49 Days (2011): Season 1, Episode 19 - Episode #1.19 - full transcript

All right.

Time to say goodbye.

Call the elevator...

before I change my mind.

These are...

Are these three tears?

Hey. You got three tears.

I know.

They are, right?

Shin Ji-hyeon.
I guess you were pretty good in this life.

This is a very rare case.

What happened?

I have no one to cry for me.

I really don't.

I told you. Human hearts change.

Nothing lasts forever.


I can return now?

You are dying to know who they are, right?

Don't tell me.

I don't want to know.

You don't?

If I find out...

I might end up loving only these three.

You are wiser than I thought.



-As for our goodbye...


What is it?

What's the matter?


Look. Look at our Ji-hyeon.

She opened her eyes.


-Oh, my daughter.


-Call Dr. Cho. Hurry.





It is me. Your dad.


Ms. Song.

Please come in.

Why didn't you come down to eat?

I will take my leave now.

Ms. Song. Leave? Where to?

I have no reason to stay here anymore.

What do you mean?
You have no reason to stay?

Hold on.

That's not the Song I-kyung I know.

Hey, Pops. Ji-hyeon is okay, right?

Kang. What should we do?

I think we miscalculated the date.

What do you mean?

The real Song I-kyung packed up
and went back to her place.

Saying she has no reason
to stay here anymore.

What do you mean?

No reason to stay anymore?

So Ji-hyeon...


How is this possible?


Do you remember your mother?

Of course.



It is me. Your dad.




No way.

No way.


-Yes, Ma'am.
-Kang, you are back.

Ji-hyeon woke up.

She woke up?

I missed you.

Are you well?


They are just running some tests.

I see.


Same to you.

Oh, right. My father says
he will invest in Shinga.


He will send his lawyer here tomorrow.

He will send the money
after drawing up a contract.

This debt...

how will I ever repay you?

He looked into the Haemi-do project plans
and the current progress.

He reviewed everything before deciding.

They finished the tests.

Dr. Cho wants to see you, Mr. Shin.


Her blood oxygen level is good.

Her brainwaves are also very normal.

You see?

What was that about her being hopeless?
Look at her now.

Medically speaking,
this should have been impossible.

This is a miracle beyond medical science.

Who cares? She is alive.

Any abnormalities?

Her muscles and joints are still stiff.

She won't be able to move around for now.

I will go see her.

I cannot believe I lived for 47 days
without the joy of eating.

This is so good.

Eat slowly.

You have many more days to eat.

Even your nagging is sweet.


How about one more hug?

Oh, my...

Oh, my daughter.

It is so good to have you back.

My mom is the cutest in the world.

Hey, what about me? Hug me too.

Okay, Seo-u.

Thank you.

I didn't even do anything.

Thank you for being my friend.

That was really corny, but I like it.

But I am even more grateful.

Thank you so much.

Han Kang.

Long time no see.

What are you doing here?

Are you here because of me?



You know, while you were unconscious,
Kang really--

Where are In-jeong and Min-ho?

Even Kang is here. Where are they?

Oh, Min-ho is on a business trip to Europe
because of the Haemi-do project.

As for In-jeong,

I haven't called her yet.

Kang, Seo-u,

can I see you two outside for a moment?

What is it, Mom? Just say it here.

She just woke up. If she finds out
about In-jeong and Min-ho,

she may not be able to handle it.

Nothing about
what happened to the company either.

And his operation.

We need to keep them a secret from her
until she recovers.

So she remembers everything
up to the accident?

Of course she does.

That is what I am worried about.

That was when she was the happiest.
One week before her wedding.

-I see.

I know you did a lot for us.

After she recovers,
we will tell her everything.

That is not important.

Ji-hyeon might get suspicious.

Right. Let's go back in.

Is our new office ready, Mr. Jeong?

In two days, I will confirm
the transfer of Haemi-do's shares.

That's when I will resign.

Off to the hospital to see your fiancée?

You still haven't heard? She woke up.

What are you...

So an iron heart like you
does get startled sometimes.

What do they mean?


woke up?

I am sorry.

I thought nobody was here.

She left.

She won't be coming back to me.

If you don't trust me,

go to the hospital and see for yourself.

I know.

If you do, why did you come here?

I won't stay in this room for long.

You should get your deposit back.

I still need the key for a few days.

I just got this room to kick you out,
so I don't need it.

I already paid the deposit.

That is why I signed the lease
under your name.

Give me the key.

What now?

I am not Shin Ji-hyeon.
Do not confuse me with her.

It was never my intention to harass you.

You should leave now.

So while I was lying here,

you two stayed at my side the whole time?

Of course.

I was here longer.

-Wow. I really had it good.
-Of course.

Shin Ji-hyeon, you lucky girl.

But Han Kang.

Why are you still here?

Hey. While you were lying here,

he really looked out for you.
He even changed the flowers.

That's right.
He was really worried about you.

He even took care of us.

He did?

So you were pretty loyal.


But they say when a person
suddenly changes, he will die.

This isn't like you.

You can go now.

Oh, sure.


Did you see her?

Ji-hyeon did not recognize me.

No. She did not recognize me
from the past 49 days.

She lost all her memories
from those 49 days.


They say this 49-day stuff is
a heavenly secret.

That must be why.

I don't know what to say, Kang.

You have started
the unrequited love again.

But this really hurts.

Of course it hurts.

No, I should not be feeling this.

She made it back.

That's what matters.


Just for 48 days.

Can you just let me work for 48 days?

My days are limited.

I saw my friend at the hotel.

And I saw my fiancé with her.

You just looked so down.
I hugged you to cheer you up.

A comfort hug.

She left you this piano.

She probably wanted to leave
her everything to you.

Whenever she was lonely and tired,
this piano was what comforted her.

Please tell Ji-hyeon.

When she wakes up,
she must tell me everything

that she wants to say right now.

Tell her not to leave
without saying goodbye,

not to leave me like my mother did.

How can you just forget everything?


When are you coming?

Hurry up.

I couldn't call you in advance
because you don't have a phone.

I came here to tell you
that Ji-hyeon woke up.


She regained consciousness
at the hospital.

That is good news.

That is really good.

It is, but...

she has no memories of the past 49 days.

She probably won't recognize you either.


That's why I am here. To thank you.

Thank you so much for helping her.

Thank you for everything.

Think nothing of it.

By the way, you quit your job
because of Ji-hyeon.

How about working at my restaurant?

Please do not worry about me.

It matches your major as well--


am waiting for someone.

Just a moment, please.

Ji-hyeon asked me to give this to you.

This is your mother's memento.


was my mother's?

-She did not tell me.

You can ask her yourself.

Also, she said thank you.

She is sorry
she just took and gave back nothing.

Without you,

she would not have survived these 49 days.

She wanted me to tell you that.

What do you mean?

How did they secure enough money
to reimburse JC?

Why are you asking me?

You are the Manager of Planning Dept.

He is ready to pay back.

He wants me in his office tomorrow
with the partnership contract.

That's impossible.

This is all your fault.

Had it not been for your greed
for his will,

had you not threatened us
and delayed the bankruptcy,

this wouldn't have happened, you bastard.

What now?

How will you take responsibility?

Let me first figure out what happened.

Let's talk after that.

The person you are trying to reach
is not answering. Please leave--


let's go out and eat together.

What is it?

Jun-hui, did your boss tell you anything?

Anything about Shinga's funding?

Oh, that? He flew to America
and secured some investment.


Then why didn't you tell me?

Why should I?

I am not the kind of person
who sells myself out for money.

So the stuff on Kang
you have been reporting to me was false?

I don't care if it is HM or whatever.

I can get into any company
fair and square.

Yes, this is Kang Min-ho.

This is the Central District
Prosecutor's Office.

We have received a petition regarding you.

A petition?

We need to investigate a few things.

Please report to the office
by 10 a.m. tomorrow.

Cha Jin-young...

Are you laughing at me too?

Drinking is all you can do now,
is that it?

This is my last day. Let's be nice.

It's hard to watch you fall like this.

You have nothing more to gain

from sticking with me. That's why.

I'm not used to watching Kang Min-ho fall.

Ever since high school,
you were always extraordinary.

I used to. But I know how I look now.

I know it all.


I will not go down like this.

How did you open the door?

I asked Jin-young.

Why are you here?

Can you please not show yourself to me?

Just stop coming to me.

I came to say goodbye
before I leave Seoul.

I will be down in Jinan for a while.

Let me know whenever you need me.


I am sorry.

You make me...

not even say sorry to you.

In-jeong is really sick.

She can't move at all.

She will get right up
if she hears that I woke up.

She is not even answering her phone.

So try going to her place.

Hey, Ji-hyeon.

Welcome back.

I will be stopping by every day.
You better get used to it.

-Ji-hyeon can have some cake, right?

I want to eat this with In-jeong
when she comes.

Ji-hyeon. Your friend, Jeong-eun--

I mean, Song I-kyung. Do you remember her?

Yes. I know her from a club.

Do you remember leaving your
legal seal in her care?

I don't remember that.

What are you talking about?

Oh, it is nothing.

Time for your physiotherapy.

Let me take her.

You? Why?

I will be right back.


Grab on and start with your left foot.
A bit more power.

Right foot. Give it some strength.
Bend forward a little bit more.

Hold on firmly and tighten your stomach.

Give it some more strength.

What's gotten into him?

The wind feels nice, doesn't it?

How far are we going?

Han Kang.

Why are you doing this?

You don't like it?

Not that I don't like it,

but I feel uncomfortable.

What's so uncomfortable?

How does it feel to return to life?



Really good.

Same here.

Because you made it back.

Shin Ji-hyeon. What did you do
for the past 47 days?

Did you just sleep?

Did you have any dreams?

Even if I did, why should I tell you?

Haven't I ever been in your dreams?

Why would you be?

I want to go back. I need to rest.

Yes, Ma'am. As you wish.


woke up?

You probably never wanted this.

She is now looking for you.

She is raising a fuss to see you.

Go see her with her mother.

You want me to go to her?

She knows nothing about you,
Min-ho, or the company.

Just tell her I am out of the country.

I am not telling you
to beg for her forgiveness.

Talk to her like you used to,
just for a little while.

Is that too much to ask?

I can't go.

-I won't.
-Why not?

You fooled her completely for two years
and were good at this play-acting.

Just do what you did back then.

-Don't you dare address me.

In-jeong, if you have any conscience
left at all, go.

Go and talk to her as you did
before the accident.

Let's go.

Ma'am. I am sorry.

This is all my fault.

Just please do not make me see her.


I cannot face her.

Han Kang.

Are you really going to skip work
and come here every day?

Yes. I am coming here every day
and spending my whole day here.

I wish you would take the architecture
project seriously.

You drew that, right?

I really like it.

You have a talent that no one else has.

Why waste it?

I have no one to show it to,

or to share it with.

If I work hard on that project,
will you look at it with me?

What's wrong with him?

Ji-hyeon, In-jeong is here.

Can In-jeong and I talk in private?

Just the two of you?

Kang, can you make my mom a cup of coffee?

Let's go, Ma'am.



Shin In-jeong.


slept for so long.

And I had this dream.

On my engagement day,

I broke my heel. Do you remember that?

That was when you

gave me yours. I kept seeing that
in my dream.

On that day,

you didn't even think
before giving me your shoes.

You just ran barefoot.

At that moment,

you took off your shoes for me.


are you saying?

Shoes are...

woman's pride.

But at that moment, you...

threw away your pride for me.

You forgot about the ceremony.

You thought of me first.

That was because...

I was your friend.


I am getting sleepy.

You can go now.

I still have a week left
because of that penalty.

That cruel granny.

Hey, kid.

Hey, kid.

Hey, kid.

What is it?

I did not break any rules.
So why did you call me?

Watch your tone.

You may be leaving soon,
but I am still your senior.

I'm just annoyed.

Human emotions come back
near the term end, remember?

So your memories came back,

but you cannot talk to her.
That must be frustrating.

Please stop.

The stress is killing me.

You are already dead.

If you are going to die, do it
after meeting I-kyung tomorrow.


Today was supposed to be your last day.

But I have one more week
because of that penalty.

I said one more week of service.

I never postponed your meeting
with Song I-kyung.

You are right. Why didn't I check that?


I get to meet I-kyung tomorrow?




Song I-kyung.

Long time no see.

You haven't changed a bit.


It really is you.

How is this possible?

How is this...

What took you so long?

What took you so long?

This is the right moment.

I could not come any earlier.

Let's go.

We have to go somewhere first.

To where?


please just do as I ask.

Back then...

I think I was just excited.

Playing music...


Experiencing a new world...

It made me look back on...

how suffocating my life had been.

It would have been too much,
being my guardian too.

You were still young.

So were you.

The rift between us grew too big.

I thought words alone could not
solve the problem.

So in my young foolishness,

I decided to clearly show you
how I really felt.

I did hang out with other girls
when I was in the band.

But you were always my home.

That is why...

I bought a ring to propose to you.

Your hand.

All right. Next.

Why are we here?

We have never been to
an amusement park together.

We could never afford it.

But still. At this hour?

I promised to take you here
on your birthday that year.

That was my promise to you.

One, two, three.

Good photo.

Where are we headed next?

You're still curious
and asking every question.

That's my Song I-kyung.

No questions. No yelling.

Just follow me.

This is my home.

Go get some groceries.

I miss your cooking.

You want me to go alone?

I won't go without a goodbye this time.

What will you do alone?

I have to take care of something.

I will be done before you return.

The lady who lived here. Did she move out?

No, she did not.

I am just papering the walls.

Then where is I-kyung? I mean,

the tenant?

Away on an errand.

Excuse me.

Haven't we met before?

No more questions. I am working.

Do not look for her today and tomorrow.

Come back in a few days.

Please tell her that
Noh Gyeong-bin stopped by.

If you leave now, maybe I will.

If you stay around, I won't.

At least he did have a good eye for women.

So he is a doctor?

But still,

you are a widower.

You do not deserve my I-kyung.



Song I-su.

Right here.

I got covered in dust
while repapering a room.

You did this?

I used to do this as a part-timer.
I got pretty good.

That's not it.

Why did you change the room like this?

I am going with you anyway.

I may be here for just a day,
but I still want to stay in a clean room.

Your room was a mess.

You used to be so clean
and diligent back then.

As for the rest...

decorate it however you like.

Did I wake you up?

I just woke up.


let's go for a walk.

What is it?

It's just so incredible.

Just yesterday, I thought
maybe I was dreaming.

But you stayed with me,
all through the night and morning.

Even under all this sunlight,

I can still see you and touch you.

But I am still dead.

I waited for five years to meet you.

I was going to...

give you this ring,

and say, "I've loved you.

I never let another person in my heart.

Let's get married."

I wanted to say these words.


not anymore.

I have something different to say now.

Until then, I loved you.

From this moment on, I no longer love you.

I didn't want to just
leave you with scars.

I wanted you to forget about me
and live a happy life.

That's why I waited for five years.


Don't say that, I-su.

I am leaving with you.

We cannot go together.

Even if you choose death
just to follow me,

that will be the end of us.

That is what death is.

This world...

It's too hard for me on my own.

I won't make it.

You have to endure for me.

I have to let you go.

Otherwise I will never be happy
in my next life.

If you are unhappy...

I, too, will be twisted.

I will never rest easy.

I will be born as a foul,

selfish person.

I will never be loved.

I will never love.

I will live an unhappy life.

Throw this ring away.

-Do it.

It doesn't have any meaning anymore.

I gave it to you to resolve
our misunderstanding.

That was its only purpose.

No. Please don't.

You know how precious you were to me.

You were not abandoned.

To me...

you were the most important person ever.

You really mattered to me.

That's why...

you will be just as important...

to other people as well.

Promise me you will be happy, for me.

Let me leave this life without regrets,

so that in my next life,

I can begin anew.


Please be happy for me.

For having met you...

I was so grateful...

and happy.

I have...

nothing but apologies for you.

I only received from you.

I never did anything for you in return.

So do it for someone who loves you.

Instead of me,

return the favor to him.


I was going to come back for you
as a successful man.

I'm sorry.

Mr. Kang Min-ho.

You are under arrest
for embezzlement and malpractice.

Under arrest?
I thought it was just a petition.

Take him away.


Let me just talk to my mother.

It will only take a moment.


Did you hide the documents
Jin-young brought to you?

Who are you?

Keep them safe until I come back.
Don't give them to anyone.

Look at me.

No one else but me. Okay?


Oh, my baby.

Did you come back to Korea
after finishing that MBA or whatever?

You should have told me you were coming.

I may be ill, but I would still have
gone out to the airport.


Did you receive all the money I sent?

I know they were not enough.

Not at all.

You are always worried about your mother.

You are lying again, as always.


Now that you have your MBA,

are you a doctor now?


always knew you would be a great man.

You never got into trouble once.

You were always at the top of your class.
No one else could have done that.


I knew you were different
from your father.

I'm proud of you, my son.

Thank you, my son.

Min-ho was arrested...

at his mother's hospital.

According to the other suspect,
Jeong Chan,

you conspired with Shin In-jeong,
the chairman's secretary.

That's not true.

Shin In-jeong provided you with
all the information on Shinga.

Is that true?

That's not true.

You have to endure for me.

I have to let you go.

Otherwise I will never be happy
in my next life.


Please be happy for me.

I wish I could.

Whenever things get tough,

remember how desperately I wanted to live.

Keep your chin up and live well.


She has no memories of the past 49 days.

She probably won't recognize you either.




Did you come here to see me?

Do you...

remember me?


So you remember me,

but you don't remember Han Kang?

Do you remember him too?

So why are you acting like you don't?

That's because...

I am going to die soon.

Subtitle translation by Su-youn Jung