49 Days (2011): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

We should go in, Mother.


Oh, no.

I hope he doesn't find it.


-You didn't have to come up here.

Take that with you.

She'll like it.

Yes, I was going to.

You can go if you're done.

Staying won't make you feel any better.


-Who are you?
-It's me, In-jeong.

You haven't had lunch yet, right?

So I brought you some rice cakes!

Red bean rice cakes and honey rice cakes,
your favorites.

I also have some rainbow rice cakes
and bran cakes to share with your friends.

What? Bran cakes?

How many do you want?

I can give you three for 1,000 won.

But who eats just three?
That's not enough, right?

Oh, that's right!

How about ten for 3,000 won?

All right! I'll take ten!

Wait! Lady! Just hear me out!

You won't find a better deal than this!

We have the freshest fish in the market!

You little wench!
I know you always sell rotten fish,

but I didn't know
you were so rotten to the core!

Are you stealing my customers now?

Get your hands off me! I'm warning you!

I'll cut it off! I'll do it!

Did he find it or what?

Where is he taking my stuffed animal?

So he didn't find it.

Of course he didn't.
Even I couldn't find it.

But then where is it?

Shin Ji-hyeon...

How could you trust a man like him?

You actually thought he loved you.

I'm sorry, Mom.

Dad, I'm so sorry.


I miss you.

I wish I could see you.

That was the last day I used my seal.

I used it to certify the real estate sale.

Did I not take it out of the bag?

Or maybe it's still in my pocket.

What if I never find it?

You idiot!

Stop hitting Song I-kyung!


Who gave you permission to hit her?

How did you find me?

What kind of a freeloader are you?

You already sprained her ankle,
and now you are hitting her head?

I told you not to harm her!

Okay, fine.
I'll get her some ointment patch.

Ointment patch? Whatever!

You've been warned.

Go on now!

But I'm still glad I have you!

What kind of creepy trick is this?

Hey, we are not that close, got it?

But I'm at my wits' end!

I cannot for the life of me
remember where I put that seal!

I don't even know
what those two are up to!

Should that seal even be my priority?

How much time should I spend
looking for it?

What should I do if I never find it?

I'm scared to death,
and you are the only one I can talk to!


Listen. I'm not human. Got it?

Besides, I'm not here
because I'm worried about you.

Beep beep beep! Buzz!

Shin Ji-hyeon just broke a rule!

Breach of condition, phase one.

Is that why you are here?

My time is just as precious as yours.

I'm not spending the rest of my days here
cleaning up your mess.

But you gave me a hint last time.

-I did not!
-You told me about the pass code!

Beep beep beep beep! Ring ring!

You're going to get me in trouble.

I'm leaving.

But that was a hint.

Dumb as a rock.

No wonder you ended up like this.

I heard you stopped by my house.

Yes, Father.

You are doing better than I am.

It sounds like Dr. Cho is looking for you.

Is something wrong?

You are headed to the office, right?

I'm going with you.

You are coming to work?


You rascal.

Look closely.

These are your belongings.

These are your memories,
the pieces of your life.

Hold onto them and never let go.

Your dad is...

waiting until the end.

Hey, Seo-u.

I miss you so much.

I never knew how precious my friends were,

or how important they were to me.

I'm so lonely and scared.

I have no one to talk to.

But Seo-u...

do you really love me?


I'm sorry.

I saw you at Kang's restaurant.

Oh, that's right! Yes!

So you remember me!

You are kind of hard to forget.

Are you here to buy bread?

Oh, that's...

I should have done this sooner.

This way, I can at least talk to Seo-u.
It's great.

Su-jin, did you check the restroom?

That's Song I-kyung's job.

Well, she's not back yet, is she?

My point exactly!
She said she'd be back by five o'clock.

What is the boss thinking?

Why is he helping that strange woman?

I'd like to know too.

You two don't really know Kang.

He's mean, cocky, arrogant,
and short-tempered.

He yells at us every chance he gets...

There's more to him than what you see.

You wouldn't know.

Manager, you talk like
you've attained enlightenment.

Don't stress out my Hae-won too much.

I'm working in his place for free.

You'd pay to be here all day!

Jun! You are still here?

It's going to get dark soon!

-But I don't want to go!

-Here! Come on!
-But I want to leave with you!

You are still here, auntie?

She can't go
because I-kyung hasn't come yet.

She's still not back?


Maybe she's being delayed
against her will.

Come on!

Hey, pops. I'll be back soon.

Hey, Kang!

Can you drop her off at my place?

I'm going to the frame shop.


You are disrespecting the bread.

You need to savor it slowly.

I'm sorry I'm late...

You had two loaves of bread
on your way back?

Hey, Song. Who do you think I am?

Do I look like a charity worker?

Do I look like a fool?

Wait, I got it!
You must think I'm an idiot!

The more I forgive you, the worse you get.

I must look like an idiot to you.

So then what are you?

You come and go as you please.
What are you, a freelancer?

Is that what our contract says?

No, it's not that...

I gave you three hours!
Do you ever keep a promise?

What is it? Are you choking?

You are choking!

Pops! Auntie!

-Oh my god! Okay!



Hurry up!

Slowly now!

You have to drink it slowly!

Oh, thank goodness!

You have to go throw it up.

It can still upset your stomach.

No, I'm fine.


Follow me.


For the love of God...

I have something for you.

This is bad! I can't get fired!

I thought he was going to fire me.
What's he doing?

Here you go.

Go ahead.

You sprained your ankle.

Sorry for yelling at you out there.

Should never bother people when eating.

So he can actually apologize!

What are you waiting for?
The ice is melting!

I bought some ointment.

Wow, that's so cold!

You need ice for sprained joints.

I know that.

I'm the one who taught you that.

What's this?

You don't recognize your own bag?

So that's where it was!

I thought I lost it.

I use it when I go hiking.
Spray it on your ankle.

Are you really the Han Kang I know?

What are you staring at?

You keep giving me stuff.

Anything else?

What am I, your warehouse?

What's with the whistle?
That's for kids, you know.

A whistle?

You just ran away when you woke up.

Of course we searched your bag!

I didn't say anything.

You mean this?

Someone probably got it for me
to use in an emergency.

Hey, new kid!
Can you help me fetch my bike?

We are almost there! Careful now!

You're telling me?
Slip one more time and you're on your own!

All right!

Hey! Just let it go!
Don't even grab onto it!


We are not dead, are we?

Hey, new kid! What's wrong?

Get off me!

What's wrong? Are you hurt?

You sprained your ankle!

You were too careless!

Get away from me!

Give it here! I'll do it!

Let go!

My dad got it for me,
to use in an emergency!

I'm done. Thank you so much!

Sit down.

I need to get back to work, though.

Wow, I feel so much better!

I need to talk to you. Sit down.

What is it?

I'm not a nice person. I hate anything
that's annoying or complicated.

I just can't stand them.

-I know.
-You do?

Who likes annoying and complicated things?

So I've decided.

Here you go.

When you first came here to work,
you said at least one week,

up to 48 days, correct?

I counted 50 days, 4,000 won per hour,
for 12 hours a day.

What are you...

Am I being fired?

Not exactly.
We never needed an extra person.

I took you in because I felt bad for you.

I'm going to make this as clean as I can.

So you want me to accept this money
and quit my job.

That's true, but...

So this is what you had in mind.

You brought me ice. You gave me the spray.

Honestly, I have no excuse
if you want to fire me.

You should have just kicked me out
right then and there!

But you just stabbed me in the back
by acting all nice first!

Stab you in the back?

Why am I even doing this for you?

Song, ever since you came here,
you've caused nothing but trouble!

Why should I have to raise my temper
every day because of you?

You are right.

But I'm not a beggar!

What about me? You think I have
extra cash just lying around?

I wouldn't starve without this money.
That's why I'm helping you.

Since you are going to fire me anyway,

I can't really ask you
to forgive me, but...

I absolutely have to work for my pay.

Kang, if you kick me out,
I'll be truly alone.

Nope, no way.

You said you have to be back by midnight.
So I think you must take care of someone.

Your fiancé is cheating on you
with your friend, so you must be in shock.

You are nearly starving, too.

I can't just cast you out empty-handed!

No, that's okay.

You've been a great support for me.

Damn! I can't take this!

What do you want from me?

I just want to stay here...

Go upstairs and eat something.

I'll make you work for every cent!

Work at the counter so you don't bother
other employees.

Why are you crying?

Tears are coming out! I can't help it!

Why are tears coming out?

I said I'm not going to fire you!

I'm crying because I'm so grateful!

Because you are grateful?

Call the guests and tell them
the wedding tomorrow has been canceled.


Also, please look after Ji-hyeon tonight.

I have to stay with her mother today.

Can you do this for me?

Of course. Leave it to me.

A seal?

No, I haven't seen anything like that.

I see.

We are cleaning the whole place tomorrow.

I'll let you know if we find something.

Will you do that for me?

Here's my card.


Shin In-jeong...

So you are Ms. Shin In-jeong!

Excuse me?

Ji-hyeon insisted that you have to
stand out at the wedding.

She was very picky with your dress.

Apparently the groom has
a very attractive friend.

She picked him out for you.

She headed out wearing the dress
so she could show it to you.

If you still haven't found the seal,
we should just proceed.

That won't do. We must wait.

The whole plan will be ruined
while we wait.

This company won't go down
as long as it has Ji-hyeon's land.

Do you know how much that site is worth?

Besides, what if Mr. Shin decides
to sell off the Haemi-do project?

Mr. Kang...

His daughter's land problem
is all your fault.

I know that better than anyone.

So why haven't you found the seal yet?

Do you see the situation I'm dealing with?
It's only been a few days.

I told you to stay at the counter.
Weren't you listening?

I'm fine, really.

We have a customer.
Aren't you going to take his order?

-Can you take this one?
-Why should I?

Can I take your order?

Shouldn't I get the menu first?

Can we just drop this?

What do you mean?

I know a thing or two about psychology.

You are just bothering me.
I need you to stop.

Tell your boss I'm here,
and bring me my usual drink.

He's not here right now.

You need a strong one?


Ms. Shin, what is it?

Give me a second.

"Ms. Shin"?

What is it now?
Stop crying and tell me what happened.


In-jeong! It's been two years!

We've worked on this plan for two years!

And now you...

Just go to the hospital.

I'll be there too. We'll talk then.

Two years?

They've been working on a plan
for two years?

I met Min-ho in December 2009.

So why is he saying two years?

A plan?

No! No way!

Ms. Song I-kyung.

That's your name, right?

I see you are good with names.

That's right, Ms. Song.

I'll ask you again. Stop bothering me.

I know your type.

You think all men are simpletons.

All that soap opera got into your head.

You try to get attention from men
by playing hard to get.

The most boring kind of women out there.

What did you say?

I'm telling you. This is useless.
Just stop it.

You think I'm doing this
because I'm interested in you?

And here's the next phase.

Getting his attention by sounding angry.

I see you are also very good at
imagining things.

No matter how well I act,
would I be as good as you?

What are you saying?

You may act well-mannered,
but you don't mean any of it.

All your smiles are fake.

You know psychology?
So you must be a good liar, too!

It's hot!

Shin Ji-hyeon.

I warned you.
Did you think I was joking around?

I told you. Even your own heart
must not express your identity.

Remember this. If the necklace breaks,

your 49 days are over.

What are you doing?

You are the fiancé of Mr. Han's friend.

And I got accused of flirting with you.
I was just angry because of that.

What are you doing?

Never seen you looking at a mirror.

I don't want your attention.

Well, I really have no choice.

I'm already involved in your life.

Just try to remember me.

We actually talked for quite a bit.

The reason you were
at the site of the accident.

What happened to your wrist.

You told me a lot about yourself.


Do you remember now?

It's been a while.

Leave me alone.

I don't want to remember you.

You want me to go see my mother?

Did you see her?

She's standing there all day
waiting for you to visit.

Now is not the time.

You may be too late!

Her condition is worsening.

No, she's not.

You don't know my mother.

Until she sees me, she...

will never leave this world.

You are already making a lot of money.

Let's just take our savings and...

leave this country with your mother.

So that's why you mentioned her,
to tell me to quit.

I'm worried about her.

I'm worried about Ji-hyeon's father, too.

After what happened to Ji-hyeon,
we're trying to ruin his company too.

This just hurts too much.

Really, I...

don't think this is what I wanted.

So that's it?

Did you forget the things we went through
to get this far?

In-jeong! Come on!

-Hey, In-jeong!

Let's go!



Stop! I don't need you to remind me!

No, I feel like I should.

I have to continue on. For you.

You can't come?
I thought you were on your way.

I just got a call from my senior.

Do you remember that blind date
I told you about?

I totally forgot that was today.

You are the one
who invited me out to treat me!

All right. I'll tell her I can't go.

Who cares about the movie?
You have a date!

-Are you kidding me?
-Are you kidding me?

I can't watch a movie alone!



Good luck with the date!

You idiot! I knew you'd get back together!

Forget it.

Excuse me!

Do you remember me?

From Unmyeong-san last week?

That's how we made it this far.

Tomorrow is supposed to be our wedding.

Had it not been for Ji-hyeon's accident,

our plan would have done by now.

It also means that I am no longer related
to Mr. Shin.

He knows the truth.
Ji-hyeon can never recover.

Do you really think
he'll stay at the hospital forever?

He's always thinking about his company,
and what to do with me.


I'm sorry. Can you come back later?


With his daughter gone,

will he continue to entrust me
with his projects?

That's why we should leave--

Ji-hyeon picked out a man for you.

She was going to make you her bridesmaid.
Is that really so sad?

But that is exactly why
you agreed to this plan.

Her blind kindness was driving you mad,
was it not?

Was that really the only thing you wanted?

To see her in full health,

witnessing her own downfall?
Was that your only goal?

And now that she's in a coma,

nothing matters to you now, is that it?

So now you want me to run away
like a fugitive with my stolen money?

Stop! Just stop it!

I'm sorry I can't listen to
everything you say.


I'm the one who should be sorry.

I'm sorry for everything.

So that was all planned?

He saved my life.

And then we met again by coincidence.

That's why I thought he was the one.

But all that was...

just a part of your plan?

Ji-hyeon, I won't ask for
your forgiveness.

I won't say anything at all.

You played with my life, with my heart!

Was it all because of money?

You did all that to me
just because of some money?

It's partly your fault, too.

You made me what I am. Remember that.

I had an accident because of you two!
I'm about to die here!

Do you even realize that?

I guess you'll always be worry-free,
even until the very end.


Even in this state,
you won't have to feel any pain.


it's better that you never found out.

Is that what you think?

I know everything, you dirty traitor!

Wait, that's right! That's where I put it!

What should I do?

A Scheduler never interferes
in human affairs.

Then can you bring me the seal yourself?

I repeat. A Scheduler never interferes
in human affairs!

It's now 56, 57

and 58, 59...

You have 42 days, 3 hours, and 29 minutes.


Hold on, hold on, hold on

I'm not the Grim Reaper, but the Scheduler

Performing a mission
When I can't answer the phone

Now working according to schedule
When you call


Just a second, please!

Why aren't you hanging up?
I'm on a mission here!

Where are you now?

I won't make you come here.
Just tell me where you are.


Just keep your arms straight, okay?

Place your hands together,
and just reach forward.

What is he doing in a place like this?

Where is he?

Excellent form!

He can interact with a person?

Keep those hands straight. That's right.

Hey, You are here.

See you.

Where is this?

We are still in your world.

So how were you...

Is she a Scheduler, too?

One of the perks of being a Scheduler.
Otherwise, no one would want the job.

But enough of that. What do you want?

I'll do whatever it takes
to get my seal out of that room.

Then I'm going to tell my dad
about Min-ho and In-jeong's plan.

Breaking rules number one and three
at the same time. Is that it?

What happens then?
Do I go straight to the elevator?

Of course!
You'll get an express elevator, too!

You won't even have time to blink!
Game over for you!

Goodbye, world! Sayonara! Zaijian!

I won't run away.
Please give me just an hour.

When you found out about their affair,

you were too weak to lift a finger.

And now you are on a suicide mission?

There were three people
that I trusted the most.

Min-ho and In-jeong were
two of them. But...

I have to stop them
from harming my parents.

First, me.
Now, they are about to lose the company.

I can't let that happen.

I suppose not.

Five minutes left!

Just hang tight for a moment!


When did he get changed?

Honey, are you okay?


Maybe she had a concussion!

-That's terrible!
-Someone should help her!

-Call an ambulance!
-Call it quickly.


Ms. Oh Mi-young,
I'm letting you know that you just died.

-You look surprised.

Ms. Oh Mi-young.
You've wasted your whole life.

Good job.

I'm dead?

You took the place of your precious,
adulterous, married boyfriend.

I don't even know this woman!

We just met here!

So why do I have to wait
until the police arrives?

You don't even know me?
Park Jae-seong, you!

You said you'd leave your wife for me!

You just killed me
and now you are abandoning me?

So why did you date a jerk
in the first place?

We are done here.

Get on.

Are you crazy? I'm not going! Never!

We should go.

No, please! I can't go!

I'm not going! Let me go!

Why are they dragging her like that?

You weren't this forceful
with that guy from the hospital.

How we treat you
depends on how you lived in this world.

Isn't it obvious?

Shall we talk about this
over a cup of coffee?

I don't have time. Just give me your word.

Just one hour. I swear I won't run away.

I know. You won't run away.
You'll leave on your own.

Just make sure your boss
approves it first.

Can I trust you on this?

Didn't I tell you already?
Only humans tell lies!


Thanks for everything.

So, if I move on to your world,
will I see you again?

Why is that necessary?

I might miss you.
I became attached to you.

What's the matter with you?
Why are you acting all cool now?

That's not like you!

I won't embarrass myself anymore.

I'm not going to cry over that.

I got cheated. So I'm just angry.

So you are giving your life up
out of anger?

Fine. The choice is yours.

All I have to do is execute.

I won't be dragged away like her, will I?

We'll know when your time comes.

You'll at least be there
when I get on the elevator, right?

If you tremble with fear like that
why don't you use your head a bit?

You actually get smarter
when you become a spirit.

I've really thought about it.

I have to go now!

She didn't even ask for a ride.

The women of this world
are just way too fierce!

Let's go.

The driver is waiting outside.
Go buy some beef leg bones and abalone.

But she can barely eat plain porridge.

It's Mr. Kang's request.
I'll be cleaning Ji-hyeon's room.

I clean her room every day.

You never clean the windowsill,
and under the bed or the sofa.

Does Ji-hyeon's mother know
how much dust is gathering there?

Closed today?

Come on!

Why didn't anyone tell me?

Today should have been
the most beautiful day in your life.

It's your wedding day, remember?

So why aren't you coming back to us?
Did you forget about your wedding?

Just take me instead!

Stop it, woman!

You said you wouldn't cry in front of her.

Ma'am, please...

Excuse me.
It's about those stuffed animals...

Anything with fur can be
bad for her respiratory system.

Kang! Why didn't you tell me
the restaurant is closed today?

Ms. Song! What are you doing here?

Why would anyone come to a hospital?
What do you think?

What are you...

I'm not entirely sure, but...

My days are limited.

Are you actually here to see me?

-You've been coming to this hospital?
-Well, not exactly.

But I'm in a hurry!

Is she really sick?

We'll take our leave, then.

You don't have to come out.



Go on.

Where in the world is it?

Where is Kang?

I'm not sure. Maybe he's in his car.

Why didn't you call me?

I couldn't find it.

I can't find it anywhere.

Where could it be?

It's not there?
Are you sure you looked everywhere?

I combed through the whole room!

I even checked all her clothes.



Wrap it up and get out of there.

They are on their way!

Darn it!

Isn't this...

just the cutest?

But this one is even cuter!

A stuffed animal?
For the love of his life's birthday?

Hey! There's more to this!

A necklace and an anklet!

-What else is in her pouch?
-That's it for today!

You are my treasure keeper
from this day on!

Here's my hair tie and my seal!

That's it!

Take me to Minsaeng Hospital!
Please hurry!



Her father is with Dr. Cho--

What happened to the stuffed animals here?

He took them all home.

Come on! Pick up!


Why isn't he picking up?

Can we go a little faster?

Please hurry up. It's an emergency.

Who is this?


Subtitle translation by Su-youn Jung