666 Park Avenue (2012–2013): Season 1, Episode 9 - Hypnos - full transcript

The enigmatic Maris Elder (WHOOPI GOLDBERG) helps Jane link her past and present to The Drake: Henry considers a run for City Council. And what really happened to Sasha Doran.

Previously on
666 Park Avenue...

- It's closing! Jane!
- Nona!

Jane, why can't you remember
what happened to you

- when you disappeared?
- I don't know.

You gotta make sure this
doesn't happen again.

I'm not crazy!

Having Jane on your arm

is not the image that you need right now.

Your daughter is still alive.

How dare you lie to me about my child?!

I'll take you to her.

I think I know someone who
can help you remember.

The only question is, can you handle it?

Here goes nothin'.

Do you want some mint tea?

No, I-I'm fine. Thank you.

So, Jane, Lottie told me a lot about you.

Lottie? Nona's grandma?

But...but I-I thought she was...

More the quiet type?


She suffers from a kind of catatonia.

She's still in there, but
she can't move or speak.

But we talk in "our way."

You know, I-I'd never seen you
around the building, Maris.

I, mm...

don't like to leave my apartment.

I'm much... safer in here.

When was the last time you went outside?

Mm, oh, about 26 years ago,

right after the '86 World Series.

You a baseball fan?

Basketball. I'm from Indiana, so...


And now here you are.

Can you tell me why?

Well, that's what I wanna find out.

Nona says you know things about the Drake,

and maybe you can help me
remember what happened

- when I...
- Went down the stairs?

Why can't I remember?

It's called dissociative
retrograde amnesia.

It's rare but I've seen it before.

You're a doctor?

PhD in clinical psych.

I don't shrink heads anymore. I open minds.

I need to know what happened to me.

I need to know why I'm here.

Give me your hand.

Give me your hand.


Come see me tomorrow, in the morning.

Wait. That's it?

Yeah, for tonight.

Did you see something?

Where did I go?

You never left the Drake.

Never left?

That's not possible.

They found me wandering in Times Square.

Forgot about "where." Think "when."



Something's burning.

Ah, come on!

This is not good.

Are you cooking?

I think I burned your buns.

Those are for me?

I was trying to make you breakfast in bed.

There were some complications,

although I think I did
get the toast right...

on the second try.

Henry, I...

I know things haven't
been easy on you with...

- everything that's happened to me.
- No, no, no, no.

No, no, no. Come here. Come here.

All right? I'm just glad
you're home from the hospital.

And I just wanna make sure
you're gonna be all right.

I'm all right,

I promise.

Anything come back to you?

Not yet.

I'm really sorry for
everything that's happened.

I know, um...

it wasn't what you planned.

Well, we'll make new plans.

All right?

Henry, you're gonna be late.

Uh, I'm working from home today.

- Henry, I...n... - No, I just I think
it would be better if I'm here.

- And w...
- No, you don't have to babysit me.

I'm not babysitting you.

Uh, listen. I'm gonna go do some laundry.

And I'll come back, okay?

Sure. Well, let me clean up
and I can, uh, help you.

Henry, stop it, okay? I'm fine.

- Gavin.
- Hello, Henry.

Day off?

Um, no. I'm working from home.

The place is a little bit of a mess.

How is Jane feeling?

Uh, much better, thanks.

Yeah, she's actually downstairs,
doing laundry right now.

It might not be the best time for you,

but an opportunity has presented itself.

What kind of opportunity?

It seems that councilman Sullivan

has had some... transgressions exposed.

His seat may be coming vacant.

Could have your name on it.

Wow. Gavin, uh...

Well, I didn't think it
would happen that fast.

You're ready for this.

I've arranged a sit-down
with Phillip Perez,

a political consultant.

I made the pitch. His group
is interested in backing you.

Thank you, Gavin.

Mm. When are we doing it?

Couple of hours.

Couple hours? Today?

Yeah. Yeah, it's just a meet and greet.

Is that a problem?

No. No, I'll be there.

Just gotta run it by Jane.

Uh, before you go...

I want to, uh, give you this.

That's my press kit.


This is from your mysterious P.R. agent?

Uh, yeah. Laurel.

She says she's looking
forward to meeting you.

I was thinking maybe we can have coffee

after my... meeting.

I'm afraid you're flying solo today, Henry.

I have some...

some pressing business I'm dealing with.

Sure. Yeah.

Are you sure we're safe here?

Yeah, this is one of
Mr. Doran's properties.

And my cousin's a super on the project.
We're good.

It's Gavin.

Sit down.

Okay, I got you out of the Drake.

You got an hour to get my daughter here

or you go right back.

How does Gavin feel about
us sneaking away together?

Well, Mr. Doran shouldn't be

the one you're worried about, my friend.

You're not going to kill me.

I'm the only one who
knows how to find Sasha.

- You got his cell phone?
- Yeah.

She's been avoiding you
for ten years, Olivia.

If she hears your voice
now, it'll be ten more.

You're calling her, not me.

Give me the number.

What's the number?

Speed-dial 2.

You tell her to meet you here.
And don't mess it up.

Voice mail. Leave a message.

All right.

It's me.

Sorry. I should've called.
E-everything's fine.

Meet me at Kent Avenue and
9th Street in an hour.

I wanna show you this
building I'm going to buy.

She's built beautifully.

I don't trust this guy, Mrs. D.

It's all right, Tony.

Mr. Shaw understands quid pro quo.

Are you going to release me?

You should get that.

You know he doesn't like
leaving voice mails.

You've reached Olivia Doran. Please le...

I can track the cell phone now.

Kill Shaw. Bring Olivia home.

Gavin will send someone to find us.

You better pray Sasha gets here first.

What kind of tea is this?

Chamomile, with a little magic herb.

It...it's not gonna get me stoned, is it?

It's just to loosen up the mind, is all.

Have you ever had regressive hypnosis?

No, uh, pretty sure I haven't.

Keep drinkin'.

That's a-an unusual clock, Maris.

- How does it tell the time?
- It doesn't.

So what does it do?

The clock is a tool to induce trance.

There's a dark presence that's
haunting this building.

I don't know what it is,

but it's from beyond,
and it has the ability

to open this door between past and present

and life and death.

And when you went down
that spiral staircase,

you crossed a threshold,

and those memories

are locked deep in your mind,

but you will be able to unlock them.


As you listen to my voice,

I want you to focus on the clock.

Watch the hand on the clock.

Watch how it moves.

Concentrate on that.

Pace your breathing

on that.

The Kramers have asked that
everyone sign the guestbook.

I'm sorry. What?

Oh. Uh... sure.

I thought your name was Libby Griffith.

Glad you made it, Libby.

Jocelyn's been asking for you.

Oh, Libby! You're here!

Come have a piece of cake.

Libby, what's wrong?

You look beautiful.

Nothing. Uh...

I'm sorry. Uh...

What would you like to do?

Will you help me find Sally?

I think she's upstairs.


I-I don't think we're supposed
to be in here, sweetheart.

Oh, Sally. There you are.

Daddy will be cross if he finds us in here.

I can't do it.

The wheels are in motion.
You can't stop it.

I told you, I can't do it.

Have a drink. Calm your nerves.

I don't want a damn drink.

It's natural to feel nervous, Peter.

Just think, after tonight,

whatever we desire will be ours.

Who's there?


It's just me, daddy.

Jocelyn, were you playing in here?

How many times have I told you?
This room is private.

But I had to get Sally.

Let me take you downstairs, my dear.

Don't be long, Peter.

Jane. Time to wake up.

- Oh, my God.
- All right. You're all right.

Breathe. Just breathe.

My God, Maris.

Uh, I-I was there.

It was 1927.

I-I saw the date...
October 28, 1927.

Your memories are starting to coming back.

My name was Libby Griffith.
I... I was in her body.

I was babysitting Jocelyn on her birthday.

Jocelyn, my...my grandmother...
she was 5 years old.

Maris, it was, uh...


Keep breathing.

- I don't want you to hyperventilate.
- Okay.

I don't under... understand.

W-why was I Libby?


I assume that there's some kind of bond.

I mean, she reached out to you.

You stepped into her shoes.

Must be an extraordinarily strong bond.

What kind of bond could that be?

I don't know. That's for you to find out.

Excuse me.

Oh, Henry called. Oh, I should go.

See you after lunch. Thank you.

Oh. Gavin, hi.

Hello, Jane.

How are you feeling?

Uh, m-much better. Thank you.

Did you get off on the wrong floor?

Laundry's in the basement, not on two.

Uh, n-no. Just, uh, just
some maintenance stuff.

See you later, Gavin.

Where is she? She hasn't even called back.

I'm sorry, Mrs. D. I know
this may not be my place,

- but I still think this guy's lying.
- I'm not.

Prove it.

You gave your daughter

a bracelet for her 16th birthday.


"To my beautiful daughter.

"You will always be my precious red orchid.

Love, mom."

How did you know that?

She faked her suicide.


Th-that's impossible. There was...

There was a burnt-out car.

There was a body.

It wasn't hers.

You of all people should know
how clever she could be.

Why? Why would she do that?

What would drive a child
to fake her own death?

Hmm. I don't know.

Were you a bad mother, Olivia?

You have no right.

I don't? Did Gavin have the
right to send my father

to an early death?

I know how you feel, Olivia.

That kind of loss.

Is that how you manipulated Sasha?

It was her plan. I finessed it,

- but it was her idea.
- Why? Why?!

Why would she do that?

Why do you think, Olivia?!

We had something in common.

We both hated Gavin.

Mrs. D.

- Henry?
- Yeah?

Hey, uh, I'm sorry.

The reception down there is terrible.

Where you going?

Uh, well, Gavin just set
up a meeting for me.

Apparently, someone's interested

in backing me for a city council seat.

Oh, my God. That's amazing.

I know. Um...

Unfortunately, I'm in a
little bit of a hurry.

Are...are you okay with this?

Henry, I would never want you

to turn something down because of me.


You sure?

I'm sure. I'm fine.

All right.

Detective Cooper.

Hey. It's Jane.

Anything wrong?

No. No. I'm...I'm good. Uh...

I kinda need your help with something.

Hello, Maris.


I'd invite you in, but I get the feeling

- it would be a problem.
- Mm.

I'm disappointed there's
this divide between us.

I guess you didn't really know
who you were dealing with

all those years ago, now did you?

I know Jane came to see you.

Can't talk about my patients.

Tell me where Jane went after
she walked down the stairs.

Now I can't do that.

There must be something
you want to exchange.

We don't have to be at odds here, Maris.

We can help each other.


you know...

I am tired of being trapped
in this little apartment.

It has been 26 years.

I think I'd like to get a little fresh air.

So I'll tell you where
the stairs took Jane,

but you have to promise

that you'll let me walk out of the Drake

in one piece.

I hate to see you leave...

But if that's what it takes.

I don't know everything yet,

but when I do, I'll be in touch.

Okay walk me through what this...this
woman Maris does one more time.

It's called regressive hypnotherapy.

She's trying to help me
figure out where I went

for those missing 36 hours.

Okay. What's the verdict? Where'd you go?

Not where. When.

October 28, 1927,

here, at the Drake.

Are you saying that you time-traveled?

Look, I don't know what I
did, but it felt real.

Did you find any information on Libby?

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Uh,
Libby Francis Griffith.

I pulled what I could from records.

There wasn't much to go on.

Just birth and death information, really.

Um, she died young.

Okay, uh, she was born January 22, 1903,

and she died Oc...

October 28, 1927.

The night I was there.

The night Libby died.

Have a good day, Mr. Perez.

Mr. Perez.

Hey. Henry Martin.

Oh. Did I make a mistake? I
thought we had an appointment.

Oh, Henry, right. No, my
office should've called you.

I gotta cancel. I'm sorry.

Well, I don't understand. I...

It's about your girlfriend.

- Jane? - I know we've all got a
couple of crazy girlfriends

- or two in our past.
- What the hell are you talking about?

I'm talking about her recent
trip to the psych ward.

Someone slipped me her admittance report,

her psych evaluation.

- What?
- Let me be blunt, Henry.

That kind of stuff gets out, you're done.

We're gonna keep looking for our candidate.

Those files are confidential.
Who leaked 'em?

Beside the point, Henry.

Look, I know she's not your wife.

If this is just a fling,

it doesn't have to be a deal breaker.
Get rid of her.

That is a deal breaker.

I'm glad I didn't waste
your time, Mr. Perez.

I'm not gonna be the last guy
to give you the same advice.

I saw Peter Kramer hide his journal

in this apartment in a fireplace.

It's in the original blueprints. I...

The window is right here,

which means there used to be a fireplace...

Right here.

What are we waiting for?

I think this goes beyond the parameters

of my police duties.

Can I ask you a question?

Why are you here?

With me? Helping me?

What about your job?

I've been working the Upper East Side

for three years.

We get the same amount of
calls about weird noises,

strange stuff, missing persons,
as any other precinct.

You know how many of those calls
originate from this address?

My captain thinks it's a coincidence.
I don't.

Technically, when I'm at the Drake,

I'm on the job.

Plus, you're pretty good company.

Excuse me. It's, uh...

Oh, it's Henry.

Hey, babe.

- Hey. How you doing?
- Henry,

you don't have to call

and check up on me every
five minutes, okay?

I'm not checking up on you.
I'm checking in on you.

There's a difference?

Yeah. The first one is done out of concern.

The second one is done out of love.

You sound like a politician.

Oh, my God. Henry,

how did your meeting go?

Uh, he's not sure he wants to back me.

I-I guess he's got other
candidates to meet.

Well, maybe you can go change his mind.

Yeah, that's what I'm doing.

All right. I love you.

I'll call you later, babe.

Yeah. I-I love you, too.

You like working for the Dorans?

They treat you well?

Six weeks paid vacation,

401, dental?

The Dorans are good people.

Keep your mouth shut.

You're like their errand boy.

I'm not their errand boy.

My bad. Lapdog.

That wasn't Sasha on the phone.
That was someone else.

You were stalling so you could escape.

You think I won't pull this trigger,

you're wrong.


It was Sasha on the phone, I swear.

I'll call her again. You can
leave a message yourself.




Mrs. D.?

Was it her?

I want you to take me to her.

Mrs. D., we should just probably law low.

Take me to her or I take you to the Drake.


How'd you do?

Well, I didn't find out who
leaked Jane's psych file, but...

You got something else?

I did find some dirt on Mr. Perez.

Are you sure wanna go down this road?

I don't like getting pushed around,

especially by people who don't play fair.

Mr. Perez dodged city taxes

on a land deal last year.

This is good.

Henry, blackmail's illegal.

It isn't about blackmail.

It's about right and wrong.

It's about protecting Jane.

I gotta run.

I hope you know what you're doing.

Is it there?

I'm not sure. I mean, it could
be any of these bricks.

I figured you'd know.


Hand me the crowbar.


Oh, my God.

It's barely legible.

Some of it's in code.

I need to go talk to Maris. Thanks.

You said that Libby and I
had a powerful connection.

I need to know what that means.

How did you discover all of this?

I found Peter Kramer's journal.


"We called forth something
terrible tonight,

something I fear we will
regret until the grave."

I need you to take me back one more time.

I need to know what happened to Libby.

Shall we begin where we left off?

Listen to me very carefully.

Take Jocelyn and leave
the Drake immediately.

W-wait. I don't understand.

There's no time to explain.
You need to leave now.

- Go now. Go.
- Okay.

And don't stop for anyone.

Very, very quickly. Come on.


Come on.

All right. All right. Quick.

Quick. Come with me.

Where's Peter? Have you
looked in his apartment?

Yes. I've looked all over.
What about Jocelyn?

- What time is it?
- It's almost time.


Sweetheart, be very quiet, okay?

Where's your daughter?

I don't know. She ran away.

It's what we agreed on, Peter.
You can't stop it now.

You better not be hiding her. Find Jocelyn.

Okay, listen to me. Okay, you're safe.

Just stay here and don't move.

I don't know. Everything's gonna be okay.

- You don't know?
- I promise.

Peter, we don't have time for games.

Where's Jocelyn?

I-I don't know. She ran away.
I-I was looking for her.

Damn it. This is gonna ruin everything.
Let's use her then.

Blood is blood.

U-use me for what?

- Take her downstairs.
- No. No. No, please!

- Blood is blood.
- Please, no! Mr. Kramer!

No! No! No. No. No.

No. No. Please. No.

No! No! No!

No! Aah! Help!

No. No. No. No. No.

Please. No. No. No. No.

No. Please. Please don't. Help!

Somebody please shut her up.

Somebody! Please don't. No. No.


They took Libby

instead of Jocelyn.

Then they murdered her.

Maris, my...my grandmother

survived because of what she did.

Your family has a dark legacy,

but that's what connects you to the Drake.

It's no accident that I came here, is it?

Your past and your future

seem to be tangled up with this place,

but that's what makes you special.

So what am I supposed to do?

I don't know.

Can I ask you a question?


Does Gavin know about any of this?

I'm afraid I have to say good-bye.

Let me call you back.

If you dumped your girlfriend
that fast, I'm impressed.

Nope. Didn't.

Then you're wasting my time.

I'll be brief.

You see, I'm no accountant,
but I'd say you dodged

about 200 grand in taxes.

You see, if you dig deep enough,

you'll find skeletons in anyone's closet.

Where did you get this?

You had no right to use Jane's
medical file against me,

and now you're gonna make it go away.

What do you plan on doing with these?

Keep 'em.

I made copies.

Okay. Which one is it?

Uh, apartment 4B.

Look, if she's in there, I'll let you go.

I can't speak to what Gavin'll do,

but at least you've got a head-start.

Wait. Whoa. Whoa. Mrs. D.,
let me go with you.

I'll be all right, Tony.

Just watch Victor.

What happened?!

Oh, my God. I don't know. I don't know.

He tried to make a run for it.
I heard a gunshot

from across the street. I
don't know what happened.

Is she still alive?

Tell me the truth.

Hey, Mrs. D., we gotta get out of here.

How do I find her? Tell me.

Please tell me how to find her!

Namaste, Barney.

It's a shame you're so evil.

We have some unfinished business, Maris.

It's time to settle up.

I marked the page for you.

Pleasure doing business with you, Gavin.

I'm surprised you kept
your end of the bargain.

Well, it isn't anything

you wouldn't have found
out yourself eventually.

You of all people know, Gavin,

there's a price to pay for
what we want the most.

Some people are still
operating under the illusion

that Sullivan can keep the seat.

I'm not one of them.

Well, Gavin, I have to say, I'm impressed.

Took a lot of guts to do what Henry did.

I think your young gun's got a future,

as long as you guarantee
Henry will play ball

and know who his friends are.

Your tax returns...

they're forgotten.

Thank you.

You know, I'm concerned
Henry's got an enemy...

whoever leaked his
girlfriend's psych files.

Not an easy thing to get either.

It's from five points psych ward.

It's crazy stuff.

No, Henry doesn't have
any enemies, but I do.

This is about trying to knock
my horse out of the race.

Thanks for coming in, Phil.

Help me.

Hey. What are you doing?

Nothing. Uh, just...

Just, uh...

talking to myself.


All right. Well, you wanna come to bed?


Hello, Sasha.