49 Days (2011): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Who is it?



I'm Park Jeong-eun, a friend of Ji-hyeon.


I came to get something
Ji-hyeon borrowed from me.

What exactly are you here for again?

It's a CD with instructions
for magic tricks.

I actually need it again.

You two were in the same club?
You mean, in college?

No, it's an online club.

We mostly interact through the Internet.

I know all of Ji-hyeon's friends.

I just never heard of you.

On your wedding anniversary last year...

I think it was in April or May.

She showed you a magic trick, didn't she?

She turned tissue paper into
a necklace and a pair of cuff links.

That's right.

Don't overdo it. You are just her friend.

You are not Ji-hyeon.

We practiced that trick together.


I'm sorry to come like this
when Ji-hyeon is in hospital.

So you know about Ji-hyeon.

Who told you?


Her college friend told me.

I know about this kangaroo.

Min-ho gave it to her.

She really told you all that?

Of course! She told me that this was
the first birthday gift he gave her.

You two must have been so close, then.

I wonder why she never told me about you.

Well, I'm just an online friend.

You could say I'm like a ghost friend.

I know she has a lot more friends
in real life.

What did you say you're looking for again?

I can find it.

She probably has a ton of CDs.

If you are okay with it, of course.

I think you could use some rest.

-Will you do that?

Should I put this in her room?


Why weren't you answering?

Are you sure Ji-hyeon's mother
took the kangaroo home?

That's where her seal is!

I'm not stealing it. Just borrowing.

This is it.

Okay. Go ahead and take it.

You should eat something.

The Ji-hyeon I know would be
sad to see you like this.

I know Ji-hyeon really loved her mother.

Did she really say that?

Sure, she told me you are the sweetest
and kindest woman in the world.

She wanted to become a mother
just like you.

Did she want to become a mother like me?

She surely loves her dad.
I thought she didn't care much for me.

Nonsense! She thinks her dad is
the luckiest man in the world.

I see.

She sure talked a lot.

Is there anything else she told you?

What's this smell?

I thought you don't eat beef bone soup.

-Excuse me.
-Yes, ma'am!

It's In-jeong.

She's here again?

That's weird. I thought she left.

I'll get going then. Goodbye.

Can I come talk to you again?

What? Sure! Please stop by again.

I'm sorry. I left my phone here
when I was cleaning the room.

That's impossible.

It's got to be here.
There's nowhere else it can be.

Why is this here?

Maybe it was the housekeeper.

Ji-hyeon's mother!

Maybe she found out.

Bet you didn't see that one coming.

If you tremble with fear like that,
why don't you use your head a bit?

You actually get smarter
when you become a spirit.

I've really thought about it.

I have to go now!


Did he say I'm smarter now?

I'm sure he wasn't just saying that.

I was actually just saying it.

What do you mean? I didn't say anything.

Stop questioning me, will you?

Use my head?

Let's see. What do I have inside my head?


Song I-kyung!

Ms. Song I-kyung. That's your name, right?

Wait, that's right!
No one knows I'm Shin Ji-hyeon.

Why didn't I think of this earlier?

You should have just made up an excuse.

Maybe you forgot something
in Ji-hyeon's room.

Or maybe she borrowed something.

I won't have to die after all.


Search all you want. You'll never find it.

Did you find your phone?


I see her stuffed animals are back.

They told me the fur can be bad for her.

Did you put them back in her room?

Hey, In-jeong. What's wrong with you?

I'm sorry?

You told me to get those groceries,
but you just left while I was gone!

-What if someone tried to break in?
-We have an alarm.

We found a strange box in the yard
just a few days ago.

Also, you've been living here for years.

How do you not know
I don't eat bone beef soup?

I forgot.

I just wanted you to eat healthy.

We should have given some
to Ji-hyeon's friend just now.

She looked like she needed it.

Ji-hyeon's friend?

Was someone here?

Didn't you see her on your way in?

-I didn't.
-That's strange.

She left after we buzzed the gate for you.


Who was that friend?

Hey! It's your landlord!

I'm here for your rent!

Hey! Open up!

I know you are in there!

Open up!

I have the key, you know?

I'm sorry. You'll have it tomorrow.

Don't play dumb! I know you have cash!

Give it to me now.

I don't have any cash here.

You can't fool me!

-You want me to dig it out for you?

But I'm not allowed to touch that.

How come you are late every single month?

You want me to kick you out?

I'm really broke right now.

Please come back tomorrow.

There's something seriously wrong
with this lady.

"I don't trust banks.
I keep everything in cash."

She was telling everyone.

What if someone breaks in?

So the seal wasn't in the kangaroo either.

I'm running out of options here.

Actually, about that friend...

I think she had something to do with it.

Park Jeong-eun...

She's never mentioned that name before.

She was the one who took the kangaroo
back to her room.

Why though?

She has no motive.

Why would she want Ji-hyeon's seal?

She has no reason to want the seal
unless this person knew about our plan.

Not even Ji-hyeon knew.

Why would anyone disguise as her friend
and steal her seal?

That makes no sense.

Even if she did know about our plan,
she could have just told her parents.

That's all true, but...

I would have known about someone
that close to Ji-hyeon.

Everyone has a secret.

You were at the hospital all night.
You must be tired.

-Go home and sleep.
-Sleep? At a time like this?

Mr. Shin thinks the deal's been closed,
but we don't even have the seal!

We need to pay the balance
for the Haemi-do purchase soon.

You really think I wasn't aware of that?

I'm just worried.

Don't worry. I'll take care of it.


Just give me some time to think,
so I can tell you what I should do.

I'll call you a taxi.

I'll need to think about this some more.

You met Song I-kyung at the hospital?

She said she only had some 40 days left.

I think she was telling the truth.

I think she really is terminally ill.

It would seem so.

Why do these bad things
always happen to me?

I should have just kicked her out
with some money when we first met.

So why didn't you?

Why didn't you stop me?

Why were you just watching?

Is this bothering you?

No, I'm just annoyed.

Don't bottle up your feelings.

I said it's not bothering me!

You should really change the way you talk.

You know you can't hide your feelings.

People show emotions for a reason.

She's just so similar to Ji-hyeon.

That's what's annoying.

All the more reason to look after her.

Forget about what you can't change.
Focus on what you can.

Don't do something that
you know you'll regret later.

I should have brought a shovel.

This is bad!


That kid...

I thought you were my friend
coming to the hospital and all.

But here you are,
singing and dancing to my favorite song.

You don't even care if I die, do you?

What are you doing here?

Cleaning, of course.

How did you know about the cleaning?

You didn't even know our off day.

I came to complain about leaving me out,
but then I saw everyone cleaning.

I've been causing a lot of trouble here,

-so I figured I should help.
-We are good. You can go.

No way.

I said leave.

I can do this.

That kid...

-Honey! Did you see that?

Oh, my goodness!

What's wrong, Jun?

I just love that stuff!

Han Kang's being a man!

Even better than that man from that drama.

Oh, this is bad.

Those TV dramas are spoiling our women!

Spoiling, I say!

Are you jealous, honey?

Jealous? Me?

-Come on!
-Oh, what is it?

We don't need your help.

I'm doing this because I want to.

Don't worry. I know today doesn't count.

As if I was going to.

You're pretty stubborn for a sick person.

What do you mean, sick?

Go get some rest.
I can't have you fainting here.

Are you starting to regret yelling at me?

-Just bear with me for a little longer.

I won't be around for long anyway.

So you were serious?

Your days are limited, I mean.

You said something about 48 days.

You aren't really dying, are you?

I have 42 days, starting today.

That's stupid!

There is no terminal illness
that gives you an exact date!

It's a rare condition.

I can promise you one thing.

After those 42 days,
you won't be seeing my face again.

This face.
You'll never have to see it again.

I promise.

That's just mean.

We are talking about your life here.

Fine! You can help out!

He's so nice to Song I-kyung.

Why was he so mean to me?

It hurts.

Why did you take a shower
when you need to clean up?

Did you come to my room?

Oh, yeah.

The piano needs tuning.

Do you mind?

You win! I give up!

-You weren't playing for real.
-Would I do that?

I can't beat you when you play like that.

Wait, I meant...

You are right. I'm a vicious guy.

Let's go.


As you can see, we are barely getting
any brainwaves from her.

It is almost identical to
that of a brain-dead patient.

Are you saying
she doesn't even have a chance?

I know it's very difficult
for family members to accept.

Some can take months.

Ji-hyeon might hear you!

Don't you dare say that!

What's wrong with you?
You know that's impossible!

Stop being stubborn!

Listen to me!

This is my life!

Why should I listen to you?

So just shut up and...

Hey! Il-sik!

Hey, Il-sik!

Just leave me alone.

What are you doing here?

Father, can I talk to you over a dinner?

So what is it?

You should eat first.

I think I'll hear you out first.
I'm not hungry.

Did something happen at the office?

That site deal.
I didn't actually close it.

What are you saying?

Ji-hyeon was supposed to bring me
her legal seal that day.

And she brought you this?

I think she got into the accident
trying to bring me the seal.

The seal was probably still in her car
when it was being disposed of.


Why are you telling me this now?

Hold on. You told me you closed the deal.

I couldn't tell you this
with all this going on!

I tried to take care of this by myself--

Don't give me that excuse!

This isn't like you.

I know, Father.

I'm sorry. I'm a mess right now.

They are still waiting for the seal.

To sell her land without her legal seal,

Ji-hyeon must be declared
as an incompetent.

An incompetent?

I can't do this, Father.

I just don't have the heart.

It's your company,
so I leave this up to you, Father.

I just want to be at her side.


Is today your anniversary?

He wouldn't make me work
on our anniversary.

They do this every month.

My Jun just loves noodle and bread.

But she always cooks Korean meals
because of my health.

So once every month,
after the monthly kitchen cleaning,

he cooks some pasta for me.

Do you mind if we join in?

Absolutely. You two go sit over there.

Honey, the noodles will get soggy.

Oh, your dinner is in the kitchen.

All right!

Kang, would you turn off the lights?


I hate bay leaves.

That's true love, isn't it?

-Is there fake love, then?
-I envy them.

I wanted that life too.


He makes her clean the kitchen.

And this is how he bribes her.

Women sure are simple.

That's supposed to make me feel better?
Men sure are stupid.

Weren't you trying to comfort me just now?

Why would I?

Really? He's bribing her?

I better ask him.

What's wrong with you?

I didn't know you were so easily scared.

Are you mocking me now?

Hey, Song!

Here, your payment!

Yes! Cash!

I was really running short.
Thank goodness!

I put in some extra for taxi.
Take a taxi home.

You helped clean the kitchen.

So if I help out even more,
will you continue to pay me extra?


Thank you, Mr. Han Kang!

I'll see you tomorrow!

I can't figure her out.
It's like she has multiple personalities.

Why do I keep crying?

No one is crying for me, though.

Only I am crying for myself.

On days like this,
I just want to cry my eyes out

in front of someone.

Someone. Anyone.

Oh! You are making me cringe!

"I want to cry my eyes out," she says!

Come on! It's the 21st century!

How childish and embarrassing!

She thinks she's in some
cheesy romance story from the old days.

She has the emotional level of a toddler.

Do you even realize your situation?


You were talking about me, right?

Childish, embarrassing, and cheesy?

Emotional level of a toddler?

Oh, hey! I was just tweeting something!


And what might you be doing here?

This is my way home.

Home? Why?

Weren't you going to give up your life
punishing the traitors?

What happened to the honorable death?

Oh, that?

I actually did it. I found my legal seal!

You've been using your head, I see.

It was amazing.

I don't remember much
from my life as Shin Ji-hyeon,

but I remember everything I've heard
during my days as a spirit.

I don't care.
Can I call off the emergency now?

Were you waiting for me?


I missed the Piggy Brothers concert
thanks to you.

I guess I'm off to a club in Hongdae.

See you.

Today was supposed to be my wedding.

It's my wedding day,

and I just ruined my groom's plan.
It felt good, too.

What a day!

Life is a comedy anyway.

Happens a lot in this world.

You said I'm the third, right?

What do you mean?

You said there were two other
49-day travelers before me.

One chose to move on.

What happened to the other one?

Why would you want to know that?

So he failed.

I didn't say that!

Did he make it back, then?

Did he collect the three tears?

Did he really find three people
who truly loved him?

It's classified.

Can't you just tell me?

Why does it matter?
Is that going to change your attitude?

I'm not giving up!

If you have time to think about them,

think about how to collect those tears.

You have 35 minutes to return home.

Get out of here, okay?



I hear you breathing.

Your hand is still warm.

But they say I should
declare you as an incompetent.

That's how I managed to retrieve my seal.
They can't touch my land now.

Without my land, Dad's company
can't pay for the Haemi-do site.

Then Dad will have to step in.

It's a matter of time
before he uncovers their plot.

So now I have to
focus on returning to life.

But I can't figure out how.


If you want to talk to me,
you should come in and get me.

Must I really wait until she goes?

I told you I hate that room.

-I don't know! It just feels weird!

-Get on.
-Where are we going?

Why are we here?

Take your pick.

-Pick one that you like.

Isn't shopping supposed to cheer women up?

I don't feel like shopping right now.

-Hey! What is this?
-My present for you.

It's your wedding day, isn't it?

Congratulations! It's been canceled!

Wait, should I say divorced?

I'm going to kill you!

You pervert! Get this off me!

Are you sure?

You mean, like, everything?

If you do, I'm really going to kill you!

Hey, I'm already dead!

Talk about lack of confidence!

You didn't watch your figure.

Too mean to me. Of all the days
you could have chosen to tease me!

What's wrong with today?

You dodged a nasty bullet
called Kang Min-ho today.

Rejoice that you aren't married to him.

You shouldn't be crying!
You should celebrate! Shop away!

I guess you are right!

See? I told you! Now, take your pick!

Shall we begin?

All right.

Women. They are all the same.

Obsessed with beauty even in death.

All you care about is new clothes
and new hair.

That's not the reason I'm smiling.

Oh, sure!

Knowing that I have at least two friends,

that is why I am happy.


You and Han Kang.

Technically, Kang is
on Song I-kyung's side.

But still.

I'm not exactly on your side either.


everyone's Scheduler.

It's weird.

I thought Min-ho was the nicest guy
in the whole world,

but he turned out to be a monster.

And I thought
Kang was the meanest guy ever,

but it turns out he's totally nice.

How are people so different
from what they seem?

That's human nature. Didn't you know?

Did you learn nothing in your world?

You are right. I was pretty dumb.

Stop right there!

I'm not your friend.

We are done here. Go do your thing now.

Hey! What about me?

I can't catch a bus at this hour!

This is the last day
I'm giving you a ride.

But I don't want to go home.

I hate waiting in the dark alley
until she comes home.

You want us to get a room somewhere?

Are you crazy?

Of all the things I cooked for Ji-hyeon,

rolled omelet was her favorite.

Here. You eat it for Ji-hyeon.

If it weren't for that accident,

she would be calling us right now
to tell us about her first night.

We should eat.

That bridesmaid's dress!
Why did she have to show it to Min-ho?

It wasn't even her dress.

That was just for us!

Stop it!

Why are you upset at me?

Hey, Shin In-jeong!

You are not the only one
who is taking this hard!

I couldn't even cry
because I had to take care of you!

You are not her only friend!
I'm her friend too!

What's gotten into you?

Are you not getting enough sleep?

I'm sorry.

She's tired because of me.


I almost missed you.

You have a boyfriend?

How about some nice, hot soup?

I know a great place!

After all I've done for you,
I think I deserve some soup at least.

You know this isn't actually about soup.

I know for sure.

I let that person die. It was my fault.

I quit my job and came here
to live in solitude.

I just needed a quiet place.

I lived like a dead man for two years.

And after two years, I began to pick up.

As I was getting ready
to leave this place,

I saw you at the store.
That was six months ago.

That's why I couldn't leave.

It's been five years for you.

You can't live like this for that long!

So what do you want me to do?

Let out everything inside you.

I can help you.

I can help you for real this time.

I hate you for remembering those times.

I hate your words.

I don't need you.

Please don't say that.

You have to let it go.

I can be your friend.

What did you say?

My friend?

No one in this world can help me.

I don't need anyone.

No psychiatrist, no friend,

no one.

Just go live your life.

Five years?

You've been living like this
for five years?

Who was it that died?

Was it your family?

Did you lose your whole family?

Will my parents become like this?

If I fail,

will they become like her?

Will they be living like this?

No, they can't!

How many days do I have left?

You have 41 days, 3 hours, and 29 minutes.

I am glad at least
I can see them like this.

Mom. Dad. Please wait for me.

I'll return to you no matter what.


Who else is there?

Park Seo-u.

Han Kang.

I should decide whom to meet first.

Their phone numbers!

They are all in my cell phone.

I'm not late, am I?

I ran really fast!

By the way, can I use your computer?

You came only five minutes early.

You're right.

What about during the lunch break?

Sure. Go ahead.

Does she think I'm her friend?

TEL: 02-8264-8735


Even if I meet one every day,
it will take forever.


I work from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

There's no time to meet them.

He just got on the elevator.

He should be there soon.

Okay, got it.

It's not me you are investing in.

You are investing in Shinga Industry!

And I'm a Shinga employee!

Why are you bringing up
our chairman's daughter's accident?

I'm sorry. I'll call you back.


Who was it?

What brings you here?

What brings me here?

Are you really losing it now?

Do I look like a joke to you?

You can't declare Ji-hyeon incompetent?

So you expect me to do it
to my very own daughter?

I'm sorry.

But this company...

Without Ji-hyeon's land,

we can't pay for the Haemi-do site.

Look for another way.

Do it yourself.


It wasn't an easy decision for me.

I'm not sure if I can focus on work.

So you don't care
what happens to the company?

So what's your plan after you quit?

This is your company, Father.

I will look after Ji-hyeon.
You can run the company!

You are quitting so you can stay with her?

Be a man!

What if my daughter wakes up?

Do you think I'll let you marry her?

To a guy who quit his job
just so he can mope around?

I don't need this job to support her.
I can get another job!

You are such a good-for-nothing fellow.

Don't you understand me at all?

I'm the one who brought you
into my company!

Or did you just come because of Ji-hyeon?

I did.

Why else would I have joined
Shinga Industry?

Because of what you offered?

Because of the salary?

To become your son-in-law?

You spineless fool.

I know how capable you are.

Ji-hyeon may stay like that forever.

You know that as well as I do!
So why is it?

Why can you stay with her, but I can't?

It's because you are the only one
I can trust right now.

Just wait. When the time passes,

you'll understand too.

You'll understand my feelings then.

Why are you doing this to me?

You are still here, Father!

I'm begging you! Is that not enough?


Everything is fine now. Don't worry.

I'll call you after I talk to Mr. Jeong.

You actually tackled him head on.

You really are impressive, Mr. Kang.

It's nothing to be proud of.

I'm the one who couldn't deliver the seal.

So I suppose you have a plan?

You will pay for the Haemi-do site
in place of Shinga.

In return, you get to revise the contract.

What revision?

If Shinga fails to pay back
within a certain time period,

you get a part of the rights
to the Haemi-do property.

So if they fail to pay up,
I get my hands on Haemi-do.

If they somehow find her seal,
we'll just return to our original plan.

Let me know if you work out
the details of the revision.

I still need the chairman's signature.



Hey, Kang.

You want to see me today? Why?

I need to talk to you in person.

Okay, sure.

I'll be here.

What's she doing?

You are on your way to Kang?

Don't you know how worried I've been?

I want to know what happened.

I'll call you after I talk to him.
Go home without me.

I mean your home, not mine.

We still need to be careful.

I'll see you later.

You wanted to see me?
It's super busy up there.

Why would you make me call you here
when it's so busy?


You were like a little rat
behind that wall.

Why were you spying on me?

-Oh, you saw me?
-You made me see you, didn't you?

What is it this time?
I'm almost curious now.

Spit it out.

Oh, you see...

I actually need to negotiate my contract.

But I'm not exactly in the best position.

-You asked me the other day.

When you almost made me choke to death.

That's too...

The point is, you said it yourself.

You asked me if I were a freelancer.

Can I actually do that?

A freelancing part-timer?

You know I don't have many days left.

So I need a lot more time
to wrap things up than I thought.

I'll accept 3,000 won per hour!

Only 3,000 won?

I mean, 4,000 an hour wasn't a lot either.

I actually looked up the minimum wage.

It's 4,320 won per hour.

If you pay less than that
then you are a crooked employer.

Okay. Go report me.

No way!

I'm never ever going to report you!

I know I owe you.

Is that why you looked up
the minimum wage on my computer?

That's not why I used the computer.

So where did you get this 4,320 won from?

I was just looking up some standard
conditions for freelancer workers.

So you did look it up on my computer.

Well, yeah, I did.

But it was all for this negotiation.

So would I, the crooked employer
consider 3,000 per hour?

Why would I give you work?

Then how about 2,500 won?

Keep going.

Thank you for everything.

I'll go be a freelancer somewhere else.


I was just joking.

Joking? You know what I'm going through!

Oh, I mean...

Fine! Let's sign that freelance contract!

What about my wage?

How about 3,000 won? Then 4,000?
Maybe 5,000? Or 10,000?

We'll keep it the same.

No, hold on. We should make it 4,500.

Right? That's above the minimum wage.

What's this? Are you playing with me?

No, I was just joking with you too.

You thought I was really mad, didn't you?

Need a strong one again
because you couldn't find my seal?

Hey, Jun-hui.

Call Ms. Song I-kyung.


Hey, I-kyung.

He's looking for you.

Ms. Song I-kyung.

If you don't want to be misunderstood,
then you should just act right.

Like just now for instance.
Why keep giving people ideas?

I was just standing there, sir.

You were ignoring a customer.

You were acting as if you didn't even see.

Overly nice at first.
Now you are being very rude.

This is not how a server should be.

I understand.

You don't even apologize
after being pointed out.

I want an apology.

Remember this. If the necklace breaks,
your 49 days are over.

It won't happen again.

Who told you that I have a fiancée?

You mean, you don't?

I do, but...

Sir, I'm just a server.

I don't care about your personal life.


There you are.

You should have come to my office.

-Let's go.

Give me a second.

Who is that Song I-kyung?

Why do you ask?

Is there something going on
between you two?

There's no such thing.
She's just an employee.

Fire her.

-She's way too rude.

Why keep a server who makes
the customers feel bad?

I'll train her right.


You said she's in a bit of a situation.
What is it?

That's a private matter.

That's strange.

What is she? Your friend? Your girlfriend?

She's just an employee. Why not tell me?

Everyone has the right to privacy,
not to mention dignity.

It's you who's acting strange.

This isn't like you.

What do you mean?

You are always kind to everyone.

But you are different
when you talk to her.

I know how you feel about Ji-hyeon.

That's why I feel terrible
for even saying this,

but putting Ji-hyeon aside,

I'd say you are attracted to her.

-You like her,

but you can't say it.
So you start acting all rude to her.

You know what I mean.

That's exactly what
a pathetic man-child does.

Do you even hear yourself?

So stop acting like that.

Just let it pass.
Don't get so sensitive over this.

I'm not saying
that's what you are actually doing.

Is this what you wanted to talk about?

-No, I--
-Then we'll do this another time.

I don't feel like talking to you.

I'd say you are attracted to her.

Who? Me?

You like her, but you can't say it.
So you start acting all rude to her.

That's exactly what a pathetic
man-child does.

Me? Attracted to her?

Oh, gosh!

I'm annoyed.

Song I-kyung.
Why do you look at me like that?

How am I looking at you, exactly?

You despise me.

No one has looked at me that way
until now.

Is that how you feel?

Maybe in your heart, you know
you deserve to be despised.

-If not, then let it go.

You are starting to interest me.

Subtitle translation by Su-youn Jung