666 Park Avenue (2012–2013): Season 1, Episode 13 - Lazarus - full transcript

In the series finale, Jane and Henry finally discover the price they need to pay for what they want most in life, while Louise and Brian find themselves in deep trouble.

Previously on 666 Park Avenue...

Nice digs.

Uh, we have an interview.
Henry Martin, Jane Van Veen.

For the manager position.

Mr. Doran likes to approve
every tenant himself.

Obviously, whatever
you guys said won him over.

She's how we get Henry.

You and I are the same.
We come from nothing.

We have to fight and claw to get
what we want in this world.

It seems that

Councilman sullivan has had
some transgressions.

His seat may be coming vacant.

Keep Henry away from the man
with the compass tattoo.

It all happened, nona.

You knew Henry was in danger.

I found something else I think
you might be interested in.

That little girl... who is she?

It's you. You're a child
of the Drake, too.

Hey, honey, come meet
my new assistant.

Brian, this is alexis.

What you screwed is my assistant.

Please, we can fix this.

I will kill you, too, I sw...

Oh, my God. I killed her.

Henry, I don't feel safe here.
Do you understand? I'm scared.

If I were you,
I would do whatever I could

To keep Jane right here.

Will you marry me?
Uh, yes!


Are you gonna tell your father?

He doesn't wanna be
in my life, Henry.

The details are in the invitation,

In case you change your mind.

You're the only father she's got.

This place is evil,

And you're in danger by being here.

Uh, I think the gray one conveys
maturity and experience...

Two things I'm a little short on
at the moment.

Well, I think it looks
just as good as the other two

That you already tried on.

Yeah. Well, babe, it's my first
day. I wanna dress to impress.

"Candidate for city council
Henry Martin."

Enjoy it.
Don't obsess over it.

Well, obsessing is my nature, babe.

That's why I have everything
perfectly organized.

And I will start enjoying it
once the election's over...

And I find my lucky socks.

Have you seen my socks with
the little blue devils on them?

Mm, should be in your
perfectly organized sock drawer.

Yeah, well, they're not.

And this is bad, because I wore
'em when I passed the bar,

I wore 'em when we got
this apartment,

I wore 'em when you said "yes"
to marrying...

You don't need your socks
to get lucky, councilman.

I-I think I can carve out ten minutes

For my favorite constituent.

Well, if you want my vote,
Mr. Martin...

I think you're gonna have to
give me 20.

We're killers.

We're not.

The dead blonde on the floor
would say otherwise.

My mom's gonna freak
when she sees me in cuffs.

We're not going to jail.

Our lives are over.

She was crazy, Lou.

Not only did alexis come here
to kill you,

But she played us against
each other to do it.

Now why should we have to pay

For the hand that
she forced us to play?

Because we played it, Brian.

Cards on the table
look horrible for us...

Your affair, my hit-and-run.

We have to call the police.

We don't have any other choice.

Of course we have a choice.

Nobody ever has to know
about what happened.

Your family?



The baby is my daughter Jane.

I came to town for
her engagement party.

Blink of an eye, right?

Same thing with my own two.

That's my wife Catherine.

Sweetest soul there was
and the worst cookin'.

I know I haven't made
the best choices over the years,


Catherine and then Jane.

I never knew how lucky I was.

Luck changes, huh?

Yeah. Catherine died unexpectedly.

How'd you lose her?

You know...

It's the strangest thing.

Catherine drowned,

Right in her own bathtub.




Help. Help me.

Episode 1x13: Lazarus

Good morning, Mr. D.

Good morning, tony.

Patrick Corey in 2d has
moved out of the building.

I'm gonna need you to help Jane
turn the place over for leasing.

Okay. No problem.

Mr., uh, Corey wasn't
with us very long, huh?

Longer than you might think.

Truth be told,

I'm not too upset he's gone.

Why is that?

I didn't care much
for Mr. Corey's charm.

I didn't care very much
for it, either.

Good morning, Jane.

Oh. Good morning, Gavin.

Uh, thank you again
for the party last night.

It was wonderful.

No champagne hangover?

Oh, not too bad.

I, uh didn't get a chance
to talk to your father.

I couldn't help but notice
that he left rather abruptly.

Yeah. It's sort of
a-a complicated situation.

I don't mean to pry.

No. No. It's just, I'm off
to meet him for coffee now,

Try and sort through some things.

Don't let me keep you.

Thanks, Gavin.

Your name looks good up there.

Yeah. Thank you.

They put you to work already?

Uh, yeah.
Fetching coffee

Somehow counts as credit
for my government class, so...

And here I thought
you were into politics.

Oh, I care a lot about the future.

I just wanna thank you all
for being here

And being a part of this.

We're here to fight a good fight,

Clean, fair, and with integrity,

And we're gonna do great things
for manhattan's 53rd district.

Well, that's it, I guess.

I promise you
I will get better at speeches.


Let's get to work.

Mr. Martin, I'm Eric.

If there's anything you need,
let me know.

Will do, Eric. Thank you.

You are the exact candidate
this city needs.

Thank you.
You're welcome.


Now all we have to do is
win this thing.

I don't know much about politics,

But I-I got a good feeling.

There are too many thing
to explain about what happened.

You wouldn't understand.

I already know that
I'm connected to the Drake.

I discovered that
my grandmother grew up there,

And now I find out that

You and mom lived there
when I was a baby.

It can't just be a coincidence.
It has to mean something.

I don't know what that is, Jane.

Listen, you can't just
drop into my life

And tell me I'm in danger there.

I already know
that I'm in danger there.

But there has to be a bigger reason

Why I came back
to the place it all began.

So, Dad, tell me.

Why did I come to the Drake?

You know, your mom asked
that question, too.

That's what drove her over the cliff.

What do you mean?

When you were just a baby,

I-I thought she was having
some kind of breakdown,

The... the stress of moving to
a new city or something.

But then I realized,

The Drake had changed her, Jane,

I couldn't bear to see
that happen to you, too.

For all those years, I...

Got maybe...

A handful of letters,

A couple phone calls,

Couple visits.


Is there a reason why you left me?

I was trying to protect you.

From what?

From the truth.

The fact that you're now living
in that terrible place

Means that I failed.




Mr. Doran's here for you.
Oh. Great.

Mr. Polumbo,
that is a very generous sum.

Well, thank you, sir.
I appreciate it.

All right. Buh-bye.

"Generous sum" sounds promising.


But Mr. Polumbo is 88 years old
and now a proud supporter.

You have a gift for
connecting with people, Henry.

I just hope you get
the opportunity to do so.

That's why we gotta win
this election.

I couldn't help but notice
your rival candidates

All took shots at
our disgraced city councilman,

But not you.

Yeah. I don't think I need
to knock down sullivan,

Or anyone else,
to show people who I am.

Yeah. I suppose that's one way
of looking at it.

What's the other way?

That you tacitly approve
his behavior.

Give me a break, Gavin.
Of course not.

Oh, know that.

But as they say in politics,

If you're not against it,
then you must be for it.

"Vote for integrity."

That's a high perch.

Expect a lot of people to try
to knock you off.

Let 'em try.

Henry, I have no doubt

You could be a great politician.

I just worry that the high road
won't get you there.

Okay, one, two...

There's no way we're gonna
get away with this.


We incinerated the clothes
we were wearing,

We bleached the floor,

We put the fireplace poker
in the oven

To destroy any d.N.A. Evidence.

I mean, what else are we missing?

A heavy dose of sanity.

Hey. We're gonna be okay.

I promise.

All right?

All right.


Where do we go in the basement?

The boiler room. Come on.

What was it you wanted
to talk with us about, Jane?

I mean no disrespect,

But why have you never mentioned

That I lived in the building before?

We had no idea
you were the same little girl

We used to see being taken
for walks in Central Park.

When you interviewed with us,

You had a completely different name

Than your mother and father.

So you had no idea?

Uh, not until last night,
when we saw Nateat the party.

Forgive us, Jane.
We wanted to say something,

But we didn't think
your engagement party

Was the right time to
bring up such a...

Traumatic topic.

What do you mean "traumatic"?

What is it that
you're not telling me?

There are things you don't know
about your mother's death.

I know...

She drowned when I was a baby.

She was swimming in a lake.

No, Jane.

It happened in her apartment,

Here at the Drake.

No, the accident happened

At my family's lake house in indiana.

I'm afraid not, Jane.

And it wasn't an accident.

What do you mean
it wasn't an accident?

They couldn't prove it,

But the police believe
that she was murdered.


And it pains me to tell you,

But the prime suspect in her death

Was your father.

This is a bad idea, Brian.

Hiding alexis' body
down here in the basement?

God. Look...

Lou, there's no way that we're
gonna get out of this building

Without getting seen, all right?

And besides...

No one comes down here anyways.

What do we do after
we wall her up, huh? Then what?

We go upstairs and we put
this whole thing behind us.

Nobody gets away with murder.

nobody gets away with murder.



They do.

All the time.

We're gonna wake up tomorrow morning

And we're gonna pretend
like none of this...

None of this ever happened.

All right?

And we're gonna be able to do
that with a clear conscience

Because we both know that
none of this would've happened

If it hadn't been for her.

I just want us to be who we were
before she came into our lives.


Me, too.

I never thanked you...

For saving my life.

We saved each other, Lou.

They all pretty much say
the same thing...

My mother drowned
when she was in the bathtub.

She didn't fall, didn't hit her head.

The only logical
explanation left is murder.

Just to say it...

I mean, dumping you with relatives

And dropping out of your life?

Kinda smells like guilt.

Well, why come back now?

I don't know.

Okay, let's say it was murder.

Shouldn't we be asking why he did it?

This article says
my father killed my mother

Because she was having an affair.

You were 8 months old when she died.

I mean, between nursing
and changing diapers,

She was also cheating on her husband?

I agree.

It sounds like a stretch.

All right, I better get back.

First day of my internship,
and I'm a.W.O.L. For two hours.

Not good.


Something happened to me
this morning,

When I was in the bathtub.

Okay, that's creepy.

It was before I knew
about any of this stuff.

Anyway, my foot got tangled

In the chain
to the drain stopper, and I...

I slipped under the water.

You slipped?

I felt like I was being pulled under.

I-I couldn't sit up.
I thought I was gonna drown.

The Drake killed your mother,
then tried to kill you?

I don't think so.

W-when I was under the water, I...

I saw someone looking down at me.

A man.


I don't know.

By the time I could finally
sit up, I...

He was gone.

You know, the Drake drew you here

From a thousand miles away.

I mean, your grandmother's ghost
showed you

Pieces from your family's past.

I-I can't help but wonder

If your mother's trying
to show you something, too.

That my father killed her?

Or who really did it.

How you doing?
I'm Henry Martin.

I'm running for city council
in the special election.

There you go. Thank you.
Just read the bottom. Thank you.

You got 'em all fooled,
Martin. Hello.

They think you're a good man.

Have a nice day, Mr. Sullivan.

Not bad-mouthing me
in the press... great misdirect.

I've done nothing to you.
Leave me alone.

Mr. Right place, right time.

A real opportunist.

Which means deep down,
we're exactly the same.

Hey, Henry?
Take a good look.

This is what you gotta
look forward to.

You been drinking?

Irish whiskey.

But I get the feeling

Your crowd's more
the single malt type.

You slept with a staffer.

You ruined your career
and your marriage,

And that's on you.
That's not on me.

That's right.

Just keep telling them
you're different.

But we all end up
with blood on your hands.

Trade secret, Henry...

The blood ends up being your own.

I love you.

I love you, too.

You two look like you're...

Working things out.

We're trying, Mr. Doran.

You have a relationship
worth fighting for.

I admire it.

See you.


Oh, Louise.

It looks like you, uh,
lost an earring.

Oh, God. We couldn't have sealed
it up with alexis, could we?

Oh, Brian.

All right. Think, Lou.

When was the last time you saw it?

To be honest, I wasn't really
focused on my earrings

For the past couple hours.

Maybe you left it
in Patrick Corey's apartment

With the other one.
Oh, wow. Really?

That's how you're gonna do it?
Because I'm pretty sure

Your affair didn't
help us find marital bliss.

You know, you're right.
I'm sorry.

But you and I,
we have to stick together.

Otherwise, this whole thing
falls apart.


Why don't we just think this through?

I can't go back in the basement.

We've done everything we could
to cover our tracks.

All right, we can't risk having
something so small unravel us.

We gotta go back down there.


Did you kill her?

Don't ask me that, Jane.


The conversation...

That you've been running from
my entire life,

We are having it right now.

Yeah, I guess we are.

The papers said
that she was having...

An affair.

Had an affair. It was over.

And that's...
that's why you killed her.

Absolutely not.

Absolutely not.

We got past it.
She broke it off,

And I convinced her to leave New York

So we could start over together...

Just two new parents
with our baby girl.

So why did the police suspect you?

Because there was no sign
of forced entry.

The doors were locked
when I got home. Okay?

And the cops figured

That I was the only one
that could've gotten in.

I did not kill your mother.

Listen. Come here.

Come here.

You listen.

I was trying to help your mother.

Help her how?

Dad, what is so hard to tell me?

All right.


Your mom was delusional.

Okay? She was fixated on the Drake.

She said the place was full
of secret rooms.

She started hallucinating.

The building was
"talking" to her. Okay?

It was "showing" her things.

I had to get her out of there
before she went crazy,

And I failed.

What if she wasn't crazy?


There are strange things
in that building.

I've seen them, too.

Jane, you need to leave the Drake.

No, no, no. You do.

You'll die there like your
mother did. I'm telling you.

Dad, I can't.
No, Jane, listen to me.

No, you listen to me.


You have not been a father to me
since the day I was born.

Threatening me is not the way
to start. Do you understand?

Hey. Is there a problem?

No. No.

Look, just...

Stay out of my life, okay?

Do you understand?

I want you to stay away from me.

I'll take that whiskey now.


Jane, you here?


What are you doing here?

Can't wash it off, Henry.

Look what they make you give.

They take...

And they take
till there's nothing left.

Sullivan, you're hurt.
Let me help you.

You've already helped enough.

Yeah? What's up?

Oh, my God.
You gotta see this.

Stunning news

As disgraced New York City
councilman Frank Sullivan

Was found dead in
his upper east side apartment.

According to police,

Mr. Sullivan apparently died of
a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Law enforcement sources say

Mr. Sullivan's neighbor saw him
enter his apartment alone

before hearing a single gunshot.

Responding police officers...

forced entry into the home...

This is Henry.

Hello, Henry.

Gavin. What's going on?

One of the first rules of politics

Is being able to admit
when you've made a mistake,

And I made one.

You heard about sullivan?

While every other candidate
was kicking him,

You took the high road,

And it appears to have paid off.

It began after an anonymous source

Leaked information to the press
about the possible...

Sullivan's life
was already falling apart.

He didn't need me pointing out

What the entire city already knew.

Not to sound too ghoulish,

But I expect that
your noble intentions

Will pay dividends at the polls.

Like I said, Henry,
you're a born politician.

Gavin, this wasn't calculated.

Of course it wasn't.

Stop by for a drink later,
if you like. I'll be up.


Thanks, Gavin.

This is insane. I can't believe
we're doing this.

Nothing else connects us to her
except your earring.

I thought you said nobody would
find her body down here.

We can't have anything
point back at us, right?

Your earring's gonna be in here,
Lou. I know it.

It has to be.

Brian, we need some peace
from all this.


Uhh! All right.

Give me the light.

What the hell?

What is it? Brian, what?


Oh, God.

Where's her body?

I don't know.

Alexis is with me.

I believe this is yours.

Nasty business, what happened.

She tried to kill me. Okay?

Yeah. It... it... it was
self-defense, I-I swear.

W-we didn't have a choice.

Brian, you once told me
that you would give anything

To be back on top.

I have good news.

Your play is going to be
a great success...

But I'm afraid
you won't be celebrating.

I-I don't understand.


Ever since that night
you hit alexis with your car,

You've been living on borrowed time.

What do you mean?

I mean I own you.
Both of you.

And I'm terminating the lease.

Oh, God.

Gavin, wait.

It's time to settle up.


Gavin, please! Gavin!

Hey, let us out of here!

Gavin, no!

There's no signal.

Brian, I'm scared.

At least we're together.

Right, Lou?

I'm never gonna let you go.

Whoa! Hey, what are you doing here?

Dad, I t...

I told you to stay away from me. Dad!

If you're seeing things
like your mother,

Then you're in danger.

I'm not gonna let this place
take you like it did her.

Okay, all right,

You've been drinking
and you're not making sense.

Why don't you calm... I am
not leaving here without you!

You hear me?!

Dad, why do you have a gun?

I can't let you stay.
I can't. It's not safe.

This place will kill you

Just like it did
your beautiful mother.

And I couldn't save her then,
but I know how to save you.

Please, let me just call Henry.

Please? Please?
You can call Henry from the road.

We're leaving.

Ow. Hold on.
No, you're hurting me.

All right.

The way you're looking at me
is breaking my heart.

How do you expect me to look at you?

The day you were born was
the happiest day of my life.

You and your mother...

You were everything to me.


I know I haven't been any kind
of proper father to you.

I know.

I wasn't there for the homework
and the...

And to watch
the dance recitals, but...

I'm here now,

And I'm gonna protect you.

And even if it means that
you won't ever talk to me again,

At least I'll know that you're safe.

Dad, please.

Let's just go somewhere
and... and talk about this.

Why are we going up?

I-I don't know.

What are we doing here, Gavin?

The doorman alerted me
from the lobby.

I brought you up here so that
we can talk like gentlemen.

Jane, no!

Well, nate,

It seems the circumstances
have changed.

Nate, put down the gun.

This doesn't have to end
like it did with Catherine.

I didn't kill my wife.

Dad, please. Let... let's just
talk about this.

I didn't kill your mother.
I swear on her soul I didn't!

Nate, you were a blackout drunk.

Do you even remember
what happened that night?

Whether I blacked out or not,
I would never harm Catherine.

And yet, here you are waving
a gun at your own daughter.

Ironic or predictable?

Come on, Jane.
Let's get out of here.




Put down the gun
before you shoot somebody.

I can't.

It won't let me.

Do you hear how that sounds?

Nate, you need help.

Dad, please.

It's gonna be okay.

Just give me the gun.

I'm trying.
I can't move my arm.


Henry, just stay back.

Nate, what the hell are you doing?

Dad, don't!
Sorry. I can't stop it.


Oh, my God!

Oh, my God. You're gonna
be okay. Okay, help him, please!

Look at me.
You're gonna be okay. Jane.

All right?

No, no, no. Stay with me, baby.
Stay with me.

I didn't shoot him.

Dad, help him!

Henry. No, no, no. Keep looking
at me. Just look at me.


The lobby is out of order,
Mr. Mckenny.

We going to basement instead.

Help him, please.

There's something
I have to tell you first.

Henry's dying.

You need to know the truth
about the Drake.

You need to know why you're here.

Why am I here?

You're here because

I loved your mother very much.

She had a special connection
to the Drake.

That seems to run in the family.

The a-affair.

It was you?

She betrayed me, Jane.

What was I supposed to do?


I couldn't let her
take you away from me.


You killed her because of me?

Natemckenny is not your father.



Catherine knew.

I think Natesuspected.


Stole you away
in the middle of the night,

Hid you with relatives.

I hoped with all my heart
that I would see you again,

Be reunited with my daughter.

And then one day,

You came home.

I can save Henry.


Please. I'll do anything.

You have to understand, Jane.

There is a price to pay

For the thing we want the most.

There you two are.

Dinner's almost ready.

Oh, I'm sorry, Olivia.
It was my fault.

Yes, she got stuck in an air duct...

On the fifth floor,

And I had to pull her out.

My hero to the rescue.
I was totally embarrassed.

This is for you.

Chateau monique.
My favorite.

Gavin's in the living room.

Mr. And mrs. Councilman.

Say, we took a peek
at the starling room.

It's just magnificent.

Really, Jane,

Your renovation should be
on the award short list.

I'm dying to show my friends
at "architectural digest."

Oh, thank you.

Well, there's still
a lot more work to do.

At the rate I'm going, the Drake
could be my life's work.

I never get tired of this view.

Do you know what tonight is?

I do.

One year ago today,
you learned the truth,

And then you made a choice.

Are you happy?

I have everything I've ever wanted...

Amazing husband,

Successful career,

Security, luxury.

Why wouldn't I be happy?

I told you there would be
a price to pay

For saving Henry's life.

Was it worth it?


I don't know.

What we do, Dad...

Is... Fulfill needs,

And there is nothing wrong with that.

We give desperate people a taste
of the thing they want the most.

And in return,
we get to live like this...

A life free of fear,

Of doubt.

The power to make the world
as we want it,

Not as it's given to us.

The Drake is your birthright, Jane.

Your legacy.

You and Henry

Will have a child.

Soon, I hope.

He'll become a very powerful
figure in this country.

A leader to be feared.

He'll bring the world to heel

Under his command.

Great things, Jane.

A new order.

Hey, Jane.
Olivia's wrapping up.

I think we should get going soon.

All right.
I'll see you inside.

You okay?


There's something that
I have to tell you.


I'm pregnant.