68 Whiskey (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Trouble in River City - full transcript

Alvarez and Roback adjust to cohabitating, a communications blackout comes at a bad time for Davis, and Holloway proposes a plan to extend her deployment.

Do you, Rosa Alvarez,

take Cooper Roback to be
your lawfully wedded husband?

I do.

And do you, Cooper Roback,

take Rosa Alvarez to be
your lawfully wedded wife?

I do.

By the power vested in me

by the great state of Montana,

I now pronounce you, by proxy,

to be man and wife.

Hey, what are you waiting on?

You may kiss the bride.

Come on, now, kiss your beloved.

Smooch her.

And thank you for your service.

I can't tell you what it means
to all of us back here in...

Yeah, bye-bye.

Now that we're married,

we have a mountain of paperwork,

an interview at Bagram,

and who knows what else to do
before I get my green card.

Okay, just hold on.

Let's just take a breath
and let the weight

of this momentous
occasion sink in, okay?

- What?
- You realize once we're divorced,

I'm always gonna have to
refer to you as my ex-wife.

And I'm always gonna have to
refer to you as my ex-husband.

Damn it.

I didn't even get you to sign a prenup.

When we get divorced,

you can take me for all I'm worth.

How much are you worth?

Nothing. You?

Less than nothing.

What do you think?

Spent artillery.

Exactly what every couple wants
to celebrate their marriage.

Your carriage, Mr. and Mrs. Roback.

Never call me that again.

Come on, we got to do it.

This is dumb.

It's for the immigration board.


Here comes the bride.

Here they come.

Come here.

Come on.


Are we done?

One more for all the
relatives back home.

You're enjoying this?

Yeah, why not?

It's fun. Admit it.

So what's next for the happy couple?

Gonna roll you over, Soldier.

One, two, three.

All right, back! Get back!

- Where are you from?
- Louisville, sir.

Christ, that hurts.

I'm sure it does, but don't worry.

We're gonna get you out of here.

How bad is it?

You're gonna be fine.

I can't feel my legs.

It's just the adrenaline. Lie back.

Where are my fucking legs?

- Sit back.
- Don't worry.

We're gonna take care of you.

Three, two, one.

Move it! Move it!

I want my fucking legs back.

Just hang in there, buddy.

I don't want to fucking hang in there.

It's gonna be okay.

It's not gonna be okay.

I want to fucking die.

No, you don't.

My side pocket. There's a letter.

When I die, mail it.

Buddy, you're gonna make it.

It's for my wife.

Please. Do it.

Okay, I got it. I got it, okay?

I got it.

Never get used to this part of the job.

If you did,

you wouldn't be any good at it.

Let's get this guy to a doctor.

What have we got here?

Bilateral above-the-knee amputations.

Tourniquets applied.

Let's get our friend here
prepped for surgery.

- Sì, Captain.
- I want an American doctor.

Ah, well, we're all out of
American doctors at the moment.

But I'd like to recommend a
fine chap from North London.

- Me.
- Don't look English.

I'll take that as a compliment.

All right, let's get him monitored,

draw labs, and for God's sake,

get him out of these bloody clothes.

- Subito.
- Wait.

Look, my job was just to
get you here, Louie, okay?

You're with Dr. Hazara now.
He's the best surgeon...

The letter... mail it to my wife?

- Promise me.
- I don't have to promise you,

'cause you're gonna make it, okay?



Halt! State your business!

We are Afghan National Army.

Do you believe them?

ANA have uniforms.

Do you have identification?

Do you see identification?

- No ID.
- No shit.

Why are you naked?


They take our uniforms and our guns.

Okay, what do we do?

We can't just leave them
out there like that.

They could have bombs
implanted inside of them.

Let's not start that shit again.

You want to let them on?

You got to search them.

That means anyplace they
could be hiding something.

Aw, man.

Sucks being Petrocelli.

Go, take it.



Our own bathroom?

Should've made an honest
woman out of you months ago.


- Ground rules.
- Yeah?

Clean up after yourself.

And we're not sleeping in one bed.

Relax. It's the army.

Oh, man.

I was thinking about
having some of the guys

from the office over
a little later for poker.

You mind fixing us some
refreshments and snacks?

No time for naps.

The sooner we fill these out,

the sooner we get to
Bagram to finalize this

and the less time we have to worry

about getting court-martialed.


I'm ready, willing, and able
to spend hours filling out

this endless stack of
coma-inducing government forms.

But after tonight's dustoff,

I need to decompress, okay?

One more ground rule.


No jerking off.

That's gonna be tough.

What are you gonna do if
you have to rub one out?

None of your business.

But I can promise you
that whatever it is,

you will not hear a thing.

Catholic girls are all the same.


Heard about you and Alvarez.

Thanks, man.

We're registered at the PX.

Got to admit, I always thought

you and Davis would be the ones
who'd end up getting married.

Oh, I get it.

'Cause we're both guys, right?

How about you give back
what you took from us?

Look, told you.

Fight the Warlord's bodyguard,
I'll give you what you want.

How about you give me
what I want, then I fight?

I like my way better.

You're messing with things

way above your pay grade, Roback.

Look, follow my logic.

The base wants good fights,

and good fights need
fighters who are hungry.

If I give you what you
want, you're satisfied.

And if I don't, you're hungry.

You need me to say it again slower?

You don't have it, do you?

Let's just put it this way.

- I do.
- You're lying.

I never lie on Tuesdays.

You tell me where the Blue FOB is,

I fight your guy.

Blue FOB?

Can I help you?

I'm just looking.

For what?

Any of these FOBs ever get
referred to as the Blue FOB?

Mm, not to my knowledge.


What do you see in Sasquatch?

The fact he doesn't drop
his ass on my desk

while I'm trying to work is a start.

That's not enough to
sustain a relationship.

But I'm sure it'll suffice
until your ETS is up

and you ditch his ass for LA.

He's coming with me.

He already has a security job lined up.

In the mall or the airport?

Personal security. Pays six figures.

Well, when did this happen?

Why do you care?

I just didn't think you were
that serious about him.

You thought wrong.

No, this doesn't work for me.

I was planning a long
and intricate campaign

to get you back,

which includes wearing you down

with constant badgering
until you realized

that my intentions were true
and that we belong together.

Let me save you some time.

Does this have anything
to do with Alvarez?

You are married to her.

No, I mean the fact that
you two are now besties.

What about it?

You're trying to protect her.

She's not the reason I'm with Sasquatch.

Then what is?

Apparently you need to hear this,

so I'm gonna say it.

- I'm in love with him.
- I don't believe you.

You obviously know more
about what I'm feeling

than I do, Dr. Roback.

But let's pick this up
in our next session.

Right now, you need to
get the hell out of here

before Colonel Austin
gets back from lunch.

"Macaroni and cheese".

Glad to see your appetite has returned.


Just saw your latest test results.

Your numbers are right
where they need to be.

So we can leave?

You can leave.

Thank you.

We have much work to do in our village.

We have a school.

Well, I thought it's been closed

since your parents were killed.

We plan to reopen it.

But the people who killed your parents

are still out there,

and I'm guessing they haven't
had a change of heart

on the subject of educating women.

Every member of our
village that we educate

will pass that knowledge to their family

and their family after that.

That is our legacy.

I can see you're both determined

to put yourselves in harm's way,

so all I can offer you
is a very useless...

good luck.

Thank you again for saving my life.

Yeah, well...

hope it was worth it.

What the hell, Roback?

What? I didn't do anything.

I know.

We're supposed to be supply
checking the Black Hawk.

I'm sorry. I forgot.

Guess you forgot to clean up too.

I'm getting to it.

What's wrong?

Durkin's in love with Sasquatch.

How do you know?

She told me.

You really dig her.

I must.

My head is way fucked up right now.

Poor baby.

I mean, you guys talk, right?

Have I got any shot
at turning this around?

- No.
- You want to take a moment?

Really think about it
before you answer me?

She's sort of done with you.


You want the truth, don't you?

Not really.

I would.

Yeah, but you're made of
much sterner stuff than I am.


Watching you sit around
heartbroken and lovesick

is not a lot of fun.

You're not good at it.

Some people are, but you're not.

So do me a favor.

Get over her

and pick up your gross,
disgusting clothes.

You still haven't filled out the forms?

Look, I...

We cannot schedule Bagram

until we send them in.

I will, okay? I promise.

Sasquatch would have
filled them out by now.

That's a low blow.

Then fill them the fuck out.

Tell the Warlord

I need to take his
bodyguard back to the base

to show my promoter he's for real.

He says no fight.

What? We have a deal.

He says the game is boring. Too easy.

Lucky for him, I'm a problem solver.

Let me take the handheld
back to the base.

I'll load it up with all the
new games it could handle,

bring it back to him.

This is it.

Tell him he can make
himself comfortable.

He can use all the equipment.

It's gonna take a while
to download these games.

Get it, man.

Show everybody what you got.

Y'all see this?


That's it.

Yo, SecCorp,

go tell Sasquatch

this man is gonna whup his ass.

At ease.

Apparently our good friends
at SecCorp ran a full convoy

of equipment through a friendly
LN's poppy field last night,

destroying half his crop.

The locals can't tell the difference

between a SecCorp
contractor and U.S. Army.

We'll soon be able to
drop the word "friendly"

when referring to any and all LNs.


What the hell are those
contractors doing here anyway?

That's above my pay grade.

And despite clear evidence that SecCorp

is undermining our mission

to win the hearts and minds
of the local population,

my requests to have
them removed from base

have again been denied.

Okay. Give me what you got.


Sir, regarding our naked visitors,

identities have been confirmed.

They all checked out as ANA.

MPs are investigating,

but no signs of their uniforms
or weapons as of yet.


Contact local ANA squadrons

and order an immediate stand-down.

I want all friendlies off the street

while our guys are out searching.

And until we can account
for the stolen property,

alert Gate Patrol that any ANA
uniform should be challenged.

Roger that, sir.

Moving on. Anybody else?

Then if you're all out of bad news,

it's time I call home,
get some from my wife.

Carry on.

Sir, sorry I'm late.

I was waiting on a casualty report.

Looks like I'm not gonna
call my wife after all.

Activate River City.

Full communications shutdown

until the fallen soldier's
family can be notified.

Yes, sir.

My wife didn't really want
to hear from me anyway.



Mama! Ma.


River City. Comms are down.

Colonel Austin?

Whatever it is,

I'm sure it can wait till
after I've eaten lunch.

Yes, sir.


I need a favor.

A favor?

You have access

to the colonel's satellite phone, right?

I wouldn't call it "access".

The comms are down, and
I need to call my family.

Not a chance.

I have to speak to them.

My little brother has been missing.

He might be in danger.

I could get so busted.

It would be a meaningful
sacrifice that would cement

this wonderful new friendship of ours.

We're not quite at wonderful just yet.

Please, I beg you.

Colonel eats fast, so make it quick.

I will not forget this.

Trust me, I won't let you.


What's he doing in there?

Publicity, baby.

Dude, soon as word spreads

that Sasquatch is fighting this guy,

it's gonna be like Godzilla versus Kong.

And we are gonna clean up.



What's up with the Wi-Fi?

River City.

Comms on the whole base are shut down.



Is everything all right?

It's fine.

Just a problem with the Internet.

This happens every time a soldier dies.

We shut down all communication.

It'll be back up soon as
his family's been notified.

He said, "No game, no fight".

Thanks, Khalil. I got it.


Why are we on River City?

Who didn't make it back?

That kid you brought in yesterday.

That double amputee.



What... what the fuck, Roback?

You move my stuff?

You mean did I clean up? Yes.

What did you do with the letter?

I didn't touch any letter.

The letter for Louisville's wife.

He didn't make it, and
I left it right here.

Did you move my clothes?

They were soaked in blood.
I took them to the laundry.

You want to help me out?
Don't touch my stuff.

- They were soaked in blood!
- My pants, my blood.


Why did I take the letter?

I know better than to take the letter.

You got to help me look for it.

I just found out that
my 13-year-old brother

tried to cross the border all by himself

to see his old friends

and he's now in a U.S. detention center.

Jesus, I'm so sorry.

Is he okay?

We don't know.

There is little information.

- Oh, my God.
- What?

You still haven't filled these out?

Time to get your shit together, bro.

If Louisville's wife
does not get closure,

his ghost is gonna
haunt your ass forever.

And so will I!

All clear.

Goat boy.

You know, you were right about Boz.

He was possessed by spirits.

That is not what I thought.

It is what its owner thought.

And he is an idiot.


No, he was right.

It's a special goat.

He saved my life.

How nice for you.

Hey, if you ever see it again,

could you feed it and be nice to it?

That'd mean a lot to me.

For you, yes.


- You got a sec?
- No.

It's important.



a couple of days ago,

we brought in this kid
who lost both his legs.


While I was consoling him,

we bonded.

I like to do that.

It's not part of my job description,

but I believe it should be.

Anyway, the kid died,

but he's got this wife
back home that he loves.

And he wrote her this letter.

And he made me promise
that if he didn't make it,

I'd be sure to get it to her.

But there's just one
problem. There's no address.

Alvarez told me you lost the letter.

Fuck. Okay.

I'm not cool with how close
you two are becoming.

Yeah, I lost the kid's letter.

But I fixed it. I wrote a new letter.

The wife won't know the difference.

Have you lost your mind?

I'm not sending a fake
letter to a widow.

Why not?

She's his wife.

She's gonna see through
that shit in a second.

He's a 19-year-old kid
from horse country.

How hard could it be?

A "sweetheart" here,

a "best thing that ever
happened to me" there.

And the widow gets
some beautiful memories

and some closure.

You don't want that for her?

Just read it.

If it doesn't melt your
heart, then I won't send it.

To my dearest widow's name here...

What? I don't have her name.

I was hoping you could
help me with that too.

If you are reading this,

then the calamity of our
worst fears has come to pass.

I have lost my light
on the field of battle.

I pray that your grief...

Did he die in the Civil War?

She doesn't need a letter.

Once she gets over the shock,

she's gonna be flooded with memories

of all the good times they had.

And those are gonna be
her forever memories,

not this cornpone bullshit.

You've got a big heart.

I do?

- You do.
- Mm-hmm.

But I'm still not gonna let
you fuck me ever again.

I checked, by the way.

There isn't a Blue
Forward Operating Base.



What's up?

Come with me.

Leave that.

♪ It's okay, relax ♪

♪ You're just in love ♪

♪ It's okay, relax ♪

♪ You're just in love ♪

Consider this my apology.

For what?

For not trusting you, mate.

I've been

shooting my mouth off all over camp

about how you and Roback
had shite up to your eyebrows

regarding this fight.

Little did I know,

you'd found us the Afghan Ali.

You mean the bodyguard?

Fucking oath, I mean the bodyguard.

That was a genius move, you bringing

that Taliban Tyson
around for a sneak peek.

He's like a Marvel villain, yeah?

Boys in the kitchen, they
can't stop talking about it.

They're phoning their
mums for extra bet money.

You lit a fuse, Davers.

You lit a fuse.

Okay, look.

That's, um...

We might need to postpone.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

You delay, and people
have second thoughts.

This fight is a go, baby doll.

There are a lot of moving parts here,

and I'm really not...

Don't worry about that, partner.

I'm getting more action than I
can probably handle, you know?

Even Colonel Austin,
he laid down a C-note.

The big money's riding on your boy.

You really think he can take Sasquatch?

Right now, it's not even a contest.

Tasty, mate.

Very tasty.

We are gonna make out like bandits.

Make sure Ali's keeping fit, yeah?

Sleeping well, he's eating right.

If he needs a proper training diet,

I will fix up the halal

so he's a lean, mean Afghan machine.

Hip, hip, halal.

You lose a patient too?

Not that I'm aware of.

Well, then only one of us at a time

is allowed to be in a somber funk.

You're too empathetic to be a surgeon.

As you well know,

it is both a gift and a curse.


And I'm starting to
worry it's contagious.

- Good news, Major.
- What's that?

River City is no more.

Comms are back up.

You can call family.

Oh, it was a nightmare.

But at least the kids
got their vaccinations.


I am so ready to have you home.

I'm ready to be home.

When you're back, we need to talk

about this hippie school.

I mean, who doesn't
enforce vaccinations?

If you want your kid to get polio, fine.

But don't put my kids at risk.

Hope I'm not interrupting, sir.

You are.

But an interruption was
just what I was hoping for.

Please, sit.


I've been thinking about
your frustration with SecCorp

interfering with our
work with the locals.

And I think I might have a way to help.

If it involves poisoning
SecCorp's steroid supply,

I'm in.

Afraid not, sir.

The local population has been struggling

with influenza, typhoid.

For minimal cost,

we could set up a free clinic.

These villages aren't secure, Major.

And I don't have the manpower

to establish a permanent location.

Not permanent, sir. Mobile.

A caravan with minimal medical staff.

We roll into town on
non-predetermined dates

to avoid attacks and provide services

to the local population and
hopefully their children.

- Close contact.
- Builds trust.

Maybe even helps them
learn the difference

between our troops and SecCorp.

How long have you been deployed, Major?

This is my second tour.
17 months total, sir.

That means your PCS is up in a month.

You can't build any trust
with these people in a month.

They need consistency.

They need a face,

something to help them
see past the uniform.

That means at least six months.

Yes, sir.

Sonia, if you start this,

you have to finish it.

That face has to be yours.

You ready to extend your
deployment that long?

Would you think less
of me if I said yes?

No, Major, I would not.

And since we're being
candid with one another,

I'll tell you you're not the
only one who feels this way.

I've been deployed so many times,

I'm not sure I'd remember

how to get from the airport to my house.

And the sad truth is,

the distance I've put
between myself and my family

has been, for the most part, deliberate.

It's, uh...

it's gotten so bad that

halfway through a
conversation with my family,

I fantasize that I dialed
the wrong number

and I got somebody
else's family by mistake.

The urge to just hang up is...


Request approved.

Keep me updated.

Thank you, sir.

I'll get started right away.


I'll keep your little secret
if you can keep mine.

Private Mulligan.

Here, sir.

Corporal Rondiak.

Corporal Wesley Rondiak.

Corporal Rondiak is
no longer with us, sir.

Louisville's ghost is
coming to get me, man.

Eat lots of garlic. I hear it helps.

- I think that's vampires.
- Can't hurt.

I really fucked this one up.

It happens.


How's it going with our fight?

- People are getting excited.
- That's good.

Where are we with Sasquatch?


He wants the Blue FOB.

- What's the Blue FOB?
- No clue.

Then no fight.

It's looking that way.

Time for gun to meet mouth.

Only way I'm gonna get my mom any money

is if I'm dead so she could
collect the life insurance.

They don't pay out on suicides.

They're playing my song, amigo.

Can you give us a second, Crash?


Looks like I'm in Dutch with the wife.


This is smart.

Really sells the marriage

if we pick public places
to be mad at each other.

Maybe next week, I'll make
a big scene in the DFAC,

accusing you of not letting
me hang with my buddies.

I found your stupid letter.

That's great. Where was it?

If you had taken one
second to fill these out,

you would have found it yourself.

Promise I will fill out all these forms

as soon as I mail this.

Oh, shit.

Blood must have eaten
right through the paper.

I still got the letter.

So I'll get the address from Durkin

and just put it in a new envelope.

- Simple.
- Yeah.


Nothing, I just...

never read one of these before.

Me neither.

Dear Jenny, I'm dead.

But don't feel bad,

because I've been dead
since the night I met you,

you filthy, no-good piece of trash.

I only married you because
you were pregnant,

which you, of course, were not.

You were just fat,

you three-Slurpee-drinking,
dog-jack-offing royal slut.

I hope my life insurance money
lets you throw a big party.

I also hope you'll get so drunk

that you choke on your own puke.

See you in hell, bitch.

Worst wishes, Wes.

So I guess I'll mail this.

What? No.

Throw it in the trash.

- But what about closure?
- Screw closure.

The royal slut does not need closure.

I'm talking about my closure.

You're the one who said

his ghost was gonna
come back and haunt me.

Come on.

You're not afraid of a ghost, are you?

I promised him.

Okay, you're right.

- Send it.
- Yeah.

Let Louisville get the last word.

Soaked in blood. Should I rewrite it?


If the royal slut is as
bad as he says she is,

she'll be happy to see his
blood all over the letter

and get her own closure.

- It's a win-win.
- Mm-hmm.

Guess if we never get divorced,

it'll keep us from making
the same stupid mistakes

everybody else keeps making.

What's that?

Marrying for love.

All right, this area will
serve as our medi-camp.

Let's get the Red Cross up

and secure posts on
both ends of this road.

I'd like a separate exam
room set up for the women.

Let's keep everyone feeling
as comfortable as possible.

What is all this?

The army is establishing
a free medical clinic.

Open to everyone, especially children.

It will be quite welcome.

Hoping we can make a difference.

We'll be here once a month.

Be nice if we had
somebody we could trust

to alert the locals.

I know of someone like that.

Your brother Qasem.

No, me.

I would be happy to help.

Well, thanks.

I should get to it.

Good luck with this.

Let me just check those plates.

Lightning, lightning, lightning!

Gate to Base.

Looks like we just found
those stolen uniforms.