666 Park Avenue (2012–2013): Season 1, Episode 10 - The Comfort of Death - full transcript

Sasha's return forces Olivia to move beyond her hurt and anger. And while Henry questions his future in politics, Alexis discovers she has a shocking past connection with Louise.

Previously on 666 Park Avenue...

Hello, Sasha.

I missed you, dad.

I missed you, too.

What did you do to me, damn it?

My computer freezes.
The pencils break.

My mind goes blank.

You write when you're with me.

You know you want me.

- Take her downstairs.
- No! No!

It was 1927.

My name was Libby Griffith.

I was in her body.

It's no accident that
I came here, is it?

Help me.

How'd you sleep?

Not well.

As you could imagine.

What do you have up your sleeve?

Why is it so important
I stick around this morning?

Soon all will be revealed.

Gavin, you know I hate surprises.

You hate when people are late.

You hate traffic.

You hate when I put
the empty milk container

back in the fridge.

But you most certainly
do not hate surprises.

You know I love you,
I would do anything for you?

Of course I do.

Like everything else, we will
get through this together.



- What you looking at?
- Frank Sullivan.

No comment.

Uh, frank Sullivan the, uh,
city councilman, right?

Yeah. Not for long.

He just got busted sleeping
with his 18-year-old intern.

Sounds like a great guy.

What's that look for?

Well, you know
the dorans' party tonight?

It's a little bit more than a party.

It's a fund-raiser.

For what?

Gavin wants to announce

My run for Sullivan's council seat.

When did this happen?

Well, he called while you were out.

I guess he said there's, you know,

Gonna be pressure on him to resign,

And when he does, there's
gonna be a special election.

Oh, well, when would that be?

A few months.
Maybe sooner.

Oh, my god, Henry.
That's great.

Things are gonna change.

Things already are changing.

Hey, you seem great.

You seem back to your old self.

You mean...

For someone who spent
two days in the nuthouse?

Yes, for a crazy person,
you seem great.

I love you, Henry.

And I won't let anything
come between us,


You ready?

Thank you.

Does she know I'm coming?

Your mother's emotions
on this will be complex.

I'm not sure even she knows
what to expect.

And my first priority
is protecting her.

I thought you said that
she wanted to see me.

Well, she does.

But more than that, I believe
she needs to see you.

She has questions
that she deserves answers to.

Are you happy I'm back?

Of course.

I'm sorry.

I'm sure you are.

Well, whatever I have to do
to make things right...

I want to.

Let's just see how this goes
with your mother,

And then we'll take it from there.

All right?

All right.


I'm sure you both have
a lot to talk about.

Episode 1x10: The Comfort Of Death

What do you think of this one?

I still like the first one better.

It's got more depth,
better color saturation.

Yeah, so do I.

Here. Put this one in there.

I can't believe olivia
did this for you.

A hookup with an editor from "elle"...

She is so generous.

I didn't even ask her.

She just walked up to me
in the lobby,

Handed me the woman's card,
like that.

So amazing.

Tell him I-I won't do it.

Hey, what's that about?

You know that producer
I'm waiting to hear from?

He loved my play.

That sounds great, right?

I wasn't finished.
He loved the play,

But he wants me to change the ending

Or he's not interested,

Which means a major rewrite.

Brian, wait.

Are you gonna consider it?

I mean, you have to at least
consider it, right?

You should listen to louise.

This is a great opportunity.

Sweetie, is it a big change?

Any change is a big change.

Uh, you don't understand
what I have to go through.

I'm gonna go for a walk.


It's two bedrooms, two baths.

The last tenant was here forever.

So we can finally get
its true market value.

Spruce it up...

Top to bottom.

Uh, what happened to
the... the previous tenant?

She was old.

Same thing that happens
to all old people.

She moved to florida.

Thank you.

Did you ever meet Maris?

Uh, no. No, never, uh,
never had the pleasure.

Wonderful woman.
You would've loved her.

Maybe you can take out this wall.

Open up the kitchen...

And restore some of
the old lighting fixtures.

But I'll leave all that...

Up to you.

Right. Sorry.
I-I was just thinking,

It would be great if we could
refinish the floors,

But that could be costly.


Work your magic.

So you decided to just...

Walk out of our lives?

Let us think you were dead?

Do you know how selfish that was?

I was mad

And driving reckless.

And I just...

Lost control.

The car exploded.

I was sitting on the side of the road

When it came to me
that I could just...


And all my problems would be gone.

Whose body is in the car?

Who... who did we bury?

My friend...


She got trapped in the car.

I tried to get her out.

But I couldn't.

Look, I am not proud
of what I've done.

But I do know one thing,

That all of the decisions
that I have made

Have led me here,

Back to you.

I'm sorry...


Why, Sasha?

I still don't understand
why you left.

I found out about the drake

And the kind of man
that dad really was.

And I was confused

And scared.

And I just wanted to hurt dad.

I wanted to hurt you both.

I'm sorry.

Well, you're back.

We have a chance to start over.

I should get writing.

Did you always want to be a writer?


It's impressive you never gave up.

Most people just fold, cash out,

Move on to the next game.

Good for you.

This is just an arrangement.

An understanding.

Nothing more.

You... You get that, right?

I was just making conversation.

It won't happen again.

I'm sorry. That...

That was a terrible thing to say.

I just...

I'm sorry.

What about you?

What was your dream?

I'm here about the apartment.

Uh, it's $10,000 a month,

And I'm gonna need first,
last, and a security deposit.

I'm not sure I can cover that
on a cop's salary.

Thanks for coming.

Did you have any luck finding
where maris disappeared to?

Not yet.

Got, uh, someone down at the precinct

Looking into it, though.

I'll keep on it.

That's where you saw Libby?

Look at this.


She drew this on the mirror.

And then I found the same symbol

All over this page.


I think she's trying to tell me,

The answers are in this book.

Yeah, but the answers to what?

The day Libby was sacrificed,

The drake changed.

I felt it when I was in her body.

A darkness descended over this place.


Her spirit, I guess...

Became trapped here.

And I think she wants me
to set her free.

What's the journal say?

That's just it.

After Libby died,

Peter kramer's journal
makes no sense.

It's... it's in gibberish.

Maybe it's a code.

You think that's something
you could figure out?

Well, all these old secret societies

Did have their own language,

Like, uh, the freemasons,
skull & bones.

And this could be the code
for the order of the dragon.

Maybe we can find a scholar.

Someone who specializes
in secret languages.

If there was another descendant
of the order of the dragon...

Maybe the key
to understanding all of this

Was passed down to them.


- Mr. Sullivan, what can I do for you?
- Drop the choir boy act.

New york's hero my ass.

I know it was you...

And your people behind the leak.

You think I don't hear things,

that you got your sights
set on my job?

Well, I'm not just gonna
lie down and take it

While you ride in and save the day.

Slow down.

The first I heard about it
was this morning.

You destroyed my family.

I hope you're happy.

I think you need to walk away.

Right now.

You've been biting your tongue
ever since she came back.

What is going on?

Do you think she's
the same girl who left us?

She just needs guidance,

Her father's steady hand.

Gavin, she's so full of potential.

Potential to do what exactly?

Well, I don't know
if you can see it, but...

She's a lot like you.

You just need to give her a chance.

I don't want to see you
get hurt again.

We know better than anybody

That the things you want the most

Come at a price.

Promise me you'll try
to make this work.

You have my word.

This is it.

All it needs is a moat
and a couple of gargoyles.

Well, what did you expect,
a craftsman?

This guy was from
the order of the dragon.

Your boyfriend doesn't know
you're here with me, does he?

You know I can't talk to Henry
about any of this stuff.

I... I'm just trying to protect him.

I didn't mean anything by it.


I was just asking.

Can I help you?

Are you eunice Moore?


Well, hi.
I'm detective Hayden Cooper.

Do you mind if we
come in for a moment?

We'd like to ask you a few questions.

Uh, so Harlan Moore
was your great-grandfather?

And this was his house?

I inherited it from my father
when he passed.

It's been in our family
for four generations.

Do you know why Harlan's name
is still on the deed?


Have you ever seen, uh, this symbol?


I-I've been doing some research

Into the history of the drake,

The building in the city

where your great-grandfather
used to live.

And I-I came across this book.

Now some of it's in a code.

The man who wrote it was a member

Of the order of the dragon,
like your great-grandfather.

Have you ever heard of
the order of the dragon?


I'm sorry. Uh, would it be all
right if I used your bathroom?

First door on the right.

Thank you.

I'll be right back.

Do you have any more pictures

Of your great-grandfather
I can take a look at?


No. Please, no! No!

Shut her up.


Are you Harlan Moore?

I've been waiting for you.


How old are you?


I'm cursed to suffer in this prison,

This rotting body...

The comfort of death...

Just beyond my reach.

How is that even possible?

How are you still alive?

You already know the answer.

The drake.


I found peter kramer's journal.

Some of it's in a code.

Can you read it?

Of course.

I developed the code.

This... this phrase right here,

They use it over and over again.

What does it say?

"I've found the door."

The door?

What door?

There was a young woman...

Libby Griffith,

My grandmother's babysitter.

What about her?

Open the door,

And Libby will be free of the drake.

Where is it?

In the heart of the drake.

That's where you'll find it.

Laurel. Hey.

Thank you for seeing me so quickly.

Of course.

I gotta run to a meeting uptown.

What's going on?

Frank Sullivan paid me a visit today.

More like he assaulted me
outside of my office.

He blamed me for leaking
the information about his affair.

Did you?


But I think I know who did.

Gavin doran.

You think he'd do that?

I don't know.

I just have this feeling, uh...

And I do not want
to be tied to this scandal

For the rest of my career.

Well, Henry, you need a thick skin.
Politics is a dirty business.

If you're gonna get involved,
you better have a good reason.

Do you?

Yeah, my father was
the union rep for his company.

He drove trucks,
Like big long-haul rigs, down to Texas,

And he always told me this...
he always said...

"the people who benefit
from the system

"can't be expected to change it.

"It's the little guys who need
To raise their voices and be heard."

He stood up for other people,
for what was right.

For him, it was like his duty, and...

I just want to be
as good a man as he was.


This guy Sullivan

Was cheating
with his 18-year-old staffer

While his wife was getting chemo.

He deserves what he's getting.

You think so?

Don't let him stand in the way
of your dreams.

Hello, alexis.

What can I do for you?

I can't keep hurting louise
and Brian anymore.

She's helped me so much,
and we've become so close.

We have a deal.

If it wasn't for me,

You'd still be rolling around
in that wheelchair.

Do you remember that night

I came to see you at the hospital?

Some driver left you lying
on the side of the road to die.

But I was there for you.

Do you remember what you said
to me that night?

That I would do anything
to walk again.

Welcome to anything.

And trust me, you shouldn't
feel too bad for louise.

She has a few dark secrets
of her own,

Just like everybody else.


Why are you doing this to them?

That's my concern.

So what's it gonna be?

Shall I go get the wheelchair?


I'll do it.

Good girl.

It would be a shame to let
those legs go to waste.

Hey, hey, hey.
Slow down.

What the hell happened?
What was up there?

- Harlan Moore.
- Alive?

Well, he was a minute ago.

- That would make him...
- 117.

How is that possible?

No idea.

Well, what did he have to say?

I have to find a door

To let Libby out.

Well, the problem
with opening doors...

You never know who's gonna
walk through them.

"A shining light
in a city of shadows."

Use the force, Jane.


No. Don't worry.
I'll see you whenever you get there.

Your meeting is more important
than the party.

Love you, too. Bye.

So Brian is meeting
with that producer,

And they loved his rewrite
on the ending.

I don't know. I think I have
a good feeling about this.

That's great news.

It's only sparkling cider.

We have to celebrate.

You are so good to me.

To Brian.

To Brian.

Baby, I'm not sure I can do this.

Well, this guy Sullivan
sounds like a total lunatic.

You didn't do anything wrong.

I'm just scared

I'm gonna recognize myself
less and less.

I mean, life is about
the choices we make, right?

I just want to make the right ones.

You will.


Go with me here.


Heads, you do it.

Tails, you don't.

We're gonna decide our
whole future on a coin flip?

Look, Henry,
if it's this hard to decide,

Maybe it's not the right time.

There will be other opportunities.
Let's wait and do this right.

Great. What about Gavin?
Well... What about the party?

Well, we'll just tell him
"thanks, but no thanks."

He'll understand.

You're sure about that?

Henry, Gavin adores you.

I'm sure he just wants what's best.


We'll do it together.

Hello, Sasha.

Where's your mother?

She's getting ready for the party.

Has she informed you of our desire

To keep your identity a secret?

As long as you're back...

You'll remain Laurel.

Of course.

Whatever you think is best.

You've made your mother very happy.

Henry came to see me today.

He thinks you're behind
the Sullivan leak.

And what did you tell him?

I told him that I didn't think

You were capable
of something like that.

He trusts me, you know?

I could be very helpful with him.

Be a daughter to your mother.

But you're to stay away from Henry.

What I've got going with him
is far too important,

And you nearly destroyed it
once already.

I apologized for that.

I know, and I appreciate it.

I was just hoping to find
some common ground.

Our common ground is your mother.

You respect that,
you and I will be fine.

But if you hurt her again...

We're gonna have a problem.

Well, the man of the hour shows up.

Uh, Jane, you remember Laurel, right?

Yes, of course. Hi.

Uh, have you seen Gavin?

Not yet. He's bound
to make an entrance soon.


I am so excited for you.

You are gonna do great things.

Olivia, I don't think
you've met my publicist...

Laurel Harris.

Oh, our paths might have
crossed once or twice.

I love that dress.

Thanks. My mom helped me pick it out.

Uh, would you excuse me for a moment?

I'll be right back. I...



Have, uh, have you seen lou?

Um, she was over there somewhere

Talking to the woman from "elle."

What happened at your meeting?

They're gonna produce my play.

That's great.

They went crazy over the changes.

Is she wasted?

She was really nervous
about meeting this editor.

Maybe it got the better of her.

You're wasted. What the hell
are you doing, huh?

I thought you weren't
gonna use again.

You just blew a great opportunity.

Let me take care of her.

You should stay here for Henry.

I'll take her upstairs.

I, uh...

What are you doing here?

Well, I was worried.

I hadn't heard from you.

- I tried calling, but...
- I know. Uh...

That's probably not such a good idea.

It puts me in an awkward
position with Henry.

From now on, if I need you,

I'll call you.

Fair enough.


That was harsh.

No. No. Forget it.

Don't you have, uh, cop things to do?

Not at the moment.

But thanks for asking.

Why are you being so helpful?

I told you. It's my job.


Nothing's gonna happen between us,



You love Henry.

I get it.

Thanks for checking up on me.

I don't know what's wrong with me.

I took one aspirin
before we left the house.

But maybe it wasn't an aspirin?

I am so sorry.

What do you have to be sorry for?

I'm the one that should be sorry.

I'm going to make
everything all right.

Just lay down.

Can I tell you something?

Of course.

Back when I was using,

I was driving home from the club...

Out of my mind.

It was January 19th.

It haunts me.

Do you remember that night

I came to see you at the hospital?

It was dark.

And I dropped my cigarette.

And when I reached down for it...

I swerved off the road.

Oh, and I hit something.

Some driver

Left you on
the side of the road to die.

I always said it was a dog.

At least that's what I told everybody

When they asked.

But I was lying to myself.

'cause the truth was too painful.


I never told anybody this.

I think I hit somebody.

But I just kept driving.

So what can I do for you, Henry?

I'll get right to it.

Frank Sullivan
approached me on the street

And accused me
of being behind the leak.

Was it you?




Frank Sullivan was going down.

I just quickened the fall.

I understand that, Gavin.
I just wanted to do things differently.

Well, I'm sorry
if I disappointed you.

I know you put a lot
into tonight, but I'm...

I'm not sure I can be party to this.


Politics is about opportunity.

Gavin has presented you
with an excellent one,

Regardless of how it came about.

What, are you two
ganging up on me now?

We have something in common...

Your best interests.

Someone's gonna take
that seat, Henry.

It's not how you got it.
It's what you do with it.

That's what will define you.

Look, I understand
what's at stake here.

And walking away from this
will not be easy, but...

Then don't.

If you're plan is to wait

For something to come along
that isn't tainted, good luck.

This is new york politics.

It's filled with men like Sullivan.

What it needs

Is a man like you.


As a good a man as your father was.

Ladies and gentlemen,

If I could have your attention.

I would like to introduce

The next city councilman
from the 53rd district...

Henry Martin.

Oh, this is just the beginning, Jane.

You know, Henry could be
mayor one day.

Kind of took me by surprise up there.

What changed your mind?

Well, I would've
talked to you about it

If you didn't disappear.

I lost my phone. I...

I thought I left it in the apartment.

You know you can't keep lying to him.

What are you doing here?

You tell me.

I-I don't want this.

I want Henry.

It's your dream.

You can do anything you want.

She did it.

You know,

I'm dying for a steak.

Do we have a steak?