49 Days (2011): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

I am...

Shin Ji-hyeon.

When did she last wash her hair?

What's up with her?

Is she a hoodlum?

No shampoo even.

It's hardly possible not to have
skin care products.

No foaming cleanser, no lipstick...

What kind of woman lives like this?

Song I-kyung. She's 28, right?

She's a lot taller than I am.

Long fingers too.

Nice, slender figure.

But I look like a total bum.

I can't walk around like this!

Hey, Scheduler! It's you!

You scared me!

When did you get here? What's going on?

What's up with you?

Look! It's me, Shin Ji-hyeon!

What did you just say?

Shin Ji-hyeon?

That's right! I'm Shin Ji-hyeon...

I made it very clear last night.

There are three rules
you must keep during the 49 days.

You already heard them.

Three conditions?

One. You can't tell anyone
that you are Shin Ji-hyeon.


-But I'm Shin Ji-hyeon--
-Yes. However,

you may not disclose this fact.

That's not all.

-Don't even think about it.
-If I can't tell anyone,

how am I supposed to get the tears?

If this was going to be easy,
I wouldn't even put you in her body.

What if you asked outright
if they loved you?

What are they going to say?
"I don't love you"?

-I guess you are right.
-If you break this rule,

you go straight to the elevator.

An express one to the afterlife.

But you ignored my warning.

I didn't ignore it.
It just slipped my mind.

I remember the other two rules!

"Rule number two. You, Shin Ji-hyeon,

may only use Song I-kyung's body
while she's asleep."

In terms of time,

I have time from 10 a.m. until midnight.


You must have a double-digit IQ.

Before midnight, you absolutely must

return to Song I-kyung's house.

What happens if I fail to return
before midnight?

Every minute you are late,
you lose one day.

-That's not fair!
-That's the rule!

What's the third rule?

Make the money you need on your own.

I have to make my own money?

I'm warning you.
You are only borrowing her body.

No dirty tricks. You must be fair to her.

Don't cause her any trouble.

Okay, I get it!

I bet you were a man once.

But you nag more than my mother.

Listen, you.

There are no genders where I come from.
No stereotype or prejudice.

No, you listen.

I don't care about your world.

-I have no business there!

I'm not going!

You promised.

As soon as I get three people
to cry for me,

I get to return to my world, right?

Only those who truly love you.

You need three of them.

What if I get more than three?

See, I've been thinking.

Except for my parents,
I counted those who truly love me.

I already have at least three.

It's the absolute minimum.

But I think I can find about five or six.

Any incentives
for finding more than three?


How about giving me an extra year in life
for every extra person?

Extend my life by a few years!

How did I end up with someone like you?

Darn it!

If you aren't sure,

ask your boss.

Shut it!

By the way...


You are not my family.

Not my friend, not my boyfriend.

-So what?
-You are...

a Scheduler, right?

Yes. What's your point?

I'm saying...

I only told you that I'm Shin Ji-hyeon.

So can you just let that one slide?


-Were you going to lie to me too?


Take this.

A cell phone?

You have 48 days, 3 hours,

-What is this?
-and 29 minutes.

It's how much time you have left.

This is an emergency call button.
So only use it for emergency.

My number is on speed dial 0.

When I say emergency,
I really mean emergency.

Only if you break any of the three rules,

or if you are truly in a great danger.

It looks just like a real cell phone!
So sleek!

This money is for until you find a job.

I'm only lending it.

Pay it back before the 49 days are up.

Regardless of which world you end up in.

Only 49,000 won?

All right then. Good luck!

Hey, wait!

Why do you even need a bike?

Can't you just teleport around
like before?

For a Scheduler,
you sure act like a person.

It's my style.
I'm enjoying my life as a Scheduler.

Enjoying the life of a Scheduler?

Worry about yourself, why don't you?

Three tears don't come easy.

That's right!

Wait. How will I know
when someone cries for me?

That necklace.

What? A necklace?

Whenever someone sheds a pure tear drop,

it will go in there.

In this necklace?


Take me to the hospital!

A Scheduler

never interferes in human affairs.

So cold-hearted!


Keep the change.

Thank you.


How much longer are you going to do this?

I told you to go get some rest.

I'm okay.


At least change your clothes!

I will stay by her side.



Is this...

all a bad dream?

I wish it were.

I wish Ji-hyeon were...

just dreaming all this.

She'll come back to us.

She'll come back, Father.


Your heart will bring her back.

She must...



Good thing you met him in the woods.

He saved your life.

You should have at least asked his name.

I couldn't even think straight!

We should put an ad in the newspapers.

Looking for a stranger who saved me
in the middle of the mountain?

We must properly thank people like that.

But that's too much.

You are overreacting.

Overreacting is something you usually do.

He saved our daughter's life.

His back kept her warm enough to survive!

That's true.

His back really did warm me up.

He made me feel safer too.

Aren't you on your way?

I just got a call from my senior.

Remember that blind date I told you about?

I totally forgot that it was today.

You are the one who promised
to make up for that hiking incident!

All right. I'll tell her I can't go.

Who cares about the movie!
You have a date!

-Are you kidding me?
-Are you kidding me?

I can't watch a movie alone!

You are okay now. Hang in there.

Ji-hyeon. Ji-hyeon?

Good luck with the date!

You idiot! I knew you'd get back together!

I wish I could go with you,
but I have a meeting tomorrow.

Take care now.

-Oh, my!
-Forget it!

Excuse me!

Do you remember me?

From Unmyeong-san last week?


The crybaby!

I'm sorry, Min-ho.

You saved my life and gave me your love.

But I ended up breaking your heart.

But why isn't he crying?

Maybe he cried too much last night.

His tears must have dried up.

Excuse me.

Are you here to see the patient?

No, not exactly.

I'm just looking for somewhere.

If you are looking for
the surgery department,

the outpatient clinic is downstairs.

Surgery department?

Have a nice day.


That will be 29,000 won.

Please, come in.

Is the manager in?

She said she won't be coming today.

May I ask who you are?

No one.

Shin In-jeong! Wake up!

I made you some porridge.

Look at Mr. Shin.
He needs you at your desk.

You are right.

I know I should be there...

Hey! Did she die or something?

She's in a coma...

I never imagined this would happen!

Did anyone?

Did anyone?

Stop crying.

Just stop crying.

Stay at Ji-hyeon's side,

and help her parents. Okay?

Is she home?

She wasn't at the hospital. Where is she?

I need to see how they are doing.

Maybe they are at Kang's place.

Let me get this straight.

You want me to stop being cocky.

So how do I stop being cocky?

Please, tell me.

This bastard...

You are being cocky right now.

The thing is, I don't know who you are.

Never seen you before.

Do you know me?

You little--

You'll pay for that--

Hey. We should just leave.

If I mess with her, my dad will kill me!

-Me, too.
-Let's go!

I should just tell my dad
to quit the factory job.

You dirty bullies! Stop!

Hey! Hey!

-Darn it!
-Hey, new guy! You all right?

You must have been so scared.

-Who are you?
-Those bullies!

I clearly warned them
not to bully weak kids.

Weak kids?

Hey, city boy!

Let me give you a piece of advice.

Seoul kids are no match
for us country kids.

You better watch yourself.

Listen, you country bumpkin.
Stay out of my business!

I always try to do the right thing.

I can't stand injustice.

-That's how my dad raised me.

He told me to always help the weak.

I've got black belts
in Taekwondo and kendo.

Why do you think they ran away from me?

Bother me again,
and I won't go so easy on you next time.

Hey, new kid!

Can you help me fetch my bike?

Are you heading up?

Hey, he's here! Hi, boss!

I told you not to call me boss.

You got hearing problems?
Or are you just dumb?

I'm sorry.

What's this doing here?

And what's that?

I told you again and again
not to leave stuff lying around!

What is it, pops?

What? What are you looking at?

Is there something on my face?

Why are you staring at my face?

-Sorry for what?

For looking at someone?
It's nothing to be sorry about!

Darn it!

Welcome! How many?

Well, I am...

They are not here.

Have a seat while you wait.

No, I'm fine.

Is she really a customer?

You are always so negative!

They say eating well
is a sign of good fortune.

I wouldn't call that eating well.
Would you?

I'd say she eats like a champion.

I feel much better now.

Eating without money.
We call that bilking.

That's too harsh.
I just don't have enough money.

Let's ask the police.

Wait! No!

I'll pay it off by working here.

And who's going to let you?

Your boss can!

I'm serious.

I was just too hungry.

I really can't stand hunger.

It clouded my judgment, but...

I didn't mean to cheat anyone!


The owner says you can go.


Like his mom,

there really is a kind side to him.


Once I return to my body,

I'll pay you back for sure!

I'm out of money!

Make the money you need on your own.

There's nothing here that I can do.

You want to work here?

Yes. If you let me,
I can pay you for that meal, too.

I don't need the money.
We are not hiring right now.

I know that, but...

I majored in tourism and hospitality
at Haemyung College.

I worked for two years at Seoul Hotel.

I said we are not hiring.

But I need...

I need to work here.

Too bad. We don't need anyone.

Unless you want to work for free.

I can't work for nothing.

Wait! Wait!

Just for 48 days!

Just 48 days and no more. Please?

Who are you? Are you messing with me?
Just 48 days?

Please help me!

No, not even 48 days.

Just for a week.

What about for a week?

I'm not entirely sure, but...

my days are limited.


No work, but we'll call it a deal.

Do you want more?


No thanks.

My dad told me never to accept free money!

Okay, Mister?

Han Kang. I should have known.

What a mean little...

Excuse me!

Go talk to him.



-What's your name?

Song I-kyung.

You work from 11 a.m. to midnight,
for 4,000 won an hour.

-You start tomorrow. Bring your resume.

Thank you...

Thank you so much!

By the way...

I need some money for the ride home.

Can I borrow 2,000 won from you?

Where am I?

This girl is so not fit.

She needs to exercise.

She totally needs to exercise.

Where should I hide these?

What is all this?

Okay, so I'm not exactly welcome here.

I'm not tired anymore!

That's interesting.

It's 8:25 p.m.

What should I do?

No! What is this?

I have to go out!

Help me! Please help!

What kind of emergency call is this?

It's been three minutes already!

Don't tell me he's coming on his bike!

Dear daddy!

What's going on?

What? What is it?

Please open this door for me.

Don't tell me you...

called me just to open this little door.

I have a life, too, you know?

To me, it is an emergency.
I have to go out.

And I couldn't open the door.

You can't touch it!
Did you seriously not know this?

This is ridiculous!

I'm supposed to be a spirit!
I should be able to pass through things!

So why can't I?

You are not entirely a spirit yet.

You are not exactly dead yet.

Min-ho passed through me, though.

In your world, you are considered dead!
That's why!

You still don't get it? Too hard for you?

No, I get it.

That actually makes sense. You are right!

Simple and optimistic. Just like you said.

It's a messy room. Sorry.

She's waking up!

Because you left her body,
she regained her free will.

Hey, let's get out of here.

I don't want to be around her.

A Scheduler does not interfere
in human affairs.

A 49-day traveler must accept
and adapt to her situation.

Those are the rules.

Hey! Hey!

I'm not helping you,
so don't even look for me!

And don't call me.

That was cold!

That's pretty cool!
I don't even have to pay!


Is this really me?

It's scary looking at myself like this.

Don't look! You'll just be disgusted!

Shin Ji-hyeon...

What should I do?

Cry for me.

It was just one day,
but it felt like forever.

You can give me the first drop.

Then go tell In-jeong and Seo-u
to cry for me as well.

Don't hold back, okay?


A pack of Cigarettes, please.
The one on the right.

That'll be 2,500 won.

How are you feeling?

Do you feel dizzy or nauseous at all?

If you get headaches,
make sure you go see a doctor.

Who are you?

Don't you remember me?

For six months, I've been coming here
at this exact time

to buy these cigarettes.

How much was my hospital bill?

I'll give you the rest tomorrow.

Don't forget the taxi fare.

I'll give it to you tomorrow.

One more thing.

Stay out of my life.

Sure thing.
I'll bring you the bill tomorrow.

You have 47 days, 3 hours, and 29 minutes.

Oh, I feel so clean!

Of course she doesn't have a hair dryer.

Yes! A hair dryer!

What are these?

Nice to meet you all.

Are you the sister of that lady
from yesterday?

No, Song I-kyung doesn't have a sister!

Did you bring your resume?

Of course.



Oh, I'm so sorry!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Why is this happening?
What did she do to deserve this?

She's done nothing wrong
to deserve this fate!

Please calm down.

What in the world were you doing?

You are her father! Where were you?

I'm sorry.


Why did she have an accident there?

She was picking out dresses in Gangnam.

And she was supposed to
get a massage afterward.

What was she doing on a national highway?


Maybe this isn't our Ji-hyeon.

What are you talking about?

Think about it!

Look at her!

Is she really our Ji-hyeon?
Does she look like her?

This isn't our Ji-hyeon. No.

-Come on, dear.
-She's not!

-Please don't do this to me.

-She's not!
-Please stop this!

Please stop!


Out of the way, In-jeong!
Warm porridge coming through!

You need to eat. For us, please?

Why won't you listen?

Don't you know I'm serious?

I said go home!


It's been three days. I don't want those
smelly clothes next to my daughter!

I'll go wash myself and get changed.

It's going to be a long struggle.

So go eat and wash yourself.

Get some sleep.

Change your clothes.

You are needed at work too.

What about you, Father?

I'm staying here.

I'll stay here for a while.

Hey, Kang.

Thanks, pops.

We should let Ms. Song go now.


This way, please.

No, I'm good.



-How did you...
-What can I get you?

Ms. Song.

He looks like he hasn't eaten in days.

Shouldn't you be at the hospital?

-I need a drink.
-All right. Give me a minute.

Not wine. I need a strong one.

-Oh, no...
-On an empty stomach?

Just bring it out. Make it strong.


Can I get you some soup?

We've got potato soup.

Oh, sorry.

I'm Song I-kyung.
I just started yesterday.

Okay, Ms. Song I-kyung.

Sure. What can I get you?

I appreciate your concern,
but I really need to be alone right now.

I see. Okay.

You don't have to do that.



Please drink this.

Everything is going to be okay.

Ms. Song.

Pops, send her home.

Min-ho. You've had enough.

Hey, Kang.

This isn't right.

This can't be happening to Ji-hyeon.

She'll get better.

This isn't right at all.


-Get him home safely, please!

What are you doing?

He's engaged to my friend!
What? You like him?

I was just being nice to a customer.

So you waited for an hour out here?

Starting tomorrow, you--

I'm late!

Shin Ji-hyeon...

Serves you right.

You were nosy and cocky all the time.

Come on, Dad!

Who stays at a hospital like this?
Just leave it to a caregiver!


Give me just a few more days.

Min-ho, In-jeong, and Seo-u, too...

Don't you think
they will cry at least once?

But I guess...

people don't cry easily.

I thought they'd be crying all day
thinking about me.

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

I'm very sorry.

How did you get so good at this?

How did I get so good?

I just used to work as a part-timer.

You worked at a restaurant...

-Have you?
-I did, as a part-timer!

But I don't even have
a hospitality degree!

Oh, that is...

I'm going through a lot right now.

I sometimes forget things.

What could be so traumatic
that you forgot how to pour water?

I mean...

I took a really long break.
I'm not that smart, either.

I guess I forgot more than I thought.

Ms. Song I-kyung!

Did you really work at a hotel?

-I did.
-No, I can tell these things.

You've never even carried a tray.

Oh, that? I can explain...

I was in a car accident!

I'm suffering from amnesia!

What? Amnesia?

Short-term memory loss!

It's like a post-traumatic memory loss,
but it only affects certain subjects!

Look it up on the Internet!
It's pretty common in soap operas!

I want your certificate of career
from Seoul Hotel right now!


Or you can just quit.

-I'll go get it!
-You have one hour.

That's not nearly enough!

Take a taxi, then!

I can't afford a taxi ride.

Twelve and a half hours from yesterday.
Half an hour today.

Here's your 52,000 won.

Gi Jun-hui! Get me a stopwatch!

Wait! Wait!

I'm here for a copy of
my certificate of career.


Aren't you Song I-kyung?

Wow, it's been so long!


What's the matter? It's me.

You act like I'm a stranger.

That was close.

She used to work at such a huge hotel.

So why is she living like a bum now?

That's Min-ho!

I wonder where he's going.

The restaurant, maybe?


The 18th floor?


is this possible?

Go with what you want.

Everything is fine,
if the bride is pretty.

No way. I've already picked out
one of the groom's friends for her.

Then you should tell her to come
and try them on herself.

You are right!

Can I put this on and go out for a bit?

This can't be.

I'm sure I saw it wrong.

I saw it wrong.

I must be seeing things.

The buyer is in Namyangju,
so that's where I'm headed.

Come with me. It'll be a nice drive.

That's impossible.

Just not possible.

It makes no sense.

Shin Ji-hyeon. What are you doing?

You are being unreasonable.

It's Min-ho and In-jeong.

Kang Min-ho and Shin In-jeong!

I have to ask them myself.


Subtitle translation by Su-youn Jung