61st Street (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

On your marks.

Get set.


Go! That's it, son!
Pump those arms!


Go, go, go, go!

Thank you so much.



Now, don't let
all your success here

go to your head, right?

You gotta stay focused
when you're out there.

It's gonna be a big campus,
lots of ladies after you.

You know, with the braids
and all that shit.

You know
the ladies love that,

but you gotta be careful
out there.

Now, you do us proud
on your last day.

Working really hard.

Miss Norma.

Miss Norma, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

Sorry, I got --

Don't worry about it,
Mr. Franklin.

I can come back.





That's it!
That's it!

That's the way
to finish strong!

That's the way
to finish strong!

That's it!

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.

Sorry, Your Honor.
I'm sorry, Your Honor.

I'm sorry.

It's gonna be okay.

That's it?
Nothing about why?

I'm here, Your Honor.

I'm right here.
I'm ready.

Any mitigation?

Uh, my --
my client pled guilty.

He broke the law.

He knows it was wrong,
but stealing baby formula --

Is that the mother?
Yes, Your Honor.

Here's my question.Yes, yes, sir.

Why steal baby formula
when you have milk on tap?

Because she was in agony, Your
Honor, when feeding the baby

because her --
her breasts are engorged.

We don't need to hear
the details.

You asked a question.

I'm giving you the answer,
Your Honor.

The neighbor was banging
on the wall,

yelling for them to be quiet
or he'd come around

and kill the damn baby,
and after the longest night

with so sleep, my client
couldn't take it anymore,

'cause what little money
they had left,

they had spent on diapers.

He had no choice but to do
what he did, Your Honor.

There's always a choice,

What would you have done,
Your Honor?

This isn't about me.
It's not about you.

It's about
what's out there.

Well, you wanna talk
about that?Let's talk about it.

Jewel Osco just opened
that store.

They took a big chance
investing in the South Side.

What does your client do?
He steals from them.

I have a responsibility
to this community.

I hear you ride a bike,
Your Honor.

What has that got to do
with it?

When you go to the lake,
which way do you turn?

Oh, I'm warning you.
You're very close --

When did you turn to the right,
Your Honor?

When was the last time?

When did you ever turn
to the right, Your Honor?

You said you have
a responsibility

to the South Side,
but you don't go there --

You better be quiet or I will
find you in contempt of court.

No, no, no, Your Honor.

You're gonna punish a little
baby girl, 6 months old,

and send her father,
who loves her, to prison.

What chance does she have
to have a good life

if you take away one parent
and you impoverish the other?

I don't do
rhetorical questions.

30 months.

Take him down.

Your Honor...Next.

Your Honor, please.

I love you!

I love you both!

No, no!

Your Honor -- Your Honor,
why are you...


She doesn't want
to talk to you.

She thinks you made things
worse for Deray in there,

and I gotta say,
I think she's right.

Three cardinal rules
of advocacy --

never lose control,

always know what your judge
wants to hear,

it's not about you.

You broke all three
in there.

Who do you think
you are?

Who do I think I am?

Wrong question.

Who do you think


Let's go.
Come on.

We gotta work hard now.
Here we go.


Come on.

Come on.

Up, up.
Here we go.

Let's get 'em up.
Let's go.

Nobody's better
than us, right?

Hi, Mr. Roberts.
This is Dr. Algren's office.

The doctor needs you to come in.

We kept the last appointment
open for you.

You should be there.

Here we go.

Up. Up.

That's it.
Nobody works harder than us.

Let's go.
Up. Up. Up.


Onto your side,
knees up to your chest.

That's it.
See the finish line.

See the finish line.Ah!

Keep your form,
keep your form.

That's it, that's it.


Little discomfort.

Here we go.

Up. Up.

Time. Nice.

Deep breath,
deep breath.

Did you come alone?


The prostate is enlarged.

Your PSA is high.

Now, there are a number
of possible reasons for this,

some okay,
some not okay.

We need to do a biopsy.

The "B" word
before the "C" word.

Just crossing the T's
and dotting the I's.

That's not true,
is it, doc?



♪ Chicago

♪ Where the dollar and blue
collar go hand in hand ♪

♪ City of Dreams so big

♪ Nightmares
don't stand a chance ♪

♪ A concrete paradise
where roses grow ♪

♪ See the smile from a child

♪ Light up
the magnificent mile ♪

♪ And melt the coldest snow

♪ This is home

♪ Find the brightest minds
on these dark streets ♪

♪ See the heart and soul
on these old blocks ♪

♪ Where we grow,
we call it the go ♪

♪ 'Cause we don't stop

♪ Get a bag, get a bag

♪ Get a bag, get a bag

♪ Call a G, get a bag

♪ Get a bag, get a bag

♪ Get a bag, yeah, yeah

♪ I know you wanna see
if I can do it on my toes ♪

♪ I'm-a bend it over...


You caught me.
You caught me.

-Oh, boy.
-I got you!

You got me.
You got me.

That's right.

You got me.
Look at it.

See you working that.
Come on, now.

Come on, now.
Come on.

Come on!Watch him work.

Watch him work.
Watch him.

Look at him.
Look at him.

Look at him.


You okay?


Nice, nice.

Scholarship, right?

That's how we got here?

You earned that.

So, you take everything
a college like that

can give you.

You'll be dedicated,

but never forget the joy
in your running.

No sentiment,

just love
for what you do.

You understand
the difference?

Yes, sir.

You gonna be somebody,
Moses Johnson.


Yes, sir.

No sentiment, huh?

You said you knew
the difference.

I appreciate you, Coach.

You finna cry?

Coach, you about to cry?

Why don't you try the shoes
or something?

Man, I'm good, bro.
These my size.

You know my size.

You know you gonna cry
in the car, right?

I ain't gonna cry.You gonna cry
in the car, right?


♪ I've been on some low-key shit
not doing too much lately ♪

♪ I done seen you out

♪ And it's clear you've been
feeling on yourself lately ♪

♪ I ain't tryna holla

♪ And I ain't tryna beg

♪ And I ain't tryna look like
I'm on your head ♪

♪ 'Cause I see
you doing well now ♪

♪ I see you doing well now

How many is that?

Two, three.

Hold on.

Hold on. One time.
Hold up.

♪ Said I'm on the way

♪ Something told me to take,
take the long way tonight ♪

♪ I been losing my mind,
I been losing my mind ♪

♪ You been on my mind,
yeah ♪

Yo, it's Joshua.

Leave a message.

Y'all stay safe, alright?

Bye, Joshua.







You bustin' us again
today, po-po?

Uh, maybe.


Nation's thinking there
has to be somebody

on the inside
calling it in for you.

That's the kinda heat
you're putting on us.

We can't do what we do.

You got a theory about
why that's happening?

Do you?
For sure.

A man can't theorize
on no empty stomach.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

Who are you, Confucius?


What's the theory?

No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no.

Come on.

Man, look,

all this heat you got
on The Nation

and no heat
on The Faction --

it used to be 50/50,

but now, The Faction
can sell their product

in front
of a police station,

and still,
nobody gets arrested.

My question...



In the code of silence...

Mm! Mm!

There's nothing sexier

than a man
washing dishes.

...major players
in the drug trade,

putting housing developments
on the South Side.

He and his co-conspirators
were under investigation...

Below 7,000.

That's the number of people
I represented

the last 30 years,
26 in Cal.

90% of them
probably don't remember.

What does that say?

I don't know,
but I got a feeling

you're about to tell me.

What good have I done?

What's --
What's the point of it all?


you have given
your heart, your soul,

and both of your knees
to this job.

The system is not gonna
fix itself

just because there's good people
like you on the inside.


So, the answer
to my question is, no,

I didn't make
a difference.

Honey, you're done.

You're done.







I have a good feeling.


The baby's asleep...

Don't jinx it, will ya?Sergeant Rossi.

Help me with this wire,
will you?

Okay.Grab a piece of tape.


I got it.


Right here.

Shouldn't you be doing this
at the station?





Morning, Officer Rossi.



Recording started.



Lieutenant Brannigan,
you got a minute?


on the baby.

Thank you so much, sir.

Number five?
Number five.

We're crazy, huh?

Got something for you.

That's too kind.

I didn't make sergeant,

I'm sorry.


You know, is there --

is there something
that I should know?

Like what?
I don't know.

I don't know.
I just -- I-I feel like

I am doing
everything right.

Arrest numbers, bravery
citations, no complaints.

You're a good cop.

Who made sergeant?

Look, don't get bitter,

You won't get it next time
'round either

if you turn
into a bitter cop.



You know, my man
in The Nation --

he says all his people
are wondering

why all the heat's
on them,

while The Faction
get the freedom

of the South Side.


That's just
what he tells me.




I don't care
who we take down.

These people are all
the same to me.

But they have got to be
paying for that pass --

The Faction.

Paying who?

It's just where
the heat is now.

His theory...

or yours?

Oh, his.


He got a name?

Your man in The Nation.






Calvin, what is
you doing, bro?

Dogs ain't affiliated,

Ain't nobody gonna
take a shot at him.

Man, I got a pass,
so he'd be safe with me.

Alright, come on, man.

One last run with Tyson
before I leave tonight.

I'm-a be back.

Be good.
I got you.

Alright, Tyson, come on.
Let's go.

Good boy.


Come on. Let's go.

Let's go.

Let's go.
Good boy.

Let's go.
Good boy.





Oh, you're kidding me?

You gotta be kidding me.

Did --
Did they say...?

I-I didn't make sergeant.
End of story.


I guess we'll go bust
some asses, right?




Michael, it's me.

Call me when you know.
I love you.


She's gonna know tonight.
Why spoil her day, right?

Tactical and support units,
check up.

Surveillance has eyes
on our target.

We got Nation gang members
conducting open-air drug sales.

Copy that.


Stick to the plan.

Watch your distance,
and remember, safety first.

Let's run up, guys.


you're not telling me?

Oh, I don't know.


Beautiful wife,
five kids under 7...

Yeah, you do.


I got a bottom drawer.

No, you don't.

An actual
bottom drawer?

Or is it all in your head?

Take your positions.


Aw, forget it.

It's code of silence,

Let's go.


Jojo, it's Mo's last night.

Come on, now.
Get home.


What's up, man?

What you doing
over there?

I'm on the way
to the spot, G.

You know you don't walk
this way, man.

I'm going to the crib.You're not walking this way.

What's up?
You need something?


I don't know
what you doing, man.

What's up?

Hey, man, that's
my brother, man.

Come on, man.
We ain't paying for this.

Come on. Come on,
keep it moving, man.

We ain't paying for this.What's up, TJ?

A little early
for y'all today, huh?

Yeah, the cops
putting heat on us,

so we gotta
put the hours in.

What you saying?


You saying something.

You should say it.

I'm just saying, man,
back in the day,

when shorties used to go
to school, you boys fell back.

You know what I'm saying?Boys?!

"You boys"?

Coming from this college boy
right here, huh?

Hey, Tutu.
Chill out, bro.Look at this college boy.

Chill out.Man, miss me with that.
Check this out, though!

Hmm? Boy.

Hey, Tutu,
don't do that.

What now, boy?Don't do that.

Don't do that.



You be there.

100 meter dash!

Final Olympic games!

You be there
for the South Side.

On your marks,
get set...


Nobody move!
Get down on the ground!

Get down on the ground!

Hands behind your back!
You, down on the ground!

Down on the ground!


-Don't shoot!


We got a Black male.

Light-blue top, black shorts,
and running tights.


He just hit the alley,
headed north from the scene.


Stop, damn it!

Damn it!

...61st and Rome!



He just doubled back,
headed west across Vernon.







Get down.

Stay there!

Don't move!
Don't move!

It's over.


It's over.


No, no, no!


Get up.
Breathe, man, breathe!

Come on, breathe!

Why'd you get
in my way, man?!

Why'd you get in my --
I'm sorry!

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry.

Yo! Breathe!

Hey! Hey!
Hey, stay with me, man!

Stay with me!

Aah! Aah! Aah!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

Don't move!

Don't move!

Do not move!



Officer down.
Officer down.

61st and King,
in the train yard.

He's got a-a wound
to the back of the head.

He's bleeding out.

We need an ambulance right now!

Hey, hey, look,
Michael, Michael,

just stay with me,
stay with me, okay?

Just keep looking at me.

Don't -- Don't -- Don't --
Just keep looking at me.

Michael. Mike?

Oh, geez.



I got you.




In here!
In here!





What's wrong with y'all?!
Help him!

Help him!
Do something!

Help my baby, please!


somebody's baby.




You do not stop.
You understand me?

You save my partner.
You do not stop, okay?

Do you hear me?!
You do not stop!

You keep going!
Do you understand?!

Do you understand
what I'm saying to you?!


What are you doing?He's gone.

Why are you stopping?!He's gone.

Why are you stopping?!Johnny!

Why are you stopping?!
Do your goddamn job!

He's gone, Johnny.Do your job!

He's gone.Why are you stopping?!

He's gone.

♪ Hey

Someone has
to tell Jessica.


Oh, God.

Shut it down.

This whole neighborhood.

Somebody saw this.

- We made arrests.
- Yeah.

So, get me a name.




Yo, Moses!
In here, man!

I saw what went down.


They'll flood the whole
South Side.

Is he dead?You gotta be gone, bruh.

Calvin, is he dead?!

Is he dead, Calvin?

Anthony, did you put up
that puzzle?

If you want to watch a show,

you're gonna have to put
the puzzle up, okay?


Oh, God, no! No.
I'm sorry.

Oh, no!
No, no, no!













I want in on this,

His name
was Michael Rossi.

He had a wife
and a family.

He was kind.

He was warm.

He was funny.
He was a good man.

Look at me.

Look at me.

You see a blue life
that doesn't matter, right?

Answer me!

You got a brother?

I had a brother.

This is my brother.

Look what you did
to my brother.

You see that?

Look at it!


I don't know where

these pictures was taken,

But you -- you arrested me
outside my building.

I was just walking home.

That's it.


Felony murder.


You know
what that means?


It means the murderer
is you.

Say it back to me.


What I just said.

No, no, no.

I-I was literally
just walking home, sir.

I-I didn't have nothing to do
with any of that.

You were out there
committing a felony.

No. Sir, I was just
literally walking home!

That's it!
Selling heroin
on the corner,

and somebody died

to what you're doing.

The upshot is simple --

all you corner boys
are up on a murder rap.

No, no, sir,
I'm not a corner boy.

I was literally
just walking home.

That's all I know.

There's a way out
for one of you.


The one who gives me
the name.

First to give me the name
goes home.



Did you hear that?

Come on, Tyson!

Come on, Tyson!



Get off!
Get off!

Stay where you are!



You know what
you're looking at

for the murder
of a police officer?

100 years.

No parole.

You're coming out
in a box, son.

I'm not your son.

The trouble with you

is you can't tell
the difference

between big and small.

100 years
you're looking at,

and you're fighting back
with what?

"I'm not your son"?

Like that matters?

Just maybe...

What do you think?

Maybe it's a bigger deal
that your life is over

if you don't tell me the name
of Michael Rossi's killer?




Frater! Young!


The river.








Yo, this is Moses.

Leave a message,
and I'll hit you right back.

Mojo, call me.


Love you.

What y'all taking me
down here for, man?

Hey, man, what y'all taking me
down here for?

Man, I already told y'all,
I didn't do nothing!

Yo, what y'all taking me
down here for?!

I didn't do nothing!

Hey, I didn't do nothing, man!

What y'all doing?!

Let's take a walk.

I'm telling you,
I didn't do nothing!

Please, man!
I just want to go home!

I didn't do nothing!



Come on, man!

Stop, man!

Please! Please!





A cop was killed.

Oh, God.


Off 61st.

Have they got a suspect?

They got a name?

What, baby?

Who is it?

It's Moses Johnson,

No. No.

That's -- That's --
That can't be.

that's Norma's son.

He was on his way to college
with a scholarship.

He's clean.

N-Nobody touches
Moses Johnson.

Do you think they care?Well --

Do you think
they care about that?

It's not that.
It is not that.

It's okay.What's happening, Mom?

This has to stop.
How can this be?

It's okay.
It's alright.

They will not have
Moses Johnson!

-Go! Go! Go!
-Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Let me see those hands!

On the ground!

I am! I am!Stop moving now!

Get down!
All clear.




Y'all in the wrong house!

Oh, you hurting me!Go check the bedroom.

Sit down!

What do you want?!Where is he?

Where's who?

Your son.




What -- What's your name?

I'm Lieutenant Brannigan.

He's a good kid.

Like, he --
he wouldn't do anything.

You -- You got the wrong man,
Officer Brannigan.

I swear.

That's not what Joshua's
just been telling us.


Eh, why do you
have Joshua?

What did Joshua do?

What do y'all
have Joshua?!




Be careful with her.

You want me
to be careful?

One of my guys is dead
in the street

because your son's
an animal.

I'll be careful when
you tell me where he is.

My son's not an animal.

He would never
kill anyone.

Next you're gonna tell me
he doesn't sell drugs.

Because he doesn't
sell drugs.

And he's not affiliated?

He ain't affiliated with no one
'cept his family.

Please don't
take me on, lady.

He didn't do nothing.

You got the wrong kid.


Oh --

The matches what we seized
on the corner.

What's that?
That ain't mine.

You know that ain't mine.

Y'all --
Y'all planting stuff now?

Uncuff her.


Answer it.

Tell him it's over.

Tell him we as good
as already got him.

Turn himself in
before he gets killed.


Oh, no.

I know, I know.


I know you didn't --

I love you, too.

I need you to listen
to me, okay?

Listen carefully.

This is the most important thing
you'll ever hear me say.


Run, Moses.
Run for your life.

Don't ever stop running,



He didn't do nothing!

You in here, you coming
in here planting shit!

Y'all know y'all
ain't worth it!Take her in!

He didn't do nothing!

Yo, where's my son?!

Get off of me!



♪ Say it loud ♪ Ima testify

♪ In a crowd ♪ Ima testify

♪ Build me up ♪ Ima testify

♪ But never tear me down nah ♪ Ima testify

♪ Fight for you ♪ Ima testify

♪ Not a Susie sue ♪ Ima testify

♪ Not a crazy Steve ♪ Ima testify

♪ To give you what you need ♪ Ima testify

♪ Now all we need ♪ All we need

♪ Is liberation

♪ A little louder y'all

♪ A little louder y'all

♪ You gotta free your soul

♪ Just to feed the nation

♪ A little louder y'all