61st Street (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript








Roll it back
to just before.





In tight.


That's it.

That's the one.




You fired your weapon?


You sure about that?

He -- He --
He ran over the wall.

You sure about that?

He didn't
come at you?

This is a moment,

Everything that's been happening
in our country --

we lost control
of the story.

Cops across America
wake up feeling

like we can't
do our job.

Or worse...

we gotta say sorry
for wearing the uniform.


"I'm sorry
I'm a cop."

But with this...

with a brother officer

murdered on the street
for doing his job...


...the story
swings back our way.


We play this right,

and Michael Rossi
won't have died for nothing.


So, think about it.


He ran...

or he came at you?


You haven't been home.


So the crime scene's
all over you.

Hey, Wyn.Sir?

Bag and tag
his clothes.


Can you, um...

just give me
some privacy?

Sorry, man.
Continuity of evidence.

12 hours ago, I had a partner,
and now he's dead.

Can you just --
Can you cut me some slack?




Oh, wait.
Uh, the bag.

The bag wasn't with me
at the scene.

It's all good.



♪ Chicago

♪ Where the dollar and
blue collar go hand-in-hand ♪

♪ City of dreams, so big

♪ Nightmares don't
stand a chance ♪

♪ The concrete paradise
where roses grow ♪

♪ See the smile from a child
light up the magnificent mile ♪

♪ And melt the coldest snow

♪ This is home

♪ Find the brightest minds
on these dark streets ♪

♪ See the heart and soul
on these old blocks ♪

♪ Where we grow,
we call it the goal ♪

♪ 'Cause we don't stop


No. No! No!




They hurt you?

I got you now.


What if
the cop who finds him

isn't like me?

What if
he's like them?

Clock is ticking,

He gets killed out there,
that's on you.


You can
save your brother's life...

by telling me
where he is.

That's your responsibility.


If you don't give them
what they want,

they'll connect the dots
on their own.

Then...God knows
what's gonna happen to Moses.



So, what that make you,
young man?


Lady, we got you on possession
with intent to distribute

the drugs
we found in your home,

which matches the product
we seized on the corner.

So that means what?

You're the warehouse.

I'm not so sure
that's a great environment

to be raising
a child.

I'm kinda obliged to drop a note
to protective services.


It's what we do.

Stay very still.

Don't make
any quick movements.

Don't make

If you feel yourself
getting panicked,

sit down real slowly,

put your hands
under your legs, slow...

...and count to 20,
nice and steady.

- One.
- One.












Let me in,

Come on.
Come on.

Just stay there.
Don't move.


You hot as hell right now.
You gonna come by my pad?

You know
I got warrants.

I had nowhere else
to go, bro.

Is it true
what they saying?

What they saying,

Word on the block
is you killed a cop, bruh.

I --

He dead?

12 been on ten
all night.

Locking people up,
messing people up for no reason.

Just tearing through shit.


whatchu gonna do?


How we looking?

The house is all set, boss.

All clear.


Let's go live.

Then get your team
out of there.

Let's go.

On your feet.
Let's go.




Where are you taking him!

You can't hold him!



Don't worry about her.
She's fine.

Why y'all got my mama
chained up like that?

She's fine.

Why y'all keep doing us
like this, man?

Keep going.




Where is he?!

Uncuff her.


Where is he?!



He's gone.

What do you mean,


I can get one of my men
to drop you off, if you like.



Your men
have done enough.

You leaving?


Or you like it here?



Get on the train.
You got it.


69th Street.

One, two, three stops.

Okay. Yeah.
Um, and, uh -- you got it.


get off the train.

Left out the station.

50 paces.

Left again.

100 paces.

See, you got it.

You got it.

I'm proud of you.

You need a whole new look,
and you lucky,

'cause you came
to the right guy, alright?

you lucky.

Put that on.

Put that on.

Come on.
They gotta go.

What?Them ugly-ass braids.

You know I been trying
to get at 'em.

quit playing, bro.

'Bout that time,
my boy.

'Bout that time.

Man, you just hating 'cause
my shit longer than yours, bruh.

Yeah, yeah.




It's all good, though.
You gonna be fresh.

I'm-a make sure of it.


I've been waiting
to get at these, though.





Put your hands up.


Yo, man, I-I should
get going, bro.

Where to?

I can take you
to Fatima's house.

No, I can't get you and
your shorty caught up in this.

You'd do the same
for me.

For you?

Hell, no.

This is 63rd.

69th is next.

Doors open on the left
at 69th.

This is a red line train
to 95th.

♪ And if she say
she got a problem♪

♪ Then I'm gon' solve it♪

Smoking, littering, and eating

are not permitted
on CTA vehicles.

♪ Fish out of water♪

♪ She wanna take my soul, go
away, ayy thirty twenty rolls ♪

♪ Told her hit his phone,
meet her in the Wic'♪

♪ But he ain't go,
but he ain't that slow♪

69th is next.

♪ I'm like, "Cool,"
let him front his move♪

♪ Do what he gon' do,
'cause this the plot♪

♪ Put 'em in the pot,
let it cook like stew♪

♪ I grab my Glock,
it been through a lot♪

♪ But it still shoot like new,
we at the top♪

♪ Yeah, we lost a lot♪

♪ But that's just how --♪

This is 69th.

Please watch your step
as you exit the train.


Stand clear of
the closing doors.


♪ I'm so glad

♪ Troubles don't last always

Come on,
put your hands together.

♪ Troubles don't last

♪ Hey, hey


They're ready
for you now.

♪ Troubles don't last always♪Okay.



Take off your shoes.

My grandmother's tip
for nerves.

Feet on the ground.
Never fails.





Y'all know me.

That's right.

I've sat on your porches
and eaten ribs with you.

Me and Franklin have had to
teach some of y'all how to step.

You have come to me
in times of trouble,

and I have had to come to you.

You've watched
my little David grow up,

and you looked after him
when we needed it.


So you know
I don't like politics.

And I don't like politicians.

No, let me --
let me change that.

I hatepoliticians.

So, what am I doing here,
asking for your vote

so I can be one?

What am I doing here in this --
this suit

I got on sale from Macy's,

asking you to ask everyone
you know to stand with me?

Our neighborhoods.

They closed down
60 of our schools

because they wouldn't
pay for them,

and at the same time,
they paid more for the police

to be in those schools
that they keep open.

Now, what does that say
about them

and what
they think about us?

What do we do
with an organization,

funded by our tax money,

when it chooses to hurt and kill
the people it's paid to protect?

What do we do
with an organization

when its members
become criminals,

when they become murderers?

We stop funding
that organization.

Now, I want you to hear me
when I say this,

because I want you to know
that I am not hiding

behind any politician speak.

Defund the police.

Yes, we have
to protect ourselves.

We have to serve our community
by shutting them down!

It's gotta be us.

Not them.

Yeah, it's time to put --

it's time to put the South Side
on the inside.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

- Jessica.
- Can you come over?

I-I'm on my way.







They --
They gave me this.

It's, uh --
It's a check for $50,000.

"To take care
of things."

Yeah, they just --
they just mean the --

the funeral, you know,
and the next few weeks.

The mayor came.
She was here.

I'm good.
I'm good.
Okay. Okay.

I'm good.

Anything we can do.

Anything at all.

They all say that.

But they won't
let me see him.

I don't want --

I don't want to see the Mayor
or the Chief of Police.

I want to see my husband,
and if I don't,

if I can't
make this real,

I'm just --
I'm gonna lose my mind!

Okay. Jessica.

Oh, my God.It's okay.
We're okay.

We're okay.
We're all good. Thank you.

I can't even get emotional
in my own house?

I just --
My husband's dead.

I just can't, like,
hit the ground running

with this
perky widow shit.

They won't let you
see him right now...

because he's
a crime scene.


And forensics have to
do their thing...

before they --
they clean him up.

Have you seen him?

I saw him die,

I was with him.

What was the last thing he said
to you before he died?

He --
He talked about you.


And your honeymoon
and how happy he was.


What about you?

Your last conversation
with him?


I-I don't remember.

N-Nothing particular
that morning?



No? Okay.



I-I gave him his name,


If something bad
happens to Moses --

Just -- Don't.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Ma.
I'm sorry.

They can't break us.

You hear me?

Look at me.

I got this.

You hear me?




You good?

Yeah, bruh.
Ooh, oop!

Stay down, stay down, stay --
stay down, stay down.

They gone?

Not yet.

Come on.They gone?

Come on.

Yo, hurry up, man.I am, bro.

Come on,
come on, come on.
Stay calm.

Look out!
Bro, come on, bro.

I am!




Alright, you good to lay low
here 'til the morning,

but you gotta be gone
when bae gets back, alright?

Alright, I'll be out
by the morning.

And if I was in your shoes,
there's one person

I'd call first,
even before my mama.


God don't seem to be
listening, bruh.

Next best.





Seven days with no...

It's completely different.

You get what I'm saying?

Now that you two are acquainted,
perhaps we can get on with this?



You wanna talk,
my friend?




How you doing,

don't patronize me.

Don't patronize me.


But how you doing?

Yards from here is
where Office Michael Rossi,

an 11-year veteran of
the Chicago Police Department,

devoted husband and loving
father of five young children,

took his last breath
and died...Mm.

Do our best
and let God do the rest, right?

Don't get bitter with God. ...in the wake
of a foot pursuit

that took a tragic turn.

Pastor Richard.

Hey, Marquise.

How you doing,
my friend?

Lieutenant Brannigan.

We done here?

I could use your help
with this.

I knew Michael Rossi,

but not like his partner
of 10 years knew him.

Office Logan.


For all of us.


Uh, I-I, um --
I-I'm an only child.


And I-I always wondered
what it would be like

to have an older sibling, and --

and with Michael,
I-I didn't need to wonder.


He was my partner.

He -- He was my big brother.


He always had my back, and...


He made me laugh every day,
and he...and...


I-I'm sorry.

I can take your questions.


Okay, okay.

We know who killed him.

Moses Johnson, drug dealer,
affiliated with

one of our community's
most violent street gangs,

son of a gangbanger
and career criminal.

Let me be clear --
he's dangerous.

If you see him, do not under
any circumstances approach.

Call us.

We will not rest
until we have found him.



You know, is there --

is there something
that I should know?

Like what? I don't know.

I don't know.

I just -- I-I feel like
I am doing everything right.

Arrest numbers, bravery
citations, no complaints.

What's good,

Oh, man.
The one on 87th.

Every time.87th?

It's been a while since
you've been to this jawn, man.

Alright. What you need?
What you need?

I'll give you that.
It is good. It is good.


Everybody, listen up!

Need to see
everybody's hands!

I said, now!

Barber, step back.

Hands up.

Behind your head.



You just gonna play dumb
with me?

Everyone on the street
says you're his friend.

If you're talking about Moses,
I ain't seen him.

I'm watching this stuff on TV,
just like everybody.


Kind of touching,

A mom who puts name tags
on her son's gear for him.




♪ ...plugs who didn't
show love♪

♪ Now how do that sound?♪

♪ Draco, sixty slugs, and
a ProMag, I hope it don't jam ♪

We out here.

Can't move nothing.

♪ And poured a eighth,
told bro to slow down♪

What's that saying?

"Life is
10% what happens to us,

90% how we react
to it"?

Barricades and five-o ain't
never good for business.


Find Moses.

Turn his ass
over to the police

so we go back
to doing what we do.

♪ Short bus, pop sixes of 'em♪

♪ The opps know
we be spinnin' on 'em♪

♪ No half dunks,
gon' finish homie♪

♪ All I know is robbers
and them killers♪

♪ Members only♪

♪ Said he up in my city♪

♪ Gotta get took down♪








Marquise sent us!

We're here to help!


Did he have kids?

Five children.

What do I do?

What do you want?

I want this
to go away.

I want to --
I want to go to college.

I-I want
to be running.

I want
my future back.

I can't tell you what it's gonna
take to make that happen,

but what I do know
for certain --

none of that happens
until you deal with this.

You got two options --

turn yourself in
or keep running.

Keep running,
and it'll be impossible

to avoid capture
much longer.

When they're
this motivated,

13,000 cops
and one of you.

And when
they find you,

they're not gonna be looking
to take you in alive.

Turn yourself in,
we can help.

Arranged surrender,
right cop,

right police station,
lawyered up.

After that, you take your shot
in the courts.

Look, I know the system
is not tilted in our favor,

but you'll be alive.

This is
your decision, Moses.

It's not up to me.

It's not up to my friend
Franklin here.

You have to decide,

and the hard part --
you have to decide now.


what --
what do you want?


I want
to see my mama.


I want
to see my mama.


Hey, Norma.

No, no.
No, no, no, no, no.

It's okay.
It's okay.

No, please.
It's okay.

I-I-I've seen him.

I was just --
I was just with him.

Is he alright?
Is he hurt?

He's -- He's okay.

Where is he?
I mean, can I see him?

Is --Come on.
Let's go sit down.

Come on.
He's -- He's okay.

He's okay.

He's okay.

The cops don't know
where he is,

which is good,
but that's not gonna last.

He's asked for you.
That's why we're here.

We need to talk about
keeping him alive.

He needs to have his mother
tell him what to do.

What would you do
if it were your son?

This is not about him.

It's about you.

This has to come
from you.

He must be tired and hungry.

But still thinking,
still smart.

He even changed
his look.

His braids are gone.

he's had help.

That's good.

But he needs to --

really needs to hear it
from his mama

about what to do.

Just need a little time,
put some things in place.

Then I can see him?

We'll be back
in an hour.

Be ready.



Hey, little bro,
we about closed right now.

Marquise here?

you ain't heard?

Man, they was in here
looking for your brother.

Yeah, he got arrested
because of Moses.

I ain't seen Marquise

since five-o came in here
and took him.

Probably over
at county.


I know
Moses was here.

Marquise gave him
a haircut.


If he had one phone call
to make,

he'd probably call
his woman.

She bailed him out last time
he got in trouble.

What, the fancy lady
over on 55th?




What's good?
It's your boy, Marquise.

You know what to do.



What's up, T?

I'm good.

What's up?

What you what?

Believe me, I can't watch
my brotha go down like that.

You know
where he at?



Oh, my God.



Just keep going down
Vincennes Avenue.


Is it far?No, no, no.

No, it's not.
Yes, here's good.

Eh, you can turn
on 44th.

Turn right here.


Where's he going now?


this is good.

Now, let us out here
on the block, please.

Why are
we stopping here?

What they doing?

He's cutting through the park.
Don't follow on foot.

He'll spot us.

Where are you
taking me?

Why through the park?


Damn it.
We're losing him.

What about Joshua?



I repeat --
do we have eyes on Joshua?

We got him, Lu.
We're about three cars back.


So, where we gonna
take him?

Hey, the less you know,
the better.

We got a spot.


We've got confirmation.

Subject has been spotted
in a gray Pontiac Parisienne,

traveling eastbound from 55th.

little man.

We got Mo's back.



if you don't chill out...

Dante's getting
everything together.

birth certificate,

plane ticket.

Couple grand
to get his life together.

For real, man?

Come on, bro.

We do this.



There it go.
Right there.



Subjects have landed
at 1420 East 55th Street.


I'm coming!


I said I'm coming!


i-is Marquise here?

Marquise don't live here.
I been looking for him, too.

Have you seen Moses?

No, I don't know
any Moses.


Let's go!

Come on, man.







No, no, wait, wait!
Drop it!

Drop it!

Okay, okay, okay!


No! No! No!Norma: What is it?

Stop! Stop!


She's okay.

Where's Moses?

Stop it!
Stop it!


Hey, don't shoot, don't shoot!

Don't shoot!

You heard what your mother said.
Don't shoot, man!


So, go ahead.

- Hey.
- Stop!

Don't shoot him!Stop!

He's my boy!Stop!

I'm his lawyer.

My name
is Franklin Roberts,

and I'm
this man's lawyer.

Mama, I'm sorry!

Don't hurt him, please!

No! You can't!No, no, no, no, no!

Hands behind your back.

I didn't do nothing!
I didn't do nothing!

Mama, I'm sorry!
I ain't do nothing!

Don't hurt him!

I'm sorry!It's gonna be alright.

It's gonna be alright.

♪ I've got something
I want you to do for me ♪


♪ Help me to inspire those

♪ That need inspiration Mama!

♪ Ooh

♪ Help me to inspire those

♪ That need inspiration

♪ Let my life be a sign

♪ Of a coming generation

♪ Lord

♪ Help me

♪ And I'm also asking you
to help my brother ♪

♪ He needs help, too, Lord