49 Days (2011): Season 1, Episode 11 - Episode #1.11 - full transcript

Ji Hyun goes on a search to thank the person who cried for her, while Kang searches for the truth about Ji Hyun/Yi Kyung.


please let me live.

Dear God,

please let me live.

I have to live.

I want to live.

Is this...

a tear?

It really is a tear.

Who is it?

Who is it?

Good to see you, Shin Ji-hyeon.


Shin Ji-hyeon. It really is hers.

Why did Ji-hyeon hide her seal
in a pot in your room?


has never been in my room.

So who put it there?

She was Ji-hyeon.

She really was Ji-hyeon.

I added mussels, your favorite.

Ms. Song brought it here.

I better not see a drop of leftover.

Look carefully.

Like this...

Rip. And then Squeeze.



Someone probably got it for me
to use in an emergency.

My dad got it for me
to use in an emergency.

Goodbye, you petty jerk.

You petty jerk.

My feelings were right.

It was you.

Shin Ji-hyeon...

It was you.

You were next to me all along.

It's good to see you, Shin Ji-hyeon.

I have no clue what happened,

but it's good to see you.

Where are her parents?

Did anyone visit her?

A young lady stopped by.

When? Did she say where she was going?

I got it. I got my first tear.

What are you doing?

You are not my type.

Well, I don't think so at least. Anyway...

We can't do this.

Public display of affection
is subject to double the punishment.

Sorry. I was just so glad to see you.

You are a terrible liar.

Glad to see me? After sending me
this farewell message?


I'm leaving.

My dad is refusing the operation
because of me.

As you know,

I don't think I could get
those three tears.

That's why I'm leaving.

I won't say goodbye to you in person.
I'm just feeling too overwhelmed.

Thank you for everything.

I would have seen you again
in the elevator anyway.

Sure. Coming up with excuses
is what you human women are good at.

By the way, whose tear is this?

You are still asking me these things?

Did you forget about my
one-week penalty already?

It was Seo-u, wasn't it?

There's no one else but her.

You humans sure are good at
believing what you want to believe.

I'm sure of it. It must have been Seo-u.

So what? Are you going to go
and say thank you to her?

Why not? She shed a tear for me.

She is the only person
who was truly thinking about me.

Is Ji-hyeon here?

Don't you know she's at the hospital?

Her parents weren't there.

They just headed out there again.

Did anyone visit here?

One of Ji-hyeon's friends stopped by.

Friend? Who was it?

What did she look like? What was her name?

I'm not sure what her name was.

She was tall, slim, and pretty.

She was here before.

Did she meet Ji-hyeon's parents?

Ms. Park.

Ms. Song. Are you here to buy bread?

No, I'm here to see you.

I wanted to say thank you.

For what?

You let me taste that cake for free
the other day.

You don't have to thank me
for something like that.

Sometimes, it's the small things you do
that have the biggest impact.

A piece of bread can be a lifesaver
for someone who's starving.

Were you starving that day?

My heart was.

I don't have any friends.
I was just so lonely.


Your friend in the hospital
is truly lucky.

She has a friend like you.

You mean, Ji-hyeon?

I'm the one who's lucky
to have a friend like her.

Just as I thought.

It was you, Seo-u.

Why don't you have any friends, Ms. Song?

Well, that's...

I get it.

I won't tell anyone that your boyfriend is
Kang Min-ho.

Who is this man?

I want to meet him to see
why he is such a big deal.

Ms. Park.

One moment, please.

Let Hyeoksan take over Shinga.

And you take Haemi-do.

Are you here to buy bread?

I didn't know being a secretary
was this easy.

Free to roam around anywhere
whenever you want.

Shouldn't you be working?

Your boss must be very generous.

Wait, the daughter of your boss is

-Mr. Kang's fiancée--
-Ms. Song.

Now that's just terrible, Ms. Shin.

What are you doing here?

Are you two friends?
What did you talk about?

You are here to ask me that?

No, I came to straighten things out
between us.

Who is that woman?

Globally, there is
a red wine spa in Switzerland,

a radiation spa in China,

a potato and marula spa in Mauritius,

a forest spa in France,

a chocolate spa in Bali,

and a Kenko fish spa in Malaysia.


Please just stay here.

Finish off Shinga.

She must have heard everything.

In Korea, there are spa resorts,

German-style open-air hot springs,

oriental medicine baths,
garden foot baths, and herb baths.

Also, a red ginseng spa in Jinan...

And she just disappeared.

Mr. Kang?

We need to schedule our visits
to the other spas in Korea.

Jinan, Toechon, Sokcho, Asan, and Muju.


Mr. Ko, come up with a schedule.

Did you find out Ms. Song's address?

Her cell phone number is unregistered.

Doesn't belong to anyone.

The number is real. How is that possible?
Did you look into it thoroughly?

You know I've done this many times before.

Did Ji-hyeon come to see you?


I meant Song I-kyung. Did she come here?

Did something happen to her?

No, I just need to contact her urgently.

-So she didn't call you?
-What happened?

Don't you know her address?

Didn't you get a resume or anything?

Please let me know if she contacts you.

What's gotten into him?

You mentioned Ji-hyeon. What did you mean?

-My tongue slipped.
-Then what about Song I-kyung?

Why are you going around looking for her?

I'll tell you later.

What happened?

It's nothing.

Why did they mention Ji-hyeon
and Song I-kyung

in the same conversation?

Shin Ji-hyeon, where are you?

You're not at home, not at the hospital,
not even at Min-ho's office.

I'm leaving for good.

So she wasn't talking about
returning to her life?

Then what did she mean?

Shin Ji-hyeon. Where are you?

Shin Ji-hyeon.

What is this?


This again? I told you I'm Song I-kyung.

No, you are Ji-hyeon. Shin Ji-hyeon.

What's going on? What happened to you?

How did he find out?

What is it?


I'm not Shin Ji-hyeon.

I'm Song I-kyung.

-I said I'm not her.

I'm not.

I'm Song I-kyung.

I'm Song I-kyung.

So you are not allowed to tell me.
Is that so?

Hey, Mr. Han.

I'm neither Shin Ji-hyeon,
nor your part-time employee.

I'm not involved in your life in any way.

Shin Ji-hyeon. So you have your reasons.

So never show up again.

I'm sick of your nonsense.

I get it.

It was my mistake.


How did he find out?

What's gotten into him?

She never told anyone
she's Shin Ji-hyeon from the beginning.

Why can't she tell anyone?

Then who is Song I-kyung?

Looks like he left.

What should I do?

This is why I tried to come back early.
This is all because of Han Kang...

I shouldn't have cleaned this place.

What if she finds out what's going on?

"Song I-kyung, congratulations on
advancing to middle school."

It's from Song I-su.

Congratulations. It's Song I-kyung's
twentieth birthday.

From I-su, who will still be with her
when she turns ninety-nine.

I guess Song I-su wasn't her brother.


Her name is Song I-kyung. She's 28.

She grew up
in Chuncheon Hansarang Orphanage.

That's right. She was an orphan.

So who is Song I-su?

"From I-su, who will still be with her
when she turns ninety-nine."

Is he the one that died?

I'll be borrowing your body
for a little bit longer.


I'm in a pretty bad situation right now.

I have so much to do.

But I'll find out what happened to
Song I-su, no matter what.

It sounds like somnambulism.
It's when you move around in your sleep,

the patient may not remember
doing anything.

Knowing that I'm just sleepwalking
makes it a little less scary, but...

I feel like a stranger.

It's like there's another me.

I mentioned this the other day.

Why not give the hypnosis therapy a shot?

We are closed the day after tomorrow.

So you can try it when no one is around.


Why are you being so stubborn
when I'm like this?

I only just got one tear drop.

What if something happens to you
before the 49th day?


Don't have the operation then.

Mom, what are you saying?

You say Min-ho will take your place

as my and Ji-hyeon's protector.

I don't need him.
You are the only protector I need.

As for Ji-hyeon, I will care for her.

If you die, I will be the one
to take care of your funeral.

I promise I'll outlive Ji-hyeon,

so you can close your eyes in peace.

Why are you being like this?

Do you not trust Min-ho?

You must not trust him.

Dad. You shouldn't.

It's not that I can't trust him.
I don't need his protection.

I can do everything myself.

I am Ji-hyeon's mother.

I've lived in the comfort
of your protection until now.

So from now on,

I'll care for you and Ji-hyeon.

I'll be your protector.

You have 24 days, 4 hours, and 59 minutes.


Now I see.

She was borrowing Song I-kyung's body.




Hey, Ms. Song.

Ms. Song, didn't you say you were off
to a better place far away?

Why are you still here?

What do you want this time?

Such a mean response.

I'm here to recruit you.


If you don't have much going on,
how about coming back to my restaurant?

No thanks.

Wait a minute. I made a mistake yesterday.

I took a nap before I showed up.
I think I was still half dreaming.

You appeared in my dream

and told me that you are Shin Ji-hyeon
while asking for help.

I actually sleepwalk sometimes.

You expect me to believe that?

If you don't believe me,

then you are saying
that you are Shin Ji-hyeon.

That makes no sense, right?

What did I do wrong?
Just blame it on the bad dream.

Either that or I'm actually crazy.

Maybe he really is crazy.

You don't think I'm actually crazy,
do you?

Do you really sleepwalk?

Go ask Mr. Oh if you don't believe me.

He nagged me all night
for what happened yesterday.

That's why I'm here to get you.

Why would he nag you?

He used to be a monk.

He can read dreams.

Apparently, unless you come back,
my restaurant will go out of business.

What does that even mean?

In my dream, you were asking me for help.

He says that means I absolutely need you.

He actually slapped me pretty hard.

I didn't know sleepwalking was
such a serious condition.

I'll raise your wage by 50 percent.

You work as a freelancer, and you don't
have to report your times anymore.


Why did you hand in your resignation?
Now I'm the one who is embarrassed.

Follow me.

Maybe he doesn't know after all.

Don't tell anyone I sleepwalk.

I'll take this to my grave.

She's free to come and go whenever.
Free to go out or take a break.

She has complete freedom.
Understand that these are her terms.

That is all.

Pops, can I talk to you?


You are welcome here unconditionally.

I'm glad you are back too.

Whatever Hae-won thinks, so do I.

I'm glad too. I have to side with my boss
because I'm a temporary worker here.

Thank you, everyone.

I'm not.

Ms. Song.

What's the meaning behind this gift?

"You are prickly and spiky like a cactus."
Is that it?

Were you messing with me one last time
as you were leaving?

Not at all.
You may seem prickly on the outside.

But inside, you are full of tears,
just like a cactus.

Full of tears?

Cacti have tears inside them?

I heard it in a TV soap opera.

A cactus is always ready to cry.

You've got a call. Answer it.

Hey, take the call. You hear me?


Excuse me. Let me get the phone.

She's strange. How did she know?

I never told her
about your 13 failed romances.

And I certainly didn't tell her
about your failed marriage either.

You are divorced?

Sure. I'll tell her I read your dream.

Were you living in Jinan
when you were a junior monk?

Of course. When your mother
brought me to Seoul,

that was when I first left Jinan.

What was that story about 49 days?

Tell me about that spirit
who had to find something in 49 days.

Why that all of a sudden?

I'm traveling to Jinan tomorrow.
I just got curious.

You are going to Jinan tomorrow?

The anniversary of mom's death
is coming up soon.

I figured I should use this chance
to make sure her house is okay.

Hey, Boss.

Can I go visit somewhere?

You are coming back, right?

You still have to return.

Of course.

Promise me. If you have to sign off
while you are out,

call me and let me know.

Sure thing.

You are a hard person to reach.

Ms. Song, why was your phone turned off?

I don't have to explain that to you.

At least give me a chance
to explain myself.

You disappeared after
witnessing an awkward moment.

You must've seen how many times I called.

Twenty seven times over two days.

Explain why I had to call you
that many times.

I'm not here to explain that to you.

I'm here to give this back to you.

Not only did you betray your fiancée,

you are plotting something despicable
with her friend, who is now your lover.

I know what you are now,

but I fear I still might be tempted
to break into your home again.

Mr. Kang. I'm not saying
I won't ever see you again.

After what you heard and saw?

I've always known you are an evil man.

In the eyes of the society,
yes, I am a bad person.

But you won't ever understand.

Destroying your fiancée's company,
using her father's will,

this alone makes you
impossible to sympathize with.

And let's not forget her friend.

Yes. Shin In-jeong is my long-time lover.

We were lovers even before
I left Korea to study.

She waited two years for me to return.

-And now--
-This is boring.

It's not fun to reveal everything at once.

Tell me when I ask.

I'm not interested in your relationship
or your business.

So you mean...

She'll still see me even though
she knows all this?


Looks like an important call. Take it.

I'm leaving.

Yes, Mr. Suh.

I told you that you can't start
manufacturing that line yet.

Mr. Jeong?

Mr. Suh from the factory has been
in dad's company since the start.

I said you can't.

I'll be there tomorrow.
We'll talk about this then.

Mr. Nam, Mr. Ko.

Prepare to travel to Jinan tomorrow.


We will stop by Muju and Sokcho
the day after.

It'll be a two-day trip.

Now that's just terrible, Ms. Shin.

Why are you going around looking for her?

What in the world...

is going on?

Yes, In-jeong.

You said you are free tomorrow, right?

I'm traveling to Jinan tomorrow.

Why all of a sudden?

That's good. Let's travel together.

I'm traveling with Mr. Nam and Mr. Ko.

It'll be a two-day trip.

So you are coming back
the day after tomorrow?

Yeah. We'll be stopping by
Gangwon-do as well.

I have to hang up now.

Have a safe...

Where is she?

I wish I knew what she is doing out there.

What are you doing in the parking lot?

None of your business.

Go tend to your business, then.


We meet again, Ms. Song.

I see Ms. Song is here.
I thought she disappeared.

Are you two seeing each other?

What are you talking about?

So why were you
searching for her like that?

And why ask Mr. Kang about her?

How did you know that?

Didn't you see me by the elevator?

You were there?

What's going on?

You said you came to talk. What is it?

Yeah, I'm here to ask you
if you are free tomorrow.

I'm traveling to Jinan tomorrow.

Why are you suddenly going to Jinan?

I just feel like it.

That's good. I was actually going to
ask you to go to Jinan with me.

Seo-u and I were planning to
go there tomorrow.

It's the cherry blossom season.


Good. We can go together.

I'm leaving early tomorrow.

I have to take care of a few things
during the day.

You can still join us for dinner, right?

What are you doing?

Do you have something to say?

Not really. Can I still sit here, though?

Of course.

I realized we didn't even end
the conversation properly that day.

Is this about me keeping your secrets?

You probably won't understand,

but we have our reasons.

I figured that much.

That is why I said I won't tell anyone.


You are worried about that day
when we met at Seo-u's bakery, right?

Sometimes I can be a little blunt.

I see.

I thought you were mad at me
because of some misunderstanding.

It does look pretty bad to anyone
who might not know the full story.

We should talk sometime.

We can go see a movie.

How about tomorrow?

I can't. I have to go to Jinan tomorrow.


The cherry blossoms must be
in full bloom in Jinan right now.

What do you say we go there tomorrow?

You haven't been there ever since
your family moved to Busan.

I don't feel like it.

Kang is going too.

We should go. I'll try to set up a spot
for you two.

Do you see the door in front of you?

Try opening that door.

It won't open.

Try giving it some force.

It's open.

Please don't.

You're okay, Ms. Song.

Open your eyes.

What's wrong? What did you see?


The thing that I saw...

What was it?

What did you see?

You are really getting out of control.

Why are you here? I didn't even call.


are you causing trouble
without asking me at all?

I didn't cause any trouble.

You are going to. In I-kyung's body.

You are going on an overnight trip
with a man?

Have you no shame?

That's not your body.

It's not an overnight trip.

I already reserved a bus at 8:30 p.m.

I'll be back by midnight.

Kang Min-ho thinks this will be
an overnight trip.

Are you that clueless about men?

It may be a one-day trip right now,
but he'll turn it into an overnight trip.

Are you worried about me?

Or are you worried about Song I-kyung?

What do you mean?

I thought I was your responsibility.

So why are you acting like
Song I-kyung's brother?

Past midnight, I lose one day
for every minute I'm late.

You really think I'll spend the night
with Min-ho in Jinan?

I can't let you take me
into the elevator to the afterlife.

So don't risk it. It's dangerous.

Min-ho and In-jeong will both be in Jinan.

Are you bringing the love triangle
to Jinan?

Why do you want to go there?

To do what I can.

Dad is refusing the operation
because he trusts Min-ho.

Even if I never wake up,

he thinks Min-ho will succeed him
as the protector of me and my mom.

I have to shatter that trust
to make him have the operation.

Or you can just get two more tears.

That's not something I can do.

Yet you were so grateful
when you got that first tear.

I was just grateful that at least
one person loves me.

It gave me the strength to continue on.

But I realized that
whether or not someone loves me

can only be determined when I'm alive.

No matter how desperate I am,

I can't win someone's love by begging.

As for what will happen in this world
after your death, just let it be.

That's already outside your life now.

I'm talking about my dad's life.

You know what? Just go.

I don't care what happens.
It's not my fault.

I'm not the naive Shin Ji-hyeon
that I used to be.

I died once in an accident.

I came close to failing twice after that.

I'm not afraid of dying.

I'm only afraid that...

my dad will die because of me.

Life and death are beyond human effort.


Hwa-jun prepared some rice balls,

steamed eggs, and fruits for you.

And this is the name of the temple.

How did you find this out?

It's just above the Tapsa Temple.

Go to Tapsa and ask a monk named Doyeon.

I didn't even tell you anything.
Why are you acting like you know it all?

Know what? I don't know anything.

I'm just afraid to say it, that's all.

I know you can't say it
because you have your reasons.

-Thanks, Pops.

What are you doing here?

I'm going to Jinan too.
I came to ask you for a ride.

Why are you going to Jinan?

Because you are.

What kind of woman is Shin Ji-hyeon?

She shouldn't be your concern right now.

What kind of woman

lets her lover and her friend
step all over her like this?

She wasn't fun.

She was too simple and pure.

You aren't exactly fun either.

Maybe what you meant by "not fun" was

that she was too easy to read.

Are you saying I'm easy to read?

I see everything inside you,
except one thing.

Why push so hard for bankruptcy?

Do you have a grudge against
Ji-hyeon's family?

It's nothing like that.

Didn't I tell you already?

She was a kind woman.
Her parents are good people.

Then why try so hard to ruin the company
for no reason?

They are simply unlucky. Just like I was.

-Just like you were?
-Yes, just like I was.

What does that mean?

Showing too much attention
will make things less interesting.

I asked because I'm interested.

I don't care if it isn't fun for you.

You are the one who said
it's not fun to reveal everything at once.

It's your first time in Jinan, right?

It's clean and unpolluted.

I know more about Jinan than you do.

That over there is Mai-san.

That was my playground.

It looks fun.

-Are you Monk Doyeon?

I heard that you know
about this hermitage.

Who are you?

I'm looking for someone.

Someone who's been training
here for 50 years.

You think I'm too shabby to be a monk?

Not at all, sir.

Please tell me. I won't tell a soul.

I know you can't tell anyone.

So you know I can't tell you.

Yet you are asking me to do just that?

I'll probably live for another 30 years.

So, in those 49 days,

one is not allowed to reveal oneself
no matter what?

I don't know.

Some people may tell you that.

In order to return to life
after those 49 days,

what must one do?

After talking to the manager,

I have to inspect the spa.
It'll take three to four hours.

What will you be doing alone?

Can I go to the factory with you?

Did I say I'm going to the factory?

You were talking to a factory manager.

I'm not going to the factory.

I'll call you once I'm done.
You are on your own until then.



Are you threatening me?

Mr. Jeong says

we are deferring the bankruptcy
because of you,

and that I should negotiate with you.

Negotiate, not threaten.

The factory was supposed to close down
at the end of March.

I even bought the land to leave.

That was your mistake, not mine.

What if I tell everything to Mr. Shin?

Nothing I can do about that.

I didn't appoint you as the manager
to play dirty tricks like this.

This is troublesome.

What should we do?

Make sure nothing happens
before I give you the order.

Had I not moved to Jinan
because of my atopy,

I would never have met you two.

That's probably true.

I came here and completely recovered

and my skin is beautiful now.

Remember my face when I first came here?

It was a sight to see.

You and Ji-hyeon protected me
from the bullies.

That's when we became
the inseparable trio.

You only have good memories of Jinan.

We should start with our school,

stop by your orchard, and then
visit our old houses.

All right. Just look around for a while.
I have a call to make.


Mr. Kang Min-ho from Seoul
made a reservation here, right?

May I know his room number?

Shin Ji-hyeon, you must've been so lonely.

With no one to recognize you,

and no one to talk to,

you must've been so lonely alone.

Hey everyone, today,

we'll be splitting up into teams
to prepare for the fundraiser.

Those who pick the same card
become a team.

All right. Pick one.

One, two, three.

-All right.


No. He's going to ruin everything.

Can someone please switch with me?

Switch with me? Please?

Can you please switch with me?

I don't want to team up with you either.

Hey. Ms. Song.

Oh, no.

What brings you here?


So you know about this famous school.

It's my alma mater.

Our school isn't famous.

That was the wrong question.

I should ask you why you are in Jinan.

Why are you in Jinan?

I came here with Mr. Kang.

-I came with him, but

it doesn't mean anything.

Right. You may still be
in love with Min-ho.

I'm not into engaged men, you know.

If I like someone with a fiancé,
I'll be in big trouble.

There's really nothing between us.

What's wrong with liking
someone who's engaged?

Liking someone is your own emotion.

I guess hiding one's feelings
is more painful

than not knowing the other's intentions.

Han Kang. What's gotten into you?

Why aren't you angry?


What are you doing?

Yes, In-jeong.

Come to the restaurant
by the reservoir by 6:30 p.m.

All right. See you later.


I'll see you at the pavilion at seven.


When will you be done, Min-ho?

Call me when you are done.

I am going to have a drink
with Mr. Nam and Mr. Ko.

I'll call you when I'm done.

The ginseng spa is famous for
using red ginseng.

Are you that happy?

Of course. Life in Seoul was
eating me away.

My atopy was coming back too.

Look how tight my skin is now.
I'm so happy.

Tell Kang I have to visit my family first.

You two start without me.

When will you join us?

Why would I?

After about 30 minutes,
call me and ask me where I am.

I'll just say I can't go
because of some family matter.

Are you sure you won't join us?

Of course.

Leave your car to me.
You go back to Seoul with Kang.

And don't talk about Ji-hyeon too much.

You will be at your parents' house, right?


Mr. Kang knows you are in Jinan.

He will meet you at the pavilion
by the cherry blossom path at seven.

You will see Min-ho again at seven, right?

What will you do until then?

I'll find something.

You don't even know your way around here.

I better show you around Jinan.

Get in.

Thanks for the tour.

Have fun with Min-ho.

Yeah, Seo-u.

Where are you, Kang?

See you later.

Seo-u must be waiting.

I'm on my way.

What did you do?

I had a fun time.

Alone? Doing what?

It's pretty here. Let's walk for a bit.

Aren't you hungry?

We can come back at night after dinner.

I want to walk right now.

What's wrong?

I'm feeling dizzy.

-Ms. Song.
-You drive me crazy.

What did I do?

Ms. Song.

Ms. Song.

Ms. Song.

Ms. Song.

Ms. Song, are you okay?

Who are you?

Subtitle translation by Su-youn Jung