61st Street (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

Previously, on
"61st Street"...

Plea deal at the eleventh hour.

20 years
for murder one.

How do you plead? Not guilty.

Moses was up there
when the cop took his shot.

Cop aimed up,
like this.

Dante: I hear you're
Brannigan's new boy.

Nation has an offer.

We can go 5 points
better than the Faction.

Martha: I'm not telling David
that you're dying.

That's up to you. You do that.

Brannigan: Her boy was a snitch,

but she keeps making
a big noise about this...

I don't know.

Speak: Want to know
who tried to kill you?

Guards working
with the Faction.

You don't show the world you
got our protection,

you're dead.

[Indistinct conversations]

Man: No, I don't want
any part of this, man.

Speak: You know what I hate
about this country?

Drummed into every child...
If you don't have a dream,

you're not American.

Biggest lie in history...

Anyone can make it if they
only dare to dream.


Your wise-ass lawyer's
selling you

something worse
than dreams... hope.

My lawyer's doing his job.

Your lawyer's selling.

I'm giving you truth.

But your ass so high up
on your shoulders

that you can't see
which is which,

but that's all gon'
change today.

What the hell
that supposed to mean?

It mean forget about
the Olympic Games.

Faction trying to put you
six feet under,

and you still dreaming.

Time to wake up.


There's a package coming.

Second yard session.

You gon' handle it.

[Indistinct conversations]

Protection gotta be earned,



Domino player:
Yo. You Speak's boy?


We got the same lawyer.
What, you got Franklin?

Did I get him?
More like he got me.

What you talkin' about,

Dude got me 30 months
for stealing baby formula,

all 'cause he pissed
off the judge.

Bottom line
with that guy...

It's all about him
and not about us.

If he's handling
your case,

you better get comfortable
in here.





You look different.

Probably the haircut,
you know?


Hey, you know,
Angelo's not in here,

lookin' after me
with the vitamins

and everything, so...


You be strong in here...


You know who you are.

You know who
you gonna be.


Don't let this place
and no one else

tell you any different.

You hear me?

Moses, you hear me?


Say it.


I heard you, Mom.


♪ Chicago

♪ Where the dollar and blue
collar go hand in hand ♪

♪ City of Dreams so big

♪ Nightmares
don't stand a chance ♪

♪ A concrete paradise
where roses grow ♪

♪ See the smile from a child

♪ Light up
the magnificent mile ♪

♪ And melt the coldest snow

♪ This is home

♪ Find the brightest minds
on these dark streets ♪

♪ See the heart and soul
on these old blocks ♪

♪ Where we grow,
we call it the go ♪

♪ 'Cause we don't stop

♪ You tend to see a face up
on the wall ♪

♪ You wonder if you can
recall it all, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Your dream has been taken ♪

♪ And you're not leavin' ♪

♪ Oh, oh, ohh ♪

[Car turns off, music stops]


Countin' on you.

♪ We don't gotta
tell nobody ♪


♪ I can be your secret lover

Moses is
state champion?

Norma: Yeah.

Not bad for a kid
who was born

with his feet
turned inward.

Why you mean?

He wore braces on both his legs
for a year and a half

from the age of 3
to correct it.

People said he might never
walk properly,

and 14 years later,
state championship.



Nobody could touch him.

He'll be that again.

♪ I want in them draws, baby

♪ Just to give some peace of
mind to you ♪

♪ I won't text at all

Pick out a record.

Anything you want.

♪ I don't miss when we get
rough ♪

♪ When you get in the mood

♪ You know
I'll be airing it out ♪

[Smacks lips]

[Engine rumbling]

[Siren chirps]


[Voices echoing]

I don't know nothing!

Then tell me something
I want to hear then.

I don't know anything!

Tell me something
I want to hear.

All you gotta do is talk.

[Siren wailing]



[Doo-wop music plays]

Yeah, there's something
you need to know about me.

[Chuckles] Okay.

No, it's a big deal.



I mean, you don't
have to...

No, I do.


I have terrible taste
in music.


You... [Laughs]

I really thought you
were gonna... [Laughs]


I mean, how bad?
Give it to me.


Yep. I'm forever
frozen in 1975.

Were you even born then?

Uh, it was music
my mama played

when I was,
you know, small.


You blame your mama now.
So it's your mama's fault?

She died when I was six.


Oh, you know, I'm sorry.

It's cool.


You know, I feel good
about this.


Do you?

Moses is gonna be okay.


[Click, music stops]

Oh, it's cool.

Uh, you got a fuse box?

Uh, it's in the back.

I know I paid the minimum.

It's cool.
Uh, you got candles?

Yeah, under the sink
in the kitchen.

I'm so sorry.

Hey, hey, hey, relax.
We're good.

We're good.

[Door opens]


Joshua: Hey.
Hey, hey.

Whoa, whoa.

Hey. Hey.
It's cool.

Hey, man.

I already told y'all
everything, man!

I don't know nothing!
No, no, no, no, no.

It's okay.
It's okay.

No! No! It's just the lights.

It's just the lights.
It's just the lights.

I'm so sorry.
It's just the lights.

It's just the lights.

I'm so sorry.

You remember Phil, right?

He's just a friend.

He's just a friend.

He's just a friend.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.
It's okay.

It's alright,
it's alright.


[Glasses clink]

I have to
tell you this.

What, you're not gonna
vote for me?

[Chuckles] That what you
came over here to tell me?

You're not gon'
vote for me?


I heard you, uh,
made a big thing

about Rufus Porter
at the debate.

Yeah, the boy that had no name
now has a name.


He was a snitch.

Porter was a snitch.


CPD informant.

Oh, my God.

Please don't say anything. Oh, my God.

Not even your husband.

I mean,
you know how it is.

The family's gotta pay.

Yeah, yeah.
I get it, I get it.

I get it.

Thought I should let you know,
'cause if you made him

a part of your campaign,

the press will start to dig,
and it wouldn't...

[Sighs] Yeah.
You know.


How's your boy?

So much better for having
your husband in his corner.

Yeah, I-I meant...
I meant Joshua.


They shot Rufus dead
right in front of him.

Right in front of him.


What's a child
supposed to do with that?

Where do you put a thing
like that?




Little to the left.

A little to the left.

A little more.

A fraction more.





[Indistinct conversations]

Thank you
for coming here.

I appreciate this. Sending data.

Single bullet in a city
of three million people.

2.74 million.

What are our chances
of finding it?

92% of CPD officers

carry .9 millimeter Glocks.

That sets the maximum
travel range of our bullet

at 1,500 yards,
which is the furthest point.

Now, this takes us as close
as we can get

to the trajectory
of the bullet,

then we feed in everything
we know

about this moment
in time on the day of.

Like what?

Tech #3:
Humidity was 14%,

wind speed 9 miles an hour
from the south/southwest.

Possible intercepting agent...
One passing I train.

The train ran 45 seconds
late that day...

So we rule that out.

We find the bullet, we match it
to the officer's weapon.

It either did or didn't
come from his gun.

Now, striation marks
on bullets

are always unique to
the one weapon it came from.

It's like DNA and saliva.

You okay?

Let's, uh...
Let's get what we came for here

before we lose the light.



♪ I'm still here

Big Phil:
Little Man.

♪ After telling you

So, you her boyfriend now?

So, you a dope boy now?


Who told you that? Well, you must a dropped

$300 in the bucket
at the barbecue.

Okay. I worked
for that money.

Sure you did.

♪ After saying that
I'd be gone ♪

So, what now?
You gonna snitch to my mom?

Hmm? How else can
we afford Franklin?

Can't keep
our lights on.

And he needs thousands.

♪ Talking outta my head

♪ But, baby, if I wasn't

Hand me the P-trap.

It's the one that looks
like the letter "P."

♪ What I said

♪ 'Cause when I need
someone to hold ♪

♪ Hey, baby

♪ You're right here
to hold me ♪

Traps the water in the pipes,
keep the bad air out.

Hand me that wrench.

♪ You're right here
to kiss me ♪


♪ Understanding

How'd you get that?

Actin' a fool.

♪ And I'm so glad

Your mama...
That's a proud woman.

Too proud to let me
in on family business,

like what's happening
with your brother and his case.

I respect it.
Yeah, man, I respect it,

but it's frustrating
because I know I can help her.

But I have a solution.

You letting me in
on the Moses of it all,

what she's saying
and thinking,

and I'll keep what I know
about how you earn

to myself.

So, we have a deal?


This is the landing radius
for the bullet.

Now, we cross-checked it against
every police report

of a gunshot that day.Mm-hmm.

Then we correlated it
with the shot-spotter,

and we come up
with four possible gunshots,

but we can eliminate
these two.

Okay. That shot Rufus
fired into the air... Uh-huh.

And Brannigan's shot
that killed him.

That's right. Dad, let's go.

Dad, let's go.


I promised him a boat
ride today.

Extra credit for his...
His art class.

To see the city's
arctic texture.

Uh, no...

That's so cool, David.

David, I need you to sit down
for a minute

so I can finish up
my work, okay?

Be right back. One minute.

60 seconds. One minute, yes.

One, two, three,
four, five... Two... Two...

Two bullets
in our landing radius.

Okay, so it can't be
that one. Why not?

Well, the police report said
it was a cabbie

shot another cabbie
over a fare.

But... 40 seconds left, Dad.

Okay, hold on, David.
Just a few more minutes, okay?

Just a few more minutes.

What about this one?

A woman called in a gunshot
from her home address

on 73rd Street.

What time?

That's almost an hour
after Logan fired his gun.

It's what we have. That doesn't make sense.

We need something
more than that.


David! David!
Damn it,

I said for you
to sit down, David!

No, no, no! No! Oh, no.

I'm so sorry.

No, no, no, no!

I'm sorry, baby...

I'm sorry.

Yeah, uh, nothing's broken.
It's okay.

David, your father
is a good guy.

I want to sit second chair
at the trial.

We're very different. That's why
it's a good idea.

I see what you don't see.

And vice versa?

That would be
for you to say.

The case is...

The case is particular.

For the optics?

You mean 'cause I'm white?

Kinda thought that
was the point.

This case
is about all of us.


Why are you laughing?

Just a little self-aggrandizing


Well, this is our street.

[Dogs barking]

[Rock music plays]

A day drinker.



Hello, I'm...


I win something?

I-I was hoping that you would
help me win something.

A trial.

This is
Miss Nicole Carter.


She's my second chair.

Good for Nicole Carter.
Something I noticed?

Fancy folk get two names
when they get introduced.

Poor folk get one,
if they get introduced at all.

On May 1st,
you reported a gunshot.

You reported it at 4:20
in the afternoon.

Was that when
you heard it?


No? Earlier?

How much earlier?
An hour?

Could be.

Why did you wait
to call it in?

Called it in when I got
around to it.

Some of us got lives.
Didn't matter none.

Once they heard I wasn't shot,
they never even

sent someone
to take a look.

Take a look
at what, ma'am?

My baby.

Your baby?


She's a beauty, ain't she?



Oh. We needed
a bullet,

and we got
a bullet hole.

You mean
a bullet like this?

Well, if I wasn't married,
I'd kiss you right now.


I won't tell no one.

No. [Laughs]

Look here.
Can we just... Can we just...

Can you do me a favor
and let us

borrow that for a minute?

Oh, no, no, no, no. No, no,
just for a minute.

No, no, sir. I need all the luck
I can get in this world.


I already won bingo
three times

since I been
wearin' it.

Ma'am, we just need to
borrow... Sorry, mister.


And my lucky charm stays
around my neck.

But... But bullets are
for killing people.

They... They kill you.

Sometimes they hurt you
and they don't kill you.

Sometimes they hurt you,
then you die, slowly.

That's what
they're meant for.

They're not meant
for winning bingo games.

Hi, my name's, uh,
David Roberts.

What's yours?

Gloria Hendrix.




Gotcha, huh?



[Toilet flushes]

Work for me
and no one gonna try

to turn you into
a fireball.

You feel me?

What you doing today gonna help
you across the board.


[Water sloshing]

[Rhythmic banging]

Man: 3:17.
Afternoon session.

3:17. Got it.

For The Nation.

For The Nation.

say hello to my boy.

Say hello.

I can't.

[Indistinct announcements]


Walk the yard.
Lotty'll take you through it.

["No Check" plays]

[Machine rattling]


♪ They treat me
like I drive a vet ♪

♪ Plug texted me said he got it
texted him back bet ♪

Hey, count good.

Count always good.

♪ Yeah, I rap, but this from
dope, I ain't get no check ♪

♪ They treat me
like I drive a vet ♪

♪ Plug texted me said he got it
texted him back bet ♪

Hey, I'm thirsty.

Go handle that.

♪ Yeah, I rap, but this from
dope, I ain't get no check ♪

♪ Spent 300 on some Js,
I ain't have a ticket ♪


♪ Told Tillie we takin' off
'cause the clock tickin' ♪

♪ I just won't that new C8
so I can drop the ceiling ♪

♪ If yo babymommas beefin'
then you not winnin' ♪

♪ Catch you slippin'
wit my opps ♪

'Sup, Sosa?

♪ When my homie died I felt
'cause I was not wit him ♪

♪ Police pull up, it's a chase,
I got a hot... ♪

♪ Had a play I couldn't make,
he needed 5 pillows ♪

♪ In the A wit my lil cousin
dropped like 5 hittas ♪

♪ If it's me and like 4...
then that's 5... for real ♪

♪ You ain't reppin' what I'm
reppin', you ain't my... ♪

♪ And if we talkin' 'bout my
talent, I'm worth 5 million ♪

[Machine whirs]

Should I go ahead?


♪ They say opps lookin'
for me ♪

Damn Chinese-made...

Count this mess by hand.


♪ They treat me
like I drive a vet ♪

♪ Plug texted me said he got it
texted him back bet ♪

[Cellphone vibrates]

Ooh. Mm.
That's what I'm talking about.

♪ I ain't get no check

Man, look.

She thirsty as hell.


Oh, oh.

♪ That's nonsense

♪ ...these rappers,
they just cappin' ♪

♪ I play Von... for real

♪ Or I play my... for real

♪ If it's up,
it's stuck forever ♪

♪ I don't squash...

♪ I been slidin' on ops so long
I think I'm car sick ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah

♪ I don't wear Fruit of Loom

♪ These Ethikas, they...

Yeah. Uh.

How's it going?

Oh, hi.
Hi, Mrs. Porter.

Yes, hold on one...
I'm gonna have to go.

How's it going?

- Marisol: You good?
- Yes, I'm good.

Let's go outside.

So, I'm an embarrassment?

I'm an embarrassment
to you?

You're not
embarrassing me.

I just wanted
you and I to talk.

No, no.
I see who you are.

You're using my son
and my pain for money.

And you know what else
I'm discovering, too?

There is no "us".

There's grieving mothers,

and then there's BLM pimps
like you.

You used my son's name
one time...

I had my reasons. What's the reason?

I can't tell you that.

You don't get to do that.

You don't get to pull
no secret shit on me

and then not say
what it is.

Nah. I get it.

I see you.

It wouldn't look good for your
husband and his special client

to have his wife
doing shout-outs

for The Nation, right?

Old Saint Franklin
told his wife to pipe down.

Didn't want his special
Moses Johnson

getting all muddied up
in some gang shit.

It's just like I said...
You Hyde Park liberals,

all you care about it's
the life of a scholarship boy.

You and your husband ain't
no better than the rest of 'em.

So you think I'm a pimp.



You know what?

I am a pimp.

What you think
your cut should be?


What do you think
your cut should be?

How much was Rufus worth?

You don't... How much...
How much was he worth?

That's not what I'm saying,
and you know it. For his eyes, his arms,

his legs, his memory.

You know what? I will go... Now you...

No, you know what...
I will go... You just putting on a show.

...in... in... in...

In the campaign headquarters
right now and get a check.

That is not
what I am saying. And write it out for you.

How much...
How much was it worth?

This has never been
about the money.

It's never about
the money.

I mean, but why should
I struggle?

I never wanted to say
your son's name.

Never wanted to say
your son's name.

I hated saying his name.

I hate it that
it's a hundred other names

that I could say
in his place.

I know how you feel about me,
and I don't blame you,

but I need you to look me
in my eye and know

that I am not throwing you
and Rufus away.

I'm not doing that.




♪ She's got her man
by her side ♪

♪ So why's she got eyes on me?

You're buying, right?

Like yesterday? Yeah, like yesterday.

Look, I'm sorry,

She's bleeding me dry.

You ever hard of
a Rodney Dangerfield marriage?

My wife and I were happy
for 20 years.

And then we met. And then we met.

Right. Yeah.

Hello. Can I get
two sausage muffins, please?

♪ But it burns too bright
so I say ♪

Thank you.

Woman: I'm all set. Right,
you wanna find somewhere to sit?

Man: Yeah, let's get out
of here first.


You guys are good.


♪ Oh, my God, what you doing?

♪ Baby, you can look
but don't touch ♪

[Phone line ringing]

Brannigan.Hey. Listen.

That offer that's on the table,
it needs an answer.

Butler Boathouse.

[Construction banging
and beeping]


[Indistinct conversations]




This line right here,

imagine it go
all the way to the wall.

That's where the package
gon' be.

What's in the package? Something important.


So, don't worry about none
of the ground guards.

I got them covered.

It's the watch tower.

That's the wild card.

Guards can see us,
we can't see them.


Just means
you gotta be quick.

Scoop up the package,
stuff it in your drawers.


I can't do this, Lotty.


Oh, you can.

And you will.


Operator: This is a collect call
from an inmate

in a correctional facility.

Will you accept
the charges?


There he is.

Needed to hear
my little brother

bitching about his day.

How you doing?

I'm alright.

I'm good.

How is she, man?

She took
some extra shifts.

We both workin' hard for you,
Mo, for real.

[Indistinct conversations]


Hey, G, Speak been sweatin' me
about becoming official

with The Nation.


Yeah, don't worry
about me or nothing.

Just so you know.

I wanted to tell you.


What you tell him?

[Sighs] Shit is complicated
in here, little brother.

Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo, listen, man,
you gotta let that go, alright?

Everybody cliques up in jail.
That's how you get through.

Joshua Johnson,

talking like
he a little Speak or something.

Man, why do you call him "Speak"
all the time, man?

He our dad.



No, don't worry
about me, bro.

I'm good.
I'm good.

Alright, man.

One love, bro.

Proud of you, shorty.

Man of the house.

Alright, man.





Where's Soldier Field?

Uh, you can't see it
from here.

Football, right?

That's right.
The Bears.

Bears playing football.

That's right.







You okay, Dad?

I'm okay.
You like hugs today.

I like hugs today.


I like hugs today.



[Indistinct conversations]



[Inmate screaming]Guards! Medic!


[Crowd shouting]

Get down on the ground!

Stay down!
Face down!



Down, down, down!
Stay down!


Keep your hands
where I can see them!

Face down!


Ah, the prize.

Your first pack.
Go feed the people.

You gotta earn your keep.




[Car door opens]


[Car door closes]


[Boat horns honking]




So, what do you think
about Dante?

[Seagulls cawing]


I think that extra 5%'s
gonna add up fast.


Money's money.

What makes or breaks the men
in our world

is the company we keep.

The Faction's
been good to us.

The devil you know.

So, why switch?

Dante's got
the stronger operation.

Better intel.

Better discipline.

And all that fracturing
with the old gangs...

That's not gonna happen
with The Nation.

They're built to last.

Strong infrastructure
and no cliques,

clear hierarchy.


Did Michael Rossi tell you
he was looking into me?



What the hell was that?

Rufus knew about our deal
with The Faction,

and he was about to
get chatty.

So he had to go.

He had a gun.

Sometimes in life,
everything just lines up.

Rufus had a gun,
I took him out,

Christmas came early.

What happened to your partner
was a tragic accident,

but here's the truth...


He went out easy.



Tell Dante
he's got a deal.





A year ago,
this fit me.

What happened?
You put on some weight?


Lost 10 pounds.

[Pats back]

Look at you.
Look at my man. [Laughs]

Whoo. [Sighs]

So, uh...

I gotta... I gotta talk
tomorrow in court?

Tomorrow's on me.

Um, but you're worried
about talking in court.

Um, just answer the questions,
keep your answers short,

to the point, stay calm,
and don't get riled.

[Buzzer buzzes]


That's what every lawyer
tells his client.

Bad advice.

Totally wrong.

When you're on the stand,
I want to see the real Moses.

Not the courtroom
Mr. Johnson.

This is how we win.

You being yourself.

Telling it like it is.



Do you think
they'll see me?


That's what this whole trial
is about, Moses.

Maybe even what
this whole country is about...

The idea of you.





who are you?




Clear your mind.


Narrow your focus
just down to one thing.

On the block, blank,

nothing, real still,
hold for the gun.


Explode outta there
on the "B" of the bang.

Don't come up early,
don't come up late.

Stay strong coming out
of the first bend.


Then it's about
the cadence,

the stride pattern,


100 to 300.


After that,
it's home straight.

Don't get tight.

Shoulders loose, knees high,
arms pumping.

Last 20...
Do not get tight.



That's me, Speak.

That's who I am.


[Water running]

[Water turns off]

[Dishes clang]

So, um, what do I wear

to the trial of the man
who killed my husband?

Um, you, um...
You wear black.

And you let yourself cry,
if you have to.

And if the jury sees,
then that's... that's fine.


[Water runs]

Sometimes the grief... I just...
I don't see it coming.

You know?

I do.



[Heavy breathing]



We found the bullet.


They shot at my boy.

Yes, they did.

And here's
what really matters...

They lied about it.

[Sirens wailing]

It's $4,000.

Community's been
so generous.

If I didn't need it,
I would not take it.

[Door opens, closes]


Where you at?



What you doing, girl?

What you doing?

What you doing?

What if I win?

I don't understand,

I'll be representing
60,000 people.

Their lives, their actual lives,
all of that... on me.


You stronger
than you think, girl.

Look at
that gorgeous poster.

See, you got to do what you do. Wow.

'Cause you had me at home
looking after our son.

I don't have a "me".Wait, what are you...

What are you...
What are you saying?

Martha, what are you... I asked you,
and you said yes.

17 years I gave you,
and what do I get?

What do I get?

What are you doing? A broken promise.

You... You... You know what
a broken promise is?

Martha, you... what are you... Yeah,
you know what it is.

It's a lie.

That's not fair.
I'm... I'm... I'm not a liar.

Alright, you not a liar,

So what do you call it?

What do you call it when a man
doesn't tell his wife

that he's not taking
the medicine that he needs to...

To keep him alive?

You haven't taken
one pill. Not one.

Side effects...
Poor concentration,

low energy, insomnia.

The trial is tomorrow,

I-I got to be sharp,
I gotta be ready.

For who?
Moses Johnson.

Oh, God.
Would you stop saying that?!

You haven't told him,
have you?

David, have you told him?






See, I thought I married
a man of... of integrity...

...and courage.

[Whispered] Don't.


That's what I thought.







[♪♪] On the next episode of
"61st Street"...

Can't park here. You
really wanna stop a mother

from seeing her son? Out of the van.

The Chicago Police Department
is a terrorist organization.

Do you expect me
to tell the truth?!

I remind you,
you are under oath.

How is all this
being paid for?

What are you talking about? Ask your wife.

It's Moses or me.
That's your choice.

Open it up.

How long you known about this?

He's taking care of
his mother...

More than you can
or ever will be.