666 Park Avenue (2012–2013): Season 1, Episode 11 - Sins of the Fathers - full transcript

While Sasha may hold the cards to Henry's political career - as well as the ultimate fate of her parents - a mysterious tenant arrives at the Drake and Alexis plots her revenge.

Previously on 666 Park Avenue...

I was driving home, out of my mind.

I think I hit somebody.

Do you remember what you
said to me that night?

That I would do anything
to walk again.

Welcome to anything.

You've made your mother very happy.

But if you hurt her again,

We're gonna have a problem.

Are you Harlan Moore?

That would make him...

I have to find a door
to let Libby out.

The problem with opening doors...

You never know who's gonna
walk through them.

She did it.

So voter demographics
in this district

Have changed a lot
in the last six years.

We're talking about a 32% increase
In middle-income families.

I've noticed.

It's mostly due to some redistricting
That Sullivan pushed through.

The point is,

Cocktail parties alone
won't cut it these days.

I think Henry needs to be
out there in the community.

Well, it's a little cold for
a soapbox in central park.

Gavin, I was thinking
less soapbox, more pulpit.

Interesting idea except for
the fact that it's illegal.

Religious organizations
are nonprofit.

Right, which means

they can't endorse
a political candidate, but...

Henry's this district's
resident hero.

The public should just
meet him, hear him speak.

So he just happens to be
running for the council seat.

The speech would be personal,
not political.

Sell the man not the message.

I like it Gavin.

It'll get me talking to
the community about my values,

My character.

It's a smart idea, Laurel.


I think we should start
with the largest church...

Saint Thomas.

I'll put in a call to the cardinal
as soon as we're done.

The cardinal?

Gavin, full disclosure,

I'm kind of a lapsed catholic.

Well, you'll be fine.

The cardinal owes me a favor.

Good. All right.

Are you ever gonna tell me
why we're trying

To get Henry elected to city council?

Because he's a good man
with a bright future.

I wish you'd start
trusting me, dad...

Even just a little.

I do trust you a little.

That's why you're in our lives.

You want more.
Convince me.

I know I've made mistakes.

But I'm gonna fix things.

You'll see.

I look forward to it.

We're all damned.

The demons that haunt you

Can be expelled, father.


Please tell me.

Slay the dragon.

The dragon?
I don't understand.

You have to kill Gavin Doran.

Episode 1x11: Sins Of Our Father

Was this before or after Dubai?

It was before Dubai
and after Malaysia.

God. It... Seems like a lifetime ago.

I'm just happy to be home.

New york...
greatest city in the world.

And the drake... its shining jewel.

I hope I'm
not interrupting something.

Speaking of shining jewels,

Allow me to introduce
our resident manager...

Jane Van Veen.

Jane, this is Patrick Corey.
He's moving in today.

Uh, today?


Um, thanks. Uh, Gavin,

Which apartment
is Mr. Corey moving in to?


Maris' old apartment?

But, uh... Wh-what about
the renovations?

We haven't even started yet.

Now you can work
directly with the tenant.

There are demons in this world,

Walking among us,

Destroying us

One soul at a time,

Gaining power and influence over us.

You mean Gavin Doran.

How can you be sure?

He has an appointment
with the monsignor.

When you meet him,
you can decide for yourself.

I bought this...

From a dealer in Rome.

It's a grimoire

From the 16th century.

It gives three instructions
on destroying evil.

I assume you read latin.

"Only the hand of the cloth
may slay the dragon.

On holy ground
must its blood be spilled."

A priest, on hallowed ground,

Using a blade anointed
with the blood of a king.

That's the third part.

The blood of a king?

I know how to obtain
a knife like that.

You want me to kill a man?
This is crazy. It's wrong.

Papal law gives a holy dispensation

To soldiers of god.

The sin of murder

In the act of destroying evil
is absolved.

That's a law from the time
of the inquisition,

Ms. Harris.

There's no absolution for murder.

I can't stop him alone,
father. I need your help.

Too many people try
and justify evil acts

In the name of god.

Not many people see what you see.

We ever gonna talk about this?

About you getting wasted

And embarrassing yourself
the other night?

No. Not until you admit
you have a problem.

You know what? You're
right. I do have a problem.

I don't know how many times
you want me to tell you,

All I took that night
was one aspirin.

I got the news that
they wanted to do my show,

And you were so wasted,
you could hardly stand up.

Brian, I'm sorry
I wasn't there for you.

Maybe consider who made it possible

For you to write this play
in the first place.

Not like you've been working
your ass off to pay rent

Like I have for the last five years.


And thank you

For reminding me what a loser I am.


Hey, we're not done here.

Yeah, we are.

The kitchen and the bathroom
need the most work.

My plan was to gut them both
and start over...

New fixtures, plumbing, tiles.

Sounds like a good plan.

And what... what do you do
for work, Mr. Uh, Corey?

Oh, a little of this,

Little of that.

You're a curious girl, Jane,

With a sad beauty.

Quite intoxicating.

Thank you, I think.

Well, I will do my best
to make this renovation

as painless as possible for you.

Well, what's a little pain
between friends, right?

You know, on second thought,

I think I'm going to do it myself.

Uh, I'm sorry.

Do what yourself?


And don't worry your charming
little head about it.

Gavin gave his blessing.

When I'm done,
I'll have you up for cocktails

And we'll get to know one another.

How's that sound?



Welcome to the drake,

Mr. Corey.


Where you been?

Uh, there's a new tenant moving in.

I had to show him the apartment.

God, the guy's a total whacko.

He talks like he's something
out of an old Warner brothers movie.

And he's insisting on doing
his own renovations.

Yeah, definitely sounds like
a psycho.

Look at you,

Off to relive your glory days
as an altar boy.

Calm down. I'm just going to
church to save my immortal soul.

Henry, I want you to always
stay who you are.

Remember that.

It's the most important thing.

Where is this coming from?

- Are you worried about me?
- Yeah, I worry about you.


I just feel like everything's
happening so fast,

The way it's all falling
into place for you.

Don't let anyone compromise
what you believe is right.

Jane, stop.

Are you sure

Gavin didn't plant that story
about Sullivan's affair?

That's what this is about?

I'm just asking.

Of course he didn't.

Hey, don't worry about me.

Hey, Henry.


I'm proud of you.

Blessed virgin,

Please forgive this poor sinner.

I don't know what to do.
Help me to see the path.


Oh, God.

Only you can stop him.


Mr. Corey!

Mr. Corey...




Miss Van Veen.

What a surprise.

Hi. Uh, your neighbors
are complaining

About the loud music.

Oh, dear me.

I suffer from enthusiasms
over a good stride piano.

I needed to hear it
over the hammering.

I'm sorry. You've already
started construction?

Well, they say idle hands

Are the devil's playthings.

All renovation plans
need to be approved

Before you start construction.

Oh, I thought I'd surprise you.

Well, maybe I can take a look now.

Uh, miss van veen, while I
appreciate your pluck,

Now isn't a good time.

Perhaps later you can join me
and, uh, what's her name...


Me and Shannon for martinis.

I'm sorry. I-I'm busy.

Just try to keep
the music down, okay?


Don't move.

Make a wish.

Beautiful, Marla.


Think we got it.
Go change wardrobe.

Okay. Alexis, let's reset,

Uh, before we freeze out here.

Oh, these shoots are the worst.

Guess that's what happens when
you piss off Elle magazine.

Is Brian still upset?

Brian thinks I'm
a selfish bitch, so yeah.

Well, I think he's just
stressed about his play.

Oh, right. His play.

I took a peek at it, by the way.

It's not that good.
Not like his old stuff.

I think it's great, actually.

He asked you to read it?

Yeah. Um, is that okay?


I'm sorry.

It's not your fault.

Monsignor, it's nice
to see you again.

Gavin, how are you?

I'd like you to meet father Douglas.

Gavin is the prime benefactor
of the children's hospital.

Without him, the new wing
never would've broken ground.

Nice to meet you.

Well, I'm just along for the ride.

This is Laurel Harris.

Father Douglas.

Monsignor Williams, allow me
to introduce Henry Martin.

Soon to be this district's
newest council member.

The hero himself.

Pleasure to meet you, monsignor.

Very impressive, what you did
at the mayor's house.

I want to hear all about it.

By the way, Gavin tells me
you're a scratch golfer.

Um, I... I do all right.

You'll have to join us
for a game sometime.

Yeah, I'd like that.

Please, everyone, come inside.
I have some fresh coffee on.

I think ms. Harris and I should
let you all get acquainted.

But don't be too easy on him.

"A shining light
in a city of shadows."

- What does it mean?
- I don't know,

But it's all over
Peter Kramer's journal.

I mean, half that thing's
in some kind of code

Or weird alphabet.

Okay, how is there no clue
to deciphering this text?

Is this the only file
on the order of the dragon?

You know what?
In that one, too.

I've looked through it before.

Never saw any mention of that phrase

Or code or anything.

Oh, my god.

It's him.


A man named Patrick Corey

Moved into the drake today.

Now I know it sounds crazy,
but this is him in the picture.

I swear.
It's the same guy.

What are you gonna do?

I-I-I don't know. I...

He killed Libby,
so obviously he's dangerous.

I-I need to figure out what
he's doing in that apartment.

Henry's wrapping up.

That night...

Your mother had already gone to bed

When the police called,

But I was still awake.

They wouldn't give me any details,
but I knew it was bad.

Can we please not
talk about this here?

It's ironic now.

When they told me you'd been killed,

I refused to believe them.

How could you possibly
be taken away from us?

It didn't make any sense.

When I saw that
burning wreck of a car, I...

Never felt so powerless.

A few days later,

I buried you...

My only child...

Right here.

I'm sorry.

I love you, Sasha.

No matter what.

I always have.

And I always will.

I love you, too, dad.

Hello, father.

You mind if join you?

No, please.

The monsignor is very nice.

I'm gonna speak in
the congregation tomorrow.

When did you last attend mass?

It's been a while.

I mean, I-I was raised catholic.

It's part of who I am, but...

I don't know.
Maybe I have more doubts now.

Faith can be a challenge,

Even for the most devout.

God tests us.

But when we're called,
it's up to us to answer.

I feel a calling to public service.

You know, I have since
I was pretty young.

Now you have someone

Like Gavin Doran
opening doors for you.

What do you mean, someone like Gavin?

He's... He's been
a good friend to me.

Be careful of him, Henry.

The path you've been called to
is rife with temptation.

Your soul will be tested.

Stand fast against evil

Wherever you find it.



I see things in people, the truth...

Of who they are.

I can see

That you are a good man.

I try to be.


Ready to go?

Excuse me.

If you confess your sins,

I can absolve you now.

Tomorrow you'll speak before
god with a clear conscience.

I have to go, father.

- Allow me to help you with that.
- No, that's all right. I got it.


Please be careful.
That's camera gear.


Patrick Corey.

2d. Just moved in.

Nice to meet you.
I'm Louise.

And you look like
you could use a drink.

And lucky for you,

I'm hosting a little
cocktail party upstairs.

You, me, a bottle, and your camera.

I'm married. Excuse me.

I'd never tell.


All right?

Yeah, thanks, Tony.

Hey, some weather we're having
today, isn't it, Mr. Corey?

Yeah. Tell me, Tony,

What's a fella like you
doing in a job like this?

Just trying to stay out of trouble.

You like to get into trouble?

Not particularly.

Listen, Tony.

An obscene amount
of items I've purchased

Are going to be delivered
this afternoon.

Could you bring 'em up
when they arrive?

It's gonna be a busy day
for me, Mr. Corey.

Uh, better you come down
and get 'em yourself.

Appreciate the courtesy.

Next item up for bid,

Lot 28, "The meeting of Jephthah
and his daughter"

By the circle of Peter Paul Rubens.

That one.

Oil on copper, the subject
of the present lot...

Do you think dad will like it?

Well, if it's from you,
he'll love it.

The bidding will start at $10,000.

Do I hear $10,000?

Thank you. $10,000.

Gentleman on my right at $10,000 now.

$15,000 will be next.

In the rear at $15,000.
Thank you, sir.

At $15,000.
$20,000 will be next.

At $15,000 now.

Thank you, Mrs. Olivia Doran
at $20,000.

At $20,000.

It's against you, madam.

At $25,000 now.

On my right at $25,000...


What would you do...

If you lost dad?

I wouldn't worry about that, Sasha.
Your father is quite capable.

but he does have a lot of enemies.


At $30,000. Mrs. Olivia Doran
at $30,000.

Why are we talking about this?

At $30,000.
Because I worry about you.

What would you do if...
someone hurt him?

I would find them

And deal with how upset I was.

... At $35,000.

Would you like to say $40,000?

$40,000. At $40,000 now.

Still the lady's bid at $40,000.

Fair warning at $40,000.

Sold. Mrs. Olivia Doran for $40,000.

Thank you all very much.

Sweetheart, I love your father.

I don't want to think
about losing him.

Thanks for the painting, mom.

My pleasure.

A bronze roman dagger

Circa 44 B.C.E.

And this very dagger actually
is believed to have been used

In the assassination
of Julius Caesar.

And we have a lot of interest
in this lot,

And we'd like to start
the bidding at $20,000.

Do I hear $20,000?
Thank you, sir.

Gentleman on my right.

I guess my husband's not coming home.

He didn't call?

He's not that considerate.

Well, I think he's
going through a lot.

What does that mean?
What about me, Lex?

Good night, Lou.

No. Unh-unh. I want to know
what you meant by that.

All day

All you do is complain...

About how Brian is not there for you,

How he doesn't understand you,
how he doesn't believe you.

No wonder he doesn't want
to come home.

The Louise show is exhausting.

You have this great guy
who loves you.

You just won't see it.


Whatever you said, the monsignor...

Really took a shine to you.

Good job.

That's funny.

I think we talked more about
golf than we did about god.

He's kind of a zealot in that regard.

How was, um...
Father Douglas?

Kind of intense.

Said he feared for my soul.

Why, after all these years,

Do priests still make me feel guilty?

Guilt is something I choose not to...


It's liberating.

So Olivia has never made you
feel guilty about anything?

I'm sorry. I didn't know
we were talking about women.

What did you do?

I lied to Jane.

About leaking the Sullivan
affair to the press.

I lied right to her face

When she asked me
if you were involved.

'Cause you didn't think
she'd understand.

That's right.

Stop protecting her.

Next time tell her the truth.

Make her understand

The man you need to be.

Mr. Corey.

Mr. Corey?

Anybody home?

Hello, Harlan.

You're Harlan Moore.

How'd you figure it out?

I'd rather not say.

You're a special girl, Jane.

I can tell this place likes you.

Why is this door padlocked?

I'd rather not say.

You murdered Libby Griffith.


Poor Libby.

Why did you do that?

Selfish reasons.

We thought we could become
like Vanderbilt

and Carnegie.

It was foolish.

Libby was innocent.

Not as innocent as little Jocelyn.

Your grandmother was the one
we were supposed to offer.


Supposed to murder.



We, uh,

Called up something

Terrible that night,

Something we couldn't control.

It took over the drake,

And then one by one, it destroyed us.

Why did you come back here?


Now I'm... I'm free from the prison

Of my decaying body.

I've a-a second chance
to right my wrongs.

That is what I intend to do.

Well, I'm sorry
if I don't believe you.

You know what you are, Jane?

A shining light in a city of shadows.

You wanted to know
how to read Peter's journal?

That phrase is key.

It's a cipher text.

And a-a gesture of my good intent.

Esmeralda physically can't write
u-unless she's with him.

I mean, it's like
a-a creative paralysis.

So when he says
he's moving to Brazil, it...

It destroys her.


It, uh, like, renders her
just catatonic.

Brian, you have a visitor.

Um, you know, why don't
we just break for lunch?

That's 30, everybody. 30.


I asked the stage manager
to change the lights.

Something about being here
makes me want to dance.

Why'd you ever quit?

It doesn't matter.

What matters is, I'm gonna
start dancing again.

Thanks to you.

What did I do?

You inspired me to.

We have a special connection, Brian.

I think you know that.

What if everything
that's happened between us

Is actually a lot simpler
than we thought?

What do you mean?

What if it's love?


What's going on with you?

Jane, look, I, uh...

I have a confession to make.


I don't want to keep
any secrets from you,

And I should've told you
what was going on.

Gavin did leak
the Sullivan story to the press,

And I knew about it.


What you said to me this morning...

You lied to me?

Yeah, I didn't think
you'd understand.

You're right.
I don't understand.

The guy cheated on
his sick wife with an intern.

I didn't make him do that.

The story needed
to get out there quick

Or else we'd miss our window.

It's dirty politics, Henry,

Something you said
you'd never be a part of.

Jane, you don't get to city hall
by being an altar boy.

Oh, that'll make
a great campaign slogan.

- Jane, where are you going?
- I'm sleeping on the couch.


I can't believe you lied to me.

Is that it?

Gaius Julius Caesar...

So hated for his tyranny...

That he was murdered
by his own people.

May god forgive me
for what I'm going to do.

May god also forgive me.

So I took your advice

And I told Jane the truth
about the whole Sullivan thing.

Ah. I'll hazard a guess

That's why she's not here, too.

She slept on the couch last night.

Growing pains, Henry.

She won't stay mad for long.

Okay, so Harlan was right.

It is a cipher text,

But this is all I've managed
to get so far.

And there are pages
and pages of this stuff.

It's gonna take a while to decode.

That's okay. We'll split it three ways.
You, me, and cooper.

I thought cooper
was in the dog house.

No, I'm afraid the only person
in the dog house

Is my dear...
Sweet Henry.

What did he do?

Nothing. Never mind.

So... I'm mature enough to handle

Mysterious codes from dead murderers,

But not a little relationship drama?

He... Lied about something.


I mean...

What does he think
you're doing right now?

Well... It's different.

You know, I-I'm worried
he's turning into somebody

I won't recognize.

Look, Jane, I'm no expert,

But it sounds like you're suffering

From what Dr. Phil calls...



Changes, keeping secrets.

But hey, I'm only 16.

As I mentioned
at the beginning of our service,

We have a local hero with us today.

We've read a lot about him
in the papers.

I'd like to invite Henry Martin

Up to the podium to say a few words.


"The eyes of god are in every place,

"beholding the evil

And the good within all of us."

My dad used to tell me that.

We try and convince ourselves

That we can hide from those eyes,

That when we do something wrong,
we won't be judged...

Deliver me from evil, father.

Or held to account.

But my dad impressed upon me

That we always were

And we always will be.

And he also impressed upon me
the grace of forgiveness.

That we must forgive those
who we love

And hope they find the grace
to forgive us as well.

Do you know the story

Of Jephthah and his daughter?

Remind me.

Jephthah was an ancient warrior

Who made a deal with god.

"Allow me to win in battle," he said,

"and I'll sacrifice the first person

To walk out of my house
upon returning home."

Do you know who he saw?

I remember now.

His only daughter.

That is stunning.

But this frame is atrocious.

I think we have a much nicer one

Downstairs in the basement.

We should look.

Hello, father.

Shall we get this over with?

In the name of god...

She used you, father.


Hey, uh, babe, can I...

Can I talk to you for a second?

Yeah, yeah, sure.

- Listen, I...
- No, let me go first.

Jane, you were right.

I messed up.
I never should've lied to you.

And when you walked into that church,

You made me realize
that I'm better than that.

- No, Henry...
- Jane...

Will you marry me?

Our love

Is my light in the darkness.

I would be lost without you.

Will you please spend
the rest of your life with me?


Y... uh, yes.



Oh, my god.

Oh, I love you.

After you, mom.

I seem to remember the frames being

Back here somewhere.

Your father should be
returning from the service soon.

Actually, I don't think so.

Put it down, Sasha.

It's all over.

You can't hurt me here.

Put that down.

You'll never make it
out of the drake.

Please, mom.

Sweetheart, why?

Everything you gave me,
you took from innocent people.

No. None of them were innocent.

Least of all father Douglas.

So what are you gonna do?

You gonna kill me,

Your only daughter?

Step back.

Oh, my god.

There's only one way out

If you want to live.

Where does it go?

For you...

To a whole new life,

A fresh start.

Somewhere beautiful.

I don't believe you.


You're my daughter, and I love you.

But you can't stay here.

And you can never come back.



Don't be afraid, my love.


You want something done right,

You just have to do it yourself.

No mistakes this time.
No excuses.


Is it too late
to take you up on that drink?

It's never too late
for a drink, doll.