49 Days (2011): Season 1, Episode 12 - Episode #1.12 - full transcript

Han Kang continually butts heads with Yi Kyung, who continually reminds him of Ji Hyun, in an attempt to cover his feelings.

What's wrong?

I'm feeling dizzy.

-Ms. Song.
-You drive me crazy.

What did I do?

Ms. Song.

Ms. Song.

Ms. Song.

Are you okay?

Who are you?

Ms. Song, what's wrong?

Are you feeling sick?

Oh, no.

Oh, no.

-Ms. Song, it's me. It's Kang Min-ho--

Please wait here for a moment.

What's going on?


Why are you with that woman?

Did you come with her?

Let's talk over there.

Don't be scared, Ms. Song.
You know me, right?

You little troublemaker.

Everything's okay. It's nothing.
I can explain this to you.

You are...

This is crazy, I-su.


This place is just too pretty.

This really is crazy.

Because I'm just too pretty?

There's no fooling you.

Someday, we'll build a guest house
and plant cherry blossoms.


I asked you what's going on.

Let me ask you the same thing.

I thought you were on a business trip.

Are you now on a trip with Song I-kyung?

-Where did she go?

In-jeong, wait here for a moment.

What are you doing right now?

I'm sorry. I really am.

But the person I was with just fell sick.

I'll just go and make sure if she's okay.


I knew something like this would happen.

You were asking for trouble.

You can scold me later.

What should I do?

What about her?

There's nothing you can do about
the body's owner waking up.

So what happens to me now?

If I don't return to her room by midnight,

I lose a day for every minute I'm late.

Is this the end for me?

No, it isn't.

This wasn't your fault.
She woke up on her own.

But why did she wake up here?

Maybe there is something here.

That's a relief.

So what now?

What if Min-ho and Kang find out?

You should be more concerned about
I-kyung, not them.

She fell asleep in her room,
and woke up here.

She is not going to let this go on.

Haven't you heard?

There are exorcists and shamans out there.


In a case where the host wakes up
unexpectedly outside her room,

we can make her believe that
today's memories are all just a dream.

Basically removing this day from her life.

For this, you'll lose one of your 49 days.

I already lost a day
from that will incident.

I have to lose one more?

This isn't even my fault.

I'm not sure what it was,

but you stimulated an important
part of her memory.

If you don't like it, you can just watch
as Song tours around Jinan.

Where did she go?

There she is.

Kang is with her.

That's not important right now.

Go follow her.

Get your tarot card reading here.

The tarot of love is here.

Get your tarot card reading here.

Check out our tarot of love.

Fortune-telling for lovers
for only 5,000 won.

Hey there. Get your tarot reading here.
We are very accurate.

What do you say?

But we're really good at it. Hey.

How about tarot reading? Only 5,000 won.

Hey, Han Kang.

Don't just sit there.
Go attract some customers.

The more we make, the more we can
donate to the orphanage.

Do you know how adorable those kids are?

Not my business.

As I watch the red sunset

I think of your sad face

-I lower my head as tear begins to flow
-Hey, don't be embarrassing.

I can't say anything, but

I love you

You are the only one...

Want your tarot read?

These things are never right.

We're not kidding.

How does it work?

First, you pay 5,000 won.

Then you pick a card.
I'll read it for you.


Now, let's begin.

Pick one.

You can discuss first,
or one of you can just pick one.

-You want me to choose?
-No, I'll choose.

Oh, come on...

Aren't you a student?
This card is way too erotic.

Does it mean something bad?

This card...

A naked couple facing each other means

an unconditional love.


The ground beneath them stands for

completeness, harmony, and marriage.

In other words, a beautiful,
unbreakable love.

It means you are a perfect couple
destined to be together.

I picked it.

And this is...

a special gift for the couple of destiny.


A pink rose. It's so pretty.

It's my favorite flower.

Thank you.

-Pretty, isn't it?

Aren't you hungry?

This is crazy, I-su.

What is it this time?

I'm not hungry at all.

The scent of the rose
must have filled me up.

Give it here. It's mine.


We should name our guest house...


Iwol, as in February.

Plus ae for love.

A February love.


I'll build it for you.


And for its fence,

I'll plant a row of cherry blossoms.

Why am I a liar?
Do you know anything about tarot reading?

I don't know much,
but this is basic stuff.

Couple of destiny? Are you kidding me?

This is how they picked it.

It was upside down from their view.
It means eternal separation.

Why did you interpret it from your side?

Why did you lie to them?

It was obvious they were in love.

I couldn't tell them
they would be separated forever.

You should. Why not?

Why should I?

Because that's a lie.

Don't you know there are good lies?

You've never heard of the term
"white lie"?

Who are you to make that decision?
Who do you think you are?

How do you know they want a lie?

Maybe they want the truth.
You don't know them.

They came all the way here from Chuncheon.

Still won't admit you are wrong.

You are just way too dramatic.

They were happy. Isn't that what matters?

Because you told them a lie.

What's it to you? You don't even
care about your mother.

What did you say?

Nothing. Just a slip of the tongue. Sorry.

I'll admit I was wrong,
let's just keep doing this.

Fine. Lie all you want.

Stop it.


Fine. Get out of here.


Shin Ji-hyeon.
Aren't you going to return to her body?


Shin Ji-hyeon.

Listen, everyone.

Ji-hyeon is moving to Seoul today.

She won't be back here again.

-What's the matter with you?


-I said no.
-Come on. Get in.

Please just get in.

-Please open the door.


You are going to America with him.

You've always said you wanted to go.

I'll take one day from your count.
See you.

What about her job?

What are you doing here?

You are Ji-hyeon.

Oh, right. We were walking together.

I fell unconscious.

-Let's go grab something to eat.

You usually eat a ton,
but you haven't eaten anything yet.

That's why you fainted.

Maybe he didn't notice.

Let's go.

Ms. Song.

Song I-kyung.

-Yes, Seo-u.
-See you later.

Ms. Song, it's me. Kang Min-ho--


It's your first time in Jinan, right?

They have the best pork here.

Two more servings, please.

No, I'm fine.

Don't lie to me.
I know you eat like a horse.

-Why are you doing this?
-Doing what?

You've been acting differently.

You weren't even angry
that I came here with Mr. Kang.

You are also being nice to me.


Let me take this.


No phone calls during meals.

Don't meet up with him.
I'll drive you back to Seoul.

He doesn't like Song being with Min-ho.
He's not even hiding it anymore.

The phone is off.
Please leave a message after the beep.

She turned it off.

Looks like she's okay now.

In-jeong, wait here for a moment.

What kind of man is she dating?
Why can't she even invite him over?

Maybe she is dating a married man.


We couldn't wake her up.
We had to call you.

She was crying so much.

You left her here alone?

Just help me get her into her car.

Aren't people waiting for you
at the hotel?


Please call a chauffeur
to drive her to Seoul.


Seo-u. Wake up.

It's me. I'm canceling the trip.
We are returning to Seoul.

I wonder what happened to
Min-ho and In-jeong.

These three were supposed to
meet at the same spot.

Why necessarily did she wake up then?

That place used to be Dad's favorite.

Do you want to eat at that restaurant?

No, I'm fine.

They sell aejeotang.

It's Mr. Oh's favorite.

Let's order one to go.

Get out.

Ms. Song. Are you okay?

Who are you?

Why is Kang in Jinan?

Aren't you hungry?

Ms. Song. You are here.

I'm supposed to, am I not?

I want you to come in
ten minutes early starting tomorrow.

Such a sissy.

Let's start with a cup of
sweet caramel macchiato.

Hey, lady. Can I ask you for a favor?

I don't buy cigarettes for minors.

Aren't you punks too young to be smoking?

You are students, right?
You shouldn't be out past midnight.

Kids these days...

Does that guy ever sleep?

Here? At this hour?

Is Ms. Song I-kyung here?

She took a menstrual leave tonight.

Is that so?

Yes, it is.

If you aren't going to order anything,

stop blocking my view, please.

My apologies.

I knew it. Men are all the same.

They don't buy anything
unless a woman is selling it.

Let's talk outside.

This is the first time
you are at my place.

I never knew it would happen like this.

You've never been at my place before,

let alone my room.

This is the first time
you are seeing how I live.

You're right.

It is.

You couldn't visit me
because I was living in Ji-hyeon's house.

Even after I moved in with Seo-u,

you couldn't come
since you were Ji-hyeon's man.

You never even dared to
pass through the front gate.

We never even took a trip together ever.

But what about her?

You brought her on a business trip
in less than a month?

What happened to separating
private and business lives?

I know you must have been shocked.

You do?

And you still did it?

Why did you do that?

I was attracted to her.

I really tried to stop myself.

But it still happened.

I'm not sure how.

I'm sorry, but...

I keep getting attached to her.

Attached to...


So you really like Song I-kyung?

I'm telling you this
because I shouldn't lie to you anymore.

Not because I caught you in the act?

Even if we hadn't met in Jinan,

I would have told you when I returned.

I'm not trying to do anything with her,
so please just wait for me.

Wait for what?

I have been waiting for five years.
How much more?

We've been together for five years.

Lower your voice. Seo-u is here.

I don't care. Let her hear.

I was being careful
because I wanted our plan to succeed,

not to let you ignore me
and run around as you please.

I said I'm trying.

I don't like what I've become either.

I can't control my own heart. I hate it.

So you want me to just shut up and wait?

Just because I started this?

I don't care if someone finds out now.

I wanted to bring Ji-hyeon down,
and there she is.

I have nothing to fear.

We'll talk later.

Take care of Seo-u.

We are here. Just give it to me.

I want to see you go in.

I said I'm fine.

But I'm not.

Do you like Min-ho that much?
Enough to follow him to Jinan?

I had my reason to follow him.

Didn't you say you don't care anymore?

Let me know if anything at home
needs fixing.


You said you saw Min-ho and In-jeong
go into a hotel room.

How can you still like him?

Why am I still inside of her?

Is it because she's supposed to
lose today entirely?

My body feels tired.

This is nice.

Kang. What happened?
Why were you in Jinan?

Is Ms. Song okay? She looked ill.

What are you doing?
Is this because of her?

When did it start? How long have
you and In-jeong been together?

You bastard.

This is for Ji-hyeon.

This is also for Ji-hyeon.

And this...

Are you done?

Use this.

Good cop and bad cop?

You were about to kill me.

Tell me. What happened?

How long has it been with In-jeong?

Ever since Ji-hyeon's accident.
Isn't it obvious?

I saw a friend at the hotel.

I also saw my fiancé there.

You think I'm stupid?

There's no way this happened
after the accident.

Did Ms. Song say something?

Like what?

How did you know I'd be in Jinan?

In-jeong was talking to you
like to a lover.

Love can spark instantly.

Then what's Song I-kyung to you?

Did you come to like In-jeong and I-kyung
at the same time?

If you are dating In-jeong,
just focus on her.

Leave Song I-kyung alone. I'm warning you.

Is that how much you like her?

Was Ji-hyeon just an excuse?

You are the one who should stay out.

You don't get to control her heart.

Is this your true face?

Has my friend, Kang Min-ho, been
this shameless from the very beginning?

Actually, you never told me
why you wanted to be my friend.

You may have had a poor life,
but you never lost your dignity.

You never sucked up to anyone.
You haven't been so cheap.

You were always polite to others,
no matter whom you were talking to.

You never wasted a minute of your life.

And you still did everything
you wanted to do.

You overcame the difficult circumstances.
I admired you for that.

You don't know anything
about my background.

Why not? You are the one who told me.

Poor life can mean many things.

To someone like you,
the word 'poor' might mean

not being able to afford a car, or

not getting allowance from your parents,

or not being able to afford
eating at a restaurant.

That's probably all you can imagine.

What do you mean?

Put some ointment on your hand.

If you don't, it'll hurt for days.

You said you can choose to fall in love,

with whom and when you want.

I warned you.

Leave Song I-kyung alone.

Why in the world did
she hide this in the pot?

So a spirit can occupy
another person's body for 49 days?

When Ji-hyeon first came to me,

she asked me to let her work for 48 days.

That was the day after her accident.

It adds up to 49 days.

And she can't reveal her identity.

That is why whenever I got
too close to the truth,

she became nervous and scared.

That's why she never told anyone.

We need to figure out
the proof she needs to return to life.

What does it mean to obtain
someone's true heart?

This is too difficult.

She wanted to work as a freelancer
because she's busy with something else.

This must have been why.

The proof of a true heart?

Pops, you can't tell this to anyone.

Or something bad can happen to Ji-hyeon.

We are talking about her life.
I'd be too scared to say anyway.

And why did she hide this in my place?

Maybe giving this to Min-ho meant
revealing her identity.

It looks like a seal used
in real estate contracts.

Also, she knows about Min-ho and In-jeong.

Why is she still so attached?

You can't really control your heart.

There is so much to think about.
It feels like my head will explode.

Everything about her situation
is shrouded in mystery.

Try to be calm.

You are the only one
who can help her right now.

What? Did I sleep?

I slept with I-kyung through the night?

I didn't know this was possible.

It's been a while
since I felt this refreshed.

Oh, it's you.

How have you been?

Who is she?

Remember that friend I told you about?

The one from her magic club.

Hello, Mr. Shin. I'm Park Jeong-eun.

So she is the one who gave you
all that energy the other day.

That's right. What are you doing here?

I was visiting Jinan the other day,

and I remembered Ji-hyeon telling me
that her father likes aejeotang.

So I brought you this.

You brought it all the way here
just for us?

She even told you what food I like?

She used to say that
she is nothing without you.

No matter whom she marries,
you will always be her guiding light.

So please live long and healthy for her.


Mr. Kang knows you are in Jinan.

He will meet you at the pavilion
by the cherry blossom path at seven.

This text...

Who sent this?


You got a call from Shin In-jeong.
Take the call.

Hello? This is Song I-kyung.



Yes, Ms. Shin.

Why did you send me that text?

I didn't want to be a backstabber
like you.

You aren't my friend,
but you aren't a stranger either.

Are you playing with me?

Then why did you say
you would keep my secret?

I said I would keep it a secret.

I never said I would stop seeing Mr. Kang.

You know about our relationship,
so what are you trying to do?

But you are dating your friend's
fiancé too, aren't you?

He was mine from the beginning.

You actually sold out
your boyfriend to your friend?

So you lied to your friend.

Then it's okay for me to do whatever.

What did you just say?

You've been lying to your friend.

So what's wrong with me seeing Mr. Kang?

We are not even friends.

Our relationship is deeper than you think.

Of course it is.
You are also partners in crime.

Don't talk like you know everything.

You disguised your lover
as your friend's fiancé.

You are after her wealth.
What else is there?

There is something else.
I don't have to tell you, though.

You are cold enough to let your lover
be with your friend for two years.

Why get all emotional now
with someone like me?

You never worried about Shin Ji-hyeon,

but are you afraid that I might
steal Min-ho from you?

Min-ho has no intention
of breaking up with me.

We made that clear last night.

Of course he won't.

You are a useful source of information.

Source of information?

You are the chairman's secretary.

You are also his daughter's best friend.

The chairman must have
trusted you greatly.

I bet you had some influence
within the company.

"Mr. Shin, can we trust that man?

I can look into his background.

I checked him and he is the perfect man.

We won't find another guy like this."

So you actually did that.

Why would he break up
with such a useful partner?

He will never ever break up with you.

So don't mind me.

I'm sorry I couldn't join you.

Don't worry about it.
I figured something urgent came up.

Why were you there alone?
Where was In-jeong?

She was with her family.
She was supposed to say...

She couldn't come.

Did you two know Min-ho was
going to Jinan too?

He was in Jinan too?

You didn't know? I thought In-jeong knew.

She never told me.

How did you make it back to Seoul?


I was a little too drunk last night.

I think someone carried me.

I thought it was just a dream.
Maybe that was Min-ho.

What do you mean?

In-jeong and Min-ho were
yelling at each other at our home.

They said they've been together
for five years.

Five years?

It's just a dream. It makes no sense.

In-jeong even has a boyfriend.

Have you ever seen him?

No, but I think Ms. Song has.

Song I-kyung knows who he is?

She knows him

but apparently, In-jeong asked her
to keep it a secret.

I was only drinking last night because

I felt sorry for myself
waiting for you alone.

Also, being back in Jinan
reminded me of Ji-hyeon.

I'm also worried about Mr. Shin's
brain tumor surgery.

What do you mean? What surgery?

I guess I haven't told you yet.

Mr. Shin won't live much longer.

That's why he was writing his will
for Min-ho.

-The eyes.
-The gifts.

It's just a feeling.

You can tell a true love
just from your gut feeling.

What could be a proof of that feeling?

Singles would say a kiss.

We would say--

That's enough.

This is hard.

How many do we have so far?

About 20.

Why do you ask
what the proof of a true heart is?

I told you not to ask me that.
It's better that you don't know.

I'm here.

Where is the boss?

He went out on business for a while.

I see.

-Stop it.

Ms. Song, did you eat yet?

Not yet.

You still haven't eaten anything?

-You should eat first. Come on.

That cactus completely changed you.

She is the first one to have paid
that much attention to me.

Too bad she is a woman.


They've been together for five years.

Still not over it, right?

The fact that I nearly died
because of you.

Shin Ji-hyeon wouldn't die like that.
You are the daughter of a God.

If it weren't for Min-ho,
I really would have died.

He actually planned to approach her.

She knows him,

but apparently, In-jeong asked her
to keep it a secret.

Sorry, I borrowed it.

What are you two doing?

Ji-hyeon already knew everything.

I want to stay here.

Mr. Shin is giving his company to Min-ho.

Dad. No.

Why are you in Jinan?

I came here with Mr. Kang,
but it doesn't mean anything.

Do you like Min-ho that much?
Enough to follow him to Jinan?

I had my reason to follow him.

Shin Ji-hyeon. So it wasn't because
you still liked Min-ho.

You had another reason.


I'm submitting my resignation.

What are you doing?

Actually it was Ms. Song who called me out
to where you two were.

Is that the kind of woman
you are attracted to?

She is treating me
like a bloodsucking secretary

who lies to her friends.
How do you feel about that?

What are you talking about?

How many days until bankruptcy?

I have no more company information
to pass on to you, right?

I'm submitting this resignation.

-What are you doing here?

-How have you been?
-It's been a while.

What are you doing here?

That was rude.

She is Ji-hyeon's friend,
and she came to see her.

What kind of question was that?

I thought she would call me first.

I called your desk several times.

You weren't answering.

Just because the chairman is absent,

doesn't mean his secretary
can just come and go.

A woman named Park Jeong-eun
interviewed me.

It made me think of Ji-hyeon.

That is why I came.

Park Jeong-eun?

Interview? What do you mean?

She made a video of Ji-hyeon's friends
to help stimulate her brain.

She contacted all her classmates
and club friends from college.

You didn't know?

Park Jeong-eun?

Isn't she the club friend
who came to your house?

Yes. She was a true friend.

Yesterday, she stopped by here
on her way back from Jinan.

She brought aejeotang for Ji-hyeon's dad.

Yesterday? From Jinan?

She was tall, slim, and pretty.

She was interviewing
all of Ji-hyeon's friends.

Why didn't she contact me or Seo-u?

Park Jeong-eun...

Who is this woman?


Why isn't Min-ho calling?

The last time he saw me,
I fell unconscious.

How could he just leave?

Why hasn't he called me yet?

Maybe he made up with In-jeong.

No way.

That can't be good.

I have to tear them apart.

I must know why they want
Shinga to go bankrupt.

I also have to figure out the password.

She texted In-jeong to come to
where we were together.

We can't underestimate her.

She sounds scary.

She uses a phone
with an unregistered number.

That's the most suspicious part.

Find out more.
She is probably at Kang's restaurant.

Follow her. Find out where she lives.

Her family, work record,
past lovers, anything.

Especially things
that might be related to me.


Oh, and try Minsaeng Hospital too.

I saw her there once.

She didn't recognize me in Jinan.

See if you can get her medical records.
Investigate it thoroughly.

I have to know why she is toying with me.

Mr. Shin won't live much longer.

Ji-hyeon. You don't know that yet, right?

I hope you don't.

If you find out about
your father's condition now,

it'll be too much for you.

Hey, Shin Ji-hyeon,
what are you thinking about right now?

You are all alone, unable to tell anyone.


You only have 23 days left?


I wish you wouldn't even
appear in my dreams.

Please don't appear in my dreams.

Please don't.

You have 20 days, 4 hours, and 59 minutes.

Hey, Boss.

What's wrong?

Why are you all dressed up like that?

Flower delivery.

What is this? Where are you going?

I have a date.

A date?

What? You're being weird.

What's wrong with me
giving flowers to a girl?

You have a girlfriend?

Now you are really being weird.

You didn't think I had someone
in my heart?

So you have a girlfriend.

Not a girlfriend.
She's just a girl that I like.

But you were so sweet to me?

I mean, you were so sweet to Song I-kyung?

What a player!

What? Why am I a player?

You bought a bouquet for a girl.

A man who gives such a large bouquet
to a girl has to be a player.

I feel sorry for this girl.

She even likes the same flower as I do.

She's acting like she's jealous.

What's wrong with you?

I told you not to come.

I'll take the project.

If you give me another chance,
I'll really do my best.


I can't give this project
to an irresponsible man like you.

Ji-hyeon doesn't need your flowers.
Never show up here again.

These are her favorite flowers.

It's none of your concern.

Dear. Stop it.

Sorry for bothering you today.
I'll be back.

Why? I said you are not welcome here.

Stop it.

I'm sorry.

He is a bit sensitive right now
because he is not feeling well.

I understand. It's okay.

What about the operation?

He won't have it until Ji-hyeon wakes up.

I told him to do as he wants.

May I ask you something?

Go ahead. What is it?

On the day of Ji-hyeon's accident,

I heard she was delivering
something to Min-ho.

Do you know what that is?

Her legal seal.

Her legal seal? Why did he need it?

To finalize the contract to sell her land.

That money was supposed to
pay for the Haemi-do site.



I wasn't going to call you, but I did.

Is that so?

Ms. Shin must have given you a hard time
after that.

I texted her on purpose.

She must've been angry at you
for being swayed by someone like me.

She is right.

I did text her.

When I heard that Ms. Shin
was headed to Jinan,

I decided to go with you.


What do you think?

What do you want from me?

The same thing you want, probably.
For now, at least.

And what is it that I want?

Ms. Song.

What do you think I want?

You want what I want.

And what would that be?

Are you playing games with me?

There is nothing that I want from you.

That is a fact.

Yet you say I want what you want.

I want to know what that is.

Why the sudden silence?

Can't read my mind anymore?
Can't pique my curiosity now?

What's gotten into him?

You shouldn't have been so hasty.

That way you end up being exposed.

You didn't have to call me.

I haven't been exposed yet.

Mr. Kang...

You will never know who I am.

I'm not interested anymore.

I only have 20 days left.


What should I do?

There's not much more I can do.

She was delivering the seal to Min-ho.

But after the accident,
she hid it in my place.

She didn't want the seal
to fall into Min-ho's hands.

Do I really have to?
Being your groomsman, I mean.

Not if you don't want to.

He never intended to marry Ji-hyeon.

I saw a friend at the hotel.

I also saw my fiancé there.

You only found out after the accident.

Can you let me work as a freelancer?

There's so much I have to do,

but I can't take care of them
if I'm stuck here.

Those two...

They must really love each other.

Is there a fake love, then?

I envy them.

That's the life I wanted.

But it's okay.

You've been a great support for me.

Your loyalty to that friend,

that's good enough for me.

She is an orphan.

She has no one to talk to,
and no one to depend on.

No one truly loves her. Happy now?

All this time, you were standing
at the crossroads of life and death.

You must be exhausted.
What can I possibly do for you?

Subtitle translation by Su-youn Jung