666 Park Avenue (2012–2013): Season 1, Episode 4 - Hero Complex - full transcript

The suitcase Jane found in the basement seems to be alive. A curious Tony DeMeo from the front desk lets it out. Henry's job has fallen through and he's in trouble at work being accused of leaking information about the polluted construction site Gavin was once interested in. Nona, the Drake's 14 year-old in-house thief slips-up and Jane catches on to her. She has some special advice for Jane about Henry. Annie Morgan's fictional Russian mafia hit man Kandinski - who she made up for an obit - turns out to be real and is keeping her prisoner demanding to know who betrayed him. Just as she is losing any hope of surviving, Gavin steps asking that she write an article on he corrupt planning commission Henry has been having to deal with.

Previously on
"666 Park Avenue"...

Washer number three's leaking.

Anything else I should know?

Well, there's a thief
in the building.

I'll keep an eye out.

I like your necklace.

You and I are the same.

We have to fight to get
what we want.

Don't come back
without the job.

I get the feeling like
the dead won't stay dead.


Don't what?

Don't let him out.

Write 1,500 words
on this Kandinsky.

A lethal enforcer
of the Russian mafia...

The story I wrote.
It isn't true. I made it up.


No! Help me, please!

Let's see
what the great Annie Morgan

has written for us today.

"A ruthless figure
of the Russian mafia,

"Mr. Kandinsky has eluded
law enforcement

"in several countries.

It's been years since anyone
has seen his face."

I was under the radar
for 20 years,

then I see this article
you wrote in the newspaper.

Somebody talked to you.

I swear,
nobody talked.


I know this sounds crazy.

Uh, I made it up.

I made you up

and I-I didn't know
that it would come true.

Please. You have to...

okay, uh, please.

I'll retract the story.
Can't you just let me go and...

You have pretty eyes.

Such a shame to cut one out.

No, please. I am... I am telling
you the truth, okay? Nobody...

shh. No good idea to move.


It was my boss Ned!

Ned Shifley! He was the source!

Your friend better give me
answer or I come back

and cut out both your eyes.

How should I wear my hair
tomorrow night?

Up? Down? Beehive?

Mohawk? Henry? For the party
at the mayor's house?


Okay, where's your head at?
What's wrong with you?

I just got an e-mail
from councilman Edwards

canceling my interview
out of nowhere.

And, like, I thought
we really bonded. I...

oh, sweetheart, I'm sorry.

Listen, you are amazing,

and there are gonna be

so many amazing opportunities
for you in this city.

This one just...
it wasn't meant to be.




You make me forget about it.

Whoa! Oh.

What is that?

Uh, I found a locked suitcase
in the basement.

It's cool, right?

How many boyfriend points
do I lose if I say no?

At least ten.
And I may be forced

to wear my hillbilly teeth
to the party tomorrow night.

Well, I love those.

And for the record,
I love your old suitcase.

Come on. Aren't you at least

a little curious
as to what might be inside?

I'm guessing dust mites.

You're no fun.
And you're late. Come on.

I'm not late.

Come in.


Olivia, hi.

Sorry to drop by unannounced.

I'm breaking one
of Emily post's cardinal rules.

No. You're safe with me.

Um, can I get you,
uh, coffee, water,

sparkling water? Nothing. Thank you.
I'll just be a minute.

Well, is something wrong?

The Drake thief.

Tony just informed me
that he struck again.

We need to get rid of him,

Hire a Detective,
install cameras,

whatever you need to do.

Just find him

or her.

It's bad for the building.

I'll do my best.

I mean, I would love to get
my grandmother's necklace back.

And I'd like to get
my diamond brooch back, too.

Whoever it is, I want 'em out.

Oh, and, uh, by the way,
tomorrow at the mayor's house?

There'll be a lot
of powerful players.

Big opportunity for Henry.

Which means I need to look

the part of an important
guy's girlfriend. Got it.

What would you say
if I told you

I bought
a vintage Dolce & Gabbana

at a consignment store
for 90% off?

I'd say you're learning.

♪ so come on, honey,
blow yourself to pieces ♪

♪ come on, honey,
give yourself completely ♪

♪ And do it all
although you can't believe it ♪

♪ youth knows no pain

♪ Youth knows no pain

Hey, Ingrid. Come on in.

Good morning, Nona.

Mmm. Something smells good
in here.

Uh, my grandma baked them
before she left.

Oh, she's...

She's not gonna be here? Again?

She's super sorry.
You know how it is at her age.

Another sick friend.

Well, let's get started then.

I've really reached

a new level of calm in my life.

Calm. Peace.

It's pretty beautiful.

I'd say I'm just about cured.


So you don't need me anymore?

Nothing personal.

I think I'd like
to schedule a session

when your grandmother
is around.

You know, I'd really like
to get her take

on how things are going. Okay?

Sure. Uh, we'll set it up
as soon as we can.

You know that I'm just...

I'm just trying to help you,

What's the latest
on the councilman Edwards deal?

Well, you'll be happy to know
that he officially blew me off.

I know you think that job
wasn't right for me anyway.

His lack of taste
proves my point.

Have you thought
about what I said?

Maybe running for office
yourself one day?

Just every second
of every minute.

I mean, look,
it's a great fantasy,

but right now, I have to focus
on the job I actually have.

Listen, Henry, there's something
you should know.

Your office has me
under investigation.

What are you talking about?
I'd heard rumors,

but this morning I got
confirmation from my lawyer.

They're saying I've gotten
inside information

on several land deals.

Gavin, I-I had no idea.

It's nothing to worry about.

Of course. It's probably coming

from one of my competitors
on the Greenpoint towers deal.

Some people will do anything
for a piece of land.

Well, maybe I can talk
to Commissioner Pike about...

I won't have you putting
yourself in the middle

and I certainly
don't hold you responsible

for your boss' actions.

I appreciate that.

What's important is
that we don't let

this little bit
of unpleasantness

affect our relationship.

Help me!


Oh, my God.

Hey, Nona.

Cool sunglasses.



Oh, just the girl
I was looking for.

Did I leave my sunglasses
in your apartment?

Uh, no. Definitely not.

Maybe you dropped them outside.

And the Drake thief
strikes again.

We don't know that. Hi. I'm...
I'm Jane, the building manager.

Hi. Ingrid Weissman. I'm, um...

A.K.A. My shrink.

Oh. Everybody in New York
is in therapy, right?

Daddy issues. Twice a week.

So what do your sunglasses look
like? I'll keep an eye out.

Oh, right, they're, uh,
they're black and round.

They have two "c's" on the side.

Let me give you my card.

If you find them. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Let me walk you out.


ned, are you there?

ned, it's an emergency!

Oh, please pick up.
Please pick up.

Please pick up. Please pick up.



Oh, God.



I had fun
with your friend.

You're a very bad girl.
You lied.

You're next.

Hey, Nona. Uh, I was wondering

if I could speak
to your grandmother, please.

Sorry. She's at A.C.

Atlantic City.

Oh. She takes the old
people party bus

and plays slots all day.

Well, maybe you can help me.

Uh, do you recognize
any of this stuff?

Uh, nope.

Okay. Hand it over.

All of it, including
my grandmother's necklace.

You're saying I took all this?

Yeah. Next time you want to hide
your criminal activity,

don't wear the evidence.

I'll tell you what.

I'll just set a meeting with
you, me, your grandmother,

and Olivia Doran, and we can all
just talk about it then. Okay.

Jane, wait. Don't leave.

I didn't take your necklace.


I swear, I didn't.

But, you know, maybe I have
some of the other stuff.


Commissioner Pike.

Come inside.
Somebody wants to meet you.


Henry, this is
A.D.A. Regina Wilson.

She's gonna ask you
a couple of questions.

About what?

You're familiar with the, uh,
Alpern deal, Mr. Martin?

Sure. Uh, yeah.

The site turned out to
be next to a toxic waste dump.

And you were aware of its status
at the time of sale?

Yes. And did you share this
knowledge with anyone?

No. Gavin Doran bought the
land and turned right around

and sold it to a group
of Chinese investors overnight,

hours before the environmental
report became public.

Rumor has it
you two are besties.

I've done nothing illegal
or unethical.

We have hundreds of these.

At dinner at their apartment...

You were the last person

that Gavin Doran saw
before he sold the property.

You had me followed?

We're having him followed.
You happened to be there.

Doran has somebody
in this office,

and it appears to be you.

You will lose everything...

your job,

your reputation.

You will be disbarred.

Unless I'm innocent.

I'm innocent.

You have access to Doran.

You could obtain
the kind of documentation

that would put him in a cell

right next to his good friend
Bernie Madoff.

Whatever it is you're asking me
to do, I won't do it.

Take a day. Think about it.

We don't want to ruin you.
But we will.


He'll hear me.



Tell me.

You and Jane
will not take the subway

to the mayor's tomorrow night.

You will ride with us.

Defy her at your peril.

I think, um,

I think Jane actually wanted
to go to dinner first.

So we'll have to
get back to you on that.

I'll leave you two.

Whatever you're
working yourself up to say,

I'm guessing
it's not good news.

Gavin, I so appreciate

everything you've done for me
and Jane,

especially me.

This sounds like

the beginning
of a break-up speech.

I just think that we probably
shouldn't socialize

until the investigation
is over.

Oh, that's
what's bothering you?

I assure you, there is
nothing to worry about.

Gavin, in my position,

even the appearance
of impropriety...

Pike got in your head.


do you believe
this investigation is

anything more than a charade?

I'm sure, but...

Commissioner Pike

is manipulating you.

He's using you to get to me.

Bringing down
the great Gavin Doran

would skyrocket his career.

I don't think
that's what this is about.

Are you aware that your boss
has been lining his pockets

with developers' dollars
for years?

It's the worst-kept secret
in Manhattan.

That's funny. You've never
said that before.

I didn't want to put you
in a bad spot, Henry.

Gavin, why have you been so nice
to me and Jane?

We're nobodies.

Because I see something in you,

something I haven't seen
for a long time.

The gifts, the flattery,

V.I.P. Access to all New York
has to offer...

at what point do you expect me
to start paying you back?

Now you're insulting me.

You wanted me to tell you
that Alpern land

was next to a toxic waste dump.

I do my own research,

and that includes getting
soil analysis

of any property I bid on.

It was a test.

Sit down, Henry. Have a drink.

I'm such an idiot.

Careful, Henry.

You walk through that door,
things change.

I know you have a plan
for Henry,

but maybe it's time
to cut him loose.

If it comes to it,

I'll do what I have to do.


Jane, from the... the Drake.

Oh, right. Hi.

Oh. I-I found your glasses.

Someone turned them in
to lost and found.

Really? That's great.
That's great. Thank you.

You're welcome.


Was, uh, was there something
I can help you with?

Uh, yeah, yeah, I...

I wanted to ask about Nona.

I can't discuss a patient
with you.

No, I-I don't want
to know her secrets.

I just...

I want to know more.

All right,
here's what I can say.

A year and a half ago,
there was an accident,

and both of Nona's parents
were killed.

I didn't know.

Now you know.

And from what I can tell,
her grandmother is never around,

so she's practically
raising herself.

I-I-I lost my mom young,

and, you know,
my dad wasn't exactly around,


I get what she's going through.

She just needs
someone that she can trust,

and it's not gonna be me...

But maybe it can be you.

Gavin, thank goodness.
I need your help.

I wrote a story
about this man, Kandinsky,

and I-I mean, I made him up,

and now he's trying to kill me.

He already... he... he already...
he... he killed my editor,

and it's all my fault.

You wanted to change the world
with your voice.

That's a...

Noble ambition.

I can make Kandinsky go away,

but I'll need you to write
one final article...

a piece about the corrupt
city planning Commissioner.

No, I-I don't want
to do it again.

I don't want
anyone else to die.

I promise no innocent lives will
be lost if you write this piece.

I can tell you everything
you need to know.

I'll even give you a headline.

And Kandinsky
will never bother you again.

Tony, I'll be back
in a few hours.

Have our car outside at 7:00.

Uh, Mrs. D.

Mrs. D., wait.

Jane discovered the thief.

Uh, no.
I came back from a delivery,

and there was
a whole bag of stuff

just sitting behind my desk.

Been playing Santa claus
all afternoon.

Well then.
Keep up the good work.



Completely understand.

Uh, next week?

Oh, hold on.
Let me check my calendar.


So what do you think? This one?


Uh, yeah, it looks great.


I miss
my grandmother's necklace.

Have you ever met
Nona's grandma?

You know, I worry about her.

She's so different.

You know, she reminds me
of me when I was 14

and really pissed at the world

and really, really lonely.


Are you okay?

Yes. Everything is great.

Everything is so great...

Including that necklace.

Baby, how about we skip out
on this shindig

and we go watch the game

Well, now I know
something's wrong.

You wanted to go to the mayor's
house since I met you.

I'm kidding.

I wouldn't miss tonight
for the world.

And you look beautiful.


we're gonna be late.

Hey. Hey.


I guess she told you
I'm the notorious Drake thief.

Actually, no, she didn't.


And I won't.

I won't tell anybody as long
as nothing else goes missing.


You're welcome.


You okay?


All right.
I'll, uh, I'll get a cab.

Keep Henry away from the man
with the compass tattoo.

He has a gun.
He's dangerous, Jane.

He's gonna hurt Henry.

Nona, what's going on?
What are you talking about?

Just do it.

I feel like I should curtsy.

That makes two of us. Let's go.

Oh. I'll take one of those.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Hey. Relax.
It's just the mayor.

Okay. Let's go eat free food.



It's done.

"City planning Commissioner

ties to mob."

I just sent it to my editor.

Good girl.

You will never see Kandinsky

I promise.



No need to respond.
We might be under observation.

I'm not going to apologize

for caring that my behavior
be above reproach.

Above reproach.


You forgot this.

Jane, I think, uh...
Hey, Henry,

check out the prime photo op.
Okay. Maybe later.

Olivia, will you please
tell my boyfriend

that having his photo taken
with the mayor

does not make him a fan boy?

You have gall showing up here.

My husband has gone out of
his way to open doors for you.

Olivia... and you take the
word of a crook over his?

H-have I missed something?

Henry is aiding his boss

in an investigation of Gavin.

Oh, well, I'm... I'm sure
there's been some mistake.


A big one.

Babe, I'm sorry.
I didn't want to worry you.

Okay, well, I'm... I'm worried,
Henry. I'm definitely worried.

I understand.

Commissioner Pike
brought in the A.D.A.

They started questioning me.

They... they were accusing me

of giving inside information
to Gavin.



They want me to help them
take down Gavin.

Okay, but you think
Gavin's innocent, right?

I thought so.
And now I'm not sure.

He's saying that Pike is dirty.
Pike is saying that he's dirty.

Okay. Okay.
What are you gonna do?

I don't know.

I don't know.

They can spin my relationship
with Gavin any way they want.

Forget about
the mayor's office.

I'll be back in Indiana
zoning strip malls.

No, you can't let them...
any of them... intimidate you.

That's easier said than done.

I don't care
what zip code we come from.

You're your own man.
Don't you forget it.

I decided I need the twinkies.

Comfort food.

Hmm. I read your article.

That Commissioner is
seriously in trouble.

Yeah, he'll...
he'll probably go to jail.

No way the mob's gonna let him
get nabbed by the cops.

He'd flip on them.

So what, do you...

Do you think they'll kill him?

And they'll
probably use your guy to do it.


Oh, my God.

What have I done?

Excuse me.

Do we have something
to talk about?

We do.

I have Gavin's file.

We have to do something
about Henry.

It's already done.

Cooperating with us is
a smart move.

You won't regret it.

But I decided
I'm not gonna look at it

and neither are you.

I'm not gonna compromise myself

for anyone, including my boss.

I thought you had ambition.

I do.

High horses and city politics
don't mix, Henry.

I'll make this very bad
for you.

You will lose everything.

Not everything.

Hey. Let me through, please.

Uh, I have to warn him.

You're fired.

Gavin was right.

You're a crook.

Oh! Excuse me.


Get down!

Get down! Everyone, get down!

- He's got a gun!
- He has a gun!

Oh, my God!

She's been shot.

Oh. Evening, folks.

Uh, Tony, I don't know
if you heard the news,

but Annie Morgan was shot

and... she didn't make it.

That's... that's awful.
What happened?

I don't know.
We don't know the details.

It looks like
an attempted mob hit.

She was an innocent bystander.

Poor kid.


I don't know if I'm gonna be
able to get the image of her

out of my mind.

Excuse us.

You two go ahead.

Jane and I will get
the next one.

You were right.

Pike got in my head.

I'm sorry I doubted you.

You're young. It's hard to know
who you can trust.

Not anymore.

Gavin, I know
you're looking out for me,

and I appreciate that
more than I can say.

Purely selfish on my part.

I like hitching my wagon
to a rising star.

Tonight is
another reminder.

We can't take anything
in this life for granted.

You must be proud of Henry.

You must think I'm an idiot

for not knowing what was
going on with him.

Naive, yes. Idiot, no.

Anyway, you sussed out
the Drake thief.

Well, um, not exactly.

Um, the stuff just showed up.

I get the feeling
you're protecting someone.

I assume you have your reasons

and I'll let it go at that.

Thank you for everything.

Uh, it's kinda late, isn't it?

I wanted you to know.
Henry's fine.


It all happened, Nona.

Whatever you saw or felt...

Whoa. Okay. No clue
what you're talking about.

You saved Henry's life.

I saw the compass tattoo.

You knew Henry was in danger.

Sleep it off, Jane.

You'll feel better
in the morning.

You're special.

I know being different
can be scary,

but I want you to know if you
ever need to talk to anyone

about anything...

I'm here.

I shouldn't have warned her.

I should've kept my mouth shut.

But I couldn't.

I actually think...

I think I can trust her,

And maybe she can help you.


You should have told me
you were in trouble.

You're right.

You're right. I should've.
I just...

I wanted to protect you.

We're supposed to protect
each other.

You're right.

♪ Still

♪ falling

♪ Breathless and on

♪ again

♪ inside

Thank you.

I was right about Henry.
He's a hero.

And so all's forgiven?

Everybody's allowed
to make a mistake.


Steinberg called.

Based on the impending
indictment of Commissioner Pike,

the investigation into me

has been suspended.

Sometimes I forget
you can do magic.

It's easy...

When I have a lucky charm.

♪ Turning

♪ into dust

♪ like two strangers

♪ turning into dust

♪ Till my hand shook

♪ with the way

♪ I fear

Tonight you shouted my name.

How did you know
something was wrong?

I just...

I looked up
and happened to see his gun.

I guess when it comes to you,
I must have a sixth sense.

♪ Possibly be fading

♪ or have

♪ something more to gain