5ive Days to Midnight (2004): Season 1, Episode 3 - Day 3 - full transcript

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(announcer) Previously on "5ive Days to Midnight"...

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What is that? It's got your name on it.

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Somebody left this at Katherine's grave. Who knew you were gonna be there?

Remember that grad student, Carl Axelrod?

(Carl) I forgot what today is. The death of your wife,

birth of your daughter. It's just a prank.

Some junior egghead just trying to screw with you a little.

Doesn't it bother you that your name is on it?

If it has to do with homicide, it'd better be.

(Brad) Look at this bullet hole. Is there such a thing

as grad school for Photoshop?

Yesterday, I was given a blue parka, just like in the file,

and this morning, the rental car company

drops off this green Cherokee.

Just like in the file. You asked me why I changed my mind

about this thing. My wife, she told me I had

a doctor's appointment next week.

Next Tuesday, same time as the autopsy,

so you miss the autopsy.

Get me a copy of this, will you?

(scanner running)

(J.T.) That oak tree is not gonna survive the storm!

It's gonna fall, Mandy.

(Mandy) You saved my life. Oh, my God. It's real.

(Colonel) It's about that Bremmer character.

All the action on the south side of Chicago

is controlled by a handful of guys.

(J.T.) And he's one of them. No.

He controls the handful of guys.

I know Roy Bremmer. I married him,

and I'm still married to him.

Why would you not tell me?

This is for you. You need to take it.

You need to take it. What the hell are you doing?

You're in danger. Jesse is in danger.

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(footfalls on stairs)

Uh... I...

I thought that... Sorry, um...

What are you doing?


You know, people get killed

who keep guns in their house,

so I was trying to, uh...

I was just gonna, sort of...

Claudia, uh...


Oh, boy.

You wanted to test one of my bullets?

No, Claudia...

Go for it. I don't care.

(J.T.) Claudia, listen... Do you really think I'd shoot you?

Well, no, no. This was a very good way to prove...

If you wanted to take my gun, you could have asked me.

I would have given it to you. Well, I didn't want to wake you.

Oh, please.


Listen, all I want to do is see Saturday.

I'll do whatever it takes to get there.

(typing on keyboard)

(Carl) That doesn't go. That doesn't go. Carry, carry, carry.

And we go around the corner into the phone down the way.

Oh, we are way down the hole, Alice. Jump, Rover. Jump!

Come on, why doesn't that... It does. Why? Why?

It's real.




Come on, Jess. We've got to go.


You always told me the truth, always,

even when I didn't want to hear it.

Uh... (clears throat)

hey, Jess, you know, I... I... I just didn't want to

burden you with any of this stuff.

But not knowing is worse, Pop.

Secrets are worse.



I'm gonna tell you what's in that case.

You see, Jess, it seems someone wants to hurt me.

Why? I don't know.

Can I see it? No.

But maybe I can help figure it out.

I appreciate that, but see, I...

I showed it to the police.

and they're taking care of it.

As a matter of fact, we have

the top homicide investigator...

Homicide? That means murder.

No, it's... Pop?

Papa. No, it...

Promise me that's not gonna happen.

Oh, Jess. Jess, Jess...

I promise.


Detective Sikorski's in a meeting.

All right. Are you hungry?

Listen, I shot this from Claudia's gun this morning.

(door slams) Claudia's got a gun?

Yes, and a husband who she's been on the run from

for the last two years. Yeah, Roy Bremmer.

I found out who he is. Yeah, I know who he is.

Listen, here's what we have to do.

We have to run a ballistics check

on that bullet, get the results

back this afternoon, and I think if we...

All right, hold on.

You've been watching too much CSI, pal.

Ballistics takes at least two weeks.

Well, I only have two days, pal, so... make things happen.

Hey, I don't need this crap from you.


(Colonel) I wrote a killer obituary, not to mention my eulogy...

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust."

"Photons to neutrons."

"The particle hunter reduced to particles."

I scanned this from the newsprint and these from the eight by tens.

They're clean images, unadulterated, and technically impossible.

Make some sense, Yoshi.

This is a new car, but the photographic paper

it's printed on is 40, maybe 50 years old.

The pigments, the dyes, they follow a fading pattern

that only comes with age.

How does a new picture get to be 50 years old?

It sits in a file for 50 years.

What? But how is that possible?

Yoshi, show me my funeral again.

No, this is wrong. This is all wrong.

I was there two days ago. This is empty.

There is no grave there.

Wait, can you read that?

(J.T.) Uh...

Uh, M-A-M-M...


Mandy Murphy. What?

That means... that means...

That means? What... what... what the hell does it mean?

Wait! Hey, hey! Tell Frank to keep page three open.

(chain saw buzzing)


(J.T.) Ah.

Hey, my hero. (dog growls)

Butchie, hush up.

I have a question for you.

Fire away.

Well, now, it's kind of personal.

I think we're past that, J.T.

Right, okay, yeah. Do you own a burial plot?

And if you do, where is it?

Yeah, I own a plot.

My parents left me one. It's in...

Evergreen Park?

Yeah. How'd you know that?

Thank you, that is the best... (dog growls)

best news I've heard all week, thank you.

And thank you for the flowers. They were spectacular.

(dog growls)

Dog's just too little to be that mean.

So catch me up here, Teach.

Remedial Course 101.

That photo, the file... not a hoax, right?

Right. So, Mandy Murphy

was supposed to die underneath that tree?

That's right, but she didn't. She's alive and well

instead of six feet under like in that photo

because I changed her destiny,

which means I can change my own.

Wait. Wait a minute. You can't leave now. This is huge.

I need the damn story. What are you doing on Monday?

I'll buy you lunch and tell you everything.

Okay, but this is gonna change

the face of the universe as we know it.

The future is not immutable.

You can print that.

(Mrs. Silveira) Professor.

Ah, Mrs. Silveira, I'm canceling classes

the rest of the week.


Excuse me, Brad.

J.T., just the person I was looking for.

Excuse us. We have hit the jackpot.

What are you talking about?

Are you okay?

(Brad) Carbon nano-tubes, grown to workable lengths,

woven and coated to make this... an ultra-light,

super-strong material that's gonna replace metal.

It's gonna replace plastic, fabrics.

I mean, the implications for the auto industry alone...

That's amazing, Brad. It's incredible. Listen,

I'm going out of town for a few days. I need the case.

Hello, Professor. You're not listening to me.

I'm listening, Brad. No, we are holding the future

right here in our hands.

Do you have any idea what that's worth?

My life. I can reverse-engineer this,

take out a patent in both our names, and we can buy Hawaii.

(exhales) Brad, you've been up all night, right?

What? Yeah, yeah, I have.

You're serious.

I'm dead serious.

I've got enough data to start lining up

investors. Can you imagine the bidding war?

We're gonna be bazillionaires. No, look, this is ridiculous.

It's theft. Theft? What, from the future? Come on.

All right, okay.

So what? So someone's gonna come back from the future and sue us?

I don't think so.

All right, I'm going.

Don't... don't start getting

all righteous on me, okay, brother?

I really need this.

No, you don't. Yes, I do.

Yes, I do. Chantal and I really need this.

We really need a break.

This isn't it.

I'll call you Monday.

(door opens and closes)

Let's see here.



(cat meows)

Carl, what are you doing in my house?

Uh, I just came to tell you...


You're going to die.

(exhales) Yeah, eventually, yes.

No. No, on Friday. The physics demand it.

Are you sure? Yes. I checked and re-checked

the Bit-Net, Nexus, every major SDB. I stayed up all night.

There's a lot of that going around.

Don't joke, Professor, not about this.

It's basic, and it is bad.

If you are supposed to die and then you don't, it's...

like you make a rip in the fabric of the universe.

Yeah, yeah, I'm listening.

Well, the effects of your death,

the ripples in time and space,

they've already been written.

That's not science, Carl. That's theology.

Excuse me? It's string theory

applied to multiverses, assuming that time and gravity

can be quant... Look, look, the dog that made you swerve

on Monday... I was wrong, it wasn't random.

It was part of the design. Everything is part

of the design, especially births and deaths.

It can't be changed.

Nonsense. All right? I already changed the design.

I used some information from the file

to save somebody's life.

Oh, my God.

(clears throat)

(locks door)

The universe seems intact to me, Carl.

But you shouldn't have done that.

Carl, listen, whoever sent that case knows a lot more

about space and time than we do. Do you think

they'd risk their existence to save mine?

But you have a duty to everyone around you, to...

to physics.

Take a break from physics, Carl.

You need to.

(engine starts) Uh...


(J.T.) Claudia, it's me. I'm sorry about this morning,

but that's not why I'm calling.

Listen, I'm on my way to pick up Jesse.

We're going to the airport.

We're taking the first flight out.

We'll be back on Monday,

provided no oak trees have fallen.

Listen, I really want you to come with us.

We both do. Give me a call. Bye.

(door closes)

Keep the change.

Excuse me?

We really do need to talk, Professor,

about my wife.

No, we don't.


Take five. Have a cigarette.


What do you want?

What do I want?


Last night, when I saw that,

my first impulse was to pick up the phone

and have you... Oh, never mind.

I don't go with the first impulse anymore.

I'm... a reasonable man.

(cell phone ringing)

Nobody takes phone calls when I'm talking to them.

Okay. Her real name is Angela.

She's as slippery as a fish.

Three times, I've found her.

Three times, she's disappeared,

until now, thanks to you.

Oh, and...

your lovely little girl,


You leave Jesse out of this.

You don't even mention her name.

Oh-ho, angry man. I like that.

I like that a lot.

Okay, here's the deal, Professor.

If I lose Angela this time, I'm coming after you.

If you warn her, if you try to help her to escape,

I'm coming after you.

It's as simple as that.

Give me back my wife, and you can get on with your life.



it's the only way for you to have one.

(door slams)





(J.T.) This is J.T. Please leave a message.


Vasco da Gama rounded the Cape of Good Hope in 1497.

Now, can anybody tell me where he sailed to?

Come on, people.



(phone rings)

Mr. Watkins' room.

Well, recess is in ten minutes.

Can it wait?


(hangs up phone)



I thought something had happened to you.

No, no, no, no, no.

Something did happen, but something good.

Come on, we're gonna go on a little trip.

A trip? Yeah, a trip. Why not?

When? Right now?

Well, I've got to make a phone call,

all right? But I want you to stay

right out there where I can see you.

Jess, please, do as I say.

What happened to your cellphone?

Uh, it broke.

(coin drops)


(phone rings)

Denorvo Insurance. Hey, it's me.

(Claudia) I've been trying to reach you.

I think there's something wrong with your phone.

Oh, my phone? Yeah, see, I ran into a guy

who doesn't appreciate you taking calls while

he's talking to you, so he smashed it.

Oh, my God. Roy.

Yeah. Claudia, this is not just about me and you anymore.

It's also about Jesse.

Listen, I... I've got to go.


They found you, didn't they?

The people who threatened you, the ones from the case?

What's happening, Pop?

Well, we are doing what Mandy Murphy did, only better.

We're getting as far away

from our oak tree as possible

before it falls. All right? Hmm?

Jess, Jess, listen.

I know I'm running low on promises,

but we've got to get through this.

I'll make it up to you. Put your seat belt on.

Did the policeman tell you to leave town? No.

Jess, no one's following us.

Dad! Hmm?

(brakes screeching)

(pedestrian) Learn to drive, you jerk.

Oh, boy.

Jess, I've got to get to a pay phone

and call Sikorski.

No, you don't.

(phone ringing)

(Sikorski) Sikorski here. This is J.T.

I'm heading for the airport.

Is Claudia with you? No.

Wait for me.

I'm not waiting for anyone.

Wait for me.

Damn it. (slams receiver)

(door unlocks)






(Chantal) Honey?



Stop! No.

Stop it!

No. Stop this!

Give me... No.

Give me this! Stop it!

What are you doing?

(sobbing) Hon?


Honey, what is it? Shh.

Tell me, tell me, honey, honey.


Nobody understands me.


So where are we gonna go?

Uh, New York, if this line gets a move on.


Come on.

You know what, kiddo?

We're gonna travel in style. Come on.

(P.A. announcement) ...Flight 32 to Boston.

Flight 32 to Boston.

First class. Awesome.


Hey. Claudia.

Hi. Uh, we need to talk.

It's business. It won't take long.

Jess, could you do me a huge favor?

Would you go and grab me a pack of gum?

And you can get something for yourself.

There's a kiosk just down there, Jess,

but make sure I can see you, okay?

Look, Claudia... No, it's okay.

Don't say anything. I understand.

If you have to choose between Jesse and me,

that's not a choice.

That's why I did this. I, uh...

I doubled the payout.

Jesse gets four million now.

Hey, call me callous if you like,

but I've learned the hard way to be.

practical, and this is practical.

Two million is not enough these days,

not for an entire lifetime.

So all you have to do is...

Tell me something, Claudia.

When was the last time you saw your husband?

Two years ago.

Hmm. I told you that. Why?

Well, I don't... You know, you gave me a blue parka.

You arranged for the green Cherokee.

Now you present me with this.

You think this is all some elaborate scam?

You think I'm working with Roy? You know, frankly,

I don't know what to think anymore.

J.T., I left Roy.

I've been running. from him. He did...

horrible, ugly things to me.

You met him. You saw him.

There's nothing, nothing he won't...

You know what? Forget it.

Do whatever you want.

Tell Jesse I said goodbye.

I'll miss her.



You're coming with us, right?

Thank you. Come on through, ma'am.

(beeping) Oh, back.


(Sikorski) Neumeyer, hold up.

Neumeyer. Oh, no. Here.

Go, go. Okay.

Look, you can't do this.

She's a felon. What do you mean?

Identity theft. She's not Claudia Whitney,

which means that gun of hers

was acquired under an assumed name.

That's a felony.

Well, it's not one I care about.

There's more. Brad is bankrupt. What?

He's not the stock picker you think he is.

They're ready to repossess everything he owns,

including the gold fillings in his back teeth.

He gets custody of Jesse if you croak, right?

Along with your estate?

Uh, listen, you didn't need to come all the way

out here just to tell me this,

did you?

Running never solved anything.

Just stay and face

whatever you have to face, and I'll help you.

Look, Sikorski, I appreciate your involvement,

I really do, but how about focusing

on the only person who's actually threatened me.

Claudia's husband?

Claudia's got a husband?

The flight's been cancelled...

mechanical problems. (groans)

All right, well, they can't all be grounded.

Are you up for a relay race?

If you go, I can't protect you.

Well, how about helping us instead of slowing us down?

(flight attendant) Ladies and gentlemen,

please fasten your seat belts

and put your seats in the upright position.

You have a husband?

Yeah, I do.

It's complicated.

He's a bad guy, and I mean, literally, a bad guy.

I didn't know that when I married him.

I just fell in love and thought he was

rich and powerful, like a king.

The truth is, I didn't want to know.

What's his name?

Roy Bremmer.

Ugh, I don't even like saying it.

I ran away from him two years ago,

and he's been chasing me ever since.


What do you mean, why?

Well, if you ran away from me,

that'd mean that you didn't like me anymore,

and I wouldn't want you back, so why does he?

(Claudia) Oh, you can just see the back of that one.

(Jesse) Ah! (laughs)

They're cute, though. Oh, lookit.

I love Siamese cats.

I just saw a really cute one. Oh, wait.

I didn't notice that one. That one's, like...

That one's, like, "Get away from me."

Vampire. (laughs)

I know. That one's... he's like...

The sad mew. the conversational mew,

the utilitarian...

Wow, I didn't know all those mews existed.

(both laugh)

His papa is sniffing all the flowers.


Either that or he sees a mouse.

Just waiting for it to run. Oh! What's he eating?

I don't know. I had a cat who liked that, actually.

Yeah? Yeah, you'd pick her up

by the tail, and she'd love it.

You'd pick her up by the tail and sort of toss her.

(man coughing)

Sir, are you all right, sir?

(coughing) Heather...


(talking quietly)

(coughing) Sir...

Sir, you'll be okay. (coughing)


(captain) Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please?

This is your captain speaking.

Unfortunately, we have a medical emergency

and must return to Seattle.

We're sorry for any inconvenience.

(passengers chatter)


(Jesse) Claudia, I'm scared.

(Claudia) Oh, don't be scared, sweetie.

We're gonna be fine.


(Jesse) Are all these people sick?

(Claudia) I don't think so.

Is everything gonna be okay?

Don't worry. Dr. Dan's gonna be here in a minute.

We're gonna be okay.

I want to go home, Pop.

Did you get Dan?

No, but maybe a quarantine

is not such a bad idea.

Hello, sweetheart. How would you like

a "get out of jail free" card?

Okay, everybody, you can all take off your masks and go home.


Come with me.


(P.A. announcement) Dr. Carlson to oncology. Dr Carlson to oncology.

So we're not contagious?

No, you're not. The guy on the plane...

Is he okay?

Peanut allergy.

I've kind of got to use the restroom.

Okay. I'll take you.

We'll meet you outside?

Come on. See you later.

J.T., do you mind if I ask you a question?


Taking a flight in the middle of the week,

what were you trying to do?

Change my destiny.

Let's take a shortcut through ER.

So I got the results back

on the lab work you asked for.

Your blood, the old blood on the bullet...

It matches, doesn't it? Yeah.

Listen, are you gonna tell me

what the hell's going on?

(paramedic) We've got a multi-car crash coming in.

Not this one. We lost her on the way over.

I've got to go.

All right, I've got it, I've got it.

Okay, any trouble breathing?


(Mandy) You saved my life.

Oh, my God.

♪ ♪