666 Park Avenue (2012–2013): Season 1, Episode 7 - Downward Spiral - full transcript

In a flashback to 1998, Nona's mother visits her mother at the Drake but goes into labor on her way down the elevator. In the present day, Nona's grandmother tells Nona not to let Jane leave. While everything is going well for Henry, Jane has come to the end of her rope and desperately wants to go home to Indiana. Olivia has a proposal for her however. Henry receives an award from the mayor for his act of bravery at the reception. Gavin suggests that he propose to Jane as a way of keeping her with him in New York. With Louise away on a photo shoot, Brian returns to his apartment to pick up a few things and runs into Alexis. He's convinced Louise was having an affair and succumbs to temptation. Jane may want to leave but the Drake itself may have other plans for her.

Previously on
666 Park Avenue...

I was right about Henry.
He's a hero.

H-how did I get this tattoo on my chest?

Well, they say that a debt
is a mark against the soul.

There is a darkness coming from this place.

If I stay here...if I stay
here, I'm gonna go crazy

or I'm gonna get hurt

I believe a new patient named
Kandinsky has just arrived.

Time to start repaying that debt.

I want the Drake.

I'm going to give you a chance
to walk away from this fight,

and I strongly suggest you accept my offer.

Hold the elevator, please!

Thank you.


You're Lottie's daughter, right?

That's me.

Tenth floor, isn't it?

Your mother is one of
my favorite residents.

She must be very excited
to become a grandmother.

And how's your little girl doing?

How'd you know I was having a little girl?

Mm, lucky guess.

Melanie! What are you doing here?

I brought you groceries.

The farmers' market had
some amazing peaches.

I, uh... saw Mr. Doran in the elevator.

Did you speak to him?

Of course I did. What do you
expect me to do, ignore him?

He guessed I was having a little girl.

I told you never to speak to him.

You shouldn't come around
here while you're pregnant.

Why not?

I get worried about you
living in this place alone.

You have to go.

And don't come back until
after this baby is born.

- But what if I wanna see you?
- Doesn't matter.

I don't want you around the
bad things in this building.

Okay, w-what bad things?

Mom, I'm not gonna leave you
here if this place is dangerous.

There's nothing you can do for me.

I-I can't leave the Drake now.

What are you talking about?

For the sake of baby Nona,

you have got to leave.

- Mom.
- No.

Go on.

- M-mama, stop! Y...
- No.

- Get out of here.
- You're acting crazy!


Is anyone there?

Please. Please, please.


P-please help me!

How's that, Grandma?


Downward Spiral

I just spoke to Gavin,

and they want us to ride over with them.

Okay. Great.

Babe, you're not excited?

Come on, your boyfriend's getting

a commendation from the
mayor for being a badass.

And we're going over there in a limo.


Yeah, it's, uh...

It's great.

You know what the weird thing is?

I mean, I remember the gun,

I remember swinging the
chair at Kandinsky...


What's going on?

Everything's going so well for you, Henry.

I-I'm proud of you, but...

I can't stay here,

not after what happened on Halloween night.

I wanna go home.

Look, I know something happened to you.

- I'm not doubting that for a second.
- Something.

Henry, I don't feel safe here.

Do you understand?

I'm scared.

Jane, you were the one that told me

I shouldn't run away from my fear.

You convinced me to come
to New York, all right?

And now everything is...
is going great for us.

Us, not just me, Jane.

We should go.

We don't want to be late.

Acting with courage and without
regard for his own safety,

Henry single-handedly stopped the gunman

before he could fire his weapon again.

Aristotle said that the
greatest quality of the mind,

next to honor, is courage.

Henry Martin exemplifies
both of these qualities.

He's a new citizen of our great city,

but we embrace him as one of our sons.

And in recognition of his heroism,

demonstrating exceptional
bravery and citizenship,

I am pleased to present Henry Martin

with the bronze medallion.

Henry, congratulations.

Here, here!

There he is.


Hi. My hero.

The whole time, I was imagining
you behind that podium.

"Mayor Henry Martin"... has a nice ring.

All right, let's not get
ahead of ourselves.

It was a nice honor, that's all.

Uh, Jane, can I talk to
you about something?


A friend of mine on the symphony board

just bought a brownstone in Gramercy Park.

She's looking for an architect,
so I thought of you.

Oh. Olivia, uh, thank you.

Um... but listen, I've been
meaning to tell you and Gavin,

I've decided to leave New York.


I'm just not sure I really belong here,

with... everything that's happened.

You're running away?

Well, I wouldn't exactly
call it running way.

I understand. It's just too bad.

Just when opportunity decided to knock...



Oh, my God, Brian.
You scared me.

Where's Louise?

She's on a photo shoot in Miami.

She asked me to send her a few things.

Where have you been?

I started to think you weren't coming back.

I've been staying with
a friend in Brooklyn,

just until I can figure a few things out.

I just came by to grab some stuff.

I'm sorry about what
happened between you guys.

God, if any of this was...
because of me...

Please stop.

You're entering highly ironic territory.

And look, it...it's been
building for a while.

I can't remember the last time

that Louise and I were
actually happy together.

And for what it's worth,

it's not like you made
her sleep with that guy.

She did that on her own.

Brian, you read a text message.

You don't know if she cheated.

I saw the expression on Lou's face
when she stepped off that elevator.

I haven't seen that look in years.

Least not for me, anyway.

Well... I think you're a great guy.

So, Henry, what's going on?

Things have been a little
weird for Jane at the Drake.

She's... seeing things.

I mean, she's convinced this place is...

It's an old building.

Sometimes it gets under people's skin.

Question is,

you love her that much.

You're willing to walk
away from your dreams?

Gavin, I couldn't imagine
my life without her, but...

I wouldn't be asking your advice
if this were an easy decision.

The best part of who we are
is the women who love us.

We're weak without them.

And if we're smart,

we'll do anything we can
to keep them happy.

That is exactly right.

I remember you told me

you wanted to marry Jane. Is that true?

Yeah. Absolutely.

I know it sounds quaint,
but I believe in marriage.

Are you saying propose?

Oh, Gavin, I, uh...

I don't think this is the right time.

Then you make it the right time.
You make it the perfect time.

I think you have a bright
future in this town, Henry.

You're a hero now,

but memory fades.

You're not gonna get another shot like this

to fulfill your promise.

If I were you, I would do whatever I could

to keep Jane right here.

So you think if I propose to Jane,

she's gonna stay in New York?

I do.

And if you're really serious
about doing it, Henry,

Olivia is the one to ask.

Ask me what?

Well, if...

I was in the market for, say..

a diamond ring,

Could you point me in the right direction?

Meet me here tomorrow at 3:00.

I'll take you to Judith Ripka.

I've got the guy for you.

All right. Thank you, Olivia.

Gavin, I, um, I appreciate the advice.

Always here for you, Henry.

All right, have a good night, guys.

Uh, Jane told me that she's
leaving New York today.

I'm not letting either
one of them walk away.

Well, the timing of this couldn't be worse.

Darling, we're gonna be fine.

And what about Victor Shaw?

The situation is being dealt
with even as we speak.

Gotta make sure you're clean, Doc.

I don't have any weapons on me.

Can I please see my patient now?

Thank you.

What the hell happened to you?!


Are you out here?


How did you get out here?

How are you even standing?


What's happening?





Walt, could you do me a favor and,

take this letter upstairs
to Mr. Doran, please?

I-I'll watch the desk.

Your resignation letter, huh?

Why would you say that?

Oh, I don't know. I just...
kinda thought it.

Right. Well,

Can you just take the letter
upstairs right now, please?

- On my way.
- Thank you.

Tony's gonna be happy
you're stepping aside.



Where are you going?

Nowhere right now.

I'm just, uh, watching the desk for Walt.

I mean, are you moving out?

Well, uh...

Actually, I was gonna tell
people later this week.

Yeah. I, uh...

I'm moving back to Indiana.

No, you can't.

My grandma said I can't
let you leave, Jane.


Well, I've...I've never
actually met your grandmother,

And even if I had, it's really
not her choice to make.

Don't you get it?

You're a part of this place.

Okay, Nona, stop.

This place scares me.
Do you understand that?

You run away,

I lose the one person at
the Drake I can trust.

Nona, it...

Wow. I...Olivia, these are
all beautiful, but...

I get the feeling that I can't
afford a ring box in this place.

What kind of budget are
we dealing with, Henry?

Little over $3,000.

Well, how...how...how much is this one?



How much is this one?

Around $3,000.

Olivia, what are you doing?

Helping you get engaged.

That's all you need to know.

Um, you know, Olivia,

I proposed to Jane once before.

And she said no?

Well, it was... it was spontaneous.

We were caught up in the moment,

And she wanted to wait till
we got settled in New York.

There's a right way and
wrong way to do it, Henry.

I know Jane's a small town girl,

but inside, she's sophisticated.

I doubt she'd say no to any one of these.

Dr. Evans, what can I do for you?

What the hell did you get me mixed up in?

As I recall,

you were short of funds, and
I loaned you some money.

What's the problem?

I was supposed to help him escape,

not kill two people.

That was not...

That was not part of the deal.

All right, their blood is on your hands.

You were the one who sewed a
scalpel into your patient.

What did you possibly think that was for?

I paid my debt. I am done.

You're done when I say
you're done, Dr. Evans.

That's the way it works when you owe me.

You of all people should know by now

money is never free.

That wound looks pretty nasty.

I'm fine.

Tell me what you need.

Victor Shaw... B.A. from Harvard,

M.B.A. from Wharton,

made his fortune in shipping.

If he weren't out to destroy me,
I might actually admire him.

You want me to kill this Victor Shaw?

At some point, yes.

But he stole something
from me, of great value.

I want it back.

I'll bring him to you alive.

That would be a great help.

Right this way.

The only thing more beautiful
than that necklace is you.

What do you want, Mr. Shaw?

To buy you a gift.

You can wear it to your symphony
event at the Bergen Mansion.

Oh. Why don't you join us tomorrow night?

It's for a good cause.

Gavin lets you step out of the
gilded cage now and then?

Hasn't the gold started to lose its luster?

I prefer platinum.

You don't strike me as the type of woman

to be satisfied with just that.

Ever think about cutting the lifeline?

Being free of him?

I can help you do that.

I bet you think about it.

You're suggesting I betray my husband.

And why would I do that?

Because secretly, I think you want to.

What would I have to do for you?

A simple show of allegiance.


Oh, my god. You scared me.

Even though it doesn't
feel like we're moving,

we actually are.

That little girl...

who is she?

She's like me...

a child of the Drake.

That's what my grandma calls us.

We're connected to this
building in a special way.

You're special, too, Jane.


I'm not.

Then how was I able to
step inside your dream?

I gotta tell you, Henry.
This marriage thing?

Brother, it is complicated.

Oh. But I thought you
guys were making it work?

Yeah, me too,

but that was before Louise slept
with the doctor from downstairs.


But to be honest, I get it.

You know, she thinks I'm
not the same guy I was

when we got married, and...and she's right.

Well, Brian, everybody goes
through rough patches.

Yeah, but how do you think she feels?

She's stuck with a husband
who can't provide for her.

She probably saw this
Dr. Evans guy as a way out.

All I know is,

take my advice.

Don't ever get married.

It changes everything.


I-I'm proposing to Jane tonight.



Yeah. Thank you.

Do you wanna keep jogging?

Yeah. Yeah.


Hey. So...

Last night...

Did you...

I told you, Jane.

You're special.

That's not possible.

Come in. There's someone
I want you to meet.

Grandma? We have a visitor.

It's the lady I told you about... Jane.

Uh, Jane, I want you to meet
my grandma, Lottie Clark.

Hello, Mrs. Clark.

It's lovely to meet you.

She can't talk anymore. I
mean, she's in there...


How long has she been like this?

Couple years,

right after my parents died.

And you've been taking care
of yourself this whole time?

Nona, you should've told somebody.

I-I should call social services,
have somebody come in here.

No! No, you can't tell anyone about her.

They'll put her in a home.
They'll put me in foster care.

Nona, you're a minor

taking care of an elderly woman
with a very serious condition.


Doctors can't fix her.

I mean, something happened
to her right here,

right inside the Drake.

She was looking for answers, too,

just like you.

Answers to what?

What happened to my mom and dad,

what happens to a lot of people here.

They die or just...


Looking for something?

What are you doing here?

If you were leaving for a while,

I wanted to say one more good-bye.

Take care of yourself.

Um, I-I'm sorry.

I... I don't know what I was thinking.
I just...

wanted to do that one more time.

Then what took you so long?

I wanna show you something.

Oh, my God.

My grandma found most of this.

I try to add to it when I can.

This is incredible.

You were the person that

put that newspaper article
under my door a few weeks ago,

about the guy from the
1950s who was murdered.

I found something else I think
you might be interested in.

Right there. The photo of the little girl.

Take a look.

Look on the back.

Like I said, you're a
child of the Drake, too.

N-n-no. I...

This isn't possible. I...

- Jane, it's you.
- It is me,

but I didn't leave Indiana
till high school.

I-I've never been here in the lobby. I...

How did somebody take this picture?

Maybe you should stay and find out.

I mean, I didn't think I'd
ever been to New York

until I came here with Henry.

This makes no sense.

M-maybe you were too young to remember.

In 1992, I-I was 8 years old.

I think I'd remember coming to New York.

I mean, this is crazy.

What do you think it means?

That's why you have to stay, Jane.

- Jane, I'm home!
- In here!

- Hi, Nona.
- Hey.

What's going on?

- Just hanging out.
- That's fun.

Uh, just don't forget we have our
thing to get ready for tonight.

Hey, Nona.

- Let's talk later. Okay?
- Definitely.

- Scott!
- Get out of my way.

Dude, I have much bigger problems

than you and your pathetic love life.

Just tell me how long you
were sleeping with my wife.

- I never touched your wife.
- Really?

That's how you're gonna play it?

Listen, you don't deserve this,

but I'm gonna save you a lot of heartache.

I never touched your wife.

- I saw the text.
- What text?

Halloween. The party.

You texted her to come
up to your apartment.

No. I had lost my phone,

and it...it was gone all night.

Till Alexis found it and
gave it back to me.

- Alexis?
- Yeah, right...right after we hooked up.

Wait. What. You and Alexis?

H-how did I get this tattoo on my chest?

Well, they say that a debt
is a mark against the soul.

You're not ready yet?

Perfection takes time.

Oh. You missed a spot.

Let me.

Any closer to finding the box?

I have someone working on it.

Shaw followed me to
the jewelry store.

He's gonna be at the
symphony event tonight.

If I didn't know better, I'd
say he was interested in you.

He asked me to help bring you down.

Oh, of course he did.

Maybe you should
take him up on that.

Gavin, he wants me to betray you.

- Mm.
- You know I'd never do that.

I know.

Wow. This is amazing.

Yes, it is.

- Champagne?
- Uh, no, thank you.

Are you okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm good. Just, uh...

- Hungry.
- Okay.

Look around, Jane.

You really want to give all this up?

Jane. Henry.

I am so glad you two could make it.


It's a perfect send-off

before you head to greener pastures

or wherever it is you're going to. Ohio?

- Indiana.
- I've never been.

Henry, you look dashing tonight.

Oh, thank you, Olivia.

And thank you for everything
you've done for us.

Uh, will you excuse me?

Listen, Henry,

I was hoping somehow...

You would want to come with me.

But I know you can't. I know you can't.

I love you, Henry.

I love you so much.

I can't leave without you.

Stay here with me, Jane.

I love you.

Let's get out of here.

All right. We'll talk.

He's here.

I'm aware.

We don't want to be rude to our guests.

Of course, darling.

Why don't you fix your lipstick?


Hello, Victor. Glad you made it.

Happy to support any cause

or woman in need of my assistance.

A toast then.

To leaving the gilded cage.

I did what you made you do, Gavin.

Now I want out of the deal.

Perhaps you should give this
to your husband instead.

He doesn't drink champagne.

Convince him.

Convince me.

Does that convince you?

Dr. Evans, thank God you're here.

That man needs your help.

Somebody help! He's having a seizure.

You weren't made to take lives, Doctor.

You were made to save them.

Time is running out.

I'm a doctor.

2 milligrams of Lorazepam.

Hang in there.

Are we close?

What are you doing?

We are going back to The Drake.

You need to keep him alive.

Do it now!

Whoa. Hold it. Hold it.

What the hell are you doing?

Aren't you happy to see me?

You made me think my wife
was having an affair

and then you tricked me
into sleeping with you.


You wanted me,

from the first time you
looked through your window

and watched me undress.

I gave you your fantasy.

You are gonna stay away from me and Louise.

I am gonna try to make this thing right,

but if you get in my way, so help me...

Let go of me.

This is my floor.

I live in The Drake now.

You were ready to walk away from all this?

I do love this building. I just...

I wish it didn't scare the
hell out of me sometimes.


Nona, hi.

Can I talk to you? Please.

- Of course. Give just me one second, okay?
- Yeah.

Nona, what's going on?

My grandma's missing.

She's missing? I...

I thought you said
she couldn't move.

I don't know.
I need your help.

We'll find her. I promise. Let's go.

So I have to go and help Nona with...

something, but, uh, I'm
gonna see you upstairs

- in a few minutes, okay?
- Yeah. Yeah. Just...

Hurry back.



Are you okay?



Lottie, it's Jane. We're
gonna take you upstairs

and put you back to bed, okay?

- Grandma!
- Lottie, no!

Are you trying to tell me something?

She's trying to look through it.

The eye.

What eye?

On the mosaic.

I remember the first time I saw it.

The pieces of the mosaic are all original.

Except for the eye.


Oh, my God.


What are you doing?

I'm going down.

Let me come with you.

No. You stay there with Lottie.

It's okay. I...

I think this is something
I'm supposed to do.

It's closing, Jane!

- Hurry!
- Nona!