49 Days (2011): Season 1, Episode 20 - Episode #1.20 - full transcript

So you remember me,

but you don't remember Han Kang?

Do you remember him too?

So why are you acting like you don't?

That's because...

I am going to die soon.

You are Scheduler, right?

Well, this is disappointing.

Did you forget about me already?

It's not that.

Why am I seeing you?

I thought you were only visible
to dead people.

I remember.


do I still have my memories
from the 49 days?

This is your...

final present and it's a cruel one.

You may decline if you wish.

What do you mean?

Am I...

going to die?

I received my last schedule.

The last soul I am to guide is...

you, Shin Ji-hyeon.

The date of your scheduled death is...

the sixth day from now.


you had to spend 49 days as a traveler
because of an accident.

You even got your three tears.

That's why

you are allowed to keep
your memories from the 49 days.

My boss decided that.

So you are asking me...

whether or not I want to keep
my memories from the 49 days?

Is that it?

If you wish to decline,

on the sixth day,

you will be seeing me for the first time.

So that means...

I will die after five days?

That is the predetermined lifespan...

given to you at birth.

Go on. Be angry.

I know you are angry.

At whom?

Whom should I be angry at?

No matter how angry I am,

no matter how unfair this is,

no matter how frustrated I am...

I know there is nothing I can do.

No matter how much I beg...

You are right.

This is beyond human control.

That's how life and death are.

So I accepted the memories.

I don't understand.

What do you mean by 49 days
and predetermined life span?

Who told you all this?

Someone whose job is to manage all that.

Some things you can't understand.


are you really...

I will leave soon. I will die.

This is wrong.

You finally got your life back
after all that trouble.

This is too cruel.

Had I not chosen to become
a 49-day traveler,

my father's company would have
fallen into Min-ho's hands by now.

As for me,

the shock of being betrayed
by my friend and fiancé

would have driven me mad.

That shock would have been
more than I can handle.

Maybe it was my destiny
to end my own life.

But because I chose to use those 49 days,

I could be loved by someone like Kang.

I was able to love,

I protected my father's company,

and I had a chance to look back
on my life so far.

Maybe it all worked out well for me.

Had I died without knowing anything,

I would have just lived a fake life.

So why pretend to not remember anything?

I am going to die anyway.

I want others to believe
that I lived a happy life.


simple, and happy. That's how
I want to be remembered.

Just like that, I wanted to leave
without anyone noticing.

But you...

I finally got to meet you like this.

There was no way I could just ignore you.

What about Han Kang?

He has done so much for you.

He loves you.

Your parents may not know,

but he remembers those 49 days.

He asked you to...

say you like him after you wake up.

That night...

he asked you not to leave
without saying goodbye.

It doesn't even matter anymore.

I will be leaving.

Kang will stay.

"I liked you. I loved you."

They won't help him at all.

It will only bring more sadness.

It will just hurt him more.

This is hard for you too.

Seeing you taught me something.

The ones that remain...

must live on their lives.

And so...

please don't tell anything to Kang.

I just...

want to stay as his friend.

I didn't expect you to actually see me.

I just wanted to see you boast.

You said you would stop me, and you did.

-Are you proud of yourself?
-Not proud.

But I do feel much better.

It's good to know that
you won't drive yourself even lower.

I am already in pieces.

The Kang Min-ho you knew
was gone a long time ago.


You will return to yourself.

When you get your sentence,

accept it, do your time,
and then come back to us.

Come back as the Min-ho

whom I used to look up to.

You looked up to me?

I couldn't get over
the scars of my own past.

I was overcome with shame
and I couldn't do anything.

Even though I had an easy life.
But you were different.



the difficult environment yourself.

Do you know why I liked you?

Did you actually even like me?

I liked you because you were scarred.

Your parents hurt you.

You had been bleeding all your life.

You were so honest,

you didn't even think about
tending to your own scars.

I liked that pureness in you.

That was something I didn't have.

Ji-hyeon is healthy and well.

She doesn't know about you yet,

but even if she finds out,

I will help her get through it.

Please don't speak anymore.

I just wanted our usual meal.
This is too much.

The housekeeper made all these.

The only thing your mother made
is this Doenjang-jjigae.

No wonder this tastes so good.

It's the best.

Don't eat just the soup. It's salty. Here.

For you, Dad.

Isn't Daddy the best?

And for you, Mom.

It's like we are dreaming.

I prayed for a chance for us three
to have dinner like this again.

See, you always dream bigger than I do.

My wish was just to see her smiling face.

So I made both your wishes come true.

It's just like Shin Ji-hyeon.


What are you doing out here?

You must have waited for me
out here every day.

I never even said hi to you.

Of course. You couldn't even see me.

Let's go.

This is so much better than mine.

I wish at least I could stay with you.

This is no time to be worrying about me.

I-kyung, I guarantee you

that you will be surrounded
by good people in no time.


Ji-hyeon is here.


Shin Ji-hyeon.

You should be at the hospital.
What are you doing here?

I slipped out.

I want to go somewhere with you.


I never went on a picnic with my boyfriend
with packed lunch before.

Since when was I your boyfriend?

That's not what I meant.

You are just talking around cleverly.

Hey, if you like me, just say it.

Oh, I forgot my mp3 player.

-Do you have one?
-Why do you ask?

It's a must-have for a picnic.

You borrow my mat,
you borrow my mp3 player,

and you even borrow my car. What's next?



Han Kang. Let me borrow you for a day.

As my boyfriend.

Is that a no?

In that case...

let me borrow you tomorrow.

As my girlfriend.

Ta-da. Ji-hyeon's homemade rice rolls.

You made these?

You took care of my parents
while I was in coma.

This is my way of saying thank you.

How is it?

What's up with this taste?

At least you picked the right spinach.

-Is it bad?
-Would I be eating it if it were?

So this is Shin Ji-hyeon's rice rolls.


Stop it.

Who is this handsome guy?

And who is this girl?

So cute, right?

So unsightly.

Look how her mouth is stuffed
with rice rolls.

Hey. Give me that.

Give it to me.

You took my photos without permission,

and now you are just playing with it.


So you had it?

But actually,

it was your mother who gave it to me.

I can tell you now
because I don't think you hate me anymore.

I was actually...

pretty close to your mother.

You didn't know, did you?

You were close to my mother?

You eat so well. It's making me happy.

Kang doesn't even eat them.

Why do you make all these every day?

I didn't do enough for him in the past.

Hopefully he will eat a few.

Why doesn't he like you?

There was something he wanted to know.
I kept it a secret from him.


When you love someone so much,

there are some things you can't say
even if that means he hates you.

Because it would hurt him less.

I guess that's what happens
when you love someone so much.

Even if he misunderstands you,
you tell no excuses.

Rather than hurting him,

it's better that he blames you.

Someone told me this a while ago.

When you love someone,
you just let him misunderstand you.

That way, it's less painful for him.

I guess that's what happens
when you love someone so much.

You were relaying
my mother's message to me.

I think I understand now.

Your mother's words and feelings.

That's right.

Hiding one's own feelings is...

a lot harder than not knowing
the other's intentions.

Hiding your own feelings

hurts much more than
not knowing the other's intentions.

Why did you visit her
when I wasn't even there?

You were never home
so I figured I should become her friend.

Why are we here?

If you throw a coin here and make a wish,

it will come true.


That's great. I actually have a wish.


Ji-hyeon asked me

not to tell you this.

But she has been so lonely all this time.

And now...

she is struggling alone again
for those who will live on.

We should let her leave us
the way she wants to.

I know this is hard, but...

I thought you should know this.


think I understand...

how she feels.

What I wanted more than anything else was

for Ji-hyeon to live on.

Is that possible?

Even if I never get to see her again,

I just want her to live.

Please let Ji-hyeon live by my side.

Please let Kang forget about me.

Let's open our eyes.


You did well.

You did really well, Han Kang.

But why do I feel so anxious?

That was refreshing.

Did you take a full bath?
But you must be so tired.

I'm not tired at all.

I had so much fun today.
I was really happy.

What did you do? Who were you with?

What made you so happy?

You are here early.

I can tell you what made me so happy,
just for you.

Just for me?

I was so happy that I was born
as your daughter.

Wow. Is that right?

Are you two leaving me out again?

-No way.
-Come on.


I was so happy that I was born
as your daughter.


I have been living such a happy life.

What is it, Ji-hyeon?


Hey. Ji-hyeon.

-No. What's wrong with her?


-Call Dr. Cho.

So you really were waiting for me.



did well.





Let's go quickly.

Follow me.


The trauma from the accident

caused her abdominal aortic aneurysm
to rupture.

It was a sudden death.

How can she just
suddenly leave us like this?

A damaged aortic aneurysm

is like a ticking time bomb.

It can suddenly rupture any time.


It's for you.



Ji-hyeon is...




How did she...

think to clean the room like this?
It's like she knew she was going to die.

When she was here...

she must have been cleaning all night.

On the day she left...

what did she whisper to you?

She said she was happy...

that she was born as my daughter.

What about you?

She was happy that
she was born as my daughter.

Maybe she just wanted to say goodbye.

That is why...

she woke up.

Hey. Han Kang.

What is this?

Can I leave this here for a while?


I am Song I-kyung.

Please return these to me.

These are very precious to me.

I am in need of friends.

I hope Han Kang can

become my good friend
when I have no one to depend on.

Please be my friend,
as you did for Shin Ji-hyeon.

I didn't know I still had these.

I left them at my workplace
five years ago.

You know how nosy Ji-hyeon was.

My gosh...

This was I-su's.

Who is I-su?

I left such a mess behind,

and Ji-hyeon cleaned them up for me.

But I couldn't even do that for I-su.

I thought they tore this place down.
I expected it to be gone by now.

Can you find it?


Why is this...

I threw these away a long time ago.

What are those?

I had these with me when I was
abandoned in Chuncheon.

I threw them away
when I left the orphanage.

So he brought these back.


I would like to open an account.

Give me your student card.

Why are you opening an account
under my name?

Oh, I didn't bring my card today.

But we need one for this.


I-kyung, it's me, I-su.

I promised I'd build Iwolae for you.

I opened up an account to keep my promise.

From this day on, little by little,

our dream will grow.

No matter how tough it gets,

we will get through it together.

Let me tell you a secret.

The truth is that
I-kyung is I-su's guardian.

That's because you gave me
a reason to live.

In this whole world...

you are the only one who needs me.

That's right.


cheer up, will you?

Stop crying.

These pictures.

You've actually kept these?

Was Ji-hyeon not enough?

Why are you digging through
the grave of our dead child?

I want to look back at her as I live.

We let two daughters die before us.

What happiness would I gain
from just burying them in my heart?

Can we just put these out of our sight?

Just leave them be.

Fine. Do whatever you want.


What brings you here?

I wanted to see how you are doing.


Who is this?

Ji-hyeon's older sister.

Ji-hyeon had an older sister?

She did.

Unlike Ji-hyeon,

we never got to bury her.

I could never bury her in my heart either.

That was my Ji-min.

Hey, Ji-hyeon.

She was a year older than Ji-hyeon.

Ji-hyeon raised a fuss every time
her sister got something and she didn't.


Here you are.

Let's give your sister her shoes back.

That's for Ji-min.

Let's try on yours, Ji-hyeon.

That's Ji-hyeon's shoe.

-It's pretty.
-You think so?

Mom. Look at Ji-hyeon.

Ji-hyeon? Please stay here.



You little girl.

Let's go.






Within a week,
we got two calls asking for a ransom.

Each time, I went there with the money,

but there was no one there.

And then...

they never called again.

Did Ji-hyeon not remember any of this?

She cried and looked for her sister
for a while.

But she was too young.
She soon forgot about it.

I know...

someone who has these exact bag and shoes.

I think she is an orphan too.

Same shoes and bag?

What do you mean?

What about that backpack?

Ji-hyeon had a lost sister.

She had the same bag and shoes
as the ones you have.


Please look at this photo.


I know for sure my mother abandoned me.

Please don't say that.

Can I please see your backpack
and your shoes?

Please, I-kyung. At least let her be sure.

Ji-hyeon always wanted
the same thing her sister had.

So I marked Ji-hyeon's stuff with a sun,
and Ji-min's stuff with a star.

Ji-min loved stars.


looks like a star.

I must have drawn it.

You did.

But I stitched this here.

My goodness...

You were alive.

My Ji-min was alive.

Three drops of pure tear.

Blood relatives don't count.

I-kyung is...

Ji-hyeon's sister?

By the way...

who shed the last two
drops of tear for me?

So now you are curious?

I won't be coming back anymore.

So I want to know before I leave.

The first one was from Kang.

The other two were
Seo-u and I-kyung, right?

You got Seo-u right.

But it wasn't I-kyung.

So who was it?

Shin In-jeong. What's wrong?

What are you trying to do?

In-jeong. No.

In-jeong. Don't do it.

What am I doing right now?

What am I...

My gosh...

I was...


What am I doing right now?

What am I doing?

How could I...

This is not what I wanted.


Clean your hands and face.

Your lips too.

Pull the plug.

It's over between us.

It was me.

It wasn't because of you.

It was because of me.

I was the one who was twisted,
and blamed it on you.

I pushed Min-ho into danger.

I ruined you.

I lost Seo-u.

I destroyed myself.

It's all my fault.


I am sorry.

I am truly...



I'm sorry.

Shin In-jeong.


went to take off
Ji-hyeon's breathing device.

Are you insane?

Just because a crazy guy told you to?
What were you thinking?


You didn't mean it.

You were just in that much pain and fear.

I was actually going crazy as well.

All because of Ji-hyeon,

whom I can neither love nor hate.

Can we please...

stop this insanity?

Let's stop. No,

we have to stop.

I told you to stay out of it.

I even gave you money to leave.
So why aren't you leaving?

After you found out
about Mr. Shin's brain tumor,

you tried to defer Shinga's bankruptcy.

Why did you do it?

Ji-hyeon's father was dying.

You couldn't let him see the downfall
of his own company like that.

I did it to secure his will.

After the bankruptcy,

the will would have been useless.

But you even threatened Mr. Jeong

in order to defer the bankruptcy.

Why did you do it?

It was the least bit of decency
I could show to Mr. Shin.

He was refusing
to have the operation back then.

He was a dead man anyway.

You felt sorry for him.

You grew close to Ji-hyeon's parents
over the last year and a half.

They trusted you,
and that bothered your conscience.

That's why you hesitated.

And I regret deferring it.

Please stop saying things you don't mean.

I can never stop now.

Even if it tears me apart,

I must continue.

I'm talking about the envelope
Jin-young gave to you.

I said I don't know.

Even if I did, I would never tell you.

Ma'am. You love Min-ho, right?

Then you must give me that envelope.

That is the only way
he can live a proper life.

Ma'am, please.

Min-ho is in ruins.

Your beloved son Kang Min-ho is...

turning into someone

even worse than his father.

Express mail, please.



I wish I could go back in time,

to the days when I wasn't blaming
your pure heart.

To the days when I...

was also sincere toward you.

I just want to go back.

To the days when looking at each other

would just make us giggle.

The third tear

was Shin In-jeong's.


I thought it was I-kyung.

But it was In-jeong.

That girl...

I knew her love was true.



You were my sister.

If only I had known...

I should have recognized you sooner.

I should have let you use my body more.


Is this what you meant?

You are right.

I should have checked that first.


I get to meet I-kyung tomorrow?


you better finish your term properly,
all the way to Shin Ji-hyeon.

Of course I will.

Don't worry about that.

By the way,

does your wish still stand?

Resolving the misunderstanding,
giving her the ring,

and confirming your love for her.

That useless wish that won't help
anyone in this world.

No way. Seeing how she's been living
for the past five years was bad enough.

I'm surprised.

I thought all you young ones cared about
was love.


You made my memories return on purpose.

You planned for me to see
how I-kyung was living,

to make me change my own wish.

Am I right?

I see your brain works pretty well.

What about the part where Ji-hyeon
and I-kyung could talk to each other?

That was your plan too, right?

If it weren't for Shin Ji-hyeon,

do you really think I-kyung could

have a sweet time with you
after five years of being dead?

She would have a heart attack
the moment she sees you.


I don't think that's everything.

I think there is another reason.


will become clear later.

It's all connected and intertwined.

The bond between Ji-hyeon and I-kyung...

may continue even to the next life.


does that mean?

I'm leaving now.


Today is

my last day as a Scheduler.

I can leave without regrets now.

Please live a happy life.

For both you and Ji-hyeon.



I finally understand why you wanted to
leave without telling anyone.

For all your loneliness and silence,

you wanted others to be comforted by you.

Your 49 days

must have been a blessing,
just like you said.

You put a lot of things back into place.

So please...

wherever you are, I hope you are happy.


Hurry up.

Hurry up, Seo-u.

We are already late.


-What's this?

It's been two years, Min-ho.

Are you well?

Stop coming here. You've done enough.

I came here to tell you that.

Your mother was recently transferred
to a hospital in Jinan.

She looks a lot better now,
probably because of the clean air.

Why are you taking care of my mother?

Stop making me indebted to you.

I still have three more years.

I'm only doing this...

for just three more years.

I am the one who made you like this.

When you come out three years later,

then I will do as you say.

It's not your fault, In-jeong.

You suggested it,
but the decision was mine.


don't feel guilty.
You are not responsible.

Forget about someone like me,
and just live your life.

Don't punish yourself

for having loved someone like me.


I am living my life right now.

I should have done this long time ago.

Why did I have to hurt so many people?

I am guiltier of that than you.

I am sorry to you.

I am sorry to Ji-hyeon.

I am sorry to my mother.

I'm worse than you.

I'm sorry to even apologize.

Let's just give it three more years.

Maybe then...

you will be able to forgive yourself.


I told you to refer to both
the floor plan and the elevation.

The doors and the windows are
in the wrong place.

This design is just too unique.

Start again from the mold
before the truck mixer arrives.


Yes, this is Han Kang.

Hey. Ms. Bang!


You need to be careful.

I would have picked you up
if you had called.

Our baby wanted to surprise you.

So precious.

Are you here to see Mr. Oh?

Come on, I-kyung.

This is your last day,
so I came to see you.

We are going to miss you, I-kyung.

I'll come back to see the baby
when it's born.

Now, I-kyung is busy,
so please have a seat and wait.

So pretty. You are the prettiest.

I see the resemblance.

Jun-hui, the lunch hour is over.
Shouldn't you go back to the office?

But I feel like
it's only been five minutes.

Don't you need a pastry chef here?

This is not a bakery, Seo-u.

Ms. Song.

You are here. Please have a seat.

Still busy on your last day.

Yes. You haven't had lunch yet, right?

Me neither. We should eat together.


Sit down and talk to him. I got this.

What will you do
when I-kyung goes to Haemi-do?

It's obvious, isn't it?

I'll visit her when the resort opens.

Alone at a resort without a girlfriend?

So you two really were just friends.

Not just friends.


When I was trapped in a dark tunnel,

he held out his hand for me

and showed me the light.
That's the kind of friend he is.

A life-saving friend, if you will.


I'll leave you two to talk.

I'm starving to death.
Can you please save me?

It's already prepared.

Thank goodness.
Please bring it down to the office.

-Here you go, Boss.
-Thank you.

Wait. This is your last day.
Shouldn't we send her off with a party?

I'm actually having dinner
with my parents.

That's right. I forgot.

Don't forget about tomorrow.

It's incredible the more I think about it.

It's like this was all predetermined.

Who knew you were
a hotel and tourism major?

You say that every time you see her.
Aren't you sick of it?

The degree matches,
and she even has experience.

I want her to be at least
a director of a management team,

but she insists on
starting from the bottom.

Enough about that.

You should be proud of her.

She is being fair.

She applied like everyone else.
I'm proud of her.

I barely passed the test, Mother.


when are you heading down to Haemi-do?

I'm seeing Ji-hyeon tomorrow.
I will head down the day after.


Ji-hyeon will be glad to see you.




Kang is living a very busy life.

He became a good friend of mine,
just as you asked.

The folks at Heaven think that I am you.

Thanks to all the love you got from them,

I could work there comfortably.


People know that they will die eventually.

But they live as if they will never die.

Thanks to your 49 days,

I'm living my life
like I only have 49 days left.

If we just lived on unaware of the end...

the things that would never have changed

actually changed thanks to
your 49 days. I saw it happen.

Here are two of the most precious people
in our lives.

They changed our lives
and left this world beautifully.

Those two people are here.

Thanks to the 49-day journey
they shared with us,


learned to cherish each day
as if it is our last.

Because I met you, Ji-hyeon...

Because I met you, I-su...

I was happy.

I was happy.



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