the Pentagon, and kids
like you got nothing better

to spend your money on out
here in the middle of the desert.

The car salesman gave me
a $500 military discount,

and a very low interest rate of 20%.

That's not a low interest rate.

Uh, give me a sec for
that money order, Private.

And, uh, Sergeant,

you're looking at nearly
100 pounds on those rugs.

It's gonna be pricey to send 'em

all the way back to the States.

Wait, you found Buckley's rugs?

You sending these back to his family?

- Well, well...
- That is so awesome.

You are a really good
person, Sergeant Davis.

And I... I don't mean
just on the outside,

I mean in here on the inside.

A really good person.

You mind if I just do this over here?

Sure, lemme just look
how much this'll cost.

You said it's going
to Chicago, Illinois?


That's not where Buckley lives.

He's from Texas.

He actually has
extended family all over.

Huh. Really?


Hmm. Cool.

You know what, uh, tell them I said hey.

Not a day goes by that I
don't think about their son.

I will.


♪ ♪



Could you look up the address

of a John Buckley in Texas who was KIA?

I wanna reroute the shipment.

♪ ♪

Here you go, sir.

wanted to see us, sir?


I want to thank you
both for saving my life.

It's what we get paid for, sir.

America would be better off

if more immigrants
were like you, Sergeant.

- They are, sir.
- I know.

That said though, if even
one foreign national

has ulterior motives amongst your rank,

that's one too many.

After what happened at Fort Hood,

we can't have that risk anymore.

If you don't mind my saying so,

that is seriously flawed logic.

Not from where I'm standing.

Sorry to hear that, sir.

Um, the helicopter's ready for you, sir.


Thank you for your service, Sergeant.

I wish you the best.

If you really wanted
to wish her the best,

you'd help her!

When everyone wants to know

what the hell went down out there,

I will not tell them

that your little joyride
ended in the death

of my good friend.

I will instead speak well of you both

because I admire your wife's
bravery and good sense.

You are a lucky man, Sergeant,
in more ways than one.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪




♪ ♪

Here I was trying to save you,
and you end up saving me.

One of these days we're
gonna have to learn

to save ourselves.


♪ ♪

Welcome to our family.

Your bonus check will clear

as soon as your paperwork processes

and we receive proper
documentation for your ETS.

Just a few months left.

You're about to come into
a great deal of money

for doing what you're already
doing for practically nothing.

That's the fucking plan.

All right, we'll be in touch.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall

when he breaks the news to Roback.

What makes you so
sure he hasn't already?

I'm sure.


♪ ♪