666 Park Avenue (2012–2013): Season 1, Episode 6 - Diabolic - full transcript

Gavin tracks down the man who stole the red box. It's an old enemy who wants revenge, but Gavin is determined to stop him before he can use the box to harm Olivia. Meanwhile, the police investigate what happened during the Halloween night, but they can't find any evidence to support Jane's story. Henry doesn't seem to believe her either, and their relationship hits the rocks when he suggests she should seek help from a therapist. Jane would like to move back to Indiana, but Henry wants to jump start his political career with Laurel's help. Also, Jane finally figures out her connection to the Drake.

Previously on "666 Park Avenue"...

I was right about Henry. He's a hero.

I can take your 15 minutes
and make it a lifetime.

Am I interrupting something?

She's his patient. He's
examined her a bunch of times.

He got out.


Look out!

There's no sign of a body anywhere.

How does a body just disappear?

You have no idea.
What you've stolen.

Return the box before it's
too late for both of us.

This is not over.


You okay?

Baby, what you went through last night,

it's gonna take some time to get past it.

Well, listen, I didn't want to
wake you, but the police called.

Two detectives will be coming over later

to talk about what happened,
if you're feeling up to it.

Yeah. Yeah, I mean...

The sooner the better, right?



Look, Jane, the police are
gonna find this psycho.

I just...

I wish I knew why he came after me.

I'm gonna get you some coffee, okay?

Besides the Drake being robbed,

other assets of yours were also targeted.

Four major buildings

had their security systems
hacked and disabled.

Someone's sending a message
that they can get to me.

Yes, you and your wife.

Not a word to Olivia about the robbery.

I don't want to scare her.

Of course.
Better if she doesn't know.

Who is behind this, Sam?

I want this bastard found quickly.


Do you have it?

Yeah. I got it.

Then $1 million is yours, Mr. Wallace.

Today at noon, Gramercy Park.

What's--what's in this thing?

It's not important.

But it's important enough

for you to pay me a million bucks for it.

Maybe it's important enough for
someone else to pay me double.

I'll give you $3 million for the box.

3 will do it.

On one condition.

Mr. Wallace?

Uh, yeah.

What's that?

Don't open the box.

Ms. van Veen? I'm detective Jarvis.

My partner detective Cooper.

Mind if we ask you some questions?

Please, come in.

I don't know why

my husband is insisting upon a blood test.

All this fuss isn't necessary.

But thank you, Dr. Evans.

Oh, that's one of the perks

of having the cardiology
wing named after you.

All right, I'm gonna rush these results,

um, but I wouldn't be too concerned

about fainting last night.

Now this is just my humble medical opinion,

but I think you have a common case of, uh,


Now I need you to relax...

And not move for a couple minutes.
Can you do that?

Ah, I'll try.

Here you go, darling.

Feel better.
I'll walk you out.

Hell of a party.

A little rough for you, apparently.

Oh, this?

This was a-a misunderstanding.

Ah. Thanks for the house call.

Listen, could you do me a favor?

I want you to bring me
the test results first.

And about the underpayment
in your rent this month,

we'll call it even.

Yeah, that.

My apologies. I...

Perhaps I was bit optimistic,

thinking I could manage
a park Avenue address.

I was under the impression that E.R.
doctors made a good living.

We do,

but unfortunately I'm still paying off

the education that got me here.


Trust you with their lives.

I think I can trust you with a loan.


You know, I-I wouldn't feel right

accepting money from you, Mr. Doran.

Everybody needs a band-aid
now and then, even doctors.

How much do you need?

Would say, uh...

$50,000 be too much?

So it's--it's right here.

After he killed the man
in the devil costume,

he chased me down here to this dumbwaiter.

So you climbed inside and pulled
yourself to the fifth floor?


I barely made it out
before he cut the rope.

Please take a look at this, ma'am.

Wait. I don't understand. I...

I was right here. I-I crawled inside. I...

You have the recording of the 9-1-1 call.

I mean, I-I found her on the fifth floor.

Sure, Mr. Martin.

Did you see the killer
that she's talking about?

What about the man she saw killed?

Could it have been a Halloween
prank someone took too far?

No, I--

Look, I don't know why there's
no sign of what happened,

all right, but Jane was attacked,

and you need to be acting like
this guy is still out there.

Respectfully, Mr. Martin,
that's what we're doing.

Come on in, Tony.

I, uh, I wanted to apologize

for losing Mrs. Doran
last night at the party.

There were circumstances
beyond your control.

Yeah, yeah.

And thank you, by the way,

for, uh, saving me from
those circumstances.

I, uh, I definitely owe you one.

I'm glad you feel that way.

There's a job I think
you'd be well-suited for.

Detail the limo?

Uh, more along the lines of the other work

that you've done for me sometimes.

There is some new information on
who tried to run over Olivia,

and I need someone brought
to the Drake for a meeting,

and I'm certain he will refuse the request.

Well, my, uh, mother always said

I had a persuasive charm about me,

and my father always said I had
a pretty good overhand right.

Feel free to make your father proud.

Mr. Wallace couldn't follow
simple instructions.

Don't open the box, Charlie.

Torch it.

What are you doing up so early?

Oh. Um... nothing.

I-I just... couldn't sleep.

I'm in the mood for pancakes.
You want some?


Your blood test was pretty conclusive.

Too much alcohol, not
enough hors d'oeuvres,

and that combination put your
glycemic number in the basement.

Sometimes I forget to eat when I get busy.

Sorry for the trouble, doc.

No trouble at all.

Can I get you some more coffee?

Yes, please.

No, thank you.


Look, Mr. Doran,

there's some information that I
didn't cover with your wife.

Her tests showed a powerful
anesthetic in the blood.

Actually, chloroform.

Olivia was the victim of
some foul play at the party.

I'm handling the situation,

but I appreciate your
discretion in the matter.

Well, I figured, we're helping
each other out, right?

That's right.

Did the money get wired into your account?

Yes, it did.

Thanks again.

Number 6 was a whole furlong back!

Detective Cooper.

Oh, Mr. Martin. What can I do for you?

I'm just checking in.

Any leads on the guy who attacked Jane?

Not really.

Not really?
That's unacceptable.

Jane is ready to move because
that psycho is still out there.

Have there been any... problems
between you two lately?


Not at all. What does that
have to do with anything?

Well, being upset can manifest
itself in negative ways.

Sometimes people see
things that aren't there.

What the hell are you
getting at, detective?

I mean, if you could've
seen the look in her eyes

when I found her... she was terrified.

She's not making that up.

Just a question, Mr. Martin.

Is there any history of mental
illness in Jane's family?

Why would you ask me that?

You and I both know

what we didn't see on the
walk through your building.

We didn't find a body
or single drop of blood

or any damage at all.

Should I keep going, Mr. Martin?

We're gonna keep working
things on our end, okay?

But if this is a more
personal issue with Jane,

maybe--maybe you're better
suited to deal with it.

Thank you.


Okay, so I know you wanna

jump-start your political career, yes?



Honestly, this is a, uh,

it's a really bad time
for this conversation.

Okay, here's the deal.

You have lunch in an hour with people

who can turn your political
aspirations into reality.

When the opportunity of a
lifetime comes knocking,

you don't ignore it.

Where am I meeting them?

Well, uh, thank you for
taking me to lunch, Olivia.

I, uh...

I definitely needed to get out.

Oh, it's the least I could do.

I-I feel awful about what you went through.

God forbid you'd gotten hurt.

So y-you spoke to the police.
Do--do they have any leads?

I doubt they're gonna catch this guy.

It's just a-a feeling I have.

Well, Jane, I don't want you
to feel unsafe at the Drake.

I'm just...

I'm starting to feel like
I don't belong here.

Would you excuse me for a second?

Enjoying your lunch, Mrs. Doran?

I take it you're not the sommelier.

No, but you might want a
drink after we speak.

Your husband isn't who you think he is.

Underneath those impeccably
tailored suits is a monster.

What do you want, mister...

Shaw. Call me Victor, please.

I'm here to give you the opportunity

to distance yourself from your husband

before I take him apart.

You think you're the first person

who thought they had a chance at that, huh?

Your husband excels at hurting people

and taking everything from them.

He took something from me,

and now I have the
opportunity to take it back.

Well, I'm sorry, Mr. Shaw.

I don't concern myself
with Gavin's business.

You should start,

'cause while he gives you the life that

lets you wash down $40
appetizers with champagne

and makes you feel special
and makes you feel safe,

you should know

all of it's just a lie that
he's whispering in your ear.

Or you're lying to me now.

Get a blood test

from a doctor who isn't
in your husband's pocket,

and then ask Gavin why
he's hiding the truth

about what really happened Halloween night.

Gavin, this is really not my thing.

No, Sam, pay attention.

We're gonna find out who betrayed us.

Hey, hey, I-I-I don't know
what you think I did,

but you got the wrong guy here.

I know exactly what you did, Mr. Trent.

Oh, that? That was nothin'.

I-I was just supposed to give
her a scare, that's all.

Mm. Well, I've been known to
scare a few people myself.

Luckily for you, I'm more
interested in who hired you.

So give me a name and you can go.

I never met him. W-we
just talked on the phone,

and he dropped off the
cash and instructions.

I don't believe you.

A name, Mr. Trent, if you
want to ever leave the Drake.

I'm sorry, Gavin, but I really
shouldn't be here right now.

Hey, Sam.

No stomach for the rough stuff, Sam?

Gavin, please. You think you
can get that guy to talk?

Sam, you of all people

should know how persuasive I can be.

What are you gonna do to him?

Same thing I'm gonna do to you.



Hey, somebody help me!


Somebody help!


Don't be afraid.

Sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you.

Your, uh, doorman said you'd
be up on the fifth floor.

You here to point out more
inconsistencies in my story?

Not exactly.

I'm here

to ask you about this man.

Oh, my God.

That's--that's him.

That's the man in the devil costume.

I saw him get killed.

Where did you find him?

We traced the call you
made to Henry's phone.

Guy's name is Leo Forster.

His girlfriend reported him
missing two hours ago.

Oh, my God.

I'm not saying

you held something back
from me and my partner.

If you did,

I'd do my best to hear it right now.

If I told you the truth...

You'd think I was crazy.

I'm a New York City cop, Miss van Veen.

I'm highly trained for crazy.


When I said before

that I didn't see the face of
the man who attacked me...

Well, uh...

That's not true.

I saw him.

I... spoke to him.

It was this man.

Uh, Peter Kramer.

A ghost attacked you.

That's what you're saying?

Wanna call Bellevue and put me
in a straightjacket right now?

Don't worry.

I think Henry's pretty close
to making the call himself.

My grandfather died when I was 8 years old.

We'd been pretty close.

Afterwards, I thought I could feel his...

Presence around the house.

I could even smell the
cigars he used to smoke.

Well, my folks wrote it off--

my memory of him with an
overactive imagination.

One day, I'm helping my dad fix
our old wall heater in the den,

and he pulls out this box of
cigars from behind the vent,

and he tells me this is
what I've been smelling,

that my grandfather's ghost wasn't real.

You're saying that there
is a logical explanation

for what's happening to me?

I'm saying...

People want there to be
a logical explanation.

It's what I realized

when I found out my dad
had bought those cigars

and hid them in the vent for us to find.

He didn't want me seeing anymore ghosts.

And now...

That's why I like to keep an open mind.

I gotta go.

Thanks for the coffee, Miss van Veen.


Hey, I'm sorry I'm late. I was on a call.

How's your shirt?

What's wrong with my shirt?

Okay, well, lose the tie.

If I can't change the package,

I can at least change the ribbon.

Uh, I can do this.


Okay, so you are meeting
with New York kingmakers

Jeffrey Lang, Matthew
Thompson, and John Buckley.

Buckley? I've heard of Buckley.

Yeah, you should've.

He's backed the last four
mayors of this city.

You kiss his ring,

and doors will open.

You're welcome.

Four mayors?
I should've changed my shirt.

How do you feel, Olivia?

I can't seem to get rid of my headache.

Gavin... how much did I drink?

Well, before the absinthe?

I recall seeing you with

a bottle of Bollinger '97 at some point.

And, uh,

and then there were the Martinis
at the top of the night.

Guess I really overdid it.

Well, you were never shy at a party.

Should I have Dr. Evans come back?

No, I-I think a massage
would probably be better.

Well, I can arrange for
one of those as well.

Gavin, thank you for...

Looking after me.

That's what a man does
for the woman he loves.

Why don't I go set up
that appointment for you?

Henry, slow down!

What's wrong?

Look, you were amazing back there.

They loved you.

They kept asking me questions about Jane.

She should've been there.

Hey, do you want me to provide
advice and perspective?

I'll take that as a "yes."

Having Jane on your arm

is not the image that you need right now.

What the hell does that mean?

It means New York's most
eligible bachelor--

whether or not it's true-- is good for you.

It gets you noticed, especially by women.

Let me be clear with you, all right?

Who I am--my life, my values--
Jane is a part of that.

Look, Henry, your girlfriend is
sweet and kind and beautiful,

but look me in the eye and
tell me that you think

she understands what it takes
to succeed in this town.

No matter how much you love her,
she is never gonna understand

your drive to make a mark in city politics.

You're wrong.

I hope I am.

Before you use the exit, I
thought we should talk.

How did you know it was me?

Mr. Trent never put it together

that you were the man who made the call,

but the look in your eyes

when you saw him tied to that chair...

That was all I needed.

Gavin, come on.

We got a lot of history.
I can make it right.

I can help you get your box back.
I'll do anything.

Tell me what it was all about.

As far as I know, money.

The plan was to set up a
dinner between you two.

He'd bring your box,

you'd bring him the $10 million
in bearer bonds, and...

Come on.

Let's get out of here.

You mean it?

I just thought of a way you can be useful.


I want the truth--

not a version of the truth, not
what you think I wanna hear.

What are you talking about?

You gonna make me ask again?

I got another blood test,

from a different doctor.


The Drake had an uninvited guest

the night of the Halloween party.

He knocked you out,

used you to distract me while
he broke into the safe.

This... whole charade

because of bonds and jewelry?

Not the safe in the closet.

Oh, my God.

Are--are we... in danger?

Let me trade my apology for a promise.

I will not let anything happen to you.

This is the man I believe is
responsible for the theft.

I don't know his name yet, but--

Victor Shaw.

He, um, he approached me today at lunch.

He was trying to use me to hurt you.

I just thought he was a creep.

Hurt me how?

Well, turning me against you.

He knew you weren't telling
me what had happened.


How could he know that?

Same way he knew about the red box.



Sam betrayed us?

I've dealt with the problem.

I don't want to leave another message.

I need to speak...

We need to talk.

Dr. Evans, is this about
using my generosity

to indulge a gambling habit?

What the hell is going on?

H-how did I get this tattoo on my chest?

Well, they say that a debt
is a mark against the soul.

Of course, we could just forget
about the dollar figure,

see if we can work out
another form of repayment.


I believe there's great value
in having a doctor on call.

Okay, I could do that for you.

But... when I do call you,

it'll be in your best interest to answer.

Hey, I'm here.

Over here.

What are you doing?

I was looking for a pen,

and I saw this article on the desk.

Everything you told the cops
about Halloween night--

it's all here, Jane.

What happened in 1929

is almost exactly what you described.

You think I made it all up?

Yeah, I don't know what to think.

Is this all because you
wanna leave the Drake?

I knew you wouldn't believe me.

Oh, come on, Jane. We're
not gonna talk about this?

Well, it sounds like you
have it all figured out.

Hello, Mr. Shaw.

I see no introductions are necessary.

You gift wrapped my money.

It was a Olivia's idea.

You left quite an
impression on her at lunch.

She's lovely. You're a lucky man.

She's so full of life.

You didn't bat an eye at the price.

We both know this isn't about money.

It's about justice.

I'm going to take everything
away from you, Gavin,

just like you do to everyone else.

You fancy yourself a hero then?

No, I'm... just a man who's found a way

to get back what you stole
from me a long time ago.

Oh, I don't return things once
they're in my possession.

That's why I secured my leverage first.

The red box.

Why don't you tell me what you really want?

I want the Drake,

and you're going to hand it
over to me, or I'm going to--

Open the box.

You're confident you can
release what's inside?

Do you think that I would go
to the trouble of getting it

and not know what I was dealing with?

I think you're bluffing.

What does Olivia think?

Very romantic, what you did for her,

rescuing her from an obsessive lover.

But you couldn't just make him disappear

like your average resident,

because this particular resident...

Was anything but average.


You imprisoned him.

I wonder what would happen if he got out.


Still think that I'm bluffing?

I'm going to give you a chance

to walk away from this fight, Mr. Shaw.

And I strongly suggest

you accept my offer.

$10 million is a hell
of an expensive dinner.

Oh, it's not money.

It what happens when I win.

Listen, Henry, I...

I love you.

But the more I think about the Drake,

the more I know I need to leave this place.

Look, Jane, I, uh...

As much as I love it here, I love you more.

All right, so if we have to go
to Brooklyn or Jersey or...

I wanna go back to Indiana.

To Indi--what?

I've been thinking about it, and...

You know, things were...

They were... simpler there.

We were safe.

No, Jane, we need to talk about this.

I wanna stay with you, Henry.

I do. I wanna be with
you, but I can't be here.

If I stay here--if I stay
here, I'm gonna go crazy

or I'm gonna get hurt or... or worse.

Jane, you're having a whole
conversation about our life,

and I'm not allowed to be a part of it?

Well, obviously I want you to come with me,

but I can't ask you to do that.

I know that you need to be here.

Okay, Jane, you know what?

Whatever the truth is, tell me.

All right, don't hold anything back.

Tell me why you can't stay here with me.

I've tried. I've tried
to tell you the truth.


I see things.

I hear things.

I do!

Okay, there is-- there is a darkness

coming from this place, Henry.

Peter Kramer tried to kill me.

And I know that that means he was a ghost,

but that doesn't mean that it wasn't real.

Jane, I think, um...

I think being in this building every day

is starting to freak you out.

You don't believe me.

I believe that you believe it.

But I think that maybe you
should start talking to someone.

I'm talking to you now.

I mean a professional, Jane.

You said it yourself.

You said your own grandmother went crazy,

and she was in an institution.

You think I'm crazy?

I'm worried about you.

I'm worried about us.

Well, this is pretty far

from a conversation about "us" right now.

I'm gonna go for a walk. I...


Are you seriously leaving right now?

Yeah, I gotta think, Jane.

Henry, wait.

You come highly recommended,

Mr. Kandinsky.

How would you like to come and work for me?

One small problem.

I'm good at solving problems.


What do we got?

I got a prisoner from Rikers.

Stab wound, lower abdomen,
pulse is thready, BP's 90 over 60.

Hello? Back it up. Back it on out of here.

Dr. Evans,

I believe a new patient named
Kandinsky has just arrived.

Time to start repaying that debt.

I'm not killing a patient,

if that's what you're talking about.

This isn't about killing him.

It's about setting him free.

What if Shaw opens the box?

I'll never let that happen, Olivia.


You're my grandmother.